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Allen's Foot-Eat, Wonderful Remedy.
" Have tried. ALLEN'S FOOT-EASE, and
find it to be a certain cure, and gives com
fort to one suñering with sore, tender and
swollen feet. 1 will recommend ALLEN'S
FOOT-EASE to my friends, as it ij
certainly a wonderful remedy. Mrs, N.
H. Guilford, New Orleans, La."
He had a mint of money,
A castle by the luke
But he eouldn't eat blooming thing
And miss the stomach U' I.e.
some: Thoughts.anentóvots.
R. K. MunkiHrick.
Dealers say that a soon as a cus
tomer tries Defiance Starch It Is Im
possible to sell them any other cold
water starch. It can be used cold
or boiled.
"It takes travel to br'ng out what
there is in a niau." "Yes, ocean
A emit of Mttaractlnti roe wth one of
Baiter's "Bullhead" i-cent clears.
"Wasn't rtlKKKley arowlltiK ukhIii about
twins overworked?'' "Yen. Whan he went
down to draw his pay they mude him
slipi the pay roll."
duce the brightest aud fastest colors.
"Johnny." said the teacher to a small
pupil, "wlurc Is the north pule'.''' "At the
lop of the map." promptly answered the
youthful student.
rise's Cure Is the best medicine we ever used
lor ail affections of the thro.it and lunes. '.
O. Ekdslit, Vanbnren, Ind., Feb. 10, l.HXX
Chnrlle Really, you look muí enough
lo eut. Nellie Yea. 1 think 1 could eul
tome ice enuin.
The mildest tobacco that stows ti used
In the make-up of Baxter s Bullhead
cent clear. Tir one and see.
MaEistrate 1) it the prisoner nlTer any
Teslsliinee? Policeman None worth men
tioning, your honor. Only u couple of
Don't you know that Defiance
Starch besides being absolutely supe
rior to any other, Is put tip 16 ounces
In package and sells at same price
as 12-ounce packages of other kinds?
She I hear yau have been speculating
nu the Stock KxrlutiiKe. Were you a hull
or a bear? lie Neither. I was a don
Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Hyrnp.'
For children teething, softenx 1 lie Ruma, rehire, lo
Oaauiiiltu,allarapalii,curea wlndoollc sfeabutut.
"1 understand that your wife is a de
cided brunette." "She'd lie just as decid
ed If she were a blonde."
It must strike the thinker ami stu
dent of affairs as more than passing
strange that a twenty-pound coach
dos is the slad possessor of some
thing like twenty to thirty times as
many spots as are scattered over the
oleaginous anatomy of the common
or preferred porker of commerce. Of
course the aforesaid porker has larger
spots than those which make the gay
and festive bowwow a symptony of
polka dots.
Nature was generous, not to say
prodigal, when she spotted the leop
ard, which she did with so fearful and
wonderful a regularity as to warrant
the artistic suspicion that she em
ployed a stencil, that the epidermis of
the said quadruped might display that
same so-called beauty peculiar to wall
paper, In which the roses all blow, or
sag, In the same direction, and at the
same angle. It may have been a wise
provision of old Mothur Nature, to
tlocorate the loopard In such a way
that when its pelt should finally come
to be a parlor rug the spots ould be
uniform and In harmony with those
of the plister covering and so fit the
floor with the same stereotyped cor
rectness that the paper fits the wall.
Perhaps the pig would like to have
the few largo maplike spots changed
Into an argosy of small ones of vari
ous Bhapes to correspond with the
boxed and be-ribboned "chocolates"
that find favor in the gold or cerulean
optics of Clara Veré de Vere. On this
line of reasoning, if it may be prop
erly called .such, the theory may be
advanced that the tigor envies the
leopard his spots and that the leopard
gazes with the green eye upon the
tiger's gorgeous stripes.
So may the coach dog yenrn fortlie
stripes of the bulldog, while the bull
dog in all probability would gladly
give his ears, or what remains of
them, for the snots that make the
coach dog look like a vitalized box
of dominoes. Hy crossing these ani-
T Cure a Cold in One day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quiulne Tablets. All
lruggistK refund money i f it falls to cure. 2jc
Plumber I stopped that leul up at the
nouse. It'll he Ji;0. Coal Dealer-All
ritiht; T sent you two tons of coal yester
day, fiirnme anil we'll call it square.
