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Boatd ol HhtorlcU Dafene
This Issue Contains The Latfit 640 Acre Homestead Ijáws
i - -I iS
Vol; XXI
No. 6
Lordsburg:, New Mexico, Friday,
Acre Homesteader's
J?his issue tf the Western Lib
eral is "Stock-Raising Home
Bteader's Edition." On page 5
will be found the latest informa
tion on the law, compiled by Mr.
Gibbs, chief of the Field Division
at Santa Fe, and an article by
the local United States Commis
sioner. Those interested in the
Act should read every word of
this discourse.
Bowie Ñow Wants Credit
ll ! .1111 1
After Lordsburg and Clif
men had begun drilling in thi
field north of Bowie, that tl
furnished not a cent toward
work and "ran down" the pi
sition at every opportunity.
they are yelling about how
they did toward the pr
The organizers of the cor
say they .did nothing.
The local company drill!
the neid is now down ovj
feet and in good formation!
occurrence. The owner3l
nothing to say, but look el
ingly' cheerful. J. 0. PH
M. W. Hardin, Sam Olney.1
Redrock is all swelled up over
the grand success of the huge Ownby, Grady Hardin,
Christmas entertainment Mon- local people interested. N
uay aiternoon ana nignt. ine
largest crowd ever, came to the
Southside School House
to see
what Santa Claus would give
them from the heavily-laden
Christmas Tree, and to listen to
the sweet voices of the. children
in the beautiful musical program,
and then came Santa Claus! and
the good old saint had forgotten
no one, riot even the grown-ups,
in his distribution of generous
After the Christmas Tree, the
merry throng moved on to the
northside, where there was a
grand barbecue, music and danc
ing, which continued till Christ
mas morning. The visitors were
too numerous to mention person
ally, but there were city folks
from Silver City, cliff dwellers
from Cliff, burghers from Lords
burg, dünkards from Duncan,
and Gila monsters from all up
and down the Gila river, and the
entire credit of the big affair is
due entirely toJohnLumbly of
the F M Bar ranch,- Buster Jer
nigan and Dugan Furman.
Andress, Miller and Ellic
Clifton, are also heavy
Marsalis Marries Man!
Guelmoro Hughes and Do
Robles, of Tucson, were ma
Jerome Riley and Juanita
of Bisbee were married Mond
Juan Levario and Lola Grgl
of this city were married
i Saturday.
Movement Started To .Organize A Y. M. C. A.
For Lordsburg And Vicinity
Secretary May Be Here Soon From El Paso To Go Over The
Project And Possibilities In This City
DecembcrX l917 sudícb.pi.on. uruiun
Heathers Give Party..
Mr. and Mrs. .Tnelt Heather, delicrht-
fully entertainéalargWñumbÍr.6f!
menas saturaay nignt at weir nome
with a Christmas party. The home
was appropriately decorated for the
occasion and adorned by a huge
Christmas tree. Games were played
and a most enjoyable evening spent by
all. Delicious refreshments were
served.' ,
T. f noble parcntnge and not t
bo endowed with noble qualities li
rnthor n defamation than a dory.
Y. M. C. A. For Lordsburg
This is the next thing on th
program in the line of progress!
and developments lhe move
ment has been started and the
superintendent of the El Past
branch ol the i. M. u. A. is ex-!
pected here within a short time
to take up the matter with thoJ
citizens of this community.
With all the railroad men.mCr
at work in the mines, town visi-i
tors and the young men ant
boys permanently residing in!
Lordsburg there is a great field!
open for this important and ess
ential work. Just what the
plans will be will be left for the.
res i superintendent to take up.
ied ! It is possible that at first thell
premises will be rented or leased!
for the Y. M. C. A. and later al
building erected for the exclusive
use of the institution with swim
ming pool and gymnasium.
There is no doubt but that the-
Y. M. C. A. is needed in Lords-
burg. There should be somei
l'open house" for the boys feoJ
spend their time off shift. If
a w r.Mi,nm w h fi.v,i,om A the plople will stop to take in-
A. a X J L llllllli WW ft A A VJlUllUllll
A. R. Beam, Nat Gammon and
J. B. Crowell compose the com
mittee elected by the new social
club to pass on members and in
vite new members to join. In-1
vitations have been sent out this I
weeK tor membership and a
dance on New Year's eve.
