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Entered at Hocorro Postofllcc iccund
1 n mail inat'er.
i Strictly in adtai.ce )
On yr 2''
tit mooih 100
i . .
" For Oovcrnor of New Mexico
from June 7, 1001, to June 7, 1905,
or until statehood is attnlnsd,
riiguel A. Otero.
Sprint, is in the air. The
clouds, the winds, the sunshine
tell of its coming.
That improvement on the
corner east of the j)la.sa was a
happy thought well txecuteJ.
Thk present hoard of county
commissioners declare that they
are going to male? a strenuous
ilfort to hrin.j the county's
expenditures within its income.
.Success to the effort!
Thk Chieftain secured the
countj printing and is now the
official paper of the countj. If
the countj commissioners drive
as hard a bargain in everj case as
thej did in this, they will
undoubtedly win the distinction
of being the most economical
board of commission. ra that Socor
ro countj has ever had.
Hon. C. G. Crvicksiiank,
Socorrocountj'sefticicnt represen
tative in the territorial council,
is winning golden opinions for
himself. He has been appointed
on several of the most important
Committees and has introduced
several bills, everj one of which
would, if enacted into law, prove
to be of inestimable benefit to the
Thkre are said to be three
tovuis and several patented mines
iu the western part of Socorro
countj which must be abandoned
because the government author
ities have issued an order that not
a stick of timber maj be cut on
the Gila forest reserve. This
looks much like taking private
property for public use without
just compensation.
ty collector and treasurer, and to
report upon the condition of the
countj's finances. If an inves
tigation is to 1e undertaken it
should be thorough, exhaustive,
and impartial. Nothing short of
that will be satisfactorj or just
to either Mr. Abejta or the tax
payers of the county. It is the
wish of Tiik C:m: i'Tain and, it
is believed, of all good citizens
that such investigation result in
the triumphant vindication of
Mr. Abejta's accuracy and
1 ho Great Modern Newspaper.
Wiif.n all that portion of the
United States west of the Missouri
and Kaw rivers was a trackless
wilderness, nearlj half a century
ago, the first issue of one of
the world's greatest newspapers
appeared. St. Louis, which was
then a mere overgrown town on
the western frontier of civiliza
tion, has developed into a great
commercial metropolis, and that
great modern newsgathercr, the
St Louis Globe-Democrat, ha3
kept pace with the progress of its
citj and section. It has been,
from its first issue to the present
time, the children's tutor, the
youth's counselor, the woman's
companion, the farmers instructor
and friend. Itscireulation extends
to everj state and territorj of the
Union, to Canada and Mexico,
and to everj part of the world
where there are readers of the
English language. It ought to
be in your home during tlje coming
year. S?e advertisement else
where in this issu?.
Op all the cranks that ever
graced that portion of God's green
earth known as Kansas, Mrs.
Nation is the foremost, "by merit
raised to that bad eminence."
It is a pity that such rank lunacy
as that put on exhibition bj this
'woman should be associated in
even the slightest degree with
that commendable organization
known as the Voman's Christian
Temperance Union.
Thk papers of New Mexico
verj generallj favor a liberal
Íolicj toward all educational
institutions of the territorj. It
is to such a policy that the recent
rapid decrease in the rate of
illiteracj in the territory is due.
It would not be complimentary to
the intelligence of the members
of the present legislative assembly
to suppose that thej do not
recognize the wisdom of that
- j - ..'
Hon. F. H. Winston of Sierra
countj, representative in the
'assembly from the district com
prising Socorro and Sierra coun
ties, was appointed chairman of
the important committee on banks
and banking. In his own district
Mr. Winston long since earned a
reputation for good business
qualities and it seems that those
same qualities are winning
recognition iu the legislative
chambers of the territorj.
Two gentlemen of this citj,
Mos-.rs. Thos. Jaques and A. W.
Nilsson, have been otfered the
po-ition of experts to examine
1 ': lw,Ws of Abran Abeyta, conn-
Legislative Notes.
Hon. J. Francisco Chavez of
Valencia countj was unanimously
elected president of the council
for the sixth consecutive session.
Hon. D. M. Rejd of Santa Fe
county is making a very satisfac
tory speaker of the house.
Hon. W. E. Martin i. meeting
all high expectations as chief
clerk of the council.
