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jjR. M. A. SAYLER, D.D.S.,
Office over post-office.
focorro, - - New Mexico.
dr. swisiinu,
(Graduate of the University of
New York City, lS;6, and former
U. S. Examining burgeon.)
A Washington Correspondent Predicts
Republican Victory.
(Washington Star.)
New Mexico presents a curious
contrast to Arizona, for New
Mexico has been Republican since
187S, with the exception of five
biennial elections,
cratic in 18, but returned to its
Republican allegiance in 1S')
electing Pedro Perca to congress
New Mexico. 33 t-clcgate. The vote of Xsew
Mexico is very much larger than
Arizona, being nearly 36,000.
The Republican majority has av
eraged from 2,000 to 3,000. New
Mexico tías
to the various
ministrations. The present
governor, M. A. Otero, is very
popular with all classes of people
throughout the territory, and
there seems to be no good reason
to doubt but that New Mexico
will maintain her reputation as a
Republican territory at the
Albuquerque, N. M.
Socorro, - New Mexico.
AUiuquerquo, N. M.
Bocorro, New Mexico.
Will practice in all Courts.
Attoiisey and Counselor at Law
Will practice in all the Courts.
Socorro, - New Mexico.
Albuaueroue, N. M
All Brunches of the practice attended to
Office at Residence.
Office in Terry Block.
CarlüliaJ. N. M.
Will practice I all tbc Courts.
x ota it y r-um.ic
R Pedro. - NEW MEXICO.
Hi I Mil Mil IISMI I III' T laTT-
Physician and Surgeon,
Office east side Haza.
'iiirnrrn. - N. M.
Tlllnmook Rock, at the Month of
the Columbia River.
The most famous lighthouse on
the Pacific coast is that of
Tillamook rock, 70 miles south
of the mouth of the Columbia
river, Oregon. The rock is V2
It was Demo- r"-1
Air. Jjora made one ot his
photographs a wave was breaking
through a crevasse and hurling
its spray higher than the summit.
On this day it was too rough for
the Columbine's boat to make a
landing. Coal for the ' station
had to be hoisted in net slings,
been very little trouble nd lhc kocIcr hal to 1c lowcrci1
arious national ad- )n a cage or basket and, suspended
in miuair over tne sea, repon on
the condition of himscl' and his
assistants, as they were short of
provisions, most of the supply
having been destroyed during a
From the side of the rock a
heavy sea at the height of this
storm tore off two rocks a vera g-
r-lorlinn npxt month.
The issues discussed by thc "ig . 3 poumls ana hurled them up-
onaand 011 r keeper s dwell
ing. v ith the weigh tot the water
speakers throughout Arizona
New Mexico are about the same
as elsewhere, allhougii tree
silver is receiving far less atten
tion than it did four years ago.
There is always one ever-present
issue in a territorial campaign,
and that is statehood, and each
side of the controversy does
everything in its power to convince
the voters that statehood would
be most quickly secured under
the party represented. The
people are a unit for immediate
admission. Nearly all believe
that President McKinley will be
re-elected, and this may have
U til
I due to an cid poison which g sin access to t1i blood through failure of tbe proper
ins to carry off and keep the system clear of 11 morbid, effete rosttcr. This poison
jl liL
Suiters Nerves,
SIHIcrs Joints.
through the general circulation is de-otitid in the joints, muscles and nerves, causing the most intense pain.
iMicunmuMu may iiacu wiin sucn siKuienness ana seventy as to make within a few days a healthy
active person helóles ami bed-ridden, with distorted limbs and ulinttrml nrrvn- nr it m. In
develoñinK, with slight wandering pains, just severe enough to make one feel uncomfortable ; the ten
dency in such cases U to grow wome. and finallv become tlironic.
f II .1 11 .a: . -r. t. t .. . . .
cause It to develom
food, insiitnctent clothing, or anything calcululed to impair the health, will frequently
in cany me, but more often not until middle age or later. In whatever form, whether acute or chronic.
inherited. Rheumatism Is Strictly a DIooei Dlacaoo,
ami no liniment or other external treatment can rench the trouble. Neither do the preparations of potash
and mercury, and the various mineral salts, which the doctors always prescribe, cure Rheumatism, but
ruin the digestion and break down the constitution.
