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Live In History at the Inspiration ol
Men Who Led the World in
Art and Learning.
"All Inspiration comes from ornan."
la these words Castlgllcme sums up
medieval Ideas and theories on the
subject. Hers It Is to Insulte man with
hope' and courmto on the battlefield
and In the council chamber, In the pur
suit of art and learning. In the higher
paths of virtue and religion, to point
the way upward and lift hearts from
enith to heaven.
So It was that the boy Raphael grew
nf In the enchanted air of Urblno un
der the fostering care of the good
dnrhess; so Isabella d'F'te h.ard
young Arlosto recite the first cantos
of his great poem, or gave Mantegna
and Costa themes for their pictures
in the studio of the grim old castello
that looks down on the Mantuan lakes
and the windings of "smooth-sliding
Bo Veronica Cambara smiled on the
early efforts of the painter Correg
glo, and Vlltorla Colonna soothed the
loneliness of Michelangelo's weary
old age.
By their delicate culture and refined
taste these noble women brought art
Into close touch with life.
By their gracious and kindly sym
pathy they cheered the artist souls
that, were struggling toward the light,
and helped to produce Immortal works.
Will posterity say as much for the
women of our own age? Exchange.
Divided Ownership.
A gentleman, while taking a morn
ing walk down a country lane met
boy driving some pigs to market.
"Who do these fine pigs belong to?"
asked the gentleman.
"Well," said the boy, "they belong
to thad theer big sow."
"No, my boy," said the old gentle
man; "I mean who is the master of
"Well," replied the boy, "thad theer
little un; 'es a beggar fer fighting."
Hair and Skin With Cuticura. Noth
ing Easier, Trial Fres,
The Soap to cleanse and purify the
skin and scalp, the Ointment to
soothe and heal rashes, itchlngs, red
ness, roughness, dandruff, etc. Noth
ing better than these fragrant super
creamy emollients (or preserving and
purifying the skin, scalp and balr.
Sample each free by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere. Adv.
Oxen and sheep are believed to fat
ten better in company than when kept
Makes the laundreaa happy that's Bed
Croas Bag Blue. Makea beautiful, clear
white clothes. . All good rocera. Adv.
It is easy to pick out the man from
the small town. He is the man who
wears rubbers.
Restored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Unionville, Mo. "I suffered from
female trouble and I got so weak that I
i could hardly walk
across the floor with
out holding on to
something. I had
nervous upelli and
my fingers would
cramp and my face
would draw, and I
could not speak, nor
sleep to do any good,
had no appetite, and
everyone thought I
would not live.
Some one advised me to take Lydia E.
Pinkham' Vegetable Compound, lhad
taken so much medicine and my doctor
aid he could do me no good so I told my
husband he might get me a bottle and I
would try it By the time I had taken
it I felt better. I continued its use, and
now I am well and strong.
"I have always recommended your
medicine ever since I waa so wonder
fully benefitted by it and I hope this
letter will be the means of saving some
other poor woman from suffering."
Mrs. Martha Seavey, Box 1144,
Unionville, Missouri.
The makers of Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound have thousands of
such letters as that above they tell
the truth, else they could not have been
obtained for love or money. This med
icine is no stranger it has flood ths
test for years.
If there are any complications yon
do not understand write to l.ydia E,
I'lnkbanj Medicine Co. (confidential)
I.Tiin.MaMS. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman and
held in strict contldeuce.
Don't Persecute
Your Bowels
Cut out cathartic and purgative. They Art
oruicu, narran, unnecessary, i rv
Purely vegetable. Act
gently on the liver,
eliminate bile, and
oothethedrlicale ' f
membrane oí the
bowel. y r y
Con.iiMlioa, JT y
llloMBOtM, Jr a
Ski AO
Kb tuU luaigatfioa at aiitiiwaa fcatw.
Genuine must bear Signature
DAISY rLY KILLER titcu t4 kiln i
Hawk, eiosva, or
j uitiamtaU, euavsjuiant,
obMt. Last ail
on. Mata!
uUal, ootiplllor tip
ori wlU swt soil of
i rajar ntblDf .
Uoaraat ffswtl,
' AHdairorlawat
prMW Mtld (off ll.M.
W. N. U, DENVER, NO. 30-1819.
Weatern Nwiinpr I'Mon Nw Brvtc.
