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VOLUMli 1.
Washington, I). 0., Mnroh ill. Goner
Joseph hggloslon Johnston ilio.l of
earl failure; nt his residence In thia citv
.Villi him nt the lu.it moment were V.t
tlovernor MoLane, of Mnr) Inntl, ami tlio
IIih death wna very sudden, ami a few
lotunnts before the dissolution thorn
uk no outward appearance to indicate
General Johnston Imil boon cotitlund
hi room for several weeks prist, and
uring tho hut few tin) h Imil gradually
town worse Ilia death waa ho ts'itco-
ul tlmt Oenornl Murine, who was tit
in bedside, 00 I'M tint fur n moment Im
t Hint tho gcherrd waa dead. There
not n mI"Ii, not ii mot count, hit
earl censed to tiil, ami hn sank to
Mfti a ixmoful nml iin itilitl) mb n babe
sleep. In iiililltiiiu to 1 1 tit heart
rouble the general IihiI contracted it re-
re cold, when hn recently acted as pnll
Rearer nt the funerals of Hour Admiral
'urter nml General Sherman.
General Jihnston was Ixirn mur Farm-
iile. Vn. After tln wnr hn served in
ingrea from tlio Uiulimonil, Vn., il in
id, nml wa subsequently commission
nf railroads, being iipi tiled by Proa
lint Cleveland.
With tho ili'Htli of General Johnston
re in removed dm Inn' prominent llu
re mi ithir aula In thn great civil war.
Itrndl) lrmll.
bantlngo, Chill, Miircli Tim wnr
loin on, with lint little change, the gov
anient forced aa u rulo bolng bunly ili
Kind. At this tunmeiit it looki iih if
no would bo tho next to n to umlor-
ii ttomhardmout. Day before yester-
ay I lie town who heavily armed mid
le ready lo defend itself if the ships
hmild nttnck it.
On tho 11th of HhIiiiuiihIh'h troops
lent lauded in Samo, and y esterday l.tni
ere landed at lie, and were subsequent
sent to thia place.
The horrlljle details of tho bombard-
ifiil of Pisnqua, timing which it m Mild
Lout ",000 people tierished, have not
t ln fully nimbi known. However.
is tenrned that the frightful dovastu
Bin waa not done liy shells but waa ma
rially hastened ty tlio explosion of thn
rge koroeonn tnnliH which were locate!
ere. Hundreds of lives were lout in
fm oKplonioiiH. Many ptroiih were
rird nliro when the oil tankn eiplinl
nml when thn lire reached Hie nitrate
nllilmsn it la cai-1 that thn Ioah of
man lifo wan fearful. The tiro U
il! riiKinn, and the loci to thn oil
il nitiato worka nmouula to over VX,-
Smw llrld I n mm Marlym,
N'w Vork, March ai. Memorial a'r-
were hold in the Little chattel, on
xwavelt alreet, for tho eleven Italian
were lyuchej in New Urleana.
MiU tuajia of miuieui waa celebrated,
(I an oration delivered by llev. Father
loylian, who alluded to tho lynched
n an mertyra. In tho center of tho
urch near tho chauoel atood a cala-
que which wan covered with lloral
WuhioKloa, Miirch..'J4. Private Beo-
Ury llalfonl aaid that the protident ia
nC west if he can, but will abandon
trip if the elate of the public buei
i make it necwary. tin has not
tJ up his mind yet one way or tho
.although tho chancoa are in fuvor
hit koln.
Merean l.lkrly to Kenlgn
IWaabinK'on, March JI. - Private
cretary Ilnlford an Id ho had no idea
i prraidenl hail demanded the reaiirnn
a of Indian Commiiaionar Moran. It
lUlievetl however, that the privtident ia
luoyed at tho continual friction grow-
out of Morgan's administration of
Jin aflnira.
fanml IJuillv.
Vvnnina City, March iil -Chnrlw Clif.
u, the hnn l-ranoiaoo putrilfat, who
But ami killetl D. G, Oreevor laot fall,
linnid ifuilty of maualnuuhter in tho
it druree.
ATrlnidatt Trasedi'.
'rinldud, Col., March Wind waa
Klit to Trinidad yeeterday umrnin
t a filial rhoolintf alfray had occurretl
r Trinuhera ou tlia day Ix-fore, which
ultad in the death of Awl.iuio Pa-
well known to many in thia city.
nan who did tho killioir waa on
Hn named Halvador.
'he trouble that led to tho klllinir
back for the iiaat flvn year, lloth
Q have claimed the anme quarter aeo
of Kovernment laud, and loth hr.va
UPIH the land with their families.
Vh rrth?ulura In rek'ard lo the affair
vary meagre The two men met on
land on tiunday. which Ii naar tho
j" Mexico line, and it la probable that
lutrrel waa renewed, tho result 1m
the death of Padllla. Ills IxhIv waa
"J with alx ballet IkiIm in it.
