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riADU :-kon native roots.
T!it tl.H r.ts df ma:iy native plant,
priiwini: wild m our Americi.ti f,,rets,
s remarkuM,- .r,. r'ie for the cure
o' hum. in maladies i- w . 1 1 .r,,ii. Even
tin1 uiiliitun-il Indian had learned l lit
cur.it:e v.i !in- uf 1 1 1 of thee and
ruudil th" early --'it !.r- their ur.. 'I'll"
JiiiIi.iii never 1 1 ü t w.;n s lie ri til his
.ii.iv In get will a -.m.ii a- i uní- llial
-!! mik'i.t On tlie vs.irh and lei lum limit. ;
TliiTeiiiro. lie di.-.' ";m" root fur he,
f.ir that w.i their (.'p-a reineity (or tí
male i.iii!ii'.-'-. Dr. 1'ieree ui- 1 1 it
same r ol- cai;. d i'.ln- Colm-li - in Ins
"Kavi.rre r ,ü..ii." -ki'.iti;"y emu- i
bill'-d Willi ether HI- tli.lt make it i
Illi.r t (Tvtle 111.!!. ::u ,,llier niedieiiie in I
cur. us a'.! the .r."u weakneM and
piiiuf'd i:eraii.'M"i !,'- ;n-eiili.ir i. women.
Many iltÜieti d Willieli I i'i'll s.l I'd
fri'IIl lile ejieratlu- fv.. i let t!,.- t.r- i
C'ell'- h'life t'V II.. l nt. ill ,,eti,r
I'.' ree's 1'aVlT.ti- I'P -T lilloll Tel.de-Is-"
over tne .iii-r .e!e ret' '"I!. w ! h
t-aekaelie. (,:;- ,.f i .i:. , Iw.lMw
tf.ir na li, i;.i.-'-r :.!: lmi,.ii i.t
pe "ii.h"' IM. A 1 : - '. I a..r.t.- I t
II Will
u il .
In ii
in a;: -.1 it ..
pcrin.ii.citt i.i1
MUI. l lie liliMl
I'P m'I !il
ule.liy it. i
i(i L''
i !-.-
y iil. i t a
!'T a i. a-
" l'a. 'Lie
i nt. I . i,ir
llieil;r. I:. i
lll"l III I'
ll,, dii'ile -.
.'- -t- :-.r
i t !!
a i...
a ilp.
Itia .
I,. re
II r
' 1 III' illL'li
a!' ., I Ili-'t.T -
-I ;i' I in a.-
. i i.nlaii :uí.
i:.,ii.'l-. ulii-li
;.V in iliiii'ate
'r:pi!Hh 1 mu
lianiifnl lialiit-i,un'.i;.iit-
i i'. r It i- a
! '' . ' 1 1 1 i I !" I 1 1
li .1; ..i r t.i ! lie
-I', el
i a. i;
itlii T ai
i nun .' un.L--.
Ir . 1 1 1 i mi n l
j v. . rf il m:'
All I-
I I.Hi.' w I
r.tta.i' l'
l.u'tli :n
.nth ainl -u
wlvmi- di-'ii
Kiel -i'!-!'.
or 'I. i ,:.t.r. d
erK III -I"!'' .
;y '.inn
nil. !,'i
'I' v
r ii -
-ni i, .
r n
I'll Willi
III. 'A 11 1
In K
-it at the , ..'v. r.t. i
ur I . ar (.. ,, i Ih.iim'I
IIMI'simr llii.lliel'-, i
rr.'-'ii;.;,..n u ,:i j...
b".'.ll-e (,( it,- lie;
-iriii-'th-nvint' mu
I'nr ci.ii-i;.:iti,,:i.
'nr.' - I r. I'icr-c'
Mild, t...nule-.-. ). t
i-, mid f--r
. l-'iiiiit
riiiir and
l'l i.llKl
. I'..
c a .r;,-i
ih - re?i
Il.e triie.