A. A. Sedillo of this city is
acting as interpreter for the
house. He has this week secured
a large number of signatures in
the legislature to a petition
asking the appointment of Hon.
Elfego 15aca toa judicial position
in Porto Rico.
Hon. C. G. Cruickshank was
appointed chairman of one of the
most important committees in the
council, that on appropriations
and finance. Besides rendering
excellent committee service Doctor
Cruickshank has introduced sev
eral good bills, among which are
bills in effect as follows: To
prevent the killing of song birds;
to protect discharged employees
and prevent blacklisting; to pre
serve the public health; to provide
for the assessment of live stock in
the countj where it is found
grazing; to protect elk, deer, and
antelope; to authorize a . levj to
meet one-half the cost' of a
geological survej of New Mexico;
also a resolution in favor of the
passage by conrrress of the Tillman
j bill, which provides for federal
aid to schools and departments of
mines and metallurgj.
A bill has been introduced in
the house providing that the hus
! band cannot convey real estate
! without the wife's consent. This
provision is altogether just and
the bill should pass.
Several bills have been intro
duced to amend the present coal
oil law. It will take wise
legislation on this subject tj
meet the popular demand.
A fireman's c lo.sk call.
"I stuck to my engine, although
every joint aches and everj nerve
was racked with pain," writes
C. W. Dtfllamj, a locomotive
fireman, of Burlington, Iowa.
"I was weak and pale, without
anj appetite and all run down.
As I was about to give up I got
a bottle of Electric Uitters and,
after taking it, I felt as well as
I ever did in my life." Weak,
sicklj, run down people always
gain new life, strength and vigor
from their use. Try thein.
Satisfaction guaranteed. lly all
druggists. W. W. Uorrowdale,
Magdalen. Price 50 rents.
2 V
una vea poner y tenor por dkho
Remain quietly at home and
take Chamberlain's sCough Rcuie
d j as directed and a quick recover j
is sure to follow. That remedj
counteracts anj tendencj of the
grip to result in pneumonia,
which is reallj the only serious
danger. Among the tens of
thousands who have used it for
the grip not one case has ever
been reported that did not recover.
For sale bj A. E. Howell, Socor
ro; W. W. Borrowdale, Magdalena.
Iivideuds, $74.,OO0,O00
In thirtjjears the Calumet and
Ilccla Mining Companj paid
dividends amounting to $70,000,
000, and its corporate existence
will expire April 21, 1901, and bj
that time $4,000,000 more will be
added, making the largest sum
ever paid in dividends bj anj
mine in the world. Articles of
association for the renewal of the
corporation have been filed.
Scientific American.
The druggist will refund you
your money if you are not satisfied
after using Chamberlain's Stom
ach and Liver Tablets. They cure
disorders of the stomach, bilious
ness, constipation and headache.
Price, 25 cents. Samples free at
all druggists. A, E. Howell
Socorro; W. W. Borrowdale,
The little eltild 3 Kre from ordinary
dange-a in tlie c.ire of (lie faithful dotf.
l!ut neither the dog 'a fidelity, tior the
riot'ur'a love enn guard a child from
tlHXK! invi'iMc fs thi.t lurlc In air,
water mid food the crins of disease.
Children need to be srrfci.illy wntche 1
nd cared for. When there Í9 loss of
npprtite, lnSMtude aud lif;tlesn" in a
child, nn attempt should lw made to re
vive the appetite nnd rally the irits. In
I)r. Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery
parents have found nn itiv;ihir.l!c medi
cine for children. H:i purely vcc tahle
character and absolute freedom from
alcohol nnd narcotics commend it to
every thoughtful jierson. It is pleasant
to the taste, unhlte the foul oils and
their emulsions olTcred for children's
use. "Golden Medical liiscovery " niake
Ímre blood tnd sound flesh, and abio
utcly eliminates from the system the
poisons which feed disease.
Mm. IÍ1U Ounlnrr. of Wntervlrw, MM'Vrnr
Co.. Va.. whv dMuhtrr BUÍTVrcrl Ircim nmlarial
poiaotiinfT inu cnurrh. wiUr: "My little
datif-litcr icni jin iI'-iii1U1 health. I nm p'nil
I f.H.tirl a doeti r whoC'tiUI rurc mv rlnlil Slic
took Imlvc bnflr of the ' OoMcn Me-liciil 1i
Covrry, eisht Nrttlr of ' l'U-! V nnl one battle
4t Or f.e' Cntnrrll Rrnit :ly. nml liic is well.
