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The chieftain. (Socorro, N.M.) 1890-1901, September 21, 1901, Image 3

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sin xiti:t, x. M., sni'T. 2), r.ni.
Socorro County, II. J...
. Territory of New M xl-. Cnun.y of 80
i ori'.
In accurilance with Chapter 22 uf Ihr
laws of tile Thlrli-iil li l.celslnlWn Assem
bly nf the Territory "f .New Mpxua, I
the tniiler-dened Treasurer aud 1 7 - H lleto
Collector of Un- t 'titii I .v nf SVii.rn. hi Mil
Territory of New Mexico, ! hereby make,
certify hihI publish lli. follonine notice
itnil lit nf tuxes, with pciiniiics nuil costs
(hereon, payable tit nnhl county, null b-.
Ilmim-nt on the 1st tin y of July. l'.nl. the
wniue lii'lnir hereliiHfier net forth In pre
cliicts and contululue the names of the
owners of nil pmperiy upon ulnrli tnxen
biivH bis-ome ileuiitjnent. Km year for
lili ll llltl l-SUlO III' dcilillelll, II' HHI li
of III, penalties II 111! TO!, 1 ll I" donerlp-
tiou of t Uo property vli-r'iii tin same
urn due.
c-'oiiee In hereby dveii Unit I. the nn
redsieucd treasurer muí cx-nftleo cnliri'
lor of the t'ouiity of Socorro, III apply
lo the lilstiicl Court In-Ill In Hit" next
return iliiy tin-roof, to-wlt: Tin" Hill day
oí November, A. I., bul. the same oecllr
lue not lena limn thirty days lifter the
hie! publication herenf, lor JiMlirinen-t
aeulnnt the persons, lu ml. r--.il enlato nuil
pi rnonal property dcm-ribcd In Hie Polhiw
lne. list, hern the same iiiiioiinl to out
$2.7, together lili costs mol ponnltU-s
thereon, lo Nell tonne to sntlHfy said Juoa
uient, and further not lee I hereby nlven
that, wi.hltt thirty ihtyN nfler remlitlon or
toieli Jtiilifineiit iienlust such property and
rier timing ylvcti notice tiy a hntul-lilll
ponied nt -the front dinir of the loilltltng
In which the I'liirl' t Court fur said coiiu
ty of Socorro In liehl, lo-li: '1'he isnirt
house of snld Cutí nt y or Knoorro, ol leimt
ten iltiyM prior to mild HHle, 1, liie un.er-
H'Ktieil treasurer and cx-nfticin enllectnr
of the County of Socorro, Mill offer for
ale at pulille unit mil In front of snld
li.itlilititr the reiil and personal property
described In snld notice, neiitunt hlcu
Ju.leineut li il r be rendered for mo nmoiiiit
of tusen. penalties a ml font due thereon,
com limine, said aulo from tny to iltiy ut
provided by luw. Anil notlee In hereby
further Iven that I III. on the 22nd ilny
Of Oetober. lünl. i-ll at pllblle auelloll fi
ciiKb lii tin nil at tho front iloor of tn
eourt lioiine, nt the town of Mucorro. No
eorro eoiinty, New Mexico, anil after huv
liu poRteil for at leaMt ten (Iii.vh prior to
the dato of H.ll'l mile a hnml-bill at the
front door of Kalü court hoiiMc, Hhoini
thH time, place, tertim and couditloiiü of
ule, with a description of tho property
o be aokl, all of the follonlux deseribeil
IiiDiIh, reiil eHlate and perHonal property
hereon the amount of delinquent laxe
amount to len than I;'.', Haiti nale beltiK
niade for the purpoRe of HectirltiK the pay
Uient of eald delliuuent tale iin.l pi nul
tlea and fonts nci-ruiiiK Hiereon.
Trcnunrer nml Kx-tiflb lo Collector of So
corro County, New Mexico.
JlllXTNCT No. 1.
Apple, Mil n,n ret K.
ItoiiRo muí lot, cor. Mt. Counel nml
Helier ave. Taxes. Jl.nil: penally,
2.'ic; adverllHenient, .V-; total t 5.24
llura. Holonion (1.
t acre of land at Ijibon-ltn, In). M:
by Montoya. H by , K by river,
W 11111. HouttA and lot. itoiilh Rbin
of Mt. Council ave., Socorro. llt
hoiiMe and lot. 15 mare aud coltK, Ti
talaren, LT. cattle. S. & II., ií. II. O.
Taxea, tJU.ull; pctinliy. $1; a.l . (I.U.;
total 4.'-'. 08
Rnca, Felipe N,
jot 1 ami 2. bbK'k 92. Unci) ndil. to
1'ark City: IoIh 1 ami 2, block !M.
Itaca add. to Turk Cllv; lotM 1X1 mol
21, Ulto. linen add. to 1'ink City.
Taxea, l.'L'.r; peiinllv, $1.12: ml., Il.n":
total 21.73
linca. Hninon y I. una
lloime and lot at Kocorro, bd. N and
K by atrci-t. ti nuil N' bv Kw-IiiuiIh; I
pony. Taxes. $7.7i); penalty, .Wc; ad..
:t'.c: total
l.rook, IJ. I,.
Piece of land, l.'Axl.VI fi-et, l.d. H by
llaueock ave., K by Cid. wt. Tax
e, .'.id; pennlty, S5c; ud., 3.'.c; Intnl.!
Bacti, Jtiiiu JoHe
6 acre of land at KscetuMdn, bd. X
by Alieyta, 8 by M. radelln: 2 aeren
of laud at Kscemlldn, bd. X by X.
Ktitou, K by Uncu. W by road; 2
acre of laud at Kix-orro, 1h1. N by
ItobliiKon, li by pub. bniil.W by rond:
3 acres of vega, at SH-orro, bd. N by
I'ena, W by Ijopez, K by road; 2i
aerea of laud nt Ulver Hed; 2 aeren of
land at l.atlllar. bd. S . X :
2'J aerea of land at Munibilena; Itu
proveiueiitH on nincli; iiopi-i'cuieiiin
on ranch known nn Kan Antonio
lluenti X'iHta: reHÍ-leiici Iiouho and
lot nt Kocorro; lotn 2(1 and 21 nml
hoime thereon, block 32, Siepelimi
add.; 1 lot at (lid Kan Marcial; 2 1-2
acre of land at Sun Pedro and Iiouko
thereon; houno Rod lot went aide of
Menard nt., Kocorro; 12 ponlen, HI
marca nml colts, 2 tuiilc, i.'-o cattle,
2 vehlcleM, much., no-relifiiidtsc,
V. V C, H. II. i. Taxen, Z44.;
penalty, $1220; nil., $1; tut til ÍKI.
Ili-ookn, J. 1,, enlute of
Property known an Kawer'n. on Mc
Cuteheon ave.: hits Hi, K, IS and V.
l.lo.k A. Y. C, Abejta add. to Ko-
orro. Taien, f t:.; penalty. 5ue;
a. I., 1"h-; total 10.17
I)i ay, Mm. Fin nut
l.ol 17 and is, block A. Xeiil and
Proto ndd. to Kocorro; bita 1 and t.
block 17. I'lno add. to Kocorro; loin
l.'t. block o. Cbavex inbl. to Socorro.
Tim-.-i, 19.32; penalty, Wc; ad., Il.ir,;
total $10 S7
KiiKiirt. Jan. 8.
I.d 4. block 2, Chaven ndd. to Socorro.
Taxen, -tic; peuttlty, ;lc; ad.,
t i.eo
lotn 111 in :t.
'I uxe, 12. TJ;
total. . i $
Ililliv, :. I..
I .ota 7 and s. block 1. Clin ve ndd
hWorro. Taten, 1.17; penalty
nil., mc; tolnl
ItroHii. Mllb-r It. Mnry
I,oIh 1 to ll. block IS;
bloik 21, Highland,
penult v, lrU-; ml., &-;
6 aeren of laud at Kocorro; 1 acre of
laud at KiM-orro; 10 acres of bind at
Cuba, bd. by P. tioiiKiilcn, outnldo
of city: X pL-cis of land at Chihua
hua: 2l aeren of land ar Culm; 4
aerea nf laud at Cuba: :t ncren if
bind at I'alvudera; 3 aerea of bind
- nit of river; lou acre of land at
l.atlllar; 3 acrca of land at Him-ou;
4 acrca of land at Lnttllar; reHlib-nci
on Park nt.; hoiiMe and lot In Chltina-.
