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A Brief Summary of Improvements Made
Last Year
ThA var inst r.i.Ib.I Ima t,ifn a record i E C. Waring carriel a full lint) of
maker in Aztec. Progress has been the I jewelry, watches, clocks etc. and does all
watch. word with our citizens at;d many
improvements bayo been the result.
New buildinijs ana cuw enterprises have
marked and tunde the progresa of the
town. A i.ew $10,000 county court bouse
has bt-en linished. The Odd Fellows
have tvjilt a two story brick hall at a
coat of .'1.500. Messrs Green i PjoI have
erected a commodious town hall with
business rooms on the first Hoor, at a
cost of fl.OOO. Col. Williams hns erect,
ed a uent brick cottao al a cost of 31200.
John Jj. M. Morrison tins built a neat
brick house for a Louie at a coBt of
Í1.00U. Oriu Kindull is finishing an at
tractive i-(t)0 frame residence. J, L),
riioaias h:is built a 1,000 brick cottage
which he and his family now occupy.
J. H. Austin with his family occupies a
neat brick dwelling, ereutd at a cost of
f.'oO, n hilo C. lirewer and son aro
kinds of repairing.
Mrs. J.F.Bell and Mrs. J, W. Lair
each handle full lines of millinery and
fancy goods,
Mrs. Daltnn carries a complete line of
cand en, nuts and soft drinks,
The San Juan Stores Co. have within
the past feiv day3 moved into the new
Odd Fellows' building and have a com
plete stock of geceral merchandise, and
du a general banking business. They
also operate the Aztec flouring mills, and
handlo the celebrated Studebaker wa.
gun and MoCormic harvesting machine
Baker & Lonfestey and Richard
Iloath run well-conducted places where
the best brands of wines, liquors and
cigars, with excellent treatment, can al
ways be ha.
A, M, Hubbard's meat market is one
of the substantial institutions of the
fish and
Intend at the DoitoOie at Altec ai mail
matter of the second o1m.
Editor ana Manager.
One Voir 12 00
Sil Montht 1 00
rhree Montis H
f neiidiuL- elote tu ÍJ.O00 in two brick
jottag'.-s. which are nearing cnupletion. ! town, where the beet meats
The Puslofflca has uwjoi into new , oyBters are to be had at all times,
and cammodiouB quarters, erected V j J. M, Morrison has recently opned a
pecially for that purpose. J. M. Palmer meut shop, and keeps a well-stocked
completely oyerhaulod b;s residence murkot. His nieatn are the best obtain.
pr"j erty and added a second story to it , alile,
at a cost of 75o. McCoy i Kathjeu's J. T. Green has one of the most com.
n?w brick Lusiuefs bluck was built st a plete saddle and harness btures in the
co-t of 5:5.000 -and íb a credit to tho West, and his work at all times is guar
town and to the enternrit-o of the tirm autdod to be the b' st. lie does repair-
Fbidat Jam-art 1, 1904.
School reopens next Monday.
Judge Pendleton depailej on a busl
neea trip to Santa Fe on Monday,
The Aitec Sunday Schools will be
held at the regular hour on next Sun
Joe Pendlcfcc and .I'ean Howe fur.
nished music fur the dance at La Plata,
Wednesday night,
Paraphernalia for the new poetoOlce,
"Pendleton," on the La Plata, passed
through Aztec this week.
The, little book of "Don't" for boys,
evidently daeen-'t warn its readers
against betting on prize fights.
The new Odd Fellows' Hall in Aztec,
will be dedicated Jan. 9. 100. Public
installation of plficors a 2 p. m,
Miss Perle Pendleton returned to Du
rango on Monday, after a month's visit
with Aztec relatives and friends.
who buiit it, The Colorado Telephone
Co. hub built an exchange here and our
telephone bervico is complete through
out the county. An Aztuu .resident cao
now sit in his home and talk to persons
in nearly every part uf tho county, also
throughout Colorado.
liesides these there have been many
minor improvements. j.M. Kaudall has
b'ilt a i.VJO addition to his dwelling.
Judge Pendleton has improved resi
dence and ollice at an expense of Beveral
hundred dollars. John A, Kooutz has
spent fc'iOO 111 improving hifl residence
property. The Aztec hotel has been
greatly improved and Wm. F. Ciillam
has built cellars, cisterus and out build
ings at an expensa of ecveral hundred
dollars. Dr. K, (.!. Condit has expend
ed 000 in improving his residence prop
erty, T, A. 1'iiTOü ha.t buiit a barn and
otherwise improved his loth preparatory
to building a home. Jams ,t Hart's
livery barn has been greatly improved.