Vc tliauk Ciotl for yoür infilic-mea."
Give the little ones Ir. Tierce's Pleas
ant Pellets when a laxative is i.ecded.
They're txsy to take and doii't gripe.
Curious Ra'tway Accident. i
A curious railway accident
occurred in India latclj. While
a train was in Ruxaul Station a
terriiic storm commenced, and,
although the brake was applied
in the van and on the engine, the
force of the wind was such
that the train was driven along
the line. The engine dashed
through the buffer stop at the
endof the line, and traveled along
about six lengths of rail laid end
to end without fish-plate fasten
ings. After leaving these rails
the engine plowed along the em
bankment, and - then came
fortunatelj to a standstill, no
great damage having been done.
Scientific American.
He Isn't hooking lor it.
"Thrre is trouble brewing for
yo-.t, my reckless young friend."
'Perhapsso, but I'm not looking
for the bre. very." Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
r s w -r -N -
7 A
K i
han brought permanent relief to a mil
lion atifittrinir uoiiinn who Hereon tbeir
way to premature rav. Mr. Mitchell
whs fmt declining la faealth, when Wine
cl Cardul performed a "wonderful cure"
in hor osfe. Hhe miflered with the airo
nlesof Tallin of the womb, lrucorrhtea
and profuae inenntruatlon The weekly
apiwarnneeof Ilic ioeoi fortwo montbe
appd her vitality until atie wti a phy
Ical wroek. lir nervoua syatem rave
way. Then ran.e tho trml of Wine of
lardul and the euro. Hire- Mitehell'a
experience oeirbt to commend Wiue of
CarJui to autftriu( women iu words of
burniofr eloquence.
n within th rKch of til. Woruea who
trv It nr relieved. Aikr vnur druggist
ft.rfttl bottle of Wlnenf Cardui, and do
not tk a substituto if tendered you.
Mr. Willie Mitchell. South fSeitnn. N.C.:
"Wine of Cjrilul sn4 i in-dionl DIm b
fiunht bate prfn;nie4 u raro Ion cure
In mf re, 1 had hern e, jircuit ufTnrnr
with fnlltnf of the wotiib end leiierrrltifA,
end mi ojfr,kta came every veek for two
tnonlhi Rid were verjr pnlnful. Mr hn
bund tn rt need me to trr Wine of Cerdul
end Blirk-OreiiMhi, end now the luo,r
rhe bal dl'sppceied, eud 1 em restored t
per fact heelth."
Ve F v
i riHjnlrlnjr epelnl
ail'lraes, fttvtutf
Tn mm
rtlTtvtlo.u., aiWra, ftivtutf
ymitum. ' I ift I Ait
Ud.njr Iiieiitmiit," The
( liittncn).'A MttUi-iue Co.,
ChMilauvoge, 1 un.
- i i i j
Trade Marks
9 C Copyrights Ac.
Anrone ending oltetrh end dwrlntton my
flMd'klf eMriH'ii our ociiiiwit frtM wheihur en
litvtMtliii li ritii(.y AiniHti)tt. Oriiiiiiuiilcif
ttotia ai riütlr ctumlMni ini. liniiiiiMMk ou Patuie
ent ln. (Jl.lnnt MiciH'f for KtM'uriiiK iMbUtiita.
Cátente tiUt-n tiirwuifh Munn St Co. reveive
iMiai notion wlf hout viinKe, lu the
Scí:r.tíííc jíarícra
A handefimeif tllt:trtfd weekly. I,ercret ol.
cutfjti.ni of mt nt)iUOo turniti. Iwriim. J a
Tí ii-: I'pur niiMith, $L tMd by eil TiewRdi'-tlure.
küolUCo.8"8"' Hey York
am w m wwuuttuu, it. t.
T. & G. F. Timo Tab
No. 5. EUT.