Iiua; 2 loin at Purk City; houno and
lot on Court at.; 2 tnari-H, 2.7 cattle,
wnirou. vehicle, I. and 11., farm lin
provemetitn. 11. If. 11., tool. Taxen,
t.s In: pi-ioill v, ' ho; ml., il; total. .. ..". tm
IbiuiiibaiiKli. r!. M.
Ia. ló. bliMk , Pino y naca add.
lo Kocorro. Tasca, 47c; pciiulty, 3c;
ad., &-; total I .
llaer, Jacob
40 aerea of land ennt of n. H , about
3 uilb-a anutu of bocorro; 1 onae mid
lot lu Chihuahua, went of John
Ifiirucn: house and lot lu ( 'hlhuiihua,
went of C. T. Hrowu; lioune and int
MiniibeHMt part of town. X. M. T. Co.
add.: lioiiHc and hit In Chihuahua.
'I n nn, fl.'.VI; pi-ualtv, o'; ad., ! i:
total IU.C4
P.a.kln, V. T.
1 acre of laud, for dencrlptlon nee
records of Socorro county. Taxen,
1 32; penalty, (vie; ad., ;): total 10.17
lirutiiu, r lorence and Italph alary
liou-ie aud lot lu Cliihuuhun, bd. E
by K. V. IXnn, F. by afreet. Tiixp,
$'. !'i. pennlty, ji c; ad.. It; total i
rtiirpln. Marean
Houno and lot In Chihuahua: V. and
C, H. II. (1. Taxen, i 11; pennlty,
Í7c: nd.. V.e; total t
Bruton, Mnciile
HiiiKu ami lot In Chlhuahiin : lj pon
len, il cuttle, plniiu, H. II. (1. Til -en.
u 13; penalty, U lf; aj., 7ue:
total ..
2. 3 and 4. block A
12. block I. at Park Cltv
.!: penalty, X; ml , ;s.e
H6 W
and loin
lotn 1,
U and
total S 7. 9
Chave, Felipe
l.ntn 21 to 24. Inclusive, block S.
I hnvea add. to Hm-orro. Taxin,
l'.7!i; penalty, lic; ad.. Sue; total. ... J. SI
Chise.'J. c.
I.otn 1. 2. 3 and 4. block , Fniemon
add. to Koeorini; oftice fixturen,
timikn. V. ami '.. II. II. II. laxen.
$..:; penally, floe; ad . 7'h-; total. . .1 d.s.!
f huso limn. - riilnoin
Lots f., 7. , 11. II, l."i, 17. VI. 21. 21.
27. 27. 2Í, M. 3.1. 37, . 41 ami 4.1,
block , MeCiitelinn aibl. ; lotn 1 to
Is, inc., and 1 to 31, Inc., 4 hane 4c
I nlfoiii add. Tnxen, $.1.24; inalty,
'' od . 70c; total ITi.4!
Odllun, Hill and Xuiucr
o acre of land In Kocorro. went of
Keliool of Miin-n. Taxen. $1.17; pcii
nltv. 7c; ail.. :v.c; total t 1 f.9
C.-iilionii. 17. J.
I.ohn. 2-1, 3D. 31. 72j and 2.'.. block II,
irro. Tnxi-n, $t.."iO;
t.c; total l.liv
to So
ndd. Taxen,
7m-; total $
- A
i ase n noil
I'cnnltv. 2.:
Iiorlinui. It. K.
Iioiism and lot at
I.. .M. Hrown. V.
block 27.. McCiitcbon
$17.; pennlty. 2n -. nd.. 7m-: Intnl. ...$ 4.S".
Ibiaciin, Chan. H.
I 1-2 m-rcn of lotn on Oil. nt.. bd. X
by Colum n; home nml btiiruy, K. and
II.. anich., meil., books. . w. mid C.,
Jeivelry. II. 11. I!. T.ne, 7.27,, pen
ally. Hie; ml., 7m-: total $ 1.11
(lilrlck. Mm. II. M.
Lots . mid and H in IS. Inc., block
. Simpson ndd.; bit It, Case & Klmp
noti; 1 ,,t on Kprinir xt., lid. X and
W bv Vliril. Taxen, $"..'ii; ieiinlty.
:: nd.. 7".-: totnl $ 7.i
Drake. 11. A.
I.otn 1. X B, 11. 11. 12. IS, 14. IS.
21. 2:1. J nml :. Taxen. 17 24:
pennlty, $l.Si,; ml., r,c; total lt1.4
House and lot on I'alou ave.t bd. X
by Jaiuen, K by arroyo. 1-7 by Onv
bon. laxen, ti.iüi; penalty, Xc; d..
: total I 7.C9
I .i I.-. John
2 I tn In Koivirro, iidoinluf A. Ttncir
on the went; II. C, II. II. 41., tiroln.
Taxen, 1.72; penalty, 2"c; nd., 3&c;
total 1 4.x:
Pnvln, í han. M.
n aeren of land. bd. X by Triillllo, at
by Clinvex. K by Klvcru: 4 ncres of
bind nt Itincoti, bd. X by Purllla, S
by Hnrela, V by tinrela: lo aeren of
bind tit I.alllliir. ImI. X by IV T.
Itrown; pli-ccs of bind In west part
of city; pieccn of laud III Kocorro,
N and K and V. P. Martille; plecen
of land in Kocorro, bj. X by J. Itacn,
K by Kprliiic nt., 17 bv lloricin. Taxea,
$13 4.S; peiialtv. 7V: ad.. 2. in: total. .lie. 23
Fortune, F.. L.
1 1-2 acres of land at I.eiultor. for
merly A. Homero: C aewn of bind at
I.fiuit.ir. loinieilv M. K llullard;
chide, hariiesH. niueh.. W. nml I'.,
piano, II. II. ll. Tinea. I.úo; pen
alty, 17c: ad.. 7'H-: total 1 4 37
Fb-emaii, Thus. J.
Piece of land, formerly M. l.ucern,
bd. X by Terry. S and 17 by 1'. laud,
W. X. C. Taxen, H3c; ptrtinlly, ic;
nd.. :;..c: total t i.ss
Freenm'i, A. A
acres of land at I.aboreltff . known
nn M. ( riego. Taxen, $1.S9; penalty.
lti-: ad.. ,c: total - 'l i 34
Freebnin. I.. 8.
Piece of bind 243.x 1.1.7 feet mid bonne
thereon, bd. N by Calleiton. 8 by
Torres. Taxes, 13.37; pennlty. Z.ie;
nd.. ",: total sc jfn
Giilh-Koa, Martin
8 aeren of land, bd. X by F. Cnll'tjis,
K mid XV by C. dilcli: 2 ncren of bind,
bd. X by i;nlleiton; bouse and lot In I
Kocorro; 2 ponies, 1 cow, wntton, )
mm h , fnrm luiprovcinents. II. . ti.
Tnxen, 2.S7; penalty, lie; ad., 60c;
totnl t s i-.a
(ialleifon, Alfredo
limine nnd Kit. bd. X bv Cemetery, 8
by rotul, I-! by KabiJinr; 4 potib-n.
wion, ameli., W. and C.. II. II. II.
Tuxes, $2.:;; penalty, 12c; ml., 3.".c;
total t n
GnUi-iron, Feriuiiidei
ncren of Inml. bd X by F. f;n!lco:
2 ponlen. vehlcl.n, K. and II.. fnrm
Improvements, II. II. li. Taxe.s, $2.;Vi
pennlty, i:k-: ad., rn-: total t it n:
Can-In, Antnuncln
is ncren of laud, bd. X bv ari-ovn, S
by road, li by M. Vigil: 4 ponlen.
Raijoii, anich.. H. H. (. Taxen. $2.S2:
penally, lúe; ad.. :!."h-: total S S2
HiniKalcs, Jose de hi Crua
House nml lot, bd. X bv J. I.. Cun-anh-s,
K by 17. Pino: W. and C., II.
11. I!. Taxes, $2.."i7; pouallv, :!c; nil.,
:i7h-: total t a ic
HowIkoii, A. 17.
Lots 17. IS, in nnd 20. HiL-libiml add. '
$1.17: penalty,
. 1.71
to Kocorro. Taxes
no., 2,'ic; total
Howell, Frank 8.
