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Waatarn Nwpap.r Inlon imi .rvlc
Two Oormnn submarines have tpin
teunk In British waters, BororOini? to
D Oltlcllll KlinOUUCt-'UK'Ul given out 111
Ixiirloii Kiiday.
A report from Constantinople
ronrhod London I) y way of Berlin,
Jtalliij; that tliren British ships hail
been badly damaged by fire from the
After retiring to the Dnelster river,
the Russians a'aln have rrosnvl Into
IlukoK'ina. and are unofficially re
ported to be bark In Czernowitz. They
already had taken SutliiKoru, a few
miles to the northenut of the capital.
Thousands of Austrian troops are
belni? slaughtered by Rushlniis with
band grenades, according to the offi
cial I'ttroRrad war report. Slavs in
the Carpathian pasees captured 37,001)
Austrlans In Thursday's battles.
Kxeept In the Central Ileskld pass
of the Carpathians, where the fierce
Austrian attacks have moderated
somewhat, the Russians are now on
the offensive alont; the whole len;;th
of their extremely long line from the
Baltic sea to the Rumanian border.
The gutters of Przasnysz are run
ning red with blood after a series of
desperate battles. The city was taken
by assault by the Hermans ten days
ago and was recaptured three days
later by the Russians. It Is still the
center of fierce fighting.
Berlin army headquarters under
date of March 4 issued a report saying
that a French Bteamer, loaded with
ammunition and on her way to Niou
port, had gone Into Ostend by Mis
take. Ostenrt, being In the pousesuion
of the Cernían, the steamer was
helled and sent to the bottom.
Reports to the Indian office show
that nearly 2(10 Piules are ort their
Thomas R. Bard, former I'ulted
States senator from California, died
at his home at Hueneme, Cal.
An Indorsement of President Wil
son's European war policy was tabled
in the Iowa Senate by a vote of 2S
to 9.
The West Virginia building at tho
Panama-Pacific exposition was dedi
cated at San Francisco with speeches
and a reception.
The Minnesota Senate defeated the
bill providing the submission to tin
voters of a constitutional amendment
.granting full suffrage to women.
State Senator W1IÜB 15. Shaw of De
catur, Democrat, Introduced in the
Illinois Senate a bill to repeal the
limited woman suffrage ait of K'K!
and the township option act.
Swirling over lake Michigan at a
flfty-mile-anhour speed, one of the
worst gales of the winter Fridny en
dangered shipping and forced at least
one big boat to run back to port at
Chicago after a two-hour battle with
swamping hh;h seas.
Fears for tho safety of John
Wetherlll, the Indian expert, the Wade
brothers and their party, which set
out for the trading1 post at Kayenta,
Ariz., were dispelled when an Indian
rider reached the posse at Illuff, I'tali,
with news that they had passed the
danger zone.
rirlgadlcr General Scott left 'or I'tali
to attempt u peaceful settlement wilh
tbe recalcitrant Piute Indians.
Farewell speeclnnr.king was a fea
ture of the closing proceedings in both
Senate sud House. Gallinger offered
tbe resolution thanking Vice President
Marshall for his couscieniloiis impar
tial rulings. A similar resolution
thanking President Pro Tempore
Clarke was Introduced by Senator
Jo!ie. Minority Leader Maun, pro
posing a resolution of thanks to
Speaker Clark, Victor M unlock, being
In the chair, called uMention to tho
fact that the leader of one party was
addressing the leader of still another
party. "It could not be witnessed In
any other parliamentary body In tli '
world," he declared. Murdock eulo
(Sized Speaker Clark and Minority
Leader Mann. He declared the House
truly representative of the nation.
The VnltcJ States w ill Insist on its
right to get dyestuffg from Germany
tf Knglaud contluuea to do so.
War Secretary Garrison began In
vestigating charges made in the
Canadian parliament that American
militia officers are serving in tho
Canadian army.
Congress has passed legislation
making grants of obsolete cannon and
cannon balls for decorative purposes
to Colorado cities of Boulder, La
Junta, Grand Junction and Gienwood
Assurance that tho Jewish popula
tlon of Palestine "enjoy perfect
safely" was given in an official com
munlcation from Constantinople dated
March Í. was made public by the
Turkish embassy.