C'liimcn fl .10 ci m
Kn City fi 40 p ni
Fin pons 2 ffO ni
Ni-winn !'! o in
bn Junta 141 n m
Trltiltlsd 8 IMI p m
It.ilon O.ar. pui
ba V?i ' Sid p m
rnntH Ko t):M ni
AMiii'iUfrqtif1, 7 8; n rii
Sun Mnrrml 2:"0 n p
lilncon ll:V0p)U
Itminu 8 W) p r.i
I. us (Jiurt'd (l:.rij p in
Kl r'Hho 8.3Jpm
.. I, KST.
DilrilRO 10:00 p m
rimm Ciiy ' 10:V) t m
Krtipi t i i S:"0 p m
N ewirii rHrt p. m
I h J mi ii 4 25 n m
Triiiiili.il 7:10 mil
liiiton !'.') a iu
I.a Veens t:ií p in
SiinU l:!0pm
Alliti'iuoroiie Tiii'iaiu
him MurciHl 4:00 t ni
K nct ii 7:10 n m
D.'itiir (1:15 a m
,n ("nicfs H.I 1 a in
Kl IVell D.i'.u ft iu
Coiipmi t ckt'lj In prinripnl pninlsin;
I'niicil Sia.i't. Cu'imiIii and Mix no, urn)
at ciili di ticket on sole.
So. 22 Prr-Mtnper 4:12 I m.
No. M Krt'iitüt !D a. m.
" t Í.i9 a.m.
n. 22 PiMsmgcr 1:03. m.
: 07 Freijrhi 8 p. m.
'o. Ul " 3:30 p. m,-
AI),v:IA branch.
Daily except Sunday.
So. Sa Lt-HTen 7:43 m.
" KM Air:vt'f 12:10 p. m.
Official Direotoiy.
lieW'jialeto Congresí, Tt-d'O rtri
(Jovcrt'or. SI In tn) A. (Mem
Si'cri'taiy, Ccorj:; 11 Wnlliite
duel Jiislitfi, W. .T. Mili
J . CrumpBckcr
K. W. I'nrkor.
.1. I?. McFip
D. It. McMillan
tirvf i or-GfnirnI, t n i n I . VHiito
Uniti'd Stale" I'oMertdr. A. I.. Morrimm
U. S. Diet-Aitor.iey, W. II Cliilder
U. S.Maralial. C. M . F( rukil
l . Land Olllce ShdIb Fe, M. 1 Olere
Utc. " " E F. Hohail
Iti'í?. " Lft Cruci', K. (SnlipMic
Itee.. " Hfury hnwninii
llrg. " " Uoswell, Ilnernrd Lelurd
I'.cc. I). L. Ueyec
Suiicitor--Jenornl. E. 1.. BartlrM
)it. Attrnnev. K. C. Gi rlncr. tSiirla Fc
DUI. AHoiney, W. H. II. Llewellyn.
Lh Cruce.-.
" It. P. Rarnps, Silver CM V
" C. A. Spit'. Lna Veiom
" J. Lt ahy. lilt en
" " S. Alexander, Sm-orro
Hilarían, Laliij elk' Fiuti.rit
f'leik Supreme Court, J P.Sena
Hurl' r. iiüi n u;rv, H. O. Hiüsinr
ilju;M Geneial W. II. V li'ieman
rrenKiiier, .1. A. Vunirlin
nt!:l.ir. 1 urn M. Ortir.
Oil ! i-pr.-lnr. - J' -It n S Clark.
TernUiritil l!i nrd of Kiltieiitinu.
S'ift- l'ul'lit: Iiibiructtcn, M. L'. de Haei
Comities of (Si turro, Lincoln, Chave and
Kildy. lleitdiiunrieia. Socorro, N. M.
.finlvr I an'l II. McMillan
Clerk and Reviser I. E. (JliHilU
j Jclin Greenwald
Conuilisbioner, -Matías Contreras
) A. E. Kouiller
lienfT. C. F. Jilackingtnn
Treamrer & Collector. Abran Aheyl
CiiUüty Clerk, Ilermene G. Bura
AtiHepgor. Benjamin Sanche
l'rolHte Jud,'e, Jns E Torrei
Sup't. Public Scliool, Ü'feg-o Baca
Mayor, C. Cortina
Clerk, A. A. St riillo
Treasurer, Severn A. Bio
Marslml, Marcelino Aldereta
City Atiornoy, 8. Alexander
Police Magistrate, Camillo Baca
Juan J. Baca, presiden!; O. T. Brown,
secretary and treftf urer; . S. Hopewell,
F. Ü. Jiartiett. J. E. SaiiiU.
M. L. I Iilton & Givane Luera,
C. T. BROWN, Agent, Socorro.
A. II. HILTON, General Agent,
San Antonio.