Lots :m. r.. :; nnd 3. I'lno. Jnramlllo
A linen add. Taxes, Hie; penalty,
7s-: ad.. .Tic: tolnl í t? t
iiniiarii, ,xirn. n. A.
limine ami lot In Kocorro. bd. bv
Kncrllnir. K by J. A. Miinpieg. Tnxen.
"..Jv2: iicnally. .Ttk-: ml., .l.c: total 1 K.47
Hill. Mrs. I,.
Ilenldetien bonne nnd lot nn 'Irnnd
ave. Tnxen, $i.; pennlty. 3f,c: ml.,
:&: total i r.iM
Illlliorti, llev. J. P.
12 acres of bind and mill, known an
Shawn. Tttvi-n, $11. id; pi-nnliv, Ut-.
ad., 3'e; total ti.r.i
Iiincrblchb r, Thon.
lloune and kit in Chlhiiahiia. former
ly C. Lucero; house and lot lu Park
City. 'laxen. $13ü7; penalty. Sic:
ad.. Xc: totnl f, n
Joel, Abraham 1.
Piece of la ml went of court house.
nee tmok 27. pne 77,. of r irdn: all
lotn lu limunes add.: 4 loin in Vliill
add.: i! lots til Kiiiiiison tub).; loin 1
and 12. block 1"., X XI. T. Co. Taxen
$2l.ji; pennlly, ll.tis; ud.. $l.ir,; total. $:'4.(i2
obnnoli, H. ' .
lntn 3. 4 and 7, block 7. F. Haca add.
to Paik City. Tnxen, l.fdi; pennltv.
luc; ad.. 3.S-: total ' t n ri
Johnsnii, Mrs. Clirinlnnher
Ixun. ft nuil I!. block 7. 17. H.icn add.
to Park City. Tnxen, $vs.',; pennltv.
4..I-: nd.. Tk-: -total ' f
J.-irainlllo, Francisco '
17 acre of bind, Pcf, ". 4 eul'lvutcil
nnd !3 iinciililvatetl: bouse and lot In
Culm ailjoiuliiK F. Pino 011 the soulli;
oiiIch. nailon, stitch., fnrtn I111-
. 1 J.
í.'.i :
. Si 11 1 im. 1 11 mid.
s:tf; penally.
tools. Taxes,
. .l.c; totnl... t
liroveuieiil s. II. II
Penally, lie: nil..
K 11 U-lit . Mrs. II. A.
Loin :: mid 21, block I
lo Park Cltv. Taxes,
42c; ml.. a.c; tolnl....
Klltrel. I,. K.
Furnltiiro nml denial
$0 '.: tieiiail v 3.7c: ml.
I.tlcero. Miguel
House and lot, west pari of Socorro,
bd. X by Humero. 8 bv Murtluex;
pony. K. nml 11.. II 11.' fi. Tnxeji,
$l.4o; penally. 7c; ad.. 3fa-; tolnl.,.. I. SI
lewis, William
lloiiso and lot In llillniahiin. ktuiwa
nn the Sam l.oeke properly: much.,
II. H. li. Tuxes, ll.si; K-lialtv. loe;
ad., 37.I-: tot ut .' 2.30
1. 11 lie. Mm. In-lla
Lot 14. block Vi. Pino. Ilni-a Jnrninllm
mid. Tuxes. $140; peuully, 7c; aj ,
: total HO
t.coimrd, lii-iircii It.
I.otn V to 12. I. lock 3. Chnvix mid In
Socorro. Taxen. $2.."!; pennltv, lie;
ad., :l'-: tolnl i -i ,u
Mabd. II, M. '
1 (til, Kluipsnii add. to Purk City.
Taxes. II. 1J; peiully, i;.-; ,)., ;v.
4otal I 1 174
Moore, W. II. '
I mis. ami 7, V t k 1 1 ndd. to Socorro. '
Taxen. $1 iiiJ; pciiulty, 27!c; ad.. Sfn-t
nial $ t,24
M.ilse, Mrs. C.
House and lot. fornierlv J J, Tru
Jlllo, bd. and 17 by Chave; lot 17,
lull's ndd., aud lot 1Ú. block 3. H. y. .
C. Ahevta mid. Tuxes, $.7 IS; (lenul
tr. 2'.c: ad., X.c; lolul I C.tj
Miiy. John
I i.ls 1-3 and 51, Illlllnusbrir. Tin.-v.
liii iii; peiu itr, d.'c; ad., X-; total
Murri-on, Smith 11.
12 of loin I to 14 and lot 11. block .
n-e liook 3S, puite l". Tnxen, 132:
pennlty. 47c; ad., S7.e; total $10 II
Mnnoih C. M.
l,otn 7 to 12 and 13 to IS. block II.
5 90 I HiKhlnml mid. Tnxen, $7.4-; penalty,
-.-.. : n. I.. 3..11 totul 1 Í ?1
Mnrcllbiio, P. A.
in anil of land nt I einltnr. l.d X bv
1 lulu 1 les. S by J K ii;ir. 117. n. r-
uf laud at foot of Soooiro nivuntun
beiriif 2-3 Interest In bi a. ic i li H (
II. Taxen, 1.44. penally, 7c; ad., Juc;
x.tnl $ 2.21
Merrltf Mining and Mllllnit Co.
Stnuip mill mid 4tid. laxen, tilt?:
pennlty, 4.e: ad., .vs-; total 110.14
Montoyn. I. in lo
Houso nml lot lu Kocorro. bd. X nnd
17 by illtih, K by J. J. Trnllllo: 2
ponies, wnaon. K. and 11., much., H.
II. li., tools Taxes, $1.1.". penally.
He; ad., total t.iW
Monlo.is y X1ariiie. Juan
plisé of land hl' ::i2 feet; limine ami
bit at precinct Xn. 21: 2 lionien, 8.
and II , farm Improvement s. II. II.
i. Tnxen, li.o... penally, 1.7c; ad.,
7nc; total t 3.90
Mlcrn. F. M.
7 aeren of land, precinct Xo. SR. bd.
X by li. Komeio. 8 by J. J. Haca.
U a rce of land, precinct Xo. 2Í., bd.
X by 1,. Kllva. 17 by F. J. Montoya;
1 acre of Innd, precinct Xo. 27i, bd.
, by C. Ml. -ra. 8 tiy J. J. Konierot
1-2 lutercnt In Pearicn Kprlnit rnncti:
lioiiNe and lot. precinct .No. 2o. bd.
. by l,nie. K tiy A. Cónsules; house r
and lot lu Kix-nrru: 3 uniréis. 1 colt,
vehicle, snub., V. nnd C.. II. II. li.
Tnxen, $11727; penalty, Klc; ad., $2:
total ' $19.10
M. li. rniolt. II. J.
Pbse of laud. ImI. X nnd F. bv Trn
Jllln, 8 by J. Pino. W by Lincoln
ave ; lot No. 11. Fisher ave. Taxen.
Win: pennlly, V.e; ad., 37h-; total....! 7.6
M.i 111. lien, J. 11.
4 lot 4 In Highland add. to Sotsirrn.
Taxes, $! ;; penalty, l'k-; ad., 3.7c;
total $ 2.31
Mclice. A. I..
H11KK.V. II. II. !. Taxes. $1.40; ii.vi-
nlty, !: ad., X-. total i
Mi-I.ntie Ac Tyb-r. F. K.
1-2 Interest lu 2 lotn on opponlte side
of Fuloii nve., from old Shtiw's; 1-2
interest in 1 lots on street .running
In smelter. Taxen, $2.31; penally.
12c; nd., tin-; tntsl $
McMullcn, 11. 1).
Loin 7, S. 1.7. lil and 17. block 14.
X. M. T. l. ndd. to M.-iKdnlenn;
lots 7 and 11. block 7. X. M. T. Co.
mbl. to M iirilnli nn; lots 19. 20. 21, 22.
23 nml 24. Simpson add. to Kocorro; .
lot No. lii. Case mbl., and lot 23.hlock
21, Ktnpclton add. to Kocorro: house
and lot In Chihuahua, formerly llar
rran; hoiine and lot In Chlhualiiin,
fornierlv Airnlnr. Taxes, $J7i.ll: pen
ally, $1.27i; ml., $2.111; total US. 46
O'ltenr, C.eorge
1 1-2 acres of Inml and limine thereon,
known ns Ilemton property; pony,
tvw. II. II. tí. Taxen, $12. 12; penal
ty. 2c; nd.. 30c; total $13.40
Pnuly. Lucy
ln)ts !i and 10. block I, TillllnRsbtirK
mid. to Park City. TaxeB, $1.17; pc-n-al.v,
6c; ad., X-; total 1.09
1'roiioii, Albert
Pii of laud opposite Freel'n, near
M. I', chnr.il ; 1 3 4 m res of Inml adjoining-
ren. linen, west of I utlioiic
xluircb. 'I'nxes, $2.57; penally, 12c;
ml.. 7oc; total 3.39
rickney, Josefa
7 acres of land at Pnrk City. bd. X
liv street, H and F. by It. Simpson.
