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T5he Optic
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Optic's Number, Main 2.
Five cents per line each Insertion
Estimate tlx ordinary words to a line.
Ne ad to occupy less space than two
lines. All advertisements charged will
be booked at space actually set, with
ut regard to number of worde. Cash
In advance preferred. Phone Main 2.
Male and Female
Help Wanted
(WANTED First class cook. Mrs.
John Shank, 613 East Douglas.
For Sale
FOR SALE Cheap ticket to Kansas
City. P. o. Box 291.
FOR SALE New upright piano, price
Ages of Reigning
right. Inquire Wm.
& A. Corporation.
Shillinglaw, I
FOR SALE Thoroughbred Buff Ply
mouth Rock eggs, $1.00 per setting.
C. P. Hammond.
FOR SALE Buff Plymouth Rock
baby chlcka, $14.00 per 100. Money
must accompany order. Mrs. Mag
gie E. Stevens, Humboldt, Kan., R 2.
FOR SALE Legal blanks of all de
scriptions. Notary seals and rec
ord n at The Optic of floe.
For Rent
FOR RENT Furnished front bed-
room on first floor. Electric light,
bath. 508 Main avenue.
FOR RENT Nice, large steam heated
rooms. No Invalids. 401 Rail
road avenue.
FOR RENT Modern furnished
511 Ninth street.
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms
for light housekeeping, bath and
electric lights. 920 , Galllnas.
Las Cruces, N. M., March 17. The
session s of the convention of Worn
an's clubs of New Mexico udojurotd
on Tuesday with the election of vue
following officers:
President, Mrs. S. P. JihiiHtvi, Rus
well; vice-president, Mrs. H. B. Ray
Albuquerque; recording Becrcitavy
Mrs. S. J. Nixon, Portales; 'corres
ponding secretary, Mrs. C. ft. Mason,
Roswell; treasurer, Mrs. R":h Skeen,
Artesia; auditor, Mrs. W. J. Fugate, Las
Vegas; general federation state secre
tary, Mrs. George Fren-jer, Lap Cruces.
Roswell, the home of ilie first
state president, was selected as the
meeting place for 1912.
The sessions of the convention
were held In the Elks' opera house
and Mrs- Eva Perry Moore, national
president of the Federation of Wom
an's clubs, was in attendance to aid
in the formation of the state federa
tion to affiliate with the national or
The Monday morning session was
called to order by Mrs. George Fren
ger, who acted as temporary chair
man till the election of Mrs. George
K. Angle of Silver City, who presid
ed over the following sessions of the
convention. The minutes were re
corded by Mrs. Brannigan, who was
chosen secretary for the first assem
bly of New Mexico club federation.
Eighteen delegates, representing
eighteen woman's clubs of non-sectai
ian, non-political principles, were en
rolled as charter members of the oi
ganlzation. The names of the dele
gates and the cities from which they
came were:
Mesdames Ruth L. Skeen, Artesia;
Laura Wilson Johnson, Roswell; II
W. Goelltz, Las Vegas; W. J. Fugate,
Las Vegas; A- T. Monroe, Portales;
Sam J. Nixon, Portales; R. J. Thomp
son, Tucumcari; J. R. Livesay, I -a
Mesa; D. II. Cams, Borradaile anl
Mulligan, Albuquerque; W. D. Me-
Bee, Clovls; George W. Young, Tula-
rosa; George Keyser Angle, Silver
City; Steam, Santa Rosa, and M. O,
Llewellyn, Santa Fe.
Of the clubs represented . Roswell
leads In point of numbers, having a
membership of some 250 members.
After cordial expressions of wel
come to the visitors by Mayor Young
on behalf of the city and by Mrs
Freneer for the local clubs, and an
address on "Federation" by Mrs.
Moore, the assembly devoted its af
tentlon to the business of effecting
a permanent organization.
There are a great number of very
old sovereigns among the rulers in Eu
rope. The doyen is the Duke of Saxe-
Meingen, who completed his eighty
fourth year on April 2d. Next comes
Kaiser Frans Joseph of Austria, king
of Hungary, who was 80 on August
Then follow Prince Heinrich of
Reuss J. L., who is 78; the Pope, Pius
X, who completed his seventy-fifth
year on June Zd ; the King of Rouma-
nia, who is 71; Prince Johann of
Liechtenstein, who is 70; the King of
Montenegro, who is 69; the King of
Denmark, whp is 68; the King of Ser-
via, 66; the Sultan, 65; the King of
Lippe, 64 ; the Prince zu Schaumburg
LIppe, 64; the King of Wurtemberg,
and the King of Bavaria, who are 62;
the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Ster-litz,
and the Prince of Monaco, 61.
