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The Prescripttonist
The man who does the
weighing, the measuring
the man who knows how
and why the man on
whom everything depends.
Our responsibility is never
lost sight of for a moment
in prescription filling. Every
prescription leaving our
store is faultless from any
standpoint that you may
take. You may feel safe
and sure if we fill your
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Ne"ork, Jan. 12. The equilibrium
this morning by violent fluctuations
of Lehigh Valley. Declaration of an
extra dividend had been expected for
some time and a large speculative in
terest in the stock had been built up.
Room shorts who sold on the theory
that the news had been discounted
succeeded in forcing down the price
. a ohort time, but were badly
n tvi recovery which fol
lowed. Reading was influenced to
some extent by the movement, but
displaying more stability. St. Paul
again displayed weakness, receding
to within less than two points of
Its low price of 1911. Copper stocks
were under decided pressure, deaplte
the future advance In the price of the
Prices did not fall to the earlier low
level In the second hour, although the
copper group began to show heavi
ness. Speculation became steadier to
ward midday and there was improve
ment in all quarters, with some of
the specialties rising vigorously
Bonds were steady.
Higher prices accompanied a large
inn-ease of business but the demand
wflD concentrated largely In a han.i
tul of stocks. United States Steel
reached 67 and Union Pacific 163.
The market closed firm.
Moderate selling to take profits
checked the advancing trend In the
nnni hour. The reactions were not
Inrze and the market became dull on
ih decline.
The dosing sales were as follows:
maleamated Copper 65; Amer
... Q,,,,r 111: Atchison
msu- r.4rtronu 126
t-..,, f.trni t6A: Northern
.1L .,, . n oqH in fir 153: South
IJific 109: Ujuion Parific 168
T'nltjd States Steel. ' 1Tn,fced
StatMs SrwH preferred 4JJ
O. A. Larrazolo left Las Vegas this
afternoon for a short business trip in
the southern part of the state.
Dr. W. R. Tipton, went to Watrous
yesterday afternoon returning to Las
Vegas this afternoon on stub train
No. 1. x
WUlard Harrows, representing Mar
shall Field and Company, was in Las
Vegas today visiting the local dry
goods men.
M. McGee, formerly of Ias Vegas,
now roundhouse foreman for the San
ta Fe at Lamy, was in Las Vegas to
day on business
W. A. tole of Raton arrived last
from his home in the Gate City and
was In Ias Vegas today a guest at
the Castaneda hotel.
James Clay, of Clay and Haveus the
liverymen, went to Watrous yester
day afternoon on business, return'ng
to Las Vegas this afternoon.
Miguel Senecal, brother of Arthur
Senecal of the Rosenwald & Son
store, has returned from Canada and
a ill reside in Las Vegas permanently.
George A. Campfleld of Albuquerque
arrived in Ias Vegas this afternoon
on stub train No. 1 from the north
and is stopping over in this city on
Mis. J. van Houten, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wiegand of this
after stopping off on her way from
Albuquerque to Raton for a short vis
it, left yesterday afternoon for the
Gate City.
P. C. Searle, southwestern New
Mex'co sales agent for the Vermcjo
Coal and Coke company, of Dawson,
with headquarters in El Paso, went
south this afternoon after stopping off
in Las Vegas on business.
Herbert W. Clark, secretary of the
republican state central committee,
went to Santa Pe yesterday to attend
a meeting of the committee to be held
iln that city in a few days for the
transaction of important business.
Attorney Charles A. Spiess, accord
ing to the Santa Pe New Mexican, has
returned to the Ancient City after be
ing in Albuquerkue several days as at
torney In the Mclntosh-Romero land
trespass case which came before
Judge Abbott Wednesday.
A. Staab of Santa Pe, after stop
ping off in Las Vegas a short time on
his way from Denver to his home,
continued on to the Ancient City this
afternoon. Julius Staab, an attorney
of Albuquerque, his son, who was with
Mr. Staab went south to the Duke
Tom Keaveney, traveling salesman
tor the American Tobacco company,
who has made his headquarters in
Las Vegas for several years, has been
given a district in northwestern Tex
as and southern New Mexico in addi
tion to his present field and has
Iran sferred his headquarters to El
Paso. Mr. Keaveney left this after
noon for the border.