Taxes', 7.4; penalty, 37c; nd., 3,'s-t
total 8.17
Phlllpps, 1'lna
lyot.n 6 to 11. Pltp) add., block H: 1
lot on West Kiirlhs- at. Taxes, f.W.
penulty. 4ís-; nd., 3i.e; total 99
Pie4J!la. Mnniiel, estate of
,7 4-t acres of bind, prei-lnct Xn. ."VI,
Uní. X by Pudllln, 8 by J-iJoln, 17 by
Pino; tilece of Innil at Cubn; pon.v.
S murcii nnd colt. II. 11. U.( Wilson.
Taxes, 7.0.7; penalty, :!7.e; tu)., 7m-;
total $ 8.10
Iiiuilla, Xestor
t iivtn of land lu precinct Xo. 30. bd.
X by J. J. Hnca. 8 by K. Pndilln. f.
.v 'rm-ri-s; 2 1-2 acres of land In pre
niiict Xo. :, ImI. N by J. Torres, 8
ibv Terry, K and W bv Padilla: Imune
niel lot. bd. X by ll.'ii u. 8 by Pmlilla.
F If street : 1 lot in precinct No. 1.
nd. X by M. Abeyta. 8 by street, 17
in- Mouioyu: 2 mules. 8. uml 11., II.
II. i. 'I'nxes, H.6S; penalty, 23c; ad.,
$1.40; total $ 6.31
Padilla. fTrnmisco
ó acres of land, bd. X by I'n.illl.i, 8
by i lonznlen. 17 by Torres: 2 acres of
bind, bd. N by J. Turros. 8 by Iiiuld.
' 17 bv illicit, ori-clhct Hi t house nml
lot nt Socorro, bd. X bv Padlllo. 8 by
'bv J. J. Bmn, f. bv street; II. II. !.
luxes, l.l'.i; pcnnjj.v, 21c; ad., $l.if.;
total $ j.t."
II 00 y llacn, Juan
'It ii.-rcn of Inml, precinct-Xo. bd.
N by Pino. 8 by Can-la: S acres of
lian!, -precinct No. 3o, In). X unit 8 by
17. Víki!. 17 iy bills; house nnd lot
nt Socorro: 3 ponies, ü toaren nnd
-oltn. 'Jk en I lie. wiikoii. 8. mid It ,
tumir.. fnrm Imps., Jewelry, II. II. li.
Taxi-. 23.72; penalty, tl.os; ml.. l.i:
total.. $21.20
Pena, lC-iiiljli
Kous.i tmtl lot, KVworro, bd. X by J.
J. Haca-, H by Horelu, F by street;
3 1-3 nereis of fnrm land nt Chamlsal:
2 ponlen. ow. n-tiKon, II. H. tl.
Taxen, $1.21: iienaltv, 7c; ml., 7oi-:
total f 1.9S
Iloblnson. Mrn. J, M.
Hotisn nml lot, rur. tlrnnt nvi. nnd
Smelter nt.: 2 lotvniouili Side Manx
nve.. cor. Third St.; lot near Hueh-
' ii nn 11. Ahoy 1 11 BiUl.i 1-3 Interest In
lots MI. 47 and 4s. J'lvber ave.: II. II.
. Taxes, ,..n; piuiiiiiy, 2Ne; ad .
l.ti: total , $ 7 'H
Jtlue, John
House and around at Cbilisahiis, ImI
X by I.ewin, 8 by as-royo; a ncren of
land nt I.euiltar, hd. ,N and W by J.
Kntitlllanos: 2 ponl., .vehicle. 8. and
H., nincli., W. nnd C. 'il. H.-fi. Tax
n. $2..7i.; peiiallv. dl-; ).. I.U.:
olal , t 3.42
tlíliie, Juanita
aeren or r.irni laud at i.etriirnr. 1..1.
X by J. Sautillancn. 'lVxen, 2 S ;
penalty, lie; ad., 3".e: total I 1.67
Jlllcv, C.
1-2 Interest In 3 lots, 2C feet front
each tiy lv deep, oír street from
smelter. Tnxen, $1.40: jiennllr, et
ad.. lis-: total , $ 1 V2
li.isel.nillll. J. ll.
Lotn s. 6 and 10. Pino add. 10 So, -or J
is. Taxes, 7Í. 7r. ; penalty, 12-; ml.,
S.c; totul , f J.23
H1ee, Orrln
House and lot, west, side of Mill St..
opposite F. ave.; puny, vehicle, har
ness, 3 typewriters, smth.. W. nml
4'.. Jewylrv. II. 11. . 'i'nxen. $11. J:
.ncniiltv, ele; nd., LOS; total JIC. "1
Kikh, Henrv
House nnd lot, inf. X nnd 8 by utreot.
17 tiy lEoblnHon, V bv armvo. Taxes.
.!!:: penalty, 2f.o: ad., Xn'-; total... $ 5.M
Siiliildilif. T. II.
Hiiiiho mid land, 1V X by Yn-n l!n
inero, 8 by Apodacn, 17 bv lirunt
nve. Taxes, 7. VI; pi-nultv, ;); ad,
3.V: total C M
St uriiiss. Thomns
I.otn C, 6. 1 and . Fisher add. to So
corro. Taxen, 71V62; iieiiniiy. hoc;
ad., 3i7c: totnl $19.92
Buteami, Martin
4 acres of fnrni land nf Lope: .1
ncren of hill bind nt I. ills Ixipei; 1 1 I
m res of farm Inml at Luis íipei: 1:1
iieiert nt vcfii Inml at Luis I."- t
pix; 4 acres of -inn bind 111 '
Luís Lope; 2 ponlen, 2 mules. 2 '
i-own, W11Ü011. 8. and II. , f-irin lmpn ,
H. II. 1. Taxes $4;: pennlty. 4.1c: '
ml., 11.7.'.: total $10fit
1 . :v.c:
undivided f rn.t i pnl lot" In bio. k
and lot In bhw k l.:2. ami 1 lot
block 11 Tnx.-s, $'.n.4S; pennlty, ;
ml.. 11 ".; total
I'orr.w. Itlcnriio
Hniie nnd lot nt Culm:
aifnn. 8. nnd II.. W. nnd
li. Taxen. II illl: pennlty, v
Towie. F ti lie
liwilhn nnd upton b . I il
Cal. St., W I t pnir i . plan. 1, II
Tnxen, $imri.i. peimliy, $": ml
tot ill
. $ 2 i'.i
Ji ;
$-12; 1
I II l.i. Mrn. Itilflno
s acres nf lry land In precinct Xo.
:o. bd. X and 8 by H. Moutovn: :
m-ren of fnrni Innd 11 precinct Xo. .'m.
bd. X by Aceipiln, 8 by liill.-tt. F by
road; 1 acre of farm land lu precinct
No. 24, bd. X. 8 and W by Aceoiiln:
house and kit, Soi"orro, bd. . by
xtreet. 8 bv alli-v, and lots 13 and
II. block C; I vehicle. 8. and II.
sun b.. W. ami C. II. II. IT Taxes.
$2.7'i; ii.-nnliy, 12c; ad., $1.77.; total..! '167
Smlib, Filmund
Loin 12 and I I. block ?. F. I'lno mid
1st Ki rro. Taxen. X'l.'JH: iienaltv. 11c
lld.. 3.'.e; tolal $ I..7C
Tnrrenee. A. !.
Lots lit and 20. block 110, and lota
1 to 4. block 111. ami bun 2d to 21.