I don't want to lie hard on you.
Smoke Baxter's "Bullhead" -centclcai.
mals we might en joy, the novelty of
seeing a dog and a cat covered with
stripes and spots in such a way as
to cause the observer endowed with
an ordinarily lively sense of humor to
note in these sartorial envelopes large
Imperial wads of suggestion in the
way of loud and noisy effects that
would make the fortune of any l.on-
don tailor.
And this quite naturally leads us
to wonder in vain why nature did not
decorate some member of the cat
family with certified checks that
would run diagonally athwart the
beast, even as the pastry suspenders
caper across the Heaving uosom ot
the cranberry pie.
Such variations in the decoration
and embellishment of the pelts of
wild and domestic animals would un
doubtedly have the effect of working
wonders in the useful field of em
broidery. Poetical and highly imagin
ativo women, whether home, sehtxI
or club trained in the art of plying
the needle, would strive for all sts
of rococo and bizarre t ffects.
We suppose that the sixits of the
leopard and the circus horse alike aro
numbered, even s are the pleasant
spots in lile which we would not
change if we could. The spots' to
which we ever return with renewed
pleasure. The sixits made sweet, for
example, by the One and Only divin
ity that embroiders the fadeless flow
ers and impossible giraffes into the
lunch cloth of our life and fancy, even
if she docs siot the said cloth with
the tea biscuit of her own sweet
make, constructed after tin; formula
ot the cooking club, which, in the
process of (ligeslion. causes us to see
the wildest kind of animals imagin
able, covered with nil sorts of spots
and other things, filling mr dream
with Arabian nightmares that seetbe
and fizzle and snort like so many
reilhot automobiles rattling and
slamimnging over a crowded street. -
Philadelphia Ledger.
Ttterata more Catarrh In ihle tartl-mof the enmtr?
than all other dlaaaaea put li-eirir. ana iitiill lbs
last tew year waa aupoaet lo ! larur.bla. For a
great oimdt years doctora r"onuo,-e t It a local dt
eae and prescribed local remH ea. aud ly enaltadle
falling locura with local treitiu-Dt. prouUD- it
Incurab . S. lenca baa pr-n rn csia-rn lo be a -n-a:ltuitonal
d teaae ana therefore reqitrea c-tantttn-tioaal
treatnirul. Haifa Clrrli C ire, mannra -tumi
by K.J. Cheney t'o.. TolM-i. ohto. la i he only coo
it'.nitlonal cur the market. It ! ta .en lutero.ll
Induinlrora 1 drupa to a imp tmful. It acii ill-ri-rtiy
on the Mo.! and nue-mn urfacea of the
avatem. They offer on hund-e'l d-l. art lor auy i-mo
ll fall to rur -. Send for i-Itvu;. and te-t!mr)!aa.
Addre-l K. J. I'HFNKV CO.. lo.cJo, o.
Sold lr lnts(rl"t TV'.
Uall'i i-'anilly Hila are tte bet.
TTonesty Is the best policy. Ttut It is
no Insurance against lire In this world,
huwevtr it may be In the next.
"ft beats all" how rood a rar you ran
buy for t cents If you buy the right uraol
Try a "Bullhead.''
"Did you serve in the Civil war?"
"S'pose they called it th.it, but 1 found
it mighty uncivil."
A Guaranteed Cure for Pile.
itching, blind, bleeding or protruding Met
positively cured or monev refunded.
discovery that absolutely cures all kinds ol
Piles. Prepared for Piles only. All Drug
Stores, 50c. Sent bv mail on receipt of
piice. Address Lock Box 851 Le Roy, N.Y.
The Ancestry of Toys
Lumber Supply Decreasing.
