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Albuquerque weekly citizen. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1891-19??, April 18, 1891, Image 2

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Ai.nugi.,KUoirK7'Xnt imh, i mm".
Kon' OKiooiiNriiooi.M
AlbuiiUeru,ue it now on tho way lo u
1 .....! I I- I., i .-.I ..i
7 ' ... . ( ,, ,
Iiv niiv ultf iir llm nin.i nivn Iti tli.t Tul
tl Htntcei'.
A law of tho hint legislature provided
It. . I I . ..! .I.,.,.l,l I..
' w - '-rf
nn iuileMndonl echnnl district, and
should bit endowed with lowers which
permit It to tin priicticully,whntover may 1
lie necessary to glo the people of such
clly a modern publi'i h'IkxiI Htslcm,
thoroughly up to tho level of tho best
and mnet prcgrcesitc to bo found any 1
where in the country. AlliuUorUo lie ,
copied llio conditions tm-cil hy Iho
territory, und nt the city election hold
Inat Tuesday iho elected a full li:inl of
education, to tNko charge of nil tho 1
Hi'hool interests of the city. Districts I 'J, I
ami 'JO. therefore no I ilk or havonti ox
intiitioo uh hohool illf-trlctfi of tho I' tlllt,
hut nro all uifrk'oil into thn iuiloponilout
diitrict of AlliuiUoriui', to ho k'umtihiI
and I'lintrollod b tho huanl of i iluentlmi
chnti'll Uy the olU'li'tH of tho cit iluj ho 1
furo yoMtorilii . What tho ilutun ami
jmiaoih nf tliiw Ixinril nro, thn torritonnl
law ';i!icitl iloclariH. hut Millhv lint
thin tiiuo lo wax that thi)H ilutii'Miiro ot 1
liMimn oiiipuk'h, niul tin -M' (iiuvith aro
hroitil I'liiiii'h, to it-runt tho IhinmI of
odusnlluu of Iho t'it to iln practical!)'
whntovor it ploaMU tmiilMiin'ii thocnuuo
of iilucatliin .villilii tlio liiiitlx of tho city.
In roforniiK t" tho torritonnl law with
rivaril to tho i mrr of tho Ixinril wo tint
thai iL iti iiuttiiiriyiul.
l'.rxt. T..roc..ivothoH.r rap.taHharo'thi.way fi.rtholn.i.nph of tho l.ohow-r
of IhoKouoral thno mill la that would , i n manner tlo.t uppoaN irnwut.ihly l..
Im.iIiio t.i tho Hotoral xrhiol ditrictH I , ,lllh, llf th toru.l.Hl.
withi i tho oil t unilh, aci-'itiliu' toni'iixd , , . .
jKipulnlion. luo iliM'iiory nf a larijo iiuiuUt nf
SmcoihI Thnt it hax xiwor to levy in ' i.uiiiuiii'h in a M) al tmiib nour 'I'IioIk-h,
additmn to Huh, a iliitrict lax nf llto iiiiIIn ' lo.'t'thor w th historical niHcripluniM of
ou tlio dollar for tho uonor.l fund that ,(, (l(lH (lf Ml wni,.H tl. Ild.lical
ih, lo pay Hahine of tour hor, for furn mi- , ... ., . ' . ' '","u",
mt; huIiiniI I.oum'h. f..r fuel, and forothor ",",,,'t "f ' "-"'"tS of tl I, ,1,1m,. of
Konoral oxM-nxi h I arm-1 from the lnuidinfn of tho I'har !
Third. It hai p iwor to icniio IhuiiIh to ...h,.. Wiih the hiHtorical htatt inontH of !
l,t:7v ;;-; T"ru,l,t '"T,M w
inut, to In. UHod for tho purporo of pur-, l,,Hl,"T miciont h,pt, llildical
chaiini; hHim and oroctim; liuildmt; for , fludoiitH will hao ro.uon to Iiohi that
pruHoul iKiard to ihuo IioiiiIh lo tho
amnunt of iiiuett IhiiuHand ilollnm
I'ourth. To let) an annual tax mi tho
property of the ilixlnct for ei much uh
nmy Ihi nt x-nry to pay the it toron'. on
the Iminlit iKHUtxl, mid create a Hiukllig
fund fur their redemption.
It ih a I--., protuleil in the territorial
luw that nil liiu'-i i in (x mii 1 1 f,,r tiotatioiiri
of the x'iiiil htatutrH, hIiiiII ui into tho
neli'kil fu'l, ni:.l tin- urnn-i aueiuul to
I'iMvod for nil luvtitin graiiteil for tho4,l!"r f"r one )eur, .f the county or dm
nil. i nf lnuurn triutrnx iniinthf, Iln-m ner in the conn
A Houietthat careful ihtunate, biiBetl,'. "r dmlru't of properly taxable for
upnn tho proHont taluation of tho prop , "Hier than efhixd purHWoe, and wlm
erty of tho t il), iiutl tho umount roceiv- ' -'"'H paid Iiixoh ou tho name, who
oil from llnee and Iicoiim-h ilurmg tho ( baa not Imx'u emit ictetl of -ui) infamoUH
i:ihI year, i-h.ittH thai the proHenl r-chiml ''rime, ih mil an habitual druiiUiinl or a
board will have an avuilablo rovonuo nf potHon living in a Htato of bigamy or
about thirty thmiHund dollum a j-nr, 1 i" lg"tny .
with imwor Pi ihhiiu hondx, for M'hixil 1 'I'biH proviniuii, uh net forth intholH.
boiifo purpoecH, tn the muoiiut of ninety ! ginning nf Hoctmu I, m-oiuh to le contra-
1 1 1 ( 1 1 1 Mil 1 1 1 1 llolllirH. W lib Hlll'll "-IIIKWH of
wur" at itn thxpuHiil, if wo don't have it
K' iiji I and creilitnlile publici-chool Hyxtcin
eHtnbliHheil during the year, tho fault
will rent wholly with the hoard.
The i 'w Hchixil b-mnl ban work before
it and work of a very iuiHirtanl charac
lor, which f ill tell for all tituo upon the
welfare anil progroHi of Albuquerque. If
the now Kuiiool -yeti'iii now '.oU.iut into
ox'ralinii hIiiiII bit cHtnbli bed on Iho
right Uiiiil of a Iiiinih it will do more lo
cmnincnd tho towu to the favorable no
tice of people abroad than mi) thing clue
wo can do, while on tho other band, if
uriy radical niixtnko ih made in tho Htart,
it In liable to take uh mini) yearn to cor
rect it. Hut the character of men cIiohou
to ctiimtltuto the llrnt board of education
in n hullli'icnt gunriuito.t thai iho work
will be carefully autl thoroughly done,
und that none but the bent modern
tnethodH will bo oi"ployod. The largo
powera delegated to tho board by tho
law under which it Ih organized lento it
wholly untrammelled iu lie work, and
give llio whole matter into itn IuuiiIh.