, block 111. and lois 1 In S and HI to "24. '
117 47 I blis-k 12. and lots 1 to 11 ami 12 to 24. 1
-1 block 177), and iota 1 to 12, block 1m; U
land near Kitieoll. 'I 11x1-
alty, 4i c; ml , :i.c; total tu. u
Sliupson. lioio-rt
4 ncres Inml near ltllllni:"biit 11 ndd ,
for dencrltitlnii see records. -Tines,
$2 7i: penally. .".e; ml., :i"n-; totnl. ...$ 3 29
Sluipnou, I lisil iti- Lee
Pli-ee of laud. bd. N by Culhouii St.,
17 by lull. F by F. lim a. Taxes,
$1 19: penalty. ; ad., S.c; total $ 1.00
SliupiMui, Snruh
I en nf land. bd. X by tioiunlcn.
8 bv Calhoun St., K bv llyerts. Tax
en. 12.2:1; peiialtv, 11c: ad., n-: titnl.t 2.79
Slmpsiin. A. J. V. and J. It
Puces of Innd, bd. X by Cnllionii at.,
II. V. Itaca. Tnxis, $1.17; penalty.
He: ad.. :v.c; totnl $ l.fci
KIiiiisoii, l:-t.-lle nnd Alice M.
Piece of land, bd. X by Siflipson. 8
bv Cnlhoun at , K. Knm lu . l axes,
$117: penalty, lie; d.. ;47e: lotal....$ 1 .671
Siinp-on, Juana M.
Lots :t. 4 ami r, block I. Illlllncs.
hunt add. to Pnrk I lly. Tuxes, $1.17;
penalty, lie; nd., 377c; total $ 1.63
Taliaechl, Challes
Merchandise ami fixtures. laxen.
;.; penalty. .; ml., :'.; Ijlnl... .$ 7.69
2 mres of laud. Int. by i.onr.aien.
17 ulld W bv ditch; house and bit,
bd. N by ciny works, 8 by Stacn
pole; 4 ponies, wiimin- 8. nml II. ,
smell. , farm Imps.. II. H. li. Taxes.
$t iii; pennlty. 27.c; ad.. $1.1'.; total. ..$ 6.99
Torres. Canuto
s iicri-s of laud north of Socorro, bd.
X by Montoya, K by Torres. 17 br
rond; 1 m-re ef bind, same pluee; 1.7
ncren of laud nt Indlllur. bd. N by
Vliiecnt. K by Kiierllnir. F by river;
house 11 ml lot nt Koi-orro, bd. N tiy
rond. K by C. linen: houso and lot
nt Socorro, bd. N by nrroyo, 8 by
tireeiiMuld: bouse and lot at Cuba,
bd. N by It. Hn.ii. 8 by I . I Hollín: 1
horse, l' COH-, 2 hoirs. nnirun, S. uml
H., snich., fnrtn uips , 11. H. C
Tuxes, $11. Ci; penult, 6'n-; ml., $2.1i:
tolnl $14.3
IVirrw y Careln, Jure
H acres i.f land, 2 nillen north of elly,
bd. N by A. Aheytn, 8 by A. Torres;
5 acres of land, 2 miles nnri li of
illy. tul. X by A. Alieyta, 8 by A.
Torres; H acres of ven land. 2 miles
mirth, of city, Ixl. X by J. Torres. 8
bv J. Torres; hnune and lot In Kocor
ro. bd. X by road, 8 by 11. (). Itur
suui; 2 poub-n, ii mans nnd colts,
mule. II. 11. li. Taxes. $'..07; penal
ty. 17.c: ml.. 1.4U; total $ 4.62
Torres. Melltou
2 acres of bind In Socorro, bd. X by
A. Lucero. 8 by VU'll, 17 by I'lnnd;
house and lot In Socorro, bd. N br
street. 17 by It. Snli-i. 8 by C. Ilsen;
ft lots in Socorro, bd. N by C. Torres,
F bv Cal. nt., K by Crccniiaid; 2 loin
In Park City: 2 mules. 1 mare. pony,
vehicle, farm hups., W. nnd C lx
tnres, II. II. ti. Tnxen, $l.ii7; penalty,
21c; nd., ll.TT.: totnl $ 6 ft",
L'llliarii. Vliiorlo
Piece of land nt Chnmlsnl; 10 ponies,
2 wic-ous, 8. nnd IL, 11. II. !. l ax
en. i'c; pennlty, Oc; nd.. Tin-; total.. $ 1.62
rnknniMi Owners
N) ai res of land, north 1-2 of north
east 1-4 of .section 14. T. 3 8 It 1 W;
lotn 1. 2 and 21, block 41, Sinpleton
add. to Kocorro. Taxen, $22. 0-'; pen
alty, $1.13; ad.. Till-; total .'l 42
It'll. Manuel, heirs of
42 aeren of bind. In Socorro, bd. X, 8
and F. by arroyo, V by A. liarclu.
with jrrlst mill, dwelling, stnlib-n and
. etc. Tnxen, $41.90: pennlty, $2.10; nd..
Tim-: total $11.70
Várela, June
4 acres of land, precinct Xo. 30, bd.
X by Curtesy. 8 by lull, K by road;
house and bit at Kocorro, bd. X by
l'cuu, K by Itoritiiiilou, V by Aliey
ta: 2 ponb-n, wniroii, siuch.. IL 11. li.
Tuxes, '.de; penalty, 5c; ud., $1.oTi;
tolnl 2.01
WHIlums. M. 8., enlute of
20 acres of bind nt Pnrk City and
hotel .tHilhlinu'. Taxes, -$4. 64; penal
ty, 23e; a4., 3.7c: total $ 5.22
Wuttelet, i.
lloune and lot In Socorro, bd. X bv
Church St.. 8. V and F by Kelly:
house and lot In Kocorro, Inf. X nml
W by rond. 8 by Lucero: house and
lot lu Koi-orto. on east side of lirnnt
ave; 1 lot. formerly J. V Print; 1
lot 011 Spring- nt.; much., W. nnd C,
II. 11. ll. Tuxes, 1-1. os; pennltv, 7"e:
ad., $1.10; tolnl .' $16. IS
Aheyla Julian
6 acres of bind, bd. X by C. TaNiya.
8 by A. Fajardo: 2 acres of laud, bd.
F aud V by tiurule; bouse and lot;
1 pony, hoKs, wiiKon, 8. and II. , II.
II. IL, fnrni Imps. Tnxen, $1.11; pen
alty, no: ad.. $1.077; totnl $ 2.21
Arniljo, litem) II.
4 acres of veitn bind. Tnxes, 22c:
pennlty, 2c; nd., 3.7c; total $ .69
Vullejos, nleiilin
3 acres nf farm land, hd. X by Luna.
K by Aheytn; 1 ngre of fnrni bind.
K ncren of farm Innd, bd. X by Luna.
8 by Vnllejon, W by Aceipiln; house
nnd lot at I.euiltar; pony, hot's. 8.
and IL, wairoii, anich., farm hops.,
11. II. li. Tnxen, 96c; penally, fie: ,
ad., $1.77.: total $ 2.76
Chaven, Manuel
21 ncres of veita land, bd. X bv P.
Kanchcx, 8 by Chavea, F by J. Tor
res: 3 acres of farm Intnl. bd. X bv
linen, 8 by Luna: 10 acres of vecn
bind. hd. X by Bncn, 8 by I. una:
houne nnd lot: 2 ponies, 1 cow, hntrs,
waeon, farm Imps., II. IT 4!. Taxes.
1.K1: pennlty, loe: nd., $1.7.".; totnl.. $ S.7S
Ciistlllo, Cletnento
3 seres of f 11 nn bind, bd. X by J.
Kum-hex, 8 by It. Lima; 3 1-2 ncres
nf land, bd. X by Onmulen, 8 by
Ytinker; house nnd lot. bd. 17 by
Montoya, W by Tnfnyn: pony, 1 rntt,
3 cnttie. burros, wnuon. 8. and II ,
smch., II. II. i., W. and C. Taxes.
1.47; pennlty, He; ad., $1.40; totnl... I 2.9:
tinr.nilm, Salvador
7 lu res of bind In Lciullur, bd. X by
1". Lope, K by C. Castillo; 3 acres
of bind In I.emltnr, bd. X by finrule,
8 .by J. J. Iopex; 6 ncres of laud.
Vena Joylta. bd. X by F. lilrim, 8
by iirroyo: IS acres of bind. Veen Jo
vita. I.emltnr. bd. X by lionxnlen. 8
i.v Iypci:: 8 aeren of land, Ve-n Joyl
4ii, I.eiullar. bd. X by A. Ahevta.
