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Che Saihj (Optic
The Optic Publishing Company
Entered ax tha Poatorfle at Eut
Lu Vhu. N K, a aecond-claca
Las VegM nothing, but to wake up
and do something. Instead of using
all the energy the people here hare
fighting each other, fighting one com
munity against the other; use that
energy to bring something to La Ve
gas that will do every body aome
With proper effort aa much as a
national military encampment could
be secured, bringing 25.000 to 30,000
men here. Aa It la the little encamp
ment next week will keep every
bakery In town busy baking bread, it
will help the butchers sell as much
meat again as Is regularly used here
la a day. The soldiers will need coal
they will need wood, theyjtfill need
groceries and Ice.
Maay officers will bring their wives.
What steps has Las Vegaa taken to
Far Tear by Carrier 17.00
Per Month by Carrier '.65 entertain these visitors at least one
Per Week f Carrier JW evening? The governor will be over
I to lnpect the guard. What should be
' done, is that the visiting officers
should be (taken about town and vt
One Tear 11-00
BU Month L00
cinlty In automobiles, the governor
should be given a reception and
dance at , the Commercial club, one
' n. two dances ouzht to be arranged
It is only a few days to 3Jtor the enlisted men, aa all cannot
15th, the day set for the opening of be aw? from camp at one time
the territorial National guard en- The street car line will run a half
campment, which will be held at the hour schedule to the camping grounds
... . ,. j I and- people ought to make it a point
rifle range near Las Vegas and con- v" v , , ,
to go out there, it is only a five mln-
unue ior iiu vi " " ute walk from the end of the line,
until July 30th. Other cities in w k , t together and boost
like Greater Las Vegans should.
New Mexico would give a good deal
to have these yearly encampments.
Nature has provided Laa Vegas with
a nerfectlv level ground, large and
esoeciallr suitable for encampments.!
AVnnn ii it v.- o nitiini nhnntinff! Pirklns. fiftv-ssven varieties of
AO 1W tit- wwu.w. vHVwv.0 t -
ranee that is perhaps not excelled in ! them, and mostly sour, are advertls
tha United States. ed for sale by a certain large dealer
Therefor it will be seen that this ia that commodity. And advertising
annual military encampment comes' pays, for about fifty-six' of these va
here because nature has so ably fitted rleties must have been, sold and con
Las Vegaa for It But what could Burned here on the east bank of the
be done If Las Vegas had a pushing torrential Galllnaa. We know of no
lot of boosters, a wide-awake club to , other way to account for the acid
handle matters of this kind instead ', ness and sourness of some of our
of two clubs, neither of which seems citizens on the question of consolida-
to have as much energy as a Newtlon and annexation '
York cab horso at 3 a. m. It cannot be denied that the two
Albuquerque yearly has from towns must inevitably become one,
500 to 600 regulars who are forced to , Their interests are common, their lo-
camp ia a dusty, sandy place. These ' cation Is common and their future
same soldiers would be delighted to will be' the game. They are being
come here for two or three months,! drawn together more and more every
camp on the rifle range, use the , day, It Is only a qestlon of a very
target range and be more than glad j few years until they will become one
to come back every year. What these j whether some people want it or not
regular troops with 50 horses, etc.,
would spend arouil here would
amount to thousands and would cost
There is no use waiting for that time
to come. The thing to do is to go
forward and meet it. That we can
lo villi offer any 03.50 Douglas Ox
ford In tho hhuso far
until oil arc sold.
Tuli Stock, High Shoes h '"
: : Common Sense Shoe Store.
614 Douglas Avenue. '
do by working and voting for con
solidation now. Even the pickle eat
ers must realize that to do other
wise will be to stand In the way of
our progress.
The Optic has an exchange list
consisting of the important papers of
the country which was ' obtained at
no little trouble and expense. We
went to the trouble and paid the ex
pense although you may not believe
it. This exchange list has & strong
attraction for some people around
town who come In and read. They
are welcome. But that Is not the real
burden of our song. Some people
who come in to read carry away the
papers with them. One person went
so far as to open our unopened mail,
by Jove! Now what do you think of
thatT We call it the height of un
adulterated gall. Hereafter no more
exchanges are to be taken from this
qfflce. They are our property and
we need them In. our business. If
yoa need them In yours, remit the
money and have the paper sent to
you. We want it distinctly under
stood that you can't take ours.