On the priHutit valuation of tho taxable
properly of the town, Uiiiita may Ut
hulled fur mIiimiI Iiuupo purpoHOH to the
umount of nlxuit ninety thouHiiud ilnllnrH
anil that huiii, properly iiiveeti'tl, would
equip uh with K'luol houBt h for ton yenrH
lo coine hiiiI it ih ucccetinry thai in put
ting upHiich building wo nbould take ac
count of the future, and not content
ourBolvoH with providing facilities more
ly HUlllcieiit foi to day, nnd Hiiih make it
nocoHHury to tlo tho work all over again
in a )cnr or two.
In regard to the p.-opor courtui to be
purHUod iu Him matter two or three pinna
have been HUggimti-d. One Is that wo
ehould put up n good toml building in
each ward for a griulod eulitKil, and nn
other Ih for putting up a mialler and
clieiix.r building in each ward for a pri
mart school, and one lino largo build
lug near the middle of town for a
central grudeiWehool.for the accommoda
tion of tho larger children from all Iho
wardx. Dither plan would be good, and
we proeumo the board will give to there
mid till other nugiiontiona that nmy bo
made, careful coiiHideration before it
dellnituly decidin Ukiu any lineof jxdic).
Iiut however the detailH may Im finally
arranged there ii one (xjint that may be
regarded us nettled, und that is that we
hluill huvo it good modern public H)Htcui,
Hint will he crt'tlitable to tho city, and
furninh ample cducallonal facilitiea to
nil the children In Hie place.
ltoferriug to the rood now building up
the I'eeiiH valley, and heading for thin
city, the ItoMwell Uecord auys. "It will bo
tho mot important road that Albuquer
que a ill have, and will give to that cily
n tlogreo of pnHK'rily that can hardly bo
wtimatod." And there in no doubt of
tho fact (hot the ronil in queHtioti, which
in now actively puidilng this way, will bo
n very potent factor in tho building up
vi the city, not only by reason of tho
i fact tlmt It will lend lo tlili olnt thn
trudo of one of lliu rlchMt nnd ronst Im
portant sections of tlio southwest, but
nlao because the southern exteuslon of
tin Hiii', which In to ho undertaken as
h ni UN llio toml s coiupletixl to Albn
iintit)ti, will give uh n direct out lot to
: "
tln (lulf
f Mexico, making tin in hear,
t- hi It ulir n K'iiiM;ih or Mt. Imi hJ
mid several hundred milt ticurcr Hum
ii'ini'i ihi i. tui' i iwpi viiiier ninu
" ''n-i'n ih i-iiiipiiiui
'' lllllllk'
i i. .. til hi.. i..
'oho of tho Mtruiifc.'cMl iirrfuiiiKiitx that
ji'ouhl ho protcntoil to tho Denver A itio
i (Wainlo in faor of tlio oxtiiiNion of that
I no down Iho riser to Huh city, Iiooiumi
tlio IVooh road, ruiiiuiit; from Aliiuiiior-
iui to Ariiiimix l axii, wilt conHtiluto, in
'innivtiiiu with tho 1). A IS, (.. tho
ihortoxi route from Uonxor to tho uulf.
'I'hoto m imt a ilouhl of iho fact Hint
ii'ilh theio hiii K will ultimately Ni coin
pli'toil to AlhiiiUoriuo, and when In run
iiiiik' order tho principal lino from Don
tor to tho wit will ho hy way of Alhll-
U.'ri,uo. ,,n. tin. p nut ill then l. th..
Kri'in linn ni ooiino ooiwoou ino ureal
interior iliHtrictH und Iho (lulf of Moxico
Tho Peon valley road h olio of tho iiiuhI
important of all the linen now projii tnl
to AlhtiiUtriuo,nml it HtaudN tin in hnnil
to do all wo can tu hntoii 1(4 coiiipletinn.
r.itn 1 tiii: 111 111, c
It H a hi iik'ii lit r ill K'iiMitniii of I'roM
1 'leiico thai an 1,0 ehiiractorictl hy n
N-rnuiiiK' iiiditferonco fnrHcriptual trullii
hIiiiu Iti lune liien ri-ciTMil for tho iIim
; emery of praclicn' omiIoIicok of tho tfoii
, ililii'iieiM nf llilihcal MntcuiouiH. In 11
lex priu ti. al iitfo tho autliontieity of tho
1 Itililo uhm ovuloin'oil hy tho epinlural ill
I tuition-. if mankind. Hut in Hioho unit
t tor nf fact lunrx I'mviiIoiico Iiiih navod
III ihU ui i our l U 11 V unit ll.nl Hi..
M'rM nf intollik'oiicii mil co.iho to iuin
iiii tlio HfiiTi'd tnithi of Holy s rit.
m: J hy
I'lie new jury law ih iiuto a chungo on
I tie iild uric, h,i)h a tnrriloriiil exi'liaugii.
''nliTit a juror iimM bo a male citi.on
"f tlui I'lill.'.l SiutcH, ner tho uuo nf
twenty niie yearn, of m.iiiuI uiiiiiI, who
tii.H bi en a bona lido roxuleut of tlio tor
.li.'toil hy what followtf in iho name hcc
t ion, itliich iu that "every uinlo cilieii
p HHi-Hxing at tho time of lux nelection nil
tho pro reqtlinKot of ll quablleil voter
under the Iuwh of HiIh territory, xliull In
a 'iiuililitti grand or ix-tit juror in Iho
county from which ho ia drawn, mid
xhall nbo bo qunllltMl an a grand or petit
jtirir in the United .Staled ilmtrict couit,
for the juilieud ilmlrn t in which he re
The llrnt part of tho 8ollon hihuuh to
I'hiinl) make a property qualification,
f ir nerving iih juror, Hie eecond eoetun an
plainly to tlo away with n property quid
illcation. Thin writer in not enough of a
Juwter to reconcile the two.
Tho following ehiHHxt aro diaqiinlillcd'
All oniceholdere, Ixitb niitiounl uml lorri
t irinl, except notionl ibrecU)rH autl notar
'ex public, nil practicing phynicimiH,
lriu'giH'.n, nltornpya nt law, minUtorn of
'ho goHpol, tonchorH iu iiiRtilutioim of
learning, editor, nctunlly engngetl in tho
work of publication, mid all Mreonn
over the ago of nixtv vearn.
OI'i: Till'. NTHKKTM.
Thero ih a preeeut necetuuly for the
njH'tung of two or three moroatreeln
in'roix tho railroud, and that ueceHnity Ih
iiieroaning overt ih.). Frfipociully ih thin
tho enno in iho uorthtirii part of town,
Chore h only one cronning lotween Kail
mad uvrnuo and the mountain road,
which Ih frequently the cauwi of grent
inconvenience to people living or doing
buHiuoHR hctwcfh tl'imi M.int We are
iinablo to Hi4 any good reason why there
hhoultl not Ihi croHniugM at all tho ntreota
north of l.'opH.'r avenue, because thai
part of the nil I road beyond the vnrd
luuitH in not lined by the nwitch engineH,
iiml there ih but a einglo track to crone.
The new tilt council ought to take tho
iioceeanry etejiH to eecure the right of
way and have the utroetrt referred to
"pciim! through from one nido of toA'n to
tho otho.,
TIIK fr'Allt.