Blair AaanM
'VanhioBton, March IH.-Kx-Benalor
"r haa aoceptotl tho Culneae miaaloo,
W tu Brransad to nail from Ban Fran-
tor the "llowery UlnBilom" on the
May. IT. ,.,
jorttucHona from the aecrotary of
Orlaanjjnrch SW.-The j.rombed
- mo waua, that ended In tue
loatlon of Chlaf Hannewy by Bun
Ud Vitt.il . . i .,t
t - - two ui uie iiauoa pris'
now to jail, ha outd a grett deal
. m mo Italian quarter. A
t CQteiiau w. t .u i i L-.ii j
a ueiu (a KB oiu uuciu
ou near Coiun uare, which waa at
tended by a hundred Italiana, who din
cuaafd tho report for nearly an hour
The olice have information that thn
aubject of UatunUy'a lynchinif waa taken
up ami certain phnnoa of it debuted, but
they hate not leen able to learn whether
or not any threats were made. It in
claimed that both Buuozi and N'atteli
have already told moat of their atory to
Attorney General llocra ami the mem
beraof the committee of aafety. ami tt.ey
have conaenteil to rejieat it to the Krand
jury whenever that laxly et ready to
have them.
Kxpurla itnil Intporlx.
WiwIiIdkIoii, ). (J, Marnh'-H The
bureau of atatmtica reporla that for the
month of February, la'.ll, the exH)rl of
mercliamliae from thn United Hlntea nu
Krewatml f7I.WriWX). and the iuiiorli
(.V.OJ,77H, makinir the eicea of elfiorta
oer iuiKjrtH ,(i!,tr.tl, nn compand
with an exree of ".'-'IH.lUr, m I'ebruar),
The exports of k'old duririk the mnuth
of February. 1KM, were fl.nlo.l u
iik'aiiiHt fl.lTO.iJ'.M in February, lHim. mihI
of ailter l,fiai,kl, against ri;fctt,I.T the
preceililik' ear
Thn impurtx were. Gold, (A;'.;kv,
nsinat ei.lTll.t.'tl, nnd elUer, f.iTll.tnii,
Bkatnat l.(i78,ltll the pm-etlitik' year
The I.Ue.Mterk I'.apnrln Inrrm.r.
Wiuhiiiton, 1). V., March '."ii The
reconla of the atrricullural department
show that the exiMirta of live etock oon
IliilleUilm highly iiicourain l'heei
rtH-orda nhow thai entile were tatfk'ed and
eximrtitl fnnn NovointHtr 1.1, lH'.n, i,,
March 12, IM1H, as follow New York
4l,'.K, llnltimore '-Hlll. PnilM.lelph.u
4,,-'7l, New Grloana 'iVi, Norfolk, Vh.iHRJ.
"it Point, Va., Ml, NewjKirt Im7, U
ton 40,7iW, Portland. Me . l.KH
KxK)rt lo Germany, Franco and llel
Kiuiu from July 1, IH'.m.to March J. Is-.M,
amounted lo 10.01ft. Of this number
Germany received I.IWd, France iL'CH
and llelk'ium ft,.'W7.
n orlil'n Pair.
Albany, March 'Jil. The aemite tlunnr
ixjinmittoo conaiderotl Henator Htewarla
bill approprintiiitf fjftd.ux) for New
York'a alatii exhibit at the World's Fair.
Mayor Moae II. Handy, chief of the
publicity department of the exponltion,
uppoaroJ leforo thn committee. The
bill waa finally chank'etl to provide for
a eomiuiMion of twelve, six of whom
am to be appointed by the governor.
Tlio oommiHaionore already uppointeil
by President Harrison arn nml
el.itn comuiisiionera, Tho bill will bo
reported to tho aenate, probably thia
Wilt Claim lltniiei,
Iondon, March 'X. The News' corres
pondent at Paris aaya lie learna on tho
beat authority that the Italian govern
ment, without diacuaainR the status of
tho Now Urleana prisoner, maintain
that aa prisoners they were entitled to
be defended while In prison in tho state,
ami declares that, although proclaimed
innocent, they wero not no defended.
Therefore the Italian tfovernmont form
ally domnuded tho punishment of the
mob loaders and indemnity to tho fam
ilies of the men slain
iirnrral Mllrit Tmlkn.
Now Orleans, March Tho Pica-
yune'a tinn Antonio ajiecial aays: Gon
eral Miles was a visitor at army head
qtiarlora enrouto to Mexico for a month's
trip. Biteakini; of tho recent Bioux war
he said: "This la not the lust of the In
dian wars. Thorn will be many more.
Tho same aiusec which produced this
one will brinu about others." lie is not
apprehensive of trouble in tho oprintf.
The turaut Hennsoenf.
Now Vork, March 5W. Tl.i executive
committee of tho Grant Monument aa
BociatiuD held n moetinif and paaeetl res
ulutions nskinR the Uislaturo to appro
prints ftOO,t)U0 of the atato direct Us
recently refunded by tho United titatee
for the purpooa of eroctlui; the uionu
mvnt to General Grant at Itiverside
park. A oommiltoo to ndrauoo the plan
will bo soul to Albany.
The Hherwan Houe far Hale,
New Vork, March aa-Tbe homo
where General Bhorman died Is to pna
out nf the handa of the Hhermnn family.
P. Tocumaoh Kherman, the veteran war
rior'a youoitor son, has boon vetted with
full authority by tho hoira to dispose of
thn house. Tho instrument civioK tho
authority of the aalo was tiled it. (uo
register's ollloe tiers,
ytt-hllBs; Near Valpalrtso.
London, March 1W. A dispatch from
Chill received via Duenos Ayrca, aaya
there haa been severe ll((htlnB near Vnl
pairiso reoently, and that 'JOO of the In
aurKnta were taken prisoners, tied
totfother and shot with cannon and
musketry by tho government troops.
The Next Have tt be Hade.
