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The Sign of
111 Ll,
Good of Lordsburg
1 '
VttHrrlptiof98 FrT
un Ti ACM (H
TJ) A -
7 i " )
Shirts from $2 to $1.50
Latest Spring and Summer Styles.
A complete stock of hardware. What you want when you
want it Try U3 before sending away. Mazda electric
light lamps. New Stock.
Spring Hats at Reted Prices
A new line of Millinery.
Spring dry-goods now on Display
Fresh Vegetables Received Daily
The Best Cuts in Our
The Big Store
Tüb Roberts &Leaüy Merc. Co.
We are now prepared to supply Lordsburg and vicinity with
Regular ICE deliveries made daily.
Cupon Book System.
Out-of-town Shipments made. Pure, Clean, ICE
Electrical fixtures for SALE at
, Office adjoining Lumber Yard.
Westinghouse Lamps:
25 w and 40 w 30c. 60 w 40c.
Expert House Wiring a Specialty
Have your house wired today
Plione 2STo. S
Lordsburg tower Company
San Francisco - $45.00
San Diezo - - $35.00
hutchek mur
Uellrerle made la Lord bur f
Santa Barbara - $46.50 $38.75
San Pedro - - $42.00 $35.00
Long Beach - - $42.00 $35.00
Santa Monica - - $42.00 $35.00
Ocean Park - - $42.00 $35.00
Venice - - $42.00 $35.00
Los Angeles - - $41.50 $34.75
Catalina Island - $44.25 $37.25
LaWeTahoe - - $74.25 $62.50
Fares Shown in Column 1 on sale daily
" Return limit November 30. Stopovera
allowed all points.
Fares shown in Column 2 on sale Satur
days only. Return limit, 15 days. '
Felix Jones, prop.
Next door to PoctAflli
v .
frantically every cattle grower In
Bouiliprn tiranteo un!, y lias now ron-
true, ted to sell yearling steers at i.tl.OO
per heart and slilpmrn's will begin
from the local yards by the ü h of
thlo month
Last week, F. R. Coon of tlie First
National hank, Sam Brown of El Paso
arid J. T. Kagsdale of Midland, Texas,
mane á trip to the extreme southern
part of the county and closed con
tracta whereby practically every stock
owner will sell his steer. The pur
chasers were W. J. Cox and Company
of Ki I'aso and the cattle will be des
tined to Midland. TVxaa.
ThoKe who contracted at Itodeo
were P. R, Sanders, H. I). Washburn
and J. C. Henderson. At lU- hlia,
It Winkler, T. J. Kennett and Harry
Young signed contracts for the people
of Iheir community. Tbe Rodeo ship
ment will consist or about 70U bead of
cattle and the Hachlti shipment 800
head. The former shipment will be
made June 15ili and the latter June
This closes the spring contracts
The average price is i ll 00, which has
been secured Ixrgely through the ef
forts of the lcai bank.
The first local shipments will be
made from the Lordsburg Stock V arls
on the 26th instant.wliun Fosier-I)ay,
High Laud Cattle Co., Manulield Land
& Cattle Co., J. P. Manstleld, H.J.
McGrath and others 1H ship approx
imately l.ooo head of yearlings.
Uo the 27th The X V outnt, Wamels
and others wlil ship 10(H) head from
Separ. and on June 1st Mulr. Weeing
and others will ship about 600 head
irom separ.
The biggest shipment of the year
will be from the local yards on June
4th and 6th when Cureton, Mc-
Whorter, Jones Bros.. McVannon,
Fuller, McKeen. Head, Rainbolts and
others will ship about 1,100 yearlings
The purchase price fur the ship
meats Is over 8180,000.
Assistant District Attorney C. C.
Royall, while here yesterday, upon
complaint of citizens, noil tied the
operators of puncl.-boards and trade
check gamb.lrig gimes mat uie prac
tice must be stopped or prosecuting
would begin at once. This law is be
ing enfoiced In the northern part of
the county and Mr. Koyall intends
that It shall be enforced here also.