It ih high I uuo now to liogin active
prepnratiouH fur the fair next fall. The
uuinplota eucceOH that attended tho ox
hibitiou IiihI year nhowH clearly what u
roneoniiblo degree of activity with good
innnngetueut can iiivnmplnih. Willi tho
progronit that Albuquerque has made in
the pant year, anil with the oxpcrieuoe
which we have gniuitl from former falrn,
we ought to Ihi able to have thie fall a
ftr iM'tter exhibition than has over before
boon held In tho outliweHt, Iiut nd thie
I aken work and time, and the sooner we
tn'gin the better the preparatluna we can
make. The ooplo of n largo portion of
the territory now regards H'o Albuquer
quo fair an the event of tho your, and we
want to hoc Huh fooling enlnrgeil nnd in
tensified with enh recurring exhibition.
I'lioMiuio.s iu the army U not no i low
nflor nil. Though Inn torm of olllce ia
only half over, I'roeidont Harrison haa
already appointed uuo major-general
niul eeveii brigndlor-gonernla, n greater
number of general olllcora than I its been
appointed by any other prenident since
the oloea of the wur.
Tina rllv nnd county will noon hnvo
gtxxl solnxils niul goo J wagon roads, ltl
tlio boom go on.
,M'ihm nrtcainu well It in operation at
Itwttoll. Thla la i' nidus vii prtxif that
artesian, water can be rcAchcd anywhere
In thin trrittr.
j Tiik I'hloride Muck Ibnige hii)h. mAi
i Min iii'ru in i ill iicreo r urnoi ui ht onv
lit ,. i .i
, OlCl'llntl, HIIU I III
Doming Headlight. ,
tthtod Ij llov. II.m, Kiyn.loo Saint in n)lim)r, Mr. IVId m.y huvo toIoJ for
..,.il nuiii for iniiyor. M-..Snli,t. IimI f Mr. Siilut votwl
Tin now licoiiKi law ihh intn oltoct for Mr. I'iold.nnd U'liitf tioxt door iii'IhIi
ill Huh lorritut) tho llixl f inx t unnith, Ixirx mid warm imtwiiiiiI frli'ridx, it la
mid nil thiwo who iiexiro to cniitmuo in prnhnhlo tlmt Mr. Kdld relumed the
tho lnUir huxii,ohn will iKi'.Miiipcllcd to courtm).
pay their lu'oiicc 111 iiihiiuco fur huh ' liooii IIU'.A
l',r' It ha U'oii proHiHol to form 11 local
It M. Ilutiiut 11 im iidiuiralilv .tialille.l IIIUI) t AlliiiiiioriUo for Iho pur
to diN'hars'o iho dutiomf i le'h of Hie 1 pH.o of extondin Iho lino of llio Denvor
new H.-hi.il ImmiiI. lie li a xtonnk'nipher, ,i :, (!f, rin from itn prononl tor
typo writer, k' xxl pi'iimun mid a repuhli ,, ,tl ip,,,,,!,, t0 mix city. And the
can doMruirf of any lo.n .r tin- xxipo ,,ri(H. Hm.mH t H, ontliolv feamhlo.
L.(, l.()lfl,f ,, ,,
Tin. IouuIin of llrtinor captured thole town put up hovciiIv llvo thousand dol
puhlicmi pruuarioM mid uomiiiiitod a lurn to In. urod uh n donation to iho
ticket. Tlio l)i'tier Kepulihc iti and tl.o 'I'rim'o road In eiiocurnuo tho extoimion
bettor chiurt of citieiii ii ii .11 Iln ir ' nf tlmt Iiii.i to lbiiiucriue. Thoia ix a
Hidifc'imti'iii niul heli'd ili (eiil tno com-1 uood do.il leoro 'vealth in Iho place now
bine b) overfi,U uuijonlv. tliiin there waa then, and if we cou'd
Ah a political fiiclor tho mhIihui i "", 7".t al that t me, to l. uiven
Ii Hiutt itn urin in Huh tun ior I'lm hiuh
territorial Iicimiho after llio Ixl of May
mil re.lui i' Hie huiiiIht i f the hmIix uh,
and in llio Milne int o to Iiko the p j 1 1 1 1
cal inlliii'i f Hie .. inir iiiterciit.
Tin. Kan Marcud Kep-irter remarlt:
"Joe. I Saint Im-. lioeli ciit'tnl liin)orof
Mbuiueriiio over Mike Mainlell, tho
deuiiiL'ratn! c.inillilate. Tho U porter
t-'"""'lullk,','( ,'" " "f All.u.uor.Uo
,iMn ,,H w ""' ''' ,u ''"''
tii.NMtM Ai.umr I'iki.iI,.. t.. .,urn.
. , , ...
oil head of (ho Mhh inic f. ..tori.it nf tlio
,'f,l rinl (' iiiiiiutiiiior nf llio
ScoUihIi Itito Maxntirv if Iho Hiuthoru
JurinliL'tuui of Auioncn. .,ul at h h uuo
m Wiwhmt 1. ( ., a fw dajM-u'o.
Tin. Hiirprixinu' roiuhh,'nii victorim in
municipal olo.'t.otiH nil nor llio country
" - 1
iloml lioit fall. Iiut t-l . puik' It Iiiih ho-n
aroiiM-d to tho nivd of in 'iuii, and tho
ropublieau part) when arout-eil ban never
met defeat.
I Aulo.N t, for her populii'inii, ban given
jibe largent I'lititriliiitum to Iho World'H
I'uir of any hcctinn of iho Unilixl .Stat-Ni
or , my oilier i itr) f..r mat uoitler. It
iilii uitilH to .VI centH p.ir lie.nl fur every
man, woman ami child in the territory,
Indimix exeepled.
1 1 ih a Mguilkuut fnoi. anil i woilh
lioi'piug l.eforo Iho peop'i , that during
tho tlrnt Itt.i te.iri) of ('ietelaild'H ndtlilti
iHtllitii.li the public debt wiih riduced
1 1 1, Nil.: KM, wlierea-i iluricg the to
yearn of llarnx n',' aduiiniHtriitimi it luix
been reduced Ji",l ()tl.Utl.
Mil ,ll)ll .1. I.M.tl.O Mi l H Mill bo llio
i. w nor of mi exteiit.it . i hI.m k ranch, lie
ih folic. ilk' Vl ncroH of laud m uitli of
Atchinou which ih lo bo nlockcil with
cattle anil hogH and ih In toccive Hie ( t-r
hoiiul attention of Ibe ox ionalor.