Washlnfflou, D. 0., March '.-Secretary
Illaine sent lo Baron F.ya, tho
Itnlinn minister, a copy of the letter of
Oorernor Nichols about the New Orleans
n Its I r. Tlio next move must be tunde by
Huron Fsya, as the United Htates in
powsrleaa lo do anythlnx In the matter
while the action of tho avengers is belnK
Investigated by the New Orleans grand
jury. Delayed action, or failure to hold
any persons roapooslulo for the killing,
may decide Daron Fsya to take active
moans to bring about eouio settlement
aatiafactory U the Italian government,
lie will poaelblr reoelve advices by oablo
within a day or two from Iloma u to
what oouiM hs ahaU pureuo. ,
I'ltor. vo m:vi:hiio''.
The Talented .lltixlelan a t'lirpxe troni
InrrtNant Itrlnklnu
IUII; Cltl.n. Mntrh 'a
m ulitht alxiut S o'clock I'rnf. I, mm
Von Meerholf, it tmtnn nf V enna,
Atutrin, dropped dead while U'tm; con
e)ed to a-room at the Model hnuae by
Policeman Van Icemen. Dr. Idifter wan
hnatily iiiminoned. but w hen he urried
lifo waa extinct. The ldy m rephnvd
in the hack, from whn'li he, a ni'imeiil
before, had Ut'ii taken nine, and
driM'ii to I'lnlertaker Htri.in,''. Ilrn
Dr. Hunter Hie lemauin u criti id
eMiinuiatiiiii nnd prom. tine, I the milt
li'ian ileiid I'or the p:it few lilk'lit he
had lneti wamieriuc tlie atrixe.e, afraid In
k'o tu IhsI nlatn n 'lint hit heart ceiihi d
to leat the moment he laid down. Diir
ihi the time, and in fact eer hiIh c he
ha Ix't'ii a r.-eideni nf thin city, which im
" lulh' 0Vrr Uv" Jnre, the profeeaor win
I Rn 'meterate ilrinker, nlthniik'li hn tried
hard t i free himself from thn thrnlilmii
of drink Him deiith n iiodnulit ciiiih
cl (roll) expimure lill.l dlNHip'itioli. I'nUpl
"l with heart trouble and aeuto rheuma
tism. Hn was Iwirn at Vienna, Atinlria, ittxut
VJ )eurH liy i, ami whh f ir years the lead
i ilk' miiNieiitn at the rnal imlnce. He
Came t i the I'mted Stales nlxillt twenty
two , tears iik'o. nas marritxl to n hik'hl)
culiivnlel and rellned American lad) in
the east fuurteen tenrx av'u, nml lifter II
happy married dfn tin. wife died n few
).rs arierttanl nt little Ids'k. Ark l
He hs n resident of Hiltler, I'elill.lll
H?.i, and there met Mr. ami Mrs l k
hart, arlirre I i- driiele.l their chihlreli
in iii.isn- He taucht music in the Is-st
(sunlit- in tt-,- variotiH itit of New
ork nml I'ennsy Ivsnm. and for tlte
yvitrs trMteleil with t)!e Hull, It e
brsttvl ti,,init, in Ins triiimphaul eni.
Oert tours thrnU'hoilt the I'mted Slates
ami Criii ui I a He ll'iiilly Ht'ipHsl nt
DatnniMirt, Iowa, but la-iiiK allhetetl with
weak llllik's. he Vt Its ndtlHeil to htH'k the
weal, ami lenrnink' thai Mr. Ikhart
had Inontetl at StKvirro tie arritisl there
III the full f I KM I lie prnxpereil mid
did well in Sncorio until four years sk'o.
when he went lo Ijih Vecno, nod from
the latter place came to AlbuiUeriUe.
Two yenis iik'" Iiih mother dntl in Vien
na at the ndtam-ed aH'e of 7i) years, and u
brother and sister, ho it ic stntel, now re
aide in Austria.
A thort time tN'foie ho waa taken away
in a haok, in an endenvor Lo discover bin
riKim, he hnpH'iied to dro in at I',. W.
Bpeiicer'e. He waa then in a dyink' con
dition, and nt the solicitation nf Mr.
Bjionrer, Dr. Hasten examined his pulse,
whi h indicated no Is'iiluik'. A little
brandy wna k'iven the profeasor, and for a
moment ho fceomed to revive. Howeter,
thn death damp was setllim; raindh
upon Ins brow and hn died na rtvonled
lie waa undoubtedly the greatest
musician thai eer i-nme to New Mexico,
and while he had faults let them be for
gotten. No arrnnk'emeiits hat a lieen made re
unrditik' the funeral, but kind friends
will aeo that he receive u dtveent burial.
Ho nnd Ills Kcollnm.
Home folks who have worked on a job
till they are tired spend the rest of their
1 1 Ten in braKKiug bow well tho work was
done during their incumbency and misa
no opportunity of in-truclin their sue
cenaora aa to their dutiea. A notable in
iitauoo of thia character haa recently
been on exhibition nt Doming. Thet di
tor of the HadliKht whh at one time the
governor of New Mexico. How he hap
pened to loan Ins job is a mutter of his
tory. Hince hn has been shedding edi
torial wisdom through tho columns of
the Headlight be has foxplmted enough
of thn artiule lo run a Mute, let nlono a
territory.- Lordahurg l'ilxrnl.
I'lrtitj or Kurl.
In no prairie country is thn n mitt ion of
fuel of so little moment n it ia in tho
Pecos valley. There ia at present limber
enough growing iiikiu the farms near
Koawell to aupply fuel for a population
ten times as great aa is now in the valley.