Now York? July 20. The Cunard
liner Orduna, bound from Liverpool to
New York, with 227 passengers, in
cluding 22 Americans, was attacked
without warning, It was learned on her
arrival here Saturday, by a German
submarine on the morning of July 9.
Twenty miles from the graveyard
of the Lusitaula off Old Head Kinsale,
the Orduna escaped the Lualtanla's
fato by one-halt second of time or ten
feet of space the German torpedo
churning the water that distance be
hind the liner's rudder.
Then the Orduna sped away. She
was followed by the submarine, which
rose to the surfaco, manned a gun on
her deck and shelled the fleeing
steamer. Only the escape of the Or
duna prevented a repetition of the Lu
sltania disaster which precipitated the
crisis between the United States and
The attack on the Orduna was
timed at ten minutes to six o'clock in
the morning when all but a few of her
passengers lay Bleeping in their
London. An Austro - German ulti
matum to Rumania Is being prepared,
according to the Moscow Russkoye
Washington. Into the grave situa
that has developed between the United
States and Germany over the sinking
of the Lusltanla, was thrust another
Issue, when it was revealed that the
British steamer Orduna carrying a
score of Americans, had been attacked
by a German submarine.
Should first reports of an attempt to
torpedo without warning be borne out
by the official investigation it was
indicated in official quarters that the
United States probably would regard
the incident as adding a grave clement
:o the already strained relations be
tween the two countries.
Loss of $50,000 Caused by Hall.
Colorado Springs. Damage eBtlmat
ed at $50,000 was caused here Sunday
when a heavy hail storm, sweeping
east from the mountains, paralyzed
street traffic, broke windows and sky
lights and wrecked the street lighting
system of the city. The hall followed
heavy rains throughout the day. So
heavy was the fall that automobile
tops were broken through, street cars
were forced to halt and great plate
glass windows In stores were demol
ished. Every pane of glass In many
lamp posts were broken into frag
ments, making a loss to the electric
light company of more than $3,000.
Skylights crashed in from the weight
of the hall. Every greenhouse in the
city was demolished.
Husband Slain; Rival Arrested.
Denver. Archie Brlstow shot and
fatally wounded Fred Wallace at Shaf
fer's Crossing In Jefferson county, aft
er he had been ordered to keep away
from the Wallace home.
Life Termer In Georgia Prison 8lasl-et
and Seriously Wounds Man Con
victed of Murder.
Mllledgevllle, Ga., July 19. Leo M.
Frank, whose death sentence for ths
murder of Mary Phagan recently was
commuted to life imprisonment by
Governor Slaton, was attacked by an
other prisoner at the state prison farm
here Saturday night. His throat wa!
cut. Prison officiuls said that the at
tack on Frank was made by William
Creen, who also is serving a life term
for murder. The attack on Frank
which was made shortly after 11
o'clock, was made from behind and
precipitated a riot. The assailant
used a butcher knife. Frank's Jugular
vein was rut, but neither the spinal
cord nor the windpipe were Injured
and the doctora say be has a clianc-i
to recover. Creen expresses regret
for his act.
Heat Kills Four In Cleveland.
Cleveland, Ohio. Four victims were
claimed by the extreme heat here.
Lusltanla Probe Clears Captain.
London. 1'orpedoes fired by a sulk
marine of German nationality" caused
the loss of the steamship Lusltamu
and Its passengers, according to th
findings of the court of inquiry ap
pointed to investigate the disaster
The court held that no blame for llii
tragedy attached either to Captain
Turner, commander of the vessel, oi
the Cunard line, the owners.
Lisbon. Dr. Alfonso Coata, formei
premier of Portugal, is reported to
have passed the crisis of his illness.
Thaw Takes Dip In Atlantic.
Atlantic City, N. J. Harry K. Thaw
who arrived here after having been
set free under ball by the New Yorrf
Supreme Court, took two dips In the
ocean and sltuok bunds with hundreds
of persons.
Villa Troops Surrender to Carranza.
Laredo. Four hundred Villa troops
under Col. Cardenas, have surrendered
to Carranza's forces, it was claimed In
a dispatch from Carranca sources In
Monterey, received in Nuevo Laredo
TVirn Nwipnpr Union Nw Strvlca.
Metal Market Values.
Lead, New York, $5.65.
Bar silver, tc.
Spelter, St. Louis, $20.fi0.
Copper, casting, $19.25.