Tut. coitiugo of Hilvcr dollurn will
coiiho lit law on the llrel of .1 uly. Tho
purchtoo of Hilvor will continue, how
over. When the coinage of llio dollar
"M,J t1'" ,U,,1,H wi" begin lu recoin the,!,),, nni practicable, and from the day il
HiilMudiary coim, in the treaxuiy, but, bo ;
foro Huh ih done, new doHigm will l ; vroultl have litixiuot-u cnotiKh to iiuiku tho er will be uble lo "pack" bin oree to umr
adopted for tho IiiiIvch, qiiitrtorH and Htck a goo investment. i "y Hie locomotive iimtcnd of the
diuire j i burro, and when '.hat time comes New
Tin. courtooUH limine! of Mr. Illume j A J.i: A ! tl'KHTIO.N. Mexico will take tho place to which she
like had He etloct upon KuroiK. and par-i N it neceHmiry for the new council to in entitled by natural condilioiiH, na tho
ticulurly UHin Italy. Tlio Italian new a- j ""'"-'I new cotln of ordinauceH for llio cbii f ore producing dinlrict of Iho couu
i.t.,rx iwiiv i.vi.rxM lm'mr in n imhitiiiii of goveniuient of tho city 1 Thiil'n o uuee-! lry-
the vexed quvHtion in a niiinner Hint i
hIihII Ut hoiioruble to Im h of the groat ,
niiti uih that are part ion to it, nnd that 1
ehiill leuvo their mioieiit fiiendHhip nn
hhhken. IIooni; county, Mif-Houri, Iiiih Leon for
a number of yearn without n liceuntHl
naliHiii or drum nhop within her border,
nnd )et the rectirdn nhonr tho ntiirtltng
fact Hint more putieuln hnvo boon eent
from thnt county to the inllruuiry at
Dwighl, lllmoin, to bo curetl of thu liquor
hnbit thmi fiom any tingle county of
thnt or tiny other atuto.
At'iiiuiiiNti to tho UfiinoHo reckoning
thti prt-Hont year in the yiar 7,'.illi,:HI.
The healhon can btt very iliniigreeabto
when they wihIi to iliHputo the I'liri-i-tian'n
theory of the nge nnd creation of
tho world, autl do up the nnnlorn men of
ncienco who have looked in the mouth nf
nature nn,l told the exact age of the
world by itn tooth of rockn
Ni w .Ikiihkv linn one of tho bent road
lawn of any stale in the Union. Since il
ban been in iqienitioti real cntate along
tho improved lnghwn)H him doubled and
even quadrupled iu value. The farmer
Iiiih discovered that the ability to haul n
ton where ho could only haul n half a
ton before haa materially tncreimt'd tho
productive value of bin Intnl.
Ji inicr. Maiii-vm, in the United Slatea
supremo court, has renderetl a decision
of grent iuiHirtnnco to nil Hluppern of
live ntix'k mid to all rnilrosd itunpu inert
which own atix.'k ariU. The purjKirt of
the dttfliaion ih Hint railroad compnnh
can not mnke u chnrge for "yarduge."
uml that they are required to furnish
Mutable yards for live Htock the name an
Ihoy aro depots for pneeengera.
Ai.ni'qrMiyt t keeps urging nnd plnn-
ning for the extoonion of the Hoover it
tlrando from Ivqwmolii to that city I
with a ilotoruilnntlou which ia worthy of
succtnH, and which will bring nuccisa at
nu distunt day. Thin extension would Im
of morn value to Denver even than to
Albuquerque, and it in one which cannot
bo too strongly urged upon the Itio
(Irando management by the butinesa
meu of this city.- Denver News.
Hi'Kakimi) of tho striking of iirtceinn
water at Koawell, the Denver Itopubli
can nays: "Thero ia no estimating tho
benefit that would accrue to Now- Mexico
If it should bo found practicable to
atrlko artesian water throughout most of
tho eastern half of the territory. The
climate of New Mexico is ao delightful
Hint liuoitrtMl of thouioiniU of poo pi a
would uinko thnlr hornrii thorn if I hoy
0011I1I II lid the tnontu of mippiirl."
Tiik Mnnta I'V Nun ilooto ooimldorn
liWmo to N01II II, Klrld, of IhU city,
mid roHiU him mil of Iho democratic
parly. Tlmt pnp.T iii'tunlly Ulloveo Hint
thn republican victory in thin city In
duo lo tho fact that Mr. l'io!d votnl for
Mr. Kalut, In tho I'uutth wnrd, where
Mr. I'iold roxid", nix di'iuooratla volon
woro I'Nnt with Mr. S,ilnl' nnmn fur
Alxiut two joarn nun Iho imoii1o of Iho
"ay oiiiriciii, it it not ui.roiiwiiuil'lo to
Ix'huo that flUt.HVi could reiidilv tx. i-e-ciired
at linn limn in pn llit-ir for Mock
in an onlerpruo whcli ih i.lui'M uhm
hltelv cerlliin In he prolllablo frum tho
h f Iho uiiiht prouiiiiont citiei,x of
Albiiiunriue, on tlio ix'c.iHiou of a ixit
tilfetivor not louu auo, hud a ccnverHii
t n ill with tho pnxiilo'it nf tho I). A U (I.
company, with n f, rotiCH to iho exleiihion
nf the New Mexico ilivixion l.i tlux i.hu
and wax mfiTuieil b Unit nl1lein that if
a In 'ui .itLM'-i.iitiiiii could ho elfe 'lixl
'id iiru.'i"i.atinii could ho eHe'lixl
for tl.o purpotto of umlertakli g Iho
here, for tbo puriin. of uiiilcrtukn i iho
w..rk refer rod In, Ihh enuipant, wlnlo i ol
prepared t i take bold of tho ontcrprieo
I'eclf, would do mijthinu praclicidile to
II) rcaxon of Hiibetiluting the
for the ii'irncv gauuo on nil itx
maul liiief. that cntupany now Iiiih on
hand a very largo nuatitity of narrow
gaug.i nialorud for which it Iiiih no uho,
and wo are iiHMiiretl that mi much of Huh
lit mikdit l o n.'.'il.'il to build the lino
fnun Kxpunoia lo AlbuiUoriUe w.iuhl bo
tleltteretl to a local compiiny on tirmn
which hiicIi nn orgmnuliou could rmthly
tneel.an.l woulil
agree to operate tlio
roa'l w lien built.
' I'rnctiimlly, then, the only - iu ntmn in
the grading, mill it ih cMhnnti il by men
who lire I'omi'olonl. Ii jutlgo ju the mat
ter, (hat the lift) eight nuhi noctuin
winch ih all that remaitiH to l.o graded
bettteeu the two puiitH (null Im made
roa ly for the lion at a co-it of not exceed
tng 'J,IMI n mile, or $HlilXi in all. Of
coiirko there would lie ineideuln: ex
HuoH to meet, ai.d the l.ilnr of laying
the track, but tf.MM.OM ut the outHidrf
would Im Hiilll-'ieiit lo cove' everything.
Oonvor, I'ueblo ami Albuquerque are nil
equa'ly interi'Hteil in the coiiHtruction of
Huh lino, ami there ix hardly a doubt of
the fact that a btlle active i lfort in tho
IhriM iilacoH would very hihiii olfivt Hie
wile of it'H'k enough lo provide all the
capital requireil.
We regard tho project in entirely fenni-
niM ('(ml,i,i, to Albuuuoruuo the linn
l,, 11,111 18 iut pretty thor-
""tflily iiinounswl. Our opinion ia that
m"51' eouree t neceanry, nnU thin
neeniH lu !o the opinion alxo,
of nearly
all those who tuko tho trouble to investi
gate the subject.