Social Club Organizes
entorv at this noint it will be
ibserved that there is no club
ir place in town for men to read
tvrite, have their gatherings or
improve themselves in any
way. There is no gymnasium
ipd no athletics of any nature,
lost of all there is no place
here a "Elad-hand"may be ex-
énded or any moral uplifting in-
uence given besides the church-
The Y. M. C. A. will fill all
these needs. No town with
Y.M. C. A. would ever be with
t it. There is not a word to
said aerainst the movement
lid much that may be said for
'Ever man, woman and child
, Lordsburg should line up now
3r this work. Talk X. Ju. UA.
id get the sentiment stirred.
ftko Lordsburg a town for
sung men. fcjvery project needs
nipetus and this one should have
healthy start right trom the
'A Y. M. C. A. for Lords-
inr" is the slogan every citizen
Iiould keep alivé until it is ac-
Tho mine situation in tho Clifton-
iorencl district scorns still to bu in a
chaotic condition, according to Irifor
riration received here.
STho Detroit and Arizona Coppor
companies arc only working npoit
onj-nalf their force. The Shannon
Company may shut down unless the
prfte of coppor goes up, on account
of thc low grade of ores.
TJho Coronado mino at Metcnlf has
been on fire for some time and about
1,G(K) miners are out of work.
Ftilly 1,000 men are loafing in the
mining camps and refuse to work. Tim
Southern Pacific Company, looking
.or hen, were able to secure only 130
men! when its agents were in Clifton
recently. '
Tne mining companies are contin
ually losing their boat men, who are
being taken for enlistment in tlio dif
ferent branches of the army and navy,
and lately a British recruiting officer
iias Ibecn securing recruits for the
uritisn army.
Thb companies seem o be living
up to tho agreement mado with Secre
tary Wilson, but there is an element
among the miners who persist in agi
tating and causing discontent. Tide
phase of the situation should be takon
care of by Secretary of Labor Wil
son and straightened out.
Christmas in Lordsburg.
Neilcy Marsalis Home.
Neilcy Marsalis, son of Justice C
VV. Marsalis, surprised his relatives
he is servimr Unelo Sam in the navv
having been one of Lordsburg's first
young men to enlist after war was
declared with Germany. Neiiey Mar
salis was born and raised in Lords
burg, and the town feels just cause
to be proud of him. He has increased
in weight since joining the navy and
likes the life on the ocean "bully."
Pcaputs Are Hand Sorted.
Chinese peanuts uro usually hand
sorted by women after lx;ln; Rifted.
ailed Out Daily To
egistered Men
Data As To filling Out BooklotslOj 16 Pages Given In This
Arucie un i ne rgu yjuesuun
Questionnaires Being
Grant County
The Questionnaire is now in tho
llim'élíirhír; iKfflttinc.'.Red CrossnWar-
. : 1 . t.
uiKen a temporary uhck scat, wnnc
Work Shirts
mm 'i iiiii
When you buy work shirts
or overalls you want something
that will stand up under hard wear
and give satisfaction in fit and
Our work shirts are made up
in several colors and vary in
weights and materials from the
light chambray to the heaviest of
flannels and woolens. They are
manufactured by the best shirt
- makers in America and are
first class in finish and
No matter what your
work may be you will find
our line of jackets and over
alls suited to your demands.
They are made up with
plenty of pockets, and the
material is not skimped in
the cutting.
Your dollar buys more value and greater
satisfaction here than anvw bttrn
every one is nusy digging tnrougn
the sixteen pages of the new govern
ment form. Edw. Mitchell, George
Kelly and A. W. Morningstar, the
attorneys appointed by the county
board to servo here, have been taxed
to working capacity in aiding the men
to fill out the blanks and the local
ti. S. Commissioner has been tryinr
to help the overflow.
Today's numbers, 1771 to 1917, will
be mailed out, then the balanco will
go forward as follows: 29th. 1918 to
2124; 31st, 2125 to 2301; Jan. 2nd.