Last week every punch board and
trade check game in Arizona as stop
ped by a very rigid law and the same
thing is to be accomplished In New
Mexlci. The practice is one of tbe
worse forms of gambling and is a di
rect violation of the New Mexico
laws of 1U12.
Copper is King
Tbe demand for Hopper at the pres
ent time is far greater than tbe sup
Tbe copper ruines are working 100
per cent of their capacity and still
there remains a shortage despite tbe
unusually hlgb prices.
Now Is tbe tiiue to Invest in cop
per. If you cannot buy acupier luloe
buv Cupper stocks.
The purchasers of shares Id a min
ing ouipany, wbicb is developing Its
property, stands to reallte 100 to 1,000
per cent profit on tbeir purchase, as
against the purchasers who will realize
ouly 6 to 8 per cent profit by purchas
ing the same Interest when it is a
dividend payer.
A few years ago a Copper mine was
bought in Its developing stiige for
840.000 it pays the owners to day ovt'r
8000,000 per month.
A certain copper stock was bought
at 30 cents per share 8.'100 00 bought
1000 chares, today It Is worth 4.0O0
1 am offering a llmitel nomler of
shares in a Copner ujion tbat is devel
oping, producing and shipping Its
ores, which you can see by automobile
Inside of forty minutes after stepping
off tbe train.
This is an opportunity for you to
Investigate and Hoy. Send me your
address and I will give you full lofjr
matlon. Address
Lordsburg, New Mexico.
FOR SALE Complete outfit Cora
pressor. Drills. Hoist etc. New, Cheap.
Address Box 197. Columbus, N'. M.
A carload of milling machinery ar
rived here this week and is being
moved to the site of the Waldo con
The Bonney company this week
struck their primary sulphide ores in
their new stiatt ata aenr.n or jju
feet. The ore values are 808 In cop
per, 83.00 in gild and 85 in silver.
Getting The Habit.
Farmers and townspeople all over
the country are rapidly adopting the
new po.lcy of using writing paper and
envelopes with their names and ad
dresses neatly printed t hereon.
It has many advantages. It pre
vents the numerous errors In the
spelling of ñames. Insures correctness
of addnss, and guarantees the prompt
return of your letter la tbe event of
none delivery.
It is no more expensive than the
buying of stationery in small lots in
the old way, and addsa distinctlveair
of respectability and refinement to
every home.
It is a good thing, and has come to
stay and grow. Let the Liberal
print yours.
Charles II. Sullivan has accepted a
position with the 85 Mining Company
as clerk In the supply department and
assumed bis duties at the mine, Mon
day. Mr. Sullivan Is one of Lords-
burg's most progressive young bus-
Inet-s tnen and is disposing of his store
In town on account of the close con
finement of the work. Ills many
friends wish him every success In his
Dew undertaking.
A theatre party from the 85 mine
ramp motored down to Lordsburg
Tuesday evening to take in the movies.
In the party were Mesdames Inder-
rieden, Clark and Batecuan and Messrs.
Wolfram. Jackson, rrattaud Sullivan
Suits from A mercan Woolens from
816.00 to 85 00. From Import, 8J5.00
to o.oo. L,ordunurg Tailor aiioD
juwnuy xjuiiuing, unm street.
More Animas and Playas Land Open
The Las Cruces Land office h is s -nt
out notices that on and after. lune
Mh, Township 20 S. 11 17 W and
Township 27 S. Range 18 West, will
be open for the filing of homestead
nn.i desert applications. The land In
T 2ll S.R. 17 West Is directly north of
the Township In which Flavas Sta
tion is located. Township 27 S It 18
West, is the township bet ween Tlavas
and Animas on the 1 Paso & South
western. There Is much valuable land
in both of the two townships, and a
great many entries will be made.
Those contemplating tiling homes
teads entries can secure the govern
ment booklet "Advice to Homestead
ers ' by applying to the Liberal.
