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INDEX, JULY 1, 1904.
r mrnv inru
'in limomlit'ld
U That o' Trjnk P. Allan'? of Our
Sister Town ol Farmington
Col. Welsh wu-i in f
Dave Letvií m il ift m :r in from tin
Lit l'lata Mni.d.iy.
The Hubs and S 'k"s .v ,; er is bats
ht Furminutuii .! ,
lieu. L i'pi't 1.1 rt'ttirn to Lis Lome
on the l'lata tom:irri;iv.
(iej. I'liirrmvs visitt'J w.th his brother
Tom, mi tin" r'iuriiU, "Vrr Sunday.
W. L, I'a.iila u mid MiHi l""id imc
ill (rum U - I'iita fMturd'i last.
Cd. Ten-ill o( bel i.v Flora Viril wns h
business visitor in .2!ie yslcubiy.
Mr. t'llield will conduct services at
Centre Point n:';t r-und.ty afternoon.
Cedar Hill and vicinity i!l picnic ii.
UIuiIkiiht (row na III;' Foil: th uf Jn
j. 1'. I'.cn.s i.f. Flora Win returned
from a busu." trip to lJur.u.K'i y stcr
S on U-.'iiiiiu' -r tli:;i w-flt iiuicli.tfed
M.irvf) M.'C) ; inter ' i-t in tin' Arca-1'
Krar.V'. w'nci'l ai. ; !i IVI-tr-
hoi ii . li.o.in,' I I were iluiiii.' A.tiv.:
"terd,i ,
Sumiller bi. I l'uuieio. an- ., to
raiifhiiii.'. At leant indications point
that way.
Jose ili.'irora and Lair-Jíojuí1. of lower
Pino river wro visitors in tli 1:011 'it, y
seat Wednemhy,
Frank Saarp ih doini; business lhet-j
da) s, judeini; from tlie amount of ojiIs
tit hita received lately,
C. II. Spatli and S.'ott N. Morris of
Fariiiiiiytou wen transacting business
in llic count) seat Momia).
Tliere wiil he 1 special coniuinnicatioti
of Masonic Lull,'') toniniil. ll luenibcrs
are mi'Ji-Hti'J to In- pifint.
I'ruwilt Hates, ton of J. 1'. Hates on
the Kan Juan, is now an assistant in tlie
San Juan Stores at tins place.
Clabe llniiiliiill, tin' genial manan r
of tlii' Co-op. store at Fr jitland, was a
business viBili'i in Antee las! Saturday.
J. I!, .V.cli:to-h of Ciifton Ariz ma is
visiting witli Ins jtartMits at Cedar Hill.
II'msmt) much infatuated with our
i)i.dii: from 111" l"ariiiiiii;ton Fouith
nf July hill tht y will have thi) ' Farm
inyt'.n llo)"ot exhibition at that plum
li"o. aijlii hen of Flora Vista lei;
.'(Inunda) íor 'lunilla, t 'ol ) , w here Li'
will accept a position as machinist with
the Astor Mining Co.
l.va up I.) d.tte a.nl foil i f re6our.
ci 6 for t limit tl:ii-.j;s tl.at in ike life erjoy
alile is the iientleitian lnw naiiu fiirnis
tlie c.tj.'i ,11 to '.his article.
Il.s l.tery l .trn is fu.i of the latest in
the W'ri) i.f hi:u'.!cs, surri'js, fast and
!iillti riiadsti is and ua iiili horses, (if
which st. ;!' is coi.-t.intly lidding,
rim reas. 'ii 1'in. mi.x mentions these
I h t 1; - is ih :t l'.irmint;t''n will Have
doin'ri 011 A ni"' i 'a s natal il.iy.