These and many others mark the pro
gross made by Aztec, .luriiij; the pjt
y?;ai. 1
Iiuin-sa in AAtec has 1oeu good
throughout the year and merchants and
business men generally are eatiBtied
with resultB. Aztec is tho business cen
ter for a large scope of country, drawing
trad.i from the Lx Plata, San Juan and
Pine Uiver valleys and along the Ani
mus from the. tata li;o tq below Flora
Among Aztec's business houses, the
most exacting can get their every wish
or need supplied, from the least to the
greatest, even from the proverbial "cam
brick needle to a threshing machine."
Col. W. H. Williams, the pioneer of
Aztec merchants, curries a large and
varied stock of well selected merchan
dise. ,). M. Uandall carries a complete
stock of general merchandise, including
man of the small, ur-eful articles not
regularly found in a general stock.
Ü.iiley i Howo have it completo stock
of dry goods, groceries, notions, and in
fact, evmtliing usually carried in a com
plete general store,
.1. W. Lair handles a completo stock
of goods in general merchandise, while
McCoy V Itathjen carry a largo and
complete stock of h?avy and shelf hard,
war.i, furniture and lumber.
Hay A: Current have a completo stoi-k
of Tresh, pure drugs, notions, Jigars and
ing of harness and shoes.
C. II. Villman's barber shop and bath
rooms are neat and clean, aad the best
of work is guaranteed,
C. H. liaker conducts the Aztec hotel
and many a weary traveler finds this a
veritable oatis after a long day's travel.
All who Btop at this hotel attest to the
superior accomodations ollered.
Ed. Fiedler runs a lirst-class restau-
ant and has roomB in connection, where
everything ie as clean and comfortable
as tho must .sxacting could d,o;irc.
Mrs. Blancett and Miss Luther have
rooms, uoat, clean and airy, and make
their guests feel at horns.
Ajistin k Turner havo one of the best
conducted blacksmith and repair shops
in tho county, and the busy ring of their
am i 's attest to the work they dp.
Jarvisik Hart keep ono of tho host
livery stables to be found in the coun
try, where now rigs and the best driving
horses can always be hid, and where
stock left to board receives the best of
care. ,
Mrp, Waring is Poatraistrese and has
:H liberal oLnn, of Nb rW to iu tt
tending to the wlnts of thia busy peo?
pie. '
Judgo Granville Pendleton, as a law
yer and real estato agent, is known far
and wide, and probably to his efforts
inoro than all o6e, except bar natural
advantages, does Aztec owo much of
tier prosperity,
Dr. E.G. Condit and Dr. W. R. Mo
llee aro tho physicians' of the town, both
well qualified in their professions and
have the confidence of thoir patrons and
tub '.ommunity.
A, li. McCture is a surveyor of ability ,
and spends his leisure time in assisting
JuilgD Peiidlutuo in the real estate busi
ness. Aztec has five secret ordorB: Masons,
Eastern Star Odd Fellows, Kebekahs
and Maccabees.
Two church organizations minister to
the spiritual wauts of our people, the
Presbyterian and Baptist.
There ban been a noted increado both
in atteudanco and interest in our pub
lic Schools from that of 1002. Our
teachers aro capable and painstaking,
aod every facility is offered for the
foundation of a thorough education.
Last, but not least, The San Juan
County Index works, week in and week
out. that the people may know of this
(freat county and of Aztec as the cotter
Rev. B. B, Wright will hold services
at the Presbyterian church tomorrpw
night at 7:30, alBogunday morning and
Durango persistently advertises 'her
excellent water. We are not much for
water down here, but have the best
booze in the land.
Mies South Church of Boston, saya "a
kiss is the anatomical juxtaposition of
orbicular muscles in a Btate ot contrae
tion." It sounds all right.
i'Dr. Cure All," a comedy in two acts
interspersed with vocal and Instrumental
music, will be given by the local lodgeB
of Odd Follows and Rebeaahsat Green'i
flail, Jan. 9, 1904. The public invited
. t' I -J t-JT I
Flora Vista Notes.
W wish all the Index readsrs a
bright aad happy New Year.