Lady Baltimore Cake
The Most Popular Cake This Season
By Mrs. JanetMck'enxie If ill. Editor of
the Vvston Cooking School Magazine
This is considered by many cooking
authorities the finest cake that can be
made, though in reality it is not at all
S C Lady Baltimore Cake
One cup butler; 2 cups granulated
sugar; I cup milt; 1 leaspoonul rose
water; 3 cups flour - 3 leivl teaspoon
f 'uls K C baking Jowder; whiles of
eggs, beaten dy.
Cream the butter and beat in the sugar
gradually. Sift together, three times,
th. ... . ' baking powder, and add
ths butter andsugar, alternately with
the milk a:id rose water. Lastly, sad
the egg whites. Bakein three-layer cake
pans. Put the layers together with the
following frosting.
Norn The ciiite i k large one and setts nl
Women Exchanges fur JI M).
San Francisco, Calif., Jan. 12. Ab
ner Hammond, 90 years old, and his
wife, who Is 80, arrived in San Fran
cisco early today from Lyons, Wayne
county, New York, "seeking new op
portunities." The ferry station was
stoimed with the rush of the early
commuters pust as the aged adven
iiiarG:j off the boat end tiheyl
Here caught In the crowds.
"I didn't think there'd be so many
people out here," said Mr. Ham
mond, querulously. ' He carried his
eaiithy belongings In a battered teles
copic Buit case and "mother clung
to his hand. Prom an old wallet,
bound with a string of interminable
length, the aged argonaut drew a real
estate folder, showing a rose-bowered
bunealow and a generous invitation
to "come to sunny California."
"We weren't getting on very well
he said and we thought we would
come out here and get into something
We had $150 in the bank, but it took
it all to get out here. I know a man
Seme of This Excellent Material Is E
tlmated to Be Nearly Four Thou
sand Years Old.
FrostlDs1 lor Lady Baltimore Cake
Three cups granulated sugar: 2 cut boiling
water: -i htlfs of 3 eggs; 1 cut chopped raisinsi I
cup chopped nut-meats; Sjtgs cut in Mix slues.
Stir the sugar and writer until the
sugar is dissolved, then let boil without
stirring until the syrup from a spoon
will spin a long thread; pour upon the
whites of the eggs, beaten dry, beating
constantly- meanwhile. Continue the
beating until ttie trosting is cola; aua : named J. 'L. Harris In los Angeles,
and I guess he can give us some ad
vice, if we can get down there. I'd
like to have a little farm." I used to
make the best butter of anybody In
our township," added "mother," as
she deftly adjusted Mr. Hammond's
black string tie.
The travelers aid department of the
San Francisco Young Women's Chris
tian association will assist the aged
couple In their journey to Los Angeles.
thef ruit and spread upon the cake
The K C Cook's Book contains ninety just
such delicious recipes. bread, muffins, cakes
and pastry. You can secure a copy free by send
ing the certificate packed In every 25-ceat can
of K C Raking Powder to the Morns Mro. Co..
Chicago. Small cans do not contain Cork's
Book certificates
It will surprise many to know thai
they have In their homes material es
tlmated to be 4,000 years .old. If th
shingles or Interior nnish Is red cedai
or If you have a red cedar chest It li
possible that the wood antedates the
history of this country by thousand?
of years, says the Cleveland Leader.
A Cleveland man is credited with
bringing the first red cedar Into this
section. W. A. Gelst, on a western trip
several years ago, was attracted by the
red cedar forests at Port Angelus
Wash. He established a mill there
and began shipping the cedar to the
eastern market. Formerly the south
era cedar was used In great quantities
but it is the claim of Mr. Gefst that
the product from the Pacific coast is
growing in favor and the demand for
It la increasing.
It Is a most durable wood and it?
use In a home guarantees that moths
and other troublesome Insects will not
enter. It is used for wainscoting man
tels, cupboards, cabinets and especially
for chests In which to store furs and
clothing. Mr. Oelst exhibits a quantity
of red cedar cut from a tree be est!
mates to be at least 3700 years of age
Three large cedars were found growing
from a fallen log which was five and
one-half feet in diameter. The largest
of the three trees growing from the
fallen tree was ten and one-half feet In
diameter. By counting the rings In
both trees indicates that the fallen
tree, still sound, is nearlng its four
thousandth birthday.
Mr. Ceist Is an expert upon red
cedar and goes In for the history of
the wonderful trees of Washington and
other coast states as a biographer
would the data upon the life of some
famous man. He surrounds a bolt of
shingle cedar with an Interesting story,
which goes back to the misty ages and
something like reverence grows within
the listener for this venerable work of
Unquestionably the red cedar is the
oldest material used in the construc
tion of the home and few materials
will outwear it, It being nearly Inde
structible except by Are.