The projected railroad to Albuquerque
runs through some of the llucot coal
Held in tho west less than a hundred
miles from thia city. A farmer can,
along thn hues of the neceeaary ditches
for thn cultivation of eighty acres of
land, raise more limber in live years than
he can consume -ltoawell Register
A tw KartM,
In Tin. Citui.n of Tuesday there Bp
peared snoral iteroH about sheep raiser
in thn vicinity of .uui salt lakca, Kocorro
county, losing several thousand sheep
each from the past severe weather. The
uowa waa obtained from strictly trust
worthy aourcet and the facta cannot
truthfully be denied by any person. One
of the heavy lister was lleperitatlvo
Frank ilubuell and ho Informed several
of lua frienJa, among whom waa his
brother, Deputy Sheriff Tom Hubbell,
who imparted the news first toTuc Cm
zkn. Knowing that thia pniwr gives ac
curate information and relying princi
pally upon its columns for his local news,
tho follow ou thn Democrat tho next
morning (yesterday) toeh the following
extraot from our itemai
Kol, llarth and Representative Frank
Ilubbell, aheep raisers of thia territory,
who have largo ranches in tho Zum
country, report a large number of their
sheep hnviug died from exposure and
tho extreme cold weather of tho present
Thia morning tho follow, who should
first take lesson or two In common
courUsy, after having plagiarized our
Btws, elm act rues the Item about aheep I
dyimr and Tin ('iiir.N '. informant aa
".lbiiucriiin intra "
"Conaialeiiey la a jwe' "
Attain, a few tun nc I hi Orlzis
wurned thn in nt ,md eit.t "Hi, Unit
it wuiild In' wim to Im prepared fur thn
comiiik' Nprim; nw in the Km (Itiiiule, no
old inhnbitiiutN iirixliL't im iiverllnw.
i l'iimntiiik' in 1 1 - lentill, from tlm ineliitu
of tlie Mi'iw. Tin CmI .s del not ii
Uhmi the mlvii'o lis n "wsip," fur IIh mis
HIOII It to k'''' the Lews, fnaii n. d ivli
is", hut still tiie briuiilei-s, ji'tIiiiin fellit
on the m irmiik' t-Ui-'l had im-ui.U) '.
claim that our inform mis. one of them
ts'iiik Hherilf IVrea, were "A lliti tir) tit
liurs." The chun' ptnaiiisl by the Dein
' rat was eutirel.t ijimriil l.t the nllleinls;
the ndtli-e of I in Cui.im f.ir ib well
known reliability ninl ere littitnhtt taken;
meelilik'H of the eiiUllty c llillll'Hlnnef
river iiiiiiinti 'Hit and eiiy connril
were neiu, n e niipeii'lit 11V1I fiicitmer
UipiiiUtel tonversee lilel H'l,i riliteiul tin
dyltui.' nf the liver nt cerlnin pln.'i'H iih
NiiukVKte." liy 'I in: Ciri.N-. nnd n hirk'e
force of mon put to work
Tim eiiininiiiiiiy at Jarn ju.lk'e from
which H hi tee reliable nnd eniiilniin.l
iimwh i'iiiiii'", and nre mwire ihut telling
'he truth never hurts n town
The .Vett 'enn.
The eeiiHlls hilt at la 1.1 he, n e 'mplete.1.
t'hiriik'o IH imw the seennd city ill the
I nuni. In Ivoi ..hi. had i,tn .V .l.itti and
I'll lelplnn HKJ.tHs I ()t,t ten
alio t'lneiik'o vtith l.tr.io.irm, u k'aiii of
over half a milium, while Plnln.leliihm
Iiiih l.itli.tkl. a k'a n i f but 'Ji"I.mm. It
looks n iiv as tlnnu'li New S',,rh tti.ulil
Misill lie pint III.' Ml '.i lidil!,. t.i ('llli'llk'o
as well InlNsiNew Yiirk had I ,'Ji '..i 0
end imw she hat l,.i:i,imi, or a gum nf a
little titer :ni'.0"i. 'I he eolith H also
shown to h w.ikiik'up. Atlanta. iih
'M,ti in K-K now him (Vi.ftiH. nearly
ilnuhiim her fnniiei p-ipulut mn. Ilirm
lUk'hiim, Ala . with Ii-hh than il,ui m
l.NI, now hi.H -Jtt.tsm. S,ui FraneisciiH
increae lias lieen a I, tile iliHiippointnik'.
hilt she Ii im Mihfti'ilC .til lit I III the I ace
ill ii IiiiiiiImiiiik manner r - i- eighth,
pretty fur luliiinl llaltiiunre with her
I he .it Inh puliliniiersu ill reap a harvest
this yen, an tl etisus HtntlstlCs mid
new 1 1 nt -h. etc, eau.'es an immense la mm
III I lit- IlllhineML We tal'e the lliloe tig
lire' triuii the .Slai.hinl Atlas ..f thn
World, whi.-h will in all prult'ihihiy cull
it iiiou-:ii,iiH, ,ih ii ih i. he or llieneHt
eniiiplele and le eiirnte Works of the kind
we date eer H-en.
It if i . to nay that the lirst agent in
the Held willfmrly mm lie n ey . iih w e all
want the i.ew censiiH t-tniiNties and the
new eat urea in this atlas which coin,
meiiils it to etry body. The lliHtory
Company of Sun Francisco, the well
known publishe ih, control the coast
rights. 1 hey want agents, and we call
intention to their advertisement in an
other column.
