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Albuquerque weekly citizen. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1891-19??, October 17, 1891, Image 2

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Ai.ut'uiiKKqt i:.
ocr. it, iHin.
Mr. John I) Wallace, ol Mnnto Vistn,
Colorado, v lio vvnt in limn n few days
o, nave in a few Item In regard to the
striklnff of nrtcsinit water nt that lnc
which aro calculated to rniMiiruitx tm in
our efforts In tht saine direction A few
yearn iko ttify note just in o'tr condition
with regard to water every lody be
lieved they enuld K-t It, lint nobody H
willitik' to put up mom) f iniiiyli to make
the attempt. There wh nn itbutitliince
of witter at a depth of citfht feet jiit
about the sainc nn here ntul Ih-Iow that j
thoy found nllerniile strata of "adoU,"
and wnlet lenrinif rouinl, as fur iim nny I
drive wella had been Mink nlHiut fifty
feet and as each mu'feediiit: rtrfi'uui
was (tenetratisl lln witter rose u iitth
Idtthor in tlit pipe, cxnctlt nn it do here
Thin convinced thu people llmt ! tfiiiiitf
a comparatively short dietetic. Mow
thi'ir deeesl wells the) would Im able to
it i I water llmt would come to the stirfure, (
ii they rniswd ii tth money itud hired k
innll m III. M cheap olittlt t k'o to wolk,'
exectin: to have tn lain about tl rt I
hundred feet Am tho drill went dim n
Ihey found Unit as each Ht rut inn of clay
was parsed through tlit water from
ti cit 1 1 1 it came up n littlchtuher.nt.tl wt
tln hole cot to the depth 'f n hlllolrfd
mill live feet t tit water (lowed uvcr the
Mllflice. They went down fort) live feet
more, uiaUiUtt it hundred mid lift)' in all,
itud from Unit depth the water rnin in mi
inch mid ii Imlf pi 1 1' to n hcitfl'th of twen
tyllti feet nlov tin' itround
The fact that th.. eotiditi.ttiH existm-,'
nt Monti. Vmln nr. iiluii nt id.Miticitll t It I
huIDhiin thooo found ht-ri', Irniln Iim to ln
liee thitt the eJperit'l nf the uple
of thitt plkCH tt 1 n Im repeittetl hero. It
in hx'itlcd in I he Mtlloy of the kiiiiio riter,
the underl)init foriiiiitioti ik j j -1 tho
nmiiH im fur im it Iium Imii pent
trRttnl, mill nil other i-i.ii.lilniliit weiu lo
Ihi itleulicnl. There tire no a
Iillliilrcdn '
of moIIh nt lliitl point .Mr. l'iilinr mt)H
a llou.k well tan I m Mink for lift tlol
litrw, mnl Him num. of the Iiiiiihoh hi the
Iohii tinw hltti' their "Win Weihouhl
lone no tune in tiiukiu,; the experiment
nt Albuilieri)ile.
Titii.i. r.H'.M.
The K'raml jury mm in n'cmuii cull do '
atrtliirihle nerMi'o to the pohlic lit if
fUHlliK' to iMlinider tttf u-oritl of pott)
cane ttrowinit out of porxnniil or iieuth
Uirhooil tpinrrolH, mnl Inch tiHtinlly con
HUnio no much of tint timouf thn court.
Whom auuh cttJ nro t-ont up b) jiih.
tll't'ti nf the pence, tho olll.'erH rtpntiMi I
lile nhotild he publicly reprimanded h)
tho iiiurt. There are dojr.oiiH of ciiooh of 1
tho churnrter here referred to, nt every
wH.iton, which amount to nbttolutolv
tiulhlllU nl nil, )el liioiitiKih.. the nut
chiller) of the court for half tho time,
to the extiluBiiin of important liUHineMi,
and 111 Id IhoUHniidH of dulUr to the nt ,
pniiHOn of the court In (hcI, it uttellj
kin'Wii that in many rtuch inM'iinctH the I
ro.tl motive of the piirtieH ih tho per diem
mill mileuite ollowed the m itueHnoit
A httlo Htt) timrrel of M.nne kind tt ill
miike a pretext for having the whole
noik'lilxirliootl ituhpti'iinod, and often live
hundred dollar or more Iihh Ihhii wiutt
id in lime untl ften, and it will Im found
thitt the cane Ruionnt to nothing, and
tn ttiimy c anon it ih perfectly iippmeut
tlmt the rt'HH)iimble pnrtleo know from
the tlrxt there whj not hi tit; in it, hut tic
llberately "put up a job" to Hot n few
dollum out of the county for thomielveii
nml frieiitU in thn way .f wit nous foe..