Dreyfus case may state France to Its
depths. The fear of German invar
sion may stir British hearty But
we need no such profound causes to
make our newspapers and magazines
and our speaking plaJtforms vibrate
from, coast to coast, to the same tune
What other practical nations call
movements, we characteristically call
"waves". The fight against graft in
municipal politics was a wave; prohi
bition is a wave; the direct primary
is a wave; the reaction against the
impure drama is a wave; the Teddy
bear was a wave, and the present-day
passion, for living In bungalows is a
wave. We have been sentimental
enough to gq wild over such inherent
ly, fascinating subjects as conserva
tion and desert irrigation on the one
hand, and the proper punishment for
kidnaping on tho other. We are sen
timental enough to have indulged
these later years In a process of
beartrsearchlng of which Bishop Wil
liams's sermon is a very good specimen.
Wesctch Specials
A few specials which we are offering: for a short
Gents' Gold Filled Case guaranted 20 years, fitted
with a 17 jeweled, ELGIN or WALTIIAM move
merit . $12.50
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WALTH AM, , . . ; . $ 5.50
Ladies' Gold Filled Case, guaranteed with either
ELGIN or WALT HAM movement $12.15
e. J. TAUPERT, Jeweler and Optician.
. Lhs Vegas, N.M.i . t '.- COO Douglas Avenue
.(New York Evening Post.)
Of the ancient defects in our nation
al character which Bishop Williams
of Michigan has brought together in
to one withering indictment, none is
so familiar and ao false as the charge
that we are an unsentimental people.
For If there is anything that marks ua
off from the races of Europe, it is
the amazing ease with which a peo
ple of eigbity million eouls can be
Swayed here and there by the idea
and the fancy of the moment. A
Under the caption "One Week Was
Enough" the Santa Fe New Mexican
"After one week's residence at Las
Vegas, Don T. Parnam, a health-
seeker from Kansas City, died of tu
berculosis. He was found dead in
bed by his wife."
It is now learned that the day before-
fco died he was told he would be
taken to Santa Fe next day. His
death followed almost immediately
thereafter. ' i-r:5;-v
TrlnidaJ, Colo, July 10. Th mat
ter cf securing better freight rates to
other points In New Mexico aside
from Raton is to be the subject at a
meeting ot the board of directors of
the Trinidad chamber of commerce
to be held at an early date. Tha first
step along the line of freight ind ex
press rats reduction was secured by
the Schneider Brewing company,
which gained their point by informing
the Santa Fe officials that they could
haul their products to Raton over the
Colorado fctate highway cheaper than
shl ) it under tho existing rate. Fol
lowing this reduction the Wells Fargo
Express company announced a big
cut between the two points, and
Geo'ge Mason, of the Trinidad Candy
company also secured a better" rate
to Raton. The next step will be an
effort to get rates to Gallup, . M.,
as well as a number of other points in
tha' territory. The chamber of com
merce reaMzes tho importance of get
ting better outgoing rates for Trinidad
and is taking an active part in the
campaign. ' , ,
Trancit) Varsla was this morning
bound over to the grand jury by a
West sid3 Justice of the peace, on
the charge of stealing a horjs and
riding the animal to death.
Chicago, July 10. A Washington
special ssys there Is a strong likeli
hood that President Taft will offer
Governor Hughes the first vacancy on
the Unite! States supreme bench. The
offe Is regarded as contingent upon
a vacancy occurring at the sami time
the expiration of the governor'! term
Old-timers of this city will learn
with regret of the death In Fairmont,
W. Va., on July 3 of Rev. Jeremiah
Engle, some fifteen years ago pastor
of the Methodist church In this city.
Regarding his death the Fairmont
West Virginian says:
A wave of sadness swept, over this
community when it was learned that
Rev. Jeremiah Engle had passed
away, hie death occurring at two-thirty
o'clock this morning at his home
on Walnut avenue. While Rev. Engla
had been dangerously ill for several
weeks, and his condition had been
alarming in ithe past few days, never
theless the news of his death was
a great shock to this community. He
had been in failing health for about
three years, having suffered a partial
paralytic stroke rind for the past few
months his health had failed percep
tibly and in the last week or ten
days his death has been almost mom
entarily expected. '
"The cause of his death was hemi
plegia and during the weeks of hla
illness he had been a great sufferer,
though he bore his sufferings without
a murmur.
"Rev. Engle was born in Philadel
phia, May 31, 1837, and was therefore
seventy-two years of age at the timer
of his death. He was the youngest
of ten children, all of whom lived to
good ages and he was the last of the
family to be called to hla reward.
"The deceased had been for thirty
two years a member of the W. Va.,
Methodist Episcopal conference and1
for a period of years was the sec
retary of ithe conference."
' " ' ' ' "
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"U; i-

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