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Albuquerque weekly citizen. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1891-19??, January 31, 1891, Image 4

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ai.iii i i:inj v. J.iN. m. ihi.
n m.isiitii iiiii.i i nKKHLTi
i- SocotfJ 01 ua Mattw l lk Alkiwtf
. rt on
Torma of Bubaorlptloni
Ifctlli lir mull, una iwar p (0
IUIIl hi mall, tit month D
Iiallr li mall, lliia moiittii I DO
lhtll) lij mull, una month I 00 I
lUlltpnat In fill tr I'arrtaf, t ntk S I
Wr..kl), I') ii. Ml 1
Atltertlalus nil" ma.Ui known on aspirin t
ofliranf I'ObllraUoo.
Orrus Nil III Wmt IIuui Avfscs
,1 n in il Hail), Jan. 'A)
Several doctors emphatically deny that
there is a chm of h grippe In the city,
mill tlnw-o who sutler with sore lliroAUi
should not complain ot having the uri;.
Ibn. I'. I.) man IIihh, superintendent
of tln work of tit a CongrcgHtintnil
-hurdi, hue returned from a religious
trip to tin towns along the Atlantic- Jt
PaciHc road.
Mrs. A. M. Codington, who liiut tHen
itlwi)l mi it three montliH' visit to relu
tititt mill friends itl lllnnclier, Ohio,
returned home liuil etching to the great
jl) Of the Hill lllllll, will) llHM RlHHrl
wicl mill f.irmikfii iluruiK thn litdy'a nl
I.iltnril I 'tut, k Kiurrit county citttln
riiip't, K''ii''"il nicrt'limit hikI il.miocrittic
IKililiciiiu, t'Himi ilo ii from BAiitit F
lnt in"" t mid im muiiiK with Albuijupr
ijiifiiiih IimIh.i. Sir. IV t riirpMntd
lilb iHiiiut in Hit lowir houim of thu Ul
ittnniil li'ihlhluri' four ivitna ko,
'I'liih iilttriioiiii tlitrtiu riijoiciiitt nt the
Mimdwl iiim.Hion on North Fifth vtrtmt,
i.litt it ii nil m tli Hrrivitl of n line
liKiluiiK' ji'iuirf ry. Mn)or Mike Mrn
t!i'il in Ik'Ujk' c.iiiriituUu.l, Had hi
lirnllier, 1'olu, in ho intiuh luUrtat4Hl iu
tilt liuttlf r Unit lit umitiol kpii tlio new
iiifl. IIi'Tii'm to )ou, Mor Mike, uur
sifn mill U.f ijiw hoii, TliHiikM torn box
of ciK'nrh.
liiu-t infill the (iuurdH ht'ld mi uuort
mil mi-i'tii.K. mid iIihcuiuhmI tnnttr iKr
tmi.nit,' to tln'lr iHiiiniiK inllltury hull.
Cnil. 1 ir r iiildnwNod IiIh comtwnj,
told tin-in Unit ho Imd Imm'H mdtotd ciiji
linn, wui. k'niiitf to 'e cuitmii, that ho
lii'l.l Iiih fiHiimiiwiiiu tot Much from the
(AiTiiur, mui tlmt tut lutondfd tunkiiitf
tht titiittilt the crack luilitnry (irunuua
tlou of tin1 KHilthutiet. It ih uudemlood
that to. I'ruic mid null Imve ei
iiillt'd tlii'ir ntteuttou to atteud the bull
of lln ( unnln.
'I'Iiii Vuiiiiii linker)' will chnnge liundfl
on tin' Ttii of February, Joeenli Murri
mid .Iom!'ii llalU'kunii Iiuvihk (lurchiui
til (lit tniiiiitw tlirougli U. L. Altueitu
r. Mr. llrK'ir, the ouIoiuk pro(irielor,
luttt Imsmi ivurkitik contnntly, dy nud
nik'lit, for iilxjut HiK'lit yeara oud mUsndM
now to tak a lutit; rttil. lie and fnmily
uill iihi. into tl tir ootufortable rwii
ili'iiio on north Fourth Htreet, and tbia
Hllliiliitir vtill no to thedetiiett hot NpriUKi
fur a iiiiMitli'ii rforeation. Mr. Halbe-
kmin. iiiio of the new iTotirielurn, Is f
tl mi fliotri ljukcr.
l'i'lu I'fii'ii, it man about CO yearn old.
ulio rroiiltm at Iam HuiiuIkm do Albu-
iiii'riiie. vtinkiHl in from the ruouutaina
thn olttMlay, U'ltiK oomK)lltHl to do no
by Iiim lKlrtettlU away from htm.
'J'hn walk wiui throuich bdow, and the
da) 1'ici-wlnitfly cold. On reochlutf hia
lioiiu, tin' old lunn becetue deliriuUH and
could uol ie,d. llo lingered in that
coudilioii for three diiyn, dying yesterday
uiorniiik'. He formerly worked for the
YrtMirri brother, and at the time ot hia
iliMilh UH in the employ of Ouadulupo
(JutiiTM actlutf aa overseer of that
Ki'tiUemiui'n herd of horaot in tbe nioun-
.1 Happy Marrtacr.
l.i.uur U Washburn and MiaaEvaJ.
I'ro Hr vttru united in holy wedlock at
11 o'clock Huh morning at the remdence
of the lirule'n fatiier, ou llroadway, by
lU-v. Stfwart C. Wright.
I'ht' lirulf wore a lenutiful be)iotroie
ilri'Mt, trimtiittl with rich laco,and aa aha
Ih riH'oginil an one of Albuquerque's
iiiont U'uiitiful e!lt, looked charming
im she pletlgetl life long fidelity to her
The groom ih n uioet ezcollent young
buHiufo gt'iitli'inaii, and in a partner ot
the I'lotlitiig firm of W. C Leonard A Co.
Mi ti Kvit, the pretty liriiK la the datlgh
ter of Mr. mid Mra. E. A. I'roppor. The
young couple uuniler tbelr frienda by
the huiulrtxlH, who a ill juiu Tux Cm at
in cougrittulatiug them upon tho step
they have tuken. .
The iiiarrlage waa very mrate, the
ceiemouy U'ing wittieaml by 'only a few
of the frit'tula of the high contracting
Mr. and Mra. Wwthbnru left on to
dnyV north ImiuiuI paaoenger train for
Chicago, New Vork and lloeton, and
uhllo n way the young couple will pay
tlii-ir refpoctH to Mr. Waaliburn'a pa
tt'iite nt'itr lloetou. They will be abecut
ubout Hit wtH'ka.
!rw Naloona.
The linn ot Morgan St Rolandi, oa
loouiiiUi of Uullup, la obanged to Morgau
J. I j. Duw has ttarted a saloon at
BilVI'll ItlMTri.
W. F. Cochran, it naloon keier at
Hevt'ti lliviTH, in nucceeded by Cochrau
ii Kfonuni.
Wilnon k Clnipman will open a saloon
ul Han I'ttlro in n few days.
The high hreiiHO bill, juat paaeed the
It'giHlnture, will doubtless work bard
shipH to Mitun of the small oouoerns.
Ilralh of Jehu O'Urrrr,
LaHt night at 1 o'clock a. m., John
O'KtHift', ii'ii old reeldent of tbia city, died
after an Ulneo of about a week. He was
bom in count) Kerry, Ireland, and has
livt'd in th h country forty-two ywr. lie
witH IS) yniiru old. lint sou, William,
wnrkH in i In Atlantic Sc I'acillo abops,
and ti ih hiiiimu law, Hurry Kelly, li
chargn of (he txtctlon ut the Atlantic A
l'aiiitlu junction. Tho funeral will lx
held from the new town Catholic church,
Huturdiiy morning ut 10 o clock.
THK Kir Ml KIM,I..