Last Sunday at Hachlta, a Mexican
named Juan Miranda was shot and
Insiantlv killed by Cattle Inspector
John Parks during round-up. A
hearing was held before Justice of the
t'eace Ueorge .Jviraunds Wednesday
afternoon, the state being represent
ed bv Assistant District Attorney C.
O. Royall, of Silver City. It was
brought out In the evidence that Ins
pector Parks bad reprimanded Miran
da and that the Mexican had declured
that, he would kill the officer. Mr.
Parks was notllied of the threat and
when he met the man In the round up
corral he drew his revolver and killed
Miranda Is alleged to have been a
"bad hombre" and about three
months ago returned to Hachlta from
the State Penitentiary on parole,
where lie had been serving a term for
attempt assault to kill an officer on
the Dorder.
Inspector Parks was bound over
awaiting the action of the Fall Grand
Jury. He furnished bond. The af
fair was almost unavoidable and re
ports from Hachlta are to the effect
that Mr. Parks acted In the wisest
msnner conslile-lng the alleged repu
tation of Miranda.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rohson are vis
iting at the Robson ranch at Pratt.
Rev. Chas. Wextherbe, has left
Pratt, no one knowing where he has
The cow-bovs of the Mansfield Land
and Cattle Co., dropped In on Wm.
Sleischlnger one evening last week for
supper, during round-up. Mr. Sleisch
lnger may recover.
Tlios. Robson is having anew ranch
house built on his place. When com
pleted It will be the best, in me trait
section. Mr. Robson whs Injured last
Tuesday wheu his horse fell with him
while running wild horses in the Pe
lonsillas Mountains.
Rev. .1. S Johnson will preach at
Playas Sunday May 23rd. The fol
lowing Sunday he will deliver his
Hrst sermon at Rodeo.
Hachita, Items
W. Parker has been at Deming this
week on account of the Illness of one
of his children. -
Mrs. T. Berry returned last Friday
from Cynegas.
Mrs. Herb was In town a few days
last week.
Mr. Welseiger Is on the sick list.
T. Berry is ill with ga-ttrltls.
Mr. and Mrs. Chsrles Murphy left
Monday night for Trinidad, Colorado.
Mrs. T. Ilewlitt and son Wesley
have returned from El Paso. Wesley's
health is better.
Mr. Rallenger, Is moving his family
Into Mr Tombaughs house, recently
vacated by Chas. Murphy's family.
The plins for the new part to ttie
school house have been accepted at
Silver City and the work Is now open
to the contractors. Theaddltlon will
give as much room as the old build
ing, nnd will allow for a Illuh School,
which is very much needed, as well
asexira room for the grades.
The Manual Training boys are fin
ishing up all models that were com
menced so as to begin on new woric in
the fall. Though the equipment Is
not very complete, their work has
been very good. Their last achieve
ment, Ironing tables, were very credi
table pieces of work.
Miss Mildred Jenson has been en
gaged as steady clerk In Eugene Roui-m-y'a
Valley View News.
Wm. Charles Is still extracting a
good grade of zinc ore on the Olden
Haydon and Creswell are taking
high grade copper ore on the claims
i hey are operating three miles south
of Steins.
It la reported that the Volcano
mines will soon change hands.
The Granite Gap Company are sink
ing a new winze in their mine.
There will he a big 4th of July cel
ebration at the McCant Grove this
year and elaborate preparations are
beitw made for showing the people of
Southern Grant county a good time.
Miss CaDl tola Robertson Is having
a new adobe ho.ise built and expects
to leave for Sao francisco to take In
the Exposition upon completion of
tiie new house.
Harry Jennings of Morencl visited
with his sister Mrs. Paul Lyuiau, Sua
Messrs. Anderson and Dines of Dem
Ing attended services at tbe school
bouse Sunday.
Mrs. T. A. Kerr Is on tbe sick list.