Among the reigning princes in mid
dle age are the Grand Duke of Luxem
burg, 58; Prince Gunther of Scharrz-
burg-Rudolstadt, 68; the Grand Duke
of OJdenburg, 57; the Duke of
Anhalf, 54; the King of Sweden,
53; Kaiser Wilhelm, who was 52
on February 27th; the King of
Bulgaria, 49; the Prince of Waldecli
and Pyrmont, 45; the King of
Great Britain and Ireland and the King
of Saxony, 45; the Czar, 42; the Gran'?
Duke of Hesse, 41, and the King of
Italy, 40.
The younger monarchs are th-
Prince zur Lippe, 2i: the Duke c'
Saxe-Alenburg, 39; the King of Nor
way, 38; the King of the Belgians, 35:
the Grand Ruke of Saxe-Welmer, 34;
Prince Heinrich Reuss A. L... 32; the
Queen of the Netherlands, 30; the
Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin.
28; the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha,
26; and the King of Spain, who is
now the youngest reigning monarch,
24. The London Gentlewoman.
Estray Advertisement
Notice la hereby given to whom it
may concern that the following de
scribed estray animal was taken up by
Brown & Morrison, Lucia, N. M.
Tc-wit: One dark bay mare
hands high, left hind foot white,
On left shoulder
On left hip
, Branded ' tfvl
On left hip lll'A
Said animal being unknown to this
Board, unless claimed by owner on or
before April 4, '11, said date being 10
days after last appearance of this ad
vertisement, said estray will be sold
by this Board for the benefit of the
owner when found.
Albuquerque, N. M.
First pub. Mar. 11, last pub. Mar. 23, '1 1
' Estray Advertisement
Notice Is hereby given to whom it
may concern that tlho following de
scribed estray animal was taken up by
De Coppie Bros. Albuquerque, N. M.
To-wit; One sorrel pony colt about
two years old.
On left tip
Said animal being unknown to this
Board, unless claimed by owner on r
before April 4, '11, said date Doing 10
days after last appearance of this ad
vertisement. said estray will be sold
by this Board for the benefit of the
owner when found.
Albuquerque, N. M
First pub. Mar. 11, last pub. Mar. 23, 11
Qukkly Cores Coughs,
Coldsjnd Catarrh
if you, dear reader, could spend an
hour looking over a few of the thou
sands of testimonials that we have on
file, you would not go on suffering
from catarrh, that disgusting disease
that will surely sap your vitality and
weaken your entire system it allowed
to continue.
You would have just as much faith
in HYOMEI as we have, and we have
so much confidence, in its wonderful
curative virtue that, it is sold the
country over under a positive guaran
tee to cure catarrh, croup, sore throat,
coughs and colds or money back.
No stomach dosing when you
breathe HYOMEI. Just pour a few
drops of the liquid Into the Inhaler and
breathe it In.
It is mighty pleasant to use; it
opens up those stuff ed-up nostrils in
two minutes, and makes your heart
feel as clear as a bell in a short time
Breathe HYOMEI and kill the ca
tairh germs. It's the only way to cute
catarrh. It's the only way to get rid
of that constant hawking, snuffim;
and spitting.
A complete HYOMEI outfit, which
Includes a bottle of HYOMEI and a
bsrd rubber pocket inhaler, costs $1.00
at druggists everywhere or at E. G.
Murphey's. If you already own a Hyo
mei inhaler you can get an extra bot
tle of HYOMEI for 50 cents..
Silver City, N. M., March 17. Mrs,
James M. Ross, who resides on Whis
key Greek about four miles east of
this city, was painfully injured in
runaway accident last Sunday after
noon. In company with a man namei
Mendoza, who was driving for her,
she was on her way to this city to
see her daughter, Mrs. J. H. Kelly.
While yet about two miles out of
town they met a motorcycle coming
from the opposite direction, where
upon the team became frightened and
ran away, throwing out both occu
pants of the vehicle. In falling, Mrs
Ross struck her head against a rock
sustaining quite a gash above the eyes
as well as scalp wound. As the team
did not run far, Mr. Mendoza soon got
it back to the scene of the1 accident
when Mrs. "Ross again got into the
buggy and resumed her journey. They
had not gone far, however, before they
encountered a rapidly moving automo
bile. Again the team became frighten
ed, but the occupants of the vehicle
Jumped out before It became unman
ageable. Hardly had their feet struck
the ground when the animals started
off at a terrific pace, smashing things
up generally.
