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WaaUrn Nrwapapar Union Nawa nerrlct.
Italy calls out nil available troops
between ages of 18 anil 43.
French destroyers sunk two enemy
submarines In the Gulf of Taranto.
British casualties reported In tho
week ending Dec. 18 totalled 17.97C of
ficers and men.
The Italians repulsed the Austro
German forces on the Tasson-Col-Del-Orso
front, with heavy losses.
The officers of the Russian army In
France have volunteered as a body to
give their services to the United
Austrlans aro repulsed In an In
fantry attack on San Marino and Cap
rllle hill, tho enemy suffering heavy
It is stated officially that Norway
has lost G,00O sailors during tho war,
a Central News dispatch from Curls
tlania reports.
American submarine F-l was sunk
In collision with her sister boat, the
F-3, In American waters. Nineteen
perished, five being rescued.
Ten persons wcro killed and seven
ty Injured in London during Wednes
day night's air raid. Outside of Lon
don five persons wcro injured.
The agreement for an armlstlco be
ginning at noon Dec. 17 and lasting
until Jan. 14 was signed by the Bol
shevlkl government In Hussla and the
Teutonic allies.
Fourteen British merchantmen of
more than 1,600 tons and three under
that tonnage were sunk by mino or
submarine during the week ending
Dec. 19.
The losses to French shipping by
mine or submarino for tho week end
ing Dec. IS were exceedingly light.
Only ono vessel under 1,600 tonB was
sunk and none over 1,600 tons.
Tho artillery activity between tho
French and Germans In Champagne
and In the mountainous region near
tho Swiss border Is Increasing In vol
ume, probably forecasting Infantry at
tacks at an early date.
Admission that tho Cossacks have
captured Rostov was made In tho
Petrograd official statement from tho
BolBhevlkl war office. Orenburg Cos
sacks opposing tho Bolshevikl havo
occupied Tchellabynsk, a junction on
tho Trans-Siberian railroad, according
to a report received by tho Den.
1 Mrs. Lorenzo Borlno, charged with
violation of tho Mann act in having
transported llosa Pcchck, 15 years
old, from her homo In WIntcrquarters,
Utah, to DIamondvllle, Wyo., for Im
moral purposes, was found guilty In
the Federal Court at Salt Lake.
A woman bearing tho namo of Rom
anoff and who said she resembled Ta
llaría Romanoff, second daughter of
the former czar, so closely that bIio
was detained thrco weeks In Yoko
hama until she established her Iden
tity, arrived In San Francisco. She
Is Mme. Heleno Romanoff.
War will not cause abandonment of
tho annual Tournament of Roses at
Pasadena, Cal., on Now Year's day,
although It will give a martial nlr to
tho great pageant never beforo at
tempted. Decision to hold the tourna
ment as usual was not made until fa
vorable word hod been recolved from
President Wilson, to whom the ques
tion of observing the tlmo-honorcd
custom had been submitted.
Tho engagement Is announced of
Esther, daughter of former President
Grover Cloveland, to Capt. Bosanquet
of tho Coldstream Guards.
What purports to be an outline of
the Kalsor's much-advertised "Christ
mas peace terms" has been recolved
through neutral diplomatic channels
In Washington.
Some two score or moro telegrams
which passed between Count Von Lux
burg, German minister to Argentina,
and the German foreign office were
made public by the Stato Department
by agreement with tho Argontlna gov
eminent, which also published them
nt Buenos Aires. Exposure of Count
Von Luxburg's "sink without traco"
telegram by Secretary Lansing was
What caused a rupture of diplomatic
relations botween Argentina and Gor-
The United Statos shipping board is
hard pressed to fill the allies' orders
for between 6,000,000 ond 8,000,000
tons of shipping' In 1918, members of
tho board admitted, prior to appear
ing beforo tho Senate Inquiry commit
tea Chairman Hurley of tho board
declared the task would bo accom
A Rod Cross service flag, display.
Ing three crosses, was hung In a win
dow of tho county Jail at Dallas, Tox.,
When three womon Inmates Joined
Two of the women face murder
ch arses
An extraordinary session o
Peruvian Congress convened ti
cuss financial projects.
The first heavy fall of snow On the
vlnlolty of Paris occurred Dc :. 18.