Governor Prince issued thn following
respite tniliiy WhereiiH, on March lo,
H'.tl, llraulio ( iall.irdo was sentemeil in
the district court, then sitting at Albu
querqun to lllipris.iumelit for the term nf
three moutliM for the crime of adultery
undHr the laws nf tho I'nitisl Staliti, uml
whereas, amd Gallnrdo is about to apply
to the president nf the I'mtisl Stntes for
u pnrilon and the county nlllcuils of Her
mtlill'iroutity together with tin- membera
of the r iiUihI StnteH nnd territorial
grand juries, now in hessmii at .Mini
querqlle. ask tlmt a respite tat grunted to
wild llraulio Gallnrdo. Now, therefore,
n respite is hereby grauttsl to hiiuI llrau
ho Galla.-ilo, utiiil the decision of the
president of the United States can be
miiiln known thereon. New Mexican.
I'util'ln'l I'rttte It
Sneriimento, March 'J7. Thn joint
committee of thn senate nml assembly
uppointeil to intestignte thn contents of
thn waste basket found in the state li
brary during the wnatorinl contest, af
ttir citing 11111' the money wrappers
found in the busket had covens! green
backa drawn from the Fresno bank and
thence sent t thn Crocker Wonlwnrlh
bank of Sun I'raucimo. nail Unit the lat
ter bank had paid the money to John II.
.lones, the messenger of the Southern
Pacillc, uml Hint the money must have
Iss'ti brought to the state capital within
thirteen hours thereafter, says the total
amount of money drawn out by Junta
wna ?7..7XI.
Thn committee found nothing to show
that the T7sK) in currency was iiuhI in
any manner to in1' isuce any member of
thn legislature in reference to hit wna
torinl is. litest No money was used m
Iwhnlf nf candidates to secure their elec
tion as United Stiitee senator, and that
if the f7,.VO m currency had lnn im
priqierly used l eforo the legislature the
committee is tumble to slate for what
purmao it was used.
A lroi to llrath.
I0nt Kns., March ',, A hornblo
accident hpH'iiel at nne nf thn salt
mines in thia city. Four men worn on
thn point of detcendiiig into the shaft
ft() feet deep, in a bucket. Alsivo thn
bucket was a traveler, a heavy oak beam
weighing over tin pounds. Jtiat aa the
bnckot begun to docond thn traveler bo
camo looaenisl and the bucket shot down
the shaft like nu arrow cluiely followed
by thi traveler. At the bjttom tho men
were crushed into n haielona maas by
the heavy beam,
Alleged Hrlbery Im Mlehlxan.
Lnnsiug, Mich., March -Tho aanato
unanimously adopted s resolution ap
ponlingu stiecial oommlttee to fully In.
rodtigato the allegisl attt-mptetl bribing
of three Independent senators by the re.
Iter. Menaul waa in FlogalnfT lust Hun-
day and organirod ths Presbytorian
church and Monday school,
K.tll.ltttAlt MITI.H
in. in Cei k hiiri hkippsl from !ih
.1 1 1 I 1 1 ate'
the S.n I , l-V.
ul lite sloek iik't'lil nf
i fnnn Vnl'tncm conn
I. I'. H'otker.of thn Atlnntio.v I'acill.t
uiechafiii itl dxpiirtttii'tit, left tmlny for
Kugitiser dnmes M c I '.) iim-I I is doing
good worli nut on tint ll.-igdul run of tho
Alhinli. A Pncitlc.
f II Gee, ii hrakemiin from Knnana
( 'ity , is here uml wilt tulle a KMtiun t,n
the llfitilic , Pni'iHe.
lolt it Daterti, who has bml charge of a
work train nt llnlhrook for the pnt few
months, is in the t ity .
Wnller Masnii, Mifcseiiger brnkemitu,
hit lieen n..it to the hnspitnl nl I.siB Vn
gas. nek nf the iiii'mrIcs
Clark Stephens, un old llrvnuin and
i'rukemtin, who a been taking a lay ll
ts iignui un tint at Nee llm
m-iveiiie'it i on font lo organize ft
politienl SHrm'-intii-ii nf railway employ en
in Hlimiiiirik'ton, Hi , nnd vicinity.
I he leiis A Pacillc ih taxed lo itn
Utile's! in prut nlmg Miilllii.ini earn for
the shipment of entile iter their lines
1 iiis iy a grrat and grow ir, 'territory,
but it needs iimre rnilruuls. That is up
parent, nnd the railroads must lie I. ail
,).(' Tien, liie.il auditor of '.he Wells
Fargo express iu tiy . who hat had
charge of thn IVi'scott olll.'e. hits return
isl to the city
Clin Doyle, who hat Usui braking
Is'twis'ii ,tis Vegas ami Itnton fur the
past year, has tt-sigtu'd ami will go east
in a few .lays.
U. .1. Holland is now western Union
telegraph operalo- nt San Mnrcial, sue
ceding Ii. A I. isle, who has laen Iriilih
furred to I high'.
A. S. Kiioy, n flintier engineer on thn
Chicago division of the Sun tn I'e road,
will tuKe an eugme on the run between
lbitou uml I. is Vegas
A large rolling mill will u oreeted at
Triuidnd. nnd railroad rails will be turn
id nut in Hutllcieut quantities lo tupply
the roads nf the southwest.
