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pit. M. A. SAYLER, D.D.S.,
Office over post-oflicc. "
Socorro, - - New Mexico.
(Graduate of the University of
New York City, 1876, and former
U. S. Examining burgeon.)
Socorro. New Mexico.
Albuquerque, N. M.
Socorro, New Mexico.
V. P. ClllLDERS,
Albuquerque, N. M.
Socorro. New Mexico.
Will practice in nil Cmirts.
Attorney axd Counselor at Law
Will practice in II the Court.
Ivienrro, New Mexico
Albuquerque, N. M
411 Urnnclies "f the pmcl ice attended to
J. KOUNHZlili,
Office at Resilience.
Socorro, N. M
(Hice iii Terry Hloek.
tii'1-.I.H.I. N. M
V: pnefire i-4 nil the Courts.
Physician and Surgeon,
Office east side Plaza.
M M.
E. Kl ITRELL. Dentist.
" Offices
Socorro, Abeytia Block;
San Marcial, Harvey House.
SEAMON ......
Assayers and Chemists.
Pox 07, El Paso, Texas.
Agnts for Ore Shippers.
asssssMBssWBasjssaWasjssjMm vWMMa"WMM,avrVM
umuR: 7 i l r, m.
Diseases Cured.
Consultation Free.
KtsbllhedlaColordo,l,6. B.mplMbymsilor
6cld &. Stiver BuIIioa t?tilT0T
Concentration 'iitx-1"
1736-173 Lawrn. St.. Denver, Col.
Genoral HerGiianflise
Sq rro, New Mexico
Grid .Ml Gold snd f-ilver . .75
Lend 51 I Gold, silver, copper 1.50
SnaipiM by null receive prompt attention.
Rich Ores aud Bullion Bought.
ijío-iS St., Deivrr, Coij.
RulT.iIo Jones Has Made a Failure of
II is Theory.
(Denver Republican.)
Stockmen who hare clung to
the theory advanced by "Buffalo '
Jones to the effect that quarter
blood or half-blood buffaloes
would increase the value of
western cattle have been com
pelled to acknowledge their error.
Reports from Sioux City, in
which neighborhood there are
several half-blood buffalo herds,
indicate that the ranchmen who
have tried the experiment have
failed to achieve any success in
crossing domestic cattle with the
shaggy survivors of the one-time
monarchs of the plains. The
half-blood buffaloes are still buf
faloes, so far as the flavor and
texture of their meat is concerned,
and buffalo meat is strong and
coarse, and not to be compared
with prime beef. The hides are
not valuable, either, because the
front is rough and shaggy and
the high part is rather smooth,
like steer's. This variation of
texture makes it less valuable
than beef hide, aud consequently
in less demand.
The main argument advanced
by "Buffalo" Jones in favor of
crossing native cattle with the
American bison was that the
buffalo is a more economical
range feeder. The buffalo did
not tramp'.q down what grass he
did not eat, as cattle are apt to
do, and in consequence the supply
of grass wai always plentiful,
no matter how large the herds
that roamed the prairies every
year. But this 'argument loses
strength in view of the iact that
the range is disappearing. There
are no more immense herds, of
cattle feeding on thousands of
a,cres of buffalo gras?, as in early
days in the west. The ranchman
does most of lib feeding from
the harvested crops of alfalfa or
h,ay, and when it comes time to
fatten for the market the cattle
are shipped to the corn states.
This evolution in cattle feeding
has taken away the last claim
of the buffalo tj survival. It is
lamentable that the buffalo has
been so thoroughly exterminated
that there are few specimens left
for museums and preserves, but
the great herds of the animals
were not a necessity to civiliza
tion, and it was only natural
that they should have disap
peared, like the Indian, in the
march of civilization. Now that
the last claims of the champions
of the buffalo, front, a utilitarian
standpoint, have been disproved,
the quarter-blood and half-blood
herds will doubtless disappear as
quickly as did their full-blood
Worse Thau Death Valley.
Dreadful as Death valley is, its
northwestern arm, known as
Mesquite valley, is worse. All
the waters upon its surface are
poison, and down through the
canyon a hot, suffocating wind
blows with terrible velocity.
During its course through, the
desert it frequently gathers clouds
of white sand that have blinded
many a horse an ! rider, and at
frequent intervals it whirls down
the canyon like a cyclone of sharp
crystals. Under the glistening,
beds of salt and borax are conceal
ed streams oT salt water which
flow sluggishly toward some
unknown outlet or may be lapped
up by the parched winds.