Railroad and telegraph service! , were
Two sailors Instead of ono were
saved by tho Germans from the Lmer
loon destroyer Jacob Jones, acc rdlng
to an official German nnnounci ment
at Amsterdam.
Dr. Elizabeth Garrett Andersoh, the
first woman to bo elected as mnsbr of
a town In England and a prominent
physician, died at her home InlKlde-
burg, Suffolk. 1
Unidentified bodlcB of 200 victims
of tho Halifax disaster were burled
aflor public funerals conducted; by
Protestant nnd Catholic clergytoien.
Ncnrly 100 of tho bodies were charred
beyond recognition.
Completo restoration of the terri
tories taken by the enemy, together
with compensation, was demnnded by
Premier Lloyd George In explaining
tho war aims of the governinenl in
the Houso of Commons In London.
Living proofs of the terrible eco
nomic conditions in Austria were sui
plied by the arrival at Buchs, on the
frontier, of 670 pale nnd suffering
children between the ages of 7 and 9.
They nre from Vienna and other Aus
trian towns.
A state of siego has been pro
claimed In Petrograd and the Ukrnn
ian Rada has refused to obey an ul
tlmatum presented by tho Bolshevikl
government. Disorders In the capl
tal, due, it is said, to the looting of
wine cellars and shops, made neces
sary the proclamation of a state of
Unionist candidates, supporters o(
tho premier. Sir Robert Borden, and
his conscription program, were vic
torious in twelve of British Colum
bia's thirteen constituencies In Mon
day's election. Skeena nlone was car
ried by a Liberal candidate, whero
Fred Stork, a Prince Rupert mer
chant, defeated Colonel Peck, now
The forward gun crew of an Am
erican liner reaching an Americnn
port destroyed a submarine the morn
ing after leaving a British port on
the voyage, according to stories told
by passengers. Maj. Gen. Hugh L.
Scott, former chief of staff of the
army, who was a passenger, is said
to have stood behind the gunners dur
ing the action and complimented them
on their markmanship.
Young Jake Schaefer established a
new world record for high runs In red
ball billiards at San FrancUco when
ho ran forty-nine. The previous high
record was forty-five, held by Marc
Tommy Fltzpatrlck, gradunto of the
University of Utnh, who has been
coach to the Salt Lake East Side
High school for four years, was ap
pointed coach to tho University of
Utah athletes.
Jimmy Hamlll, Denver boxing pro
moter, wired Jess Wlllard n guarantee
of $50,000 If he will como to Denver
to stage his proposed heavyweight
championship match for the benefit of
the Red Cross. The only stipulation
made by the Denver man Is that the
titleholder meet cither Fred Fulton or
BUI Brennan.
Legislation specifically to subject
all federal officials except tho Presi
dent and members of the Supreme
Court to the excess profits tax was
agreed upon by tho House ways and
means committee.
At Memphis, Tenn., yeggmen blow
tho vault of a coal company In the
heart of the business .district dur
ing tho night and escaped with $3.000
In cash. They also took $500 worth
of Liberty bonds and considerable
Mrs. Frank D. Adams, wife of Lieut.
Frank D. Adams, assumed his duties
of the pastor of tho Univcrsalist
church at Urbana, 111., to fill the va
cancy caused when her husband left
to begin his duties at Camp Grant,
Rockford, III.
Further Investigation by tho Fedoral
Milk Commission Into means of Im
proving production and distribution of
milk, after It has fixed prices for pro
ducers and distributors for tho llrnt
three mouths of next year, was decid
ed upon by the commission in New
York. Tho Federal Food Administra
tion has set Jan. 1 as the date on
which tho commission must fix prices.
Robbery of the Stato Bank of Sum
mit, u suburb of Chicago, of $30,000
or more, called attention to the ap
palling list of bank nnd payroll rob
beries In Chicago and suburbs in the
last eighteen months. According to
an official of a big burglar Insurance
company, thero havo been seventeen
bank robberies, netting approximate
ly $400,000, and fourtcon payroll rob
beries of insured firms, netting $200,
000 to the bandits, In the period men
tioned. Removal of the cast-bound embargo
on corn and oats, and rumors that the
ralximum price of corn was to be re
moved, led to a sharp upturn In the
corn nnd oats market on the Board of
Trado In Chicago, Dec 20. In the
early trading May com advanced 0
cents to $1.2014. Oats roso 3 cents.