Notwithstanding the troubles in the
Argentine repu1 he the IIucuhh Ayres
Great Southern railway ih almiit to h'
clam Us neurit s per cent annual divi
dend. A Memi-nii. who fell nir a hand car .it
Km I'liere i y en erday, the car running
oterlii-ilKnlyai.il badly bruising liiui,
was biought in to day and is nt the bus
Arizona is nlTeriug hlsviil induce
iiienlH to encourage railroad building
All new mads urn exempted by the leyis
laluro from taxation for a numlcr nf
Paul .1. Wielan ly, connecttsl with the
immigraiinn depirtment of the Santa I'e
roml ami an authority on fruit ami grnM
culture, is in the city, stopping nt the
(iisirge Mack, who was formerly i
switchman in the Wmslnw ynrdj, has rn
tiirnen to the i-iiy from Han Anlunm
Texas, w here ho has Imsmi tho past few
nun t Iih.
I wo lirakeuien, W. P. Gossett nnd
I'Ved. Ilnus, nn the Ibiton ilivisnm, of
the Santa I'e road, hate recently nsv.t
isl promotions. They are now freight
Kjadmuhter MeNulty of the Kl Paso A
ii... . ... . . ... ... ..
kio iriiiiue runroao, iiiih leu i.i I'usn
for Whitewater, New Metusi, where he
will commei the laying of a track to
G (!. Scott, agent for thn Swili-lnnon's
Journal, Chicago, and also n nimnU'r of
the loi-nl In Ik'.t of sw itchllieii, ih meeting
with success in securing subscriptions
for his paper.
Mrs. Aldrich, wife of Conductor Aid
rich, w nti s from Colorado Spring, l.'ol
where she is sojouriiliig with friemlH,
Hint the weather Is fr ghtfully iiild mid
anowa are unprecedented.
The last ii-sun of thn Durimgo Herald
aays: "lh wis. tern IniiiiiiI tram was
snowed in on the other m.Im of the Cam
brel. A high wind prevailed nnd the fal
ling snow drifled over the trneK."
Conductor William Mills, of the
Atlantic A- Pncitlc, after n smly days' lay
otr, has reliiried to duty at Needles.
George Maxwell, who had chrirgf of his
train, will have to go back on freight.
W. G. Smyser, formerly clerk lo A. A.
Itohinsou when he was a division suiht
intemlent yenrs ago at Im Vegas, and
now his chief clerk in the general mana
ger's oiliest at Tnpeka, ia tisiting Tnpekn.
It has Ihmui decided to send thn South
ern Ciniforula citriu fair to Chicago.
The protlta of thn exhibit just closed
Will Is used toward defraying eXH'iios.
The SnntnFo wdltniuiortthii fruit and
mon froo,
Itnilro.nl traina are blockiil in Kansas
from snow storms, and lute riqiorta show
that the, snow is drifting badly. Tho
Union Pacitlu is reKirtml snowed under
Vt Clayton, in the northern part of this
Jacob TeoplTer, a kick Old Fellow and
the car sealer at thn depot, la sulfurlng
with Inllaiiiiiiulory rlimimatism. Inst
night, T. W. Mcllvain ami Will llye,
inemlxTs of thn Old Fellow, fiaternlly,
staid with him
At Sands, n little station near Glorieta,
a broken rail waa encountered by the
south-lxjund freight. Seven cars were
wrecked besides the engine. Conductor
J M I-wiie. esiiipeil unhurt. Dun
Scull t, engineer, and Ivl. Mo .re, lirak"
man, were badly bruiwsl and senMed.
and I'lretmiii Johu Cr,ltln had n hg
hrokeii ami was so s.'iere'y k itltl.xl that
It is thought he will die.
Il is hinted that ow nig to thn biiliillty
of heavy Hoods at Yuma a proposition
will Im made at the next meeting of tint
difeelors nf thn Southern Pacillc to build
n new Hue a few inilee north of mini mi
higher ground
Work will Im started the i-'.initig tveeu town of Albu.uer.tie, unless, however,
on the Mes.cii'i I'neille tuur.mil (run certain persons owning n large nuinler
Demiug The rails are en mule from nf lot m nn ill..-r mrti.m nf the city,
Ti'iMjkn t-. Im usrd for the trm k. A aure n ight ti-.t tl.tttk it to their ndvantago to
go thia titiii'. W..rk will Im cuimencixl lot the tmtn build in an easterly dirtHJ
on the Uliil.iinhiiii end M thn suhie tune, j tioii. Thn Terra, e ddilion Improvo
Superintendent .Inline, nf the Pres : ""'ht ' "mpiiiiy bought t h'N promirtv nt a
cott and Arioim Cmifrnl railroad, has
published it, f,n ' Vtritl s hetlil'.- for pna
seiiger fares, t.. go into tiiTeet pril lat.
tinier thn new law Thn far.- frmn
I'rcseott to Pressitt .liui 'tioii is lite. I nl
l in.
large new lathe has lieen place I in
thn minhine Hh" of the I 'rests Ul A ri
roim Central at 1'riwntl Al.-i i-nn
now Uo turned end othur work dune
Which hits hereti'fnrn been sent to Mini
querque for Imk of auch innchincry
The grand railroad cuubum. which it
ih said that the ropri'sentatiteso.' certain
of the large western roaiU are trying t
make, would I to the worst hiii t tor llllltle
in tho history of American railroading.
1 1 is qut'Htmunbli) if it could he made
Auditor I.. II. Wilson, of thn I'reecotl
A Arioim Central railway, him left
I'lni liU for I 'rose it t via UlS AligeleH.