Fut Clas Coal. Low Pricei.
Putronlzo Home Industry.
&. A. M. Regular communica
tions, second and fourth Tues
days of each mouth. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
Jas. G. Fitch, W. M.
II. M. Doughekty, Secretary.
ic OK- r.
V-- LODGE, No. 3,
tóf K.ofP.-Keffti-
V cS r'í V 1nr mrf.fin.r .
lar meeting everv
ing at 7:30 o'clock at Castle hall.
Visiting knights given a cordial
A. F. Katzenstein, C. C.
S. C. MkeIc. K. of R. aud

rLBM:-IlEI) by
socorro caurw puclickimc co.
I'-. A. MUKL, F.ditor.
Procedimientos de la Comisión
del Condado.
El cuerpo de comisionados del
condado de Socorro se reunió en
la casa le cortes á las 10 a. 111.,
Enero 2 de l'H)l. Lo siguiente es
un abstrato de los procedimientos.
Fué movido por Matías Contre
ras y secundado por A. E. Koa
iller que John Greenwald sea elec
to presidente del cuerpo. La
moción fué llévala j John
Greenwald fué declarado electo.
Estaban presentes los comisio
nados John Greenwald, presi
dente, j Matías Contreras y A. E.
Kouiller; II. G. Daca, escribano j
interprete; j L. 1. itlackingtoii,
alguacil major, por M. Baca, su
Las fianzas oficiales de los siguie
ntes oficiales de condado fueron
aprobadas, viz: Elfego Uacá como
superintendente de escuelas; II.
G. Caca como escriba?. o de prue
bas y cx-oiicio registrador; Benja
min Sanchez como asesor del con
dado; Abran Abeyta como teso
rero y ex-olkio colector.
El cuerpo se prorrogó hasta las 2
p. m.
El cuerpo se reunió según prorro
ga, todos presentes como antes.
Fué ordenado que el oficio de
médico de condado sea declarado
vacante desde Enero 1 de 1V01
hasta acción inris adelante, y en
caso que se necesite un médico
para curar á los prisioneros del
condado aviso será dado al presi
dente Greenwald.
El cuerpo se prorrogó hasta
Enero 3 á las 'i a. m.
El cuerpo se reunió según
próroga, todos presentes.
Por moción del Señor Kouiller,
secundada y llevada, H. G. Baca
fué nombrado intérprete oficial
del cuerpo á. Í2 el dia.
El superintendente de escuelas,
Elfego Baca, hizo la siguiente
proposición al cuerpo, viz; (Jue
el cuerpo pague la renta de la
oficina ahora ocupada por el
superintendente Elfego Baca, di
cha oficina c ser usada como la ofi
cina del superintendente de escue
las, ci vez de suplirle una oficina
como proveído por lev, á razón de
:!-4 al mes por el periodo de dos
anos de Entro 4 de V)0l. La
proposición fué arrobada por el
El ci erpo se prorrogo hasta las
El cuerpo se reunió según prórro
ga, todos presentes como antes.
Una cuenta por agaa para la
cusa de cortes fué prescntadapor
a ciudad de Socorro de Í15 por el
primer ciiru de La cuenta
fué aj. re ha. la y el escribano orde
nado de despedir una libranza por
la misma de ser pagada del fondo
general de condado.
El cuerpo se prorrogó hasta
Enero 4 de 1W1, las ) a. in.
El cuerpo se reuní) según
prórroga todos presentes como
Fué m 3v ido, secundado y lleva
do que una libranza sea despedida
por 50 de ser pagada del fondo
general de condado en favor del
alguacil mayor, C. F. Blacking
ton, para la compra de combus i
b!e para la casa de cortes. El
escribano fué ordenado de despe
dir dicha libranza y proveído que
el combustible sea comprado al
precio más bajo del mercado.
El cuerpo se prorrogó hasta las
4 p. ni.