Owing to many trials and trouble we
have been delayed in oarrying on our
correspondence with the. Inde, In the
future wa expect to ksplhs Index in-
a . I. ' . "v. 1
lormeo. on an ot me local news or ids
Owing to the scarlet fever acare, there
were do entertainments at Flora Vista,
during Christmas, exce come private
gatuaringa. Among tbem might be
mentioned the gathering at the Goodwin
home, a tew ot the nairest neighbors.
A nicely prepared Christmas tree and
a real Santa Claua served for the amuse
ment of the little ones." '
In the futJre we may have a wedding
to report, but at present we dare not
say aoything about jt.
o: 1 , , , . . .
Qiuce me arrival or a dov si ipe pome
of Arthur Sever, be is only touching the
uigu piacee, v
Master Robert acdfClyde Goodwin
drove up to the Mexican plaxa Sunday
to visit Alice Goodwin, and Mrs. Bryce'a
Miss Ilonry, who is & very successful
teacher, will take up hi1; echocj at Flora
Vista immediately after New Years.
The old batcbeloraut Flora Vista are
coDgratulatiog thflaelves on 1904 be
ing leap year, Anyl 'd. maids who are
contemplating mar'Ve may apply to
the one of her choirs. Correspond
ence will be cherfully answered in a
painstaking manner.
Miss Carrie Cornelius was visitine on
the La Plata Tuesday aud Wednesday.
Mrs. S. E Pepin thinks seriously of
renting' her ranch the coming season
and spending the summer in the
E. Wood of Flora Vista is building
quite a large addition to his already
commodious residence. Mr. Wood is one
of our most practical farmers, having
iaaen Bweep staKes premium on the
best desplay ot farm product! at the
Faroaington Fair.
Mr. Mullarkey, brother of our fellow
townsman W. T. Mullarkey, seems to be
well satisfied with this section of the
country, We trust however be has not
brought any Dakota blizzards with him.
Some three or four of our most pros
perous farmers contemplate building
brick houses the coming year.
Now as thia is the New Year, it is the
time to make good resolutions, which
many of us wilfdo, but are only mad 6 to
be broken before the end of the year.
Contcf t Notice.
Department of the Interior, "
b'nlteit Htatt-t Laud Ofrico. V
Santa Fe, N, M fs'oy. IS, nwa.
A Bufflclent oorii(viMiliivlt liavlpg been
uicu 111 iiim mine py iiranvuie reDalel.n
Cctimtef furnished for all ai$ ot
Carries in Stock a Complete Line
of pQ2ins I. adertakers' Gcods,
imported Caskets, Etc .
Shop Seat t Livery Stable.
4, a. pvvr,
Tie Farminston
Dodertaking Company
FaiiiiiitDi, Dei Mejito.
lembera ot tba Wettorn Funeral Dlrwton'
AHWllblUD, ,
Licensed Bmbnlmpra and Shippers to
Any Part of the World.
The largest aod most complete itoek
ofCaekets. Cot&ne and Funeral Equip
ments in toé Southwest.
The Aztec Restaurant.
ED. FIDLR, PjoprMor.
First class meals, neat and tidy rooms
good service. Your patronage solicited
'The Red" p'rorjt'
Simtostant against tiomeiteail entry No. 6S66,
lade Keb. ?9. 19UJ. iur the s,'4 of n e U and 1
y, ui am, seciii.n a. Township 29 n. Banfri12
eoinmlsslonere' Proceedings.
Aztc. s. M . on. :, ww.
The M r.ir.l if C.mnty Comml'slure rs el San
Juan '' uuty. una In renuliir '-Au at the
court h.iiiMi In AUc Fr-s-ut. J- E. UcCr
ty. . Iialrman, CurnmWMiiiiers J . R Williams
ami J V. Lujau, Joe Pr.'wltt, olurk.
.dimites pp-vioua meulinK r'ud and ap-prov-il.
A ,i'tiitou of Peter M Sliumway et ul ask
ing '"arna.l tube oiKtiixi vviw Krautiid uu.l
the i'il uniere J opened.
Bond uf M, W. M11k.iu as road aiiperribor
ol prcclnctri, was arpiirovcd.
Biind of H:imon LavaUi road superviRor
of preclnrti, was approved.
