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The Pullman company Ls making
n experiment with Mexican porters
on the cars eg substitutes for negroes
on the Mexican Central and other
lines in Mexico handled by that dis
trict Mexican hare already nper-
ceded negroes on soma of the ran
out of Mexico City, and the change
is said to be very satisfactory to the
management. There are about fifty
porters in Mexico who are under the
Jurisdiction of the office in 1 Paso
and if the Mexicans give the satis
faction expected of them it is prob
able that most of the negroes on
these runs will give place to the
Conductor J. W. Wells piloted light
engine 431 to Raton last uighr.
Engineer F. V. Hansen is detained
at home by the continued illness of
his wife. ,
Conductor Geo. E. Tripp took a
stock train of fourteen cars to Raton
yesterday afternoon.
The Harvey house people here re
cently received a carload of hay all
the way from Los Angeler.
Conductor D. C. Davis of the San
ta Fe has leased the Apple residence
at Baton and will reside there with
hl family.
Another car of watermelons has
been received by the Miller Fruit
company, thig shipment coming from
San Antonio, Texas.
A bunch of dining room girls em
ployed at the Castaneda hotel, with
their escorts 'as guests, will indulge
In a hay ride to the hills tonight in
the Vght of the moon.
Chas. F. Grasberger, a round house
clerk for the Santa Fe at Vaughn,
N. M., came to the railroad hospital
here yesterday afternoon for needed
rest and medical treatment.
O. R. Cowherd, assistant supervisor
of the Santa Fe's signal service, was
In the city yesterday, coming up
from the south with W. H. Rife, a
signal foreman with long jurisdiction.
Three more switchmen were laid
off In the Albuquerque yards, Thurs
day, and it is intimated that there
will be more reductions and changes
not only in the yards, but also In the
Marshall McCombs, a Southern
Pacific engineer living in Lordsburg,
N. M., claims to have rediscovered
the lest art of tempering copper and
has a hardened copper razor that will
shave to beat the band.
Three long blasts of the shops sir
en in Albuquerque at 1 o'clock yester
day morning routed the members of
the Santa Fe fire department out of
bed. A hurried trip to the shops re-
Started Like Ringworm on Hand
Hand Swelled and Then Humor
Spread to Arms, Legs and Face
, It was Something Terrible.
"I have used the Cuticura Remedies
for a very bad case of eczema with com
plete success. About fifteen or eighteen
years ago the disease developed in the .
shape of a large pinbead on top of my
hand. It burned and itched so much
that I was oompelled to show it to a doo
tor. He pronounced it ringworm, and
made very light of it. He gave me a
wash and told me to apply it before go
ing to bed and all would be over in the
morning. But the next morning my
hand was all swollen up and I poulticed
it. When the doctor came to his office I
showed him the hand and to my sur
prise he told me that he had never ex
perienced such a case in his practice and
aid it was well I poulticed it. After
trying his different remedies the disease
increased and went up my arras and
finally to my thighs and legs generally
and finally on my face. The burning
was something terrible. After I bad
tried this doctor, as I thought, long
enough, I went to another doctor who
had the reputation of being the best in
town. He told me it was a bad case of
eczema and that it would take quite a
while to cure it. His medicine checked
the advance of the disease but no fur
ther. "I finally concluded to try the Cuti
cura Remedies. I bought a cake of
Cuticura Soap, a box of Cuticura Oint
ment and a bottle of Cuticura Resolvent
and found relief in the first trial. -I con
tinued until I was completely free from
the disease and I have not been troubled
with another attack since. I still use
the Cuticura Ointment in my family as
it is one of the best remedies to heal a
sore or other injury rapidly.- I can
freely and truthfully say that the Cuti
cura Remedies are the best so far as my
experience went with them and I am
stul recommending them, feeling sure I
am not making a mistake. C. Burk
hart, 236 W. Market St., Chambersburg,
Pa., Sept. 19, 1908."
Complete Externa! nd InterraJ Treatment tor
Every Humor of Infants, Children and Adull foo
atnt of Cut Irani sai (i.ic.l to Cleanse the Skin,
Cutienrn Ointment f50c.) to Heal the skin and Cull
etira Resolvent (fiOe.). for In the form of Choenlata
Coated Piiifl, 2fc per vial of 60) U) Purify the Wood,
plt throughout the world Potter ilruK CAem.
Corn , Hole PrtHm., Boston. Maaa.
mfMmmi . Cuucura bout a Skin Dlseasa,
Tealed no evidence of fire other than
that under the boilers, and the weary
firemen were dismissed with a warn
ing not to make the Incident an ex
cuse for failure to show up when
the whistle tooted yesterday morning.
