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i :
"Well, If It Isn't John! Here, Mr.
, Constable, stop the court.' :
Justice C. J. Gavin couldn't wait un
til his order was obeyed, cava the
Denver Post. Swinging around In hi
chair, he rushed from the bench and
grabbed by the hand a big, good-natured
looking man, weighing fully 225
pounds, who had appeared In the
door-way of the dingy little justice
ehop in the basement of the court
"Don't let me break up your court,
ludg,", said the man in the doorway.
"You can break up any ' court I
hold at least until I've shaken hands
with you," retorted Justice , Gavin.
Then stepping back to thebench, the
court announced to those - in.,- the
room : .
: "A Game One In His Tlme.rt
"Ex-Sheriff John Hixenbaugh of Ra
ton, N. M., ladles and gentlemen. He's
one of the bravest men that ever
struck terror to the hearts of evil
era. He's a cattleman now,, when lie
isn't mixing In politics, but he was a
,rgame one in his time." , .
It needed no further explanation
about ex-Sheriff Hixenbaugh's game
ness, for there was evidence a-plenty
" In a pair, of crutches on which he
: supported himself, and In the ab
, sence of his right leg, which was shot
away in 83 in a ngnt in wnicu vuw
desperado who wounded him, and
, two of his bandit pals were killed.
The desperadoes who paid life pen
- altles for the wounding of the brave
sheriff were Dick Rogers, Red River
Tom and John Carey.
Fight With Desperadoes.
"The fight occurred at Springer,"
explained Mr. - Hixenbaugh, when
pressed to tell about how he lost his
leg. "At that time I was sheriff of
Colfax county, and Springer was the
county seat
! "The country had been terrorized
by a gang of bad men, and I caught
Johnny Dodge, leader of a bunch of
desperadoes. Dodge was in the Jail
adjoining the court house at Springer
and under heavy guard.
"One fine morning I got a tip that
John Carey, three of Dodge's pals, in
tended releasing Urn. The tip came
pretty, straight, eo I hurriedly got to
gether a bunch of deputies and arm
ing them and a few of the prisoners
In the jail, we waited developments.
"We didn't have to wait long .for
pretty soon the three rode Into town,
and in less time than. It takes to tell
they were blazing away at us in the
jail and court house.,
"We lost no time, you can bet on
that We gave as good as we got In
fact, we gave more, for when the
battle was over, . there " were three
dead desperadoes and I carried1 a bul
let in my right knee." ,
( "And they didn't get the prisoner,"
broke In Justice Gavin. ' t
Killed the Three Outlaws.
"You bet" they didn't," rejoined ex
Sheriff Hixenbaugh.
"What added to the excitement of
the day was the arrival of troops,"
he continued. "Jt, seems that on the
way to storm the jatt.'the three des
peradoes stopped at the office of the
district attorney. M. W. Mills held
that office then. With' drawn guns
they gave Mr. Mills thirty minutes to
leave town.,
"He Jumped on a horse and giving
the men the Impression that lie would
follow their orders, he rode thirty
miles to Colmor, as fast as his horse
could carry him. There lie telegraph
ed to Fort Union for troops, which
were sent 1;
"When they arrived the town was
put under martial law for . a few
hours. The trouble was , all over,
however, so the troops left soon af
ter." ".
; Three Amputations Required.
After order had been restored, ex
Sheriff, Hixenbaugh allowed himself
to be removed to a hospital, where
three different amputations' of the leg
were necessary' to eave his life.
Though a powerful factor in demo
cratic politics, ex-Sheriff Hixenbaugh
is at present devoting his time to a
large cattle ranch which he owns and
which i located at Red Lakes, N. M.
He recently gave ' up the position of
county assessor of Colfax county, af
ter service of ten years. .