A remedy w hich builds up the gcncrnl health and at the same time tids the system of the poison is
the only safe and certain cure for kliem-isii-mi ASK mn.! ..I ii-.-!... . i ),.,,..
solvent purifying properties, attacks the disease in the right wav, and in the right place the blood and quickly neutraliza
the acid aud dissolves all puisuiiotis dcpot.il, stimulates and infurtes the ovcrwoikeJ, worit-uut organs, and clears the STStem
. 11 li til i. I I. if a ..... . ... nl nt i. ma O C O . i ... .i . . O, J
" t. o. o. miel v-cmianenuy rou luorougtuy, ana K-eett
the blood in a pure, healthy state. '
.. IT 1 " w ,5l,h Slrrrt ln.llin.pol!. Tn1., fnr rl(H.t.n mmill,. w. tfrril.lv SIIcIkI
with Rlirmliiu hc vMiiiuMe lo fr.or .Ire, him.elf. Ictir uiil hnow hotwle. II h,l
tried nriy-lwn nrwrlinfamii that frlcn.l. had Kirrti him, without Ihe llKlilt! reli.l. A tew hotllriuf
B. 8. 8. cutnl In in pcrmuuciilly, nd li liu ntver haU a rucumatic piu .lues. Thiw An yrarsaKO.
We will send free our special book on Rheumatism, which should be in the hands
of every sufferer from t'.us torturing disease. Our phvsicians have made blood and skin
diseases a lite study, and will give you any information or advice wanted, so write theni
luny anu ireciy aooui your case, vve make lio charge whatever for this service. Address, SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, fia.
these fragments male a hole 2U
feet in area in the roof, Hooded
A Ximiber of Wondfi fully Kiclj Minos
Ju Silver and Gold Are Bein:
The Black Range district is
west of the terminus of the
Magdalena branch of the railroad,
and is in the foothills on the east
the building to a depth of over side a,ul nc:ir thc "orth ctl(1 of
five feet and washed out two thc Black Range. The formation
walls, throwing three rooms into potphyritic, principally an.lc-
one. an "improvement" for which Rltc ana occasionally oens oi
the keepers were not especially "acnyte snow uicmseivcs running
n..-,t.,fi t;.o r-v parallelVith the veins. Lime-
tured the iron roof in 35 nlaces. stont; occur3 1,1 oiated places,
Although the focal plane of the
lantern is 130 feet above thc sea
level, 11 panes of glass three
feet long and three-eighths of an
inch thick were ktiockcd in by
pieccsof rock which went through
. n . ., i. r -t the lantern, and thc water put
enm ii mlMldtirn 'l T flirt . ll I tnf 1 T
, . .. . , out the light. Ihe
both territories gave large
majorities for the Republican
ticket it is believed their chances
for statehood would be much
better than if they went Demo
Industrially and commercially
building has
now been raised six feet, and a
thick concrete roof has been laid
on heavy steel girders Chaulau-
Every foot of the lode from
Wild Horse creek to Dry creek,
eight miles, is marked by crop-
pings. Thc vein is located the
entire distance. The mineral
belt is from four to eight miles
New discoveries in the Black
Range arc attracting attention,
and the country is full of
prospectors. F. L. Buchanan,
superintendent of the El Dorado
mine, Ilillsboro, thinks that the
ore is principally of a concentrat
ing character, and that deep
mining will be necessary to bring
K fleet f Civilization.
The Portland Oregonian tells
Arizona and New Mexico are in of a Chinaman, Lutu Chung, who
very good shape, especially in was employed in a I 'or Hand t,om nto profitable operation
thc ruining districts. A prolonged canning lactory. lie provided .j can sllow ciaims in the Black
drouth during the summer himself with a inclicster ri lie, h?an-p that aro literallv cut uo
....... 1 r . 1 1.:, 1 l . - '
mreaieneci severe losKsior iuc ""s i.uiv injurs with 8ild'tjow shafts and open
i live stock inuustry, but heavy learned to shoot well, lie has cuts frtnn onc cn t c ofher.
rams in bepteinoer put an cnu to pniy one eye, anu so was not a ij ve these c :enitvs aud cuts
the suspense aud reduced thc
loss to a minimum.
The Rnsh of a Shell.
As a shell rushes through thc
air at thc rate of 1,000 miles an
bothered about shutting the other
when he took aim, a thing which
otten troubles novices in
marksmanship. A few vears ago
Lutn Cluing went home to China
and staid there some tune. v ule
hour it gets heavily charged with thcre he wcnt onc day wUh twQ
t E. KITTRELL, Dkntist.