Oflercil by the Hard that fur lti. years
I'M and I'M any anHCBsment asatnsl the
traction of l4 of nw nw of ne ec. 14
Tp '-'J n. r. I." , 4'i ai-re, and ny ciU or
poiialtlen thereon incurrel bo abated ami
tin! the i.e..r bu lntrnct'-il iu the future to
111 1" U" ii-e-.niciit .f .ild. and the i-l- ri n've
Mr. O.llytr a copy of tbl order. The said
land bel uu on the Navajo reervation.
Omlfmuus li.it :ic been ina.l; ou the Hes
mcnt roll . mid it belni! h"wn to the sa'ln:ac
MrB. P. E. McClure, daughter, Olive,
and ttyosons, P. D. and W. Q., arrived
in Aztec Monday, from Howard, Kas.
They came here for the purpose flf se
curing a ranch and wi) make this their
future home,
A number of young people spent
Christmas evening at the home of Mr,
and Mrs. L. Curren);. Flinch was the
main feature of amusement. Refresh-
M.tftwiij t jiwva u4 4 .Wvuaarit' -"
was reportp4.
w., by J. M. Williams Contestee, in which It Is
alleged that the sain J. U. Williams has
wnuiiy laueu 10 eaianiisu resiaenee or make
anv improvements noon the la ml anil hao
whulh abandoned the
ident of the Territory and has gone to parte
unknown, said parties ate hereoy notified to
acpear, respond and offi'r eyideoco touching
said allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on Jutin.
ary 11, l'JU4, before the Probalu Clerk of Sun
Juan Conntv. at hiH otHii it. k-t un
Mexico, (and that 8nl tiéarlng will be held
at 19 0 olock a. m. on February 11 , lu(H be
tore, tho Reglaterand Receiver at the United
States Land Offlre iu Santa Fe, N, M,
inesamconiestanr. baving, in aproperaffl
davii,flled Nov. 19. 1B, set forth facts which
Bhow that after due dillirruoe noraonal
aorylee ol thia nottre. -auuot be made, it Is
any inrrnien that sues
BAAUi.Li !t. uitttu, BeglBter.
10M ML'LIiJiR, aecciver.
The Misses Laura and Mollio Hudson
returned to their home at Walsscburg,
Colo., 011 Sunday, These young ladies,
during their short sojourn here, hare
made many friends among our people,
who regret their going. away,
On Christmas, at hotel Baker, Judge
Berry pronounced the words that united
in marriage, Mr. Alexus Hitter of Du
rango and Miss Viola Wyley ot Delta,
J. ihn Slater was appointed constable for
precinct No 3.
E. (i. Berrj, Juntlce of precinct No. I, re
purted n" lines collected for quarter ending
s.-pt. ;m. I'.kx).
V. W. Sharp paid clork of tho b.mrd J5.00 to
lie used to iy expenses of viuwing road pe
tilioneil lor.
T. L iiiake paid cleik of the board tó.oO to
be uHrd to pay expenses of viewing road.
Koad supervisor o( preciuct No. 2 was or
dered to put the road between Uildcbrand'a
and Cameron's ranches In good condition.
It appn iriiii; to the Hoard that R. L. Hum
blet wm erruumiUHly anaessed for the years
l.i'jH and lHim. he having no property In the
county during those years, tho tax anesaed
agaluet huu fur said yuara was ordered abat
ed. 11 app'-artni! to the satisfaction or the
Hoard that Auiouio Moiitojo was erroneous
ly assessed 011 IU acres of land tor I juZ Ui of
bis assessment lor that year Is abated.
A warrant was ordered drawn ou road 'und
for M. W. MUllgau forl'iO.
U J. bun 1 vii 11, asii tsor tor 1H01 and IaiZ was
paid t.',',ll aud warrant drawn for amount,
Wuriiht was Ur awn to O. C. Met wen fur
ÍS.-1, iUarter salary and statiouery as bupt. of
Mrs, Mira M. Page of Plora Vista, has
been allowed a pension of 13 pr month
from April 30, 1901. This will give Mrs.