. !. ' c
(Iriiwiii;, innliin, alive Azt((
lioni - Tu Mr. ami Mix. T. B.
teHmll, ;i daiigiiti r.
Neve liiicol wtiali'u- -lindes al Ma.
Lend Tiiwii-i'in!'-.
Irriga' tug ditcl
ed to run in tin- r
íes were imt inli'iltl-
Ituli'Tt rr..vitt
l'iwer cniiiitry Tu
11 1. 'IV,
tii from the
Hail.-y llnwe will sell yon 1 ral.
id Km. i is i 'atMip for ."ue.
Kuril ir k lilao Kra.-s need fórjale
t. M." I.eod i: TowiiMt 1 .
I'olmi'i and ca-kets for sale liy The
Aztee I ai'dwari Lumber ( 'o.
II. T. Id nry will move lo Iuh ranch
lielow town, havilie; Hold Hie hotel.
' '. N. Hie,Kiiir. and Mrs. C. N. West
were Farming' mi visitors yesterday.
I'ullow the crowd when in Dnniiiiro
to Nuthnn'tt one price clothing Uirc.
W. V.', Me i; wen was tip from our
on hie
if Fitrmington Wedn:stlav
l.ist yoiir
Spath Land
Index h iildi
Co. olliee
with Chas. K.
in front room
J. II. Hunee and I. N.
hauling wool to At.c fi
erty Wednesday.
J. M. Thomas made
this week. The ( has. F.
S"lph were
r I'. Do.igli-
I esc rt entry
Spiith Land
t '". transacted the business,
W, .). Oil and wife of Canon City
w. re A tec v.siior Saturday. They
are hunting a .i s h cal ion.
A kitchen shoA-er was given Mrs.
Agues Collón SiiHirday evening by a
large party of lady friends.
A.-se-... r ;, Hendricks has
eompli ii d his annual round unci run
now be I.. mid at the court, house,
William iiied and c it.herine S. Mc
Haniel were married Friday evening
A Hlooiiiliidil by Justice llippler.
News comes ir,, m C. Abbot I hat
'In' district court ollicials will be in
Aztec Yoiiday of the coming week.
hie oi II. 1 1. Abrauis' liule girls
had I;, r arm di-ocated this w'eek.
She i- gelling aloi.g nicely under Or.
Melb c's care.
I.au nin e
Texas and
of D.-i
I la vis i
rang' .
marrictl Wcdncdav bv
I.e.. in .r l iarcia w as
in A ice Wt duesday
"lie o Han Juan
esteemed eil i.eiis.
a Illanco visitor
Mr. ( iarc' i is
colony's most
. Freeman, of (he Mímicos
Times, w as an Aztec visilor yestcrdav.
He is looking for men and teams to
haul lumber m ar Mancos.
It is rumored that
Will be a candidate fi
Frank Sl.-'plin
r Hie leiris alive
assembly this tu
subject to the
U 'lion of tic Republican convention.
Mr. and Mrs. C
W. (lillüan lett
Saturday for Nebraska, where they
will spend the summer. (Ieorge
Leep r has rented the Cillilan ranch.
(ieorge W. 11. Iletler, a contractor
Uiul builder of Durango, was in Aztec
Saturday looking at t he new buildings
going up here, lie may do somecon
'lacting here.
Ui'ii. , Itrumgli
Iowa 1ms rented
locale heri he
entry. The ( 'ha-,
handled the biisim
ii an adorn
ail olliee ;
abo made
y from
mil will
i loser!
E. Spath Land Co
Charley Walter" of Durango has
bought the j.' Mn ro "ni,,,,,, al that
pltec and w ill get his haré of the
trade by merit. He Is a relative ol
Kniil Fcbci-scliar of this place.
Edwin J. Hurley and Miss Julia A. j
Dgi leu, both of Durango, have been j
issued a marriage license by County I
Clerk Kblen. Mr, Hurley is the polite
hraUcman on the Red Appl fiyer,
Ii nd the traveling public will x'(- nun
th" glad h;witl over his forward atp
!! Ifw.
fiiYiwlru. uriing. alivi--A
Odd fellows Celebrate.