Mrs. Ross was brought to her daugh
ter's home In this city, where Dr. S. A,
Milllken attended her injuries. At
latest reports she was resting easy,
and It is not though that her wounds
will prove as serious as at first anti
For the! time being the financial out
look contains many elements of un
certainty. Both the eastern and west
ern roads have decided to abide by
the commissioners recommendations
and to withdraw a'l advanced rate
schedules which are subject to th?
commission's ruling, says the Railwav
World. Under the circumstances it
may be expected that a policy of thd
most rigid economy will be adopted,
and this is apparently the view which
is being taken at present by leading
railroad men and bankers. What ef
fect this will have upou the steel in
dustry and upon the railways supply
business is difficult to predict, but
business activities may be expected
to be governed by unusual conserva
tism for some time to come.
While a number of roads assert
that the improvements already
planned for will be carried out, there
are many Indications that retrench
ment has already set in and this may
eventually lead to a considerable re
duction in the employment of labor,
The forthcoming extra session of con
gress, in which the democrats will be
more fully in control, ejects addition
al uncertainty Into the situation and
financial interests may not be ex
pected to feel greatly reassured until
this session is out of the way and
until the supreme court has rendered
its decision in the important trust
cases now pending.
There is no doubt that the uncom
promising attitude of the Interstate
commerce commission has cast a re
vere gloom over the entire railway
industry which it is hoped may be
somewhat dispelled by future devel
opments. At the present, however,
railroad offlcia's have never been in
a more cautious or conservative mood
and in general, little in the way ef
expenditures may be expected from
them except those which are abso
lutely necessary to keep their pro
perties maintained at their present
standard. As for improvements ana
new construction work, it is generally
felt that under existing conditions
comparatively little immediate wori
along these lines will be attempted
The courtroom was crowded. A
wife was seeking divorce on the
grounds of extreme cruelty and
abusive treatment Guns, axes, roll
ing pins and stinging Invectives, seem
ed to have played a' prominent part
in the plaintiff's married life.
The husband was on the, stand un
dergoing a grueling cross-examina
The examining attorney said:
"You have testified that your wife
on one occasion threw cayenne pepper
in your face. Now, sir, kindly tell
us what you did on that occasion."
The witness hesitated and looked
confused. . Every one expected that
he was about to confess to some
shocking act of cruelty. But their
hopes were shattered when he finally
blurted out:
"I sneezed!" Everbody's
Notice is hereby givei to all tax
payers in Precinct Number 29 of the
County of San Miguel, that. I will be
in my office, 605 Lincoln avenue, be
tween the hours of 8 a. m. and 5 p. m.
until the 30th day of April, 1911, to
receive returns of all taxable proper
ty. Those failing to do so within the
specified t'me will be assessed by me
according to Section 4035 of the com
piled laws 'of 1897, and a penalty of
25 per cent will be Imposed on those
who fall to make returns,
apr 30 JOHN H. YORK, Assessor
Warning to Railroad Men
Lookout for severe and even dan
gerous kidney and bladder trouble re
sulting from years of railroading,
Geo. E. Bell, 639 Third St., Fort
Wayne, Ind., was many years a con
ductor on the Nickel Plate. He says
"Twenty years of railroading left my
kidneys in terrible condition. There
was a continual pain across my back
and hips and 'my kidneys gave me
much distress, and the action of my
bladder was frequent and most pain
ful. I got a supply of Foley Kidney
Pills and the first bottle made a won
derful improvement and four battles
cured me completely. Since being
cured I have recommended Foley Kid,
ney Pills to many of my railroad
friends." O. G. Schaefer and Red
Cross Drug Co.
New ,York, March 17. St. Patrick's
day was celebrated in the metropolis
today more generally than usual. The
Irish flag was much in evidence,
special services were held in 'the
Catholic churches and a big parade
of Irish societies marched through
the principal downtown streets and
was reviewed by Mayor Gay.nor, Arch
bishop Farley and other notables.
An archdeacon engaged as a new
footman a well recommended youth
who had served as stable boy. The
first duty which the youth was called
upon to perform was to aocompany
the archdeacon on a series of formal
"Bring the cards, Thomas, and
leave one at each house, ordered his
After two hours of visiting from
house to house the archdeacon's list
was exhausted. "This is the last
house, Thomas," he said; "leave two
cards here."
"Beggin your pardon, sir," was the
deferential reply. "I can't; I've only
the ace of spades left." Ideas.
A fond mother wanted to reward
her two children for good conduct,
and she presented to Johnnie, 8 years
old, two pieces of cake, telling him
to divide with his little sister, Nan,
6 years.
One of the portions of the delicacy
was slightly larger than the other,
and the little boy greedily took the
biggest piece for himself.