Nick Dillon, the genial Santa Fe
operator, formerly at RIbera, N. M.,
has received a much deserved pro
motion. After thi3 his enchanting
smile will be seen behind the desk
at Fulton, N. M., where he has ac
cepted the position as agent
T. T. Kelly, ex-treasurer of the
state of Kansas, and the man who
built the new million dollar tunnel
for the Santa Fe railway at Raton,
was a through passenger into Las Ve
gas last evening, who was privileged
to stop several places en route.
Mrs. A. L. Chandler, wife of the
late Santa 'Fe jiassenger conductor,
has arrived in Albuquerque from the
west and after visiting friends there
for several days, will continue to
Kansas City, where she win remain
during the summer.
v. rjoncnolo, a Santa Fe section
hand, who was badly injured with
two other section hands by an explo
sion of dynamite at Apex station on
the Grand Canyon line of the Santa
Fe, Is In a critical condition at the
Santa Fe hospital in Albuquerque.
Mrs. Marguerite Blgelow, of the
Alvarado news stand, has left Albu
querque for the Grand Canyon to as
sist In the news . department there
during the rush of Elks, which Is ex
pected next week. She' will be ab
sent from the" Duke city a couple of
Passenger Conductor and Mrs. R.
F. Hays departed this afternoon on
No. 1 for Excelsior Springs, Mo.,
where the latter" will take a course
of baths. The heal of the household
may also indulge himself In a plunge
or two In the hope that he may be
benefited thereby.
The Coors Lumber company of this
city yesterday received by freight
5,000 pounds of potatoes from the J.
C. Coulson Fruit and Produce com
pany, Trinidad, Colo. They will be
distributed among dry. farmers on
mesa lands and planted by them yet
tula season In either the light
the dark of the moon.
During the first five months of the
year the four leading express com
panies , nave transacted business
which shows an advance of from 10
per cent In case of one company ito
20 per cent in the case of some of
the others, as compared with the
operations of a rear ago. The condi
tion of he express companies Is rue
of the best guides to the general con
ditions of the country. ,
Charles M. Hlcklln, one of the most
prominent railroad men in the coun
try and for the past eighteen years
general western agent of the Mallory
Steamship line in Denver, died at
St. Joseph's hospital in that city of
hemorrhage of the stomach. Mr.
Hicklln's death came as a severe
blow to his family and friends. He
became suddenly ill a week ago and
was forced to give up his position
and go to the hospital. He succumb
ed very suddenly to his malady and
died In the arms of his broken-hearted
Love letters should always be type
written. In a typewritten letter there
ls .a ring at the end of each line,
She Did he say he knew me when
I was a girl?
He No; be said he knew you when
he was a boy. Exchange.
Customer (having face steamed)
Gee whiz I That towel is hot
Barber Yes, I know it, but I could
not hold it any longer. Puck.
English Countess (admiringly)
Your gown is Just ripping, my dear,
American Duchess ( in alarm)
Oh, where? Baltimore American.
Our slangy appellations
Sometimes are out of place;
For oft you see a summer girl
Who has a wintry face.
Hon. Solomon Luna, of Los Lunas,
Valencia county, one of We largest
individual sheep raisers in the soutn.
west, was a visitor in Las Vegas yes
terday, leaving for Albuquerque this
morning on The California limits;!.
Mr. Luna's trip to this city was for
the mirpose of personally looking af
ter a big shipment of fleecy animals
to Colorado grazing grounds, ine
sheep were shipped from the Luna
ranges in Socorro county, being load
erf of Mnffflalena. The sheep were
taken from the cars upon arrlV'
al at Springer and allowed to
spend the day resting in the Santa
Fe stockyards, this being in compli
ance with the twenty e'git hour Jsw.
Mr. Luna said that the southern
ranges were parched fortwant of rain
and that unless the present dry spell
was broken soon, it would result in
great losses to stockmen generally.
As it 1 ls the past season has been
anything but favorable to sheep and
cattle because of ;ho prtvalUBg
At a recent meeting of the territo
rial Sheep Sanitary board In Albu
querque, the dipping season was ex
tended until the July rains set in.
The dipping therefore will begin next
week throughout the territory.
Sentry Haiti Who goes there?
Private Jones Friend who has 4
Sentry Pass, friend! Halt, bottle
"How do you know Bllgglns enjoys
Because he'd rather be umpire in
a baseball game than one of the play,
ere." Washington Star.
Passenger Will the train be much
longer? ,
Porter No, miss. It won't be long
now, for I see the engine driver's dog
trottln up the line. Judge.
. a
You don't know how proud I am
of my younger brother, Jerry," said
Mrs. Lapsling. "Before he had been
in college three years he got his
bacchanalian degree." Chicago Trib
une. ' 1
"The average girl can keep her en
gagement a secret," remarked the Ob
server of Events and Things, "Just
about as long as she can the fact that
she's been eating onions. Yonker's
Statesman. j
"You will admit that woman's suf
frage is a great cause," said the Lon
don suffragette.
