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The Real Man
' (Copjritht br Cliu. Scribnet! Soai)
Synoptls-J. Montague Smith, cnslilcr of Lawrcnccvlllc Bank and
Trust company, society bachelor encaged to marry Verda Illchlander,
heiress, knocks his employer, Wntrous Dunham, senseless, leaves lilm
for dead and flees the state when Dunham accuses Smith of dishon
esty and wants him to take the blame for embezzlement actually com
mitted by Dunham. Several weeks later, Smith appears as a tramp
at a town In tho Rocky mountains nnd gets a laboring Job In an Irriga
tion ditch construction camp. Ills Intelligence draws tho attention
of Williams, the superintendent, who thinks he can use tho tramp,
John Smith, la u more Important place. The ditch company Is In hard
lines financially because eastern financial Interests aro working to un
dermine tho local crowd headed by Colonel Baldwin and take over
valuable property. Smith finally accepts appointment as financial sec
retary of Baldwin's company. He has already struck up a pleasant
acqualntanco with Corona Baldwin, tho colonel's wlnsorao daughter.
CHAPTER VIII. Continued.
"Tou followed?" queried Stnntofl.
"Yes, and when I gol there tbfl
colonel was shut up In Williams' of
fice with n fellow named Smith. When
I got a placo to listen In they were
getting ready to quit, and tho colonel
was saying: That settles It, Smith;
you've got to come over Into' I didn't
catch tho name of the place 'and help
Again the gentleman with tho sharp
Jaw took time for narrow-eyed reflec
tion. "Tunti fcnre to switch over from tho
colonel to this fellow Smith for the
present, Shaw," he decided, at length.
"Tou look him up and do it quick."
The young man glanced up with a
faint warming of avarlco In his sleepy
eyes. "It'll most likely run into money
for expenses," ho suggested.
"For graft, you mean," snapped
Stanton. Then he bud it out with this
second subordinate in crisp English.
'Tra onto you with both feet, Shaw;
every crook and turn of you. More
than that, I know why you were fired
out of Maxwell's ofilco; you'vo got
Btlcky fingers. That's nil right with
me up to a certain point, but beyond
that point you get off. Understand?"
Shnw made no answer in direct
terms, but If his employer bad been
watching tho heavy-lidded eyes, ho
might havo seen in them tho shadow
of a thing much more dangerous than
plain dishonesty : a passing shadow of
the fear that makes for treachery
when tho sharp need for self-protection
"I'll try to find ont nbout the hobo,"
he said, with fair enough Hp-loyalty,
and after ho had rolled a fresh ciga
rette he went away to begin tho mln
Inv operations which might promise
to nnenrth Smith's record.
It was ten o'clock when Shaw left
he real-estate offlco In tho Hophra
?iouse block. Half an hour earlier
Smith bad come to town with the
colonel In tho roadster, and the two
had shut themselves up In the
colonel's private room In the Timan
yonl Ditch company's town office In
tho Barker building, which was two
squares down tho street from tho Ho
phra house. Summoned promptly,
Martin, the bookkeeper, had brought
in his statements and balance sheets,
I plained. "In modern business It is tho
process of extinguishing a coroora-
üon: closing it up and burvine it in
Try to Find Out About the Hobo."
and tho now officer, who was as yet
without a title, bad struck out his
plan of campaign.
"'Amortization,' is the word, colo
nel," was Smith's prompt verdict after
be had gono oyer Martin's summaries.
"The best way to get at it now Is to
wipe tho slato dean and begin over
Tho ranchman president was chuck
ling soberly.
"Once moro vou'll havo to show
me, John," bo said. "Wo folks out
heroPin the bills aro not up in the
Wall street crinkles."
"Tou don't know tbo word? It
means to scrap the old machinery to
ufca ron for the new" Smith ex-
another and bigger one, usually. That
is what wo must do with Tlmanyoni
'Tin getting you. a little at a time.'
said tho colonel, taking his first lesson
In high finance as a duck takes to the
water. Then ho added : "It won't take
much of a lick to kill off tho old. com
pany, In tho shape It's got Into now.
How will you work it?"
Smith had the plan nt his fingers'
ends. With tho darinsr of all tho nerlls
had come a fresh access of fighting
ntness that mado him feel as if ho
could cope with anything.