2302 to 2478; 3rd, 2479 to 2G55; 4th,
2i55G to 2832; 5th, 2833 to 3009; 7th,
3010 to 318G; 8th, 3187 to 3303; 9th,
33(54 to 3555.
The question blanks fully filled out
must be returned within seven days.
No one need fear that it will be
impossible to complete tho answering
of the questionnaire within the time
limited viz.: seven days. While the
Questionnaire contains twelve series
of questions, only one of these serios
is likply to require very serious con
sideration from the registrant. This
is series No. X, which deals with de
pendency claims.
Tho claimant must givo the follow
ing information:
Whether ho has a wife or child or
aged, infirm or invalid parents or
grandparents or brother under 10, or
sister under 18 years of age, or a
helpless brother or sistor of whatever
age mainly dependent upon his physi
cal or mental labor for support.
Whether he is married, single, wid
owed or divorced.
If married, the place, date and by
whom the ceremony was performed.
Tho name, relationship, nddress and
i age of each dependent person. .
! Whether or not depondent live with
1 claimant, and how long each has lived
with him.
Whether anv dependent is n step
child, an adopted or foster child, and
if so, when sucn reintionsnip uegan.
The date on which claimant began
to contribute to support of depondent.
Christmas in Lordsburti this
year was like a warm spring day.
There was no snow, no wind and
lots of eood warm sunshine.
Gatherings at many of the local
homes were held by friends and
relatives for Christmas dinners.
The stores gave away toys, cakes,
candy, etc., to the Mexican chil
dren, and on Christmas eve pro
grams were rendered . at the
There were a few fighta and
some broken noses and cut lips,
the result of too much lire-water,
but the day passed off reasonably
The Deining Oil, Gas and Develop
ment Company, capitalised nt $1,-
000,000, has been formed .for the
purpose of drilling for oil in the nclgh
borhood of Lordsburg, where the com
pany has secured leases on a large
block of land which is situated In a
district where there is ovory indication
of a latgc body of commercial oil.
The head, office of the company will
bo located in Coming and the incqr-
orators are Thomas Dolphlno, (jus
,Vcber. A. B. Stratton, C. C. Nichols,
M. G. Cash, Walter White and Jasper
B. Taylor, all of Doming, and Robert
M. Raynolds of Lordsburg.
Tests made reccntlv at LordsDunr
show the presence of an oil field cov-
tring n considerable area, ami tne
Deming Oil, Gas and Development
Company is right in the best of the
fisld. As soon as the preliminary
arrangements have been made the
company will start drilling, and tho
.xpt'its who are in charge of this cpd
if tho work are sanguine of striking
che oil at a comparatively shallow
Jeuth and in quantities that will
juickly repay them for their trouble
und their outlay, says the Deming
Work is progressing rapidly on the
new brick bungalow oí W. 11. LacK-
mcl ol the Lordsburg State Bank In
i.iie urocker addition on tne comer lot
iiyar the Sullivan mid Cloudt red
iliiicoM. J. C. Roiuin, a well-known
El I'aso contractor, is doing the work.
THj home will be modem in every re
spect and it is welcomed news that
it twill bu built of brick. Lordsburg
needs more houses of this type.
dren during last twelve months.
The amount contributed to depen
dents other than wife or child during
the last twelve months.
Whether or not each dependent is
wholly depondent on claimant for sup
port. The na. :c. address and occupa
tion of a brother, fathor, mother,
uncle, nunt. husband, wife or child of
anv dependent of a claimant other
than the wife or child.
His Total Income.
The total income of claimant from I
oil sources during the last twelve
months, together with a statcmuntj
of all property owned by or hold in
trust for claimant, whether or not in
come-producing. Also whether or not
claimant owns the house in which he
livos. If he rents the house, the
monthly rent and tho name and tho
address of the landlord must be given.
The amount of taxes paid by claim
ant during the last twelve months
and the officer to whom paid.
The value in money of all pror
orty owned by or held in trust for
any perso nnamed as a dependent,
any person named as a dependent,
named dependents during the last
twelve months.
The amount of contributions made
to each dependent during the last
twelve months by persons other than
claimant. Also the amount considored
necessary per month for the support
of all dependents.'