Bill niNft. I at which persona may o
uum . ., . .
oj ineir iaces ana ngurcs, wmju u
Scientific American. If oae has good
eyes, the Germans claim, oae cannot
recognise a person whom he has seen
but once before at a greater distance
than 16 meters (82 feet). If the per
son Is well known to one, one may
recognise him at from B0 to 100 me
ters, and if it is a member of one's
family, even at 160 meters. The
whites of the eyes may be seen at
from 27 to 28 meters, and the eyes
themselves at 72 to 72 meters. The
different parts of the body and the
slightest movements are distinguish
able at 91 meters. The limbs show at
182 meters. At 540 meters a moving
man appears only as an indistinct
form, and at 720 meters, 2,381.6 feet,
the movements of the body are no
longer visible.
Here Are Facts We want you to
Prove at Our Risk.
Marvelous as it may seem, Rexall
or- Hair Tonic has grown nair on
heads that were once bald. Of course,
in "hone of these cases were the hair
roots dead, nor had the scalp taken
on a glazea, sniuy ayyeaiauvc.
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic acts scien
tifically, destroying the germs wmcu
are usually responsible for baldness.
It penetyates to the roots of the hair,
stimulating and nourishing them. It
is a moet pleasant toilet requisite, is
delicately perfumed, and will not gum
or permanently stain the hair
As a result of the blizzards in west
ern Kansas, which are reported to be
the worst since the winter of 1886, no
trains came into Las Vegas tjday
from the north, with the exception of
stub No. 1, which was run between La
Junta and Albuquerque, to accommo
date local traffic. From the south No
lo wag the only train to come into
the Meadow City. Santa Fe trains
yesterday afternoon arrived several
hours late with the exception of No
9 which was caught in the blizzard,
and of which no word had been re
ceived hd to 3 o'clock ba after
noon. All trains due in Las Vegas this af
ternoon have been abandoned as they
were indefinitely late. They probably
will be run over the Belen cut-off,
which route is south and east o! the
storms in Kansas. The California
Limited, which was to have come
through here this morning, was run
over the cut-off. Last night trains
No. 2 and No. 4 did not come through
Las Vegas but were sent over the
cut-off. No. 8, due in Las Vegas af
ter midnight last night, came in thi3
morning eight hours behind time. Up
to noon today It was not known m
Las Vegas whether the trains this
evening from the south would be run
over the Belen cut-off or through Las
Vegas, though train No. 10 of this af
ternoon was scheduled to come into
the Meadow City at 5:45 o'clock, four
hours late.
The worst weather is reported to
be between Dodge City and Hutchln
son and travel in this section has
been Impossible. Engines freeze up
cutting off heat from the trains and
San Francisco, Jan. 12. Mark A.
Wilkins, who was convicted of the
murder of Mrs. Vernie Carmen, wjith
whom he eloped from Kansas City In
1907, was hanged at San Quentin
prison at 10:31 a. m. today. The body
was pronounced dead and taken from
the scaffold at 10:17.
Just before being taken from the
death chamber, Wilkins made the fol
lowlngi statement to Warden Hoyle:
"I want you to say for me, as my
last words on earth that I am an Inno
cent man, and have no fear of death.
Express my deep gratitude to those
who have been active In trying to se
cure a pardon."
Wilkins slept soundly all night. He
dressed carefully and announced to his
guard that he was ready. Two priests
spent the hour preceding the execu
tion alone with him.
The condemned man walked with a
firm step to the death chamber, where
a small group of physicians, prison
officials and newspaper representa
tives were waiting. The cap and
noose were adjusted and. the trap
sprung in less than three minutes. A
bit of metal, sharpened to a razor edge
was found In Wilkins' prayer book af
ter the execution.
We want you to get a bottle of Rex- with the extreme cold the passengers
oil "Q ." Hair Tonic ana use il aa ui-1 suner consiaeraoiy irom me coin.
rected. If it does not relieve eaiy
irritation, remove dandruff, prevent
the hair from falling out, and promote
an increased growth of hair, and in
every way give entire satisfaction,
simply come back and tell us, and
without question or formality we will
hand back to you every penny you
nnid us for it. Two sizes 50c and $1.
Sold only at our store The
Store. E. G. Murphey.