JtEl cuerpo se reunió según
prórroga, todos presentes como
El escribano fué ordenado, de
tas manifestar" muestras de la
especie de papel é impresión de
ser suplido, en ó antes de Enero 19
La siguiente orden fué adop
tada, viz:
Por cuanto el condado de Soco
rro es ahora el dueño de un cierto
puente al través del Rio Grande
en el camino que va de San Anto
nio áCarthageendichocondado, j
Por cuanto el mismo es sujeto
á usarse j grandes gastos para la
reparación del mismo j está en
peligro constante dedañoódcstru
cion por incendio j que un velador
debe ser tenido para resguardar el
mismo, j
Por cuanto A. II. Hilton de
San Antonio ha hecho una oferta
á este cuerpo de hacer todos los
reparos cu dicho puente á sus
propios gastos j mantener un
velador en t i mismo ior el término
de un año en consideración de una
opción de franquicia de poner rie
les y correr carros, ya sea por ani
males o por vapor, incluyendo
ingenios, etc., sobre el mismo,
Por lo tanto es por esta ordena
do que será por esta concedido
hacia el dicho A. II. Hilton, sus
herederos, ejecutores, administra
dores y asignados, una opción
sobre las siguientes condiciones:
1. El dicho A. II. Hilton, o
sus asignados, conviene guardar
dicho puente en buen reparo por
el entero periodo de 12 meses y de
llamar propuestas para la ii
síón del condaíló, dichas pro
periodo un velador en el mismo a
sus expensas.
2. En consideración al cumpli
miento arriba con las condiciones
dentro de un ano, o á tal tiempo
de tvr designado por el dicho
Hiltoíi o sus asignados, dentro de
dicho periodo el condado de Soco
rro por esta conviene y se compro
meto á sí mismo conceder al dicho
A. H. Hilton, sus herederos,
ejecutores, administradores, o
asignados, una franquicia por el i
uso exclusivo de dicho licite y,
accesos para carros llevados por
animales o vapor incluyendo in
genios, etc., y tener y mantener
llantas necesarias por el mismo
por el termino co:npleto de 15
anos de Ja lecha oc esta opción
sobro las siguientes condicione",:
A. (J.ie el dicho Hilton y sus
asig.iados n todos tiempos ten
drán un velador en la misma para
protegí ría.
B. One el dicho Hilton, o sus
?signado5, harán cualquiera y
todos los reparos en dicho pueu c
á sus expensas para tenerlo t n
condición transitable para el
C. (Jue la llanta que sea tendi
da en dicha puente será puesta
tan cerca al centro del puente
como sea practicable, j ambas
llantas sobre el puente o sobre los
accesos le ser protejidas con
tablas j tendidas para no interfe
rir con el tránsito de vehículos ó
personas sobre el mismo j man
tener los accesos al mismo sin
estorbo para la entrada fácil de
vehículos j personas.
D. Que el dicho Hilton, o sus
asignados, serán ellos solos
responsables por cualquiera j
todos los perjuicios causados por
él, sus asignados, en dicho puente
a cualquiera persona o propiedad,
j en tal caso el condado estara
libre de resposabilidad.
E. (Jue dicho puente estara en
todos tiempos abierto al púYiico
libre de cargos v permanecerá bajo
el manejo del condado, con excep
ción de tanto como sea la carrera
de trenes por el dicho Hilton y
sus asignados, que sin embargo
no interferirá con el trans. to
F. (Jue el dicho Hilton o sus
asignados al expiración de dicha
franquicia verán que dicho puente
sea déja lo en buena condición y
todos reparos necesarios heches
en el mismo.
F. Que él de una vez sobre el
concedimiento de dicha franquicia
entrara en una lianza de ser apro
bada por los comisionados de con
dado del condado de S?crrro cr
la suma de 5,000, condiciónala
parad fiel cumplimiento de los
términos de dicha franquicia.
H. (Jue las violaciones de
cr.a!. juera de los términos de las
condiciones de dicha franquicia
resultara Como una revocación de
la misma.
Es ademas ordenado que un
contrato en comforinidad coa la
orden arriba dicha sera hecho y
ejecutado por el condado y el
dicho Hilton. Un contrato entre
el condado de Socorro, N. M., y
A. H. Hilton fué protocolado con
el escribano de pruebas.
Por lo tanto el cuerpo se prorro
go hasta Enero 19 de l'JOl.
Atestado: Aprobado.
II. G. Baca, John Greenwald,
Escribano , Presidente.

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