Mr. Wilmn. after attending to aou.it bust
iifHs in I'rcseott. will depart for Now
ork citv, expecting t" tench there iile ut
April ."itti
Cnnper llretnngo, tin iilghteen.y ear old
hnikemnii etiiployetl on the Great North
ern, while coupling cars at (i rent I'alls.
Mont, had his left arm caught U'tweeli
the humpers, criiRlniig it to n jelly ninl
leaving it attached to the shoulder by
only u few ligament?
James .1. S'ewnrt, the obliging llgenl
f tin- Present t A Vriotiti Central rail
road III I'retcott, passed through Ihecitt
last night for a month's visit to Inn niti
home in the east. Dana llris-d. nn ex.
peneticed railroad agent nnd telegrapher.
will hate charge of thn iilatmn during
Ins absence.
President Mantel ami Geue.nl Maun
ger I. ibiusiiii, nf the Santa IV road,
with ( ietieri.1 Manager Wheeler, Muster
Mechanic Ward nml lieneral Agent l'ul
ler, nf the (iulf. Color lido A Santa IV,
are malting a tour ( the romln in Texas,
in his way home President Mantel ttdl
pass through Albuquerque.
Dinpatchis of the '.Villi from Kansas
state Ihllt the worst llllliw Hltiilii nf the
M-asm, is raging ... that state. '1 he trains
fri.o. llu. i . . ... I i. It ... I.....
from the west all caliin in late, that is
thou' Hint got in id all, ami their crews
all hate woeful tales to tell of tliewenth
er. The count t from eastern Kausnirt i
Denver has ihsaiiiieiired under a hent t
fall o( hiiow ,
A. II. Weir, of ivos Allgeh'S. II section
foreman in the teiticn of the Su jlln-rn
1'acitic coiupaiit, has iiitenlnl an auto
mat..) car coupler. Mr. Weir's det
i . . ,. .
enema lo Is-Hiiliplii'ily itself. As aoon IH
the pin is withdrawn un iron hnngiug
bar shihst forward liy gratitnlnm and
holds the pin. Wl the link strikes
. . ., , .
tt.Dt linr it r U and the pin drops into
the I sip, thuH iniikiug Urn ciinuectioii.
.... . , ,
II. Kinsnii, a switchman m the .Santa
l''e yanlt here, has skipped out under a
cloud. He and wife h t to tint on No. 'J
for the ens., presu.unbly for' Ci ,gr
.. i .. , .
He oach a nninberof hills nun tit I an s
meal market for nlsiiit Jjn, and another
at Vt'eiller A Muiidell'sfor b. Ileowisl
. it. liassellii fnr house rent, but fas. ,
relit, but
found out that the riiM'illy iiwitchman
w us leaving and allached a Isn nf U'd
and other clothing lit the depot. Itrnsoli
has only Iss'ii in llm city n tittle titer a
lie. Hill nnd he worked the -ople quite
(.'oii'lnctor D.iBcoinb, one of thn popu
lar is. II cord manr, ulntoisou the Sinta
Fn between tliM oily and Silver City,
st ile that railrninl building is U'liig
quietly proH,'ciitis in southern New
Mexico, the cngtmsiri, contractors nml
force of workmen npMaring on thn
ground uui'Vpect "d to the inhabitants.
Tim road Marts from Wluioanter and
will lap the rich llnnoter mid other interest, in woolen slock, who shall re
mines, virtually IcutiiiL- Silver Citv out ' '"tU- "".v Itnnu through tho ntglect of
in the is.hl ami taking in the Fort llayar.l j
oiuntry. Dust night the citiyeiis of Hi I-1
terCitt met in mnss meeting ami will
pelitmn the railr.m.l cniiipany to cm
inenee construction at that place, llm
protest nf llm Silter City tsipln nIioiiIiI
Is- heedisl.
The liter on the Iturlingtoti road
crashed into the rear end of a slock train
four miles east of Sutton, Noh.j while
running at thn rain of llfly miles mi hour.
Il was snowing hard nl the time, aud the
llyer had two engines pushing a snow-
plow. The stock train waa not nsi.i by
the engineer of the passenger until the
trains were twenty feet apart. The snow
plow ran under six cara loaded with cat
.i. .i........... ,i i.. i... ....i.. i i... '
tie, throwing the i to the right and left
of tho track, ami the seventh car landed
on top of thn engine. Thn second engine
waa thrown twenty tlte foetal! the track,
falling on ita anle. crushing and instant
ly killing Kngineer KoImtIs, of I 'hilts
mouth, Henry Udell, his llromun, was
caught In the wreck, which literally
crushed his legs and arms and back.
Tlii-Hlnlus or Hie Terrnee lniirotr.
in n Compiini Aililltlon.