Page some $250 back pay. A number ot
pensions have been granted this fall and
winter through Delegate Rodey's ef
forts, aod we are glad to note that Mrs,
Page is among them,
A large company of our young peo
ple were invited to attend "A Meeting
of the New York Stock Exchange" in
the cozy parlors of Mrs. W. II. Waring
on Thursday evening of this week,
"Panic" was the amusement, and as the
fun waxed fast and furious, the merry
participants agreed that it had been
rightly named, At eleven c'clock, dain
ty refresements were served. Mosdames
Lenfestey and Lineacumb assisted great
ly in making the evening a delightful
Jos Pkkwitt,
tl. 11 "f the C' lniniHi'i 10 r. Unit they wi re
liuuaeho..e:s witliiu the count) and entuli-d btlioola.
to exeniptiuus, the following per-ui.s were, No further buiiucss appearing
allowed such exemptions for the yearn Until-1 adjourned.
id, and the collector Instructed tu n.akeHULh : Attest: J. E. McCahtt
allow.u ces:
11 Ualdwin for the . ar l'XJ.) IM "t ass'uil.
M. W. MUMitun i0 " "
Mrs. Aunes l'olton " " 'I
i;i ami '
Wui White for the year 1:J1 :iJ ' "
M L. Kldre due ' " m 'U " '
Win. .Me.d -v ' " lt"2 aun " "
Mrs. A. M. Plnkney havina len assessed
on ibeep for the yar llrnl aud it appearing to
the aailstaction of the Board that sn did not
own sheep during that year, th tax unessed
against ber on sheep for said year, IDol. was
Ordered abated.
It appearing that thsre was an error in the
aweeamrnt of David Craxtou for liKil, penally
on bis tax for said year is ordered abaic4.
Robert Molt'-e was appoiuted Ju ice of the
Peace for preetnot No. 3.
the board
Aittc, N. M . Dec. H , m
Tho lloard of County Coniiuisiiouers of Sau
Juan Couuty, New Mexico, met In special ses
sion, this day. i'reaeut, J. K. Uct'arty,
Chairman, J. . Lujsa and J. R, Williams
Comrnimloners and Jue Prewltt , Clerk.
The amount paid by John Passmore 00 per
sonal tax ol Everett Wright foi the year ISHU
whs ordered transferred to John Passmore's
taxes of I'joJ.
Resignation of R. J. Chambers as J us tics
of the Peace of Prez-luct No. 3, was received
and accepted.
Petitions for the appointment of J. L. Fay
and J. C. tlubbard as Juatict of the Pea e to
Por lowest prices on eaeh, doors, mold
ines, shingles and lumber of all kinds.
call at yards of The Durango Planing
mm ana Liumoer company, roar of the
Pirst National bank, Durango. Mill
work a specialty.
Ill vacancy in precinot No. 5, were presented
and upon a vote being taken, J. T. Fay re
ceived a votes and J. 0. Hubbard one. James
T. Fay was declared elected to fill vacancy
As-essmeiit of J62.00 was ordered abated oD
tax of Thus. Evans, preciuct No. 4, be having
been assessed on 20 acres ot land when be
owned only 10 acres.
The Treasurer and Collector was Instruct
ed to correct the special school tax assessed
Against J. A. Koontz, as botween Districts 2
and 16.
The following persons were allowod exemp
tions as heads of families, It having been
omitted on the tax rolls: P. M. Schuniway
tJüUfor yearlufB; FruncUco Manzanares $-,'00
of asesstnfi.t forlfiuj; J. E. Wheeler iioo of
assessment for IWu3
Tho Treasurer aud Collcotor was Instructed
Ui mako con-ruction of taxes on land between
J. VV Coolldge and Edmund Thurland and
that the taxes on that part aaseaaed to Cool
idge, which makes a doubU tax, be abated.
uoulio Martioex was ordered to tile a new
boud as Justice of the Peace fcr precinct T.
F. Archubeu,ue having withdrawn as oue of
his boudsuien.
M. W. Hunt was appoloted road overseer of
prectnet No. 3.
M -turd ay, Jan IS, 18Q was the day fixed to
bear evidence in the matter of damages
awarded on road petitloaed for by C.T. Browo
aud others.
Surveyor Hotley Wat ordered to survey and
open road petitioned for by C. T. Browo and
No farthrr business appearing the board
Atteit! J. E. McCartt.
Joa Pbewitt, Chairman.
Content Itfotlcé.
