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RpntiHria it II tlmM. DfTotid to th
bsnt lntret of Boroiro, Socorro roiiulj nl
tlia Territory iu fmrrnl. Gira ftll tlw Min
lnj tfw of tti It grent minor! MX-1 loo.''
complete"íñ"évery respect
VOU. 18
NO. 37
ñ If ( tl V
í7no Mil?
The Largest Liquor House
' in the county.
our new goods;
Manitou Ginger Champagne,
' For the Family Table.
ftanltou Sarsaparllta Champagne,
' For Table and Sick-Room.
The Famous nanltou Water.
Our Mineral Water is recharg
ed with its own gas.
Bass' Ale (Imported.)
Quiness' Porter (Imported.)
The only house in the county
handling these goods.
riumm's Champagne (Imported.)
In Pints.
Kentucky Bourbon and
Pennsylvania Rye Whiskies.
Bottled in U. S. bond under U.
S. seal. Pure, for family use.
Bottled Wines.
Imported and California, bot
tled at the vineyard.
Pabst's Famous Milwaukee Bot
tled Beer.
Famous Blue Ribbon Bottled Beer.
Ours is the only house in the
county handling this famous
Come and see for yourself.
Real Estate. Transfers Recorded.
Dyer Mitchell to Chas. N.
Munn, house and lot hi Mogollón,
Aug. 2, 1900, $200.
Detroit & Rio Grande Live
Stock company to Levi Baldwin
& Company, properties known as
"Hopewell Tank," "T Ranch,"
and "Bob Spring well," Jan. 22,
Republican Central Committee.
The Socorro county republican
central committee has been or
ganized by the election of Este
van Baca president, A. A. Se
dillosecrctary, and Elfego Baca,
Abran Abeyta, II. O. Bursura,
José 13. Torres, and Estevan
Baca members of the executive
Democratic Committee Organized.
The democratic county central
committee was organized yester
1 (layy the election of J. J. Leeson
chairman and Meliton Torres sec
retary. The members of thecom
mittee are J. J. Leeson, Meliton
Torres, Jas. G. Fitch, W. II.
Winter, and Melquíades Armijo.
L. J. Otto of Magdalena,
candidate for surveyor on the
republican ticket, was a visitor
in the city yesterday. Mr. Otto
expects to begin a survey of a
portion of the Antonio Chavez
grant about the 5th of Novem
ber. The amount of land to be
eectionized will aggregate about
five townships and it will re
quire two months to complete the
work. Mr. Otto's contract and
bond have been approved by the
surveyor general and forwarded
to Washington for the approval of
the commissioner of the general
land office.
"For three t days and nights I
suffered agony untold from an
attack of cholera morbus brought
on by eating cucumber," Bays
M. E. Low the, clerk of the
district court, Centerville, Iowa.
"I thought I should surely die,
and tried a dozen different
medicines but all to no purpose.
1 sent forabottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and three doses relieved
nie entirely." This remedy is for
sale by A. E. Howell, Socorro;
W. w. Borrowdale, Magdalena.
Church Services.
Services will be held in the
Presbyterian church of this city
tomorrow at the usual hours, viz.:
Sunday school at 10 a. m., preach
ingat 11 a. m., C. E- meeting at
7:30 p. m. Everybody is cordial
ly invited to be present.
A fine grand square piano can
be bought cheap. Apply to J. J.
Every-Candidate on the Republican
County Ticket Nominated by Accla
mationEnthusiasm Prevails
Eloquent Addresses.
It was 4:50 o'clock Monday
afternoon when Chairman Este
van Baca of the county central
committee called the republican
county convention to order.
After a few introductory remarks
delivered by Mr. Baca with char
acteristic earnestness and force,
the call was read and temporary
officers were elected as follows,
via; Chairman, Aniceto C. Abeytia;-
secretary, Abran Abeyta;
interpreter, A. A. Sedillo. Mr.
Abeytia has on several occasions
proved that he is an excellent
presiding officer. His remarks
on taking the" chair were appro
priate and effective.
The first duty of the tempor
ary chairman was discharged by
the appointment of committees
as follows: Or credentials, Ab
rán Abeyta, F. G. Bartlett, Alejo
Gurulé; on permanent organiza
tion and order of business, Elfego
Baca, E. Jaramillo, L. Vigil; on
resolutions, M. Cooney, A. A.