Mr. Hixenbaugh is a New Mexico
pioneer, having migrated to that ter
ritory from Kansas twenty-seven
years ago, and has watched" the
growth of the territory from the
start'- ..T'-s-
Justice Gavin spent many years In
New Mexico, and in. this way formed
the friendship of Mr. Hixenbaugh. It
is the intention of Mr. Hixenbaugh to
remain in Denver for a week. While
hre he will be the guest of Justice
Gavin at the latter's home, 1427 La
fayette street. ,
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Pavemental. . ,
tT'ow" of ii sre Interested In those
famous pavements made of good inten
tions, as we don't expect 10 go mere,
anyhow. Chicago News.
Popular tame in Britain.
. In England and Wales, out of every
100,000 girls and boys, 6,820 are called
Mary and 6,590 William.
Immense Mexican Haciendas.
Some of the haciendas in the Mexi
can state of Durango contain a millloa
or more acres.
Summer's Gall!
, . . . . i
Do You Hear It?
Doesn't the waking season arouse thoughts of tumbling
surf, placid lakes, mountain climbing, the quest for the
elusive fish, the gay life of the resorts, of riding, golfing,
automobile trips; or create a . yearning for indulgence in
your own particular pastime? r
If you hear it, heed it. . . '-'- .
Where Should You Go?
Choose from among the following:
Colorado, . California, The Grand Canyon,
Yosemlte yalley, . The Northwest, .
The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition.
Los Angeles, San Diego and Return, $37.95
San Francisco, $45.00
For the same trip one way via Portland and Seattle, 160.00,
Tickets on sale May 6 to 13, inclusive; Jnne 1 and 3; June 24 to
July 10, inclusive; and Joly 27 to August 6, inclusive.
Final limit October 31, 1909. Liberal stopover privileges. '
Slightly higher fares on other dates during the summer.
Santa Fe service and the famous meals by Harvey. Ceuld any
thing more be desired?
Plan now. Read up about the country
anditiattraoti .'ns. Gt free folders ismed
account the Elks meetings; the N. E. A.;
' Colorado; the great Exposition, the Grand
Canyon, and elsewhere.
D. L. BATCH ELOR, Agent.
Las Vegas, N. M. v
V! 7
Ml the GoM
Could not Biiyr
' Rodlnt.Oa. August S7.1W.
MaesM. S. 0. OsWrrr Co..
Chicago, 111.
Gantlamtti! 1
la 1897 I had a disease of thattomaoh
jjrtd bowala. Soma phyctciun told matt me
Dfapapila, toma Consumption of the Lunca,
torn aaid onnimptiOB of the Bowala. One
phrtfstan taid I would not lira until Eprlnf,
and lor four lon yart I azistad ao Ittue
Uooe and Pyipaptia ramadi thai floadaal
re marknL 1 could not dlnat anjthiec
ata, and In the Spring 1908 I plokad us
ana of your Almanacs as a poor amaoWad
Dytpapsia wrack will grasp at anything, and
that Almanao baDoanad to ba mr Ufa aanr.
I bought fifty cant bottla of KdDOL DYa
I bought fifty cant bottla
PBPSIA CURS and the boneSt I raeahrad
from thai bottla ALL THB QOLD IH
taking it and In two month I want back ta
my work, at a machinist, and In thrM months
I was wall and hearty. I still use a Uttle oo
oasionally as I find it a fine blood purifier
aod a good tonlo,
May you lira long and prosper.
Your ery truly,
This is only a sample of
the great - good that is
daily done everywhere by ?
Rod o 1
for Dyspepsia.
Sold by Schaefer's Pharmacy
Winter's Drug Store.