"Wo must close up the company's
affairs and then reorganize promptly
and, with Just as little nolso as may
be, form another company which wo
will call Tlmanyoni High Line and
let it take over tho old outfit, stock.
liabilities and assets entire. Tou say
your present capital stock is ono hun-
dred thousand dollars. This new com'
pany that I am speaking of will bo
capitalized at, say, an even half mil
Hon. To the present holders of Timan-
yonl Ditch wo'll glvo tho new stock
for tho old, share for share, with
bonus of twenty-flvo shares ot the new
stock for every twenty-flvo shares of
tho old surrendered and exchanged.
This will be practically giving thopres
cnt shareholders two for one. Will
that satisfy them?"
This time Colonel Dexter Baldwin's
smllo was grim,
"Tou'ro Just Juggling now, John,
and you know it. Out hero on tho
woolly edge of things a dollar is Just
a plain iron dollar, and you can't make
It two merely by calling it so."
"Never you mind about that," cut In
tho new financier. "At two to ono for
tho amortization of tho old company
wo shall still have something -like
three hundred thousand dollars treas
ury stock upon which to realizo for the
new capital needed, and that will bo
amply sufficient to complete the dam
and tho ditches and to próvido a fight
ing fund. Now then, tell mo this: how
near can we come to placing that
treasury stock right here In Tlraatf
yonl Park? It's up to us to keep this
thing in the family, so to speak; and
the moment wo go Into other markets
we are getting over Into tho enemy's
country. I'm not saying that tho
money couldn't be raised In New
Tork; but if we should go there, tho
trust would have an underhold on us,
right from tho start"
"I sec," said tho colonel, who was
Indeed seeing many things that his
tinp!c-hearteda philosophy had never
dreamed of; and then ho answered tho
direct question. "Thero Is plenty of
money right hero In the TIrannyonls."
Smith nodded. He was getting his
second wind now, and the race prom
tsed to bo n keen Joy.
"But they would have to bo 'shown,1
you think?" he suggested. "All right
we'll proceed to show them. Now wo
can come down to present necessities.
We've got to keep tho work going-
and speed It up to the limit: we ought
to double Williams' force at once put
on a night shift to work by electric
The colonel blinked twice and swnl
lowed hard.
"Say, John," he said, leaning across
tho table-desk; "you've sure got your
nerve with you. Do you- know our
present bank balance Is under five
thousánd dollars, and a good part of
that Is owing to the cement people I"
"Never mind; don't get nervous,'
was the reassuring rejoinder. "Wo are
going to make It bigger In a few rain
utos, I hope. Who Is your banker
"Davo Klnzle of the Brewster City
"Tell mo a little something about
Mr. Knzlo before we go down to seo
him -, Just brief him for mo as a man,
I mean."
Tho colonel was shaking bis head
"He's what you might call a twenty-
ton optimist, Davo Is; solid, a little
slow and sure, tout tho biggest boomer
ed believes la tho roso&ata of tho'
country and all that But you can't
borrow money from him without secur
ity, if tliat's what you'ro aiming to do."
"Can't we?" smiled the young man
who know banks and bankers. "Let's
go end see, Tou may Introduce mo to
Klnzlo as your acting financial secre
tary, if you like. Now one more ques
tion: What Is KInzlo's attitude toward
Tlmanyoni Ditch?"
"At first he was all kinds of friend
ly; ho Is a stockholder in a small way.
But after a while he began to cool
down a little, and now well, I don't
know; I hate to think it of Dave, but
I'm afraid he's leaning the other way,
toward these Eastern fellows. Ho
tried to cover Stanton's tracks In tho
stock-buying from Gardner and Boiling."
"That is natural, too," said Smith,
whose point of vlow wns nlwnys un-
obscurcd In any battle of business.
The big company would bo n bettor
customer for the bank than your little
one could ever hopo to be. I guess
that's all for the present If you'ro
ready, we'll go down and face the
"By Jandcrs I" said tho colonel with
an open smile; "I bel levo you'd Just as
soon tackle a banker as to -eat your
dinner; and I'd about as soon tako a
horsewhipping. Come on; I'll steer
you up against Dave, but I'm telling
you right now that tho steering Is
about all you can count on from me."