This is the S' ,ts ii of email fruits and
earl) veyt'taMes an.l I'nud; is lutuil for
keeriiiiJ ai.ii Ht'iiin v , , i .J L i ti ii in a
wa) t:;voul, lempt an AnclloritB, so
hat tho-B who conti iii i.ile Vlsilmu
Farn.il. uton on Ihe L'l ri m- Fourth will
tin ti noti.il la.'iiinu 1:1 hir. cuisine, Al
Mar'iihi'.m is his chef and be hue an
enviable reputado:! in the ;v.ilinary art
.Mr. Allen r-.'"n!y return: il from tin
St, I. I'ai:, whe;-e lie p. it in a por
ti. in of inri lime 11 tiu.ini' noti s in cook-
m I rom ! rai.f"s r-leln ttetl chefs ain
I'.ii! nt fa. Is in ruiir.iiit! a lirst ciasl
hn'.i I. Il.shoii'i was al vays noted for
U'no.l f ire ;i-;.i .illi'i.iion to p.-.'.rons, hut
snppl'e.l that tin wiite' will steer clear
of him. We want no i.'oiit in 0111s, but
thoh" win ivant to take ciianc's can g-t
.i!,ne.,i.. .;..-.ii(i or iiic (;i)o(i
things Unit will load dow n iiic aole.
Will Evans. clerk ii, the Co op, store
at Fruitiand, left Tuesday for Salt Lake
City. He ttxk with him COO pounds of
Navajo blankets, which be will dispose
of fur the firm. We eiaeerlv trust that
be will rind a market for all the blankets
this enterprising firm cao handle.
Fanninuton must be expecting some
Russians to celebrate then us they have
on their program lniaiidancesreaoed
piRtjreaaedpoletuij'if vvarpotatopulo and
other sports, and Uorseburroiudianpo
tHtowheelbarro and toot races, tjood
(hint; there are no Japanese in that
The CoJar Hill Vtrinu Band is Itour
i ihing untlar the kacjtrship ot Prof.
It'ooks, recently from Ny York. Mr,
Itrooksis a ti;;o rn jeician, proficient in
the art of teaching and we predict that
this wiil be the leading musical organi
zation in üan Juan county iu the Bear
Marrie I, at the home of !lr, and Mrs.
A. 1!. McC.nre, on Wednesday c v e 1 1 i 11 (' ,
June 'J'. 1, Mi'H I'arrit Mct'lure and Mr.
Sub lial'er, Pastor M. Filield o!liciatin',
l'bi yo'jiiK couple are favorably known
11 our town, the bride having been in
service of the Colorado Telephone Co.
at this place, and tho room is one of
Sin Juan count)'s must prominent
Quite a 1111 uiber of friundti of the bride
and tjroom appeared at the residence of
Mr. tiltil Mrs, McClure iu the
afternoon on Wednesday and erected
the bapp) couple with u 'kitchen
shower." Kver) thiuif that was useful
from a pepper box to a mouce trap
F.veiylio.lv' was happy, and a very
pleasant hour was upeul, dui me which
refreshments were served,
The happiect, however, were the two
who were soon to be as one. To them
the Mowers were in bloom, the birds
Tho semi-annual business meeting of
the liaptist Young People's' Union wae
held iu the court room Sunday after
uoon for the purpose of electing the fol
lowing otlicers: President, S. S. Howe;
vice president, L. CJ. Hblen; secretary,
Mrs. K. Cordova; treasurer, W, IJ. Wil
liams; orijariist, Ona Eblen.
MissM. Dams, formerly stenographer
for Juiljn Pendleton, left yesterday
for Mvncoe, Colo , w here she will visit
for a few days with friends, after which
she will accept a petition a? stenogra
pher with Barnes it Barnes, lawyers, of
Siivt rton. She is an expert stenographer
and the above tirm are exceedingly
fortunate in securing her services.
Meq tyho Belli
The eun is be
in the sky.
When you hej
something whi
in at one ear bt
eve There Should Be a Tax
t a little ball of radium
on Bachelors are all Married.
ar a person remark thai
f':h they have heard veut
1 1 out at the other vou
cap rest assure, ,herB WHBnothicg be.
tween to stop ij;
We want the
of Lug Vegas t
congress from
In the words
are fifteen lett
"four new
loiters. In U. '
there are four,
words "two il
fourteen letter)
Hou. (Jeorge V. Money
be the next delegato in
iuw Mexico,
"singlo statehood" there
re, and in the words
ra there are tt teen
rda "joint statehood"
een letters, and in the
w senatoiu'' thei e are
rri. : . I. .... ...I )
i . i-uiu is tue eiaiunouu
proposition ID .1 . uhell
Separate ii: . . " x .