Tho next loan tho people of the
United States will bo asked to pur
chase to aid tho government In win
ning this war will bo for $8,000,000,
000; the bonds will bo Vt rer cent is
suo nnd the offering will bo made on
March 15, 1918.
r th
l dls
Wtiltrn Nwppr Union Nwi Barries.
Jan. 14-19 Farmers' Week ami Home
Makers' Conferenco at State College,
Mesilla Park.
Jan. 17-18. Farmers' Meeting at State
College, Mesilla Park.
Feb. 11-13 New Mexico Electrical As
sociation meeting at Silver City.
March, 1911 Wool Growers- convention
at llosnell.
Tho deposits of salt near Wlllard
aro to bo Investigated.
Albuquerquo sportsmen demand a
closed season on deor in New Mexico.
Ground Is being broken for erection
of a fino new federal building at Ra
ton. Tho comptroller of the currency haa
granted a charter to the First Nation
al Bank of Taos.
Sheriff Rafael Garcia Issued an or
der banishing women from saloons in
precincts outside Albuquerquo.
Mrs. Antonlta Garcia was almost In
stantly killed at Albuquerquo by a
taxlcab. Her head was crushed.
It is now thought that tho total
number of automobiles In tho stato
will reach 14,500 for tho year 1918.
Silver City was selected as tho
placo of holding tho Feburory meet
ing of tho New Mexico Electrical As
sociation. Plans for a new court houso and jail
at Sliver City, to cost $350,000, havo
been submitted to the Grant County
Herbert V. Bctts and William S.
Towner of tho Santa Fó offlco of tho
field division, have enlisted with the
signal reserve corps.
In the death of Mrs. Susan A. Bell,
widow of Judge John J. Bell, promi
nent attorney nt Sliver City in tno
early days, Grant county has lost an
other of its pioneers.
A deep well west of Carlsbad, con
trolled by tho Dow Brothers, was dy
namited by unknown parties, and the
cattlo tsat the Dows wero watering at
the well suffered from lack of water.
R. C. Reid, federal disbursing of
ficer and president of tho stato tax
commission, has been appointed a cap
tain In tho national army and assigned
to assist Governor Llndscy In future
army draft work.
Tho Sheriffs' and Peace Officers' as
soclatlon of New Mexico becamo a
permanent organization at the meeting
held In Albuquerque with tho adoption
of a constitution and tho election of
permanent officers.
The movement of tho New Mexico
battery of field artillery from Camp
Mills, Long Island, to Camp Mnrrltt,
N. J., furnished foundation for a re
port that tho organization had em
barked for Franco.
Acting Gov. Antonio Lucero Issued
a requisition on the governor of Ari
zona for tho extradition of Frank A.
Williamson, wanted In Luna county
on the charge of obtaining property
under falso pretenso.
Thrco prisoners held to await ac
tion of tho grand jury on different
charges escaped from tho Lincoln
county jail at Carrizozo, They aro
Rumaldo Martinez, Maximiliano Cha
vez and Lorenzo Sandoval.
Tho members of the legal advisory
boards for New Mexico, to assist in
the work connected with tho selectivo
draft, havo been appointed by Presi
dent Wilson and announced by Capt.
R. C. Rold, federal disbursing officer.
Chief Justice R. H. Hanna received
a telegram announcing tho death at
Baltimore of Fred McBrldc, traveling
freight and passenger agent of tho
New Moxico Central railroad and a
resident of Santa Fe for several dec
ades. All of tho fraternal and other' or
ganizations of Las Vegas have pooled
together, and are known as tho Las
Vegas Associated Charities.
Frank Schrlver, a cattleman and
farmer of the Richmond precinct on
the Lower Gila, was chosen by tho
board of county commissioners to bo
sheriff of Grant county, succeeding
Sheriff Herbert J. McGrath, who re
signed. Tho nine counties of Now Mexico
in the Tenth federal reservo district
subscribed a total of $1,420,200 for tho
socond Liberty Loan bonds, well over
the minimum allotment of $996,000,
and not far from tho maximum of
$1,660,000. These counties aro Colfax,
Mora, Rio Arriba, San Juan, San Mi
guel, Santa Fó, Taos and Union.