, "If I had had first choice," said j
Nan, "I would have taker the smaller
"Well, what are you kicking about,"
replied Johnnie. "You got it, didnt
you?" Exchange.
Title: The Melancholy Epic of a
Young Gentleman Who Got What He
Went For and Found It Was Not
Exactly What He Wanted.
He ran for the train and he got it,
For he'd once been a champion
Then he gasped: "Is this my train?
What? Not it?
"Oh " (sprinkle some asterisks,'
printer.) Life-
A Mother's Safeguard
Foley's Honey and Tar for the chil
dren. Is best and safest for all
coughs, colds, croup, whooning-cough
and bronchitis. No opiates. O. G
Schaefer and Red Cross Drug Co.
If you have trouble in getting rid
of your cold you may know that you
is no reason why a cold should hang
are not treating it properly. There
ou for weeks and It will not if 701
take Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
For sale by all druggists.
Rome, March 17. The .Kingdom of
Italy looked backward half a century
today and bowed low to the states
men and soldiers whose patriotic ef
forts brought about the Turin de
laratlon of March 17, 1861, when
united Italy came into being and Vic
tor Emmanuel was designated as the
ruler of the new kingdom. It is the
semi-centennial anniversary of this
event 'that Italy is preparing to cele
brate this summer on a grand scale.
Beginning in the early summer and
continuing until the late autumn
there are to be an almost constant
succession of fetes and patriotic dem
onstrations from Sicily to the Alps.
The features of international interest
will be the great expositions in Rome
and Turin.
The movement which led to the
unification of Italy had its beginning
about the mldd'e of the last century.
At that time Victor Emmanuel II., e.
most liberal and statesmanlike mon
arch, occupied the throne of Sardinia,
His great minister. Count Cavour, was
an ardent believer In Italian unifica
tion. Inspired by Gariba'di, Mazzi, Ca
vour and other eminent and able pa
triots of the time, Victor Emmanuel
joined France in a successful war
with Austria for the . liberation of
northern Italy, and then began to ex
tend the kingdom of Sardinia.
Fifty years ago today came the
declaration of Turin, wfhen , Victor
Emmanuel assumed the title of king
of Italy. During the ensuing ten years
province after .province united with
the new kingdom of Italy, and finally
in 1870, after a sharp struggle with
the Pope, supported by France, Victor
Emmanuel annexed the papal states,
entered Rome In triumph and from
Sportsman I shot a wretched pig
by mistake when after snipe near
Foo Sing. The villagers would not
listen to my apologies, but behaved in
a perfectly scandalous manner and
and jumping on my stomach until
my blood boiled. Punch.
Manager What's the leading lady
in such a tantrum about?
Press Agent She only got nine
bouquets over the footlights tonight.
Manager Great Scott! Ain't that
Press Agent Nope she paid lor
ten. Cleveland Leader.
Catarrh, is not merely an affection
of the mucous membranes; it is a
deep-seated blood disease in which the
entire circulation and greater part of
the system are involved. It is more
commonly manifested . in . the head,
nose and throat, because of the sensi
tive nature of these membranes, and
also because they are more easily
readied by irritating influences from
the outside. The symptoms of Ca
tarrh, such as a tight feeling in the
head, nose stopped up, throat clogged
and dry, hacking cough, etc., show
that the tiny blood vessels of the mu
cous membranes are badly congested
and inflamed from the impurities in
the circulation. To cure Catarrh per
manently the blood must be purified
and the system cleansed of all un
healthy matter. Nothing equals
S. S. S, for this purpose. It attacks
the disease at its
head, goes down
to the bottom of
the trouble and
makes a complete
and lasting cure
the blood. Then
the inflamed
membranes begin
to heal, the head is cleared, breathing
becomes natural and easy, the throat
is no longer clogged, and eyery un
pleasant symptom of the disease dis
appears. S. S. S. is the greatest of all
blood purifiers, and for this reason is
the most certain cure for Catarrh.
Book on Catarrh and medical advice
his new capital began to rule a unit- free to all who write,
ed Italy.
is fully prepared to handle
Job Prihting of every kind
l,,J1 " '"y
There is a great difference
between "printing" and "cor
rect printing." Our work is
"correct" in every detail.
We are always glad to lend
our knowledge and assist
ance. Cost estimates will
be cheerfully furnished
-i '
whether or not an order
ensues. Prompt work is
Telephone Main. 2
gontinuous Advertising
TS WHAT makes your name familiar and
identifies it with your business. Continuous
never turning your back to give the other
fellow a chance when you are not looking.
I If you advertise occasionally, somebody else
may share in the benefit of your expenditure
by chancing to be in when you are out.

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