The miners strike at Ray has been
Dodd & West are shipping copper
ore frc-m the Union mine near. the Pet
Savage and Gibson properties in the
Miami district.
A production of 40,000,000 pounds of
copper, against 33,300,000 pounds In
1914, is expected to be Miami's record
for the current year.
In the aggregate, $05,000 worth oi
gold bullion was shipped to the United
States mint during June by the Gold
Road Mining Company of Oatman.
The revival of the mining business
In the Southwest during the last few
months is depleted by receipt of news
in Douglas that the El Paso smelter,
having more business offered it than
it could possibly take care of, is now
"farming'' out its customs ore con
tracta to the Hayden smelter.
New Mexico.
An advance of 10 per cent In wages
was declared July 1 by the Chino Cop
per Company to Its employés.
Rich sllver-lcadcopper ore bodies
have recently been uncovered In
southern Grant and Luna counties.
A Pecos valley oil well has attained
a depth of 1,000 feet, and It Is thought
400 feet more will develop a flow of
commercial value.
The Mogollón mining camp Is re
ported making large shipments of bul
lion to New York, the total thus far
exceeding last year's output by a large
Word received from Columbus tells
of an oil discovery almost on the
boundary, six miles southeast of Co
lumbus. There 1b a rush for the new
field and fifty claims have been
It is something of a mine that can
output 70,000,000 pounds of copper an
nually, the amount the Cblno Company
hopes to produce soon at a cost of
from 7 to 8 cents per pound, which
should permit a dividend of 20 per
cent on the capital stock.
Jesse Swift reports that rich ore
was struck in the Rambler mine.
The Midwest Sulphur Company of
Cody has mined and shipped nine cars
of sulphur, amounting in all to 270
tons, in the last thirty days.
Efforts are being made to interest
officers of the Butte & Superior mine
at Butte and all other zinc producing
mines in the western United States in
the new natural gaa fields, which have
been discovered near Casper.
Active work will commence In the
Basin oil fields in the next few days.
The California people, who have a
lease on the Torchlight, are making
preparations for active work. They
are now looking over the field with
the view of drilling a well for water
to be used in oil drilling.
A Tellurlde correspondent states
tbat that district never had as bright
an outlook for longevity as at this
Durango, in La Plata county, re
ports that the May Day and Idaho are
making their regular shipments to the
Durango smelter.
Bateman and Hansen, leasing on the
400-foot level of the Specimen mine
on Bull hill, have uncovered an un
usually rich streak of smelting ore.
The various leasers on the C. O D.
property, controlled by Cripple Creek
business men, are doing quite well,
and the outlook is bright for Increased
In Rico district the month of June
showed a steady increase of ore ship
ments and also a steady revival of In
terest from outside sources in this
famous old camp.
Colorado's second gold county, San
Miguel, shows a gain of VO per cent
in ore lifted during the month of June,
comparing the present seaBon with
the average shipments per mouth in
It is estimated that In the neighbor
hood of $80,000 worth of placer gold
was taken out during June in the
flreckenrldge district by the four gold
dredging boats and the high-bar placer
Cripple Creek produced 00 per cent
of the total 1914 gold yield of the
state, with a yield of $11.990,116. as
compared with $10,905,003 in 1913.
This is the largest production for any
one year since 1908. Cripple Creek,
to the end of 1914, has produced $258
780,653 in gold.
Breckenrldge, the gold nugget dis
trict, reports that the Dunkln lease, on
Nigger hill, shipped fifty-odd- tons of
lead carbonate ore a few days ago to
the Chamberlain sampler.
Ross and Camminlsch, leasing on
the 400-foot level of the Monument
mine, Cripple Creek, are sending out a
heavy tonnage of $20 ore and a hand
some net earning is resulting.
Lessees on the Howard shaft, a por
tion of the Mary McKinney mine at
Cripple Creek, are reported as making
a splendid earning. Heavy shipments
have been In order for a loi.g lime.
The output of Colorado mines dur
ing 1914, according to figures com
piled by Charles W. Henderson of Den
ver, of the United States Geological
Survey, was $19.883,105 in gold, 8,796,
005 ounces of silver, 72,211,898 pounds
of lead, 6,639,173 pounds of copper and
96,774.954 pounds of zinc (In terms of
spelter and zinc In zinc oxide), with
a total value of $33.400,126, compared
with $18,146,916 in gold, 9,325.255
ounces of silver, 87,897,773 pounds of
lead, 7,227,826 pounds of copper and
119,346,429 pounds of zinc, with a to
tal value of $35,450,585 to 1913.