8 bv 8. Vliril: 6 ncren of bind. Veira
Joyltn, I.emltnr. bd. X bv Candelario,
8 by M. Pino: 2 ncren of land. Leml
tar, with fruit trees; house and lot,
bd. X bv Mull. 8 nnd XV by rond;
i-2 Int. rent In muse nnd lot. bd. X
hv m Imol. 8 by Torren: 4 ponies. 12
rnlm, 2 niub-n. 1 bull. 2" cntlbv
Dines, waiion. bncu'v. 8. nnd 11. , XV.
nml C, smch., Imps., tew clry. mus
Ion I Instrumenta, II. IL (I.. mown.
'I'.tven It?lhV tictinltv. 12.10: nd.. $7. S.7
total.. !
flutlcrrcs. Jose
in ncren of farm Inml. bd. N by 1 as
tillo 8 by J. Silva: 3 ncren of rfitit
land. bd. X by Castillo, 8 by ditch,
XX' bv railroad; house nnd lot nt I.eiu
llar.' lid. X by , 8 nnd XV bv puli
lle land: 2 ponies, h cheep, wai;nii.
8 nnd II. . smch.. farm lmpn., II. II
ml .
X by A.
by road:
2 pnllles.
nnd C,
ll. Tnxes. $1.20; penalty,
$1.40; 1ot.il
Lopei, SVnohlo
41 acres of fnrm land. bd.
Ahevta. 8 bv F. Luna. XV
bouse and lot nt I.emltnr:
hoc. vehicle 8. mid II.. XV
II. II. It. Tnxen. 49c; penally,
ml., II. Of.; totnl
IopcX. Norberto
21 ncren of Veen bind. hd. X b Pa
ri n, 8 bv l.npex. 17 bv V 1 v' 1 1 : K
m-rcn of fnrm land. bd. 11 nb.ne; 3
X br Imp. . 8 by Monlova: 1
n,.r.w or rnriii 111 in. no. 1.
I 1.06
XV bv Vljill : 3 aeren or v.-u-n iiinn.
3 nercs of bosiue Inml: house nnd
lot nf I.emliar. bd. N bv Lop' . XX
br Abevtn; 2 ponlen. wuirmi, 8. and
10 ii 11 il -r.iw.n ft I 1 : lieunllv.
.é; j.. 2.S0: total I
Lei-.i. J. vns M.l. y Sou,
1 1.T11 of Inml al l'nrliln; Sil acres of
land nt l-arlibi, niuina- house nml
corral: so ncren of land, precinct No.
:m; 4 potiien, 4" ttontn. II. H. li. Pax
es. Iti.ini; penalty, .'.7c; ml., fl 411 :
total 11J 47
l.i'nn, I mneWeo
3 Hi res nf farm l.m l. ti l by I .1
p 1 8 by i.'. I! ii - 11. rvi of farm
bind, bd N br Lope. 8 by H ll.un:
3 ni n n nf bosijue land; bonne ami
lot nt 1. einltnr 2 ponies. I nv.ni.
S nnd IL. nitnil , farm Imps . II II
li. Tnxen, $1.11.; pennlty, jc; nd..
$1.77.: tolal .' I 2 90
Lope, Francisco
1 acre of laud. bd. N by Moutoin.
K by l.npex; 4 ponlen. 2 rattle, nnon,
8. nnd II . farm lmpn.. II. II ll.
Tnxen. '..OS; peiialtv, 1.7c; ml, II. nñ;
tolal $ 4 is
Lopes, Manto I
13 aeren of farm land; f! ncren nf
vena bind. bd. X by A. Impel. 8 bj
F. Lnnn; house nnd lot: 2 ponies. 2
vehicles, 8. and II . farm Imps., II.
II. II. Tnxes. IJ.V,; pennltv, I.V:
ml., 11. W: tolnl I 4 1
Luna de I'ernnnib 1. Itltn
12 acres of fnrni bind. bd. X by
Kaiitlllancn, F bv F. l.npex; R ncren
of farm land. bd. X by J. Snnche.
F bv lionrnlen; 4 ncren of bosque
bind, bd X by M. P. de linen, XV
bv M. Lnnn: house and lot; potiv.
ni'nii, fnrtn Imps., II. It. li. Tnxes.
I2 20; pennlty, lie; nd., 11. I'M tolnl. . I J. 71
Miintnno. Jone
29 1-2 acres of bind, belmr 1-2 Inter
est lu .'9 ncren of vi-itn bind. bd. X
bv Sanche; j nrren nf bind, belntf
1-2 Interest In 10 ncren nf farm
land'. 6 3-4 ncren of land. h"lnr 1-2
Interest In 13 1-2 ncren of vena
Innd: 1-2 Interest In limine nnd lot.
M. X bv Homero. S by I.opet. Tnx
es. ?9.16: pennltv. 4'e; ml., II. ':
totnl 11101
PndUlii. .I'inn Mu.
1 acre nf fnrni land. bd. X by Abey
ta, 8 by Vliril. F nnd V by illteh;
4 acres of fnrm land. bd. X by llenn
vbles. 8 bv J. Knnchei'. : 1 m-re of
f irm bind. tul. X by 8. lionrnlen. K
bv It. X alíelos: 2 ncren of farm land,
lid. X bv Chnver. 8 bv R Vnlleo:
4 acrrn of vecn land: house nnd lot.
bd. X bv Vailcon, 8 by C. VleU: 2
ponies, hut's, wau-on. h.iriienn, fnrni
Imps . II II. 41. Tines. 11.12; penal
ty. (: nd.. 12 17; total I 3.63
Sunche, .lose
H 1-2 m-rcn of farm bind. bd. X bv
.T. M. Lnnn. XX' by road: 1.1-4 acres
nf farm bind. bd. X bv .1. M. I, mm.
XV by illteh: 2 1-2 ncren of veea bind,
hoit-e nnd lot. bd. X by Chaves. 8
bv P. Chave: 1 pony, butisv. 8. nnd
II., stitch., fnrm Imps., II 11. II.
Tnxes. 11.90: pennltv. 2f.e; ml., 11.40;
totnl I II. Hi
Smitlllnnes. Yirnsclo
3 1-2 ncres of Innd. bd. X bv .1. Hnn
IIMnnes. 8 br P. Snncher: 3 1-2 ncren
nf Intnl. bd. X bv . F by J. San
che. XX' bv J. .1. Lope: house and
lot, hd. X bv F. Cordov.1. 8 bv J
Sanllllnnes: 2 ponies. I cult. hovn.
neón. S. nnd IL, fnrin Itnnn.. 11.
11. li. Taxen. 97c; pin.-iltv. fie: ml
11.4": totnl $2.4!
Sanelic. Pablo
9 ncren of Innd nt I.einltnr. bd. " bv
.1. Lnnn 17 bv river: 4 ncren nf land
nt I einltnr. bd X bv C.onr.iilen. 8 bv
Santlllnnen: 2 '-4 ncres of bind nt
Tcmlinr. bd. X bv Castillo. S bv
Slontovs: 7 ncren of Innd nt Letultnr.
l.d. X bv Sanche. 8 and F by I. I.
I.nper.: si ncren of bind nt Letnllnr.
bd. X bv Piidilbi. F and XV bv river:
4 ni rcn nf bind at I einltnr. bd. X bv
T otic. XV bv Mnrtines- bonne nnd
lot nt I eni'tnr- ponS-n. m nis-'-n
n"d coltn. ? iiinlen. 2 cnttie. 1"rrt
sh"en. eontn -chl.-ie. 8 end 11..
much., farm Imps. W. and C. nlnno.
If. II. C. Tnxen. 112. 4S; pennltv. $2.13
nd.. n.xo- total 17.41
Vlcll de I.ntm. .lunnltn
7 1-5 nc. of land nt f.einltsr. bd.
X hv Knntlllnnes. 8 by .1. Sedlllo:
m'-I m-ren o' land nt I.einltnr bd
X bv .1. A. V,. 8 hv 1. Cintillo- 3
aeren of bind at I einltnr bd. X hv
i. lioprnb-n. S br Lucero: bonne nnd
lot nt 1 einltnr bd. X bv illteh. 8 bv
.1. I. Itnen. X' bv street: 6 oiaren
and colls. 400 sheen, vehicle, bcokn,
XX'. end C. 1o"elrt. musical Insts .
. 11 fi (1 Taxes, $79 97: penalty, fi
nd . 1 77.: total 112.71
Viril. I.orenxo M.