It wns whllo they were crossing the
street together that Mr. Crawford
Stanton had his third morning caller,
thickset barrel-bodied man with
little piglike eyes, closely cropped hnlr,
bristling mustache, and a wooden
leg of tho homemade sort The men
of tho camps called tho cripple "Peg
leg" or "Blue Peto" indifferently,
though not to his face. For though
the fat faco was always relaxed In a
good-natured smile, tho crippled sa
loonkeeper was of thoso who kill with
the knife.
Stanton looked up from his dsk
when tho pad-and-cllck of tho cripple's
step came In from the street
"Hello, Slmms," ho said, in curt
greeting. "Want to seo me? Sit
Slmms threw the brim of his soft
bat up with a backhanded stroke and
Shook his head. "It ain't worth while;
nnd I gotta get back to camp. I blow
In to tell y'u there's a fella out thero
that needs th sandbag."
"Who Is it?"
"Fella namo Smith. He's showln'
'era how to cut too many corners
ace-scttln', he calls it First thing
they know, they'll get the concrete up
to where the high wnter won't bu'st it
Stanton's laugh was Impatient
"Don't mako any mistake of that
sort, Slmms," ho said. "Wo don't want
the dam destroyed; we'd work Just
as hard as they would to prevent that.
All wo want is to have other peoplo
think It's likely to go out think it
hard enough to keep them from put
ting up any more money. Let that go.
Is there any more fresh talk among
the men?" Stanton prided himself a
little upon the underground wire-pulling
which had resulted In putting
Slmms on tho ground as the keeper of
the construction-camp canteen. It was
a fairly original way of keeping a lis
tenlng car open for the camp gossip,
"Little," said tho cripple briefly.
"This hero blink-blank fella Smith's
been tellln' Williams that I ort to bo
run off th' reservation; says th' booze
puts the brake on for speed."
"So It does," agreed Stanton mus
ingly. "But I guess you can stay a
while longer. I have a notion that
Smith's been sent here by some outfit
that means to buck us. If ho hasn't
any bncklng "
Tho Interruption was the hurried in
coming of the young man with sleepy
eyes and tho clgarcttb stains on his
fingers, nnd for onco In a way he was
stirred out of his customary attitude
of cynical Indifference.
"Smith and Colonel Baldwin aro
over yonder In Klnzle's prlvato offlco,"
he reported hastily. "Before they shut
tho door I heard Baldwin introducing
Smith as the new acting financial sec
retary of tho Tlmanyoni Ditch com
pany 1"
Klnzie met tho Issue fatdy. T doirt
know you yet, Mr. Smith; but I do
know Colonel Baldwin, here, and I
guess I'll take a chance on things at
they stand. I'll keep my stoclf."
The new secretary s smllo was rather
patronizing than grateful.
"As you please, Mr. Klnzle, of
course," ho said smoothly. '"But I'm
going to tell you frankly that youH
keep it at your own risk. I am not
sure what plan will bo adopted, but I
assume It will bo amortization and a
retirement of tho stock of the original
company. Tho voting control of the
old stock wo already have, as you
The banker pursed his lipa until the
stubbly gray mustache stood oul
stlfily. Then he cut straight to the
heart of tho matter.
"Tou mean that there will bo a ma
jority pool of the old stock, and that
the pool wilt Ignore those stockholders
who don't come In?"
"Something like that," said Smith
pleasantly. And then: "We're going
to be generously liberal, Mr. Klnzle;
we nro giving Colonel Baldwin's
friends a fair chance to como In out'
of tho wet. Of course, if they refuse
to come in if they prefer to stny
Klnzlo was smiling sourly.
"Tou'll havo to tako care of your
own banker, won't you, Mr. Smith?"' he
asked. "Why don't you loosen up and
tell a little more? What havo you
fellows got up your sleeve, anyway?"
At this, tho new financia manager
slacked off on tho hawser of secrecy
a little Just a little.
"Mr. Klnzle, wo'vo got the biggest
thing, and the surest, that ever came
to Tlmanyoni Park; not in futures,
mind you, but In facts already as good
ns accomplished. If it were necessary
as it isn't I could go to New Tork to-
In tho West, If you can got him start-1 parr'
When Greek Meets Greek.