Caves Supposed to Be "Possessed by
the Devil," Into Which None
Willingly Enter.
"Ancient caves In different parts of
Mexico often contain the skulls and
bones of former Inhabitants, whether
prehistoric or cf later times, some
times containing fine fashioned flint
"The natives, as a rule, fear to go
Into these places. 'Do not enter, se
ñor," they will say, as with Anglo
Saxon lack of superstition you deter
mine to explore them; "some evil be
falls those who meddle with the re
mains of the dead.'
"And If tbey are prevailed upon to
assist they cross themselves devoutly
before de- ccndlng or entering. Weird
talcs they unfSld afterward of men
who have gone into such places and
found their exit barred by some evil
spirit, they themselves having been
encountered dead and cold upon the
cavern floor when discovered by their
relatives, who had searched for the
missing onel
"According to the peons, the scenes
of murder or wickedness which may
have taken place in such situations are
enacted again to the terrified vision
of the unhappy witness who had the
temerity to venture Into these places
possessed of the devil, for the king
of darkness is an ever-present and
active element of the poor Mexican's
superstitious world."
8ome Refreshment.
An admiral, during the maneuvers
at Newport, told a story at a gar
den party.
"The navy Is as abstemious from
ethical reasons," he began, "as Old
Stingee was from miserliness.
"Old Stingee was entertaining a boy
hood friend one evening at his shore
cottage. After a couple of hours cf
dry talk the old fellow said, genially:
" 'Would you like some refreshment
a cooling draft, say George?"
" 'Why, yes, I don't care If I do,"
said George, and he passed his hand
across his mouth and brightened up
'"Good!" said Old Stingee. "I'll just
open this window. There's a fine sea
breeze blowing." "
How 8hs Looked.
"I lost a dollar at the matinee this
afternoon," remarked the fleshy wom
an to her huBband, "and I never was
so angry in my life."
"How'd it happen?" asked the man.
"I dropped it in the aisle," she an
swered Bhortly, "and I looked for it
that's all I could do."
"Did you look good?" persisted the
head of the house.
"Did I look good!" shrilled the wom
an, really angry now. "I looked as
good as a fat woman crawling around
on all fours ever does." Collier's
The Ages ef Man.
Smuggs Say, Juggs, who are those
three gentlemen standing at the con
servatory entrance?
Juggs Why, they represent three
generations. The ruddy old man with
the fine head of hair, Buggs the thin-
haired one next to him is his son, and
the dissipated fellow with the bald
head is the grandson. National
"Why are you so violently opposed
to woman suffrage?"
"Women haven't got the Intellect to
grapple with problems ot state. Why,
even we men don't know what we's
talking about half the time when we's
discussing politics."
When a man becomes thoroughly
contented he has outlived his useful
ness. The game of lacrosse Is of purely
Red Indian origin.
Now for a rest while
Post Tosistties
fare always ready to eat right from the package sweet, crisp and tempting.
And what a relief from fussing around in a stuffy kitchen on hot days.
The lunch is a good one and John likes to find the wife cool and comfortable.
Post Toasties are thin bits of white Indian corn toasted to a golden brown. Eat
with cream and sugar and some fresh berries They are delicious.
Chüdrcn Cry
The) Kind Ton flara Always
&u iur vvvsr av caraf mi uurue me ifrxi
and lias been made under
f t-jSf- ,i' snnal supervision since Ita 1
WUfVftiW Allow no one to derive yot:
la o lor oyer ít year,
i ana
AU Counterfeits, Imitations
Experiments that trule with, ana endanger the nealtb ot
Infants and Children lix perlones against Experiment
Castor! la a harmless substitute for Castor On, I'arw
gorlo, Irops and Soothing; Syrnps. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other JN'areotla
substance. Its aire is its guarantee. It destroys .Worms
and allays Feyerlshness. For more than thirty Tears 16
has been la constant use for the relief of Constipation,
l latulency, AVind Colic, all Xeethlna; Troubles and
Plan-hora. It regulate) the Stomach and I towels,
assimilates the Food, giving; healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's l'atiacca iJio Mother's Friend.
pBears tho
In Use For Over 30 Years
Tha Kind You Have Always Bought
TMC ernraue eoMpanv, Mrw row cm.
Turners Make Good Soldiers.