7 ncren nf bind nt I.einltnr. luí X bv
Abevtn, S bv Chnve: 4 m-ren nf vecn
Innd nf I.emllnr bd. X bv Ahevta.
4 hv Clinver: 1 1-4 ncren of farm
bind nt l.omltur. bd V bv Abevtn.
5 by Ibiou: house ntid bt on aboce
l ied - I ponlen. 2 coltn, wn-.'oll. 8. nnd
It . fnrm linns.. II. 11 fi. Tnxen.
i:... nennltv. r,c: ml.. $1.777: to'nl f 1.77
,Till. II de Manuel
V acres of fnrm land nt I.emltnr:
h lose nnd lot: 4 p-ml-n. 4 cnttie.
wnei.ii. fnrni liims,, XX. nnd C II.
II. li Taxen, fM.sO: penalty 7'
ad.. $1.40: total $16.99
XX'urelek. Julian
3 aeren of farm limit: si ncren nt
wood bind: house nnd lot: 2 nonlen.
1 colt, entile, linen, wneon. 8 nnd
It., smcli.. XV. and C. H II n.
Tnxen. $l.;i: pennltv. W: nd . 11(17
total i-W
rui'cixcT xo. 3.
21 m res of veen land. bd. N tiy snve
dru. 8 bv Araeon. F by railroad: 3
acres of fnrm bind. bd. X bv Cnmpre
1I011, XX' by road: house nnd lot 011
the fibove land: 1 pony, I vehicle,
fnrm Imps., II. II. I!.. mnchlne. hav,
tools. Taes. $1.4'1: penalty. 7c; nd..
11 4u; totnl
Arneon. Antonio
40 ncres of veirn Innd. bd. X by Chn-x-ex.
8 by Suvedrn. 17 tiy river: 1
m-re farm bind nt Polvndcrn nnd
houee thereon: house nnd lot nt I'ol
vHilera; 3 ponies. 8 rutile, II. II. li.
Taxen. $7.4.'.: pennltv V; nd.,
Piirrertm, I'rutono
li ni-ren of land nnd ranch: 2 ncren
nf bind. bd. 8 by L. Chnve. 17 by
railroad: 3 m-ren of bompie laud: 2
ponies. 1 colt. 20 cattle wneon. S.
and H . nno h.. II. 11. O. Tnxes.
$10 lu; penailv. .'.2c; nd., II. 0T.; totnl. .$11.97
Chnve. Telesfor
n ncren of bind. bd. X bv A. Arneon,
8 bv Chnvex: 6 aeren of Innd. bd. X
bv Chnvex. 8 bv linnia: house nnd
lot. bd. X bv Ablerlte, 8 by Miininc,
2 iionh-s. wnemi. 8. and II
Imps . II. II. I.. tools. Tnxen. !
penalty. Go; nil.. 11.11; total
Chnvei. I.nls
3 acre nf farm land. hd. N mot
br Chave. 8 bv road: 1-4 ncre
farm land. bd. X nnd F bv Chnve,
8 by I I haves: 1 ncre of fnrtn land,
bd V bv rond. 8 and XV by R Peralta-
2 acr-s of fnrtn land, nnd house
thereon: 2 bornes. 4 entile, 2 vehi
cles, farm Imps.. H. Taxes
11 ."H: penally. He ; nd., ll.TT.; totnl....l 3.3
13 aeren of land at sumnai
of bind nt Polvnilera
bv Arn'eon; B ponies,
S nnd II.. furin
li lie .,.io,ltv. I01
lolnl .'. . I 3 Ifi
Chave. V. li. I .. Junn t.
2f, seres of land, nn.
che F bv lilrnii. XV by river;
house and lot, bd. X by A. Trujlllo.
1-7 and XV by public land: pony nnd
T,...u 1". I'.'l ! lieU.lllV. 2' ll".
nd.. 7llc: Intnl..'
riiavcx. Ainado
2 1-2 ncren of farm land. bd. X.
n ml F. bv river. XV tiy rond; 3 ponle
1 ii i 'r.iv.iu t' 70- ociialtv. 14
n.i . Too:' total s r'
Chave. Felix
6 m-ren of fnrm hind, nd.
1 i...... I.- hu C.lrun. X' by
c o r.r r.irni land bd. X' bv mud
H bv Lnnn, XV by illteh: 14 m-res of
veea bind. bd. N by J. F. Montoyn.
8 by P. Snncher: 10 ncren of vritn
land', bd. N by Trullllo, 8 and XV
by Chniei: house nnd lot, bd. N by
'. linn ia. F nnd XX bv mini; z pon
1,1, colt. 2 vehicles, farm lmpn.
II (i. Tii'cn. 11.76; penalty, 2ic;
12 in; 4otal
Chave. Fsievnii
8 aeren of f irm land. bd. by
Chav.í. K bv A( in: ti ncr-a
farm land, bd. X by 8. Faca. H
..I 2 90
I 9.13
2 aeres
bd. X nnd 8
hoes. n iron,'
Imps., II II li.
int., ii.ua:
by J
road :
ml .
I '
P. Pndlllu; 3 siren of xoat Innd,
bd. N by i. ( Ulive. 8 by V. íJü.U-
bouse and lot i.l Polvmb-ra; house
and lot nt Polvnibrn; t ponlen. t
1 oils. c..v. hiirit'-sn, sunii., fnrm
Imps. II II li. Taxen, V lii; penal
ty. 27c; l-l . I? 10; tolal I 7 45
K.i ini'do. I IiitIo
s in ret of farm Inud. bd X by J,
Padilla, s bv C f ilardo. 2 .! of
fur tit Innd. bd X. 8 sr. 1 W by C;
Tnfnyn: m-ren of firm Innd. bd N
bv Xulf. 8 bv J. H. Siiniher: i aeres
nf i.-en land. hd. X bv pndlllu. 8 by
C. Tafovn: 6 acre of vega land, bd
X bv Padilla. 8 by Fajardo; houne
nnd lot. bd. X by C. Arneon. 8 and
XV bv road; 2 ponb-n, 3 colín, j rat
tle, 1 oxen. 2 vehicles, 8. nnd IL,
smch , farm Imps.. II. II. II. Tsxyn.
f snrj; pennlty, 11; nd., 12 ; totnl. . .17?. 42
tilmn. X b-tor
2 ncren nf farm Innd. hd. X by ditch,
8 tiy Chavrx, F. by Tnfovs; seres
of veea bind. bd. S by linca. 8 by
ditch. XV by Tnfova: house and lot;
2 fmnh-n, hnv, wnenn, 8. and 11 ,
much., II. II it. Tnxes. tl.TTi; penal
ty. Re : nd.. 11.4: totnl $ S.I3
Montin a. .leans p.
4 seres of farm bind. bd. X hv Chn
vex. 8 bv old rond. W by Lobato:
house nnd lot. bd. V by pnblle Innd.
8 nnd XX bv rond: 2 ponies, row.
wneon. vehicle, 8. nnd IL. fnrni
lmpn . inunh-n! Insta.. II II O.
Tnxen, $1 .'.; pennltv, Sc; nd., 11.07.:
totnl I Í.74
Montoyn, Collnnrlo
lu m-rcn of bompie Innd. bd. X and
8 by road. F. and XX' by Montoya: in
nercs of bosque bind. bd. X and 8
by rond. F by Chave; 11 acres nf
bosque bind. hd. N by Araeon. 8 by
Pndilln, F by Montoyn; 6 acies of
farm bind, bd. X by X. Arnenn. 8
by plaxn, 17 by rond: 2 ponlen, wnenn,
8. and II, fnrni Imps. II 11. II.
Taxen. ::.r.O; penalty, lsc; ml., 12.10 :
totnl I 5 7
Montovn. Casimiro
3 aeren of land. bd. X by Chnvex,
8 by rond. XX' by Kaiu-hex- 10 ncren
of Inml. bd. X and K by road. F. by
Montoyn: ncres of bind. bd. X by
old road. 8 by rond. F by Trullllo:
hmine nnd bd. bd. X bv Chnve, 8
by Sanche, 17 by rond: 2 p.ilibn. 8.
nnd 11. . fnrtn Imps , . II. 11. Tax
en. r.V; pennltv. 3c; ml., 11.7': total..! J. 43
PndlPn. Ccronltno
3 ncren nf bind. bd. X by Montnys.