The Rock Island and other roads are
tied up In the same manner as the
Santa Fe and traffic has practically
been abandoned. The storm has tied
up the mall from the east and in oil
probability the eastern mall from the
California limited will come up from
Albuquerque tonight. One of the prin
cipal reasons for the uncertainly re
garding the train schedule Is the lr
regular telegraphic service in Kansas
where most of the wires are down.
will buy a good two story frame
house, 7 rooms and bath, corner lo .
sidewalks in on both streets exoel-
easily worm
want to taK
lent location;
Better hurry if you
advantage of this bargain,
Investment and Agency
tion, Phone Main 40.
Rome, Jan. 12.-TBe appolntmen
of Monstgnor Boggiani. MP
Adria. as apostolic delegate to Mex
ico, has been confirmed.
Julius Graaf, of the firm of Graaf
& Hayward, grocers, was reported
critical ill this afternoon and has
been taken to the Las Vegas hospital
rr treatment. Mr. Graaf has been ill
a. .n a chrrr time
tar some time oui uv
ago v4as at his store regularly.
Mrs. Lavonia-A. Hill has issued in
vitations to the marriage of her
Mo era ret Craie Hill, to
(languid, - -
,oma r.rrv. formerly of Las Vegas,
tn take nlace in Los
tne crcuviij w i
AnieB at the Westlake Presbyterian
church on January 24. r. Curry,
while a resident of Las Vegas, was in
the mlov of the Santa Fe railroad
and is employed with the Southern Pa
cific in Los Angeles.
RtgM hjare and ntow, pause and
consider the fact that there are peo,
. , .r.irt who never even
pie in w"
heard f TO-
King's "Fake" Gold Plate.
The first point of Interest Is sug
gested by the title of the volume,
"The Gold and Silver of Windsor
Castle." Whenever a royal banquet
at Windsor or Buckingham palace is
described in the newspapers the writ
er says that "the sideboards were
adorned with the famous gold plate."
In point of fact, there are only three
pieces of gold plate In the Windsor
collection, two of them a small snlver
ten and one-half inches In din meter
and a cup and cover nine and one
half inches high, both dating from the
first year of George IV, and It Is a
melancholy fact that the former was
made from a number of gold snuff
boxes presented to the Duke of York
by various cities and by the Univer
sity of Oxford. All the rest of the
"gold" plate Is really silver gilt, and
Mr. Jones' book brings out the curious
fact that most of the gilding, even of
the silver pieces that had been made
a century or two earlier, was done by
George IV's goldsmiths, Rundell and
Bridge. London Times.
For Those Who Hear Not
The hallboy had fairly split his
throat shouting directions to deaf per
sons who had called to see Mr.
Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz lived in the
fourth floor rear, right-hand apart
ment, through the long hall and up
the back stairs. It took a good deal
of shouting to make some folks under
stand that.
"I never saw so many deaf people
In my life," said the boy. "What on
earth are they all running up to
Schwartz's for?"
"Mr. Schwartz has advertised a deat
man's phonograph for sale," said a
neighbor. "He Is very hard of hear
ing. The phonograph was made espe
cially for him. It has an unusually
loud tone. Nobody but the hard-of
hearing can live with such entertain
ment. Mr. Schwartz, to save trouble,
has advertised for a deaf purchaser."
Learn to Stand Alone or You
Will Become Strong or
Power is the goal of every worthjn
ambition, and only weakness comae
from imitation or dependence on oth
ers, says Orison Swett Marden in Suc
cess Magazine. Power is self-developed,
self-generated. We cannot In
crease the strength of our muscles by
sitting In a museum and letting an
other exercise for us.
Nothing else so destroys the power
to stand alone as the habit of leaning
upon others. If you lean, you will1
never be strong or original. Stand
alone or bury your ambition to be
somebody in the world.
The man who tries to give his chil
dren a start In the world so that they
will not have so hard a time as he had.
U unknowingly bringing disaster upon
them. What he calls giving them a
start will probably give them a set
back In the world. Toung people need
all the motive power they can get.
They are naturally leaners, Imitators,
copiers, and It Is easy for them to de-
Hur Mind Relieved.
"Charley, dear," said young
Torklus, "what is a Jackpot?"
"Why er a jackpot is a general
contribution for purposes of charitable
"Oh! Do you know I was afraid it
had something to do with the wicked
ness of politics!
Destruction of Rate.