Ths names of Rear Admirals
Fletcher, Howard and Cowles, com
tnandlug the Atlantic, Pacific and
Asiatic fleets, wero brought forward
In naval circle as President Wilson's
probable selections for three new ad
mirals of tbe nary, Just authorized by
Internal dissension and political un
rest are Increasing In Portugal, ac
cording to a special dispatch from
A slight earthquake shock lasting
four seconds, which was felt In Tus
cany and other sections In the central
part of Italy, caused no fatalities and
only slight material damage.
William Wlllett, whose proposal
seferal years 111:0 to "manufacture day
light" by legislation to move all clocks
forward a few hours, attracted world
wldo attention. Is dead at Chislehurst,
near Ixmdon.
Offlcinl returns show Hint up to Feb
ruary 13Í 49.000 Turkish prisoners, In
cluding 527 officers, had passed
through Pyatigorsk aluce the war with
Turkey began, on their w ay to the In
terior of Russia.
Sarah Bernhardt, whose condition
was considered excellent for several
dnvs afler the amputation of her right
leg on Feb. 22, recently has felt a re
action, and her condition caused her
frb-nds some anxiety.
Renter's correspondent at The
Higue telegraphs that a royal decree
has been Issued prohibiting the expor
tation from the Netherlands of sheep,
chicory in every form, canned meats
and various meat products.
The Ward line steamer Morro
Ca.-tle came Into Vera Cruz, having on
board the survivors of the Mexican
gunboat Progreso, which w as blown up
Feb. 2S off tho port of progreso, Yuca
tan. The survivors number between
120 and 1.10, and It Is believed about
thirty men lost their lives.
Premier Asquith pointed out to the
House of Commons that on April 1
the war would have last 210 tiays,
with an average expenditure of $7,-
Suo.iioo daily. After mnking full al
lownneo for all Items not In the na
ture of recoverable loans, the expendi
ture would not work out less than $6,
000,000. The total amount raised un
der votes for credit during the cur
rent financial year $l,f.lO,000,000
represented broadly the difference In
expenditures on a peace and a war
The firemen outrun the police in the
contest at Denver Friday night.
Governor Stewart signed an nntl-
race track gambling bill which puts nn
end to betting on horse racing In
Governor Kendrick of Wyoming ve-
ocd the bill passed by the House and
Senate, permitting boxing bouts and
sparring exhibitions.
Dick liuttrcy", middleweight, and
Montana Jack Collins, middleweight,
re matched to box twenty rounds on
March 12 In Victor, Colo., before th
Cripple Creek Dktrlct Athletic Club.
Negotiations for lease on Overland
park race track for a meeting In June
have been opened by a Denver syndi
cate of busii'css men, who have al
ready started negotiations with the
state racing commission for a license,
at-cordlng to statements by Denver
racing men.
The Masonic Scottish Rite Cathed
ral w-s swept by fire at Wheeling, W,
Va. Tile loss was estimated at $lou,000,
The body of Lillian May Cook,
pretty eighteen-year-old Brooklyn sten
ographer, was found In a lonely part of
West rock park at New Haven, Conn.
MrB. Agnes Orner, being tried for
the sixth time on the charge of having
poisoned her daughter, Llllle, in Feb
ruary, 1911, in El Paso, Tex., was
found guilty and réntente flx;-:l at life
Leo Hoth shot and instantly killed
ills father, John J. Hoth, a Pennsyl
vania railroad brakeman, at Buffalo,
N. Y., when the older Hoth attempted
to attack his wife with a butcher
Frank Wilkerson. who Is accused ol
having participated in the robbery of
toe Willlamsvilb-, Mo., State bank
when $1,000 was stolen, was captured
eleven miles from there by a posse.
Williams, the authorities say, haa
Three hundred and fifty children In
a La Crosse, Wis., school marched out
of the building In less than a minute
when tile fire drill gong sounded and
found when they readied tho street
that the attic und roof of tho school
was In flumes.