"Yes", answered the member of
parliament, "a great cause of annoy
ance." Washington Star.
A man dropped his wig on the
street and a boy who was following
close behind picked it up and handed
it to him. "Thanlr you, my boy,"
eaid the owner of the wig, "you're
the first genuine hair restorer I've
seen. Good Health.
Adjutant General R. A. Ford of San
ta Fe, has announced definitely that
the New Mexico National Guard will
go into encampment at Las Vegas on
July 15 to 30. Special attention will
be given to field Instruction.
The encampment will largely deter
mine the attitude of the federal gov
eminent in the future toward the
New Mexico National Guard. Gover
nor Curry will make a personal in
pectlon, and Captain Brooks has been
designated by the war department to
make a Held inspection. His report
will have an Important bearing on
the future of New Mexico's militia,
as far as the war department is con
cerned. Capt. Ludwlg Wm. Ilfeld of Troop
Hundreds of East Las Vegas Citizens
Can Tell You All About It
A. U bending every effort to have
the local troop make a creditable
showing at the encampment and the
members of the troop are enthusias
tic over the coming encampment,
which will be the largest ever held
In the territory, It being estimated
that live hundred guards of the terri
tory will be here.
It Is also said that the war depart
ment will deta.1 a troop of cavalry
from Fort Wingate, to act as BOrt
of a school of instruction at the encampment
If womej and rivers could only keep
their mouths closed but they can't
so there's no use in stirring up a fuss
about it.
Home endorsement, the public x-
pression of East Las Vegas people,
should be evidence beyond dispute
for every East Las Vegas ' reader.
Surely the experience of friends rnd
neighbors, cheerfully given by thorn,
will carry more weight than the ut
terances of strangers residing In far- free-
away places. Read the following:
L. J. Meyer, proprietor of the San
ta Fe hotel, East Las Vegas, K. M.
says: "Four years ago Dean's Kidney
Pills afforded me such great relief
from disordered kidneys that I freely
gave a statement for publication re
commending them. I suffered greatly
from backache end reading reports
about Doan's Kidney Pills in onr
newspapers, I procured a box at K.
D. Goodall's drug store. After tak
ing a few doses I noticed relief and
in a short time the trouble entirely
left me. I have never had backache
aince and can emphasize the fact that
give Doan's Kidney Pills all the
credit for mv cure."
For sale by all dealers. Price 60
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the
take no other.
Help for Those Who Have Stomach
After doctorln,? for about twelve
years for a bad stomach trouble, and
spending nearly five hundred dollars
for medicine and doctors' fees, T pur
chased my wife cne box of Chamber
lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
which did her so much good that she
continued to use them and they have
done ber more good than all of the
medicine I bought before. Samnel
Boyer, Jolsom.' Icwa. This
Is for sale by all dealers. Rsmniu
gtiXuc bowels; deexwscs
abxi cousaCYv
To Ces bexicaxoX
Fig Syrup Co.
A woman would gladly work 24
hours a day if she was sure It would
give her r. satisfactory complexion.
name Doan's and
Malaria begins with a chill and
ends with a fever, love begins with a
fever and ends with a chill.
A Contented Woman
Is always found In the same house
with Ballard's Snow Liniment It
keeps every member of the family
free from aches nnd pains. It heals
cuts, burns and scaldb an mm
rheumatism, neuralgia, lumbago and
au jnuscu'ar soreness and stiffness.
25c, 50c and $1.00 a bottle. Sold by
Center Block Depot Dm rn
Sees Mother Grow Young.
"It would be hard to overstate the
wonderful change In my mother 'nce
she began to use Electric Bitters,
writes Mrs. W. L. Gllpatrlck of Dan.
forth, Me. "Although past 70 she
seems really to be growing young
again. She suffered untold misery
from dyspepsia for 20 years. At last
she could neither eat drink nor sleep.
Doctors gave her up and all remedies
failed till Electee Bitters worked
such wonders for her health." They
invigorate all vital organs, care
liver end kidney troubles, Induce
sleep. Impart strength and anntirA
Only 50c at all druggists.
If your neighbors are unsat'efao-
tory It may be owing to the face that
you are an unsatisfactory neighbor.
Wearing of bloomers will not bring
a society bud out any sooner.
Delay In commencing treatmenf for
a slight irregularity that could have
been cured quickly by Foley's Kid
ney Remedy may result In a serious
kidney disease. Foley's Kidney Rem
edy builds up the worn out Hisum
and strengthens these organs. O. G.
fecnaerer and Red Cross Drug Co. .