Urargr W Ifrtscrr Hannit Mrr SI la
Arrannt af Ihe Allklr
Hon !' A. Huhbell, ou of lleriinllllo
county's representative iu Hid legisln
lure, panted iii Hit rtnl to Santa Fe
from Hoonrro last night I In wan called
In the (Ism clt) to attend the preliminary
hearing of George W . Metrger ttefnr it
Juatlfe of the peaw for the killing of '
Jtwe Maria ('Iihvch, nin)ordiiiiin of Mi,
HublielCs heep lienlern, at Ztltil n I
InkcH the olher evening. The jiinlire
bound Mr Metger over to await the
action of the next grand jury Hi the mini
of lO.HHI, which lie rendll) gate.
Mr. Aietftfer then gut on the panectigcr
train nml came to Albtiitieriue, arriving
here IhhI night. TIuh iiioriiing he chIIimI
at Tiir. ClTut-.t oil Ice and Uiiug i.kiil
fur a correct accouiil of the killing,
"IjmI Hummer Chavez ntole a hnrse
from a ranch In the iit'iglilnrliixxl of the
X.illil nail lakee ami traded the minimi
ofT. A )ouug boy, imiinsl ('li'inelitii
l(tlli), knew that ChnveM etnle the InHee
mid tnforuietl eeveral mnn. TIiIh weimxl
to at .raviiUi Chaiee, who made mini)
threate thht he inteudeil killing the Imi)
to iut him out of the way hh a witn.vH
hIiiiiiIiI he be Hfriwteil for the theft, lie
continued bin threate, but no iNirlutii
ty wait prtenUd ftir bun to carry them
into eiecutitm. The evening I killed
It I tii . both of ue were horHeback and were
going out to the herdern. On the wit) he
cald that if I .oll Id not let him go buck
and kill the Im) he would kill me lie
then JuihhmI oIT tl Ih horee, pulled Inn ntle
from the acabbarJ, and llred nt me with
out reeult, the ball, howeter, panning
through my overcoat. I then pulled my
pintoi nud (vnitueuced HhiMifng, llriug
Hint) hIioIh. L'haee fell to the ground
fulnlly wounded on the third nhot I
then returned to the ranch hotiHe, gave
onliTH to the men what !iey Htinuld do
Ktitl then riKle to lirnut'H hUUoh, win. re
I got ou the train mid went to Simla Fe,
informing Mr llubbell of the deed."
'Mr. Metrger, Tiir Cuikn undn
t-tamlH that the Chavee you kllleil with a
couhim of the Chavee who killed tour
brother, Lincoln Metrger, at Pajunto ,
alH.ilt three )eum ngoV"
lie ih 111 no wit) relitletl, hh tar an I .
know, to the Chnvtw who foull) -tiiiUil (
nit broker tti death. The fanill) of the ,
Chavee I killed realde at Uis PadillaH, a
few iiillee U'low Pajitrito. He Iiiih iil.tiitH
Ieen reganled an a b'td man and a terror
wherever he worked. "
"Wiim Iiih lxly brought hoine for
burial, or wiih he buried al the rMtich?"
few uutiuteN after the killing, and on hi)
way to the railroad Htation paHned h) the
Hpol where the HhiK'ting hnik place. He
wax then I) lug dead on the gr mud. In
all piohablllty he received Home kind of
burial at the ranch."
Mr. Metzger nay that he very much
regrete the killing, but iu order to Have ,,,, u lN hllctowiin, Itn-aled an
hlHtiwnllfehewai.t-ouHH.tHltocoiiimill)ll(,w1 ...appropriating ulno auolher
ll'iuin Hit lliil. jii '.v
I)UiH M'indell will leave in a few ibt)H
for Chicago, where he will h.m. I.ih :i.
tandtMl, Mim K.ie 11. Laii.in. It ih u...
iIithiimhI that Lhiuih will fnrHitke hingle
Dome time 111 Heptetuber,,.,,,,,,,,, 'h f ,,' ih ...ive.l w II '
K1111I Hircflh, the geiitlemanly mid
populnr commercial traveler for Kotlix-
chiltl HroH., the extensive St. Louih hat-
tern, ih in the city. Hnnl IraveU all
through the toiithweiit and HtatoH that
everywhere he bau beeu murchanlH are
bragging of good times.
The emoke stack of ihe new electric
light worku waa hoiHte.1 into (Hwitloii yen
lerday afternoon. (Superintendent Dnvin ,
siateti that all the machinery for the
plant, except the eiigineu, which are ex
pooled in a few days, have arrived, and
that the work will be ready for opera
lion In a few weeks.
This morning Fred. Heyn received a
telegram from Hheboygan, Win., an
nouncing thn death of his grandfather,
and father of F. W. Heyu, there yester
day afternoon. His death is the reault
of cntictir of the stomach. Mr. Heyu ih
on h'H way to this city, and will not 1
know of the death ot his father until
bis arrival here.
Howard Clark received a letter yeeter
day from Ins brother at Imi Angelee,
telling him of the dumb of hm grand
father, J. M. Fears, which 'occurred at
Pomona, Cel., the other day. The oltl
gentleman was 71 years of age. TIiih
makes three deaths in the immediate
family of Mr. Clark since last May -it
sister, father and grandfather.
The people of Oallup will apply to the
government for the appointment of it
United States commiaaioner and a depu.
ty United States marshal, to be station
ed at (lallup, for tho urrest and piiiiihli.
tiietil of parties selling liiiuor to IndimiM.
It Is nuthoritively atatetl that liquor ih
being Hold by certain suloou keeperH ami
others of (lallup lo the Navajo IndlaiiH,
th ua creating trouble between the two
It la understood and the report com -a
from good ho u roe that a meeting of
White Caps waa held in old town the
other evening, aud that a worthiest
gang of young Mexicans, who never
work, residing in Ihe Chihuahua necDou
of the city, attended. Il is also Hind
that they are snving up what money
they can get, and are buying high-crown
ed, broatl-rimmed white sombrero, ho
they will be known to each other. Her
nalillo county cannot go through what
Uati Miguel eierienod last fnll, mid
thu sooner theoe While Cap meetings are
suppressed the better.
Jake Kilraln, the prise fighter whom
John L. Hulllvan licked eeveral ysar ago
for the champlouNhip ot the world, uud
whooould not stand up more than six
rounds before Cor be' I, the California
flghtor, passed through El Paso on bin
way lo Han Francisco Tuesday, lie is
accompanied by his wife, and was me' at
the depot by a few f Gl Paso's sporia,
among them bain? George W.Hpeck, the
porting oily editor of the Tribune. Kil
rain did not impress George as a pugilbi-
Hi' gniillntuau, nml Dm wri'er lull t ho
Tribune's render the.' hi is mi' even a
h.iiiii ra e tighter. Kdruin's miaainti In
Hun Francisco i In got Minnolf in trim
fur liiii coming light wild Godfrey, it
I heavy weight minimi pugilist frnlii Ho
tllll, Wllll'll IH'flltN III ft fe. WCa'kn.
Miirtlli M rt it i r i t 1 1 , tin- cituM'tf lit lamk
kee.er ftir Mitiulol1 limn A Co, recoil. nl 1
a letter yeetefilit) frmn tlti "Jim" Mngg.
of 'I fiiiH, It'Hirg bun to I'liiim to Aiixtiii
ll h it Cod Hltlllitlnti in Itl wititllig for lillll
Mr Miitiirotl, Utii'w Mr. Il"gg f"iirlHn
)inrN nt,'", Hint it if t lnui iluil) wIiiIhmi
...iingiti Allium. ,,, i,.x,IN m.i Hi.tH lliitl j
II-'gg Ih tl..' iii.'hI 'pn;nl. tin. hrt'Wili.t I
"li" ' in I'cxiih. nml ih n politician that
few can iIomii II.' IH II lug IIUUI It" I. HI
and tug iih Judge Trill.be ,t Iiih lf. ,
ih it tin), little w.iii, an. will,. I, a i
lug lierl. Mr .Miillllutli Ix'lletee that
hIiiiiiIiI he go to AiihIiii, ttott (li.kertior
lli.gg would aiHiiiit him hiH priiule ,..(
retliry. He will not gle up Iih pn-eeul
Col .1. I'. Million), the well known
lle'iiing Miiwin wlm Iiiih Ix-en itltendiiig
the (Iratiil lilge, left to da) for Santa
I'e to Willi Ii the doiiign of tlie leglhla
tore and to hlnike IiiiiuIh w ith IiIh inan)
fllelnln at t lie i upitHl The culoiiel wiih
for four )enr ii.temai revenue l oilectiir
for New Mexico and At. "in., uinl when
cnlieil iipoti t vucati i.in olliiti and turn
tin. lunik" over In lo Hlici'ieor, Hull.
