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Wsttsrn Newrpaper Unlen Jtswa Berries.
The Germans were' cleared out of
Veuilly wood by (he Amorlcans.
The Germans continued to bombard
the French capital with their long
range guni on June 7.
British airmen brought down 330
Germans in leas than three weeks, up
to June 2, of which 283 were totally
The Italian army Is Improving both
lri morale and material, according to
MaJ. Gen. Eben Swift, bead of the
American military mlsBlon to Italy.
The allies' stonewall ot resistance Is
still Opposed to the Germans on the
battle front from Solssons to Chateau
Thierry. Nowhere Is the enemy mak
ing progress.
Torpedoing of the Harpathlan
brought the German sinking record
on the Atlantic coast to fourteen six
steamers and eight schooners, with a
loss of thirty Uves.
British casualties reported during
the week ending June 7 were: Officers
killed or died ot wounds, 208; men,
4,258; officers wounded or missing,
763; men, 27,425.
Owing to tho terrible casualties In
flicted upon it, the Prussian guards
division hna been withdrawn by the
German high command from tho bat
tle. The German losses are becoming
heavier dally.
The fighting Thursday night north
west of Chateau Thierry raged with
great fierceness for five hours. The
Americans captured Bouroschcs and
entored Torcy. Twenty-five Americans
In Torcy engaged and drove out 200
Germans and then withdrew to the
main lino on tho outskirts of the
A French prisoner who made his
escape from the German lines, de
clared that hundreds of bodies of Ger
mans were lying around everywhere.
According "to his story, tho Gormans
guarding himself and others had not
received rations since May 27 and
were compelled to live upon what they
The Importance of the operations of
the Americana on the Mamo sector
may be realized when It Is recalled
that only the day before the Ameri
cans ontered the line the Germans ad
vanced about ten kilometers. The
Americans aro now holding the Parts
road near Lo Thllot for a number of
An American machino gun battalion
accounted for approximately 1,000 Ger
mans whllo holding a brldgo at Chateau-Thierry.
The Americans loot only
one man killed and a few wounded.
At the same time French troops wiped
out a force of 300 Germans who had
obtained a footing on the southern
bank of tho Marnc, One officer told
the correspondent that It was all the
commanders could do to keep the
Amorlcans from crossing the river In
the teeth of tho enemy fire and as
saulting the hill position.
Funeral services wore held at In
dianapolis for former Vice President
Chas. W. Fairbanks.
'William Maudlin, n former Denver
boy. was killed and his father serious
ly Injured when an explosion occurred
In the Badger mine at Butte, Mont.
A Mormon minister, Ilced Holladay,
enlisted In Denver as an ambulance
driver In the medical department. Mr.
Holladay's homo Is at Santaquln,
Charles A. Barnhardt, for tho last
year Instructor In "mathomatlcs at
Colorado College at Colorado Springs
has resigned and will become head of
the department of mathematics In tho
University of New Mexico.
New passenger ratos of 3 conts a mile
went into effect Sunday despite pleas
to suspend or modify them.
The granary of the Mormon church
In Utah, holding 250,000 bushels of
of wheat, Iiqb been emptied In ro
sponse to appeals from tho food ad
ministration. Exceeding the ship production of
April by 122,000 tons, the omorgency
fleet corporation turned out 343,460
deadweight tons In May, the United
States shipping board announced.
A country-wide movo to roduce the
cost of food to the consumer and
standardly methods of compelling the
observance by dealers of "fair price
lists" was ordered by Food Adminis
trator Hoover.
One of the orew of tho steamer Har
pathlan, sunk by a submarine off the
Virginia oapen, was takon aboard the
U-boat and given medical treatment
for Injuries sustained during the sink
ing, a navy statomont showed. The
man thon was replaced In the life
boat with his companions.
Ten thousand Armenians were mas
sacred by Turks In one fortnight, ac
cording to a Moscow dispatch In Lon
don. The third earl of Camperdown (Rob
ert Adam Philips Haldano-Duncan)
died at his residence at Shlpston on
Stour. He was born In 1811.
Angered by the news of the slnklng
ot the Porto Blco liner Carolina by a
German submarine, an anti-German
demonstration broke out In Ponce.