Such trillimt w ith thn rourtH outtht to !
heverel) repritumtdetl, and if there worn
nny way to reach them the purlieu ro
hpoimibln for It outfht l.i be ptiniitlietl.
Hut thu itnind jury mtn at IoiihI mitigate
thn nuiaiuco to n Krent intent by refun
I'.iK to conrider uammi that are clearly of
tli it churncter.
A mi. tiii.;
Thn Women'H Chrmtiau Tetnperiince
1111011 of Now York hits juitt
"KoHolretl, That wo inoHt ittrdially
otonrtulhto Mre. France Clevelitn.l 011
thn birth of her tlituunter itud earnestly
lio mid trukt that uhe uniy iMMpHred
to rvar her up to wntnnnhood m vtaunrh
11 friend and an llrtn and feiirlnui an ex
ample of total nliittlnenco M uhe Iihh her
nelf provtHl when the waut thn tlmt laity
of the land."
Now, there ih no doubt of tho fact thitt
thn birth of a baby i a li'tu thine, t-hpoo-tally
in I he Cleveland family, and it ih
not ntrnrn thai Frances tdmtild cackle
rind (Irover crow becnino of audi a.)
event, but why ithoulil a whole conveii.
tiou of woiiien k lo rncklmit through
the anntcmtetl prces over notiietlntv tlmt
any 0110 of them could probably tlojuft
tvt well nn Mm. Cleveland, and which
thouBnndu of juMt hh uoh women aro do
iiiK every duy? 'J'he Woinon'H C'hrntirn
Tennernncn I'nion of New York ih en
titled to tho liritt premium for the wick
litt nam pie of kill) unobtx-ry that the
country errr prmluced.
In the niltUt of thn niterfit that at
titchea to other euterpriwHi wkhIiouIiI nut
lotte Hi(tht of the fuel that it ruilroatl to
the iiorthweitt is a rnntter of parntnount
importMiice If wn were utile to enrry
through to coinplelion hut one of the
vnriuiiH Hcliemen now on hand, thin is the
one to which we tdiould uivoo.ir picfcr
etice, for wo behove it will be of 11. ore
importance to Albuiunrtun than any
other one enterprise that hna Wen pro
jeoted. V must -fineinU'r tlmt thia does no
moan rueioly the huilduiit of a rmlway
northwo4t through Jeiuer. and Fur mine
ton to Durntitfo thouith the trade of
that country Mlnne, with ita iiiinrrl, its
coal, ita rich and varied agricultural pro'
duels and lis famous mineral spnuvs,
woultl Im sulllciout to ttuarautee a prollt
able buMtioH to the propos d linn but
it eiitiiillett far tuoro thnn tlua, and means
the construrlinii of what is to be a link
111 one of the most extensive and import
ant linen in the world, beiutt hii enter
prinu of no less maunitude thsu a cvm
tintiou lino of railway from ths extreme
northwest dime r of the stato of Vnh
Inittim tit Ae.lt U. I a r til.. ((..If f Im
,.. 1 J r x . ... tin' .... ... '
ItWI A. tl.ltt ttlat tt.ll! llffial IIIIIPM llruiWl'
of Inlituilo Ntid IiiohIIh 11 Krrnlcr rnriotv
o' prinlucln thnn any othrr rniUwy in
tin world 'I'o mikt" AiLuUifiuit tho
rciitrhl Hiint 011 Kilch 11 line, ntul tlio
point ut vthirli I'oiiitectiiitt Inn'" from tr.tt
nut nml (loin the went wi'l iiin-t il to
fjchiiiii;K pr till' Ii". Ik 11 IliittltT of more
iiih'ft"ii('i to lie, mill out' lliht nl tir
11 crrntiT liilltit'iH't' upon thn future of
the flt thliti nil) tilhrr I'lilerpriM" tlmt
uo 1 1 h in continiphitlon
If lh iiph of VlliUll)riUi ('nil d
rt'iilirti mnl nppri"'oit" th iiiiportiiiii of
lion t'literpm , 11 I'nrpH of t.tir i')orn
nou'il U' in lht lli'ltl. h'lilil:.' I lint'.
