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Remember That Friday, June the 28th, is Thrift Stamp Day
No. 27
0. -
Lordsburg, New Mexicg,dnriday, June
-y!tr - '
QThc (Cliarrn
1 lo.fe'k ml
" . -7
Uer thejjlaric
Its cheerhK
A 1 A.
When Freedom was born, mid oppression
Her halo was blazon'd in huesof the
With stripes for toWugIeland-duties
id stars fothe light of Jehovah on
i .1 . r
m peace ana m war, mat rair em
"Old Glorv," the flag we
'Star Spangled Banner" in glo
)f- the free and the home
rejJ gtefWwarrns the blood
)árkles foíVcoürase for ardor
Its rippling wftíte rip&s nftfeevjight
When Freei
And its, heavenly--títíé wjJ
Heralds unionV and'iength -foK
May that "StarXSpañMed JBaTSñer1
O'er the land o,theH:ree
and strire,
skyr V I,
; of life yi ;
HighM -vs 3
olem of yore
ry e'er wave v7Vf
Qtthe Wave! ;ü
from brave sires
ana niigrns
that inspires i
unite, J ti
trfuTand true. '
Farewell Surprise Party
v Jimmio Cross at 85.
iess wave.'
wnen wasnmgtons men,
Were crudely equip d; anc
i5f ffieBWe!
The charm of "Old
To old foes and old
The support that our
Pits promise ahdfgrace
lid-and -insii:
ends now
;edom, in
nower ,
May that "Star SpangleoBanner'' irihonorekae
uer a cmvairous iana anarme nome ormeADravei
Wherever that flag proudlrmbats ith
Of havoc and conflict between
Its many new stars and the cpeerfof trieijys
Should brighten the sky forSthe ifflliesTfRigKt.
íviay its raaiance oe snea ana,
Over all in the valorous service
And the "Star Spangled Banner"
O er the land of the free and the
roreveív shallwave
jnorjíe of te bráve!
Repeat 7
("'Mid the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air," v,
May "Old Glory" inspire all the brave "over there!")
. W, l Chambers in Milwaukee Sentinel
mmm .,.J IT rSjtf i 1 XTn V iWi'TW 1 l.u.h.ii.
To The Trade:
In view of the fact that our government now requires unlimit-
ed credit in order to prosecute the war, thereby curtailing com
mercial credits, it has become necessary for us, under the prevail
ing unusual conditions to make a change in our terms all whole
sale firms throughout the country are selling their merchandise on
very restricted terms. Under these circumstances we wish to
announce to the trade that, commencing August 1, our terms will
We regret the necessity that compels us to make this change
but believe you appreciate the fact that these abnormal conditions
are beyond our control.
In changing our terms to CASH we will be in a better position
to sell goods cheaper and give you better service. We feel con
fident we will have your full co-operation, thereby assisting the
government in its work.
By S. M. Chase, Manager;
ByJ. A. Leahy, President.
By J. A. Leahy, President, Valedon, N. M.
Postmaster Hardin was a Sii
ver City visitor last week.
George Trimble, with Mrs.
Trimble, Miss Mildred Trimble,
Miss Myrtle Fuller, Mrs. H. S.
Fuller and baby, ahd Mrs. Em
ma Fuller, motored to the river
and back Sunday in their Max
well car.
LOST Between LorÜsburg
and 85 Mine, license tag. Finder
will please leave at ihe Western
For Sale Hup 32 truck body
in first class mechanical condi
tion; also good rubber. Will sell
cheap. See Milliken at the Lon
don Hat and Tailor Shop, Lords
burg, N. M.
WANTED A roadster body
for a Ford chasis, Dr. Egon,
Tuesday afternoon J. L. Cross,
stenographer and general utility
.man for the 85 Mining Company,
received his notice to report at
el Faso June 12th for duty, pre
A'iously having volunteered for
- - XL TT J
acrvice in inennvy. ms írtenos,
jyhich are many, at the 85 im
.fpediately were busy preparing a
jjarewell party for Jimmy.
2 At 9 o'clock in the evening the
jjioys were assembled at the El-lenbach-Peterson
abode, on the
'Villi Kn nlr ri 4-Vi n nnmnnmr fYitrt
jan UU.U JX bllV VVStlJJJUlt Jf VlllVUf
Uwhere plenty to eat, drink and
IPe1 i i i t . t i
smoKe nau Deon prepared, anu
Jimmy, with smile all-over, was
fetched up to the strains of
Goodbye Broadway, Hello
rance,J played by the victrola.