The Dutch hospital ship Konlngen
Regentes was sunk by a mine In the
North sea while bound from an Eng
lish to a Dutch port. Four firemen
were killed.
Gen. Robert B. L. Michle of the
American army died In a railroad
train near Rouen, France. His death
was sudden and unexpected, as he had
not been 111.
The suprorqe war council, which has
had under advisement the entire war
situation, has expressed In an offi
cial statement made public in London
full confidence in the outcome ot tho
war, with the aid of the American
A sudden cold wave struck central
Europe, Including Germany, Holland
and Scandinavia. There have been lo
cal snowfalls, hall storms and severe
night frosts. Widespread damage to
the grain, fruit and potato crops Is re
ported. The spirit and moralo of the Amer
ican soldiers wounded In the Cantlgny
battle, 90 per cent.ot whom will -recover,
Is 'wonderful. The first question
they ask the surgeon Is: "Doc, when
will I be able to go back after the Ger
man who fixed me?"
The part played by American ma
chine gunners in tho defense ot the
Chateau Thierry bridges is classed by
Router's correspondent at French
headquarters as worthy to stand with
the achievements of the American in
fantry recently at Cantlgny.
Lieut. Victor Hugo III, great grand
son of tho famous French author, Is
attached to tho American army as an
instructor and distinguished himself
in the capture ot Cantlgny recently,
ell is a clean-cut young fellow of 22
and was a student In Paris when he
entered the army as a member of a
famous chasseur regiment.
Russian reserves are concentrating
for the defonsc ot Kara, which wat
captured from the combined German
and Turkish forces In a big battlo May
24. The Germans and Turks aro re
tiring along the Ardagan road, mossa
cring tho population. Soviet forcei
have retaken several towns in
Ukraine, repulsing enemy counter at
tacks. SPORT
There were, forty-one starters In the
Modified Mountain Marathon race run
over the Llttleton-to-Denver course.
Lieut. F. L. Fleer of the marine fly
ing school' at Miami, Fla., made 10S
successive loops. His feat Is said tc
establish a new military aviation rec
Sergt. Earl Caddock, champion
heavyweight wrestler of the world
and Ed (Stranglor) Lewis of Lexlng
ton, Ky., were matched for a bout Ir
Des Moines, Ia on June 21. Caddocl
Is In the national army at Camj
Tho police department Issued an or
dcr that all display lights In New York
at night arc forbidden until furthel
More than a million and a halt rl
fies have been produced for the United
States army since this country en
tered the war.
America's second largest wheat croj
Is in prospect thlB year. The Depart
ment of Agriculture forecast 931,000,
000 bushels, only 09,000,000 less that
the billion-bushel crop the government
bad hoped for.
1 According to statistics published It
the Vienna Zeltung, 40,000 persons ii
Budapest are barefoot, owing to tin
scarcity ot shoes.
A supplemental appropriation ol
$192,000 for the detenso ot the Pana
ma canal was asked of Congress bj
the War Department.
For ten hours in the night Mist
Edith Donato Virola, an 18-year-old
Porto Rico girl, coming to this coun
try to marry, flouted on the body ol
her drowned flaneó beforo she wat
dragged out of the water to safety,
after tho steamship Carolina was tor
pedood by a German submarine.
Georgo D. Kimball of Denver was
chosen district representativo of the
federal fuel administration In Colo
rado and J. Van Houten of Raton was
seloctcd for a similar office In Now
Mexico when ninety-five coal oper
ators of Colorado and New Mexico mot
In Denver with J. D. A. Morrow and C.
U. Calloway, government fuel men
from Washington, for tho purpose ol
offoctlng an organization whose pur
pose will be to assist the government
In obtaining an equltablo distribution
of coal throughout the country.
Nelson Morris, rich young Chicago
meat packer, has boen transferred
from Camp Orant to Washington to
servo tho government as a refrlgora
tlon expert.
Jeremiah O'Loary, Irish leader, and
five others, Including Mme. Mario K.
DeVIctorlca, were Indicted by tho fed
eral grand jury in New York charged
wUh treason.
Fifty thousand persons are homeless
as the rosult of a fire at Stamboul, tho
Mohammedan section of Constantino
ple, which devastated tho whole east
ern part ot the sulUn Sellm quarter.
Wtsttrn Newepaper Union News Berjlte.