Estimates by conservative lumber
men show that the days of lumbering
in the tipper peninsula ef Michigan
will soon be past. Before five years,
have passed there will he practically
no timber left standing in Haraga,
Houghton and Keweenaw counties
large enough to make a log. Menom
inee county, which about ten years ago
was the largest lumber producing dis
trict In the world, has lost Its rank
and now produces scarcely a tenth of
its former amount. The mills which
were located there have been moved
to Louisiana and Washington. Uaraga
lias timber enough to keep Its few
mills running for a few years more,
but like a- the other parts of the state
where lumbering has been carried on,
lis end is near. Every season makes
the limber tracts of Houghton county
Amuse Visitors to Paria Botanical
M. Eml'.e Mrrwart, secretary general
of French Guiana, has sent to the Jar
din des Plants, in Paris, two pairs of
ventriloquial fowls. These birds, the
Temps says, are greatly amusing to
visitors to the gardens, who assemble
around their cage by their cries, which
at one time appear to come from the
trees, at others from the sky. and
sometimes from the mid?t nf the crowd
Itself. The flesh of the birds Is said
to be more savory than that of pheas
ants or the finest guinea fowls, and
their eggs are in great favor among
American epicures. The Empress
Josephine tried to acclimatize the spe
cies In the Malmaisnn aviary, but with
out success.
Automobiles in the Sahara.
Tourists in Egypt will soon be able
to cross the Sahara desert In a four-miles-anhour
automobile, specially
constructed for traveling over sandy
wastes. The vehicle Is to accommo
date forty passengers. While the
speed seems slow, it is greater than
that of ramel transportation.
Aching bails are cae,l. Hip. bark,
ami loin pains overcome. Sm-Hin;: 'f
the limbs, rheumatism, and dropsy signs
They correct urine villi bin k dust
sediment, high colored, excessive, pain
iu passing, drilililing, freiiericy. Doau's
Kidney Pills dissolve nnd remove calculi
and gravel. Helieve heart palpita
tion, slccplt'ssni ss, lleudadle, nervous
ness. Tki.i. City. Ixn I received the free
trial of Dean's Kidney Pills They are
splendid. I bad an awful pain in mv
back ; on taking the pills tin pain left
me right away and 1 fed like a new
man. Stephen, Schucfcr.
Mrs. Annus Amiuk.ws. U. F. D. No. 1.
BnouilEAli, Wis., writes I received
the free trial of I loan's Kidney 1111s with
murli benefit. My little nephew was
suffering terribly with kidney trouble
from s arlet fever. Two doctors failed
lo help lil in and he finally went into
spasms. His father gave him Dean's
Kidney Pills and from the second dose
the pain was less. Ho Ix-g-in to ctin
nnd i to tin) a ell b.iy, lu life saved ty
1 loan's Ki'li y P.lls.
Pi Doi.is Mil l, Kv. I rcccied tbe
free tiLil i f pilN Tlicv tb l me great
I good. 1 Iin.l bladder l rouble, compelling
ine to get up often dining iu-.'lit. Aow
I sleep wi II ; no pain in neck of bladder;
pain in luck is goui also Kailachc.
;XJ puis, M
a. s?tfc?it. w vs
P. O.
For frr trial Sii. mail tMn coupon to
Ki4-r-Miloimi i ii , lliifTal.i. N V. If aU
lac in luaufflriritl, ni alilres on acpa
rmlr ltk
MK1U( 11, AIIVKK lUtK.
President Diaz of Mexico.
President Diaz of Mexico, the (!corge
Washington of that republic, has
reached the age of seventy-three years
vitli vigor only slightly impaired after
his long life of unusual activity. He
will probably remain president of Mex
ico as long us he lives, or, at any rate,
as long as he wants to. He has ex
pressed a desire to give up public life
alter service of fully half a century.
cartridges and shot shells
are made in the largest and
best equipped ammunition
factcTy in the world.
of U. M. C. make is now
accepted by shooters as
"the worlds standard" for
it shoots well in any gun.
Tour dealer sells it..
'Tive Union Metallic
'Cartridge Co.
Bridgeport, - - Conn.
K wA repulaxior extermino over
ouorftiuee ore dch. o i
. v., rfkvMsnt tAjrm4 tka,
. - ; i r . r I fir I Mr- r-i -ri
WIWll w lb I iw. i.