Smith allowed htmself ten brief sec
onds for n swift eycmeasurlng of the
square-shouldered, stocklly built man
with a gray face and stubbly mustoche
sitting in tho chair ot authority at tho
Brewster City National before ho choso
his Une of attack.
"Wo aro not going to cut very deeply
Into your time this morning, Mr. Kin
zle," ho begun when tho cyo-nppralsal
had given him his cue. "Tou know tho
history of Tlmanyoni Ditch up to tho
present, and well, to cut out the de
tails, there is to bo a complete reor
ganization of the company on a new
basis, and wo are here to offer to take
your personal allotment of the stock
off your hands at par for cash. Colonel
Baldwin has stipulated that his friends
In iho original deal must be protected
"Here, hero bold on," Interrupted
tho bank president; "you're hitting It
up a little bit too fast for me, Mr.
Smith. Who aro you, and whereabouts
do you hold forth when you are at
Smith laughed easily. "If we were
trying to borrow money of you, wo
might havo to go into preliminaries
and particulars, Mr. Klnzle. We nro
not alone in the fight for tho water
rights on the other side of the river,
as you know, and until we are safely
fortified we shall have to be prudently
cautious. What wo want to know now
Is this; WllUyou let ua protect you by
taking your Tlmanyoni Ditch stock at
War Develops Hidden Qualification!
of Many Young Heroes Now
In Government's Service.
"It takes all sorts of things to bring
out latent traits In us all." Tho speak
er In the club car rolled his cigar tt
tho other corner of his mouth. The
other occupants sat silently, surmising
that a story Wns coming, recounts a
writer In nn exchange.
"Knew n young fellow over East
Father had lots of money. Son did not
seem Inclined to add n great deal to
It by working, but made several donti
In tho fumlly purse by his spending.
Not that he was a bad boy at heart-
only thoughtless. Sometimes I think
the rich father was attempting to
make a business mnn out of a man
never Intended for that sort of Ufe. The
boy did not seem to be nblc to find bin
tilclie. Said to mc ono day when he
had gotten confidential": 'Tou know,
my only fear Is thnt I nm not going to
make something out of myself that will
make dad proud of me.' And the two
surely did love each other. Ono day
the boy asked the father for several
thousand dollars. It was forthcoming.
Then he nfiked the fnther to cosh a
check for some money left him by his
dead toother. He got-thut. Then the
boy sort of dropped out of New Tork
"Next thing I knew ho was n lieu
tenant In the aviation section of the
army. He hud bought two airplanes.
taken them down Into the country to
one of his father's farms nnd learned
to fly. Guess those thnt knew him
thought It wns another of bis money
burning ways. But when he thought
himself competent he went to the gov
ernment and simply said : 'Here I am,
ready for any scrvlco you may have for
me,' and the government took him up
In n hurry. He may be In France. But
you should have seen that father's' face
.Ight up every time he mentioned that
)oy. And when lie docs get back from
Franco he and his father arc going to
jo greater pals than ever, If thnt be
"Now I 'am not going to say that
many young men ure going to have
ibout $20,000 at their beck and call to
demonstrate that It only needs tho oc
casion to make men out of them, but I
3o say that there are scores of young
men doing Just ns much or more."
"We Are Not Going to Cut Ver)
day and put a million dollars behlrtC
our reorganization plan In twenty-foui
hours. You d say so yourself If I wen
at liberty to explain. But again we'r
dodging and wasting your time and
ours. Think tho matter over about
your stock and let roe know befon
noon. It's rather cruel to hurry yot
so, but timo Is precious with us nnd
"Tou sit right down there, yount
man, and put a Httlo of this preclout
time of yours against mine." snld Kln
zle, pointing authoritatively at th
chair which Smith had Just vacated
"Tou mustn't go off nt hnlf-cock, thai
way. Tou'll need a bank hero to dc
business with, won't you?"
Smith did not sit down. Instead, hi
smiled genially and fired his final shot
"No, Mr. Klnzle; we shan't need t
local bank hot ns a matter of abso
lute necessity. In fact, on some ac
counts I don't know but that tt woulf
be better for us not to have one."