On Tliurs lay evening, April '2S, oc
ciirreil the ot!i anniversary of the In
ilepenilent tnler of Odd Fellows.
The FurmiiiKton lixlt" attended :i
litimitict and cclehratioti at Aztec
The supper was served at 7 o'clock at
the Hotel Fiedler, lifter which a short
program was given in tlu Odd Fel
lows hall and a dance wound up the
mutual meeting of the host fraternal
order on earth.
.Pr. M. 1). Tavlor, a member of
Mounds, Indian Territory lodge, pre
sided at the exercises at -the hall.
Short talks were made by Farniing
t .ii members and then (ieorge A.
Tinker leliveted the address of the
evening. Mr. Tinker reviewed the
hi-t'.ry of the lodge from its origin in
America in at Baltimore, Md.
From live original members the order
has grown to over l."iio,non. From
relief dishursments of nothing the an
nual sum i now over 1 ,Ui il'.t n)U. The !
speaker paid a high tribute to I he or-1
tier and its teachings of fraternity,
love and truth. Its power for good s i
beyond calculation anil wherever an
Odd Fellow may go he is assured of j
help in the time of need from his !
brothers and the widow and orphan
are his special charge.
.Mrs. John li. Austin closed the pn
gram with an appropriate recitation
I well delivered and amid applause tin
i assemblage adjourned to (ireen's hall i
' where t he hours sped ciuiekly to the
inuir ul Dean Howe's violin, Al Hub-i
bard presiding at the piano. Í
Among t he out -of-town guests were: !
Í l'armingtoii H. A. (iamhill. noble
' ,,,.,,,,! i.- i..,i,.., v., i u
Maupin, Chas. F. Holly and wife, H. j
'.l.liraf and familv, Lew Miller and I
i 1
'family, Hert Me.lnnkin, Mr. and Mrs. i
(. M. Hubbard, .lake Mc.hmkin, 11,
i I.. Andrews. Mrs. Harris, Miss Harris,
: Mrs. Wayne Harris. Sylvester Hay
i and mother, Arthur Thompson, Mrs.
1 1 . H. Mellenry. James Pierce, Tho
I mas l.oeke, Charles Mamma, Hert
Í Stewart, I'rnest West brook, Willis
j Martin, Charles Maddox, Miss Ful-
Cedar Hill fl. A. Tinker. Miss
F.dith Tinker, James Mel'.wen and
wife, Levi Carter, .1. 1.. Ilaiullcman.
Flora Vista John Speer, An luir
Crowing, pushing, alive Aztec
Coffee Coffee.
The finest line of coffei
came to San Juan county
the importer, all grades
that ever
direct from
Tit "Our
Itlend" M. and J. at :tne.
Mai l.i;oi) & Townkknii
The Arcade.
Sain Kidinger, proprietor of the
Arcade saloon at Az.tec, invites the
weary pilgrim to his place, where the
best of wiles, liquors, bcerand cigars
arc always lo be had. Club ro.iins in
connection. A resort for gentlemen
is kept by Mr. Kidinger and a fair
ocal has always been his motto, litf
Henry' Hotel Sold.
Mrs. J. Me.Millin, formerly of Crip
ple Creek, Colo., has bought the
Henry hotel at this place and contem
plates Improvements and additions
that will give Aztec a first class
hosielry. New furniture and utensils
will bu installed and a service com
mensurate with ih" town's demands is
assiu'ed by tlm new proprietress.
first Concrete House.
C, T. Brown is now laying the San
Juan Pressed Stone Co. blocks in W.