Hie Danish steamer 1'nlted States,
reaching New York from Copenhagen,
Chrlstiauia and Christlansand, had
aboard twenty-two boxes containing
about $5011,000 In gold coin consigned
to a Nw York baenk from a bank In
Sensational reports that millions ol
dollars in orders for war material:
from the I'nlted States nan been can
celled nearly knocked the bottom out
of the wheat market at Chicago FrlJ
day. After a fall of 7 cents a bushel,
prices closed wild at 4V. rents to 47i
cents under Thursday night. Corn
suffered a net decline of l'iíllS
cents, and oats of cents.
The White Star line steamer Baltic,
carrying 18.000 tons of war supplies,
Bteamed from New York for I J ver
pool. Her commander, ('apt. J. B.
Hansom, said thut ns far as he was
concerned he "would fly the British
fias from America to hell," notwith
standing German submarines. It was
said that the Baltic carried In her
holds merchandise and foodstuffs suf
ficient to fill 1,500 freight cars.
Isaac Belles, great grand uncle ot
Mrs. Halstcd Rltter, celebrated hla
one hundredth birthday aunlvci uary In
Tborutown, Ind., on Feb. 22.
Thomas Curr, arrested at Los An
gelen several days ago, bus confessed
to more Iban 100 burglaries com
mltted In and near Los Angeles, ao
cording to statements made at th
sheriff's office. Jewelry and other ar
tides estimated to be worth $10,000,
have been recovered, with the aid ol
tbe prisoner.
Three young women, confined U
their rooms by Illness, were carried
from Uowlrr ball, a Hiram, Ohio, col
lege dormitory, when fire swept
through the balls. CoJlege boys pul
out the Games.
Waalarn Nawae.par Union News Hervlca.
Bar Silver 49'c.
Lead Per 100 lbs., New York, $$3.87
3 92.
Spelter Per 100 lbs., St. Louis,
$10.00 (y io.úo.
Copper Canting brand, $11.25 3
Cripple Creek The output of the
Cripple Creek district for the short
month of February totaled 72,1 GG tons,
with a gross bullion value of $1,34 5,-
((1.40, showing a big Increase and
setabllshlng a new recent year record.
The average value per ton was $18. G3.
A high average is shown for the ore
treated at the mill of the Golden Cycle
Mining Company in Colorado Spring.
This increase Is directly due to the
leh Cre8son mine shipment.
Dividends were paid during Febru
ary by tile Golden Cycle Mining Com
pany of $73,000, and the Klkton Con
solidated of $;0.oon, a total of $125,000.
The Crcsson Consolidated, a close cor
poration. Is also believed to have paid
an Increased dividend. '
The treatment figures as reported
out by the mill managers and repre
sentatives of the Bmelters In this dis
trict follow:
224.000 00
ST,. 370.50
4.000 00
Z. 100 00
riant Tonnnec. Vnlu-.
SpH-ltcrs a.M'O
(Julili-n Cycle. 26. mu
,n no
a 70
2 90
Portland 9,iU0
I'nrtluric 'O. C.
(IlKlili-t) ...U.SRj
Htriittmi'H Iml.lO.tL'l
Ihurn-Aliix. 3,!S0
! 00
Handy Z.onn
WIM Home... 71)0
Neville Free
Coinage . . . "no
3 00
Isabella mill.. f,00
Totals 72.166
T. F. Forrester of Blsbee is display
ing some rich specimens of gold quarts
from his claims in the Dos Cabezas
Van II. Brooks of thi Old Reward
property, about twenty-seven miles
southwest of Casa Grande, reports a
lurgu deposit of zinc ore.
At Douglas the Calumet & Arizona
smelter output for February exceeded
the January output by approximately
a quarter million pounds.
New Mexico.
The Deadwood Mining Company at
Mogollón will start their mill about
April 1. Tills will make the third mill
in operation.
T. C. Brown of Socorro has pur
chased the Illinois and Saratoga mines
at Kingston, Sierra county, the con
sideration being $5,000.