Prices Quoted for Metals.
Now York. Lead $7.377.C2.
Copper 123.12.
Bar Silver 99 K c.
London. Bar Sliver 48d per
St. Louis, Mo. Spelter $7.3007.45.
Boulder. Tupgsten concentrates, CO
per cent, 120.0022.60 per unit. Crude
ores, 60 per cent, $22.00 0 25.00 ; 25
per cent, I12.00&12.60; 10 per cent,
Operations on the Gould property
in the Amole district, are progressing.
At tho Hardshell Mine property in
the Patagonia district Is being oper
ated. Between April 8 and May 8, the
Verde Combination shaft at Jerome
was sunk 152 feet.
The Glanco mino recently bondei
by Wood and Hurd, In the Lincoln
Camp district, is now under operation.
Tho Red Chief Mining and Milling
Company at Casa Orando has com
pleted their plant for milling their
Colorado Springs men have formed
the Do Beque Oil Shale Company.
The west end ot Clear Creek county
is taking on new life in the way ot
mining properties being worked.
The Molybdenum Products Com
pany at Buffer, in the Ten Mile- dis
trict, is reported as operating its 250
ton plant Bteadlly.
From Central City comes a report
that the old Perlgo mining properties
near Rolllnsvlllo have been sold to a
New York Company.
Tho winter's development on tho
Yellow Jacket mine, near Ouray, is re
ported to bo showing up oro bodies
that promise a big mill tonnage.
Tho Blue River Mines nnd Reduc
tion Company will operate the Fox
Lake and several other lodo mines on
Yuba Dam flats north of Brecken
ridge. At Georgetown the Colorado Central
is pushing construction ot its plant to
handlo 1,000 tons dally from tho
dumps of tho Ocean Wave and Mar
shall tunnel mines.
With tho payment on Juno 10 by tho
Crcsson Consolidated Gold Mining and
Milling Company and tho Golden Cy
cle Mining and Reduction Company of
tho regular monthly dividends of $122,
000 and $45,000, respectively, tho divi
dend total for the first one-half ot 1918
paid to stockholders ot Cripple Creek
district mining companies amounted
to $1,216,000,
Anaconda Copper Company, May
copper output was 27,400,000 pounds,
compared with 26,500,000 in April and
28,700,000 In March.
Eant Butte Company produced in
May 2,208,300 pounds of copper and
72,791 ounces of silver, compared with
1,811,300 pounds of copper and 58,194
ounces of silver in April.
Copper producers were Informed by
tho War Industries Board that Presi
dent Wilson has affixed his approval
on the recommendations ot the board
that the prico of copper shall be fixed
at 23 cents a pound for tho period
beginning June 1.
May output of Butto & Superior ap
proximated 8,000 tons ot concontrates,
the falling off from previous months
being due to an accident which tied
up shaft operations for a few days.
Earnings in April fell below those of
earlier months this yoar, owing to
lower spelter prices, the average for
April being about G cents.
New Mexico.
Tho Mogollón Mines Co. milled
nearly 6,000 tons In May.
Tho Artesla OH and Gas Company
has been organized with a capital
stock oi $100,000.
The Encino Oil and Refining Com
pany Is arranging to drill for oil on its
holdings near Roswell.
The new mill of Socorro M. and M.
Co. Is nearlng completion. This will
havo a dally capacity of 250 tons.
Tho Linda Vista and Felix River Oil
Companies have secured machinery
near Dayton to set over tho Grove3
woll near Roswell.
A Wyoming company sent several
representatives to Las Vegas, who aro
leasing land In that vicinity and will
begin to drill for oil.
Extensive mining operations nro in
progress on Boston Hill, mining the
immense deposits of manganese ores
on the Slovens proportlccs.
Word roaches Santa Fo of an oil ex
citement In Lincoln county, caused by
oil bubbles nnd oil scum rising to tho
surfneo In a new well dug by William
Brown, olght miles southwost of Capi
tán in the White mountains.
Work on tho wildcat wells near
Douglas Is progressing nicely.
Work In the oil fields around Land
er Is very activo at prosont, the Wind
Rlvor roflnory Is working tho stills
now erected at their full capacity and
muro aro In tho course of erection.