S. Baker's residence on Third street.
The blocks make a handsome ami
everlasting building material. Hed
cement in used between the blocks
and when completed Mr. Baker will
have a house in which he may defy
the cold of winter and the heat of
P. Dougherty .Ships Wool.
V. Dougherty, the solid Blanco
merchant, b inght and shipped from
Aztec on Wednesday about ,U'.I
pounds ol wool to the reliable linn of
Krill-Nichols Wool and Hide Co. of
Trinidad. Colo. The wool was raised
by Fres Muñoz, l'ablo Candelaria, 1'.
A. Oallogos, J. K. Martinez and N.
Chaves, and brought 1I'4 cents. Mr.
Dougherty reports the shearing on
the San Juan as not yet finished and
more wool is yet tocóme, The lamb
ing eason will soon be here and the
outlook for sheep was never better.
Rio Grande Surveyors.
I.. B. l'urman, locating engineer of
the D. & H. (i., and Engineers 11, S.
lionwell, W, A. Hurle and a corpa of
eight others went through Aztec this
week. The supposition hi that the
i'.io Orande is going to establish aline
south from the San Juan river and
thin is the start of active work on
such a line, Nothing definite has i
been learned. i
The Soni liiM'n I'n, .if,,, oiií.'i'i-ni..
have completed their survey to De-1
liauee, it is s.iid, but just when actual
con! ruction may begin is pure guess
work. Notice.
To tiic Voters of School District No.
l!. San Jiiiin County, N. M.
Not ice is he.vby given to 'he quali
fied voters of school district No. i!,
San Juan county, New Mexico, that
an election will be In id at the county
trt iii'urer's olliee n Aztec on'th' ih
day of May, liMKi, between the Hours
a. in. and 7 p. in, on the question of
issuing St,H'Kl in bond" for buildbitt a
school home in faitl district.
T, A, 1'lK.Ht'H,
Clerk District No 2.
NoNt Bring your poll tax reeC)t.
Grnwing, (iimhing, aliVn AzN0;
Fifty Years the Standard
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Hade From Grapes
No Alum
Real Estate News.
The renaming
of Aztec's streets is
County Clerk Ehlen has built a
handsome picktit fence in front of
his two lots on the corner of Sixth
and I) streets.
W. il. Black president of the New
Fden Ditch ami Land Co, has bought
one and a half lots in the Sutton ad
dition through M. Ii. Scott for $:fc3.
James Keel has purchased two lots
in Bunker's addition from Llew Cam
eron, of Chama, for :J00. Mr. Keel
i can already sell tne lots at an ail
í vanee, as they are ex'tra choice.
A. B. MeClure has been locating
parties on desert and homestead filings
this week. Mr. MeClure ia the best
posted man on government land in
Aztec, having surveyed all over this
part of the county.
(. W. l'ansher of Canon City has
purchased through M. B. Scott the
seven-acre tract of Dr. Williams just
below town. The tract is improved
with a house and is line land. Con
sideration if sol). Mr. and Mj-s l'an
sher came in Friday and will move
onto their property at once.
Charlie Carter has sold his two cor
ner lots with the partly completed
building to J, M. Thomas of Carson,
la., through C. E. Spath of the
Crescent Realty Co. for $l,3ü(J. A
new building, two stories high will at
once be built by Mr. Thomas, more
extended notice of which is given
Crowing, pushing, alive Aztec.
Notice to Taxpayers.
The last half of the 10T taxes are
now past duw and will be delinquent
June 2, lDOli.
W. E. Williams,
Treasurer and cx-Oflleio collector San
Juan countv, X. M.
Civic Improvement.
The town council is doing a good
work in cleaning ditches and prepar
ing to keep the water out of the
streets. The appearance of a town's
thoroughfares makes a great impres
sion on the nnweomer and the town
council tlenurvci every assist aneo In
its effort to beautify AzU'O -the city
of homes.
The Carter Corner Sold.