The Silver Glance Mining and De
velopment Company, capitalized at
$26,000, Is the name of a new corpora
tion, papers for which were drawn at
Silver City.
Tho Midwest Oil Company, which
operates ill the Salt Creek field of
Wyoming, earned $1 148,458.97 during
11114, according to the annual report
of the president, L. L. Aitken. Against
this was charged $G98,90G.35 for ex
penses and cost of crude oil, leaving
net earnings of 5449,552.G2, from which
dividends aggregating $200,000 wore
The big mill of the Creede Mines
and Milling Company Is a bUBy place
at the present time.
There Is good prospects of tho
Lloyd & Ix)we oil well on Roan creek,
near Delieque, becoming a good pro
At Leadvllle rapid progress Is re
ported In preparing the Penrose for
the $200,000 pumping plant.
Mining around and In Empire, up
per Clear Creek county, Is going on at
a good rate. Shipments from the
molybdenite district of Daly are a
regulur occurrence.
The normal price for spelter In the
Lcadvlllo district is $U per 100 pounds.
It Is now $10 per 100 pounds In New
York and close to that figure in St.
Louis, or 70 per cent above normal.
In Idaho Springs district shipments
of ore from the Lake mine, as stated
by Manager Wiley, for the month of
January, reached 115 tons, while the
amount paid out for the ore was over
$35,000. This la an Increase ot 10 per
rent hotli In tonnage and value over
that of January, 1914. t
At Cripple Creek the Komet Leas
ing Compuny, under the management
of Mutt Korff, Is doing considerable
development work on a block of Isa
bella ground on the Lee nhaft. The
ore house of the Isabella is now taxed
to Its fullest capacity to take care of
the numerous shippers on that prop
erty. Cripple Creek's total production ot
$340,01)0,000 In gold in twenty-three
years will be Increased to nearly $300,
000,000 by the time Colorado's premier
gold camp reaches Its twenty-fourth
year. If the rate of yield that has be?n
net thus fur continues. This will mean
a total output of $20,000,000 during the
George K. Kimball had a retort that
weighed fifty-two ounces in gold. The
ore. seven cords, was taken from the
twelfth level In the Old Town mine,
Gilpin county, and from a blind lead
'.n this level.
Vindicator stock sold at $1.33 pet
share March 3 on the completion ot
the purchase of the Gulden Cycle
group for a stated consideration of $1,
500,000 In cash. 90 per cent of which
goes directly to John T. Mllllken ot
St. Louis. The I'nlted Gold Mines
group, the Golden Cycle mill at Colo
rado City and the coal mines north ol
the mill constitute the basis for a sep
arate sale.
Reports from Cripple Creek stats
that tbe Kornat Leasing Company has
made a profitable strlus in Its leas
oa Isabtilla (round
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biliousness or constipation
by morning.
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Cascaret now and then and never
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Let Cascarela cleanse your stomach:
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any drug store means a clear head,
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never gripe or sicken. Adv.
A Leading Question.
In the blue days between Christmas
and New Year's, when a printing order
would have caused either of them to
start an Inquest to determine the san
ity of the customer, two printers met
in the corridor, says Associated Adver
tising. "Just transacted some business,"
quoth one.
"Naw!" said the other, In a tone to
tease a further response.
"Yes, I did I Just mailed a letter,"
said the first.
To which the other responded,
breathlessly. "Tip me off where'd
you get the two cents."
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Glossy and Thick With Garden
Sags and Sulphur.
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Why, of Course He Did.
"Gabe," said the lawyer to the
amazed negro witness, who had been
listening to a heated dUcussion as to
the admissibility ct certain testimony,
"you have followed carefully this in
tricato discussion touching cn the va
rious aspects of medical jurisprudence
Involved in the issue we have before
us for adjudication; and in view of
that I now desire to know whether
you do or do not And your evidence
still coincides with the theory ad
vanced by my learned brother?"
The witness cast a triumphant sido
glance at his own attorney. Then he
puffed out his lips and ills chest.
'Most doubtless!" he answered.
Long-Felt Want.
Flitbush I see a novelty is a tele
scoping phonograph horn, made of a
number of sections which slide to
gether for convenience in carrying.