Sedillo, J. M. Allen. An ad
journment was then taken to
give the committees time to
formulate their reports.
The convention reassembled at
7 o'clock. The report of the
committee on credentials, receiv
ed and adopted, showed that
delegates from the various pre
cincts were entitled to seats in
the convention as follows:
Socorro No. 1 Estevan Baca,
Elfego Baca, José E. Torres, C.
F. Blackington, N. P. Eaton, A.
A. Sedillo, M. Cooney, Abran
Abeyta, Rito Baca, A. C. Abeytia,
J. J. Gallegos, Alfredo Gallegos.
Lemitar S. M. Vigil, José
Sanchez, F. Lucero, Manuel Baca,
L. M. Vigil.
Polvadera Claudo Tfoya,
Clemente Chavez, Paul Freissen
ett. Sabinal J.D. Carillo, Anselmo
Ortega, Domingo Ortega, Ignacio
La Joya Miguel Peralta, Gre
gorio Baca.
San Antonio Felipe Bernal,
David Baca, E. Jaramillo, Juan
Almagúer, Ysidro Garcia.
Contadero David Lopez, Nica
nor Montoya.
Paraje Geo. Bernard, Pilar
Alma E. B. Holt.
Kelly M. Spellman, Lester
Magdalena Jesús Londavaz,
F. G. Bartlett, J. M. Alien.
San Marcial H. II. Howard,
C. G. Cruickshank, A. B. Baca.
Old San Marcial Juan San
chez, Amado Gonzales, Pablo
Trujillo, José Gonzales, Trinidad
Valverde Luis Candelaria,
Nestor Aragón, Rumaldo Jójola,
Andres Herrera.
San José Juan Pacheco, Pedro
Miranda, Guadalupe Torres, Juan
Torres y Espinoza.
Luis Lopez Juan Apódaca,
Encarnación Garcia, Bonifacio
Socorro No. 24 Marcelino Al
derete. San Pedro Abran Dreyfus, N.
Anaya, Ysabel Padilla. '
San Acacia Alejo Gurulé, An
tonio Montoya, Atanacio Már
quez. Escondida Maximo Baca, M.
M. Torres, E. S. Stapleton, Rafael
Santa Rita José B. Apódaca,
L. Córdova, F. Aragón, E. Aro
gón. Mogollón Thomas Dickie, C.
U. Kirkpatrick.
Ranchos de La Joya Dolores
Las Nutrias Juan Peralta.
Bosquecito Genobebo Padilla.
i'rccinci tj ra a u as rtomero,
Patrocinio Trujique.
Precinct 44 José Rivera, M.
Ulibarrf, Jesús Peralta, Juan
The following resolutions were
Resolved, That we, the dele
gates to the Republican county
nominating convention, hereby
affirm our allegiance to the party
oi progress anu "protection, and
I pledge our undivided support to
the standard-bearer giyen us by
the Republican territorial con
vention a man representing the
advanced principles of our party,
and whose record is beyond re
proach, Bernard S. Rodey, a man
who promises if elected to work
faithfully to reduce the outra
geous dimensions of the Gila
forest reserve, which, now
covers over twenty townships of
mining and agricultural land
which is devoid of timber and
occupied by home-seekers and
tax-payers for twenty years past
Whereas, This county has
been despoiled by the creation of
this forest reserve, whereby 42
townships have "reverted back to
the government, driving away
500 settlers who paid taxes there
in, thus cutting off the legitimate,
revenue of county and territory,
Whereas, Tke county of Socor
ro has for years, and is now,
suffering1 from having its grass
devoured by herds from other
portions of the territory, and the
owners pay no taxes in this coun
ty, the tendency of which is to
drive out the resident stock
growers, and impoverish the
county revenues; therefore be it
Resolved, That the candidates
that accept the nomination for
the territorial legislature shall,
and are hereby pledged to intro
duce and work for the passage of
a law that shall make stock
growers pay taxes in the county
where their herds graze. Be it
further I
Resolved, That candidates
accepting the nomination as
county commissioners are hereby
pledged to economise in the
management of the county
finances, due supervision of all
county officers, so that the proper
books shall be kept, including
their own, and that the interests
of the county shall be subserved.