When the incorornti(in net wasboforo
the legislature an iimoiidment wax ollVr
d providing thnt the ordinance existing
iu nny town at the tune of itn iiicormr.
lion ni a city.ahould reiiuiirciH.rco un
der the onlorgtsl f irm of goverumnot,
but Ihix 'Aim vcjIihI down in Iho council,
the opinion of tho nttorueya in thnt Ixxly
being that the ordinances passed for tho
gowrniunnt of a town, would in ro
many instances, fall nhort of meeting tlio
retuirementn of n city, thnt it would he
much Ix'tt.ir to lrnve the luw in such
I form iih to mnke it incumbent uinin the
tlmt council of n city to enact an entire
new omU Such being the cn.se, and tho
intent of the frnniorn of tho act U'ing so
clear, it Hoema to us to Imj very plniu thnt
one of the tlrnt duties of the council now
coming iu will Ik to inHtruct the city at
torney to make a new compilation of or
dinance nn speedily aa MiHiblc, adopt,
lug thoso wo now have to tho uhangrd
condition of nITulrH, and drafting othern
wheiietcr ueceeniiry to meet the broader
requirnineuta of a city. Of courmt, this
would involve Home trouble und InUir fur
the council and the attorney, but that
would Ut n very small matter na com
pnred with the risk wo should ooutinu
ally run in trying to act under lawa the
sullicieiicy or efllcioncy of which might
nt any lime Ut called in question. The
present ordinances may stand tho test
for some time to come, or they may not
wo ahull have ti take that chance but
if we take tho little time nnd trouble tie
consury to give ua a now revision, ndjust.
t tl to the enlarged wnu ts nnd powera of
'',u "ow order of tlilnge, wo shall know
i we aro riuoi, sou not nave in run
the risk of Uiiug defeated tho tlrst time
somebody chooses to teslat the enforce
ment of un ordinance. An attempt to
enforoe lawa which might bo fouud to
have no legal vitality, might give ua no
end of trouble and exenae, but we know
that city ordinance, regularly pnwted by
a city council, will Ih) valid and it In al
ways better lo take the aafe aldo.
Iris said that ainco tho execution of
Mnxlmilllan in Mexico, Austria has nover
had a minister to represent her lu thnt
nntlon. 80 far aa heard from our rlnler
republic has not experienced any groat
loss by the deprivation.
Prralilent llnrrloii' proolumotlon Id
rrunrtl to tlio Untiring Itabarle
nhowa that our ffurarnmant haa co Idea
f wfoUoninR In rfjinrtl totha matter of
roMrrly enforcing lu ilshta In lha
watora rrferrmi to, Thera la nothlog In
tho dooumenl In regard to th"thrp
mila llnilf or nnytlilng of that aort, but
it apt an t f lh lUhrlntf tea in a nun Dor
whloh nhowa to linulnnd ami all lha rwt
of the wor.d thnt we roenrd Hint aea aa
"one of our iIiIiik," jimt na much na
thn ("henpenko liny or tho MiHalnalppi
Tho proclamation itioteH from thnro-vi-el
hlnlutef of the United Ktntoa
which provl.lo that any portion found
Utility of killing any fur b-arinu ntnmnla
in Iho wntnrn referred to, almll be lliuxl
not linHtlmn fc.VX, nor more limn I,WK),
and Hint all vchi'Ih hiuommI in audi
work hIihII Iki neirotlun.l conlleonteil, ami
then procMxIa lo ivo notice that "All
Ix-rwiiix futiiid to U in' to have leen rn
hisI in any violation of the lawn of tho
United Sla'oi in mud wulefx, wdl lieur
roHtod niul puiiImIiiA nn nlxo'o provided,
acil that nil uwmi'h no ompluyrfil, their
t.icklo, appanitUH, fiirnituro and cnruixn,
w.ll I... Mured uml forfeited."
Tlieie if not liiig ludetlnilo or uncor
tain iibniii Iho pnHition of Hinuuvcrn
monl ou thin iuiHtion. Nulwithxtand
inc all the aruuiuon'H mid prjteataof
r t llntiou, we uio fair notice to nil
tho world that Hie Hehrinu m'u iMilonua
t i uh, and that wo hIiiiII nrr.nt and pun
ihIi mi M.rn. n foutul uuilt) of violaliug
"tir iiiuh in thoee WHtetH.
r.xv ju:xiro ohi:m.
The I'll. -bio paper inform uh Hint the
n el'oie nf Hint place now rpcelve their
bi nt ore from New Mn.xico. und thn, the
receipt- from tho milieu of thin territory
' 'drcily eiiial IIiiiho fnun tho in i lien of
, "'"r"1"- If Huh im ho ulho, with tho
nnpirfict and iudirwl riuUiiy cuininuu-
lunllnu that I'ueblo now hue with tho
mii.iiig dmlrii'N of IhU country, could
alio not reaiiin.ilily oxpoct u very initrked
i "'renmt t f Iiuiiu hh from Huh country
, Wl"1 '"'tier und more tliriH't facihtirn for
reaching UY The AtchiHon, Topekn A
Sunt i h'o ro:id last )onr curried out of
the Mngilaleiiii diflri a '.VAX) tuna of ore
oter lifty Iouh a tiny -mid the camp ih
devr-lcping ho rapidly that Hie ehip
"""'iiH for the proxent year will aiuount
lo twice no niucli i,n tlio .unntity
l"li'ated by tbotiguriH given nbovo.
l'tiebl.i, Willi her ixtoin-ivo Hiueltiiig
ttorliH will reiubly iipprecialo the im
portmno of direct rndway cotuniuuic.i
lion with a country (Mpnblo of achieving
Htich roxul'H i.i tbti production of otot.
Sniiio of the richoat mid most pru.luc-
Uvo ilu.trictH of .biH territory have aa
yet no railway ointuuuicutlon whatever
Willi the outer world, but hnvo to trnue-
port heir ore i for tretanced ranging
from twen y lo eighty irdrn, by pack
Iriiinn or witgon, over inouulaiii roaue,
Hiiih rendering il iuixniblo to fend any
bui the very high gratlo oreH to mnrket,
w'' liuiMlreilii of thounnndH of Sou of
"re running iih higli hh forty to llfly dol
! 'llrM 11 1(1,1 H ,oft (,n Hie "tlutnpH," to
"wait llio lime when lmlter trnuHiorta
lllm faciMtiee will enablo the ownern to
l""id'" it-
I '"e lime In coming, and cannot bo
v,,r.v '"r "intanl, when nearly nil the dia
! '"" of thin cbarncter in the territory
Inppeil by rnilwhye, and the mm-
Carter Harrison won mayor of Chicago
immediately beforo Cregier, tho present
oneutnlwnt. iln went out of olllco leav
ing over two millions of dolUrn in the
trensury, ull of which has disappeared
uniler the present numinintrntion. When
thn present mayor wai nominntiHl by the
hoodluma for re-election, Carter's patri
otism proved to Ut stronger than Ids
democracy, and he nominated himself an
indnHndent candidate for the office.