One of the strangest phenomena
of thisextraordinary place is what
frontiersmen, for want of a better
name, have called "raising
earth." By the action of the sun
a crust composed of minerals and
clay has been formed on the
surface, and by some curious pres
sure of nature has been lifted
from the earth in irregular curves
like pie crust in the oven. The
cavity between this crust and the
solid earth varies from one to ten
feet, and the depth frequently
changes after heavy windstorms
by the displacement of the air
Kpnpatll TVli. mart "it tl.a 1 t . . 1
that Moos upon this crust is irone I
forever. It is absolutely iinjo-'
sible for any .one to extricate
himself when plunging about in
the "raising earth." Chicago
"Captain Jack" Crawford, late
chaplain of Dawson Aerie No. 50,
F. O. A., will be tendered a
reception on Sunday evening,
September 16, at the Alta
Theater, Grove street, by his
brother Eagles of San Francisco.
An original Eagle Hymn, by
Captain Jack, will be sung by
one of the brothers of Aerie No. 5.
Brother Crawford "is a most
worthy Ragle, and comes highly
commended by his brothers of
Dawson, who presented, him with
a $200 gold and diamond badge.
Jack will recite his great poem,
"Ratljn' Joe's Prayer," which
Deacon Duncan took exception to
at his church, when Captain Jack
recited it for the first time,
twenty-two years ago, in this
Captain Jack Crawford is
deserving of success and is
indorsed by officers of the army
under whom lie has served from
Sheridan to Lawton. Colonel
Marshal, who has known Captain
Jack for over twenty-five years,
and under whom he served, will
attend with a large delegation
from the Presidio to-night, and
thirty seats are reserved for
officers and ladies to-morrow
evening at the Alta. Captain
Jack's play is a true picture of
frontier military life, and highly
appreciated by army people
because of ts purity and truth,
and it is deserving of the success
which it has attained on its first
production. San Francisco Bulle
W hat's in a Xanip.
"Thjs is Albukirk," said one
lady tp another, as they stepped
on he platform last night.
''Pardon me, madaine,"' wid a
waiting citizen, "bait allow me
in the interest of justice and
humanity and the constantly
x.ttraged feelings "of my felfow,
townsmen to, inform you thu,t you
should svt 'This Albookerkee."
"I don't believe you pronunce
it, right here," replied the lady,
and the dialogue went on as
He: "You must be from
She: "How do you know that?"
He: "I don't believe any one
but a Bostoniaa would question
a man's ability to pronounce the
name of his own town. I have a
cousin in Boston, and when I was
there last he said to me one day:
"What a barbarous way you
have of pronouncing the name of
your city. The last syllable
should be silent.' When the fel
low got through listening to my
discourse on the Spanish language
he invited me out to take a drink,
with all the grace of a westerner.
I don't expect you to do that,
madame, but you are just as far
wrong as he was. The fame of
our city has gone far abroad in
the land, and with it a pronouncia
tion which our people;. abhor."
She: "Well, 1 am.from Boston,
but I'm obliged to you just the
same, and I shall never abbreviate
the name of your city again. Good
He: "Good night, madame,
I'm proud to have met you."
Journal Democrat.
chamberlain's cough kemkdv a
The soothing and healing
properties of this remedy, its
pleasant taste and prompt and
permanent cures have made it a
great favorite with people
everywhere. It is especially
prized by mothers of small chil
dren for tolda, croup and whooping
cough, as it al ways affords quick
relief, and as it contains no
opium or other harmful drug, it
may be given as confidently to a
baby as to an adult. For sale by
A. R. Howell, Socorro; W. W.
Borrowdale, Magdalena.
Subscribe fur Tut; Cuna ya'm
As the blood contains II the element necessary to tuatatn life, it is impor
tant that it be kept free of all impurities, or it becomei a source of disease,
poisoning instead of nourishing the body, and loss of health is sure to follow.
Some poisons enter the blood from without, through the skin by absorption, or
inoculation : others from within, as when wte nm.1
5cui im icrmeni, allowing disease
em and ferment, allowing disease germs to develop and be taken into the
illation, hile all blood troubles hae one common origin, each has some
iilinnty to distinguish it from the other. Contagion RlnrJf
Cancer, Rheumatism, Eczema and other blood diseases can be distinguished by fjff tfT rf SlT ftitfUff
certain sore, ulcer, emotion or inflammation nnearinu on th.vi i?- 1.1 a KtttHjr &M0M
MfnTrnri.L0' "V"1 '"d ?n,U'e Prt of th X. or where it finds the lesst resistance.
Many mistake the sore or outward sign for the real disease, and attempt a cure by the use of salves, UnimenU and other
external applications. Valuable time is lost and no permanent benefit derived from such treatment
n,nt?A? TRPU,?lFS REQUIRE BLOOD REMEDIES, the poison must be completely and perma
nently eradicated -the blood reinfonrad, punned and cleansed, or the disease'goea deeper and anps the very lift MÍrcury
Sots tLírT'hl,M,,e,ta.eBií "T117 r,recribe,,1i" thi c, diae.sesf.re vioCnt poison5ven when Taken
doses never cure, but do much harm by adding another poison to the already overburdened, diseased blood.