We further promise that each
of us shall, upon return to our
own precincts, work for the elec
tion of the ticket nominated here
The committee on permanent
organization and order of busi
ness recommended the following
permanent officers, viz: Chair
man, Estevan Baca; Secretary, II.
H. Howard; Interpreters, N. P.
Eaton and E. S. Stapleton. The
committee also recommended that
nominations be made in the fol
lowing order: Senator, repre
sentative, sheriff, treasurer and
collector, school superintendent,
probate judge, probate clerk, as
sessor, commissioner of the first
district, commissioner of the sec
ond district, commissioner of the
third district, surveyor, coroner.
The. report of the committee was
The next order of business was
the formal nomination of the
county ticket that had been
agreed upon in caucus. O f course
there were no contests, all differ
ence's having been. satisfactorily
adjusted, and every candidate on
the ticket was nominated by ac
clamation. This method of pro
ceedure is the most satisfactory,
as it keeps family quarrels, if
there are any, from the public
gaze. Fortunately there were no
serious differences in this case
even in caucus, so that the en
thusiasm with which each nom
ination was received was real
and unqualified. The ticket will
be found in the appropriate col
umn of The Chieftain.
The appointment of members
of the county central committee
resulted as follows:
Following the nomination of
the ticket, members of the county
central committee for the ensu
ing year were chosen from the
various precinots as follows: 1.
Estevan Baca, 2. Miguel Baca,
3. Clemente Chavez, 4. Anselmo
Ortega, 5. Gregorio Baca, 7,
Eduardo Jaramillo, 8. Emiliano
Apódaca, J. Geo. Bernard, 10.
W. N.York, 11. M. Spellman,
( Continued on J 'age 4. )
Jas. Thorpe of Kelly was in
the city on democratic convention
F. C. Selman came up from
San Marcial to attend the demo
cratic festivities.
District Attorney S. Alexander,
returned home yesterday from a
trip to Albuquerque.
Hon. O. A. Larazolo is said to
have spoken to fair assemblages
at ivelly ana Magdalena.
Hon. II. O. Bursum was among
the prominent republican politic
ians in town Monday and Tues
Sam Locke,, cf, Magdalena has
been in town this week, cultivat
ing old friends and making new
A. D. Coon has employed 15
men this week picking apples in
his extensive orchard southeast
of town.
Lester Duryea of Magdalena
attended the republican conven
tion Monday in the capacity of
delegate. .
The annual assessment work
this year is showing up many
good bodies of ore in the claims
in the Black Range.
Pat Higgins and wife, old time
residents of Socorro county, were
in town the first of the week re
newing old acquaintances.
J. M. Alle,n, proprietor of the
well known Allen Hotel of Mag
dalena, was a delegate to the re
publican convention Monday.
Several new students have reg
istered at the school of mines in
the last two weeks and still oth
ers are expected to arrive soon.
Opera house tonighf- Uyptw
tism, Dancing Skeleton, and the
Big Phonograph. Admission
10c. Don't fail to sec hypno
tism. Gustav Becker vs. George
Thompson, attachment, is the
title of a case filed this week in
the office of District Clerk John
E. Griffith.
Hon. E. II. Jobson of Lake
Valley, candidate for the assem
bly on the democratic ticket,
arrived in town this morning
from Kansas City.
Attorney Jas. G. Fitch attend
ed the meeting of the masonic
grand lodge the first of the week
and was elected grand junior
warden of that body.
The south, drift in the Key
stone mine in the Black Range is
improving as it is continued
south. IJie entire driftis in ore.
No crosscuts have yet been
Greatest in leavening strength, a spoonful
raises more dough, or goes further.
Working uniformly and perfectly, it makes th
bread and cake always light and beautiful, and
there, is never caused a waste of good flour, sugar,
butter and eggs.
With finer food aqd a saving of money cornea
the saving of the health of the family, and that is
the greatest economy of all.
Note. Many mixtures, made in Imitation of baking
powders, ore upon the market. They are
sold cheap, but are dear at any price, be
cause they contain alum, a corrosive poison..
Prof. W. II. Seamon of El
Paso was re-elected grand lectur
er of the masonic lodges or New
Mexico at the session of the
grand lodge this week.
J. M. Miller of Rosedale, who
has the distinction of having
been put on the dcmoccitijo ticket
and then put off again, called on
Socorro friends yesterday.