There we many imitations.
De sure or ine n&mec.
eicn l l..Hab.
v UIK on Ultr uuiiuiu
nil A1 P. r-VT-DYWHT-BF
i ' i - . ;
Tlie familiar toys with which chil
dren piny have a long and honorable
ancestry. In past ages these play
things were regarded ns seriously as
the tools and weapons and other ap
purtenances of man. More than that,
they were often his most cherished
possessions; they were symbols of his
religious aspirations, factors in his
worship, sometimes the very images
of the gods themselves.
What a very ordinary nnd amusing
toy is the jumping jack! Almost ex
actly lil-e it Is an idol which was made j
by the Maoris of New Zealand. They
used this idol in their religious dances,
swaying it to and fro. We find the
same curious object among the Indians
of the northwest; it closely resembles
our toys, but is employed as an in
strument in ceremonies to propitiate
the gods.
A baby's rattle looks innocent and
simple enough; It seems just to quiet
children; in reality It is one of the
oldest and most sacred implements of
worship that the world knows! When
you shake a tin rattle before a baby's
eyes to make him stop crying you are
doing just what priests 2.000 years ago
did when they worshiped their gods.
Up on the great plateau of Tibet
Buddhist priests in strange garments
still shake a gruesome rattle, made
of two human skulls covered with
parchment, when they want to drive
out evil spirits or to call attention to
their prayers. The well-known chil
dren's "hobby horse" is an almost ex
act Imitation of a toy horse used by
the Sioux Indians in their war dances
l-t ja fea
To nrnvc tiro iieaunit ana
CleansiiH! power of l'axtln
Toilet Aiitmepiie. wo win
mall n lurtfc trial parkatre
I with book of Instructions
abaolately free. Tins Is not
a tlnv sample, hut a large
package. enoiiRh to con
vince anvone ui ua vume.
Women nil over the country
are praising l'axtiiiefnr wtaut
Lit hiis done in local treat-
merit of female Ilia, curing
all Inflammation and discharges, wonderful as a
tleanslng vaginal douche, for sore thnmt, nasal
it..rh ouunwmih u-iLsh ninl lo remove tartar
and whiten thu teelh, .Send loday ; a postal card
KoldbTdroRiclatinraentpoatpnldbyu, 50
auU, larg-e box. NntlafHCtton sor.ited.
ilU it. l'AXTON CO., Honlun, Mall,
314 Columbea Ave.
and .invested with sanctity by then'
"medicine men."
Most of us know that the Christmas
tree comes to us direct from (ermany
And we know of the tree worship of
the Druids which obtained in England
and France, and which probably had
some influent e on the later use of the
tree In the Christian festival. But we
do not all know that a similar festival,
with the tree as a crowning feature, is
observed among many heathen na
tions, nnd that it conies from sun wor
ship, which is older than history. The
revival of the sun after the winter sol
slice has ever been the subject of re
joicing, and of celebration by ceremon
ies which represent the new light
brought back to the world. Our tree,
with its small candles, its gilded knlck
knacks and toys for l ho children, Is a
direct descendant of this old festival
in honor of the sun.
Traces of it exist In Iceland, where
the "service tree" is found adorned
with burning lights during Christmas
night. The English yule log is a faint
survival of this festival. Hut It goes
farther back than all this lo China,
that laud of so many wonders. It has
been shown that as long ayo as 147 H.
C. a tree with a hundred lamps and
Mowers was placed on the steps of the
audience hall. This appears again iu
the records of 1'iincess Yang, who,
lived 713-755 A. D., and who caused a
hundred-lamp tree SO feet high to be
erected on a mountain. It was lighted
during New Year night, and the illum
ination was seen for hundreds of
miles, eclipsing the light of the moon.
Don't Rent a Farm Buy!
Colorado farmers can get good Irri
gated land, best of water rights, splen
did crops, anil pay about the usual
rental for the use of the land. In three
years they'll iwn it dear. The best,
chance to get a good farm ever offered
in the state. Write to-day to The
Colorado Hureatt of Immigration, u'hi
Majestic building. Denver, Colorado.