J. M. Thomas of Carson, Iowa, has
bought the Carter corner at Fourth
and C streets. Mr. Thomas has been
investigating the best location in San
Juan county and found it at Aztec.
lie will at once put a two story
building on his two lots, in which he
will place, a large stock of general
merchandise. The upstairs will con
tain olliee rooms and possibly a sec
ond store room will be made on the
ground Hour. Mr. Thomas will put
in a modern glass front and possibly
build partly of concrete blocks. He
will be a valuable addition to Aztec's
list of wideawake business men.
The Hotel Savoy.
Charles Fleck, proprietor of the
Inter-Ocean hotel at Durango, has
moved to the corner of Firrtt ave. and
Sixth street, where he has spared no
expense in the arrangement and fur
nishing of an up-to-date hotel which
will be known as the Hotel Savoy.
Mr. Fleck has the only team heated
hotel in Durango, with hot and Cold
bath and other modern conveniences.
The Hotel Savoy will appeal to
those of our readers who desire the
greatest comfort, and best st'rvk'C, at
a moderate price.
On Sunday morning, April 22, JPOfl,
Mrs. Ajines E. Colton and John D.
Knnteson wer married at thfl Pres
byterian parsonage. The couple took
the train for Farmington and ppent
several days visiting friends at that
pliiee. They are now installed in
i Mrs
Colton's former residence.
Mrs. Colton has been a resident of
this town and county for many years,
and has an army of friends who will
join The Index in congratulations and
bend wished Mr. Kunteson is a gen
tleman of ability and has bought
property here which he will Improve
and make a home.
j The case of Levi Steinbach vs. it.
1 T. Henry was decided in Justice Wal
: tcrV court Saturday, the jury return
ing Judgment tor $5 and costs against
I Mr. Henry Mr. Hteinbaeh old onttí
I bur to Mr. Hcnrv nd allied a cor-
,n ,..,, .,.,.,, Rom. ni1i-
I trees in whl''h Henry "ould feed hie
I slio'-n. The trees wCf badly diMHiifl--fl
by the iheep The I'olnplalnt
; staled that Henry Agreed to protect
; thfl tro;', ynd tud tb ilme at
At Least 2,000 Years Old, Says an
Enthusiastic Investigator.
George Monaghan, who has been
making cement near Flora Vista and
t who has been a resident of this coun
i ty for many yeara,:left overland Sun
day for Siloam Springs, Ark. Dur
ing his residence here Mr. Monaghan
has Investigated many of the ancient
Aztec ruins and his views on the
subject may be of interest.
"The extent of the ruins of this de
parted race," said he, "are much
greater than is commonly supposed.
I have dug in ruins from the upper
San Juan into Vtah and from the
Mancos into Arizona. In San Juan
county, over on the La Tlata near the
coal mines, is an area of 10 miles long
by to 4 wide that is dotted with
ruins. These ruins are marked in
most places by a square of stones,
just appearing above the grass roots.
Digging into theje J have found
skulls, bones, pottcy, turquoise, corn
and, strange to say, a pair of perfect
ly preserved rooster legs, with long
spurs. I have als'oTound cigar hold
ers, showing that tobacco was known
to this race, and cloth made from
feathers and fiber.
"The bodies of this people of the
long ago were always buried in wood
ashes and in many positions. Around
the heads I have -j ct found pottery
containing orn, which no doubt
contained other food. It was near a
skull that I found the rooster legs.
Explorers claim that if the ashes near
the heads were Bifted many turquoise
and other precious stones could be
found, presumably worn as ornaments.
I have found hones at five feet depth,
then five feet of clay and more bones
and skulls, and yet another layer of
clay and more bonus.
"On some of these ruins I have cut
large cedar trees and after dressing
with a plane hav myself taken a
magnifying glass and counted as high
as fifteen hundred growths, showing
that the ruins are at least l,.rU0 years
old with no account, of the time
elapsing before tre tree grew upon
the ruin. Most of the calculations as
to the age this Aztec race nourished
are wrong, but a guess of 2,000 years
would not be under the right esti
mate." Growing, pushing, alive Aztec.