ami A 1 liona
eastern idea '
atora in the
cause of the
political buzv.h
oea uot agree with the !
things. Four new sen-
e.iato to ':hatiipiuu the 1
Wes'. is something the j
ids do uot like lo think
Mr. J. V
'. Baf
' ee from up the river was
i.. In... C.tM... Í
Jiy on business,
Tho many friends of Mrs. Wru. Ssase
will be grieved to loam ot her death
at 8 o'clock Wednesday evening. The
immediate cuuse of her death was the
performing of an operation for appendi
citis. Mrs. Sease was the youngest
d m'ht"r of A. U. Graves of Cedar Hill
and the funeral will be from the Graves'
residence at 2 p. m. today. The remaius
will bo interred in tho Cedar Hill ceme
tery, inn l.vntx extends heartfelt
sympathy to tho bereaved or.es,
New Era,
Wo are 111 receipt ot a letter from
Albert 0. Thomas, secretary of tho San
Juan County Fruit and Produce Grow
ers association, a young man of intelli-
gressive residí
B'anco visitor
Mr, Jeffers
who have bec-
the pubt few
the Animaa la
were singinu' Hvceet cmrole and ttieir u-Mnc0 and an able critic, iu which he
cloud had a goideu lining,
There may como a time when the
ll uvera will not bloom, the bitihi will
fail to Bond forth their cheering melo
dies, their cloud will be of the darkest
and a ("inpesi w ill rag'.
Ll us hope th'it hU wil) r. v :ua:3 to
pass ami all j in I'iik I.mh. in wishing
them a prosperous and happy life,
Mrs. Dr. George and daughter, M 1 -s
Daisy, of near Cedar Hill left jesterda)
morning for Cripple Creek, Colo., wici c
they will visit with relativ s.
Messrs, linlhers and K nnedy weie
Farminglon vir-ilors ill the count) ne.it
)ea!erd.i). in d '.une to "g:--s" for a
shoit period with the pnn'er.
Mrs. Hila Kirie wished, Ihnuigh tl.e
coluiniis of Tin. I.MiK.v, to thank the
people of Aztec for their kind sympathy
and help in her lime of trouble.
ii. M. Sharp and sor, Frank, ami
.laughter. Mrs J. Ii. WihiauiP, rel 'i ut d
from Pagoea Springs bet Tuesday,
where tllt'V had be m ei j ) ing the Iml
The evening service at the cuit
room next Sunday '.veiling will be in
charge of the You: g Peoples' society.
It will include a Fourth ni July sermon
by the pastor.
Social on the La data.
li Plata citi.'oH are making prepar
atioiis for 11 grand celebrad n in
Thomas' grov on next Monday, July 1.
If you an looking for a good time cele
bi ate w illi them.
Judge Pendleton and Fred Bunker
eft Wednesday morning for Silverluii,
where the) wiil look afler pome milling
interests. The Judge will visit Denver
before returning.
Our Blanco fi it mis are to hSve a ph
of July celcbraiion. Among other sports
will be a chicken pnilmg contest. This
is very interesting spoil and should
draw a good crowd.
Mrs. M 'Alpino passed through Aztec
W ednes, lay i-nroute to her home in
Farniiiigton. Stie ws accompanied by-
Mrs. H I. Gorman of Duraugo, who w ill
make a short visit at that place.
illy Allien C. Tinnitus)
A most enjoyable tune was had by
llnme who 11 tended the social and
eittt rtainm oil at the upper school house
l.i-t Th urs. 1. 1 evening.