Messrs. Kerr. Marsalls and Plerson
and Misses Pearl Scarhorougb and
Sylvia Turner, were valley visitors
A large crowd came out for the
Sunday services at tbe scboul house.
Section 14 of the Act creating the
State Tax Commission of New Mexico
reads as follows:
"An exemption from taxation In
the sum of Two Hundred Dollarsshall
be allowed and deduoted by the As
sessor for each head of the family
whether the exemption Is claimed or
not. in accordance with the provl
slons of the cong'ltuilon. Widow.
havina eniulren thall b reoonnd as
heads of famüie for th purjto of
tAui aci.
Assessor Grant County
3U Mexico,
E. F. Eplev. of Rodeo, N. M. the
Grant, Luna, tí. M. and Cochise, Aria
county iigent for the Detrolter Motor
Car Company, was In the city several
days tills week, nego'ialing sales with
several prospective purchasers. Mr.
Kpley sold one of his cars In Doming
this week and will make his head
quarters In Lordsburg for' the next
few weeks, glvlngdemonstratlonsand
putting In some hard licks for the new
Eight Cylinder car.
The New Detrolter "Eight" is the
cheapest car of Its kind on the market
and the demand for It has been so
great that the factory is d-mlillng Its
capacity. The car Is equipped with
all the latest and best conveniences
and is built especially for the rough
Southwestern rosds. The car Is built
with a Sedan ton at 81470. The
five passenger "Eight" sells for 812,).
Mr. Epley Is demonstrating with a
four cylinder car and It Is claimed he
Is getting through sand and over hi! Is
other cars cannot make.
The car Is attracting much atten
tion throughout this section and Mr.
Epley will doubiless place several of
his machines here this season:
Silver Gty Defeats Lordsburg Juniors
Score 8 to 3
Silver City and the Lordsburg Jun
iors clashed on the home grounds last
Saturday afternoon. The contest was
featured by extremely heavy hitting
on both sides. Mc Means, the local
twirler for the Juniors, pitched what
should have been winning ball, the
Juniors being in the lead from the
second Inning to the first half of the
seventh, when McMeans arm guve
out on him and the Silver City team
got around with four scores In this In
ning. In the first of the eight J. S.
Brown put liarela in the box. Barela
not having a chance to warm up, the
visiiors got four hits off him right at
the start, thus making the score 0 to
3. Two of the hits off Barela brought
scores giving I he game to Silver City
At that we claim to have the best
amateur team of the southwest, play
ing 13 games and losing 2
Gammon made hit with the fans
In the role of his nibs the ump. He
gave each side a square deal which
was satisfactory all the way 'round
Seventeen hits were made off Mc
Means. and H off Scliadel. McMeans
12 strike outs. Schadel Itlstrlke outs.
The line up was as follows: Silver
City, Scbadei 88., Mat ley 2b., Lolng
3b., Narvlll If.. Dunlap lb., Wiley cf.,
Rose Schadel p., Loin rf.
Lordsburg, Gladden ss., Egon c.
Robert rf., Barela 3b . Diaz 2b., Mar
salts If., McMeaus p., Gilluui If., Con
stable lb.
Judge Marsalis Hears
First Important Case.
In the local Justice court yesterday
afternoon a preliminary hearing; was
held in the case of tbe State vs. Ted
Parrls and J. S. ftrown upon tbe com
plaint of Okley Olney and John Olney,
the charge against tbeni being tbe as
ssnlt with a revolver upon tbe plalo
tilTs. "
The Justice court and Btreet was
crowded while the case was being
beard. In the evidence it was brought
out that on Wednesday evening at II
o'clock a healed argument ensued be
tween Mr. Brown and the Olney boys
which resulted in the drawing of re
volverá. Mr. Parrls also drawing a re
volver and "covering" the t wo Oloevs."
The defendents were bound over
under bonds or i,"))0 each awaiting tbe
action of tbe Grand Jury. '
Assistant District, Attorney O. C.