"More than 15,000 German turners
have been decorated with the Iron
Cross since the world war was de
clared," writes Dr. Hugo Ruehl, sec
retary of the Deutsche Turnerochaft,
In a letter to George Broslus, veteran
Milwaukee turnmaster.
In commenting upon the ability of
turners as soldiers, Professor Broslus
says :
"The exceptional training that turn
era are given in Germany makes tbem
most efficient as soldiers. There are
more than 800,000 serving the kaiser.
In their gymnastic training, long
marches have always played an im
portant part."
He Went With the Coat.
"Plaze, sir," said an Irishman to a
farmer going to market one day,
"would yez be so obliging as to take
me great coat here to B wld ye?"
"Yes," said the farmer; "hut how
will you get it again?"
"Oh, that's mighty atsy, so it Is,"
said Pat; "for shure I'll remain inside
uv it."
Not 60 Lucky.
"Scadds is a lucky chap. He's got
a country estate on the Hudson, a
hunting camp In the Adlrondacks and
a bugalow at the seashore."
"Yes, and his wife refuses to go to
any of them. She insists that he find
some new place to spend the sum
mer." Counter Irritation.
"Does that man wake you up at six
o'clock In the morning, running the
lawn mower?"
"Not any more. I get up at Ave and
ask him to lend it to me for an hour."
The earliest record of any Ufe in
surance policy bears the date of June
15, 1583.
Most people can stand poverty bet
ter than prosperity because they are
used to it.
Prepared in a Jiffy
waiting for John.
fer FEctchcr'o
BongM, and which has bee
na Dome tna nitrnature of
lias Deen maue under his per
Its Infancy,
i you In th U.
and Jost-os-good" are but
Signature of
This really happened In New York
the other day:
Displeased Parent Molly, I find
you have been buying three pairs ot
gloves without my permission. Why
did you do It?
Miss Molly (aged twelve) Why,
daddy, I was obliged to bave some
gloves; I hadn't a pair to wear!
Displeased Parent It was very
wrong of you to buy the gloves with
out asking either your mother or ms
about It. 1
Miss Molly Well, never mind, dad
dy dear; ; they won't cost anything. I
bad them charged! New York Eve
ning Post. ,'.
Moral Disciplina.
"Why do you insist on going away
every summer?" asked one woman.
"For the Bake ot moral discipline,
replied the other. "I like to get my
husband where ha has to eat what
Is set before him, without uttering a
word of complaint."
Her Bright Outlook.
"How are you going to spend ths
"Pa's rented a cottage again, and I
suppose I'll spend It In the kitchen
cooking fish for our city friends to
eat, the way I did last year." Detroit
Free Press.
Would Hurt Business.
"Are you still selling those Illumina
ted Bigns reading, "Nix on war talk'?"
"No. 1 got dlBcou raged and quit."
"What happened?"
"I tried to Bell one to a saloon
keeper." The Cur. ,
June Aren't you Just crazy about
Ann Not since I married one.
There Are Others.
"Mars has high alms these hot
"Yes, and so has Mercury."

Wwlwrn Nwtnpftr Urtlnn Nwa Servle.
Nuevo Mexico.
Hay 315 parientes en el anillo ds
dementes de estado.
El puente de 113,000 en Fort Sum
ner fué completado.
El valle de Pocos está recogiendo su
segundo corte de alfalfa.
Un cazador de los montes Negros,
el Rr. O'Brien, mató seis ouos esta
La Ernestine Mining Company dej
Silver City declaro un dividendo da
dos por ciento.
La producción de lana de 1915 en el
condado de Socorro, se piensa, llegará
á 2,000,000 libras.
Los hombres de negocio de El Paso
han organizado una excursión á Arte
sia y otros puntos del valle de Pecos
Frarik La Ferr, de 35 a los, comitló
suicidio en Silver City tomando estric
nina. Deja a una esposa y cuatro
C. H. McLenathan de Carlsbad dice
que espera embarcar cuarenta furgo
nes de melocotones de esa sección
este aflo.
El contrato para reparar y trans
formar la casa de justicia del condado
de Dona Ana fué concedido a Medln
ger & Hijo por $1.798.
El sexto mitin anual de la Asocia
ción Nacional de CamlnoB de Nueve
Mexico tendrá lugar en Albuquerque
los 2, 3 y 4 de agosto.