Department of the Interior, I
pnlted SUtes Land Oflioe. V
Sauta Fe.N. M , Nov. 19, 1UG3. )
A Sufllclimi content p.tllilavlt having i,an
filed In thlsofllreby (Jraovllle Pendleton, con
tentaut, against humestead entry Ñu. 6D-7,
piad March 21, inri, for thewii ofseti and
ev, ot s4 Bection Townsliip -2j, n. Kange
12 w, by Walter Hallirpan Contestee, in which
It la alleged that the ssld Walter Hallimao has
wholly failed to establish rosidenco or make
any improvements upon the land and has
wuouy ananooned the saino, being a non
resident of tho Territoryof New Mexico, and
lias iione to parts unknown, said turtles an
hereoy not,ed tu jppear, respond and offer
ovinenoe touob'DX said allegation at 10 o'clock
a. m,oo January U, 1904, before the Probate
Clerk of Ban Juan Couuty, at Aetec, New Mex
ico, (and that final bearwR will be held at 10
o'clock a. m. on February 11, 1904 before) the
negiMcr aun neeeivp at me uuitoc otates
Land Otllce in Hants Fe, New Mexico.
The iad contestant haviug, in a proper
affidavit, flled November Id, 1603, set forth
facts which show that after due diligence
personal service of this nutlen can not be
made, It Is hereby ordered and directed that
such noUco be given by due and pruper publication,
MANTEL H. OTERO, Register.
TOM MIULKK. Receiver.
The Aztec Meat Market
A. M. HUBBARD, Prop.
nzTEe, n. n
Fresh and Salt Mats kept con
stantly on hand.
A trial solicited.
Highest paoh price paia for bides
Shoes Neatly Repaired,
j pr.ovv. .... ... ui.t'j? ts. ,
Atecf N. M.
1 i
Dry Goods, Grocer!
Boot and Shoes
Hats ana Caps
Hardware, Glassware,
Queensware, Etc.
DEiLEHa ih
Drugs, Medioioea, Notions
Cigars, Tobacco, Candy,
Druggiots' SuuJriea,
And Wallpaper,
Dr. McRee, Prescription Druggist,
Sheet Music
The Largest stock of Gold and Silver Watches, Clocks. Tew-
ejry and Silver Ware at Eastern Catalogue prices, in Southern
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior, )
L'nlttid H;ai. s Land Office.
Bantat'e, N. M , Dec. 18, l'J03. J
A sufficient contest sffldiivlt havlnir hn
filed 111 this offloe bv A. B McClure, contest
ant, snalnst honientea 1 entry No. 0020, made
for se ü ofBw yt, sw H of se 4. sec. 19, and
ne nw Viiinilnwi, .e U, section 30, town
shipüOn,, raiiitc 11 w, y Oscar A. Camerún,
conteste, In which It is aliened that the said
OticarA. Cameron huí wholly abandoned
said troot;that be haaehanged his residence
inereirom nirmore man six months since
making said entry ; that said tract Is not Bet
tied upon aud cultivate! by Haid party at.
required by law i that tjiere are no improve
ments of any kind made upon said land, and
that ihe said Oscar A. Cwu-ron la a non-resident
of New Mexico, said parties are hereby
uui ucu vu Huucir, runpiinii ana oner evi
dence tuu jhlng i-Hld aliesatlon at 10 o'clock
a. m. on I- eomnry is, 1SW before the Probate
Clerk of Sun Juau County Hthla office in A-
io. .itw nezico. (ana tnat Onal hearing
will be held at 10 o'clock a. m. on March
1, lfiO. before) the Keplater and Receiver at
the Uulted Staten Land Offloe In Santa Fe,
N. M.
1 he said contestant havlns. In 1 nrnnrp
affidavit, filed Dec lfl. 1903, set forth fa.its
wbichshow that after due diligence personal
service of this nnticejinnut be made, It is
hereby ordered and ilfreoted ihat such notice
pe given dj dun ami proper publication.
MNUgi,,a. utbho, Kegiater.
Kuan Mi'LLKR, Ueceiver.
First pub. Dec. iri, I'M; last Jan. 15. 1904.
Special attentioo to iiicycle repairing
Aztec, New Mexico.
The People's Corral
and Livery Stable.
Felen & Haloway, Props.
NOTICE. NO. 323.