Easy to Get
Pierpont. O., Oct. 5th. Remarkable
indeed Is the experience of Mr. A. S.
Turner, a man now over s.'venty-oue
years of age, and whose home is here.
For many years this old gentleman
had suffered with a very unpleasant
form of Kidney Trouble, a kind that
very often bothers aged people. He
would have to get up four or five
times every night, and this very tire
some disease was fast wraritig him
At last after having almost made up
his mind that he would never bo
able to get relief, he stumbled over a
medicine which relieved him almost
Immediately, and has cured him per
manently. It ir so very easy to get
nnd so simple that Mr. Turner thinks
everyone should Know of it. Every
denier In the country has it, anil all
you have to do is to ask for Dodd's
Kidney Tills. Mr. Turner says:
"I can heartily and honestly recom
mend Dodd's Kidney l'llls for they
cured me. Several others in the fam
ily havo used them too, and always
with the best results. I think they
have no equal."
We hae the mmt comlt-ie Ore Ttti'u Pl.mt in the United
Suie for ttie IcMtnj; of ores of all dunuietn Ijy any il lit' moil
cm iiieihtxK me irejtTiiem. We iVicrimne the tn-si amt most
economic., metliod of irratmi ore and commit t t-sii:n, ere. I
mmÍ turn over in complete working urder Ore Milium í'Uuts of any lrvcnpton, and t' uiaulT eli'Ht y
tikd capacity. Our l.'at'giic No. y) ducnlxr this department fully.
M'NVFK. cnl,i). U. S A.
Office k Works, 8th & Larimer Sts.
Metallurgical Dcp't, 1717 Champs St,
ybursjbra Clear ffead
lUr cy old Everywhere
He I've got r.iy father's nose
mouth. She Well, the old man
lucky to get rid of th'Mii.
Hundreds of dealers say the extra
quantity and superior quality of De
fiance Starch is fast taking place of
all other brands. Others say they
cannot sell any other starch.
The municipality of S'iassburg, Ger
many, has voted to build an $S0,0ii0
denial hospital for school children.
Kvery pupil in the schools is to be
submitted to a dental examination on
entering and twice during school tima
until the age of thirteen.
Sensible Housekeepers
win have Defiance Starch, not alone
because they get one-third more for
the same money, but also because of
superior quality.
Net Uncle
Sam More Than
Dollars a Year.
a Million
She I is i ;
.1 ll sí 1 give lii't-lt.-
ill-cut Sn
e;s , du eu';
sy in win a W'unnn's lnve.
nil Hie llleiley she wiillts.
itt! Vim iluii'l cull Hint
A wennin has l i ti iippeinted "I ''!
nniMa I'lilversiiy 0 lie professor of
physics- not the kind our mothers used
to mix, however.
Storekeepers report thnt the extra
quantity, together with the superior
quality of Defiance Starch makes it
next to impossible to tell any other
A Strong and Realistic Story
Author nf "Oil U'ST M:K " CASTIK t'tUN KV! IH'W," fit.
In an iKlri'ly illlU-rviil i e:u from L!i f orn.er aurkft.
The scene is in Clay County, Indiana. The tale begin with the idyllic
love oi a young fainter anil a gii 1 test her, whii li culminr.ies in a marriag e that
brings perfect bliss in spile of poverty and hard work. Thu development of an
intricate plot, woikcd out in a masterly manner, keeps the interest of the
reader at the highest tension, as one follows Ihe awakening of ambition iu the
young man, his life in Chicago where be rises rapidly iu his ptolession, his lirst
downward step, the ft ightful entanglement into which bis weakness Irada him,
up to the tragical end whiili brink's into liiyh relie! the chatai lers o two noble
'A flrat-nitr Anterienn Story, full of Action nntl Inlcrent."
"I.lkti ottirra of ttin aiiei-eaifnl honk n liieli Iiht IiiiiI rimnmmi ante. It lie
t loll liulellrifthle aotiicthllitf iiliollt II w li It'll few alorl.-s mat-Mr,, mol n lili-lt toma
ii Pouk luto iiiilvernHl popularity.'
riill-pa-e illustrations by 0. D. WILLIAMS.
p r i o n , s i . s o
She Went as Express
3.9 &$3SHOESH
Yon can save from $3 to $5 yearly by
wearing V. L. Douglas $3.50 or $3 shoes.