Bensonhurst We don't care so much
about the horn, but what I'd like to
see la something that would shut up
a neighbor's phonograph.
Net by a Long Way.
"Let me see, now," said the, minis
ter at the christening, dipping his pen
Into the ink to record the event. "Isn't
this the 27th?"
"I should say not," retorted tho in
dlgnant mother; "it Is only the ninth!
Oh, That's It.
Redd Does ho drive his own car?
Greene No; his wife's.
Without Overloading The Stomach,
The business man, especially, needs
food In the morning that will not over
load the stomach, but give mental vig
or for the day.
Much depends on the start a man
gets each duy as to bow be may ex
pect to accomplish the work on hand.
He can't be alert with a heavy, fried
meat-and-potatoes breakfast, requiring
a lot of vital energy In digesting It,
A Calif, business man found a food
combination for producing energy. He
"For years I was unable to find
breakfast food thut had nutrition
enough to sustain a business man
without overloading bis stomach, caus
ing Indigestion and kindred ailments,
"Being a very busy and also a very
nervous man, 1 bad about decided to
give up breakfast altogether. But luck
ily I was Induced to try Grape-Nuts.
"Since that morning I have been
new man; can work without tiring
my head is clear and my nerves strong
and quiet
"I find that Grape-Nuts, with a little
sugar and a small quantity ot cold
milk, makes a delicious morning meal,
which Invigorates me for tho day
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read, "The Road to Well
ville," In pkgs. 'There's a Reason
Em trxm fh ltlrr A it
p w ra tvm tlmtm tm tlaa. Tfetl
r ajaamla. lr)f mm4 fall hauuUi
Postoffice, Indian, and Shipping Bills
Expire With It. President Wil
son Signs Seamen's Measure.
Wwtrn N-wpnpf-r t'nlon Nwa Sorvlca.
Washington The Sixty -third Con
gress a rerord breaker in many re
spectsexpired by limitation at noon
March 4th.
With an unusual record of legisla
tion accomplished, bango of gcvcls In
tha Senate and tho House sounded
"Taps" on the session launched a
month after President Wilson's inaug
uration two years ago.
"Swan songs" were sung by retiring
House members. Resolutions of felici
ty were given Speaker Clark and the
party leaders. A costly oil painting of
himself was the members' gift to the
retiring Democratic leader. Represen
tative Underwood.
After an all-night vigil Congress
showed an unexpected burst of speed
and practically finished its loKinlntive
work nearly two hour3 before tho time
of adjournment.
Two of the principal appropriation
bills, the postal bill and the Indian
bill, failed at the last moment, and
Joint resolutions wero passed extend
ing the current appropriation!) for the
Por. 'office Department and tho Indian
Bureau over the next fiscal year.
The clause In the pootofflco appro
priation bill providing that assistant
postmasters be abolished, was elimi
nated by the conference report.
The House finally passed and sent
to the President the resolution passed
by the Sennte, giving the President
power to enforce this nation's neu
trality. The ship purchase bill Is dead.
Administration senators, threatened
with continuation of tho Republican
filibuster, did not plan another r.ttempt
to revive It. The bill dies In confer
Rural credits legislation also Is dead.
Instead, a congressional commission 4s
authorized to investigate the whole
subject and report to the next Con
gress by Jan. 1, 1916.
The House pacred the bill providing
aid to Alnskan agricultural colleges;
approved dropping the Impeachment
charges ogainat former Judge Daniel
Thew Wright, and, as a tribute to the
veteran representative, Bartlett of
Georgia, who retires, passed a bill ap
propriating $50,000 for a federal build
ing at Forsyth, Georgia.
Cleaned Slates.
The House, cleaning its slate before
ten o'clock, settled down to wait for
noon. ' Democratic Leader Underwood,
making his Intt speech on the floor
for he goes to the Senate in the Sixty
fourth Congress declared tho House
bad done Its work and it would not be
the fault of that body If the govern
ment's flnunces were not cared for.