Socorro, Abeytia Block;
San Marcial, Harvey House.
SEAMON . . . .
Assayers and Chemists.
Box 97, El Paso, Texas.
Agnts ior Ore Shipper.
electricity by friction, says
London Answers. It parts with
it to any good conductor it meets
on the way, doing terrible execu
tion. l'assing in front ot a
British soldier, a big shell gave
him such a shock that heinstartly
fell dead
show the vein plainly, and it is a
wonder that the prospectors did
not go down when the vein was
once found, for the time and
money scattered in useless surface
work would have developed the
vein and made a mine of th
property. No man can hope to
sell a mine for a fair price until
he has shown what it contains at
a depth of 100 feet from th
surface. Every foot less decreases
friends to sell a lot of hogs, for
which he received a considerable
sum of money. Eisrht robbers.
who had secured information of
what business they were in,
followed them in a boat to rob th, pricc that can l)e obtained for
cm. ium anting ptitnpcc lean th property, even if it i
In niií rt mir irnre tnrrt nflirprq. I ........ . r ., . I
, .... ne K,,lea seven oi mem. anu
stanaingsu eoysiue saw asnea aUowe(1 the other to escape, that be lcarRcd in thc P)lack IíaUÍre
h murht carrv the news to the : . n..i ,;n
. a a . i w i wile la mat tin. i niiiiini; txh
it lid í-íTi t nprn wiTiiniir i . . i -
r. wwwa. , vM remainder oi the o-anf. and strike
.! ..'.1 . T--A - fV? I 0 '
touenmg enner. iíui one oiaccr terror to the of the hi;athor.
lost the sight of both eyes, and Napoieon said that( if cvcr the
uic oiner instanuy oecame onno Chincse icarned the art of war,
1 . 11.. .11 I '
in one- anu boon iom me moer other nation3 wouia llo we1l to
tilSOa I f Ttvi iitiLTi' arid if mntiw rf
kit i 111 UllllVl) 1 1 V- tHUIIJ
in another battle a soldier had Ui,n, 3 T.,i,n i 'Vu.n
e. e: burlincame A CO.,
H.ubiuh.di.oiorto.i866.B.Pi-b,1ior ji st sto ped to help a fallen Napoleon was right. Chicago
Vwíñ1 comrade when a shell passed Tribune.
WBfcSMllítü.! cm o. over histack. He fell forward
...ntril'ca T!t MOlboremr lo.d lou,
luuviHUat.ii . writ lot term.
ITIft-ITIS Lawraaa St.. Irttw, Ch
Socorro,. New Mexico.
quite disabled, and for months IT happknkd in a dktg stokij.
after he could not stand erect. "One day last winter a lady
A curious accident of a similar I came to my drug store and asked
kind happened to an American for a brand of cough medicine
officer in the Cuban war. He that I did not have in stock," says
was galloping across the field Mr. C. R. Grandin, the popular
when a shell whirled past in front druggist of Ontario, N. Y. "She
of him. His horse rolled over, was disappointed and wanted to
and he himself became uncon- know what cough preparation I fumlj ijj
scious. uo recovery he lound could recommend, i said to ncr
that neither self nor steed had that I
been wounded, and he knew that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
they had simply sustained a
severe ele'tric shock.
seldom fail to find the values o
very high grade, and thc other
is that nine-tenths of all th
ores are concentrating ores. On
can mine and concentrate three
tons of ore for what it will cost
to hand-sort one ton to make i
high-grade shipping ore. Han
sorting is an imperfect, slow an
. , e . í
expensive meiiiod oi co!icrura-
tion, which, with the improved
machines now in use, can be done
better, quicker and at from oi-
third to one-fourth thi cost."
New Mexican.
Hcotnis aTicrcr in the Jungle.
From the Sportmin in India.
Expecting to find a corpse we
followed the tracks quietly for
about 200 yards and then came
upon a place where the tiger had
evidently lain down and lost
much blood. They cling to life
with extraordinary tenacity.
Again we followed the tracks and
in the marshy ground thc fresh
pugs (footmarks) aud water still
oozing into them. We stole in
line through the trees and grass
up to some tall reeds, when our
hearts stood still.
