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brt Inn rom iii Shoiiq, yvorro enmity nd
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From rioffolloa.
.KniTOR Chieftain:
On Sunday, the 2Cth., Miss
Marguerite McFailand Mr. Curtis
Dnrnftiid were married. These
young people have the best
wishes of all.
The new Bartlctt concentrating
table recently put in by the Silver
Bar Copper Mining Company at
Cooney is now giving very satis
factory results.
Just at present there is very
little activity in this camp other
than development work, or re
pairs on mills. How ver, the
months of April and May will un
doubtedly see a great deal oi
work being done.
The extensive improvements
being made at the Confidence
mine are about completed. The
machinery just placed includes an
electric hoist and compressed air
drills. The concentrating plant
recently erected at Graham by
this company is now operating.
Just what effect the recent sale
of the smelter at Silver City will
have upon this district would be
hard to predict. That such a plant
there is a necessity is acknowl
edged by all and it is hoped that
either this or an independent
smelter will soon be ready for
Social events have been quite
lively the last few weeks. Wash
ington's birthday was celebrated
by a ball at Central hall and
somewhat ofa surprise wassprung
upon the people by the marriage
of Miss Rachel Dcnsmore, a pop
ular young lady from Gallup, and
Mr. Al Owens of this place.
. City Marshal Gallegos and
Deputy Sheriff David Haca were
roughly dealt with while trying
to quiet a disturbance at a dance
hall in the city Saturday night
Huth have severe cu'sand bruises
about the head. Marshal Galléeos
being in far the wire condition.
Estanislau Baca and Ju' n Baldo
nado were arrested, charged with
ihe crime and given a prrümin
ary examination in Justin e Cam 11
Baca's court. '1 tie lenitory.
represented by attorney W. 11
Winters, adduced testimony to
the effect that Baldonado knocked
the marshal down with a quirt
and that Estanislau Baca then hit
him with a rock. Defendants'
testimony was to the effect that
they saw the marshal fall down
and then saw somebody hit him
with a rock, but didn't know who
the offenders were. The defend
ants were placed under bond of
Í3,ooo each to appear before the
grand jury at the next term of
the district court.
Union County Republicans.
Clayton, March 4. The Ke
publican county convention held
riere baturday, March. 3, was
largely attended, and the delega
tes chosen to Socorro administra
tion Republicans. The administra
tton ot uovernor Utero was
indorsed in ringing resolutions
and the delegates were instructed
to vote for resolutions at Socorro
indorsing the national and territo
rial administrations.
A Navajo Indian found an
unexploded torpedo Thursday
and instantly proceeded to pros
pect for the treasure it contained
Aided by sundry piedras he be
gan his work. It is not known
what he expected to find but he
is now minas two fingers and has
besides a nasty cut in his head
lie minks tnat torpedoes are
"no bueno" and will leave the
next one he finds very severely
alone. Uallup-lj leaner.
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions
rob life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, cures them; also old
running and fever sores, ulcers
boils, felons, corns, warts, cuts
bruises, burnes,' scalds, chapped
hands, chilblains. Best Pile cure
on earth. Drives out pains and
aches. Only 25 cts. a box. Cure
guaranteed. Sold by A. E. Howell
Twenty tons of
fine alfalfa for
E. Gillett
Boiled ham of
Lyman's market.
W. H. Liles shipped six car-
dads of cattle yesterday to Kiowa,
Nothing in the line of mince
meat is better than Lyman's.
Pat Carmody of San Marcial
was among the visitors in me cuy
Fresh pork sausage every day
at Lvman's meat market.
Chas. Gause went on an
t - T"l
excursion to Aiagaatena 1 nurs
day. Miss Mary Glasson has severed
her connection with the public
Manuel Pino of Mangas was
among trie arrivals in oocorro
Subscriptions for all kinds of
papers and periodicals taken at
Katenstein s.
Go see and buy some of that
fresh home made taffy turned out
by Katzenstein.
J. P. Chase of this city left this
morning tor lexas to iook auer
mining interests.
You can buy fresh Hamburg
steak any day 111 the week at
Lyman's market.