Tse Senate, after concurring with
the House extension ot tho postal and
ndian appropriations, went Into ex
ecutive Bession to work on nomina
tions. President Wilson went to the cap
ítol at 10 o'clock and promptly began
signing the accumulation of bills and
The President signed the La Fol-
lette seamen's bill Improving the
forking conditions of American sea
men and increasing lifesaving equip
ment requirements.
Records Smashed.
In time consumed the Congress
which ended on the 4th emashed rec
ords. It bad been In session 637 days.
The special seBSlon called In April,
1913, leaped Into the December ses
sion that year, which continued until
last October, adjourning only five
weeks before the present session be
gan last December.
The principal accomplishments ot
the Sixty-third Congress were the fol
lowing laws:
New tariff and Income tax, new cur
rency system, creating a federal
Trade Commission, amending the anti
trust act, repeal of the Panama ca
nal "free tollB" provision, authoriz
ing a government rallrc.d in Alaska,
empowering use of armed forces In
Mexico, the war tax creating a war
risk insurance bureau and ratification
3t twenty-one peace ireuties.
With the cho of the adjournment
lavel many big figures in public life
retlreu. Nine senators and almost 15J
representatives left Congress.
The Senate had 53 Democratic, 42
Republican and 1 Progressive mem
ber. The Sixty-fourth Congress will
see 56 Democratic, 1 Progressive and
19 Republican senators seated.
Tbe House had 2S0 Democrats, 124
republicana, 17 Progressives and 1 In
dependent. Tne next House will have
231 Democrats. 191 Republicans, 7 Pro-
jresslves, 1 Socialist and 1 Inde
pendent. The total appropriations of the ses
sion were approximately $1,120,484,
24, several millions under the record
f previous Congresses.
Wilson Praises Work.
After his return to the White House
President Wilson dictated the follow
Ins statement about Congress and Its
"A great Congress has closed Its
sesslonB. Its work will prove the pur
pose and quality ot its statesmanship
more and more, the longer It Is test
ed. Business has now a time of calm
and thoughtful adjustment before it,
disturbed only by the European war.
TheTclrcumstuiiceB creuted by the war
put the nation to a special test, a test
of its true character and of Its self
control. Calls on Nation for Peace.
"The constant thought of every pa
triotic man should now be for the
country, its peace, its order, its Just
and tempered Judgment iu the face of
perplexing difficulties. Its dignity
and its strength alike will appear not
only In the revival of its business, do
spite abnormal conditions, but also in
its power to think, to purpose and to
act with patience, with disinterested
fulrness, and without excitement, iu
a spirit of friendliness and enlighten
ment which will firmly establish its
Influence throughout the world."
Strolling down Fifth
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If ,ir"

Waatarn Newapapnr Union Niwi Barrica,
Nuevo México.
La fabrica que trata la planta
llamada "hierba de oso" en Tucumcarl
esta progresando.
Se manifest en Tucumearl una
opinión contra la sugerida división del
condado de Quay.
En el distrito de Curry sa ha plan
tado una cantidad de trigo doble do la
que era el año pasado.
Los agricultores están ocupados en
preparar sus planes de trabajos para
la siembra de la primavera.
Cora A. Sanford fué nombrada ad
ministradora de correos en Cloverdale
Ei'genlo Romero administrador en
El Senado pasó á la unanimidad el
memorial de buenos caminos federales.
1.a suma de asistencia representa $2,
000,000. La ley general bancaria, endorsada
por los banqueros del eBtado, fue
votada por la Cámara por un voto de
32 contra 13.
La oficina do correos y tienda co-
perativa de Rodeo fué demolida pot
bandidos y el cofre-fuerte robado de
su contenido.
A. N. 'Blazer de Mesealero declara
que los Indios tuvieron un buen afio
en 1914 y cosecharon una ' gran
cantidad de avena.
John L. Zimmerman, encargado da
la oficina de estampillas de Impuesto
federal en Santa Fé recibió Bellos pot
el valor de $23,000.
Pronto West estará en conexión
telefónica con la capital de condado.
Los postes están en la tierra pero no
esta puesto todavía el alambre.
El banquete de la Cámara de
Comercio en honor del Coronel Geo.