Are you going to be married?
If so, remember that The Chief
tain prints wedding stationery,
cards, etc., in the most approved
styles. Satisfaction guaranteed.
A light fall of snow was visi
ble on the tops of the Magda
lenas as a result of Wednesday
night's storm, but Socorro has
not yet been visited by a frost
this season.
The Great Republic ores from !
the Black Range and the Queen
ores from the Magdalenas, now
on exhibition at the chamber of
commerce of El Paso, are attract
ing attention,
J. Stuart Greene, a young man
from the extreme east, but re
cently of Pueblo, Colorado, reg
istered yesterday at the school of
mines. Mr. Greene expects to
take a technical course.
This has been a lively week
for Socorro on account of the as
sembling of two county conve.n--tions
within her gates. Every
active politician of the county
and many from abroad have been
in town.
E. II. Franz, a prominent mer
chant of Luna, was in town Wed
nesday. Mr Franz left. the next
morning for Webb City, Mo.,
where he will remain about a
month looking after mercantile
Major and Mrs. F. G. Bartlett
and infant son were in the city
the first of the week from their
borne in Magdalena. There is a
possibility that they will arrange
to become citizens of Socorro for
the winter.
The registration books will be
open next Saturday for the last
time. Those who have not reg
istered will do well to call at the
office of T. J. Fleeman on Court
street and attend to this neces
sary preliminary.
Prof. A. R. Seymour, who
spent last winter in this city and
has since been in Texas, is now
in Deming. Prof. Seymour made
many friends while here who will
be glad to know that he is still
in condition to enjoy the good
things 01 this world.
Rev. J. McConnell will conduct
services in Epiphany church the
nrst Sunday in November at 11
o'clock a. ra. and at 7:30 o'clock
p. m. also the Wednesday even
ing following- at 7:30 o'clock.
Everybody is cordially invited to
After this date, parties wishes
ing to employ the Ramirez or
chestra for dances, serenades, etc.,
may apply for rates to J. J.
Leeson, this city, or to P. A.
Marcellino, San Antonio.
A Mexican sheep herder was
brought to town dead Monday
morning from near Biavaschi's
ranch. The dead herder's com
panion reported that it was a
case of suicide, deceased having
shot away nearly all the back cd;
his head with a Winchester.
The American expert special-,
ists will remain in Socorro during
the coming week. They are per
forming wonderful cures and all'
who have chronic diseases should
see them at the Windsor hotel.
Consultation free. ,
Dr. C. G. Duncan, the eminent
Socorro physician, came up from
the south yesterday morning, at
tended the Shriner meeting in
the evening and went home this
morning well pleased with him
self and all the world. Journal-.
The Terrv bovs. Lou and T.a
returned to Socorro last Saturday'
t A JJ - . .
iiuiii an cxicuuca stay in ine
Black Range, where they have
valuable mining interests. Mrs.
Lee Terry returned on the same
day from a.visit with her mother.
tu luí 'aso.
While the end of the fiscal)
year is still several months off,"
lutic uic nuuiLicui lunus in me
ter 11 tonal treasury to pay all the
annrnnriatinnn fnr th ir initi
still have a surplus of $1,000."
This is unprecedented in the hiv.
tory 01 jew Mexico, when it is
considered that part of the bond
ed indebtedness has been paid off,
during the year. New Mexican.'
Invitations are out to the mar-,
riage of George E. Cook, one of
Socorro's best known and highly
esteemed young men, and Miss.
Jennie E. Griffith, sister of Dis-'
trict Clerk John E. Griffith, who.
has recently returned to Socorra
from Ohio to honor the man of
her choice with her heart and
hand. The wedding ceremony
will be performed at 8 o'clock in,
the evening of Wednesday, Octo-.
ber 31, at the heme of Mr. and
Mrs. Griffith, in. this city.
A distressing accident is re
ported from Magdalena. Last,
Sunday Mrs. Jas Ward and little"
daughter were driving a Ringle,
rig, when the horse switched its
tail over the lines and immediate-,
ly began to kick. The carrie,
was overturned and the occup.jr ,
thrown out. When thechih.!, as ..
rescued from the wreck it was
bleeding copiously from the
mouth and nose from the effects,
of a kick on the head. It was re
ported yesterday that the child
was unconscious and hardly e-.
pectcdto live.

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