Has Wall Paper for sale.
yHarry Hubbard is the accommodat
ing soda fountain clerk at the Aztec
drug storey
The assault case of Evans Wood vs.
Roy Saundcrson was tried Wednes
day before Justice Walters. A ver
dict was found in favor of Mr. Wood.
The new Famoc Stores ad in The
Index announces tat this popular
store has again been opened after the
tire, larger, brighter and better than
David Lawson, wife and son J. M.
Lawson, from Washington, arrived
in Aztec Monday. They are old
friendo of J. R. Hilderhrand and will
buy a home here.
Oeo. Ooodman, the up-to-date paint
and wall paper man of Durango, has
moved Into the building formerly oc
eupie.. oy the Durango Telegraph.
Send him your next order.
The new ad of Alex Hart, general
transfer, feed, coal and ice, appears
this week. Alex is located in the
building adjoining thin office and is
driving a good trade. He treats ev
erybody alike, docs Alex and that
is right.
Warrants were served on Ed Dod
son and Fred Homesley, gamblers,
on Tuesday charging them with ob
taining money by tricks and decep
tions. Ed Turner is complaining
f witness. He charges that marked
cards were used in a poker game.
Justico Walters continued the case
until Monday by request of defendant
Ward A. Wilson, representing the
Pacific Mutual Ufo Insurance Co., ar
rived in Aztec Wednesday. He says
the San Francisco disaster lost an
soo,000 building for his company,
whoso headquarters are San Francisco
and I.os Angeles, but the company's
reserve fund and records are safe.
Ward made a host of frjends here
who are glad to see him back.
John Mosley was over from La
Plata Wednesday , He says it will be
impossible to Ijripg. the La Plata
Horse Co's big s;allion to Aztec( as
the crossing of the river may be im
possible at any time. The horse will
be brought to Flora Vista, howpver,
at the ranch of J. B. Heilman. This
horse is the peer of any pedigree
stock iit this rounty and there is a
big demand for him.
George F. Bruington, an attorney
of Carson, Iowa, who has been look
ing evpr nil partu of San Juan county
has rightly dechfed that Aatcc offers
inducements postessed by no other
place and will hang out his shingle
herei Mn Bruington is a young man
of pleasing personality who has made
a very favorable impresioiupon our
good people and will be welcomed to
our ranks of progressive pushers,
A shipment of ever tvo carloads of
wool was tnade ftoru Antee Monday
front the San Juan by the fallowing
persone: Juan A. Jaquea, Juan N
Jiqiie, Ji O. Jaque, Banron Jaquez,
Tl'foi Jaquel!, Dv'd and Victor Trit
JillOi i. H: Baca) Ri Muno and S. M.
Fei'becoi The wocl brought 19K
I cents and abotit fl.OUO was disbursed
here for it. Tbi wool whs shipped ro
For Sale, Lost, Found, Sc per line.
Bring your hides to A. M. Hubbard
at Aztec and get your cash.
You can get 1 gallon of Kuner's
catsup for 50e at Bailey & Howe's.
WANTED Live poultry in any
amount. MacLkod & Townsend.
FOR SALE-WebsUr's unabridged
dictionary, two vols., good condition,
$"). Apply at Index olliee.
WANTED One ton of potatoes at
Durango price, freight added.
MacLkod & Townsend.
FOR SALE One ticket to Canon
City, Colo., cheap. Limit 10th. Call
at once at The Index office.
Coming Events.
Aztec Board of trade meeting Tues
day evening, May 10, at the court
Rev. J. A. Lewis will preacj) at
Flora Visia next Sunday morning at
11 o'clock and at the court house at
Aztec in the evening.
The Ladies Mite society of the
Flora Vista Methodist church will
give a New England supper on Tues
day evening, May 15, from 6 to 9
o'clock. Adults 25c, children 15c.
Everybody invited.
Couldn't Tool the Baby.
"Mamma" said an Aztec 3-year-old,
at the breakfast table. "What is
"That is wheat manna from
Heaven" replied mamma.