About 10:30 His Mainatv. t.ho
Kaiser (L. Slessinger), after
Shaking a very impressive speech
ifull of commendation, admonish
ing the recipient to be ever true
and faithful and to do naught
(that would bring anything but
honor and glory to the father
land, bestowed the "Iron Cross"
especially made by J. S. Whit
ney) upon the breast of James
Lee Cross. At' this point
''Speech! Speech!" was hurled
at the head of the bashful Jim
fpiy, but words failed him.
as the hour became late, songs,
jousing good songs, from the
throats of men, filled the neigh
borhood, and amidst general fun
making and many hearty good
wishes for Jimmy, the party ad
journed. " Thos participating were as fol
lows: J. L. Cross, Mike ivleider
korn, B. H. Cross, A. R. Beam,
F. D. Peterson, M. N. Erlen
bach, H. F. Carmichael, G. A.
Biersach, W. H. Franklin, W. T.
Mawbey, J. S. Whitley, L. Sles
senger, Lyman Garrett, W. Tap
pin, Jr., E. S. Olmstead, Lee
(Hudson. A. J. Inderrieden. W.
.8. Inderrieden .F.Mpnteverde..
Jr., William Johnson, K. b. Kose
(the mayor of Shakespeare) C.
Warner, (J. H. bulhvan and
H. Pickett.
One of the Party.
Our Local Astronomers Watch
the Eclipso
The eclipse of the sun from
4:20 to 5:20 last Saturday after
noon was pronounced 'a great
success by Drs. M. M. Crocker
S. H. James .and Sam Brown,
who played the role of "astron
omers," watching the unusual
spectacle through smoked glass,
while standing on the street, to
the wonderment of the Saturday
afternoon crowd.
Some were under the impres
sion that Dr. Crocker with his
big smoked glass was on the
lookout for the menacing "bug"
known as a German airoplane,
but this fear was soon dispelled.
Juno Brides.
Sisimo Fierro and Julia C. Ca
ballero were married Saturday,
June 8. in St" Joseph's Catholic
church by Rev. Fr. Berg. The
witnesses to the ceremony were
Elfido Martinez and Virginia de
la 0. A band furnished the mu
sic. Many friends of the couple
attended the wedding.
Rev. Fr. Berg joined Francisco
Barela and Viliana Aranjo in
marriage Saturday, June 1st, in
St Joseph's church. The bride
and groom were attended by
Louis Peralta and Joseph Barela.
Thursday, June 7th, B. H. Bo
len and Hattie Langden from
Tucson, Ariz., were married by
T 1 ! il . i rÉ
juuge iviarsaus in uie jusu
Don Rathbun breezed through
town Thursday enroute to Cali
fornia for a vacation at the
beaches. Don is a live wire! a
go-get em from El Paso, anJ
sells bricks and things. He was
accompanied by the charming
Mrs. Don. They are driving their
own car and will go via Globe,
Phoenix, the Grand Canyon and
on to California by the way of
Needles and San Barnardino. be
ing gone about two months.
Mayor Geo. W. Hanner has
lF8ueda proclamation designat
ing Friday June 28th. as War
Savings Day in Losdsburg, and
calling upon the people of this
city to heed the appeal of the
government in this hour of
national peril. The Mayor's
proclamation reads;
To the citizens of the Village of
Lordsburg- I
Friday, Juno 28th, 1918, is
officially designated War Savings
Day by the prsident of the
United States, the Secretary of
the Treasury and the Governor of
this State. All loyal citizens of
this community will according
ly devote therafternoon of said
day after 2 o'clock, to subscribing
for War Savings Stamps, and
otherwise promoting their sale
in large amounts.
All who are able should pledge
themselves to save and Invest
the limit allowed by law.
U. S.i Mail Flyer Outraoes a
! Thunderstorm.
New York, June 12. In a vic
torious race with a thunderstorm,
Lieutanant Culver today broke
the air post record between I
Philadelphia and New York. He
leu Philadelphia at ;ó) p. m.
and arrived at .Belmont Park
forty-two minutes later, flying
at the rate of 147 miles an hour.
At Trenton the flyer overtook a
thunderstorm moving in the
same direction. Passing through
it he beat the rain into Belmont
Park half an hour.
William Krupp Killed.
William Krupp; well known
throughout Arizona, and known
here in Lordsburg, was shot
through the linnri lnf VVorf
day night at Wilicox, Arizona,
following a 25-mile chuse in
motpr cars. Harry Recce, depu
ty sheriff of Wilicox, tired the
shot, it Is reported, that killed
Krupp. The officers wanted to
search Krupp's car for liquor.