8 bv Frnelnett. F bv rond. I ncren
nf bind, bd. X bv Itnrcln, 8 by ,
XV bv illteh: 3 m-rcn nf bind,
bd. X and 8 by rond, F by
I .unit : 13 ncren of bind. bd. X and 8
bv rond. 8 by Knvedra: house and
lot: ponv. 3 rattle, hues. 8. nnd 11.,
fnrm Imps., II. II. li. Tnxes, 11. IS:
pennlty. 6c; nd., 11.7."; total I S.99
rndllln. Pnbln
10 ncren of fnrm Innd. hd. X by Chn
ve. 8 bv Pnilllln. 17 bv Arntron: 4
ncren of farm Innd. bd. X nnd XX' bv
rond, 8 by . 17 bv Apodnrn: 21
m res of veen bind. bd. X. 8. F. and
XX' by nelf, nml house -thereon; ir,
pontn, farm Imps., II. II. I!. Tnxen.
Il.sit: penalty. Sc; nd., 11 40: total. ... 3.14
Pailllla. Junn
9 m-r.-n of land. bd. X by Pudllln. 8
by Fnlardo. F bv ditch: 3 ncres of
bind. bd. X by Pnilllln. 8 by Fnjnrdo.
17 bv tllich- 3 acres of land, hd. X bv
Padilla. 8 by Fnlnrdo, F by ditch;
5 ncren of Innd. bd. X by Pndilln. 8
bv Fnlnrdo. F bv Arniron: house and
hd. bd. X bv Pndllin. 8 by ditch. F.
nnd XX' by rond: 4 ponlen, -niroti. 8.
end IL. farm lmpn., II. 11. fl. Taxen.
12 -Vi: pennlty. Lie; nil., 12.10; totnl...! 4.7t
Homero. Jone
House nml lot nt Pnlvndern: mule,
burro. 8. nnd II. Tnxen, $3. 16; pen
nltv. ir.c: nd.. "Or; totnl I 4.00
Snnchex. Junn Mn.
House nnd lot, bd. X by Montoyn,
8 by Apodnen, K by rond: pony,' 8.
nnd 11.. -neón. smch.. II. II. O.
Tnxes. II. 'i9; pennlty, Sc; nd., 70c:
totnl I 2.37
Trujlllo. Andres
3 seres nf land nt Polvadern: 33
ncren of hosiptr Innd. hd. X by
Pndilln. 8 by Chnve: 2 ncren veen
bind. bd. X nnd 8 bv Fnlnrdo. F
by ditch: 1 acre nf Intnl. bd. X by
rond. 8 nnd 17 bv Chnve: house and
lot, hd X by Tnfnyn. 8. F nnd XV
by mad: 2 ponlen, farm Imps., II. II.
li. Taxen. 12.39; pennlty, 12c; nib.
12.10; total 4 f 4.61
Tnfnyn y Arniljo, Antonio
H acres of Innd, bl. N by Ilenavlden,
F by road. XX' by ditch; 1 ncre of
bind, bd. X by Araeon, F by rond,
XV by 1 nnver.: limine and lot, bd. X
by Chnve., XV by road: house anil
lot, bd. X by Lope, F by road. XX'
by road; pony, cow, hoes, waenii. 8.
and 11. , fui'iu Imps., H. -41. ii. Tux
es, 11 11: penalty, i.e: ml., $1.7,7:
lolul f 2. tu
Tafoya. Culletano
4 acres of html, bd N by Sum hex, 8
by Fnjnrdo. XX' bv ditch; 1-2 m-re of
land, bd. X by Fajardo, 8 by ,
17 by public laud; 5 m-rcn nf bind. bd.
-X by Chnvex, 8 , XV by Tnfoyn;
3 mres of bind, bd. X by Chnvex.
8 , F by Am eon: 4 acres of bind,
bd. N by Chnve. 8 by Cordova; 1
ncre of bind, hd. X by tiurule, 8 ,
XV by ditch: house and lot: 2 ponies,
eolt, row, wneon. 8. and IL. hutfe),
fnrtn Imps., XV. and C. II. II. li.
Tnxes, $:i.uf,; penally, 4.7c: ad., $2.sO:
total $12 30
t'nknn-n Owners
10 acres ol land, bd. X by public
land, 8 by P. Montoya, F by Cba
vex. XV bv Miinpiex. Taxes, 79c:
pennlty, Se: ml., 37c; totnl I Lit
PltKCIXCT No. 4.
Artullo, Macedonlo
ft aerea of farm laud nt l.nn Itnnchos
de Sablnnl: I ponv, 8. and II. Taxes.
139.29; penalty. $2; ml., T0c; tolal. ...111. 99
m res of land, bd. N nnd W by
I'lno. F. bv Torres: houne and lot,
bd. X by ditch. 8 and XV bv Ortlx;
2 ponies, aeon, 8. nnd II., fnrm
Imps., II. 11. tí. Tnxes, $1. 18; pen
nlty. 15c; nd., $1..'.; totul I 4.3d
Arniljo. Arniljo
1 m res of farm bind: 30 ncre of
veen bind: 1 acre of farm land; 2
neri-n of f 11 r 1 11 bind at Pueblito; house
and lot: ranch ami lmpn., ;l ponlen,
2 cattle, 1 nsoti, 8. and II. , II. II.
11. Tnxe.i. $.kj.3i; pcnallr, $2.72; ml.,
12. 7; total '.5.15
Arniljo, Vres.
4 ueres of farm land. bd. N and 17
by J. drill. 8 by A. Arunjo; li ponlen.
2 cuttle. 8. and IL. II. II. li., XV.
and C. Taxea, $2.15; pmiulty, 11c:
ad., 7'ic; tolal 2.5
Armijo, Y. 8., Jus'
1 acre of laud, bd. X by I'. Arniljo,
8 by P. Ahlcret; 1 acre uf laud, bd.
X by public laud, 8 nnd 1-7 by Arnil
jo; house mid lot: pony, vehicle am)
linrueM. Taxes, II. lu; pi-ualtv, 2iJc:
ml., LU; tolal I 5 71)
Arniljo. Xcsti.r
6 acres of farm land, bd. X , 8
and K by Arniljo; 1-rooiu house at
Manic place; 3 ponb-s. 7j i-iittlo, wnson,
8. aud IL, farm lutm., 11, II. I.
Tnxen, !i27; penalty, tfh-; ml., $1 U7;
totul 11. 7S
Abeyta, KIKenire
4 ucrcs of bind nt Kablual; 2 aerea of
land nt Sabinal. Tuxes. !2.37: pen
alty, lb-: ml , 7oc; toiul I
Abe) tu. tireeorlo
X mien of bind. bd. X by 8. Abeyta,
8 bv Ahevta, XV by river; 12 ucren
of bind. Veea. bd. X by Abeyta. 8
by F. Torrea; house and bit; 3 ponies,
2 coltn, row, harness, anich., farm
Imps, II. II. !. Tnxen, l.bú; pen
nlly. lo-; nd., 11.40; total I :
iVhevta, Secundlno
4 ucren of farm laud. bd. N by tl.
Abeyta. XV bv M. ifrli: 1 1-2 acres of
farm bind. lid. N by 8. Sanches, S by
J. Saiiebcx; 1 1-2 at res of farm bind,
bd. X nml 8 by J. Snuchcx. F by
river: liooe ami lot, precinct No. 4;
2 ponies, 21 cnttie, 11x011. 8. and II. ,
farm Imps.. II. II. li. Tnxes, 7.isi;
penalty, 3m-; ml., $1.70; total $ 63
Iturrcrim, Itniuou
6 ncren of farm latid, tul. X by road.
8 by nrroyo. XV by ditch; house ami
3 pi n of laud, bd. X bv A. Lope,
8 by li. liallciron: 2 ponies, t cattle,
neón, K. and H , far. 11 imps., II.
II (i. Tint s. H i': itctiuUv. be: ml .
10 I fl in'.: totul I Í.J3
Cordova, Amtrcn
7 si-ten of farm bind; 3 acres of veea
hind: hoit-c nnd lot at liun.iiima de
bablliul; (utile, S oxen, 11. II. li.
3 'il

Haca. Severo A.
Socorro, hd. X hr
by 17a ton; lot 47,
I-l Curto, I lumínico
Shnw. Ilnttle F.
I'leie of bind and I s,- tberisin.
nnlitll fl-oni llenen olr si.; plis-e of
Torren. Juan M. A.
Araren. Filfas
n.,vi.t Mariano
Arniljo, Felipe

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