Rnval and court Stenographer, Miss
Eltte Smith were present at the hear
ing. Mr. Brown was represented by
Attorney Moroiugstar.
Commencement at Albuquerque
Albuquerque, N. M. May 1: In
point of attendance at the various
events the commencement exercises
of the University of New Mexico this
week was the most successful In the
history of the college. Albuquerque
people turned out by hundreds, tax
ing to the limit the capacity of the
Jitney service to the University, while
ma. numocr or out or town visitors
was unusually large. Improved stan
dards In the University during the
past few years have attracted wide
attention and a large advance In the
number of students Isconlident v nre-
dlcted. Graduates from all parts of
the state gathered for the commence
ment this year and voluntarily or
ganized themselves into a club to
promote attendance at the state un
iversity by New Mexico boys and girls
arge numoersor whom now are go
ng to other states for their educa
tion on completion cf the high school
course. Class standing in the Un-
versliv of New Mexico now Is accent
ed without examination at ail of the
leading universities of the country.
All suUs made and fitted by an ex
pert tailor and cutter. Mane In a
ocal shop for less than mail-order
prices. Lordsburg Tailor Shop.Ownby
uuuoing, Main street.
See our new notion stock. Every
thing up to date. Parasols will arrive
next week. Broken Doli.ir-Slore.
Fred Moore of Stockton California
superintendent of the Holt Manufac
turing Co., is In the city looking at
uie caterpillar tractors.
'For The Honor of Old
Glory or Stars and
Stripes In Mexico."
A four Keel World' Kmture Kllm.
Highly HnooinmiHlu. One of th blir
gum iimiuruM uu llitt oiroull.
4 E!5 P.IJLS 4
Admission 15c. and 25c.
LA.Hce Joyce In: "Old Army
rCoat"2 Reels "Wiprcrs taked
the rest cure. Selig com
Admission 10c. and 15c.
Tne Eile Uri Mercantile Co.
Always in the lead,
an tne oest eatables m Jb resn ana
canned goods.
Special attention is called
ll v ... ,:.
Use the entire contents of the can-and then, if you
are not sufficiently pleased to continue its use, we
will refund the full retail price to you.
A Schilling & Company will pay us, so we will lose nothing.
12 oz. Cans, 40c. 2 1-2 lb. cans $1.25
5 lb. Cans $2.00. 10 lb. Cans $3.90
Fresh Car of Diamond M. & Breadwinner flour.
Fresh Car of Grain Maise for Chicken feed and Maise Chops for
Buy your goods in case lots Let us load your goods out of our
immense wareroom, and we can give you Quantity prices that
will show you a big saving in your grocery bill.
Give us a chance at your Grocery business, we are anxious to
serve you, and will do our best to please you.
Come in and see us, you are welcome whether you want to buy
or not.
w jráíiN Ituu xO ON "YOUR
Ull Wft.YI VI''.. I t
We Solicit Your Checking Account.
of J-.ords'tourgr. XT.
Make Your Headquarters at the
Steam Heat,. Hot and CoM Water. Electric Ilirtits,
Central Location. Restaurant Adjoining
When the Blue Birds Whistle
It is Time to Paint Up and Clean Up
That time is now here. So let's get together to make
Lordsburg the most attractive city in the Southwest.
Red' LIcHsh
N. M.
and headquarters for
this week by us, to the Best
Did you ever look at the laliel on the can of baking-powder
you are now using?
Doe's the word "starch" appear there?
Starch has alwnliitely nothing to do with rais
ing your cake or biscuit; and when you are pay
ing baking-powder prices for a tiuarter or third
starch you sre giving one of the reasoos for the
''high cost of living."
We ask you to try a can of powder which con
tains nothing but cream of tartar (made from
grapes), arid soda, of course using less, as it Is
stronger and more economical.
Reasonable Prices
Satisfaction Cuaracteed
Pure Materials Only

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