Thcre was a spring with an
nfuriated roar and, bounding
through the cover with open
mouth, his tail lashing his sides,
his whole fur bristling, the tiger
harged straight at us. Heavens!
What an unloosed for moment!
could see before me nothing but
shadowy form, owing to the
lightni ng speed of his movement
a shadowy, striped form, with
two large lumps of fire fixed upon
us with an unmeaning stare as
the beast rushed upon us. Such
was the vision of a moment. Thc
trees were so thick that I dared
not shoot till he was close and 1
limly recollect, even then, think
ing that everything hinged upon
eepiug cool and killing him if
possible. On he came. I fired
straight at his chest at about
fifteen yards distance, without
moving at all, and then instinc
tively almost miraculously I
sprang to the left as the tiger
himself sprang past us, so close
that I found his blood splashed
over my gnn barrels afterward.
A fine grand square piano can
be bought cheap. Apply to J. J.
Department of the Interior,
Liimi Oillce at Las Orneen, N. H.,)
Octoher 2, 1900. f
Notice U hereby plven that the follow
liiU niuod ettlcr hai tiled notice of hla
intention to make tinal proof ia support
of li in chute, and that eaid proof will be
made hi'fore U. r. Commissioner, at
t'oouey, N . M., on Novemher 18, 1900,
viz: Al K. Hardin, on lid. 2801, for tba
unwj, w i n w i. see. 11 and n e
n e J sec. 10 t. 12 f. t. 20 w. N. M. Mer.
Ho names Ihe following witnesses to
provu his eoniiniinus residence upon and
cultivation of said hind, viz: Geo F.
Willinms. of Graham, N. M.; R. I. Bipe,
of Graham, N. M.; W. P. Goddard, of
Graham. N. M. ; W. II. Uoddard, of
Uruham, N. M.
Emil Solighac.
The following is from the pen
f a Missouri editor:
and the gang drinks with you,
swear off and you go it alone,
for the bar roo:n bum who drinks
your ruin has a quenchless thirst
of bis own. 1' east and your
friends are many, fast and they
cut you cold; tliey do not get mad
if you treat thenl bad, so long as
their stomachs are fed. Steal
if you get a million, for then you
can furnish bail; it's the great
big thief who gets out on leave,
where thc little ones go to jail
Advertise and the dollars will
come; quit and they fail to arrive;
for how are men who have money
to spend'going to know you are
still alive."
Notice ot Formt Knerv Lien Sclactlosb
United Status Land Office.
Sm ' P, New Mexico,!
i1teniber 8, 1 Am. f
Notice I liereby (tiren that W. A. Rogers,
wlioe mt-tITU-e aririre la (Highland Hotel)
Albniueriue, New Mexico, haa applied, ander
the provlHionM of the Act of Cotifrreas approT4
June 4, 1 i, to select the following- described
tract of land. In lion of land surrendered by
liliu in the Gila River Forest Reservo, In th
Trrritorr of New Mexico, to the United States,
A certain tract of nnnarrered public land.
containing fortj aerea, which, when snrreved,
as m'.-uly as can tie ascertained, will besttnatsd
In Townxhlp One North of Range Three West
f the New Mexico Principal llaaeand Meridian,
nd within which forty acre tract Is located a
certain aprlng of water commonly known as
the Ojo dot Carbon which la in a small canyon
atwnt three miles west of the confluence of said
canyon with the Arroyo Salado, abont ons mils
northwest from Bear Spring Canyon and about
one and one-half miles east of tb road from
Magdalena to Riley, New Mexico.
A1m, a certain tract of unaurveyed pabilo
lanl, containing forty acres, which, when sar
Toyed, as nearly as can be ascertained, will ba
situ.iU'c! in Township Ona North of Range Four
Wext of the New Mexico Principal Basa and
MiTidian, aud within which forty acre tract la
located a certain spring of water commonly
known as I.a Vaca, abont two mllea west oi tha
road from Magdalena to Riley, New Mexico, on
the east alow of the Bear Spring Mountains,
about six miles south of the town of Santa Rita,
and about four miles west of Ojo dl Carbon,
Buth of which tracts of nnsurreyed pabilo
latid are situate In the rejected prlvata land
claim known a the "Antonio Chavea Grant;
and both of which tracts are situate In tba
S.inta Fe, New Mexico, Land District.