Mi su Garvin is a most delightful
entertainer and gave her audience a rare
treat with her ii.iin, tabic ( leLiitionary
Ion, l ti' iiivilu J i-tul lc urn was 111 ins
liappie:-! luoo.l an I siko very eloquent-
of the lesuurce- 111 d inlinite 1 oísí-
ilies of the j ! Plata V.til )', lad als 1
spol'e very up! on sticaliy of ih great
utureof .N'orl'j .vealeru Xe.v .M-.'Xio.,
ud thoe who heard him must have
elt that the beautiful word picture A'as
not ove.'iira .t n.
tery et'j it.'b!" liuii' '.v. is toen t by
ID eppr.e'lallVe auoieue,' iinuingio
I tti humorous re. it iti m o Mr. Martin
111 wlucli lie prove 1 iiimseii 1.1 lie a rare
iinpcisori.itoi , ami an elocu ' i' uiist of
more lli.tu ordinary ability in bpeaking
lh" German dialed ,
MihS Garvin aiso !nii"d hr audi'.'iice
to Bonn! spiendl.l ni'isiea! selections
which iu conneetii.n with the music
furnished b the voung people of the La
iata combine I to itiak" oncf the best
entertaini.ieiits ever given in this sec
tion .
1 he inviting refreshments seivedat
the conclusion of the piogram 'us a
littmg ciimax for the evenings enter
tainment, and ail departed for home
wishing that our gutsls might at some
future time meet Willi us again and
spend another nu h pleahcnl evening.
John l-.arle.
says in regarcla to our chango to all home
print paper:
"I must first of all congratulate you
011 tho splendid chango and tasty
appearance of the last issue of 1'uf.
"li'VtafTcerhoiiiiy a piJiient iurpiioe
to ycur many readers ta note the paper
iu its new and inviting appearance Bud
it is a change w hich I am euro will be
greatly appreciated. Your condensa
lion of the news of tho weok was
especially line and a feature which
sh"Uid be continued.
. If you maiutiin the present high
standard as' indicated by this issue you
will till a long felt want and your lirst
paper will mark a new era in nevvs
paper work in San Juau county."
Go You One Better.
Mr. J. A.H
er on Pine ri
Weduosday e;
Jay Turle)
manager of til
volopment Ci
day by the w:
ley will visit :
the San Juan
We are goi
yfartinez( one of tho pro
nta of the L i Plata, was a
the fore part of the weok.
.in llaj hurst and family
u residing iu Blanco for
months moved over on
6l Saturday;
of July in a modest ami lilting manner.
The chief magistrate uf tho village will
turn Blanco over to the public from the
evening of the 3rd until the evening ot
the Gth. Come juiu us iu commemorat
ing this eventful day.
There will be a grao baile here at the
"City Hall" 011 tho evening of the
Fourth, and every one is respectfully
invited to como uud enjoy themselves in
their full enjoying capacity.
Prof. Pedro liiulas, traveling manager
of the Overland show, will be in Blanco
tho night ot the third of July with his
entire troupe of Stage artipts, etc., and
will treat us to 11 tew specialties in
Mexica.i theatrics. We presume some
thing like 20 cents will iidmi'. you te the
scone ot laughlei and tears.
Fretl Moss and Hugh M ihorter have
formed a put teneri-hip and w ill go into
the geueral merchandise husmees some
where near the Navajo reservation.
Fred M'! s disposed of bis interests in
the blacksiniili shop to Jake llei drick
son this week. Mr. 1 lendrickson is a
good mini nt the busuic-i-s and we w ish
him every success.
Miss Flora Dougherty, who has been
Visiting in Deliver and other points in
Colorado for the past month, is expect
od borne tomorrow.
A rooster pulling took placo here
Friday and stirred up Considerable
excitement auior.y the village folk,
Some of the boys are very good ut the
rrera, a well-to do ranch- game aud an exciting time is booked for
1, passed through Blanco ' the Fourth when the hots will again
Two good j
drive single
tjp buggies ;
Meat Market1
loute to Aztec.
, president and general
e San J uau uaual a" "e
; lert for Santa Fe Tues
y of La Boca. Mr. Tur
)enver before returning to
ig to coleorate the Fourth
Dry Goods, Groceries
Boots and Shoes
Hats ana Caps
Hardware, Glassware
Queensware, Etc.

But the Telepone makes it seem like"
town. From your home you buy,
sell and trade. You chat with friends
and neighbors. You are never lonely.
contest for honors.