Invi A. Illlgli.'H, tlieie wan much legret.
evei among the lepiililicnliH However,
I'oll.M'tnr Hiigiio, ih ttinkiiig ii ciipital
I tilled Sla't'h iitlicntl. The inloliel Htlllee
that Deiiiuig ih pri'HMriiig, and that
Jlllltl W. nlllig Will tlllll-'llllteill) llllllll
Unit railiond of hln ii. lo Mexico from
I 'cluing.
I' lliihfiuaii, of St 1 .011 if, ih in. re .tltli
IiIh tlr) coiiceiitrator fot placer iiiimiii.',
uinl he giiaritutiHM thai it will wive '.ii
Hr cent, of Hie g.ild. Till. I'llll.N man
iiict Mr. Iliiseiiiaii in the citv hcVcihI
iimlitliH ago on' Iiih return frmu the lliack
llllllll' tliinil g dlhti let, W here he met Willi
Hiict'eexful tent if Inn c. iti.-.'li t r..l nr. mnl .
nf er rem-iiiniig hetii a
f.'A da)H he left
for Wiihliiuginii, 1 1. r
ent for bin uivei.tmn.
In hcciire a pal- !
lie in oiiok again ,
and inteinlh to introduce it mnoiig the
iiiiiiiTH of Sew Mexit'n. While III Hell
w.r r ,,m , k.,.,eu,iin .la. eir.Si
,,f ,,.,, , ,, ,,k. . ,,f tl.nt ,it)
pr,,,.,,,,,,,,. ,t u thing vet ii.tr..
,u.,., ,,. ,.y eji hhful I'eentrator
Ul UM, ' .
Tin- .itlllli Nile
The Htatellielit Itl the .liitl'ilerilie
p.tm that Hdward Hint, nf Oulliip, a
piomiuent Iiiihiiiofk gentleiuiin of that
thriving iniiiing town, wan here to at
tend I lie meeting of the I iraiid lidge nf
Mawiiin w .h ii.it etitirelv correct, 'the
factM are tlutt through the etTorth of Sen
alor lelier, nt Colorado, and Hon. Ai
thonv' loojit , .f thin lerritnrv , cotigr.'hs
him pa no. I ,. inn giving tn the (H'ople of '
( S it ' I ll 1 1 Ihe oii.irter hection of hcIiooI I
illlirler hccIioii to the m'IiihiI fiiiid ,.f the
Iterrilor) I'm ler thin act three t riiHteea
. ..,1 ,..,..,.. ..., K1,,.M,.
lirul.,.rM , ,.,... , ,,, ,,M Mlll,... Hd tliin fault with the Aiihtralimi
,ltllr (llh Hm f U), , i1IllUHI, h) llf u,u.lk! lt rtl ,. IIU..,hh.l.ie
. , ,,, ,.. , i i. , t..r ... . i, . i,
he itlV'llled I. "I W'-ell ll
h ml fund of
the 1'iivii ami 11 fund for the nuprnve.
merit nf nt'i-cth and other tnw 11 1 . 11 r t m
ThlH will gitti tialilli the lient HChiHii
Hind in 'im) town 111 the territnr) Mr.
Hart Iiih been the cnrr.'Hpiiiiilel.t he.
tweii the town and coiigrerH, mnl ih
proud 1 tlf Iiih i.Ii.vohh. lie wiih here for
the plirpoh.' of nectirilig the ipp .inlmeiit
from the probate judge uf the trilHteeh,
who will act iih ihe npptnihorH, under Ihe
bill, anil htatt'H that they will i.e appoint
til in it few ilay'H. The Newa Heglhter of
(lallup, now tl.'funct, while iimler the
llianiigemeiit of Capl, Swan, wan the tirnt
to adviK'itte htH'tirilig a title to Uie Hllti
uf Oallup under the above plan.
Jeane Jniiten' Hllljer.
Hob Ford, the )oiiug .Minhouruiii who
Ih'Cltlne fiuuiiiiH U'CitUHe he timk advan
tage nf Jehhe .ImiieH and killed him, wart
a principal iu a nhiHiling ecraH' at With
nenberg. Col., Ihe other till). J. ). I lur
dell r ll IIH ii miIihiii In'lweeii WuineliU'lg
ami tue tuinex near Ii) . He and l''nrd
were Hhooting 'Vriipe" and they itiar
relied over the HtllkeH. Tney lliljoliriiiil
in tht. bar for a tin uk Doth men began
tiring rui'idly at eindi other. They were
en clone thiit each one wiih trying to
knock the iither'n gun out of the wa).
Hitrtleii wiihhIi it iu the Hhoiilder, the hall
going through nud '.'tuning out in the
back, ami nln.i in the hand. Ford wiih tut
III tint foot nml wuh haili) burned ittmiit
the face with powder. 1 tot 1 1 were nr
rented. A Hhort time after the killing of ,Ii m-c
Jamee, Ford and l.nldle, Uitli
ineinlh-rH of Ihe haiiillt'H gltlig, cnini'iilo
Iiu Vegan, w here the) hlartetl it hiiIooii.
I'ord wiih freiiit'iilv implicated in lira win
and lluiill) he ami Lnldle dineolveil part
nerHhip, the former returning to Kiiiihuh
( ity uud I'ord going to Santn Fe, where
he engaged again iu the hhI'miii IiUhIi.chh,
aim ruiimug it reetauratit in coiiiiectinu
therewith Selling out, he next appealed
.., !'... II. ..I I... I - I...
lib . riiiinr, mm. in tin iniejr iiuniiienh,
ami llllllll) left thn I. rnlor). hhowiug up
nt Walheuberg, Col '"Iiih wiih eeveral
vearM ago, Hince which .uue he him Ihhiii
the princii al in tn. or Hire Hhooting
Hi riilH'H. He Iiiih ho far chchim-iI a fatal
I shot, although teen ptercml with bullelH
ever) time he engaged in iicomhat with
plntoln. Hob "IhiIh. Up nereliel)" W here
ever he gone, It I itl lie will jiiuill) "Ixmtlp"
one time Iihi mini).
Vol lee
lit! . eeinig of the Htockhold
er of the I'ecoH alley Kail w ay com
puny will Im. belt! at thn olllce ot the
company, in the city of Albitititriiie,
cnuuly of Iteriialillo. and territory of
New Mexico, ou the -tlh day of March,
I KU, ut noon. Thomas II. I.nnw.i.,
The liit.wt and out. of the Iwi-t eek
lien in the 'err tor) ih the AlliuiUerilie
(-'ITIi.n. It n eillled b) TllOH llllgheH,
and ir b rellex of Iiih Hah. v m..r. the
best tiewHpnper in Hint clt)
lltldy Af
i t k n K r i u i t : h v i 1 : w .
'autlatltiti) In.iulrlnc Iheat lhn
iuerque ThrniiRh I'rof llrjan.
'I'lIK t,ITIX!N t ..rtt.r.li.t ,illlllklllMt M
rnonal pitragia.h ittuioiiiiciiig the re tif'tflitening. ami It Ih Mr (lib.
turn lion f fof It W. I llraii, tliej,,,,H "I'b.lou that I- will have a ..tend)
law)er, ami on niecll.ig him Iia-al ne ''' ' M"t"f nml Hll.n.i.er.
ciifetl the following iiitereHliug inter i Minra), freight conductor on the
view: j he All .ntle A I'iiclflc, who Iiiih Imm-ii on
"Where dl I tun go nml how did )oll ,
ei.jn) tour trip?"