They equal thoso
that havo been cost
lug vm from S4.00
to r.00. The im
mense sal of W. Ij.
Douglas shoes proves
their superiority ovur
all other makes.
.Sold by retail shoe
dealers everywhere.
Jxiok for ñamo and ,
price on bottom.
That DnaKlaa nc ( or.
onalolt iriirri thrra la
value In Hoiivlaa fchopa,
toruna In the hitthmt
Our f 4 QUI ittjr Linernnnot be equalled at anu price.
Shorn by mall, S5 rrnta est ra. Illu.tratM
látalo ins, , W I JXRuUS, lirrxktim, Ban
-m V J
mm i ni. i .1M1JI I 1L- lag 3
HEAD positively relieved anil CURED by
this .wonderfully cleansing nntiaeptlc
. and lleAlinir Specific Frice Sj aud 60 cts.
.Ask jyour ..druggist.
in Mm. Hold bv drutrvUtn.
aal ' - '
The man bad just sprung the old
Jol;e of "If 'fiu can't express your
thotifihts, send them by freight," when
the woman said she had once express
ed herself.
"Ueally. I literally expressed my
self," she said. "You see, I was to
meet my husband in Huston, and wc
were lo tal;e a certain train out of the
city, where wo were koIiik to ,t;ive a
musical entertainment that eveiilnp.
He said be would probably bo a little
late, and told me to get on a certain
train nnd he would board it in a hurry
with both our tickets. Therefore, when
I found myself in the Hoston station
without more than five cents in my
pocliclbook I was not at all disturbed
until I found that I was lato for the
train I was to take out of the city.
"I rushed wildly for it. only to see
it sweep out or tin; siation us my
husband clambered up on to the las.
- . - ,i U T ... ....
car. ur-course, tie uiihikih i mi mi
the train somewhere instead of in the
station with only five cent in my
nurse. It was absolutely necessary
for me to take the next train or lie
an hour late for the musical entertain
ment, which could not proceed with
out me.
"I appealed to the ticket agent to
give me a ticket, telling bini I would
send back the money just ns soon as
I reached T and my husband. I
How They Do It in New York.
There are more ways than one of be
ing elected to a club. Last w eek the
name of a new recruit t" membership
In a suburban club was announced.
He was unknown to nine out of every
ten members. Then it was learned
that he was the wealthy son of a
wealthy father.
"Few people ever thought he'd get
In," said one of the members In dis
cussing the election oi the new candi
date, "and I have even heard that he
felt very uncertain himself."
"I know he was dubious," was the
answer, "but he's a sport tinder all
circumstances. He bets the most In
fluential member of the committee on
elections $1,000 to $100 that he would
never be elected. But he did get In
all right and paid his loss Ilk t. man."
New York Sun.
explained to him that mr husband
would be sure to meet me, and I could
send tlie money back at once. He
saitl such a course was against tlie
rules and he could do nothing for
me, A nig polico'iinn hoard my story
and he suggested that wo visit the ex
press company in the station, as the
man in charge was a resourceful fel
low, and he might think of something.
"With litt'.e courage I explained
my redlciiment to the express com
pany s man, and he scratched hi"
head for sonic time over it. Kinally
he said: 'I'll tell you what I'll do, ma-
dr.m. I s'pose your story is all right,
but I have no way of knowing. Now
1 o express you to your husband C.
u. D., and put you in charge of the con
ductor. If your husband meets you
at the station and pays charges It
will be all right. If he doesn't the
conuuetor must bring you back to thu
city. Is It n go?"
"I promptly assented, and he tin I
a very businesslike tag to the button
hole of my coat, a tag clearly ad
dressed to my husband, and with C.
O. D. mi it in large letters. The
conductor thought It was a huge, joke,
bin lie was ready to carry out his
part of it. Of course my husband
met me at the station, and all chargf i
were paid, but I Ml mighty foolish
during that journey."