Meat delivered free of charge
in any part of the city to S. Ly
man's customers.
Prof. E. S. Coop left Tuesday
r - I I
morning tor uooney wnerc nc
will engage in mining.
C. T. Brown went west Tues
day morning on a trip that will
occupy a week or more.
J. F. Cook was one of the
outgoing passengers lor aidu-
querque Ihursday noon.
A new shipment of fresh fruits,
bananas, oranges, and apples ;ust
received at Katzenstcin's.
Liberato Pina and mother of
San Antonio spent Sunday as
guests of friends in this city.
Jose Maria Baca, a merchant of
Rito Quemado, was among the
visitors in the city Thursday.
Black Minorcas eggs are the
largest. Setting of 13, $1.00.
fc.. (jillett.
Miss Edith Niles, who had been
visiting in the city several days,
went up to Albuquerque Monday.
Mrs. II. O. Bursum arrived in
the city Sunday morning the
guest of J. H. Hilton and family.
Nestor P. Eaton and wife were
amone the north bound passen
gers on Tuesday morning's train.
A. J. Brewer and A. A. John
son of Luna Valley are in the
citv with a band of horsea for
Walter and Louis Jones of the
firm of J. W. Jones & Co., Frisco,
visited Socorro the first of the
A motion has been filed by
defendant's attorney for a rehear
intr in the case 01 Belcher versus
R. C. Montoya, a prominent
stock raiser ot San Antonio
favored Socorro with a visit
J. P. Kelley of Water Canon
came down Thursday with a load
of household goods for A. T,
District Attorney S. Alexander
left yesterday morning for Ros-
well on business before the dis
trict court.
Miss Sadie Murphy of Water
Canon came down to the city the
first of the week for a stay of
indefinite length
Collector Abran Abeyta states
that delinquent taxes now draw
ing 5 per cent interest are being
quite freely paid
I. D. Wells, a stock man of
Magdalena, was in the city Wed
nesday between trains on his way
home from Santa Rita.
J. M. Hill has been sick during
the week. Homer Hill has at
tended to the wants of customers
at the Premium Market.
Mrs. W. M. Driscoll and Miss
Lottie Driscoll left this morning
for a two weeks visit to Los Ange
les and other southern California
points. El Paso News.
Francis Jackson, an uncle of
Jos E. Smith's who recently ar
rived from Abington, Mass., has
been quite sick this week.
Will Martin, son of Mrs. J, M.
Martin of this city, arrived from
Arizona the first of the week to
visit his mother several days.
Don Eutimio Montoya J San
Antonio has been quite sick tor
several days. It is pleasant to
note that he is now recovering.
L. R. Babcock, manager of J.
P. Worrel's store at Kelly, arriv
ed from the north this morning
accompanied by his two children.
Mrs. Ethan McCuistion left the
city Monday morning to join, her
husband who is superintendent of
mine at San Pedro, Chihuahua,
Ed Keiler returned Thursday
evening Ironi Uteros ranch, in
the eastern part of the county,
where he has been putting up
wind mills.
John Cox and a brother of his,
ranchmen of the Datils, were in
this vicinity the first of the week
buying cattle with which to stock
their ranch.
Sam'l C. Meek, asistant post
master, has been off duty this
week on account of sickness. His
place has been occupied by
relomeno Miera.
Antonio A. Sedillo has been
elected to a position as teacher
in the public schools. He entered
upon the duties of his position
the First ot the week.
This is the first winter that the
people of San Marcial have been
able at all times to secure fresh
laid local eggs, iase eggs are
not in the play at all. Bee.
MontagueStevens, a well-known
stock raiser of Socorro county.
with ranges located near Magda
lena, registered at Sturges'
European last night. Citizen.
Ducks are now abundant on
the river. . Several paities .have
been out shooting during the
week and all have returned with
glowmg accounts of the sport
Probate Clerk II. G. Baca has
appointed Juan Jose Baca and
Candelario Garcia administrators
of the estate of their mother
Guadalmipe T. de Baca, recently
Marion Hills arrived in the city
from his home in Mexico Thurs
day and will visit his brother.
uuy Mills, who is a stock man
of the Jornada del Muerto district
in the eastern part of the county
Bishop J. M. Kendrick arrived
in the city yesterday trom the
south and will conduct services at
the church of the Epiphany to
morrow, Sunday, morning at II
o clock and in the evening at 8
o clock.