""". v' "-
1 I r
f y-v f --l "-.l
..;...ii..n , . , .,., v...., oviuiuia, uneumausm, uczema, an Old Sore or Ulcer,
or any similar blood trouble, write them fully for advice about your case. All correspondence is conducted in strictest confi!
üeuoe. w e make no charge for this service. Book on blood and skin di senses free. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO Atlaata fia
Fat-t About Chlni.
B. C. 550 Time of Confucius.
B. C. 211 Chinese great wall
The important events in CIiílcic
history in the Christian era were:
70 Buddhism enters the em
pire. 12(0 Pekin became tiiecapital.
1575 Jesuits admitted to the
1((0 First shipments of tea- to
1S31 Crusade against opium
1S40 England fights China for
opium tra'.e.
1851 First Tai-Ping rebellion
against Manchu dynasty.
1870 Distinct revolt against
presence of foreigners.
1876 First railroad opened.
1801 Renewed anti-foreign riots.
Here are some of the things
net generally known of China:
The surface area of the Chinese
empire is eighteen times greater
than that of Great Britain.
Tlie coast line or the empire
exceeds 2,500 miles and the land
frontier 4,400 miles.
The total area of Chin a is
4,218,401 square miles.
The two great mountain ranges
are 'the Thsinling, of Blue
mountains, and theNanlingchain.
The area drained by the great
Yangtse-kiang river is .750,000
square miles. .
The city of Pikin consumes
nearly 450,000 tons of rice
Printing was invented by the
Chinese about the beginning of
the tentht ccatury.
The ptiKtl code of the empire
is at least 2,000 years old, and
under its provisions abjut 12,0.10
persons are annually executed.
The edible clog of China is a
small one of greyhoundlike form.
The skin is almost destitute of
The purest Chinese is spoken
at Nanking and is called "the
language of the mandarins."
There is no distinction of parts
of spcecKin theChinesedanguagc,
and 110 recognition of the principle
of inflection.
The relation of words are
asertained by their position in a
sentence. Hence Chinese gram
mar is wholly syntax.
Anotlifr. Pesiy Microbe.
Another of the little things
that combine to make life unplea
sant has appeared in what the
scientists call the doorknob, and
bellpull microbe. It in said to
haunt these handy localities,
having au whole lot of various
ailments within easy reach, and
leing even smaller than the lumps
of ice left by the iceman of a hot
day, defy discovery until their
helpless ictims have them in
their grasp. This is a case
where the subject is brought to
every maji's door and seems to
call for an immediate remedy.
To speak of no other evijs, num
bers of men have already excuses
enough for staying out night
without adding to them the pre
text they were deterred from
coming home for fear of the
insidious microbe waiting for
them on the doorknob. Philadel
phia Times.
. I
, All kinds of school supplies at
11 WUU
. ,' . ,r;'"ure " awn remedy, made of roots and herbs, attacks the disease in
the blood, antidotes and forces out .11 impurities, makes we.k, thin Wood rich, strong
.nd healthy, and at the same time builds up the general health. S. S. S. is the only
vcKrwiiic mwu punner Known, and tne only one that can reach deep-seated
blood troubles A record of 50 years of successful cures proves it to be a reliable,
unfailing specific for .11 blood and skin troubles.
cm-twwr invuiinn ireairnvni. vur Medical Depart
skilled physicians, who have made blood and skiu diseases a life
n . mm it .
A delegate convention of the
Republican voters of the Terri
tory of New Mexico is hereby
called to meet in the city of Santa
Fe at ten o'clock in the" morning
on Wednesday, the third of Oc
tober, 100, for the purpose of
placing in nomination a candi
date from New Mexi o to the 57th
Congress, and to transact such
other business as may properly !
come before the said convention.
The Republican electors of this ,
territory and all those who be
lieve in the principles of the
Republican parly and in its poli
cies as announced in the National
Republican platform adopted by
the Republican National Conven
tion held in the City of Philadel
phia, June 19, 1900, who believe
in and endorse statehood for the
Territory of New Mexico and
favor an honest, fair and just
administration of public affairs
in this territory, are respectfully
and cordially asked to unite under
this call to take part in the selec
tion of delegates to the Territor
ial Convention.
The several counties will be
entitled to representation as fol-
! lows:
County. Delegates.
Berna'.illo 14
Chaves 2
Colfax 5
Doña Ana 6
Eddy , 2
Grant lx 4
Guadalupe 4
Lincoln 4
Mora 7
Otero, .. ... ...... .v. 3
Rio Arriba 9
San Juan 2
San Miguel 13
Santa Fe 9
Sierra 3
Socorro 8
Taos 6
Union 4
Valencia 9
Total 114
Alternates will not be recog
nized. Proxies will only be recognized
if held by citizens of the same
county from which delegates giv
ing proxies were elected.