An experienced clerk in a branch
postoflice up town says that Uncle
Sam Is In pocket every year more
than $I,U()0,0til) hy purchases of post
age stamps which never are used.
"How many stamps," he says, "do
you lose through carrying them care
lessly in your pockets and fishing them
out ngaln, glued together and useless?
How many do you put In a corner of
your pnekotbook, finding them again
months later looking like anything but
postage stamps? Of course, nobody
ever thinks of sending such stamps In
for redemption. Suppose the waste 1
am speaking of averaged 20 cents an
nually for each business man. The to
tal would be enormous.
"Hot weather was a great revenue
maker for the government before the
little oiled books came In; but many
persons lose their books, and the aver
age is about the same. Some persons
actually come back to the stamp win
dow and ask if lost stamp books can
be traced, like bank books. Another
way in which Vncle Sam gains is
through tradesmen sending out letters
Inclosing stamped addressed envelopes
for replies which In the majority of
cases are never used,
i "Some business houses collect such
envelopes and redeem them, hut few
take the trouble to do this. Think of
the thousands of return postal cards,
too, tliitl are never used. Lots of per
sons are careless of putting stamps on
letters or papers, nntl they fall off.
Then the matter Is held up for double
postage on Ihe other end of the line.
Mamma-''ome now. Hairy. It's past
your time to el up. Ilarry-Ncyer mind,
tnaiiiina. I'll just May ill bed till my lime
cumc round attain.
If von have sninkerl n Bnllhrad 5-cant
ilKar you know linw (rood thai re; If
oil laiya not. tielter Irv one.
Denver Direetory.
I L.11 I J i.: r MA k Kit
It's the thoroughly modern and scientific system of load
ing and the use of only the best materials which mnV.i
Winchester Factory Loaded "New Rival" Shells give bet
ter pattern, penetration and more uniform results gener
ally than any other shells. The special paper and the Win
chester patent corrugated head used in making "New
Rival" shells give them strength to withstand reloading.
Fidelity Savings Ass n "r.i"
U1) R)U Í I'KK OluNl'. HhU'Oilf t'SS UOOK
C'rnV'li1 KEPAlllS .ir arr inu maka o."
DlUt biuir., tunuoa or raiif. OfcO. a.
HjlXt.N, UU l-wr." il.. Uaurer. 1'tioua IO.
Modern School cf Business .lií.,:;;'"
A.M. hl'AIIMS, l'llii- 1 nuil" Ireii.
r 4 i-.x
m at w mMmT r at a
i.fRmüi j
Teacher: What does .wino; mean?
freddy:'A said last night that to
i i i i i i i
ue the Littleton
Creamery Coi Dairy
Appliances meanó a
avíntf of time and money
buleiiirlM UIiK i. 13lh A Uu.i.u,) -Hi., Uimrjr, D ili
Iiunsaalauuaua.ll uu a I aa 1 1 ir-.fi( O.n
Ma'DUl Uio ttuvL b.u.lorri u tad Ofuv.rr lltir
oüaiila and lidiwi. ü.iu Ira ti üt aij I rati lu luJra4
imyoaiuooa. Oaii or ñutir üiiMiMiaio.uilua'ua
She Knew Herself.
The story Is told of nil old lady Who
has lived all her life In Gorniantown,
as have generations of her .family.
The other day sho Is said to liave con
Attribute Coffee Ills to
Grades of Coffee.
' Many . people lay nil the blame for
the diseases caused by coffee upon
the MKirer grades of coffee but this is
an error as iImj following proves: "I
have used every kind of the best
grade of tea and coffee that can be
I got from a first class grocer but never
found ono that would not upset my
nervous system and It was not until .1
began to drink Postum Food Coffee
In place of coffee ami tea that 1 had
relief from tlie terrific attacks of
nervous sick headache from which 1
ltd sufTered for 3U years.
VI liad tried all kinds of medicines
but none helped me,
"Soon after I stopped drinking cof
fee antl began to drink Postum the
headaches grew less and It was not
long until 1 was entirely cured and
I have never had a return of this dis
tressing trouble for nowadays I never
drink -coTee but stick ta Postum.