Whether or not claimant's wife has
been employed during any portion of
last twelve months, and if so, tho pe
riod of employment, with date, nature
of her work and amount of her earn
ings. Whether claimant's wife has ever
been employed, and if so, in what call-1
ing, and whether or not she is trained
or SKiueu in any caning, add wiuiiuuc
or not claimant or claimant's wife live
with wifo's parents; also condition of
wifo's health.
The' foregoing covers all of the in
formation sought to be elicited by
the thirty-one questions embraced in
sorieg No. X of tho questionnaire.
The social Evening ol ion
burg Womans Club will he held
at the K. of P. hall on Saturday
evening (Dec. 29). 'There will
be dancing with good music,
cards, dominoes, flinch and knitt
ing. Everyone come and have a
good time. The-procepds are for
the Hed Cross. Admission 50c.
Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Wood of
this city celebrated their forty
fifth wedding anniversary on
Christinas Day by a.big dinner
and social afternoon and evening,
attended by seventeen friends
and relatives. All report having
a most enjoyable time and trust
that they may have the opportu
nity of attending these annual
events many more times during
the life of Mr. and Mrs. Wood.
'he If. S. Geological Survey has
wqmon l'ostmiister iu. naruin as
follows: "We wish to thank you for
y jir notes on the mines in the Lords
in rg district, as marked on our mail
in j: list. Your notations were tho
ni Ht complete of any we have re
ceived and are very much apprcciat-
-('. W. Henderson, Statistician,
uenver, Colo.
Tho Southern Pacific has been using
several Trinity and Brazos Valley lo-
.omptWwL on its., .freight service lor
ingHIRaiaor.'moru.' This addition
by the Increase in traffic that the
road bus been culled upon to handle
of lute.
Driver Assaulted. Near
Woman's Birthday.
A woman HUi-h to forgot her birth
day, but she ínula" mi awful fus ir
her husband fulls lo rmix-iuber It.
Eagle Drug Mercantile Co.
Sec. Twp. Rge.
10 1G S 18 W Unsurveyed
32 10 S 18 W Unsurveyed
SG 1G S 21 W
1G 10 S 15 W
2 20- S 10 W
3G 22 S 10 W
1G 2il S 14 W
3G 23 S 14 W
2 23 S 17 W
2 23 S 10 W
1G 23 S 10 W
30 23 S 10 W
10 23 S 21 W
32 23 S 21 W
2 24 S 10 W
30 25 S 14 W
2 2G S 21 W
32 2G S 21 W
30 20 S 21 W
2 27 S 15 W
2 .27 S 10 W
30 27 S 10 W
2 27 S 21 W
32 28 S 1G W
30 .
28 S
28 S
28 S
29 S
30 S
30 S
31 S
3.3 S
33 S
34 S
10 W
17 W
21 W
1(1 W
1!) W
10 W
18 W
17 W
20 W
19 W
Talklno Fire Alarm,
i The phonograph and ii-lcplionn nie
employed In a South Carolina Invent
or's automatic Arc alnini t'uit calls up
n central npmtitor nnd t her Just
whoio the hlnzo Is starting.
Mllklna Excited Him.
Henry, nurd six. who hud Just been
In tho bnrn wntrhliig bin mióte milk
tho cows, went In tho house tilled with
excitement and sat down to eat his
breakfast. Later when mother asked
hlin why lie didn't drink his coffee, ho
replied, "Oh, mother, I forgot to milk
It I"
Roberts & Leahy ' :
Mercantile Co. Inc.
Wish You
New Year
The second attack upon an au
tomobile driver on the Border
land highway within a year's
time occurred near Deming Mon
day night, when unknown sol
diers beat, up H. II. Dewey, in
flicting wounds from which he
may die. The men were believed
to have passed through Lord -burg,
but the car was found in
Deming later. The men likely
will never be apprehended, hav
ing gone into camp with the
thousands of other men.
Even-Toned Wood.
Small splinters of lhe wood of old
Cri'iiiiiim vlolln.f, whim vibrated with u
bow, Imvo been found to give in
variably I lie same unte; und that nota
Is iilwnyn n oiu higher when tho wood
Is taken from the belly of the instru
ment ihan when It comes from th

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