Messrs Turlsy and Dauhilrg made u
purchase of Angora goals lids week, and
will go into the gout rjising busineiis
Mr, Turley while in the southern part
of the territory will buy some thorough,
bred bucks which will be brought to
their S in Juan county ranch,
- Indian Trader
Will Trade
driving hoi'Bus, broko to
r double, and two or three
or cattle. Enquire at my
in Azlec.
J, A. Lauiiiihb.n,
Hay harvest'
n the San Juan.
itlll In piiaru.s thH week.
NuTiijo Chit j, , . .
Ul4,le.i''"', '
Kitnley. 1
A load of gM
VVeiliieSday 11
(lev. Haas is etpectii g his old frient
mil Seminary class nnitt, R"V. Witten
'lerger. from Chicago the lust of thu
YL'i'k. He will proiiahl) preathforMr
1 laas either morning or evening of next
vinday.nr both morning and evening
( 'ullahan has lived in the rural district
rid drank ''apple jack" so long tl.at he
an'l dial iiiguiah the dilferenci) bet ween
sausage grinder w histle and an ''appu
. .tier" factory whistle. Co.ue up to
'. 'tec aud drink good hibkey for a
hilo "Calla".
JarvislHart Wednesday purchase'
a low flurry from the. San Juan Stores
Co This enterprising firm is always
Purchasing new rigs and buying good
stock, and rightfully enj oy the reputa
tiou of being !!' most enterprising livery
A Kansas exchange says: "The mean
ert young man in Kansas lives at Hor
lon. He asked a young lady what she
wanted tor a birthday present and sug
gest! .1 gloves, but the girl thought
something for her neck would be nicer.
Un the evening of her birthday he
handed her a small package neatly done
up. Nervously she opened it in the
presence of the other girls aud found a
bar of boap."
The )oung "Jay Hawker" landed a
"hot one," but we can go you one bet
ter. A young lady at Fiirmington
p: utilised an ardent admirer that if he
would tiiit biightening his ideas with
"bottled sunshine" she would give him
a nice present 011 his birthday, On the
afternoon of his birthday the gentle
man in question received a neatly done
up pacUage, and upon opening itfouud
a buttle of McRee x. Bailey's ''Wonder
ful Hair Fdixer," warranted to grow
bair on any substance. GritTin & Jack
son have bad a good run uu "apple jack"
ever since,
Fred Lt'Clc
uplarist, etc, t.
Colored 1,
cuttle camp In1
KOud renda tju
go on.
Store Por Sale.
Death again summoned to the great
beyond one of our citizens last Sunday
morning at 12:-U, John ii, Ivule.
Mr. H.trle, accompanied by Boy Stow- groceries, somo hardware
irt, went to Pagosa Springs two weeks particulars call on or address
I wish to sell my ontire Btock of gen
eral merchandise and store fixtures,
The only etote in Largo; a snap for tho
right party if taken for cash and at
once. Enjoys a gootl trade, mostly
cash, Stock consists of dry goods and
For full
ago epecting that the hot water baths
would help I 1 111 , as he was itlllicted with
rheumatism. However, he .lid not
improve ami at tune mentioned he euc
ciimboú toco.iiplication of rheumatism
and Blight's disease,
Tim remains were brought to A 7. tec
and funeral occurred from residence
Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock, inter
ment iu Aztec cemetery.
John II. F.arlo was born in Greenville,
S. C, Nov. 'ij, 1810, and (led in PagOHii
Springs, Colo., Juuo 20, UOT, aged 5H
years and 7 months.
Hu loaves a wife, who has the sym
pathy uf the commuuity, to mourn his
C. S. S.Nvni-.it, Largo, N. M.
Reliable, - well jeweled,
watches fr .111 J'2 upward.
K C.
Free Delivery.
The following is going the rounds, but
wo will not vouch for the veracity of the
same. Granville Coo who carries I be
mail to La Plata and Peudioton is
supposed to have recaived tho following
letter from one of bis appreciative pat
tons: "Friend Granville: As you run the
free delivery roulo by my bouse I wcul
like )ou to bring me on your nett trip a
hand of salt, two sacks of ll.iur, also a
tou of com and three spools of wire.
then throw a e-it of whiffle trees and an
evioicr under the seat., A Is j have tiv
tona of alfalfa to get to Aztec. Had
bi'tter have it loudod for you or will you
go into thu held aud loud it? I think
this free delivery is a ircat thing
11 . .oiuio: lux la ,, id
hruw eruhhinf! f T Mr.