"Sit down," Insisted tho bank presi
dent; and this time he would take n
denial. Then he turned abruptly upor
Baldwin, who had been playing hli
part of the silent listener lettcr-per
"Baldwin, we nro old friends, and T(
trust you to the limit on any proposi
tion that doesn't ask for more thai
the stralght-from-the-shouldcr honest
now much Is this young friend of oun
talking through his hat?"
"Not any, whatever, Dave. He's got
the goods." Baldwin was wise cnougt
to limit himself carefully as to quan
tity In his reply.
Again the banker made n comical
bristle brush of his cropped mustache
"I want your business, Dexter; I'vt
got to have It But I'm going to b
plnln with you. Tou two nre.asklnf
me to believe that you've gono outside
and dug up a new bunch of backers
That may bo all right, but Tlmanyoni
Ditch has struck a pretty big bone thai
maybe your new backers know nbout
nnd maybe they don't Tou'vo had a
lot of bad luck, so far; getting youi
land titles cleared, and all that; and
you'ro going to hnve more. Pvc "
It was Smith's turn again and he cut
In smartly.
The next Installment describes
a sharp clash between Stanton
and Smith. The fight ceases to
be merely a battle of wits and
becomes deadly and desperate
and bloody.
Wtittrn Nwipptr Union Newi Strtlc.
Prices for Metals.
Bar silver $ .86
Copper 23.17
Lead fi.SK
Spelter 7.71
Tungsten concentrates, por
unit 2G.00
Boulder. Tungston concentrates C1
per cent, $20.0Q(fl22.50 por unit;
crude ores, CO per cent, $20.00025.00;
25 per cent, $12.00012.00; 10 por
cent., $9.4012.50 per unit.
Data hastily gathered indicates that
price fixation on silver will directly
affect several hundred motal produc
ers In Arizona and probably 5,000
The Shattuok-Arlzona Copper Com
pany has deelnred a quarterly divi
dend of twenty-five cents a share and
twenty-five cents extra, payablo Jan.
19. Three months ago tho payment
was fifty cents and seventy-five conts
A dispatch from Miami, from tho
Gibson Consolidated Copper Company,
states that following tho strike sev
eral years ago of thirty per cent, ore
another leaser has broken into an
equally rich streak ot high-grade, cop
per In another section of tho mine.
Switzerland tike United States.
Switzerland Is the only European
example of u federative und demo
cratic republic of the American type,
observes n writer. Switzerland, ns the
United States, was born from u desire
for emancipation from autocratic des
potism; like the United States, Swit
zerland never believed In the divine
right ot kings The very past which
the ancient federates, ou that quiet
spot, the "Itutll," ou the clnsslc Lake
of Lucerne on August 1, 1201, swore
to, embodies that great principle for
which now, 020 years later, the United
States Is fighting, namely, to quote
President Wilson's own words, "For
the right of those who submit to au
thority to have u voice in their own
governments." There the old Swiss
proclaimed self-government against the
autocratic rule of the Uapsburg, In tho
following words: "We ordain nnd di
rect with unanimous accord, thut In
the ubove-mentloncd valleys we shall
recognize no Judge who shall have
bought his rights with money or in nny
other manner, or who shall not be a
native and nn lubnbltant of these dis
Futile Disputes.
In stntlug prudential rules for our
government In society, I must not omit
the Important one ot never entering
into dispute or argument with another.
I never saw nn instance of one of
two disputants convincing the other
sy argument.
I have seen many, on their getting
ivurm, becoming rude and shooting one
Conviction Is the effect of our own
ilspasslonate reasoning, either In soli
tude or weighing within ourselves, dis
passionately, whnt we hear from oth
?rs, standing uncommitted In ' argu
ment ourselves. It was one of the
rules which, above all others, made
Doctor Franklin the most amiable of
Men In society, "never to contradict
jnybody." If he wns urged to an-
souncc nn opinion, he did It rather
jy asking questions, ns If for Infor
mation, or by suggesting doubts
Thomas Jefferson.
German Schooling.
German schooling has proved antag
onistic to co-opcrntlon, although de
manding unity of action through muss
obedience, Wlnthrop Talbot writes In
Iho Century. It nas failed to foster
real co-operation, for co-operntlon Is a
method by which persons of their own
volition nnd by no compulsion may
;vork together harmoniously. Only
tvhen training nnd schooling nro the
common privilege of all Is that state
of civic development possible which
permits society to become co-operatlvo
In Us action. In other words, a so
:lullzed society becomes more possible
only as all individual members acquire
each the widest vision, and thus the
power to co-operate harmoniously.