Territory of New Mexico,
Count t of Ban J van. ;
EdnaL. Austin 1 In the District Court of
va v inf First Judicial Dis
John F, Austin S trlrt of New Mexlci
for the County of San
Thesald defendant John F. Austin Is here
oy noiinod mat a complaint has been filed
against htm in the D.stnct Cmrt for che
County of San Juan. Territory afnrpnaiil
thar being the Court Iu which said case Is
pending, by said plaintiff Edna L. Austin,
the enral ohj-ct of such action being to
obtain absslulii divorce from said defendant
on tne ground of dcRoi'tiun and non-support
and for the restoration of lormer name et.n
as will more fully appear by reference to
me complaint tiled in said cause. And that
unw-ss you enter your appearance In said
canse on or before tne 5th day of February,
IWH, Judgment will be rendered against you
In said cause by default. Name and addres-
of plaintiff's attorney. Uiinvii.lk Psndi.k
TON, Aztec, N. M.
In witness whereof I
have hereunto set my hand
and Seal of sai l Court at Banta
r e New Mexico, una utb day
of, December. V D. 19U3.
A. M. bhboeh, Clerk,
Batray Notlc.
notice is hereby given that the nudcnl gned
1 i , v uc 'oiiowiug neBcrima estray
On sorrelhorse, g yew old, four white feet.
wmte scrip In face, ea -make I , and branded
H wi-cirtie-niaron te'isnouiocr.
Th owner or oKot.tsof aald described ani
mal forfeits the nume at the end of sevao
months frota the riam of the drat nnhllraiin.
of thii notice, uuliMscliltned by the owner or
loereoi. or their agent, proving own
ership md paying all legal charges thereon,
General outlltters for men and
'Rex" Meats are branded "
"Rex," not C. P. Co.
Rex Lard is good. j
Diamond "C" Lard, abso-
Inrplv nurp H
Diamond "C" Hams never
Diamond "C" Soap pre
miums; ask your grocer.
CUDOMA Try it; at your
ara wing orpnoto. tur axport searcn ana rree report.
Free adrloa, how to obtain patenta, trade marka,
copyrights, eto, IN ALL COUNTRIES.
tsutijun dirtel vitik Washington savti flaw,
Monty and of tin tit patent.
Patent ind Ififrlngtmtnt Practica Exclmlvily.
Wrlta or ooma to ua a
U maU Itnti, n- faitea IUm rataat Oatee,
1 For DrunkinnMi, Opium,
Morphln and
ihtTobaceo Habil
' Visitors ttT ufaneo
Are invite; d to make their headquarters with us,
We want to make you thoroughly acquaint
ed with our Btore and is methods. No other
store In southwestern Colorado has facili
ties the equal ot ours, for close buying und
economical store management. Wo aro the
lnaugurotors of low prices ou dry goods and
clothing In this Bectlon of the Blutp; and our
prices, quality considered, are maintained aa
low as anpwhere. and we meet the prices of
any cataloaue house In the country. Our big
shock of Fall and Winter goods are now ar
riving dally, and we are equipped better
than ever to make vour trading with The
Famous, this season, a money-saving ven
ture tor you. All mall orders entrusted to
us will recelveour niost.promptland careful
The Famous Stores Co., Durango
Indian Trader
Located od the direct route from Durango, Farmington and Aztec to "a
Uallup and all points on tbe Santa Fe Pacific railway.
Navajo Blankets, Indian Curios, Silverware, Etc. Etc
L .vtanbYaV J
aaaa w
an u n rt b m m mmm
" - r m m, x mm -a cj
'olorado Springe, Pueblo, Cripple Creek,
Leadville, QleDWood Springs, Aapeo,
Aspeo, Grand Junction, Salt Lake City,
Ogden, Buttt, Helena, San Francisco,
Los AngeleB, Portland, Tacomit and Seattle
riiE Tourist's Favorite Route
The Only Line Passing Through Salt Lake eity EnRoute
to the Pacfic Coast.
DTNTNft PARs service a la carte
S. T. iEFFEBT. Prealdent,
Denver, t oioraao.
IT. A. EDSON, Manager,
I 1CUVDll wavaawwa
k H. BABCOCK, Asst. Gen. Trafhe Mft.,
jBait iiaae ijjij,
EU8SELL HARDING, V. P. and Gen'l Mgr
ot. lioiiis, no.
A. S. HUGHES. Gen Trafilo Manager.
Denver, Colorado.
8. K. HOOPER. Gen. P. and Ticket Ait.
Denver, I'olorodof
Fint pub. Nov. jo, im. Atc, N. M.
Dwlht, III.

uiium ucr noca, mraiicc, new ateSloo,

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