Tho cost of registration and the
draft In New Moxico was $27,395,02 on
December 1, a statement Issued by tho
executive offlco at Santa Fe Bhowa,
The cost was hoavlest In Rio Arriba
county, totaling $2,148.39. San Miguel
county took second place In tho cost
column with $2,001.00, and Bernalillo
county third placo with $1,887.51 ex
pended. Tho first llghtless night ordered by
tho fuel administration, gave Albu
querquo tho semblance of an English
town expectant of a raid by Zeppelins.
It was only a semblance, however, for
here and thero light shono. They
were lights declared by tho police to
bo necessary.
Tho State Supreme Court handed
down an opinion holding that Lea
county, -which cam o Into legal exist
ence last Juno, Is entitled to delin
quent taxes collected from property
formerly In Chaves county, but now
within Lea county.
iere Sentenced to Be Executed, But
Used Rope .Attached to Beds
In Gallup Jail.
Western Ncwapaper Union Nma Service.
anta Fó, N. M. Maria Cuovas and
Blfycrio Silva, convicted of murder
and sentenced to hang Dec. 21, defeat
ed Justice by hanging themselves In
tho McKlnley county Jail at Gallup.
Using a ropo smuggled Into the prison,
each man attached It to tho bed and
strangled himself. Llfo was extinct
when tho bodies wcro dlscovorcd by
the jail official!!.
Letters signed by both prisoners
said they did not Intend to bo hung
by the state, would rather have faced
a firing squad, and asked for respect
ablo burial. In another note, Cuovas
bequeathed his guitar to a prisoner in
tho Jail. r.
Tho men wcro Mexicans. Cuovas
was convicted of killing another Mex
ican at a danco last May. Silva .was
to pay the death penalty for killing a
roomer In his homo following a dis
puto over $5 rent.
Government to Help Kill Petts.
Farmors' Prosperity Day of tho
Dona Ana Farm Bureau, hold at tho
Now Moxico Stato Collego, was at
tended by 500 people Judging of llvo
stock In tho morning, a freo barbecue
at noon, and talks by experts In vari
ous lines of farming in tho afternoon,
including motion pictures and a lec
ture on drainago by a United Stntes
Reclamation Service cmployé, was tho
program of the day.
Plans aro under way for tho build
ing of a concreto road from Las Cru
ces, N. M to tho Texas state line.
The estimated cost of this work Is
$240,000 of which the county of Dona
Ana Is to furnish $60,000, tho State
of New Mexico $60,000 and the United
States government tho balance or
The United States Department ol
Agriculture has appropriated $25,000,
contingent on tho State of New Mexi
co using a similar amount, for ths
eradication of rodents and predatory
animals In tho State of New Mexi
co. This work will bo conducted by
the United States Biological Survey,
In conjunction with tho New Mexico
Agricultural College. It Is estimated
by experts of tho agricultural college
that tho losses of tho farmers and
stockmen of Now Mexico from the
above mentioned sources amount to
not less than $3,500,000 a year.
Mogollón Road Project Approved.
Silver City. Tho Department of Ag
riculture has notified State Englneei
James A. French that It has approved
tho following road projects In New
Mexico for which specifications have
been submitted by the stato highway
commission for federal aid: No. 8 in
1918, seven miles of Mescalero sand
road, east of Roswell In Chaves coun
ty; No. 10 In 1919, twenty-flvo miles
in Lincoln county; No. 9, to be built
In 1918 and 1919, seventeen miles ot
Sliver CIty-Glla river road betweon
Silver City and Cliff, Grant county;
No. 11 In 1919, five miles In Lincoln
Coal on Cash Basis.
Santa Fe. Tho retail prlco of Gal
lup coal has been fixed at $10 a too
In Los Angeles by tho fuel adminis
tration. Now Mexico retail dealers
feel that the margin allowed them at
present Is hardly sufficient to cover
the cost of doing business, at least
not on credit, and expect to go on a
cash basis.
East Las Vegas. Jos Martinez and
TranquIUIno Baca, charged with cat
tle stealing, have been acquitted by a
jury In the District Court hore.
Woman In Suit for Million.