Although supported by tho more decent
element in the democratic party he was
defeated, nnd haa since lcon turning n
little light on to tho democratic methods
ir. Chicago for tho information of the
public, deferring to thnoourxe pursued
by Iho pretent ndinimi'trntion nnd ita
cupporlers in the late election ho anya:
"It was in lino with it action for
the past two months fraudulent, in
timidating, corrupting and disgraceful.
Il wnn a revelation to roe, for I had never
U'foro attended the poll in the lioodlom
dil rids, wilder and more dhgraooful
orgicn, more besotted suvngeiy, nnd open
apHt.'ils by buyers of votes could not ex.
ist iu the most Ignorant of tie southern
plantation tlmtricls."
That in good democratic testimony,
and it Is fully corroborated by alt the
circumstances of the ens. The prceont
condition of ufTairH iu Chicngo is not
materially different from Hint which ex
isted in New York under the Tweed re
ginie, and the large vote polled for liar
riroti in opiioaitlon lo the "regular" nom-
,aoe of tho party, is a protest ou the part
of the decent, iHirllnu of tho democracy
against the hoodlum rule inaugurated
bv Creuier. Iiut. if tho resnoctahlo dem
ocruta of Chicago expect to redeem their
oily, they must join hands for tlmt pur
Iioso with tho republicans.
The river commiealouara have expend
el nlxjut 11,000 on the dyke near Ala
ineds. One-half of thla amount U provided
in river tax warrunta and the remainder
paid out iu cash by the county commis
sioners. The dyke ia not completed, nnd
thero am a uumber of just bills duo mer
ohnnta in this oily who aupplied mater
ial for trie dyke. Tho commissioners
ebould order tbo work completed, nnd
provide for the payment of Hie expense.
Thn expenso ia for Hie benefit of tho
whole county, and no on abould object
to the payment of legal bills. Thia olty
will necwarily bear the principal bur
dsn of tbo expense even if the county a
same tho whole tai. Thecomsibsionen
am fair-minded men, and all ntHortlona
that they a're controlled by thla ur that
man la f alee. Tho Democrat jreaterday
morning make an attack on Pedro
IVren, aaaertlng that he la opposing the
completion of the dyke by the county.
We do not Iwlleve any thing of tho kind,
That paper ia rabid in Ita opitlon lo
Mr. l'erea. and nothimr would hImum ii
omuchnafor Mr. Perwi lo onnonn thl
The Opllo cnlln ntleution to the fuel
Hint the extenrloii of the narrow gunge
road from Kspnnolu to Mania 1'e Iuih
never' paid. Of course it d(Ma not pay;
neither would an extension lo Las Vog
aa pay, but an extension to Albuquer
que Ih another mntter altogether. A
road could not bo oxouted to pay, that
might run to tiny one of the varlmu vil
lages of Now Mexico nnd stop there, but
coming to a city, which in tho distribut
ing iolnt for nearly nil the southwett,
and front which the surplus products of
the country tire sent to mnrket, is n
Iioim of 11 decidedly tlilTerent color.
a qri:KTiooK f.iu'itv.
Mr.-II. Ym OxUirne, U.fore the last edi
torial convention of Southern Cdifornia,
delivenxl tho following iu the course of
his address:
"The newspaper should receive Hie
hearty support nf every InminoM man
with the radius of its circulation.
"Next to the Almighty who mndo the
ami, tint vnlle)H and the muuntiiitis,
Southern California was inure Indebted
to tho neuHpapera for it growth and
proHrity than to tiny other agency.
Thore are men In ttiia city who have
grown rich fnun the growth of the coun
try, due Inrgoly to tho intelligent elTorte
of the newspapers, who make it their '
Umst thnt they never mlvertiM in rows
paiers. I itinsidnr n nierchniit or busi-.'
iits man who makes It a matter of prin
ciple lo avoid patronizing the newspa
pers whoselTortshnve contributed to his
wealth, morally a ilinlmtit'st man. Ho Ih
one of those who reaps where ho has not
town, and protlti Ukui Hint which otbera
contribute to maintain."
M.Hrof the gold that hnH Imen Koing
to hlirope lately U for rrnnco. Thla
soonm 11 lilll- mI... ..I... ... .1... .1.....1..
Bi.nn.u n l.nu .iii
soeniH a lillle siaguhir. 101 she nlready
poHwewn tlio largest gold balance 111 the
world the iitiiouut in the Hunk of
Franco on Mnrch With bolng 'JI3,l.'X,H!i.
taui.m; tiii: -itv 'K.Mfw.
The . I.atv ItrNprrtliiB llir ltrtUlx
tlr I'opulallnn for 1'lly In-roriisrnllnn
MiH!llOII 1. Hint HCUtlon HUH of the Mm leu, in oolor to l.ulil LI lire iiimxi ntiiler Ih
Compiled Liiwh of IrlSt, entitled "Mum ,,,.,,,;','?.,r.!'l,', .-r, ,,rA,',, "'-"I Hiintt
c.pul ,r,H.rnt.o..s," ,s hereby uinentletl tXti TAluTSi ZS$&
by str.king out the Words "three tin 11 '""I jonnre ftiiilier u .lni-,1 ll.xt tl, iiii..i-r.Uni
ilrctl" in the lirth no nnd Inserting Hie
wordn "two huudredi" nlso by sinking
out tlio words "two thoastnt " iu Hie
twenty fourth anil twenty. lift!) lines nnd
Inserting 'he wortU "llf teen hundred," so
that the snid section when amended
hIiiiII rend iih follows, vir.,:
Hectioti lOH. When Hut inhabitaiita
of any part of any county not embraced
within the limits of any city or incorpo
rated town shall desire to bo orgnnted
into a city or incorpurulod town, they
tuny apply by elitlon iu writing, signed
by not litis than two hundred of thoqual
itird olt'Ctora permanent roeidenta of the
territory, lo bo emtiracetl in Hie proposed
city or incorporated town, und who hnvo
ntthelimoof presenting audi etitioii re
Hided therein not lees Hinu six months, to
tho bourdof couuty commisionemof the
proper county, which petition shu II do
tcriUn the territory proxDot'l lobe em
uruceu 111 aucn city ur incorporated town,
which shall not exceed one and one-half
miloti either in length or breadth nt the
time of fncorMrating, and shall hnvo un
noxeU thereto an accurate description and
map or plat thereof, nnd slate the name
proponed for such city or incor
porated town which said do-
tition, denoriiition nnd man or nlat
shall Im llled in tho olllco of the
clerk of tho probate court, and upon the
receiptor b litl petition, IT propttrly sign
ed, the said bonrd of county commis
sioners shall order tho uhorllT of the
county to take nn accurutm census of all
the permnneut residents who have resid
ed in such limita not tm than six
months prior thereto, nnd return tho
aame to tbo amd board on lists, which re
turn uiun also lie tiled in the cilice of
the clerk of tho probate court: and no
corporation ahull be allowed to bo form
ed unless tho number of such inhnbi-
tants shall exceed llfteon hundred: Pro
vided, that portions of country contain
ing three thousand inhabitnuta within
an area of three tulles square, may em
brace within the limits of the proposed
ineortiornieu c
ity or town throe mileai''! .K.':f?" '"T1, Marci. rtalileu. htaidop, Union
square, and where tho num-
ber of inhabitunta amount tollvethous I
and, such city or town tuny embrace 1
xlll,In la In. Id n.ilx ............
i i i .1 ii . i .i,
vidsd, further, that anch citlea or towns i
shall be in rectnngulor form, und tho
widtu thereof .hall be nt lesst two-thirtl.
na great iih the length thereof: And pro-
tided, further, that the itetitintiere pro- j
v.detl for In th.- eeotlor. shall denoai't or I
cause to be debited with the treaaurer
..'..V'. i-ii..ir. i un.
iif tint eollniv siillloiiml fin. .la fill t. it .
willed lo ay the expeneo of mnkinu
audi census or enumeration, and no
couuty filial 1 be responsible foi nny K)r
Honor the oxone of taking audi con
nun c.r enumeration.