"No, mamma," said the tot, "papa
got that from Bailey & Howe."
Instruments filed.
Warranty Deeds S II Blake and wf
to li A Townsend ; W Brown and
wf to Board of Trustees M E
church; Lewis Allinger to J H
Jackson et al; Martha Crouch to
Bessie Sanderson; G C Hampton
and wife to J R Hilderbrand; G C
Hampton and wife to Wm M Mc
Gee; J W Coolidge et al to John U
Coolidge; O W Lamberson and wife
to W S Baker; Francisco Garcia to
to Maria G Jaquez do Garcia; M A
Crouch et al to Bessie Sanderson;
J 11 Pond and wife to First Natl
Bank of Farmington.
Release Deeds Gladys Dyer to Frank
Harvey and wife; Joe Prewitt to
Frank Harvey (2.)
Trust Deeds Frank Harvey and wf
to Fred Bunker (2) ; Bessie Sander
son et al to Martha Crouch.
Q 0 Deed Jethro O Sanford and wife
to Dan McLean; Mrs. Flora Pond
to J R Pond.
Chattel Mtge P A George to II D
Abrams; S H McGee to A M Amu
den. Bills of Sale Francisco Garcia to
Maria GJ de Garcia; Juan A Ja
quea to D Martinez et al.
Deed W II Ballou to Nellie May
Cucumbers Yield $900 Per Acre.
The soil that suits the cucumber best
is our average Colorado sandy loam, the
eper the better. A light, sandy soil,
if shallow, or a heavy loam or4day had
better" be given up to some other crop.
New soii is generally considered the
most desirable and if other conditions
are favorable, it is, but new land alone
will not yield profitable retinues, how
ever lavish nature may have been in its
preparation. After harrowing, the
ground is marked out well with a small
plow in rows four feet apart each way.
At the crossing of the furrows, which
murks the hills, 'a shovel of well com
posted manure should be worked in and
covered lightly with soil. K rom six to
ight seeds arc dropped in a hill.
Cover the seeds not deeper than one-
fourth inch with soil made fine and
pressed firmly over them with the hoe
or feet. This completes the first im
portant step in cultivation. As so.in as
two leaves appear, the battle begins
with bugs on every plant if neglected.
A cultivator should go over the ground
once eacli way uetore I lie plains appear
and just as the weeds break through the
soil. The surface should be stirred fre
quently by the cultivator and especially
after each irrigation. This necessary to
prevent evaporation. As soon as the
plants are nicely growing mid thinned
out to four in the hill lay aside the cul
tivator. In its place use u fine rake
which should not stir the soil deeper
than one inch. Otherwise the damage
is irreparable as the roots run out as far
us the vines and to cut them oír is to de
stroy the plant's efforts to reproduce.
The plants will have mude but little
growth before insect enemies appear and
a constant warfare must be kept up.
For the destruction of lice, tobacco dust
is generally effective and for the striped
beetle paris green in very small (plant i-
ties is il specific. Before the plants be
gin to flower, spraying must begin. To
wait until blight begins its fatal work is
to risk the crop. The ends of the vines
should be. pinched off soon after they be
gin to (lower to encourage the growth of
laterals which produce the fruits.
Some growers plant every fifth row,
running cast and west, with corn which
affords partial shade ,nnd they assert
that this is a great benefit. Cucumbers
grown for (crinan pickles ure picked
when from four to (ve inches long mid
these often bring more than small ones,
but it is a question whether it is not
more profit able to grow the smaller size
because of the greater number the vines
will produce. Intense cultivation,
which means systematic culture, is pro
fitable, as the yield is from iluO.OOO to
100,000 pickles to the acre. A grower
must gr over his fields of cucumbers
early every morning, regardloss of wea
ther, or some will become too large and
aside from the market value the plan W
will cease bcartnjt On the other hand,
if the cucumbers are kept constantly
cut when small the vines will continue
,0 bear for longer period, Field, all''
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