"As soon as my wife saw what Pos
tum had done for mo sin gave up
nni noann.
Stmli-nli. i-iirolli-il o n,v l,r,
for .'.lliilof. liKNVKlt.
I. -i-uní b, M ill. Sem'.
..Oxford Hotel..
Iletiver. Ouu lU'n'k trnin Onion llfji it Flio-proof.
fll cure. t without tlio
HI I r iik. ni mort
I ILLM ,.r:.-L iiibI lio.l
knnn. No l"Il.-er liei-elliry
lo -utter. 1 1 inolri-.il i if I'olorii'lo
le-llliioliliil-. Write tor 111) free
Imokli't eiltlimiit all. CiillMill
tilllen free.
Dr. J. P. Rowp.rs
Hi llni lll lilk.. OeiiviT, Coin.
eoli ,iaUoiaau.l surer. ...I1.0D
Xau .ft I UüM,rJUr,Ojpir L1
ITouiii llnturiiM nil Mall Sanitlm
tn.iii.. a.isav rmif.i.w
IT raimuo Blriwt, OKSVKIt, OOLOItADO
suited a young physician fresh from -cofre. wh'ch she had drank all her
his honors at the University of .Penn
sylvania. "What do you think is the matter
with me?" asked the lady,
"I am Inclined to think youf- ililood
is not pure, madam. I'll have to give
you something to purify it"
"Sir!" said the old lady, with dig
nity, "you are probably nut aware that
I belong to one of the oldest famlllo'
In Philadelphia!"
Germany Exports Bicydles.
Germany now exports more bicycles
than either England .or the
lite. This was six weeks ago and
she . Is a changed woman, for her ner
vousness has all disappeared and her
lace has become smooth and her
cheeks have a good rosy red color.
She sleeps well, too, something she
could never do while she drank cof
fee. We consider Postum a house
hold inecesslty , In my house and have
induced many friends to try this
.wonderful food drink In place of cof
fee." Name given by Postum Co.,
Battle Creek, Mich.
Look in each packago fora copy of
Cuitad i the famous little book, "The Road to
I WelLvMe."
KatabtUhtdin Colorado, 1S66, Simplnbymallor
express will receive promot and careful attention
Gold &SDier Bullion HeheRd;ueBcdHr8VSr4
Concentration Tests -100 n&'is""-
.1136-1738 Lawrence St.. Denver. Colo..
Oiient Pile Remedy. !s
ii'dUninniitlr on upllmtln. (.'iii-pm nil (onus tit
Pain. l'r ..1h by nil ItmwNt, or tiut prep.Ud
lo it i if aiMri'M n rm ltn( Il.tRI, bjr
IMS 151 ll Hire. I, Denver, Cok).
Don't forget when you
order taren to get the
best (let DEFIANCE. No
more "yellow" looking clothes,
no more cracking or breaking. It
doesn't stick to the iron. It gives satis
faction or you get your money back. The
cost is io cents for 16 ounces of tne best
starch made. Of other starches you get
but 13 ounces. Now don't forget. It's at
your grocers.
Hereford and Shorthorn Bulls "' n. u.-dksvek.-no. 411001.
atóíS aTXLHrti&Z Wh" A"wrlnB Advertlssm.nl
ire an far shear) of lb" old folilonod Pírea us electricity ti of s Rush Ilk-lit eonille. riitntun KBdeleM Dyes sreolennlr, sn they neither stain th
mnda nur spot the Uettle. due K'e taekK cnlurs either allk, wtol r cotum equully well, and la itunrnnleeil to cive periect reslilu. Putnaua
fadeleob Dyea are fer kule all orugKlma ev-erjh(iw, jr Dialled d.nxt st Iu: a package. MONROE DRVU CO.. Vnlonvlllo, M.

The aroret of the pnpiihirliy nf rtaiter'i
"Hullhe ml" fwent citar i leveulol in uua
wutd "yuullty."
fraile PaUbrathermaile.
h'ttft i'tttor h'.ufittt MiriJ.

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