County conventions must be
held on or before Saturday, Sep
tember '29, 1900, .
County committees will take
proper action and call county
conventions at such times and
places as they may deem best
before or on that date.
The chairmen and secretaries
of the county conventions are
earnestly requested to forward
true notice of the proceedings of
such names of the delegates elect
ed to the Republican county
convention to the secretary of
this committee by the next mail
after the call of such conventions.
Where there are no regularly
organized county committees the
members of this committee are
authorized and directed to per
form the duties of the county
committee and act accordingly.
John S. Clark,
Chairman of the Republican Ter
ritorial Central Committee.
Max Fkost, Secretary.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm
applied to a cut, bruise, burn,
scald or like injury will instantly
allay the pain and will heal the
parts in hss time than any other
treatment. Unless the injury is
very severc.it; will not leave a
scar. Pain Ba)m also cures
rheumatism, sprajns, swellings
and lajneness. For sale by A.
E. Howell, Socorre;, W. W.
Borrowdale, Magdalena.
Get your school books at
J áfi FtM mrnmt
WsT W0 W-W
. . , , .
rtment is in charge of
Have you a sense of fullness iq
the region of your stomach after
eating? If so you will be
benefitted by using Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets,
They also cure belching and sour
stomach. They regulate the
bowels too. Price, 25 cents. Sold
by A. R. Howell, Socorro; W. W.
Borrowdale, Magdalena.
Territory of New Mexico, County of Socorro,
In tlie DUtrlct Court.
Frank N. Bancroft. 1
No. 33t.7,
Jamen Alfnnl, j
Defendant, j
To James A 1 foul, defendant. If allre and If
deceaaed to hi. unknown heirs at law. Yoa are
hereby notllled that a nail li.ix been filed sgalust
yon In the above named court and that the
general object of a!d action Is to quiet title la
the plaintiff, Frank N. Bancroft to the s. e. of
the s. w. H of section 14, t. 3 s. r. 19 west and the.
e. X of the n. w. of nection 8 t. 3 r. 18 west
Jew Mexico principle Meridian, containing
eighty acres of land. That unless yon enter
your apjiearance In said canse on or before the
6th day of October, A. D. lum, judgement will
be rendered againat you by default for the re
lief prayed for In the complaint. The name
nnd pontofflce sddrras of plaintiff's attorney is
Felix II. Lester, Albuquerque, N. M.
Jon E. OstrpiTn,
Clerk of said Court.
Okfahtmkst or tmr Intkbios,
Land Office at Las Cruces, K. M., I
Auirust i), 19UU.
Notice Is hereby tflren that the following-,
named settler has filed notice of bis Intention
to make final proof In support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before U. S. Com
nti.sloner, at Cooney, N. M., on Oct. s, 1900, vlt:
John B. Wlllson, for Hd. E. No. 2777, for the e. ,;
n. e. X, e. s. e. X. c. 37, t. 6 s. r. 18 w. N. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove hi
continuous renidence upon snd cultivation of
said land, vli: Mike Wolf, of Patterson, N. M.;
Ellis A. Fervuaon, of Patterson, N. M. H.
Delirar, of Frisco, N. M. Charles McCsrty, of
Frisco. N. M.
Emil Solionac,
Pornrtment of the Interior,
Land Office at Las Crucns. N. M., ) "
Annual 16, 1900.
fiolice Is hereby given that the following-
ii miied settler has tiled notice of hia,
intention to make final proof in support,
of his claim, nnd Hint said propf will bo.
made before the U. Coipinjasioner, afc
Cooney, N. M.. on October 1 1900. vl.
tiende W. Slielton on lid. 2'Ufl. for tbp
i i s e J. sec. 21, nine seu. 86, t. 11 a,
r. 'JO w. N. M. Mji.
lie names the following witnesses ts,
prove his continuous residence upon and)
cultivation of snid land, viz: Timothy
l.ocHwood, of Ornlmm, N. M. Elijah
Sipe. of Uraham, N. M ; Thomas F.
Cooney. of Cooney, N. M.l Alvin Lock
wood, of Cootiey, N. 1.
Emil solionac.
Keg In tor.
In our home decorations. A
Mahogany or Oak color al
ways gives the wood-work of.
a room a good appearance..
Over old paint or new wood
Varnish tains
produces Rood results Itj
Uans. and varnishes, at the
same tjine. Is made in Oak,
Cherry, Mahogany, Rose
wpod, Walnut, Ebony. You.
vjlbbe surprised at the ase
with which you can entirely
change, the appearance of
ypur room. Let us tell you.
some good things we knowv
about the Etain4
Socorro, . New Mfx,icqff

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