Roots Mutt Have Room.
The yield of cotton is dependent
upon the number of flowers we are
nblo to induce the plant to form, and
root spaco is necessary to flowering.
The cotton plant's normal rooting may
occupy two square yards of earth,
which Is several tistes moro than given
It In practice, and the yield may often
be reduced by this fact u the roots
at ait Inter lan.
Pay of Our Marine Chaps.
The pay of officers and crews of ves
sels In tho American merchant marine
Is as follows : Captain, $250 a month ;
chief officer, $140; second officer, $130;
third offlcer, $120 ; chief engineer, $100 ;
first assistant engineer, $140; second
assistant engineer, $130; third, assist
ant engineer, $130; carpenters, $75;
boatswain, $70; oiler, $00; coal pass
ers, $50. In addition to tho regula
wages tho officers and men now receive
bonuses, which materially Increase
their earnings.
Near Sllvorton tho Highland Mary
is working three shifts at both tho
mine and ' mill and shipping each
From Sllvorton comes report that
work Is going right along and ship
ments being made regularly from tho
Pride of the West mine in Cunning
ham gulch.
The flotation of minerals dates
back to tho accounts of Agrícola, who
tells us of tho virgins who dipped
greaBy feathers into the stream and
drew forth gold.
At Tellurlde, In San Miguel county,
tho ore shipments for November were
very large, tho number of cars of con
contrates shipped totaling 132 as
against 11C last year.
Tho Comlnc Wonder nroDertv which
has been among the shippers ot thü H'
ailverton ulutrlct all vcar In readv to 1
do a considerable amount ot develop
ment work during the winter months.
The Ariadne property situated on
Storm peak in tho Cement creek sec
tion of San Juan county, which Is be
ing operated by Alfred B. lies, Is rap
Idly getting Into shape to .enter tho
shipping list.
The Red Mountain shipping season
now drawing to a close proved the
three leading shippers ot the district
to bo the Congress Leasing, with 3,000
tons; the Barstow, with 300 tons
crude and 260 tons concentrates, and
the Summit Mining and Milling Com
pany, with 1,775 tons. Miscellaneous
small shipments from the smaller pro
ducers in the vicinity bring the total
for tho district up to between 8,000
and 9,000 tons.
i y
The two last survivors of the dis
coverers of gold in Montana met, af
ter a separation ' ot 60 years, at the
dedication ot a monument at Gold
creek, near Butte, recently, to Capt
James H. Mills, Montana's first news
paper publisher. They were Granville
Stuart, a member of tho party which
discovered the first placer gold In tho
state at Gold creek In 1850 and David
B. Weaver, a member of tho
prospecting party which, in 1864,
made tho fifth discovery ot placer
gold, in tho Yellowstone valley.
New Mexico,
Articles ot Incorporation were filed
by the Linda Vistn Oil Company, of
fice at Arthur, N. M.
According to figures that aro being
compiled for tho government and for
publicity use, the output ot the mines
In the Lordsburg district for 1917 will
total about $2,250,000. The elghty-flvo
mine was the biggest producer, with
the Bonney second.
Two thousands five hundred tons
of coal a day. This figure was reached
by the combined output of the princi
pal mines In tbo Gallup district. It Is
the largest coal production in years
and it Is expected by mine operators
that 3,000 ton 8 a day will bo reached
within the next few weeks.
An Inspection of the extensive alum
deposits on the Gila river, twenty
miles north of Sliver City, Is being ,
made lJy Gerald T. Hill of Now Tork.
Tbo doposlts aro said to be tho larg
est alum doposlts on the American
continent, and. their development
would give Grant county still another
mineral resource.
The Plonoer Company is roported to
have struck a good showing ot oil In
36-34-77, Big Muddy, at a dopth of C12
The Virginia Oil Company Is a new
comer which Is preparing an active
drilling campaign on the Virginian
dome, Emigrant Gap.
Thirty new wells havo been finished
in Wyoming during tbo last thirty
days, with a production estimated at
about 14,000 barrels.

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