Within the uuxt thirty daya from date hereof.
protests of contests against this selection on
the k ound that the land described, or any
IMirtiou thereof, is more valuable for Its mineral
than f ir aurlcultural purposes, will be received,
and nuK-d for report to the Commissioner of
the Geneial Land O nice.
First publication Z'th day of September, A.
CM .AO I Gold and B1tt . . .75
Lead 40 Gold.silyer.copper 1.60
ara pies by mail rscalvs prosspt auentlun.
Rich Ore and Bullion Bought.
Bilyib Citt, N. M.
Surveys for patent. V
''For three days and nights I
suffered agony untold from an
attack of cholera morbus brought
on by eating cucumber, says
M. h. Low the, clerk of the
district court, Centerville,- Iowa.
"I thought I should surely die,
and tried a dozen different
medicines but all to no purpose.
I sent for a bottle of Chamberlain's
A Good Joke On The Pastor.
A minister down in Missouri
s people too poor to
nurchase hvmu books, says an
could freely recommend , beinir offered the
O t . r
same book bv a patent medicine
and that she could take a bottle hoUjje rrovi(lod they be allowed
of the remedy and after giving it tQ h)scrt tlieir advertisement,
ordered three dozen for the
congregation, lie was elated on
a fair trial if she did not lind it I
worth the money to bring back
the bottle and I would refund the
price pajd. In thecourse of a day
or two the lady came back in
company with a friend in need of
a cousrh medicine and advised
her to buy a bottle of Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. I
consider that a very good
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
doses relieved recommendation for thc remedy.
rnri.rr,,-- Remedy and three
mine sursers and enirlneerlDi work of me entirely. i nis remeoy is ior it is lorsaie uy j. iu. iioweii,
pny s-lDil promptly atiende tu.
gallon H or k apeplaky,
l. isaieby A. lu. uoweii, oocorro; I oocorro; w.
Y. Y J-iorrowdale, .Magdalena. 1 Magdalena,
V IJorrowdak
seeing them to find no ad in the
same. The next Sunday he
distributed the books, telling the
people of his good fortune, and
requested that they sing page
130. His chagrin may be linagin
ed when tVy sang as follows:
"Hark the' heavenly angels sing,
Johnson's pills are justthe thing;
the angels' voices meek and mild
two for a itiuu ?nd one for a
There are 120 firms in Germany
engaged in the acetylene industry
Most of thc burners are made at
Nuremberg. There are no less
than 2( small towns in Germany
lighted by acetylene gas. The
first plant of this kind for lighting
small towns in Germany was
erected at Hassfurt, a town of
2,500 inhabitants. Scientific
Depart ini'Ut of tbo Interior,
Lunil Olllre at Las Cruces, N. M.,
Oct. 11. 11)00,
Notice Is hereby Riri that the follow
Inu nanird settler Inn filed notice of hi
intention to make liiiul proof in ciipt'iir
of liis eluhn, un. I that said proof will be
Hindu l.ffore L'. H. Court Commissioner,
at Cooney K. II-, on No. 21. I dim), viz
Asher Kmrrsoii, on 11a. No. 8100, for tli
lots 17 ;ui(l IF see. t, and lots l.i and
st.5. t. lis. rantro 15 w. N. M. Mer.
He names tliu following wiloi'c-io to
provu tub eont m ti in loMde-uce upon r.u
luliu'ution nr siilfl I find, vi,: jiniiin
Met lure, of I' ri-M'O, N. M ; Curb, Towel
of Krinro. .. .ti.; ..ii . i -nn f r ot
Kris, o, N M. I !. uve y '-. - V.
I"r:3i o, . M.
In our home decorations. A
Mahogany or Oak color al
ways gives the wood-work of
a room a good appearance.
Over old paint or new wood
Varnish Staui
produces good results. It
stains and varnishes at the
same time. Is made in Oak,
Cherry, Mahogany, Rose
wood, Walnut, Ebony. You
will be surprised at the easa
with which you can entirely
change the appearance of
your room. Let us tell you
some good things we knoijr
about the Stain.
J. . UALimitttiE
Socorro, - . New tlcxjfo.

Socorro, N. M.
n.-.c..ii-r, ui.jiHi inn-esses, liiit-uniaiisni isoueu liincrilett. ana exnoaiin tannitinnrml-l want nf nmrwm
into the rranrwitn his V menester t , n,,.. r.Knrt.
I4IO-I St., Dea sr. Calo.

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