Flora Vista Social.
The social at Flora Vista last evening
was a grand success both socially
and financially, Flora VistaitcB
were out en masbo and both
Aztec and Fcrininyton W'ure woll repre
sented. Although tho wind at times
blew a gale, tho lawn where the social
was held was protected by treeu and
! the thick foliage iTSHted penetration by
i tho elements,
j Flora Vista ladies devoted their whole
' attention to seeing thai the visib'rs
I iver-i liioblv entertittnnd iinil thet e.in
eJ Located on tho direct route from Durango, Farmington and Azteo to
H5 Gallup imd all points 011 tho Santa Fe Pacilic railway.
Navajo Blankets. Indian Curios, Silverware, Etc. Etc
p,as will leave this place cettu!j, íeB, pt0Ul! , Ul,r
rnliii! for tho DuranKQ niH'"-1
A. Uallii.i
,cr pnr iium'iI another of cow
ae lirat f tlif week.
-c, lildeLrtmlUi, raneliiilaii,
i)3 lie h lailier Imi-y tlieM:
Vi'l-li ciiine tluw'n from Ids
the lililí, Saturday,
eeun In lie waklnu up tin.llii'
-lion ten. !.! th'- titiot! work
The rafreshuiouts were delicious unci
tbeproyiam rendered was very enter
taining aud ot u high btHiidard.
Whcu you attend a uncial affair at
this llourieliing little village you uro
always sure of a splendid time.
Tho Sun Juan Stores Co, bad a
monopoly on the Colorado T ephoho
Co. Lift ( Vening.
Mary Prewitl sang a solo at 'die Ma
onic celebration iu Farminglon last
Friday evening,
'liat He. lag omial project Is
f! aluiit;.
c.linl tu hear)
still bulns puf.
, eianysau .Juainrs liad to.'t
their muí to ij i(..it(, )tliiLco iiiur rea,u ,u,
bring that b l(f 1,r,1clllly hvUlIi: ,,
public mítico 11' au malnUlns lllualaUllrd
of last week's 1
1 -nur,
Our ceiiBratl iU()ua (h(. uc(f mak ,
üfTlIKWM. ',,J,car(UllKnr t,,.p.lttm .
sides is aa iil .Vi atK.,,,,1 Vrun-s. ip.wewr.
Its extra wo,. (m l(. ,.(i,lu,e duv, . C(jm.
inc'n.:l,igl..Buc,ll)l)t cutlltr l)f C()urK1, Ul(.
editor KCls liiiBlmrJ, too.butoiirsvnipatliles
go tu the devil I,,. e lwve ,.l)eeil u,ri,.. oul..
8elf. .
eommlssi oners' Proceedings.
Onict' of COUlll'. rnminisl.,n..r ni Sn l.ein
Couiilv, New, Wtxi(,0.
JLNE Uit, I'l l.
a mot in adjourned .csdeii
qaallzaiiun, all inemlier.i i.f
The board of tiiali.atioii
it" a board of oentity cnnonls
triuisaeliou of the following
as a lioard of ,
Ixnird prcscui.
resolved itself li
sioiurs for tin
llLUia f buiilu
John I'onrl 111
on I1I.1 natlt says that lie aiil
. . . 1
inn taxes HSiusi ... , hi , .....,,,
and that the
when his dwell
the commissi
treasurer tn n!
show i!M"i as pi
lie was also :.
1K before nuil
huliiustcad. T
ordered abutotl
the sutlsfactlot
l'oud) was oriui
In Farm int; ton
his otheattnent
be rodueod Ifi'v
Tin- Iward w ai
that Mrs. Kiln 4
a-si'tiMed on lull
therefore orderJ
year be reduce
for ltWJ.
Herman F. L
crvisor of prec
tu. Evana w
Peace and W, It'
iiuble uf VrfClin
Koad sup-rT'i
ordt retl to get .