Heo. 'i. That all nets and pnrta of nets
111 oonllict herowlth.are hereby refienhsl,
andthlHact shall take effitct nnd be In 1
forco from nnd after itn pas) age.
Approve! reii. in, I w.u.
Terrllorrof N.- Meile;. rWon.l Ju.llcUl Dfc
J ' pr,Linlin,o'rni MV
J. t . UnU. nn.Ulnn,,,,
Clara fjinla, lltxintlent.
i.anrery lor uirurce.
Tlio anlil raatxinilMit. ('tarn linlf. la l.eral.v
not ifinl that a aull In rhanrar) luu Ix-eu com.
i tli IM.7r?rl urt l!-?!1: I
Isnfliire irf
menreii amunti ner in me
nxinifur ita-mauuo,
hr ail.l nimi.lalnant.
.li.i,rreaod illa.olutlon uf Dim mnrrUje Ua, eilal. I
ins Mwan llts ixuile hereto, on Id sr. hiii. I of i
uanuonmeni, ami lor muenti reiiari anil uuleaa
yiHi antar Tixir aaraiire in Ih eald aull In tl.
utile of lha rlaik ami resiatrr In rhanrarr ut
asm conrt, on or ix'iura oie nral Munilay or aiay,
lVI, tleere pro ronfeaaolherntn will he rwnUml
aaalnat ihi,
Cuas. V. HraT,
, i iera anu ntnr in I loucery,
. ii niniKHAw, miiiruor itir i tim
AIUD.Uiriue, N, M. March SI, lul.
Htockmen will do well to Hit their
Htock with me,
Llvo Htock Agent,
Trinidad, Colorado.
Inherited by few, In pure blood, fro
from lioroditury taint. Cnlnrrli. con
fuiinptlon, rlieiiiunllHin, Scrofula,
mid iiutiiy other iiiiiladlc.i Iwirn in
the bloixl, can Ik cfTcctually crndl-
cattil only by llio into of xnvcrful
' nllcraHvci. The ntiindanl atxclllc
! I'lirjMw Hit- one N'st
Known uml upproved is Ayer'8
Sarsnpnrllln, tlio coiiiimmiiuI, con
rrntrntrd extract of Iloiuliirn.i nnr
napiirilla, und other powerful altera
tives "I coiul.lrr that t have been
ntrral luitnlrril ilnllarV nxix-tiie, by mini
Ayi'i HaM.inirllla, ami wnnlit ulriingly
urgpnll elm are trouhlnl with Ument'O or
rli.'imi.tllf paint to gltr It atilal, I am mire
II wilt tin ilmtn Hrui.mrtit pwil, a it has
iluiir me "-Mrs. Juirpli Wotxl, Writ Plstli
I'MiBli, N Y.
Ur J. V Ktitrlit. nf Hmltlivllle, Tenn.,
"I reRaiil A)er' HartapArlllA a Hie
1t IiIixmI laritlrliie nn t nrlli, ami know nt
man)- niiinlrrfiil caret rflrrleil lijr Ita inc."
" Per many year I Am lalit up with fii-mf.
ills, 1111 trciitmrnt t t-1 11 u nt nny hfiirflt, At
IrtiKtli 1 ttat rrroiiiineliilril to cite Aycr'f
Harvtpatllta a tilal. 1 1II1I no, ami
By Taking
alxttit a ilium iKittlm, wst rnlnrnl leper.
In-1 liraltli - wrlcliluc xiiuul niul am
nun n I'l'lli'ver lu Iln- inrrll el Ayrr'iHans
IMtllla." - .l.niir Pell), Mine lloti, llrrrk
rmlilKC Cetl Co, (l.liiillnll. Victoria, Ky.
"My iilfi'o, Harnli A trr, wm for yean
ndlli ti-.l with eiiifiiliiiK liiimnr In the IiIikmI,
Alxiat K uinnllK nk'n the Ix-itan to tun
Ayi'i' H4M.ip.irill.t, nt..t alter hiking ll.rro
Ixittlfi win completely cured." K. CaOall,
V. M.. Ure, tUh.
l'rr.inl l.v tir. ,t I".
Atcr k ('n.,twrll,MuK.
I'llirll, i lmr,(.
.1 1.) nil liriiKiiUla.
Cures others, will ouro you
Mining Notice of forfeiture.
IVrrlturr of New Mexico, Ctinnljr of Ibrntllltn.
, To 1 Iiiiim j H. Nwlln. lUnUniln Walker. J. It.
I i!h.!"i,?nn H.r,V.!r "..A!rr I'- llsitli.il. Krnnk
M.l.lklii., William Xlnlii, JnmmA.Maln.Jacotio
j rJ
win" naiiosi mar lx knuwu or unknimn In His
",,,,,.,.','r,,,'?,,,f,t'" lr'.."l"V''t'llelreu:
fiiiit'niiniisi, nail inn lifln-HMltfiia sail
I rrrntntiMi.f wh nn.l nil t.f .n. l, it
ll x'r i l.n Imt .', or rlim, aur uilrriil in
nix inilllllK riiiini iii-rrllmlU'r iiipiiIIiiIiixIi
inn nr li.-ri-lir t,i.lihil Hist l.ntixnilt-il
one liijt.,lr.-,l ilullnni in Inlx.r nn.l iiii.riitenii.iiU
1"" will sliown men. full) lit tl.n rerlirirslii
filml Usrrli '.W, xvl, in Uo'i.lliri.rtUriH-iiiilir of
ilil In wti.l cntiiilj ..f lU-rnallllii) iiik.ii tlio
riupnn rxii.,1.1 no i. jiniuir.Hi niiiiiiitr claim,
liH-alid April J l;i, tin. Iix-nllim liire..f It
rrcunlisl in ll.x. . 'II, iHiitH Hint tin, llixNirilcr'a
!i,.'.r" I'l'itl'lciiuiit), sn.l l rlliixtpil In lliefixit
11 a liltl -.iNinlli nf Un. inixitli of lUilm Otnun,
In 4l.l rim tit) of lrr,nlll.i, Tt-rrllorr of New
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of llila liiiliro n iiiilnxl lijr , im fnll ur re
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tent. If )i,ti lniri- nti). will xromellie .riiMrtr
of tho iiilcrilMni unili-r His-liua ir.'l of ulj
Wti. II. Cllll.llKltH.