Tho Wind Rlvor Company spudded
In Its No. 6 well In tho Lander field
No. 5 was reported down 700 feet The
wells ot tho company are now capable
of delivering more oil to the refinery
than it Is prepared to refine.
Wsstsrn Newspaper Union News Service.
With tho American Army in Franco,
June 10. Attacks by tho Germans in
the Marno sector have again been re
pulsed by tho Americans, who inflict
ed heavy 'losses on the enemy. The
French repulsed two attacks against
Hill 204, west of Chateau Thierry, tho
first at 10 o'clock Saturday night, and
the second at 3 o'clock Sunday morn
ing. French troops captured a wood
south of Buzziares. A now German
division, the Fifth Grenadier Guards,
was identified by tho Americans.
Washington, June 10. The Ameri
can steamer Pinar del Rio was sunk
by a German submarine seventy miles
off the coast of Maryland Saturday
morning. Ono ot her boats, with tho
captain and seventeen members ot the
crew, is missing; another, with Chief
Mate Orkes and fifteen men, landed
at tho Manteo Ufe Btatlon on tho
North Carolina coast, about fifty-five
miles below Norfolk, Va., It is an
nounced from Norfolk. A briot dis
patch to tho Navy Department an
nouncing the sinking did not say
whether the ship was shelled or tor
pedoed. Hope is held that the miss
ing boat has been picked up by somo
passing vessel or will turn up at some
point along the coast.' Until last night
tho raiders had not been reported aB
showing thomselves slnco the Nor
wegian steamer Vlnjand was sunk
off tho Virginia capes last Wednes
day. The armies ot the crown prince ot
Bavaria are again bitting the allied
Hno in a Jiew offensive, with Paris ap
parently their objective.
Between Montdldler and Noyon,
over a front of about twenty miles,
preceded by a heavy bombardment
with shells and noxious gases, tho en
emy's initial manouver evidently has
In view the bending back ot tho allied
front toward the towno f St. Just on
tho northern wing and toward tho rail
road junction ot Compeigne on tho
southern flank, getting astride the
Olse river and driving southwest to
ward tho French capital.
The French troops are resisting the
impact with tnelr usual valor, but tho
Germana on their right and in the cen
ter havo been able to penetrate tho
line for distances ranging from two
thirds of a mile south of Montdldler to
relatively two and a half miles at
Rossons-Sur-Matz, in the center.
Thence to Noyon, however, tho allied
line is holding strongly.
It success should rest with the enemy
on the new battle front It might badly
affect tho stability of the lino of the
defenders from tho Olse to the Mame
and compel a falling back westward
from tho Olse to the region of the
Marno northwest ot Chateau Thierry
in order to straighten out the iajep
salient that would then project east
ward, with the Solssons sector as Its
The allied commanders, It is assert
ed, were not taken unawares by tho
now offensive. Comparative quiet pre
vails In the region of the Marno and
on that portion ot the line in Flanders
held by tho British.
8hut from View by Clouds at Denver,
But Observed at Baker, Ore.
Denver. Heavy clouds which spread
across tho sky in deep fold brought
disappointment to thousands in Den
ver who were anticipating observing
the total eclipse of the sun June 8,
and particularly to tho scientists and
savants who had unllmbered their tel
escopes In Chamberlain observatory at
Denver University.
Baker, Oro. Untimely twilight, fast
followed by a deeper darkness, swept
over a strip of the Northwest fifty
miles wldo when tho solar eclipse, fore
told by men who havo reduced tho
movements ot astral bodies to an ex
act science, camo to pass.
Tho expected results ot plunging
tho world into darkness as of night
were observed. Birds sought their
nests and chickens went to roost. A
gloom as deep as that at 10 o'clock at
night enveloped tho favored strip of
country at the moment of totality.
Electric lights were turned on Indoors
and street cars and automobiles bad
their headlights burning.
Liner Escapes U-Bont Menace,
An Atlantic Port. Racing at full
speed for nearly a week to escapa
Gorman submarines, an American
Bteamahlp arrived from the West In
dies with flfty-nlno passengers, moro
than half ot whom wero women and
U. 8. Casualties Total 7,315.
Washington. Cosualtlos among tho
Amorlcan expeditionary forces thus
far reported by Gen. Pershing total
7,315, tho War Department announced.