The young child of Mr. and
Mrs. Jos. E. Smith that has been
sick tor the last 40 days is
very low. The little fellow has
made a gallant struggle for life
and there is a little hope that he
may yet win.
Vivian Stapleton, the son of
Eduardo Stapleton of Escondida
who met with so painful an acci
dent last-week that amputation
of. a part of one of his feet was
necessary, is doing well under
Doctor Swisher's care.
Miss Agnes Jaques, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Jaques of this
city, writes her parents fiom Col
umbia. Mo., whtre she is attend
ing Stevens College, that she is
having a novel experience in
wading in snow two feet deep.
Maurice Spellman, a prosperous
merchant of San Acacio, was in
the city Wednesday and Thurs
day. Mr. Spellman came down as
a delegate to the county con
vention and remained over one
day for business and pleasure.
John J. A. Dobbin was in town
Sunday from Water Canon where
he is operating the Belle mine.
Mr. Dobbin made a shipment of
12 tons of galena ore this week to
the LI Paso smelter. lie has a
120-pound chunk of ore that is a
The Denver & Rio Grands rail
road has, upon application of the
territorial Republican committee,
granted a one fare rate for the
round trip to delegates to the tcr
ritorial convention and it is
thought that the Atchison, Topeka
& Santa Fe railway will grant the
same rate.
Captain A. B. Fitch of Magda
lena sojourned in this city from
Monday noon to Tuesday morn
ing en route to Albuquerque. It
is reported that the Graphic mine,
of which Captain Fitch is lessee,
is now in larger bodies of ore
than ever before.
H. M. Porter, the wealthiest
stock raiser of Socorro county,
came down from Springer Thurs
day and went out to Magdalena
to look after his interests in that
vicinity. Mr. Porter owns a dozen
or more stock ranches and his
cattle feed "on a thousand hills."
Harry L. Beagle has brought
suit in the district court against
the Timber Peak mining com
pany for 1 1 5,000 damages for
injuries received May 15, 1899,
while in the employ of this com
pany. W. H. Winters will represent
the plaintiff and Jas. G. Fitch, the
Hon. Solomon Luna, who was
in the city during the week, left
yesterday for his home at Los
Lunas. The latter end of this
month Mr. Luna expects to go to
his extensive sheep ranches in
Socorro county, where he will
spend six weeks or two month j.
New Mexican.
A. T. Harrison of Water Canon
moved his family and household
effects into Socorro the first of
the week. The family is domi
ciled in the George O'Rear house
in the north west part of the city
Mr. Harrison is looking after his
mining interests in the ban
Andreas mountains.
C. F. Dunnegan of the firm of
C. F. Dunnegan & Co. of Mag
dalena was in the city Wednesday
as a delegate to the county con
vention. Mr. Dunnegan was
elected secretary of the con
vention and the manner in which
he discharged the duties of the
office affords abuudant testimony
to his capacity.
A gay party of young people
chaperoned by Mrs. Tmguely
drove out to Water Cañón Sun
day and spentthe day in a delight
ful fashion sightseeing. Ihe
party consisted ot Mrs. Tinguely,
Misses Maud lerrvand Bertha
Saunders, and Messers. J. F.
U ickham and E. W. Monnier
Pruf E. S. Coop returned with
There w ill be preaching at the
M. E. church south tomorrow.
Sunday, morning at II o'clock
and in the evening at 8 o clock by
Elder Molt of Kansas City, Mo.
Subjfct for the mornings dis
course, " The Life;" for the
evening's discourse, "Some Evi
dences of a God." All are cordially
invited to attend. Kev. Molt is
said to be an able speaker.
Abran Gutierrez and Patrocino
Luna of Valencia county had a
difference a few days ago which
resulted in the death of Gutierrez
from knife wounds. The coron
er's jury found that the wounds
were inflicted by Luna in self de
fense. Doctor Swisher of this
city and Doctor Radcliffe of
Belen, who were called to attend
the wounded man, opened his
abdomen and sewed up a cut six
inches long in his stomach.