Uiltterhrand's 1
C, Q. llrcwer
bridge at Alios
No further bt
receipt therefor was burned
ng lioueu burned. Therefore
jners orilt'retl the county
ake roll book for said ear
ssrsscd 011 land for the year
king final proof of entry uf
NKW Yf)KK. June 2'J. Tho third
alarm of lire luis been turned In now
for II res tiecuri'iiie; in the live story
liull(liii4 a! 1 he comer of Filth and
1 '.roadway. One hundred and flfty
girls employed, in Ihe building mailt
w;iy shit'. .Several large firms occupy
ihe building.
r.ANC.OU, Me., June 2fl. The lie
publican slate cunvoniioii was culled
to order 11 the Auditorium this nllcr
noon wllh nn attendance of over 2,000
delegates. The convention will noin
mate a eanrthlau for governor to sue
ceed .lohn K. Hill. The withdrawal of
Col. Joseph II. Mauley from tho race
and the probability that the old party
machine of which he was the king-pin
will ht overthrown by tlio new load
eis who have come to the front tlnr-
ins tho last lew years causes an 1111
usual amount of interest to center in
iho convention. All Indications point
to the nomination of William T. Cobb
of Rockland for governor. His chief
opponent Is Col. Charles II. Prescott
of liiihleford.
"Here is another example itf faulty
English," said the teacher of the class
vea In aiitd assessment were I u motoric. in mis essay you Dave
fifii. It was abo shown to ! written 'her sight broke upon it laud
of the boar,! that ho (.lohu 1 scape of entrancing loveliness.' How
could tiny one's sight 'break upon' a
"She might have dropped her eyes,'
ttmmiy ventured toe youim woman
who had written the essay. Cbkaj.'
ooiisiy asnean. 1 011 property 1
or the yinr limci. llteiefiirc j
(tit salil jour was ordered to
sativlled fr..m statements
Daltou had liecu erronoUsly
ol for the U'ttr ht3. It uus
:l that assessment tor said
to the auine as .attseaanicnt
ng wan appointed road sup
not No 2,
is appolntetl Justice of the
. uiack was appointed Lun
t No. 4.
tor ot l'reuitict No. "i Was
1 plunk to tlx read near J. K.
vas employed to tighten up
dues appearing the hoard
J. E. McCahtv.
Prond of Hla Title.
"Wlmt makes Brown so haughty
these daysV"
"Why," bis secret benevolent nssocla
tlon has elected blm to 1111 ollice that
lias a title seven feet longer than anv
title there is In Smith's secret society
-Chicago Post.
JltKt llt'lnerii Nfllililiom.
5frs. Hiiirgiird Do you know, myself
nnd my daughter nre ot'ten mistaken
for sisters. Mrs. (!rnv-.h, the dear
girl must be studying too bard, don
cp cpicp CJ5
ni vx uurrLiM i
L)nii,'sJ Medicines, Notions,
Cigars, Tobacco, Candy,
Druggists' Sundries and Wallpaper,
A ".tee. - - - Now Mexico.
Call and
See Us
Just Arrived!
The most complete
and up-to-date line
ever brought to Az
tec. If you need
anything in that line
call and see us.
If You
Wish to
Give Us
Cultivators, Plows, Discs,
II arrows, Lawn Mowers, Ir
riuting " Shovels, Garden
Makes, II oes, etc.
Studebaker Wagons and
Haby Carriages; Hoys' Ex-
pi'ess wagons.
The San Juan Stores Co.
iViwwwwo o o o o o o o o vwwwwvwv
I The Aztec Undertaking Co.
Licensed Kmbaliuers and Shippers to any part of the world.
The largest and most complete stock of Coffins,
Ca-kets and Funeral equipments iu Northwestern New
Rooms noxt Door to Drystlale's Livery Stable.
drill in San Ju in county.
for us rural pnopla."
Job PHBwirr, t
you thlrilt'f- ruck.
mmnm ooooooooc wmmnm

iio.v he is y',!'.::.l. (, to r toiiiopc-d and
Sr. estor
NEW Msieo
a liu.-uy escapo from out of the riroad-

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