"I Went to KiiIihiin fit)
ami enjoyed
tii)H'lf thoroiigld). K.ttiHiiH ( il) ir won
ilerflll Itl Km riHOiircen ami Itctltil) I'he I
ft irmat ion of tht. Hiirfai'f Hllgg.-Meil thn
M(.ii..rftjl ...ilnlitiw of the Terrace
Improvement ',,iii..,ii)'h pn.jiM'l."
Vt ivhh the object of ).iur UlpV
''Sniiie of in, cl Ih hail clattiiH agali.Ht
.,...., v.., .,1 l.i.nk. i.il lei.rn
nig that it wiih HHiietthiit iihoIvmI I
went to Ms'lire the cIkiiiih. I maile a
Hittinfiictor) netlleineiil on Sillllltln) Mild
the Imiik i lohed the following Miiinla) .
'I lie iitTair, however, M'nrcel) canned a
rii.l" III lllnilii'liil i.rcli'h thele No
other linhk wiih alTi'Cleil I'l.i 1 1 ( r
inre will he paid 111 foil and tne pr.'tia
bililv Ih that the Inlik will teHiiuie o er
ntioiiH. I here wiih n run for hcvcral .Iiiih
oil a HitVnigH hunk that wiih h'.ipp'we.l lo
Ih. connected with I lie Allierii'ini .Nail" i
at bank, but there wiih pleiitv of iieii.e)
ami the run out) reHintiil in the living
In the bank neveral IhiiUhiitid ilollutr ol
llllereet tllnlie)."
"I)ld )oll meet ail) Allillillerill.i
pie there?"
"VeH, iUltt' a Ulltiii.fr the) Heellifil
ver gluil to nee Hie and werei'ltgel ill
their lllilliriee III regard lo ,ll)i.iii.f
itle mid her mmiiI.'."
"How ih .lliiiiiierilie reglirilid?"
"liver) w heie, an the town of New
Mevico. 1 had tilil) to miin.uiiCe II. lit I
Wiih (mill t lllH clt) In he hlirroiiiuleil lit
auMiiiiH niiiiirerH. .M.iii) ol Hit w iiieai.t
I'tiHiiifHH niHiHiml on taking in) name
anil the natilcH of re.t eHlute men in Al
lilliilleriltle. two ciipiialiHth told uie
the) were coining In UiihciI) III th.
hprtllg to llVent III real enliitt'. Due
mini wiih great!) tlli.iippollitetl when he
d that an electric Htrcei cm com
had Ihx'Ii IoiiiiciI here. Another
waiith to I'M'iile a Hiiieiler here; another
a woolen factor). Several pcrnm told
Uie the) expected to entile to Alhll er
lite, hit) lam! nml gr.e.v fruitH 1 wnn
grout 1 hlirprihfd and gt itllied In iintice
how well thin cil) wan known ami how
Hteitdfllitl) the e)en of HpeCtihttorH, III
VfhlotH anil health Hcckem Were tnrninl
iii t ti in direction."
SM'iiklug on piilittci, the profi'PMir w an
enthtihiantic In hiicii an . leut that he
aoMiiutel)' tleclaretl "Unit if ( levelauu
'itni llmiihoii woiiiil run for the ntc:
I..,, ..i in mill ti.1.1 ..1. 1. lu.oinur v., 1..
K.hihiih u.nilil eiv.. i:i..v..no,,l .,v.,r .V
majorit) ;" and alo Hlatetl that there
w.tn great rejoiciiig, even among repuli
lie. iiih. iiliir the ilefe.tt of John .1. Inu'iilln
for the United hlaten H.'liate.
During ll rofehhor'n almence, he
wan elected II dilector of HChooi preciucl
No. 1-. which wiih a great Hiirprine to
,. lionimlmc lo elect 1 .1. he stati.d:
nud I wt.ul.l UHe lo Ire tl t t. I) ..lie of
"I prehiime vnii art'glatl lo U- Imck?"
"Ah a lover ol A ll.n ' ii.-i ti.-, vch. The
fact ih that while in the low aliuuilcn I
felt much deprcHM'tl and in order lo keep
up the vitallt) dlHplaved h) KiiIIHih Clt)
Mnile I think 1 would U' nlniged to re
Horl ti) alcoholic HtuiilllaiilH. I uoticetl
it large iuautlty of Unit tierviue wan lined
and 1 pri'Hiiui" it muni Ih of uecehHity.
Ah mhiii iih 1 rt'iiched the iiniiintninn my
HpirilH begun lo iih and have impriivml
ever eince ulitl 1 feel read) (or lute of
From ll.e l)u.l, Jmi. .m.J
Since the Second cavalr) Iiiih taken
poHM'Hnion of Fort Wingatt. the canteen
Iiiih IkhUI re.opeiietl.
The condition of K. It. Pope ih iiIhiiiI
the Hume, 1 1 ih alteiidiug pli; hIi'iiiII
Btatttn that lie Ih likel) to linger HeVerul
dn)H yet.
J. II. Lucero, who tins lafii iloii.g
Hpecliil work iu the proliale clerk'n illKe,
left lo-ilny for Wag jii Mound. He ih on
it real eetale deal.
Mm. C. K Vatiilever uud daughter,
Mies Jenie, leave tomorrow fur avian
uf heveral weeke lo Mrn. lleliHtin, it Hlfter
of Mrn. Vatiilever, at F.ldnrado, Kau.
The dance ut TIioh. PohI'h hint night,
tn honor nt the marriage ot Alinteo Mar
tine, ami Mihh Helena (iarcia, wiih large
ly attended ami very orderly coiiilucletl
.1. P. (ioodllllnler, Ihe St. I.IUIH llillg
InliriHt whoeliJoyH hllllnelf every trip he
miikt'H to Albiliii.'."itle, In heie ffutli the
""rm """ " """ hiock oi Mimpiet in
uie .rmijo.
Dr. Amee, the tlentlnl, hlta received a
very linnilwuiin and vnliiable tleiitnl
cllltir. I call lie UM'd III neveu I" HltioliH
nud ih the (iuillil palelil It cont laid
down here (117.
JiHte lipe, a brother oi Pablo Iipez,
tiled at Iiih re Mile lice Hi Itateliin lant
mil will Ih buried to morrow
morning, lie I envoi, a wife. Ihe tie
OoiihimI wiih about ill I yeara old.
F. W. He) ti, the Uailtoad aven e fur
inline denier, got home hint lilghl, lliitl
wiih tl tat informed nf Ihe lientli of Iiih
fniher ul ShelHivguii, Wih., which in-
en. rod while he wnn on the tram coming
W. MiMire Clayton received a letter
Huh morning from J, A. llile),nf ilrud
slriM't'ri, tnivv ut (IriH'iilleld, luil , on a
visit, III winch he elate that he ih hUII
coiilltied to IiIh room and will not be uble
to return home for i-everul e. kn.
A. W. Jonee, vict. preniilent uud in unit
ger ')f the KiiHtt.ru llaiikiug cotiipati),
HiiHiihgri, Neb., anil u pitrliciilar friend nf
H M. Pnlnom, preHideiil of the Alliuiiuer
iie National bank, ih a late arrival in the
New Mexico lui" loaiiH He in i. kliest lit
,1 I I VI. I.'.
the residence ul Mr. I'oImiiu
Ibcluird llihltu, who coiiiliirts the
A Cupper ('iimpuiiv'n store nl Sun Petlro, in
hero to-duy and is atouud with C. C.
ItiJI, Mr. Gihlln says tlm company ex
hI tii star up tln smelter and onnoen
trntor, nrnl renoine operation In themlne
In about I 'aii week. Tim otitliNik for the
the nick IIhI for the panl two wtvkn, will
take tl IM t r It I tl went thlH .'Veiling.
A Hectioi' woiklllilli on th" Atlantic A
I'hciIIc wiih litoiight into the lioepilal
finill (Nxilulge thin limrmiig, Hlllferillg
Willi one of IiIm feet liaill) froell.