Territory of Now Mexico Office
of the Secretary Miscellaneous Cer
tificate I, Nathan Jaffa, Secretary of
the Territory of New Mexico, do here
by certify that '
Whereas, it appears to my satisfac
tion' by the duly authenticated record
of the proceedings for the voluntary
dissolution thereof, deposited in my
office, that The Portman Drug and
Stationery Company, a corporation of
this territory,, whose principal office
in this- territory Is In the Olney build
ing, East Las Vegas, New Mexico,
and F. E. Olney being the legal
agent in and in charge thereof, upon
whom process may be "served, has
complied with the requirements of
Chapter 79 of the acts of the 36th
Legislative assembly of the Territory
of New Mexico, entitled "An act to
regulate the formation and govern
ment of corporations for mining, mah:
Ofacturing, industrial and other pur
suits," preliminary to the issuance o
this certificate: "
Now therefore, I do further certify
that the said corporation did on the
9th day, of April, A..D. 1909, file in
my offirie a duly executed and attest
ed consent, In writing, to the dissolu
tion of said corporation, executed by
more than two-thirds In Interests of
all the stockholders thereof, which
said consent, and the record of the
proceedings aforesaid are now on file
In my office as provided by law.
Given under my hand and the great
seal of the Territory of New Mexico,
at the City of Santa Fe, the capital,
on this ninth day of April, A. D. 1909.
Secretary of New Mexico.
Assistant Secretary.
- , 22-29-6-13
Advertisement for Bids for Construc
tion cf Bridge Over Rio
Gallinae. '
Sealed bids for the construction of
a re-enforcei concrete bridge over
the Galllnaa river, at National street.
at the elte of the present bridge be
tween the City of Las Vegaa and the
Town of Las Vegas, all material and
labor to bo furnished by the success
ful bidder, will be received at the of
fice of the probate clerk and ex-offl-clo
recorder of the county of San Mi
guel, New Mexico, up to Friday, June
18, 1909 tha said bridge to be of the
following dimensions, to-wlt:
About 200 feet in length and about
65 feet In width and constructed
with two arches each having a clear
span of 68 feet and a center pier
. ' - . A . . i 41.
about lu leer, in uiameier, me
description of -said bridge being fully
set cut In tfce plans" and specific
tlons and instructions to bidders
now on file at the office of the probate
clerk and ix-officlo recorder of the
county of San Miguel at Las Vegas,
New Mexico, where they may do ex
amined by blddem.
The said bridge is to be completed
bv November 15. 1909. All bids must
he accompanied by a bond In the
amount of $?,000 with two or- more
sufficient sureties thereto, condi
tloned for th faithful performance
of the requirements of the bid, said
sureties to ho residents of the county
of San Mlsnel, New Mexioo. .
By order of the board of county
commissioners of tie county of - San
(Seal.) Clerk.
Territory of New MexicoOffice pf
the Secretary Certificate I, Nathan
Jaffa, Secretary of the Territory of
New Mexico, do hereby certify there
was filed for record in this office, at
2:00 o'clock p. in., on the thirtieth
day of April, A. D. 1909, articles of
'incorporation of Southwestern Wool &
Hide Company, No. 5942, and also,'
that I have compared the following
copy of the same, with the original
thereof now on file, and declare it to
be a correct transcript therefrom and
of the whole thereof. '
In witness whereof, I'have hereunto
set my hand and affixed my official
seal this thirtieth day of April, A. D.
1909. ' , - ,'
.. Secretary of New Mexico.
Articles of Incorporator! of . South
western Wool & Hide Company.
We, the under&lgned, citizens of the
United States o America, and sub
scribers to the capital stock of the
Southwestern Wool & Hide Company,
being desirous to form a corporation
under and in pursuance to the law
of the Territory of New Mexico, and
having associated ourselves together
for that purpose, have prepared and
hereby adopt the following articles of
incorporation: v .
V; ARTICLE I - " -'
The' name of the said corporation
shall be the Southwestern Wool &
Hide Company. -ARTICLE
The purposes and objects for" which
said corporation is formed are the
buying and selling, both at retail and
wholesale, of goods, v wares and mer
chandise, and generally the doing of a
general mercantile business, and the
buying and selling of all kinds and
character of products, wool, hides-,
pelts, agricultural -implements of all
kinds and classes, and farm wagons,
buggies and vehicles of all classes
and kinds; the tfuylng, selling and
dealing in lumber of all classes and
kinds; also the. storage of goods,
wares and merchandise of every
class and kind; also the buying, sell
ing, leasing and generally dealing In
ware-houses, ranches and other real
estate, and also the buying, selling,
trading and dealing in live-stock of
whatsoever kind, class or nature; also
storage business, and in general
to do and perform any and all acts
and things that are or may be neces
sary or Incident to the carrying out
of the aforesaid objects or any or
either of them.