La consolidación de gran numero
de concesiones en el distrito mlnerc
de White Oaks permitirá al nuevo Bin
dicado de operar en gran escala.
Según reportes procedentes de Morí
arity la enfermedad dicha de "pierna
negra" ha hecho su aparición en loi
rebaños de ganado del distrito de
Se está continuando la propaganda
en favor de la prohibición en Nueve
México, y ya se han escrito cierto na
mero de elecciones de opción local
para el otoño.
La Asociación de Productores di
Frutas de Alaruogordo dló la Orden
para 10,000 etiquetas que deberán co
locarse sobre todos los paquetes salt
endo del condado de Otero.
A psar del tiempo cálido, la flebn
escarlatina se ha declarado en Taoa
Se reportan también unos casos de fie
bre tifoidea en varios campamentoi
mineros del sud de Nueva Mexico.
El acto final de la convención anual
de la Asociación de Comerciantes a!
por menor de Nuevo México fué lo
unánime elección de Albuquerque co
mo lugar para la convención de 1916
A partir del 1 de Julio, los emplea
dos de la Chino Copper Company en
Santa Rita empezaron en recibir stiel
dos aumentados. Todos los emplea
dos de la compañía disfrutarán de ese
La dirección de las ferias de estade
hace que valga la pena para los conda
dos de exhibir sus productos, puei
ofrece tres premios $1,000 para el me
jor, $500 para el segundo y $200 para
el tercero.
Francisco Careta, miembro de una
compañía teatral, fué examinado por
el gran jurado por haber amenazado
al propietario del Old Man Corral,
Robert H. Boulware, con un arma peli
groso, en Silver City.
Hagerman. C. K. Crawford y B. J.
Bllllngton, ambos muy conocidos en
esta succión, fueron arrestados hace
unos días sobre una queja inscrita por
J. N. Boren, alegando asalto criminal
en una de las hijas de Boren.
El tesorero do estado O. N. Marrón
concluyó una venta de bonos de ca
minos de estado con Kelly y Kelly de
Kansas City, y Arthur Sellgman, de
Santa Fé, valor de $500,000 con Inter
eses A partir del 1 de Julio, 1914.
Portales votó la emisión de $30,000
de bonos, valor que aerá investido en
la erección de edificios de escuela.
El rancho de Bell en Tucumcari re
cibió un rebaño de verdaderos buffa
los del rancho de Frank Rockefeller
cerca de Pratt, Kan, Los animales
comprenden dos vacas, dos terneras,
un toro de un año y una vaca de un
Los comisarlos del condado de So
corro, actuando en conformidad con la
opinión del Procurador General Clan
cy, según la cual la ley de dineros
públicos, votada por la legislatura pre
cedente, está ahora vigente, han desig
nado el Banco de Estado de San An
tonio como depositarla para los fondos
de coududo; Asi, Socorro es el primer
condado que opere bajo la nueva ley.
Una queja legul por daños y perjui
cios fué Inscrita en la oficina del escri
bano de distrito de los Estados Unidos
en Santa Fó por Juan José Abrigo en
contra de la compañía del A T. &
S.F. El demandante alega que el 23
de noviembre, 1913, fué abatido por un
choque de un tren de la compañía de
fensora cerca de San Marcial sufrien
do una amputación de la pierna izqui
erda. Albuquerque. El Juei Henry U
Waldo, ex-juez federal de la corte de
distrito de Nuevo México, falleció en
Kansas City, á la edad de 71 años. El
se dedicó á la profesión legal en San
ta Fé, N. M., en varios tiempos con
Thomas B. Catron, senador de los Es
tados Unidos, y Stephen tí. Elklus, ex
leñador de West Virginia. El Juez
Waldo se retiró de abogado general
para el ferrocarril do Santa Fé en Nu
evo México, en 1915.
Todo parece muy bueno en favor de
la lechería del condudo de Roosevelt.
H. M. Balner, pérlto agrícola para
al Santa Fé en la parte oriental de
Nuevo México y oeste de Texas, está
organizando una exposición de Nuevo
México para el próximo congreso in
ternacional de agricultura al secano
en Denver,
Las coplas de un Juicio empezado
por el Juez Leib, del octavo distrito
Judicial, eu el caso de C. W. McCarthy,
recibidor del Primer Hunco de Estado
de Las Cruces, se recibieron en Sunta
Fé. El Juicio concede á McCarthy $IS,
75.82 y costoB, con interés ft 0 por

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