An East Africa publication contains
a description of a method of destroy
ing rats, followed In Java, in which
carbon bisulphate in employed. In
carrying out the method a small quan
tity, usually about half a teaspoon uk
of the carbon bisulphide is poured in
to the rat hole and after waiting a
few moments to let the liquid evap
orate, the mixture of air and vapor Is
lighted, a small explosion resulting and
filling the hole with poisonous gas,
killing the rats instantly. Such a pro
cess practiced openly might be objec
tionable under some circumstances be
cause of danger from fire resulting
from the explosion and a field for in
vention appears to offer itself to pro
vide some form of fire-proof gun or
explosion chamber suitably formed to
be inserted in the mouth of the rat
hole and adapted to enclose the ex
plosion and discharge the resulting
noxious gas Into the hole. Scientific
Most Severe Cold and Gr.ppe Misery
Relieved in a Few Hours
The Range of Vision.
Data have been gathered in Ger
many with reference to the distance
Light of the Firefly.
The statement that the light of fire
flies and other phosphorescent animals
Is produced without any sensible de
gree of heat has often been repeated
without any information as to the
quantity of heat that would be required
to produce a similar amount of light
by artificial methods. This information
is supplied by Professor Mcintosh. He
says that a temperature approaching
2,000 degrees Fahrenheit would be nec
essary to make a light equivalent to
that emitted by an ordinary firefly.
The enormous waste in all industrial
methods of producing tight Is a mat
ter of common knowledge, and the
example of the firefly remains unimita
ted by man. The very simplicity of
the mechanism employed by nature
hi phosphorescent animals Is baffling.
Harper's Weekly.
"What are you grouchy aboutf"
asked the young man who wears his
hat over one eye.
"Your manners " suggested Mr.
"But you told me to make myself
at borne in your office."
"True. And I was merely sympa
thizing with you. I am sure that with
your aggressive style of speech and
your general lack of repose your home
llf cannot be happy."
Never cut a limb from a fruit
tree unles you know just why yoa
do it.
If the rabbits have only gnawed
the outer bark, wrap the wound with
Diversified gardening is the safest
course for growers supplying local
"It is a bad mistake to neglect an
orchard when It is not producing a
crop of fruit.
Seed potatoes, like table stock,
should be stored as cold as possible
without frost.
A bruised potato is a short-lived
potato. Handle them carefully, as if
they had feeling.
If air-slacked lime be id earth
In which plants are potted It will
keep worms away.
An experienced pruner notes the di
rection of growing branches and
prunes accordingly.
Put the potatoes designed for seed
purposes In barrels or bins where
they can be kept from the light
Prune out old canes and raspberries
and blackberries, and burn them.
Thin the hills to three or four shoots.
Cultivate, and add some manure to
the soil.
Reads the Optic
Charleston, S. C, Jan. 12. John
Marshall; president of the Charleston
Racing association, today sent this
telegram to the Jockey club at New
York, in answer to the threat that
the track here might be outlawed:
"It is the desire of our association
to have close reciprocal relations with
the Jockey club. This association
will cheerfully act In conjunction with
you in observance of rulings for fraud
but this association will not break
faith with many of the most reputable
horsemen in America."
You can surely end Grippe and
break up the most severe cold either
in head or chest, back, stomach or
limbs, by taking a dose of Pane's Cold
Compound every two hours until three
consecutive doses are taken.
It promptly relieves the most miser
able headache, dullness, head and
nose stuffed up, feverishness, sneez
ing, sore throat, mucous catarrhal dis
charges, running of the nose, sore
ness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges.
Take this harmless Compound as di
rected, without interference with your
usual duties and with the knowledge
that there ia no other medicine made
anywhere else In the world, which
will cure your cold or end Grippe mis
ery as promptly and without any other
assistance or bad after effects as a
25-cent package of Pape's Cold Com
pound, which any druggist In the
world can supply.
Pape's Cold Compound Is the result
of three years' research at a cost of
more than fifty thousand dollars, and
contains no quinine, which we have
conclusively demonstrated Is not ef
fective in the treatment of colds or
Constipation is the cause of many
ailments and disorders that make life
miserable. Take Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets, keep your
bowels regular and you will avoid
these diseases. For sale by all druggists.
When given as soon as the croupy
cough appears Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy will ward off an attack of
croup and prevent all danger and
i-snm of anxiety. Thousands ol
mothers use It successfully. For Bale
by all druggists.
Capital Paid in
AfEmte? wo.ooo.oo
. jsagjf-T ,t
J. M. CUNNINOHAM. President 0
Interest Pnid on Time Deposits
is eagerly watched by the whole family because
everybody knows that from small beginnings
great achievements have arisen.
and you will be agreeably surprised at the pro
gress you made toward the big figures. With a
bank book in one hand you can grasp an op
tunity with the other.

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