Albuquerquo. Two millionaire min
ing men of Spokane testified for the
defense at the trial In Federal Court
at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, of the suit
brought by Mrs. Mathilda Cardener ol
Albuquerque, against Eugeno R. Day
and other members of the Day family
to recover a one-sixteenth Interest In
tho Hercules lead and silver mino, In
tho Burke dlstrlct,near Coeur d'Alene.
L. A. Hurton, part owner of tho
mine, said ho considered the mine
was worth four millions in October,
1916, when Mrs. Cardener sold her In
terest In It for $370,000, She contend
It was worth $30,000,000.
Want Elephant Butte Dam Guarded.
Santa Fe. Senators A. B. Fall and
A. A. Jones, as well as Congressman
W. B. Walton, have received appeals
from the Mesilla valley because of the
unguarded condition of the Elephant
Butte dam, tho military guards hav'
Ing been recalled. It Is proposed to
have the government employ civilian
To Close Immoral Resorts.
Doming. Immoral resorts nt Lords
burg, Hurley, Santa Rita, Sliver City
and all other cities in central New
Moxico wero Instructed to close. In or
ders Issued by District Attorney J. S.
Vaught. Orders issued by Lieut. Paul
Popenoo of tho law enforcement
branch ot the Fosdlck commlttoe
call for the closing of any resorts
which might bo visited by soldiers
within a radius of 150 mites. More
than 100 inmates of resorts are af
fected by the order.
Western Newspaper Union Ne Serlce.
Paria. Austria-Hungary Is pledged
to support Germany in retention ot
Alsace-Lorraine, according to a dis
patch printed Saturday In tho Matin,
purporting to reveal the text of the
agreement between tho two biggest
central powers. Tho Matin also as
serted Germany had determined not
to-cvacuato Belgium and Franco un
less her colonics wcro restored.
Rome. Italy will never aupport a
separate Italian peaco or tako any ac
tion not loyal to the allies, declared
Deputy GlllttI In the Chamber of Deputies.
London, Dec. 22. The flamo of civil
war in Russia Is spreading northward
along the Volga river from Astrakhan
to Samara. Grand Duke Nicholas is
reported in the Caucasus with a vast
army of royalists, while Kerensky Ib
said to be marching on Moscow at the
head of thousands of troops. The prov
ince of Ukraine has rejected the Bol
shevik ultimatum and has declared its
independence. Bolgrad in Bessarabia
was In flames following riots.
Petrograd is a acone of turmoil.
Armed detachments engaged in emp
tying wino cellars havo had clashes
with civilians, fifteen being killed and
wounded, while fifteen soldiers are re
ported dead from drink.
Fighting continues at Odessa, and
the Ukranlan troops have been Joined
by the Russian army from the Ruma
nian front under the command of Gen.
Stcherbatcheff. The Red Guards lost
800 men killed nnd 1,000 wounded in
six-day fight.
A Bolshevik force, under command
of Austro-German officers, defeated a
small detachment ot Cossacks near
Tho peace situation is similarly dis
turbed. A report from Petrograd
states 'hat the Germans have refused
the Russian peace terms and that the
Bolshevik commissioners havo been
recalled to Petrograd. Von Kuehl
mann, German foreign secretary, 18
now at Brest-Lltovsk. Bolshevik au
thorities In Petrograd are growing des
perate over the continued opposition
and serious developments are feared.
Former Czar Nicholas and family
aro to be permitted to leave Russia
and seek haven In some other country.
Petrograd. Under tho headlng,"So-
cret Treaty Between Japan and Rus
sia for Joint Armed Demonstration
Against America and Great Britain in
the Far East, tho izvestla publtsnea
what it says is tho text of the sccrot
treaty drawn up last year providing
for Joint action by Russia and Japan
to prevent any third country from
achieving political dominance in
China. The treaty, dated July 3, 1910,
runs for five years, automatically ex
tending itself until a year after one
party expresses tho desire to annul It.
It is signed by Serglus Sazonoff, then
Russian foreign minister, and Vis
count Motono, Japanese foreign minister.
Buenos Aires, Dec. 22. As the re
sult of tho publication of the tele
grams sent by Count von Luxburg, the
former German minister, to tho Ber
lin foreign office, it again has been
necessary to call out mounted patrols
to disperse crowds of peoplo who de
manded a rupturo of relations with
Germany. The mob, which was shout
ing "Long live tho republic!" and
"Death to Presidont irigoyen!" wat
dispersed after a fight with mounted
police In the Callo Florida.