The entertainment given by
the Rathbone sisters last night
was both a social and a financial
success. There was a large at
tendance and every body seemed
to enjoy himself to the top of his
bent. Music and recitations were
on the programme, also ice cream
and cake. In the apron hemming
contest 1 . l'ord won first distinc
tion and a pair of silver embroid
cry scissors. H Chambón took
second honors and was rewarded
with a silver thimble for his skill
with the needle.
From the SilverCity Independ
ent: Judge Hamilton of El raso
is here on business before the
district court. Judge Leland
wife and child, arrived Sunday
They have apartments in Mrs. S,
M. Patterson's house. Ihe re
mains of Thomas F. Conway
were sent east rnday morning to
St Louis, where they will be in
terred in Bellfontaine cemetery
His brother, r. H. Conway, ac
companied the remains to their
last resting place. The Helen
mining company, Mogollón, have
their new hoist in place dn the
Conhdence. Compressed air
drills have been introduced in the
working of the mine, and now
that the Dunmick concentrator at
the Graham mill is completed
the recular output 'will be in
DEL- 0
j uL1vjLi2
Used in Millions of Homes 40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle cakes palatable and wholesome.
Chloride Correspondence.
Ed. James'has developed a fine
body of ore in the Captain, situ
ated about one mile and a half
from Chloride. It has been but
little known, but is proving a very
promising property.
Austin Crawford is working
steadily on the Ben Harrison
with a fine showing of copper
glance and sulphide of silver.
Prof. Cummings, of San Luis
de la Paz, Mexico, arrived last
night. He is here to verify the
reports of the wonderful resources
he has heard of this country. He
will remain several days on a
tour of investigation, examining
the principal mining properties.
School of Mines Notes.
Russell Howell has been absent
this week because of a sprained
Work in assaying has been so
plentiful of late that it has been
necessary to provide the furnace
with a new muffle.
Helen Sperling has been absent
from her classes this week on ac
count of sickness. It is hoped
that she will resume work next
It is reported that OttoTuschka
will soon return to Socorro from
Mexico, where he has been filling
an important position in connec
tion with a large mining estab
lishment. Miss Jennie Griffith has
withdrawn from the school to
prepare for a visit to her former
home in Ohio. Miss Griffith has
been an excellent student and will
be greatly missed.
The engineering class have this
week determined the height of
the summit of Socorro mountain
above the campus to be 3,640
feet and its distance from the
school of mines building to be
3 milej.'
Professor Phalen has just com
pleted several assays of fire clays
from the Lemitars for the fire
clay works. Thé clays were
found rich in silica and alumina,
two very necessary elements of
fire clay.
Subscribe forTim Chieítain,
Note. A void baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison and no one can ent food
mixed with it without injury to health,
Presbyterian Church.
Presbyterian Church, Sabbath
service; Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Preaching at II a. m. and at 3
p. m.
Junior Endeavor meeting at 3
p. m. Christain Endeavor at 73:0
p. m.
Prayer meeting, Thursday night
at 8.
We cordially invite all to thes
.Itaperp Keeley Institnts...
Fur all who are suffering from
Liquor and Morphine Diseases,
Cocaine, Chloral and Drug
400,000 mcn nJ wenjeo
have been positively and per
manently CURED of Alcohol,
Morphine and Drug Slavery by
the Keeley Treatment. The time
necessary to work the revolution
is four weeks for liquor and from
four to six weeks for morphine
and other drugs. Women will be
treated at home or outside the
Institute, if desired. The treat
ment is identically the same as
that given at the parent Institute,
and the physician in charge is a
graduate therefrom, and has had
years of experience in handling
this class of cases.
The records show that reason
has been restored to many con
sidered helplessly insane by the
Keeley Treatment.
All correspondence and inter,
views will be held strictly con
fidential, and none need hesitate,
to place themselvesin communica
tion with the Institute. Foe
further particulars and terms, or
for private interview, address.
523 N. Second St.
Albuquerque, N. í.f .

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