II H N'.'ii.",, of the railroad wing of
the TruVeli rV liiHiiimict coitipany of i
Hartford, working UdwiHUi Kiiiimih City
nud the Piicillc coiihI, lit at the San I'e.
Iipe, and will remain a few dy)H
J J IbppilH, HtHilioti hhh Mt Wnllnce
and one ..( the beet hiitiinroilH writern In
the teirilorv, dropH-tl ill on IIH late )ch
lerd.i) afleriiooii He w'.ih here with a
working tMin ilitriiiill ug ten along the
loud he ween allure and t It IH city.
Oet.rg ( l.inilw iu, from the Peach
HplliigH )a tin, ih hi the city, It lid wiih
met thi iiiiiiliiug h) lti reporter.
I te. ii ge Ih .in lo w ,1) to Seihillil, Mil , It I It I
ii I- .n I til, he ii tllallleil lllali oil Iiih
I I HI', A l.i. I wi oe in III k ill I Ihirt)
d i)h.
Col. P I't. Sililth, "f tl e Uio (Iralide
I'llk'lttl'Ui ,V 4 'oliilii.iilloli C'lllipilliy, lull
hint night for I). lining He told Tut.
i iii,i..n to tell He man) reinlerH that tin'
ii. ckii il.t.'li a. .ulil ih limit ami tlntl iu a
lew weekh the c.iii..iii would com
in. inn .itlvvrtlhllig to let coiitraclH.
I'liihk Siie.'tH, loruierl) chief check
CiClK of Ihe SllliU I'e, who llllH lieeli
rnaiiniig llniuigli H.'Veial of the canteri!
ht tteh f..r tiie pant uto on nilliH, returned
In the 1 ilt in I l.lghl and Ih mixing With
l iielioth I., il l) I'lin.k w dl take charge
of 11 ih'hk in Ihe Simla Fe fieight lie
I lev. Jan. A. Menaiil, the h) nodical
iiiiFHionar) of the PreHh)teriau church,
took tiiihi)'h nor'. 1 Ihiiiii.1 paehenger
train for Hiitoii, to attend to eume iiiih
h iiuir) work there. He will return to
' loin Vegan to morrow aflc rmaiii, and
! hoid .In 1 nt h-tvii'i'm there Siindii) miirii-
uig mm evening,
j (!. A Saclihe, director to the I'omI and
Telegraph department of the t termini
empire, and H Petold, ii.ho hi the em
plo) of t lerilimiv, Were two lllstiiigllllllletl
folelgllerh el. route to St. IOIIIh lo till)'
fr..... I I... !.... ill .ul 'l'li..v h.il'.. .v.l. 1. 1
! ... . . ' . .1 ' of your HtiiileiilH
' ot er to the new coiiutr) to moped the,, '
telegraph M'tv ii- of the I'nitetl Statee.
J. K. Mi ler, the giniil looking, jolly
'AiihiiIii A Pin ill. Iiiakeiuau, w ho bad all
nnject in laving oil for thirty iIii)h,
hlieiiililig hlti time llllogether lllAlhll
iu.'Niie, will reliirii to wnrk probably
to iiiuimw Mnler empbaticall) Htnle
that the iitTair will nut cmue nlf until
after a certain trip cant has Ikhui made.
Albuiiieriii.i will have good bane bull
giiuieH the coming Hliiiiuier. A echeme ih
on fiKit, and the part) at the head of ll
h'ln hcrc'"f"lo Ih'.'Ii HllCCeenflll III like
hi'hetii.'h, to orgaioe amateur clllbn iu
Sitlitu I'.-, j..n Ceinlln , Albllilleritle
ami Stici.rin. A certain Iiiihiiii-hm man
tiHloiil.it nlTerei1 ihe prutlliiler ll piece
nf ground itiHiiin the city limita and
large eieitigli for a linnc hall park, fur
the line ol (lie .'lull the coining ncanoii.
Chan. F. Hunt, the "Hilver longiieil
clerk of thin judicial dinlnct iiiurt, went
up to Santa Fe Weiluehilay uud the New
Mexican of yeaterila) hii)h: He fit'ln
well, iih the iippropriiition lull will ver)
likel) lieiler the mural, tlmincinl, re
Ilk'iniiH and lilelital couilltluli uf the eev
eral clerkn in the territnr). How the
Icginlature can p. hhiIiI) look lifter the
religimiH and moral condition of thene
gelltlettiell, Mr. Hunt flilln to expllllli,
Ih'Iic viiit.' Hint Hpeech ih Hilver and silence
ih golden.
Iieplliy liilerual Iteveiilte Collecor
llorrailaile letiirneil from a trip to the
ttiwiiH ntiilth nf theft) hint night, mill
htati'H Uinl on Jniniar) Ikltli Deputy
Ul.ted Stnten M.ilHhlll King brnilgllt
fmiii H1I...N. M . Fiauk SpattHt and
Harry Fmln r anil put them m thn So
enrro count) jail The) weie ImiuiuI over
In the grand jury b L'nitetl Slnlet Com
miHHiouiir Meitimod for violating the in
terilal revenue Iiiwh. The deputy Collet)
tor Iiiih lieeli ou to the partli'H peddling
l..jiior for Mime time, anil through Iiih in
htriictiuiiH the viiilalore were llmtlly
HpriiiR- ItMi'rn.
The Driving Patk ithnocialiou held n
meeliiig al the Mt troHiitau Inst nigh
and decided tn give Hpung rai'tw, bill the
daien nil winch the races will occur were
not set. St" re nry (leach is in rewipt nf
a Idler from A M. Prynr, a horseman nf
Ptietilo, who HtutfH that if he could come
here, attend the rncen, ami get buck to
Piielno hi i iih to give hia horse a week's
renl In-fore the raceH there Degin, nit
would bring seven hnrnee of his own and
ntliern wi old ship horses along with
them. The ilnles of the races here will
mi il.iub' lai made lo suit "he conveni
ence of horsetiieu fro i. abroad. 1 lie
meeting adjourned until next Tueeday
Vltiillrllxe ami Mean.
Ill the dentil uf Mine llertha lilinH, Al
blli ieriile has a can.' of uotiHll 111 t lull
which originated there, while Liih Venus
never hud a case rigiuutltig here. The
young woman was iu the taut of health
when she arrived there Hire" yearn uk"
Her death onlv hhoiVH ttia. ihe metllcal
world is correct in announcing that
tilnen where witter IH HO close to till' Hlir
fiice, its it is ut Albuiueriiie, is very bud
fur puiieiits siitTeriii from pulinutiarv
ctiuiplaiiils Optic.
Miss HlisH came tii Albuquerque about
two years ago from Vermont, and her
intending phvslcian .)M she was HllfTer
ing friiia cui.Miuiptiuu al that time.
l.aa Vrsaa Hot Mirlne and Hetnni,
The Suiitii F mute Ih still felling
. . ..L ... ... I .ii m Vuifuy lllll
I roiiini irin i-i ni'in ... -
s,irm. w,t, u limit nf thirty dliye guing,
.. ' I I .1 .... I I....II Ol.,..
lite iI iVh it. unilnt'. ai'd lilial limit, Ililie
ti day, for tti.lv f , fill
J. Vv. FAllHwolTll,
Acting Agent.
Uko. T. Niououwn, G. I. A.
Mirrr. huhiih aiiiikikiih
Al the Meernl Ortttrallon of the ew
Araitemy HellitlnR,
The following HildieHN wiih delivered
by Prof h t) initn Hood, aiiieriiitendent
of Ihe HollthweHteru lleld, al the tied it'll
tioii of the new Academy liiillduig, Tnee
day evening, December !ki, IKiHI, The
proftwror wiih alml ilelegllted lo prenelit
Ihe ke)H of Die hew building to Prof
In behalf of the dltei'lotM nt the New
Wiet I'Mucatliiii coiumiMti ii, I' ih my
privilege mui a ple.iHniit duly wit hid lo
preeelit Voll, I'tofeH.or lliilgin, the keyn
of thu iH'Hiiliful bullilliig licit we have
thin night tledical.Hl in the ntillie of Hod
to the promotion of ( hriHtlitu ediicMiim.