The total capital stock ot this com
pany shall be' Fifty Thousand Dol
lars, which shall be divided Into five
hundred shares, of the par value of
one hundred dollars each; and said
corporation ehall commence business
with a, capital stock of five thousand
The term for which this corporation
is to exist shall be fifty (50) years
from the date of the filing of these
articles of Incorporation In the office
of the Secretary of the 'Territory ot
New Mexico.
The principal place of business and
the principal office of this corpora
tion is East Las Vegas, in the county
of San Miguel, In the Territory ot
New Mexico, and the agent of this
corporation in charge of said Office la
Clarence Iden, whose postofflce ad
dress is East Las Vegas, San Miguel
County, Territory of New Mexico.
The names and postofflce addresses
of, the incorporators, and the num
ber of shares of stock 'subscribed by
each, the aggregate of which, is five
thousand dollars, are as follows:
Henry W. Kelly, East Las
Vegas, New Mexico. ..24 $2,400.00
Clarence Iden, East Las '
Vegas, New Mexico . . 1 1$ 100.00
George W. Bond, Trinidad,
Colorado . . . . . .... . .' 2512,500.00
In witness whereof, we have here
unto set our names and seals this
28th day of April, A. D. 1909.
Signed , ' " " .
GEORGE W." BOND ' (Seal)
Territory of New Mexico,
County of San Miguel ss.
On this 28th day of. April, A. D.
1909. before me personally appeared,
Henry ,W. Kelly, Clarence Iden' and
Oeorge W. Bond, to me known to be
the persons described In and who ex
ecuted the foregotng Instrument, and
severally acknowledged that they ex
ecuted the same as their free act
and deed for the uses and purposes
therein set forth.
Witness my hand and notarial seal,
this 28th day of April, A. D. 1909.
Notary Public, San Miguel County,
(Seal New Mexico.
My commission expires September
17. 1912.
Endorsed: No. 5942, Cor. ree'd VoL
5, page 611. Articles of Incorporation
of Southwestern Wool & Hide Com
pany. Filed in office of Secretary of
New Mexico, April 30, 1909, 2 p. m.
Nathan Jaffa, Secretary.
ON '
R.jbber Tire Vehicles
We have a good variety of Rubber
Tire Buggies and Surreys which
we are offering at a bargain.
... , ' In Our
Cherries Uf eld Co.
Try onr Yankee Coal No soot and little ash
2000 pounno to the ton.
Everything in the building line-Lowest prices
A complete stock of wall paper. !
CIELLV ':aniJ 1 CO.
(Incorporated) -f- ,
-and Doalorm In
Houses at
Eaat Lam Vega, N.M.. Albuquortiuo, Mm Mm, Tuoumoarl,
Mm Mmt Poao9, Mm M; Logan, Mm M.. Trinidad, "Colorado
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200 IOS., IO IfOOU ids., catn ucnvciy, jut p iuu ivsi ,
50 Ibs. to 300,lbs., each delivery, 40c per 100 lbs.
Less than 50 lbs., each delivery, 50c per 100 lbs.
Harvesters, Storers and Distributors of Natural Ice, the.
juritv and lastinc Qualities of which have made Las Vegas
Browne & flanzanares Co.
Sda and Saadara
Wool, Hides and Pelts.
All kinds of Native Products.
Grain Sacks, Hay Presses. . "s
Wholesalers of Prugs and Patent Medicines. .
High Explosives, Fuse and Caps.'
Headquarters In the Territory for
Plows., Agricultural mplemehts
Meet your Friends at.
Ope3r& Bar
Old Taylor Bourbon & Sherwood Bye
Served Clreoi from Barrel
Billiard Hall in connection.
520DouglasAvc ELasVcgasiRM

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