lelilor (.MXi-n s the city haa scon
i lit through their ' "iiucil t catisii suits to
im iiiHtiiiitisi against tint Terrace Aildi
, turn Improteii'i'tit company, nnd others
j wh " i lnliii hind between the custom city
litnita iin.l the Grant line, wo wish to
state to tlii- public Maun of tho reasona
j why sti' t. suits are decidedly against tin
interest nf eiery property owner In tin
liroliertv ow ner in thn
"t-l of otor twenty thoiisaml dollurs, nnd
will expend neii'ly an uiueh morn in
grading an.J biiil btig, nnd then placo it
on t'.n market n'l prices withn thn reach
of nil. The company will' 'fta'so but n
Htnall isirceiit prnllt in (.'inpariHiiii with
I lho 1'r"llt "f ,1',h",,l"'"l purchnsera after
the properly I. iih Is-en imnroved bv
etri'M railr.'ii.ls and residences. Tho aalo
niel improtemont of these fiMiihilla will
bit of iinmeniie niltai tag-t to the city, aa
it will bring in outside capital, which
this town i ertninly needs. Doea any one
suppose that thn mesa will improve ory
fast, or that a linn of electric rond will
be built to It, - Unit it could live after
it was built, if a miln and a half of desert
naml lulls' along its hue are wrapied up
in litigation.' Now. Mr. Kilitc, It has
lilwiys been pointed to with prido by
Tin Ciiii:n that tho tssinlo of this
town were aim ist a unit in their willing
tuvH to contribute fur public, improve
ments, and in their ton mid energy to
push the city ahead, w ill this dog in tho
ui.uiger siltcy hatn u tendency to
strengthen Una unity or otherwisef Tho
town has waited eter since tin corMira
tion for Home one t take the initiative
in iiiiprnt nig the sandhills, ami now
when etlnrtrt are made in Unit uirection
a few r-orehead.i whose real estate Ilea In
another part "f thn city would prefer to
keep it in thn courts n number of years
rather than see the town build in an
easterly direction, or to let a coliiauy
iiiako n few dollars by opening thoen Iota
(or actual homes If the title to tlieso
I. Kills IH quieted, 11 short tl Will SCO
II. i in cover.', I with houses, anil the edi-
I lnf"'l in the I enn'. rut of a few day s ago of
' w,"', ""' ""'"'ills and mesa will look
; like ti ii years hence, will hn in a fair wny
I of realization. Our company wna a I way a
' ttilliug to M't aside u number of blocks
for pubhe parks ami other uses, na soon
JasHomm had jsiwer to nut on behalf
of the city, ami ilmihtlcsti other owners
I of adjoining hinds would be willing to
d ' thn nu but, if tins city thinks it is
time we hud i.orn. i "internal dissensions,"
I and have pleii'y neire money to put into
big ditches uml law suits, why, "thn cry
Is un. and wn will lalm our chiiiirsut nf
,.,,,,,,,, UHgood r till,, us tho city of
lliii,Ui-r.iie tests oil.
Ti.uiio i. Aniuiij.t Imciiov kmkm Co.
i on tiii: niii'.ki' u.iiNKu.
.ett l.ittt fur tlte Protection
Is lie e 1 1 AenliiMl IMteaxe.
Si'ilioii I. That henceforth any and
i all persons, couipany or cortsirulion, own
mg or i.oiiimg stock nn slinre-i, such na
"heiq'. K'ats. etc . thai may pasture any
. fh'sqi or gouts in this territory is hereby
r..qire, o,MUl.ly with tile risiiiiro.
ineiitn of thexfollowiiig sectmna of this
, 11 hI"1" U the duty of any
I permm. company or corporation who
,,1U ,.t,. r ,,wii r hate any sheep or
f goata on bhnres, to dii all of said slock
Istween the llrst day of June nnd th
I :u ,Uy f N.iteinla.r, ami ush in said
. pr.-'ess all tho ingredients required to
lt'" t the cum of scab or any such innl-
" ,' , i11'" ''"V"!"-' , ,li,l,i"'
""all be executed ni tho usual milliner
, ,lHr,.,. ,fr j ai umwn f ehe,,p.
Sec. :i. Any person, persons, company
mcorsiriition, party or dirties having
..i .I........ ...i I ... a i , I .
7V" l7,ra.:
l-utility uf a misdemeanor, and uikui
-.t '.mi .in. i,iii iniifiin i.i win. nu. niinil
'out ictv.ii thertwif, ahull n puiiishod by
a linn nf mil It-sH than ?-V) nml tint more
than j-fti. ninl thn costs of tho prosecu
tion of all mailers and things required
in hind case.
Sis-. I. That tisin lho nllldavit of two
couis'leiit persons, tho justice of the
peace or any other court of cumiMtiont
jurisdiction, shall issue n writ, or sum
uionu against any erhou or (saraons, oum
puny or coriKirntiou, who haa lmn re
ported to said court n having Infringed
against the ri-iiuirmeuts and provisions
of this act, arid said isiraou or pormns.
company or incorHratiou shall be tried!
us now provided hi miicIiciussi.
Sw Any person, persona, company
Ur isirporatiuii, who arnownera or having
in section .' of una act. nan! issrson. tstr.
sons, company or rorisirntiou, no Itefog
!',Um ",,M,.V ' citb in thsiir
..... i.-i n...... .,,.i i. ... nvilllll, Ullli
shall 1st able tt- recover from the parties
owning said Mock that have not I men
i!ipHwl as provided, in siction 'J of this
net, provided, however, that tho party so
olfiillded, shall give thirty tlaya notice to
any imtsoii or persons, company or cor
poration that havn lint complied with the
requirements and provisions of section 'J
of this act, to comply with thn same aa
protuhsl, and if, after audi notice, par
ties mo untitled shall fail to comply, then
anil in that etent, the partic so olfend
isl shall have a right uf action against
ttm parties mi failing
Sec 0. Thai uny funds t l leottnl from
tines or M'tialliist an provuletl in thia act
aH be pant ml" the general treaaury of
thn county where such olfensn is com
Sec 7. That nil nets and parts of acta
in conllu't with this act are hereby re
pealed, ami this net shall 1st in full force
and elfect from ami after ita passage.
Approtod Feb. 'Jft, ISM.
Snow is up to tho second story win
dow h in Lmh Vcgaa,

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