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Alliii.iifr,Ui'. N. II., April III.. IKM.
llen.liiuarter l)xirtinelil uf Arlmiuv tlltlce
if llio I'liief QiinrlerttiMtcr, l.t Anirelr. Cl
Man-It . txtll. Mnntixl pruixiMile will Imrrceiteil
nt thU ullice, anil 1 1 thn ofllre of the QuarW
muterx at i-ucli of I lie sUtlnni lieltiw nanieil. en
til II u'rliK-k, n. m on Tliunxlajr, April so, 1XVI,
ami t.woeil lmmeilintel)r thereafter in the
prrw-iico uf tilil.len, for Die furiilntiina sail it.
Iier of fuel, fonwe anil itraw ihirlns the &m;b1
)enr rii.llns J uuo su, Irtrj, nt nulllary etatlona Id
tli Ih.rtmiiit of Arituiia, a fulIuw:-Kurti
Ainrlie, lluwie, llrnnt. Iluacliucs su.l Thomas
ami Hnn t'erliai, Wlilniiln I'arracka aail Tucmui,
A. T.i lorn An,rliM.if Han Dleiro tUrrnclu. lit.,
nnil rurU ltnvnnl. Hiantuti anil Winsnle, AIIhi.
Iiieriiiie anil hnnU I'e, N, tl, Prefsrouea siren
loartlcli-s of tlumentlr protlactiun anil tuanufao.
lure, cimilltli.in of otic ami quality lxlneaal,
ami Mich t.nferonc Kiven lo arliclM of Ainerl.
ran pnxlui'liiin niul inanufscture tmliice.l tin
th I'srlnr eiwpf Ui the extent of Ihe ronumk
...in n-iairri j ou iMiiiuc Mirvice umre, Ito
IHieaU rtr elll.sr cIum nr tl.e aiuuiIIm ,nnil
ur for miriillllex Im U.nn tho li,.le miulred, or
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hr than
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i-n.u.iiF., niriiM inairuciiuna ill llltllMirs anil
blank furm uf pmixwal will Ix. furuUtw-l on
ai.pllratlun In tlila ulllre, or to IImi Unartarmwu
rr" t an; uf the atatluna nainixl nlxite. A. 8.
KIMIIAI.1, UuKrlerniMUr, V. H. Armj, ChUf
, lleilniiurlrr leirtment uf Aritiins,Utttr
( lilef I inumiaesry uf rinlxli-lenro, I ihi tnele,
Cat., March 17, l-VI. rb-nleil pmixiMda. In Iripll.
rule, eulijnct to the uaoal cuiMlitiun will Iw re.
rele. nt IhU ortlce, ami at lh ofllc uf the Act.
nct'iiminleearlra uf Huli-l-tenci'. t the folloi.
Idk Dnme.1 xta, until U u'rliwk mxin. un Mnn.
its), April txVI. Hb.l liien opened la Iheprex.
enre uf hiil.teni. fur furnlalilns and tlellterlns
MH'liitititit!oof Kre.h lleefsuil Mutton, on Ih
ljloek. ssni.jr fhiin lime lo Dm In required at
Kan Dirsii ltnrnrka, Cat.. Porta Alxirhe, Howie,
Oram, lliiM-linm. to t-l I, Tliuintw ami Vsnl:
hum I srlfm kllll WI.Ii.i.Im ltArtia Art..na .J
Jnpe.iu.ixiy: ct,utreu ma.te uwtsr ilus adVVr"
tr-ni.-nt hil nut I niu.truoJ in inruhetha
h"1!"' lH,f.1? '." Wi'llati. n or i)ment In
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ine ..irMaw. i tie iiurerutm.nl n-errtox the rishl
..",... -I.., ine iiiiTrruiiii.nl n-errtea ID mill
'"r n nny ur all .mxala. Kull Infurmatiun
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fxrarHr.!."." m;,,?r'lC.ri."folnh
",( soil Mniton," or fur "Kre.fi IWf nnly," im
.''Vr ImL1."-' .hi 1 1 1 no ! ,v!d,'rl ''"'
!illllr(('- r. Department uf Aritunn, U Aiureli.
I I ION. lUAliutiAaTtiui Hai'taTHititT ur
I Ittlie I hlrf Uoatlsrmaa'er.
( tl.. March VI. IrVi. KwiIb.1
IXKHXla. Will III reealanl at IKIa ulllea nnlll ll
iiVluck, a. in., TlltHDAV. Anril -JI. Ixvl.anj
orxvl lmni.(vel) ih-ioafur In lha i.n-aVn
"',,''$ !'? 'J'run'lHirUtlnn, l
i'l.V 1.' ml'ttV!: i.l!
ear rutin
n--....im. .J
A r u.nn, y lulluw.; Iiona . Ytrnn an;
IMiini uu rai rtaui i i Kort llrant. Kurt TliomM
i nn.l Hjn ( xrl., A. T nn.l from hoi I (Jianl t
1 Xi"x "maaaiiil Han trl.-s m fn.in Kurt
I TtinniM lo Hn I arlt m llut-ra mi, .-.Kromasji
lV1,"rT.w,rt,lhK 1'
i' .S'TlUL'ltVj!
. K , , &n
on ral.nuut tu Knri Hiant.i. ft. u
Motrra o.
-Kriim W Inimle Htatiun lo Kort VlnsU, N,
M Ihim Nn, 7.-Krom any txilnt oa railroaii
In Kiel Ifaiinnl. N. tl. H, Je I ll.il..,,. ...l
botrtielliina to lililiUn, mi.1 blank furti?.fTnw
i '"""'"si en apphrallon lo'll.U
,.Vi-ir.!;:..n','',?,,,' Wuarlerma tor U. H.A,
( ill.f iji,M"rinii't.
v """'"""
I'llHTl UAIIIt.llliltMK i'e Viiiit u'l
OATf, N. M lli-ailiinnrlera Deiartmnt of
Ailii'na.Uft e i f Ihs Thief Unarterinaalee, IxJ
ANilJct.ax. i'Ku., March 81, IxWI rWaletl pr
x;.ala, III U.reo,4f tat thla ulllre ami at laa
ulhce.uf Jie Aellna AaaleU I Ouarlrnnaalera al
f aula Ke, aint Ki.rl WlnirHle, Kew Maileo, utilij
UiM'ltx k a. in. vVeilnixMUy, April W,HMI,atj
uoeriMl ImiiiMlintvly Ihereafler lu lL ireeent
hiiltlera. for tlm eiiiialmctlun ,r a l,i iinanl.
Ilixianat .Kurt Winnie, New Malloo. In ae
anrs wllh plunaauil aixtrlftrmtluna un Ale In l
olllees aUits named, at any of which they may I
examined, and InatrucUon to uliMen. ami liUnta
fur makin- pruixMla, ublslne.1, Tl.a loter.
ml5 rT?,.!rr.,!'C rl M rsJaetanyorallWda.
r-iirf'n.,.f5"A,'u WHarurmaater, U. H. Anr.
t hlaf (Jiartennaater,
AH. KM 1 1734 Uttswi toT, W9.

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