Proper Treatment for Dysentery and
The great mortality from dysentery
and diarrhoea in due to a lack of
proper treatment at the first stages
of the disease. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy ls a
reliable and effectual medicine, and
when given In reasonable Urns will
prevent any dangerous consequences.
It has been in use for many years
and has always met with unvarying"
success. For sale by all dealers.
Doctor-Now; there Is a very simple
remedy for this er this er recur
ring thirst. Whenever you feel you
want a whisky and soda just eat en
apple eat an apple.
Patient But -er fancy eating fifty
or sixty apples a day! Punch.
Shoe salesman (to tall, bony cus
tomer) I'm afraid these shoes will
pinch you a trifle, madam, I suggest
that you try what we call onr h'm
our contracted No. 6.
Customer No, sir; I won't wear
a 6. Have you an expanded No. 5?
Chicago Tribune.
A Golden Wedding
means that man and wife have lived
to a good old age and consequently
have kept healthy. The best way to
keep healthy ls to see that your li
ver does its duty 365 days out 365,
The only way to do this is to keep
Ballard's Herbine In the house and
take it whenever your liver gets In
active. 50 cents per bottle. Sold by
Center Block Depot Drug Co.
The chorus girl goes to extremes in
the matter of clothes she wears on
and off the stage. ; .
A man whose
him seldom has
them. .
relations gush over
cause to gush over
A Night Rider's Raid.
The worst night riders are calomel,
croton oil or aloes pills. They raid
your bed to rob jou of rest. Not so
with Dr. King's New Life Pills. They
never distress or Inconvenience, but
always cleanse the system, curing
colds, headache, constipation, malaria.
25c at all druggists.
After the cow jumped over the
moon she probably meandered down
the milky way.
picnics, etc. It is, also, usually, ;
a hot, sultry day, on which the
coolest garments possible are
none to cool.
White Lawn or Batiste Waists with White Duck or Pique Skirts
make ideal costumes for any and all summer occasions. We have an
excellent variety of these Popular garments and will save you one
fourth to one-third of the usual price. '
Many people with chronic throat
and lung trouble have found comfort
and relief In Foley's Honey and Tar
as It cures stubborn coughs after
other treatment has failed. L. M,
Ruggles, Reasnor, Iowa, writes: "The
doctors s(Jd I had consumption, and
I got no better until I took Foley's
Hones and Tar. It stopped the hem
orrhages and pain In my lungJ and
they are now as Bound us a bullet."
O. O. Schaefer .nd Red Cross Drug!
Lawn waiBts, open back, all over
Embroidered front, with box pleat
effect, collar trimmed, with tucks
and val lace, long sleeves edged
with val lace, this week, only....49c
Lawn waists, open front tncked
front and back, all over embroider
ed front piece and shoulders tucked
collar, long sleeves edged with val
lace, for $1.09
White Batiste waists, open back,
tncked all over embroidered front
tucked back, circular tucked sleeves
edged with val lace tucked collar,
only . $1.35
Swiss waists, open back, all over
embroidered front, yoke, back and
' sleeves tucked with clusters of 8
tucks long sleeves, collar and sleeves
edged with raj lace, this week 1 .35
About 20 dozen ladies fine hose
including all lace, lace ankle gouse
and plain lisle in black and tan,
worth 65c per pair, this week....49c
This is the time when parasols
are essential. All Parasols are all
one-piece handles, steel frames and
first class covers. This week :
$5.00 Pararola for 3.69
$4.00 Parasols for 2.89
$3.50 Parasols for 2.94
$3.00 Parasols for 1.98
$2 00 Parasols for 1.39
$1.50 Parasols for 98c
A lot of Lingerie and Gingham
one piece dresses, well made, nicely
trimmed with tucks and lace just
the thing for these hot days only
. 5.18
A Linene skirt, trimmed with one
wide and two narrow bias bands
and inverted pleats down back,
three bias bands full length of
front,. 1,75
Same skirt as above withont front
bias bands and with pearl buttons
In front of bottom, this week 1.25
White Pique skirt trimmed with
bias bands, and white pearl but
tons, inverted, pleats with panel ef
fects at each side this week ...,2.50
All linen skirts with wide bias
fold at bottom, panel front with
heavily embroidered bands, full
length side opening, fastening with
pearl buttons, an unusual value
only ,...4,50
An all Linen nine gored skirt,
buttoning, fall length in front, each
seam covered with eyelet embroid
ed bands, a skirt for service, only
$1.00 Puffs 69c
$1.50 Puffs 1.00
$1.75 Puffs 1.19
0' frir'TOfc
r" U -- -I a lis i fl If f I
$2. Rosette 1.48
$3 50 Switches
$5.00 Switches

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