Ill preeetililig thee let till. Hpeilk brief
ly of the triml herein iHihlowetl. If our
lime iHirililt leil we might dwell Willi
prolll ou what theolnglHIiH have been
plciiaetl to call "the power of the keyn"
a iliH'trine Unit church coiiiiciIh have
Hotighl to delliie and the I ill I Im of liie
Pope to determine S)IuIh)IiciiII), Uichc
kevH Hlgnif) the power Hint ih I erebv
oh led ill )oit iih principal of Una nchool.
With Miwer llivariiibl) coiiich reMpoliHl
bility. Very proH'rlv, therefore, the ke)
Iiiih Ih'cii the etilliletii of ailthorit) from
the .MtrllcHt agin t" the pren'tit lime
III receiving Ih.'Mi keVM )oil accept the
ke)H of the IhhIii'H of )oiir pllplln. With
)oii mid )our iiHhiHtmi m thee children
will Hpelul liOHtii.ill Hirlloll of their child
IhmhI iIii)h. 'they me at the critical
Utile of life- the forililtllV'e Mri(Hl. The
IhhI), like Ihe plant, In built up by dull)
aciiiiHitioiiH from without Into the ver)
warp and wtHif of their U'ing will enter
the t'lt'iuelilH which will Hlirrolllld thelll
III Unit hi'IiihiI. Seek, ihell, to flirnlHll
llieee preciiuiH IkhIicn with the pure air of
heaven. IomhI ventilation promn en
HchnlarHhip. let Hiiuhhini' Im welcomed
i.t all h. mra of the da) and dark enmem
Ih. ui'kuow 11. Teach them the microti
neea of life; Unit health ih ii duly. The
('h'ltiilitit'Hn or lack of it 111 the m'IiooI
room oft proclaiuin the teacher. Perfect
rou'iueof Inlnir mid Hludy foHtere regu
larity of lanlil) fuiicltotiH An ih the
body, tto niiiHt ever Ihi lo a degree the
iiiiml. ImpreHri upon them the Hucretl
lieeH of the h ll ill it tl IhhI)'. It ih Im)' -the
temple in which an immortal nptru
Iiiih taken lodging. Ilelleviiig thin, the)
w ill he w illuig to preht'iit their 'hhIihh 11
living hh 'nllce, hnlv, iicceptahli. unto
, , ,
accenting the ke)H of thlH echool
hillldiug, you take ll.e ke)h of the tuili.lH
Ah the warrlor lemlH
hiHacomradeH to coiiiiieHt or retreat, en
11. Hlrnxlor 0.111 ..h Iiih ihii.ih III I In.
.... p. --, - I
battles with the Insikn to humlllalllig
defeat or umpiring victories II) elevat i
ed thoiighl and delicacy of feeling, by
energy of pltrpone mill jltflllllenH of!
spirit cheer them on to worthy triumphs.
Hold up before them the tried iileitlH of
true culture, Hint fluent ion ih not no
much knowledge us ciipucit); not so
much aciMiuiilittion us it growth. The
ability tn do is best aciiireil by the do
ing. The African savage believes that
the strength uf Iiih vamilisheil f"e will
In. incorHiriiteil in himself. Culture
hIiiiiiIiI enlarge the vision. Picture to
I I. .. . r . .. u..l.. .1 it r ...tl I...1 .11. .1
ii.-.,. .... ......
lower. he (wis at home in all lands as
1 . I ,i ll M'l
11.' m ll-'ll'lllll.ni nit, i nil NH'T. l""
Mowers. Pie birds, the fia'ks, the stare
will glaillv reveal their secrets tn them
anil hold dull) converse with them of
ll eir ui)Hteries. Implant hi their munis
that learning is .eitive, nut uegntiv .
Knowledge is muiic thing real -the ex
preMHinn nf reality. t'nUilief may be
simply luck of information
llllllla in.a-killa' wnritl Iihi filat
Tlm il .ithtlliK tl.'liil iiVrtakn. our )niitlu
Ik'tlnr la. I'll. 41 e! 1.1 til.' I't
Tllltll Iihhi ll.H lllla.al III. I-.' llf truth.
Hduciitiun, then, sliould bring comfort
of mind ami peace of ami I, or iih it m ho
beitullfully viucetl iu the wurdn of the
... . .... ,.
giHitl Hook, "UllderHtuliillllg IH It well
spring uf life initn Iiiiii that hath it. '
111 presenting ynil these keys, in)
brother, I would lemiml )oii the) are
the kt')s which open the portals of the
lieurtH of yinir pilpllh. K died he). mil
t'XpresHlon lire the nllli'e uud lldllielice uf
the teacher. 'I Ins clone teluti .nship is a
hallowed one. silling at vmir feel, the)
must liMik up to )v''o
' our iih life,
. ,. , , .... . .
therefore, wilt Im. a living les-on lln) are
I'licunsi'iuiisly, the) will
' . " ....
ever siiiiiy iug.
... , . i i i .. i
i. .. Horn lifter villi
II, be It guild nr III. 1 he
i i ,i h... I... h...
l.-m ll.-.n ... ..ii- , 1 w
r..a ialii.1 Ihuv nr.. mil hIiiiiii for what'
they know. Thu heart sliould Ih.
in league utth the muni in
the search fur truth, gisHlnenn
of heart N iih necunsnry its keeiiuens of
mind. The most acute are not those we
love nionl. .SliukesM'iire with nil his gen
ins fulled to cento uny great leligloiiH
. , . r ., .
clutracter; the foolnnre the miiurtent men
ill lllS lllll) H.
I'l... i.liiiu! nf tiliiilv Hlmtild
mi Ih. iiiimueiiient. or fiiuie nr nrolll but
, . , , , . ... ., ,
l ie iMirfeuliun of chiinicter. In pant
iwits. leiirning was the goal nf endeavor;
liiil a new era bus come and we sliould
, .i. . ,i .i.iii. ,..
sirive lor trur . niiuio ino i.o.ii.
use the whole of ones self. Hills the
heart iih well iih the mitiil uud IhhI)
should la. nurtured. Unite nut of an
count any one of the three tuid the Irani
ing is tuiH'rfect. The Miff uf the mind
hh m Ufomes the f.ilth ot the huuI. He
fore you iu the school room should Imi
the book ol' bookn. Point to the great
leucner, uie uminie". o. ,
world toilllli'kl'll t lie intellect unit Umpire
the hei.rt Christ is the divine etulKHli
merit nf the truth lierfected III hlliiianity.
When our liril on nun iiiemonioie im
I .'union tflive lo Peter "the keys of the
u kingdom of lienven" lie ulm Inhl the ills
t'ipl tlmt whatsoever he sh uld bind uu
enrlh, Hhouitl ih. ixiunti in neavcii iei
me also remlml you, fellow lonelier,
that the results of your IuIhuh ti tint
with the tiny, but go on mid on into the
eternities. For, if you build of wikhI, it
will tlctm) ,if you reur iron, it w ill tsir
rmle, if Villi elect ntoue, ll ill crumble
Iu lime in dust. He is most truly im
mortal who sculptures his own limige
upon a never-dying soul.
Tlmrt' Ih" IIiihh. wt.lt Ml la la
TtlH Wlllera I Mil III alll'llte llllils,
Trna luil im fflni will .In Inre
WIuhh. fiH.i.i.'i .t ti r WHiitlcrial tlmre.
a a
Cut a, a hi nr Inie n Hiiih hIIIi'.iiih
Vvlii'ii .lln"M.. iliM iiiih metltiinli.
Willi urnl. fill i'ltil.illt'e al.Hll It'll
Kmin win. Ill tin. ntHvl, llii'lt' M-nllHfial, I'll.