E. Bushnell, en Silver City, fuá
distintamente un negocio militar.
El hijo de quince años de Candelario
Silva de East Ratón, fué matado a
instante cuando un revolver de calibre
22 con que estaba jugando disparó y
la bala penetró por el ojo.
La Asociación de Criadores de
Ganado de Nuevo México va á tenet
su primera convención anual en Silvei
City el Viernes y el Sábado, abril 2
y s.
El proyecto de enmienda constitu
clonal presentado á la Cámara por el
Señor Bryant, en favor del sufragio de
la mujer, fué excluido del calendarle
por un voto de 25 contra 9.
La construcción del molino de min
eral en el distrito de Pinos Altos, qui
cuando completado representará uns
Buma gastada de $25,000, está ahors
Carl Teeter de Tucumcárl fué herldc
mientras trabajando debajo de un
carro del Golden Limited. Tuvo o
cráneo desgarado y los ojos casi
sacados de la cabeza.
El departamento de Instrucción
pública dló ayuda de estado á lai
escuelas en el condado de Guadalupe
en la suma de $1,300 y de $822.82 á lai
escuelas del condudo de Torrance.
Se informa de que John Snyder de
Alamogordo compró los buyes del
estanque de la Montaña, pagando $31
por los más jóvenes, $40 por los d
dos años, $3 por los de tres años.
Ratón tuvo dos pulgadas de nieve
el segundo del mes, la calda de nieve
máB fuerte del invierno. Al norte, li
nieve tendría dos pies de espesor, )
catorce pulgadas entre Springer y Lai
Wiley H. Johnson, que murió haci
poco cerca de Springer y que podli
remontar su historia hasta 300 añoi
A. C, era el nieto de Alexander Hamil
ton matado en un duel por Aaron Bun
en 1804.
MáB de 200 francmasons se sentaroc
A la mesa de hanquete en la catedral
del rito escocés en Santa Fé.
El comité Judicial de la Cáman
presentó H. B. 361, aprobando la codi
flcaclón de las leyes de Nuevo Méxl
co, según la forma recientemente com
pletada por el juez Mechen), S. B
DuDvts y Herbert Clark.
Dos más atractivos grandes han side
agregados al edificio de Nuexo Méxicc
en la Exposición de Panamá Pacific.
Uno es un ladrillo de oro, el otro el
el terrón de carbón de piedra mái
grande que se haya minado.
"No culpable" fué el veredicto del
jurado en el cuso de asesinato de
Hershal Taylor en Clovls. El jurado,
además pidió á la corte que
amonestase al defensor para que
viviera mejor vida en el porvenir.
El Representante Fred O. Blood de
San Miguel presentó á la Cámara un
proyecto para dar al estado de Nueva
México una bandera oficial, y una
bandera hermosamente bordada re
spondiendo á la descripción del
proyecto de la bandera oficial det
estado, fué enviada al despacho del
secretarlo con la medida.
Aproximadamente 1,000,000 cabezal
de ganado estimadas en $47,500,000
estaban en Nuevo México al fin del
año fiscal pasado, el 30 de noviembre,
1914, según el Informe bienal del Con
sejo Sanitario de Ganado de Estado,
ahora en menos del gobernador Mo-
Robert Rose y su esposa, negros,
implicados en la querella de Koehlor,
en que la Señora W. C. Beuge fué
accidentalmente matada por el sheriff
Calhoun, fueron arrestados con Cal
houn bajo fianza esperando la de
cisión del gran Jurado en Ratón.
El proyecto 'de Cámara No. 176, por
el Señor Vigil de Unión, come
enmienda á la Sección 1, Capitulo 104,
leyes de 1909, aumentando el premio
sobre la caza de animales salvajes, de
2 A $3 sobre los coyotes, de $10 & $15
sobre los loboB, y fijando el premio
lobre loa leones de montañas en $15
fué presentado en un informe favor
Una muerte horrible fué la de Wll
lam Harold Woods en Thoreau, al
(star golpeado é Instantemente matado
)or un tren del Santa Fé hacia el esta.

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