Heavy guards again have been
placed over tho property owned bv
Germans in the city and mounted men
also are guarding the office of the
newspapers La Union, for which Count
von Luxburg obtained a subsidy.
The general belief Is that the publi
cation of the telegrams will lead tc
new demands for the severance ot re
lations with Germany, Congress hav
ing already refused to sanction the
budget appropriation for continuing
tho Argentine ' legation in Berlin,
which was Insisted on by the organt
ot President Irigoyen.
Seven Violent Attacks Repulsed.
Rome, Dec. 22. A considerable por
tion of ground gained by tho .enemy
Dec. 18 In the region of Monto Azo-
lone, on the northern front caBt of the
Brenta river, has been retaken by the
Italians, tho war offlco announces.
Tho positions regained by the Italians
wero held despite tho most violent
fire from tho enemy artillery. Active
artillery fighting on tho Verdun front
cast of tho Mouse was reported by
.tho Paris war offlco.
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"Chariots of Irory" at Gaza.
History repeats Itself down to min
ute details, the London Star rcmlnd
us, und recalls previous operations nt
Gazn related In the Book of Joshua.
It says:
"If that picturesque spcctnl corre
spondent to whom wo owe thcnarra
tlve of the sun nnd moon standing still
In the valley of AJnlon had witnessed
the onslaught of General Allcnby's
nuxlllnrles, he might havo pictured be
hemoth wallowing on the shore nnd
levlnthnn riRlng out of the sen. It Is
related in the Book of Judges that
though the tribe of Judah took Gnat,
they 'could not drive out the Inhabi
tants of the valley because they had
chariots of Iron.'
"Allowing for the Intervening ccn
tures which hnve transformed the
'chariots of Iron' Into tanks, we sec
thnt In this case the omens nre In
favor of the Invaders, and we may
reasonably hope that the clearing out
of the Philistines will be final and complete."
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How He Made Window Sashes,
A young Welshman, n woodworker.
applied nt the work of n building ma
terial company for a job.
"What can you do?" Inquired tho
foreman in charge.
"Indect, look you," said Taffy. "I
can do any joinery work whntefTer.''
"Can you make window sashes?"
asked the foreman.
"Surely I" was the laconic answer.
"Well, Just take off your coat and
let me see you make one.
So Taffy set to work, while the fore
man went off round the works. The
first sash the new hand nttempted
was n fnllure, so planting It under the
bench, Tnffy got nhead with a Becond
one, nnd hnd Just finished It when tho
foreman returned nnd taking hold of
the snsh, wild, "Call that u sash, do
yer? Don't believe I could find u
worse one In the country."
"Indeet," unid the wood butcher,
grinning, "you mny find a ferry much,
worse ono under the bench made from
your own timber 1"
Then he got a move on.
Smile on wash day. That's when you use
Red Cross Bag Blue. Clothes whiter than
snow. All grocers. Adr.
Just an Extra Potato.
Jones was urging Smith to run over
to dinner some time. "But I nm afraid
thnt your wife will go to n lot of trou
ble. Smith demurred.
"A lot of trouble nonsense 1" re
plied the hospitable man. "It just
means to boll an extra potato. And
what Is Bovcnty-flve cents between
friends?" Judge.
Beds Must Have Been Large.
Little Ethel had Just returned .from
Sundny school nnd was leoklng very
puzzled. "Mamma," she said, "Did
they have very Iiirge beds In Bible
days?" . ,
"I don't know, dear," said her moth
er. "Why do you ask?"
"Because," said the little girl, "our
teacher said today that Abrnhum slept
with his four fnthers."
Re-enforced Concrete Dry Dock.
The completion of the first dry dock
mnde of re-enforced concrete was cele
brated nt Moss, a city In Norway, This
dock Is In the nature of an experi
ment, as It will receive ships of only
100 tons, 00 feet long; but It Is said
to bo successful and much cheaper
than steel nnd more quickly built. The
shipyard that built this dock Is now
receiving Inquiries for docks up to
8,000 tons.
"That man Is always running other
peoplo down."
"Scandal or nnto?"
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