They raced for nearly an hdur,
when it is alleged that Krupp
fired two shots at his pursuers,
they returned the fire, killing
him instantly.
Krupp left Lordsburg -last
Monday, for Globe. Arizona, in
tending to go by way of Wilicox,
San Pedro Valley, Winkelman,
and over the Pinal mountains to
Globe, but the officers inter
rupted him at Wilicox with fatal
Mrs. Krupp, who has been liv
ing In the Sullivan house in
Lordsburg, left immediately for
Wilicox, upon receipt of word of
her husband's death. The re
mains will be prepnred for burial
in Bisbee.
Krupp, altho sometimes styled
"King of Bootleggers," here
abouts, was a likeable fellow and
well thought of by all who knew
him. He was a member of the
Elks lodge.
Old Time Miner Dead
"Happy," a dark skinned son
of Ham, porter at a local saloon,
became infatuated with an am
ber hued woman of "society"
who visited Lordsburg recently.
Infatuation "got the betteY "of
"Happy's" judgment, which
caused Judge Marsalis to fine
"Happy" ten dollars for illicit
love, and the woman got ten
days in the city bastlle. Judge
Marsalis, in sentencing "Hap-
Ey," gave warning that Lords
urg was not the place for un
lawful doings, and all offenders,
irrespective of color, would meet
the same punishment if they vi
olate the law.
Leroy O.Moore, former chief of
New Mexico field division of the
General Land office, and a
prominent lawyer of Albuquerque
specializing in land law, died
Saturday in that city after a brief
illness; with pneumonia. Mr.
Moordwas well known through
out the state and had many
friends in Lordsburg who will
learn With regret of his sudden
A farmer dropped in upon the
... . j ...
liberty loan committee in
town,! toward the close of the
subscription period, placed a
milk ( an on the table, removed
the cover and emptied the con
tents. That milk can contained
the savings of years, in copper,
silver and gold coins and notes.
When counted, the cash was
found to amount to a goodly sum.
"I never put my money In a
bank," said the farmer, "but I4vj
been thinkin' it over, an' I guess
Í can trust Uncle Sam." No
doubt he was typical of a much
larger element of the population
than is actually known. Chris
tian Science Monitor.
Martin Keating, who worked
in different mines in Grant county
and Sierra county in the eighties
and will be remembered by many
old timers, died in Sacramento,
California, on May 20th of heart
trouble. He was 68 years old and
had worked recently in the state
of Washington, but was on his
way back to Grant county to pass
his lastdayu-whctj- he diodk - He
had worked in , nearly every
mining camp of the entire west
in the early days and was of the
band of prospectors and pioneers
who blazed the way for the
present generation.
Ronald Etron wrítna frnm Al.
pine, Texas, that, he was in good
company in the special car on
his wav to Camn Mahrv. Tnxna
having 19 boys from Grant coun
ty and 14 trom Dona Ana coun
ty going to the aviation training
Dr. R. E. Buvens will leave on
Wednesday, the 19th inst,, for
Albuquerque to attend the gen
eral convention and post gradu
ate course of the New Mexico
Dental society. The doctor hopes
toreturn by June 24th.
Hats Of to Our Neighbors
While Luna county is felicitat
ing over having nearly doubled
her quota in the recent Red Cross
drive, she can well afford to
extend the hand of congratulation
to her neighbor counties, Grant
and "Dona Ana, both of whom
more than trebled their quota.
Grant with n goal of $15,000,
passed $51,000. Dona Ana.whose
quota was $4,250, went over
$15,000. The achievement of
Dona Ana is undoubtedly tho
more remarkable, as the big
mining companies were respon
sible for a large partof the Grant
county total, but nobody has any
wish to detract from her splendid
achievement on that .account.
Here's hats off to our nlcghbors,
Grant and Dona Ana. They beat
us, but It is a beating we could
take with perfect good grace and
cheerfulness. Doming Graphic.
FOR SALE Mrs. Sarah Simp
son has a good Story-Clark piano
which she will sell cheap if tak
en within a few days.
Mr. and Mr3. Jack Heather
leave in an automobile Monday
for Long Beach, California. Mr.
Heather has given up his busi
ness here and volunteered his
services to the government. He
will be In the ship building de
partment, doing his best to whip
the kaiser.
Mrs. Sarah Simpson has re
turned from Long Beach, Cal.,
where she was visiting her
daughters. Mrs. Simpson has
improved greatly in health. Next
week she goes to El Paso to visit
her son, Capt Simpson of the
detective force of that city. The
captain is an old Lordsburg boy.
FOR SALE A Singer sewing
machine, and set bed springs, in
good condition, Western Liberal.

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