Western Newspaper Union News Service,
Juna 24-29 Patriotic Food Show at
July 4-& cowboys' Reunion at La
October Annual meeting- New Mexleo
Publlo Health Association.
A largo acreage ot melons it being
planted In Mesilla valley.
Every county wilt havo an institute
for its teachers this year.
Stato lands put nearly $46,000 In tho
state treasury in May.
Goods valued at $400 wero stolen
from a Las Vegas store.
A railroad section house at Wago-i
Mound, was destroyed by fire,
A much needed rain that fell at
CIovls revived tho parched soil.
Jake Hulse of Magdalena was fined
$207.60 for killing two antelopes.
Work has been commenced on a
$40,000 refrigerating plant at Camp
Farmers in the vicinity oí Portales
report that they are losing cattle from
Fruit crop prospects aro much bet
ter In the Pecos valley than had been
Large shipments of livestock havo
boen leaving the Pecos valley during
tho past week.
Texlco recently pasBd a city ordi
nance which will bar all pool balls
from that city.
Tho Portales City Council has voted
to purchase a 100 horsepower engine
and a large dynamo.
W. O. Blggerstaff of l'elen has been
appointed a member 9! tho mounted
police by Governor Llndsey.
Lieutenant Gregory reports that Tu
cumcarl has como clean 100 per cent,
for tho Food Administration.
Los Vegas City Council passed an
ordinance placing all city officers and
employes on a salary and wage basis.
Donald J. McKeen, ot Santa Rita,
and Fred Goldlng, of Silver City, wero
on the missing Collier Cyclop?.
Stinking Lake, the duck breeding
ground in northern New Mexico, will
hereafter bo known as Lake Burford.
Ben Buttner, conductor on tho San
ta Fo coast lines between Gallup and
Winslow, died at his home in Wins
low. Clarence Hardy, colored, the trusty
who escaped from the state peniten
tiary at Santa Fo was captured at Es
pañola. Geraldo Sandoval and Francisco
Sandoval were arrested In tho Daw
son "Canon, near Tucumcarl, accused
ot being slackers.
K. Baba, a Japanese ot Gallup,
killed a Navajo Indian by striking him
over the head with a rifle barrel and
fracturing his skull.
Cattlemen from tho lower mesas,
near Las Vegas, state that the ranges
aro in very bad condition, and cattle
aro very poor owing to drouth.
"Bad" horses and good riders form
one ot the combinations which will put
thrills into tho fourth annual roundup
of the New Mexico Cowboys' Reunion
Association, to be held at Las Vegas
July 3, 4 and 5.
The Santa Fe and the Southern Pa
cific intend to consolidate tholr pas
senger station and freight depot
forces at Demlng, according to a re
port. Ono force of employes will work
for both railways.
That a small slip on a fault line
caused the earthquake felt over cen
tral New Mexico recently is tho theory
of Prof. Fayette A. Jones, well known
mineralogist, geologist, former presi
dent ot the State School of Mines.
U. S. District Judge Colin Neblett
at Santa Fo sentenced F. C. Blumleln,
of CIovls, formerly captain In the New
Mexico national guard, to serve three
years in the penitentiary at Fort Lea
venworth, Kan., for violation of the
espionage act.
Four Albuquerque women, dressed
In men's clothes were fined $10 and
costs each in tho Justice ot the Peaco
Court at Socorro after pleading guilty
to a charge of vagrancy. Immediate
ly after paying tho $16.60 each of tho
women loft for Albuquerque.
Five hundred more men from New
Mexico ore called to war soon after
Jun0 24. This (s tho Information In a
telegram sent to Govornor Llndsey bjr'
General Crowder and transmitted im
mediately to all of tho local boards by
Captain R. C. Rold, federal disbursing
officer. ?
Miss Ida M. Tarbell, one of Amor
lea's most noted writers and workor.
has promlsod to attend tho mother
daughter congress and patriotic food
show at Albuquerque Juno 24-29, hold
under tho auspices ot tht Food Admin
istration with the co-operation and as
sistance of the extenshn division of
tho stato college.
A fire in tho offices of County
Treasurer O. E. Strong's otfleo in Mo
ra destroyed practically all of tho
Mora county tax records. A duplicate
set on filo at tho offices of tho state
lax commission was rushed to him by
Stato Traveling Auditor A. G. Whlt
tler. Governor Lindsoy has recoived a let
ter which traveled thtrough the air
from NoWYork to Washington, bring
ing a message from President Alan R.