K. Lxkxh Hoou.
Report of the Condition
or tms
New Mexico Saving Bank
AMl TIII!Kr CO, of AllMi.ihHr.in-, N M
At tlie?hMii( Imaliiw. Jan. T,, t
MKHOltm in,
IrfMt' Mill (llM'ttllftU-
I ol illelnl itiiil .olml MOitlll
ItlA'O i
I.e'J M
t.ir.ni mi
ir..ii'i u
Vi.iiii in
l. 'IV IH
".All IV
U7.nu V)
li.iro id
l.iM (I)
llllle .miiiiih
I noli on l.iitiil mi. I alulit HirlixiifH
It' Hfltl elM.H,H.
hlH'ltHII. Ih.iiiIi
I I tlill I lira.
I h.ltl.l.l .fonl.
IliOn'tlllllpa, llllH I -CI
hnrlnira il.'lill
I ollit'erHl limtia KiirHi.le"l
I riaiuri.i'n rlierka iiiilatniiilliia
Total. jrv. i, t n i ih
I. H M K0.H.1111. 1'niv.iirHr nf tlin NVw Vlmlro
Kailiimi li n k hii.I'I tu.l t'oiiiJtn. nf AllHiniir.
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Alli.l M. I'. M VMM f Direrlor.
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Teriliorf nf New Mrtlro, Cuiuily nf lU-ri.nlllln,
H Iwrlla I nlnl HWi.rn in In'for inn tl. ImkiiI).
hUMIi Ioj of .Iiunmri, K. I) I -VI
A.i . IIIIIUIH, N..lr I'nlillr.
nl Ice of nIiitiiTh xi'i'iitliiu vale.
Teriilori nf Nnw .M.'tlii., loll III) of llenikllllo,
la dl-' liiairirl l nurt.
It t' U-l..
1 l.tinlfd. I A-ui.i-.lt I.) AttHWiinnnt,
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i: V.
i)r.'iiiitiii 1
I. 'I..' iiii.l' ialk'aril li. illl of hIiI riHintf, 1I11
tii'r.'h) 1 ml) lln.i I.) tirti.ei.f an una ulioa la.
allul out of a.llll t'.illll ill til' ItU.tH.'tl'ill.'.i ei.lta...
HII'I llllia.tial a I l.o 'iall. .In) iif .hiliimr), lli, I
inn iliria lial to i'tMa for Mile nil II... flil.l, 11 1
anil Inlen-at tla'iim mi iin.lltl.l.l oiiT-lmlf liiti-r-i-l
' of ll.e ntfite intni'il ilrfhiiiUiil. K. A. I'iiwpII,
wlilfli lie how Ina, or wl. Irti le Iih.I 1.11 or nl NI17
Ihiie itfl'-r the lltli tin) of Jniiintr), A 1), Ih, in
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All II ml I T I. Ir I lillh l.nlf itllerpal in Mnl lo lot
liiinila-r Iw.-lte 1 .'il, la lilm'k iiiiiiiIht IIi I'il, of
III llai'it n.l. lilloii liittie Inwti nt AII11. in. ' o iiih. in
nii.I 1 111111I1, nci'orilltitf In tlm tiini nf a liln iih.
loll lllll. Ih ll) ' W Sdhll.T", I . K.. U)il nlnl In
tt.i .'i.etttrlti rin'ordnr'a olliri' for mtiil riHintf nil
Uie I II11U) of ti.rll, A ll Ih.
Anil Unit lli. r. foi.' I Iihih l..tll iiih.ii a il will
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llicliiiiir I II oVIiH'k n. 111 , nt ll.e front il.a.r of
id., roiitt l.iii.aH.,1 Mti.l it'iitil). 111 tiliMtiiri'i,
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Ntllie lllio III rhrlil of reilnlllt.lii.ll til III" lilltliwt
mill l.ial M.I i.T for radi, til nullaf) Mill eliwu
A 111. .11 til lif .'l.Tlltlnll I'jrj.lVI
aiiiihiiiI i.f r.M.u Hi-rruml MM)
Total ... IUI.MI
Dalenfnt u.'l.niclil, Janiinr) lltli, ilntnnf
fllillat lia H'll.l..la, J tnimr) li, w; ilnte i.f
lii.UlliWit, .Snt.'llil-r lllli. (,
Johk I.. I'kkkv. Hln-rlfl.
utlic or Suit.
IWrltnr) of Nhw M.'tlro, fWniiil Juillrlal Ilia
Irii'l. t 01111I) of IUriililn
Kiln .lol.i..a. I n,(l,vr) (r ,lror.
JnniiH. M. .Ii.l.a-.n. ) .V'. ki.
I I... ani.l il.'ll'lnl till Jltlllla. M. Jl.llllHin. la
lnT' li) i.ol.liial tlntl n uil III rlitnrer) lina Ihmii
r.iiiiiu.'ie "I i.rfHtii.l Iiiiii In II... Hialrli'i eourl fur
il... i'oiiiiI) of IUjiiiiIIIIo tcirilon nf N" Mail,
ro. Ii) mil i'..ntilniiiiinl. Mln Ji.liiia.iii, for nji
nlHHiliite ilitorre nml .liaM.liitii.ii of Uie i.inrrUn
I 111- ellalllltl U'l.a. Mini luirtiea, nil tin. uri.lll.ila
, 111 1 .titir" 10 aii.a.ri 111111 iiiMiiiiiniiitieiii, nu.i ler
,.I.ri.l r..li f. m.il mil. ton. th.. am. I il..f..nil.
a.rt anil nlaiiiiloiiitii'iit, all. I ler
, -j;";,,..-, '. u "rAmrt.n.U,
l'iili nml lielil at I lie rnnit Imiiae o( hhIiI lbr
....Till.. ....... . I. It. VII ...miiM Vlali. .... 1
,. .,.,,ii Jiomliii la Mnt. n il.vrin. tro
, ruiuiH-, irii. .111 iih rai....- ..1 nai 11 1..11
I'lnrk nml Ihtiiater in I Imnitinr, .
V tiuir.N A Kiinii'tuiN.
"oltt'liotH for I'ninplninitnt.
Iinl.al Jmiiinr) lli, lnl. f
No' Ice uf Stilt. j
l.'irllor) of New Mi.iirii.tVrci.ini Jinlli'lid 1)1. '
I Ilia t. llt'NT. I
iliri, t . iiiiii) in iH'riiituuo.
Mliiuie Wiriver. nuuiw,, lHuttt
( li'trlna A "Miritnr. ) Nu. so.
Tii" lil il.'f.'ii. linn, Clmrlha A. Hlirltrr, I br
li n. .11 no I Hut h anil In rluuirvr) tut linen com
liii'iit-nd ruialnai Iiim in I lie lliatrirt ronrl for Itis
roiiutt of llorintliile. l.-rrlli.rr i.f NHwMrxlfii.hr
wtl.l roini'liilimiit. Mliit.i.. HIiritHr, for nn Ih
liilt. tlivori'e mnl iUHiliitiini of the tnnrrtlutn Ilea
alilitf la.lwiH'ti Mil.) iMrtu-H, nn I ho Hlontnlaof
fill I nr.' in aiii'iHirt mil iiUiii'lniniiHiil, nml fur
Ki'h. ' Oil It'll. f, .11.1 lllll. -a. ) nil, I Iih miI.I .l.'f.-li.l.
mil, t h.it Iih, V Mim.'i. .mi it )oiir iii iirmi.'i' III
ul.) anil on or iH-fore ll.H firai .in) of il.n imxt
Mm le in of Hii., rotirt. to la. Iai.mii mnl liel.l at
. mutt louae iif h.iI.I liaTtlltli I It .'..lillll. ll
t'llaoi.t " IH I H.'rill. lillll ('..lillll. in ai.
hn.iinr.iiii'. w M.'iiio, null,.. c ml Won. la)
"' "I. " l"l'l, ile'na. .ro I'nlllenMl tlirrvin
Will la. retllll-rial HKltlllat ) nil.
I i l..,k m,.I II Ji.V'n'.I.n?Jr.