Hawley. of tho Aero Club of America
who predicts that trans-Atlantic aerial
mail lines will soon be a reality.
Canten, Ohio. "I niTered from ft
f amale troubls which caused sse ranch
suiienn?, and two
doctora decided
that I would hav
to go through an
operation beforo X
could eotwelU
"My mother, wh
had been helped by
Vegetable Com
pound, advised ra
to try it before sub
mitting to an opera
tion. It relieved ma
from mv troubles
0 1 can do my house work without any
difficulty. I advise any woman who fm
afflicted with female troubles to give
Lydla E. Plnlcham'a Vegetable Com
pound a trial and it will do as much for
them." Mrs. MARIS BOTD, 1421 6U
St, N. E., Canton, Ohio, t
Sometimes then aro serious eondi
tions whero a hospital operation is the
only alternative, but on the other hand
so many women have been cured by this
famous root and herb remedy, Lydia E.
Plnkbam's Vegetable Compound, after
doctors have said that an operation was
necessary every woman who wants
to avoid an operation should give it a
fair trial before submitting to such a
trying ordeaL
If complications exist, write to Lydia
E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.,
for advice. The result of many yean
experience is at your service.
100 Per Cent on
100 Interest on Liberty Bonds and War Sarins
Stamp poxlble. We want 1250,000 worth at
face value In denominations of ISO and up
wards, NO LIMIT. Write quick what 70a nave.
Salte 20O Elks Bids. Brown wood, Texas
sa o wb lies a.
vb minn nUabut
ALT fl&T p lri d tr
HI j BrB. H men. bflcaui) ttirv
AH JHH HIS wft whir-tthK
fiT Writ lor booklet end tcstftaoeJ.U.
6041st pkf. BlacU Hits. $4.00
Vm Mir Hector, but Cutter i simplest ud stronfett.
The superiority Cutter products li duo to otct IS
years ot rpecUIUlag In vaccines and scrums
only. Insist OH CUTTSA'S, II unotolaiNe,
order direct.
The Cotur Usontsry. Btruiiy, caurirui
SonpJiac ntmen2fljiniJJOc.
kill All FlíesTTH?ísiísRlAD
Placed anywhere, Dalay Fly Killer attract! and kills
all flies. Meat, dean, ornamental, convenient and cheap.
jim asawu nuuwtjasa. Uu en mum. vá
r teed aSMiT,. A.k for
Dalay Fly Killer
told by dealer, or oeat
r apa-vM, prvpadaL 11.00,
C. J. Mustion Wool
Commission Co.
1 16th & Liberty Sts, Stock Yard Station
A toilet preparation ot merit.
Heine to eradicate dandruff.
FArRattovinai Colat and
IBsaaty to Gray or Faded Hair.
Mo. and tto5 at Drorl,U.
W. N. U., DENVER, NO. 24-1918.
That Did It.
A sturdy tramp went Into n subur
ban garden whero the lady o tho
houso was occupied In attending to her
lie took no notice of her refusal to
give coppers, but continued to worry
her until a small dog nppenred, bark
ing loudly. The lady seized ita collar
and held It, calling out:
"You had better go ; It mny bite."
"i'ou nln't got no right to keep a
savngo dog," replied tho tramp, out
raged In all his most sacred feelings.
"Perhaps I have not," she answered
coolly. "If you think so I won't keep
him. I'll let him go."
The lntch of tho gate clicked vio
lently, and In 20 seconds the tramp had
vanished Into space.
Baby-Excluding Landlords.
James P. Gannon, Jr Jersey Clty'8
commissioner of revenue, Is out after
landlords refusing to rent homes to
families having babies. To such gen
tlemen he snys : "If you Insist on dis
criminating against families with chil
dren tho city will raise your tas as
sessment to tho limit. If you try to
cpme back wo will tight the case out
beforo (he bar of public opinion. And
you will lose. For Jersey City Is on
the side of tho babies, and don't you
forget it I"
The Reason.
"This letter from yóür son Is very
"Naturally. So was ho when ho
wrote It."
When you think of
Post th,nlcof

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