A. liiiir.Ni i.tr. N.lldli.r fur ( oniilaluarl.
PrupnsalH fur Feeiling Prisoner
Sailn-1 I'roiMitla. In 1'nnmlliinen with ('lini.tur
Im. Im' of l"V, for f.aaliiw tlm ( mint) I'rlaon.
era of ll.-rim'lllo I '.miiiI), will h rtawitml Ii) tlm
ll.ainlof I ..tint) t'oiiiiiilaaioiiHra,n tlinii i.tlieH
ll. Allin.iiHr..iH. M..I.U ll.n tirat Moii.Ih) In I
V'to. i. I', i-i'i, ii in ii iiih.ii, hi wiiirn niHir
III.') will In. lUllllirl) oalln..
I III. I "llllllla
ItiUHra rHa..rTH tun rimi, Hi rrjert i.
mi) or nil ImI. I
An) IiiiIiIit In v 1 1 . . ri roiitrru-l ni) Iwnwitnlial )
will la. r.Hniria In ylte n mihbI uii.I aiillirlnnl j
Iniinl for llie fnitliful la'tfnrinnnif nf tlm run. I
tiitt'l. k
i H,a'tlnll S. I littl.lrr (HI. 1-nw. of tv'.l "It ahall f
mi) t" iweit.' I.i.la or .r.iaMtla. f .r tl... lr-
aa-iiii'iilmiiial. fmiii n r'Hinli ortnmteriiJ
I ollu-er. or otlic'a. or from ll.e fi..tl,. nr hmIh.
. ih. iii.iiiwiiii lor ii.i'rn inn riiiiiiiiiHaionarpiii am
iitiiiH, or ui'i'iii) or ii.'.iiina. oi alien iiiiirnr or
olliri-ra, iieilli.T ahal! It l In I ul for miy anrb
oitirer or oili.'era ..r for sri) haalatantn nr iUii
I) ..r .l.'i'iili aui'lioiliri'ri.r i.llii'.'iaiiirwiH,
Ink.' la. niii'ii!.! In. In mi) ttHywt.niiMa.tfr,
elll.i'l .hlia"lt or lll'llr.'.'l ).HII) of Die l.rofila,
atitiliH nr ' iii'.liiiiii'llta Hiiaiiut mil nf nr reaiiltllnl
from -ni l iiinn'l i'oi.lrat't for f.,llnuaiirl.
I ri...n. r oil nthc.'r or otluera, - r kIiii' nr
h i.l.mla or 1 1 i ' . l ' ? or iln.iilim of anrl. ntlirer
...lir t t loliilllltf tin .r.,t ialoea of lina ma,
lion. .Ini'l Ih. iiih'iii.hI tf.ult) of n inixiHiiinMiiir,
t.iil ...m.i . I.. Int. I l...r.M.f al...tl Ih. Al... I 111 a
nn .re liiim lite liiitnlnaliliillnra, iiriui.ia..iuuaul
lllll lllil H" III' il. I'll" lillll. ir.ll tlnlllira Hlill IHK H
." . .... '.""Tte
inn. e roiiini j.iii not tea ii.uu nilieiT unja niiij
r .,,', ,. , i;,t
dl "na nf ll.e court triintt aiu li rui- Ai.J
all) nnrl) nr tmlllia. an rnlirll'lial alntll la. flirlli.
wild reunited (mm ..Hit'.., for ll.e fits iii iifilb
. !"''.' I"" ili"ii"hfit.l frmu knl.liiiK culilir nUi
1( n,,. ,,rtll ,,r
II) nnli-r nf tii
II) order nf tlie I U Mini of ( niint t 'tnntiilMlun.1
J, M. HNlM)VAI,('lilnnn.
Irgal .Mtillrr.
U.-t Will nml reatitiiiHit nf .Nirnlw T. AnnlJ.k
in I In 1 1 m r ti I liitvrl lie Aniilni, of tlm town i
Alleniii. nine, .oniilj uf i iiu.i.llln, terr tori nf
New M.'llro, ilntlMau Jimn I . ArntlJ.i, of tlm i ii)
nf ia. I niiia, MI- lirl, arlatra t Imtri lia Afliil
I ', of Hi.' low n of lhii.iiHr.jiiH, t'.Hinl) i.f Ik-n
1 linllllo, ulitl lerriior) nl new sinurn mi'-
I ,i,li' Aurnlii,. Klmm tilwHfili., Manual H"-
i t'lil'i mnl Mn.liia i .vnnlj.i, )r , wi.l In u w
wl.oin It n.Mir r..iir,.rti
loll HH' lirri'l') liotlriial tint ll.n Itl ntte.1 Ilea I
Will mi l T.-lnin. .nl ol MrnluT Aruiljn. Uu
. .i.i ,.,, i n..ruii i,.i r.niiiiM.i.f Nh
' ?',1,',r'!,.r:."rl.V;.,r:ll,!l"T'.," HZ'.'jI
tin. iniu.t of llertiitlilln. lerrltori of Nrw M.
Ii'n. mi ll." .Jllitlaj "1 IhH'a'iilU'r. Ihmi, ut. I llajf
" ' .In) i.r ll.e nriivilni or a.u.1 HUnk-ml Iwl III aieii
liHiimiieiii w ia i.) nni.r m urn rfii.ttrH ni Mia
l inirl linal for Mi.nilu). tlm M ij uf Yr)rti.
A H. I-HI. ieini nl anii) I iriirt. al IU n'clia-k II
tlie tniHin on of Nti.l .Li).
I.lt.'ii iiii.Iit mt l.ntiil unit tlm rtml nf hM
1'i.iiri. lina ilit; of Jifluari, A l , 1 "Ml .
ll. . iiAililin, .
II.. H.
I'rnUte I
uliiiltilntrNtiir'a Mullre
1 oili'H a Imri'li) illicit ll.m I, It i it UraisnH.1
lintt. liiaui n.aiinlia lit Dm ir.il onrt
linn iniri in na
in 'IWi. ltr nf
til" M kip .f IVlU
i niuiu in itxriimiiiii, in mi
Mi..r. ailiiiiiiialralnr of
,. w,i,.,la,. iwl. All ia.nM.ii. Iut.li.tf rlntiM
' ,i,..i il... ..ii of ih..aai.l ,I.h-mI. am Imr
! In r.-nilnl in t.rwsnt tlm miiii. wiilihi tlm tltul
l'n--rl!ti hj law JAMrH "Ain
- AllHi'iiieriiue, N M Jan. fl, PftW,
.IH.irr HI r-. m . i .
I'.rrln.r) of S..w Mi'ilrn. Kriiii Juillrlal l)s I
irii'l. i oiiiii) nl Htniaiiuo,
Kilt) Umwli MsiliMin,
Ilsoriii'fllarr I'atliann,
('tutooorr fur illnKl
nu. tuti.
tlm aal.l ilafiiiiiUnl.llMiRniflluTMa.llann.il
I.h...I. uoliHial lliat a anil hi clianMrr l.aa laaSl
e ,iiiii.ni ed amthiai lilm In Uw lllatiict ptmrt Ml
tlm tN.uutt .l U timlilni, isrrllori ol mh
en, hi aaitl eoniilalbaut, Klltjr llrtiwn Mfcllm
for an alamluti. itlrnrea ami dlaaHilntlfM nf W
mania- Ira salatlns tMatwwn the autlea.is
ll.e Kriiiintt uf alH.uiltHiiant anil fnr hhumto K
lief mnl iiiiIihw ItHi. ll.n aalil ilrfs ilant, il
iniir a.ntmiirn Vi alil ault on or twftirftW
ftrat ill,) uf tlm iiavt Ma) tnnn nf Uitlrourt.S
la. Ih iruu anil lirld en tlm lltli il) tf Mar, I
lit the eourl Inula, in Altxi-.ti.Tnus. In aviiil reu
tr, h iha-nw .ni mul'van ilmrhin will la rvntl't'
luminal )oti.
I'llAS. K. ItPST,
Clark anil ll'rl.la. In l'ljiucrf.
lliavtmiH. lUiUir.HjliclU.T tur t'taniiUlssiil-
AiiHWuart,us, n, au, a1 as. u, imu

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