Iii fitn. In timrtuA niht.
w ATi:ii-uoitr. iiui hi.h
1 hi' nttwtt'i'li lh i-f 1 1 11 1 1 k. initio-)
tn llit'Kt lit ciillrd t 1 tho fm'l Pint tln-lo
m 11 dcliiHliil ill llitiiUMipli tn tin) fi r
nn iinli'ilnitH nniiilH-r nf ciinill ilwid 11 u'
Iiiiii-ikIo rent Mnl h) "hiiiiiIi" mo tin
t.ot ii'i'iiii 11 milt' i f (mo or tliroo r x 1 in m.
pitliUit'il ill mi 1 1 1 if t to iiiit.thrr tl h' iih
tho nit'ii.l otH .f in., fiitn.l) i' 111 hour
t'tot) ui.rtl tl al it. pjuli'ii, mnl Mlioli
oor tliinit tlmt n o.iton li tho other
hilt I idopiMldoi.t lllltl li'illl'od hoiHeH, lit
for i'iiio.l l'i.plo l.i lii ill Iih lite
i lo'iip mi l lit 1 1 tat 1 f it uoilornilH nro oi.oiip,
mnl Mich Im'UH'M Iim o refer to fit (1 ho
1 ti It lit tor) unit I t'i n, itiitl when Innll
will put 11 in'tl.T return tip hi in in'ttiot
iinilnl thnn mi) nil, or onlorpriM' tlmt
cupi'.'il i'iiIi l jiii int Thorn in imt 11
tin) Unit purport Imt vk hot un Ii u in
pnriivt from MtrmiuerN fur surh plm'oH n
lire Iiito letcrri'il t". fur it i" 11 fuel tl at
in it roiithlt ho ili'tiini.Mlnitiil 1 1) mi) iiiii
UM '"""in to "tr it t;" Hint
"'' " 1 1 mi .4 11 r . it- . f th.. . hur
1 lifter here rofcrrotl to is alreiul) taken,
Nl.tllholott I'oini'If tt tin irrite lit etelt
train, I. lite to coiitellt t hotiinel t ih with
nurd it. -t'i nit ti ii h 1 it 1 11 tti m r.H the) can Iim! nt 1
the IiijIoIk mnl Ihiur luiit Iiouimv, mnl wait 1
fill Hilnehi'tl) In "mute out " I
Tho I unii.iwi uf tbiH town a 11 lio.rth I
1 . . . . ...
r'"'"rl "hh mil) jlll t'lilllllleM'i'il, ami )et
et,rt 1 laro in whii'ii 11 ramil) t'.tii live
tti h ai) reiiH iiiahle th'itreo nf cniuforl lit
taken If tto hope to Inliko the place a
reeurt for itivnlula from all
parte of the 1
I'ltiteil Stiites i.h ttn can make it b) a j
pioper .'iTort mi our part tti mut pro-1
Viile pliiitH in wl n it penple fii ll hie
tthen the) ciiine here, Hint if it ih Hlioh
11 1 ii tn rent a huiiee now, at IlieU'in
tin l' of t'.'e reiieoii, tthnt tt ill ln'cmno t f
ihiiHo who arrive two or tore. i;iontl h
there ih liproHoltt tleuii.llil for al lellet
one hiii.tlr.sl litiiiMM, mnl the) tti'
rea.bl) taken at priceH thai will make
them p.i) ten 1 or cent after taking out
repanH, inNiirnuco mnl tnxee.
MllllU Matters.
Capt. II .1 MiCleriiaiul, of Foil Win .
itale, delitllfil lie Kovoriiineiit lUHpector'
of the Now Mexico militia at the r.s'eltt
li rri'.iinal fair oucatiipiuoitt, writea Adjt.
(ien. Y. S. FlelcLer iih follows. I
I lotto ll.o honor to acknowledge your
ftivor of tlx -'I lliel, with eitriiftH of I
)oiir territorial Iiiwh concernini; the mill
tut an an euc.OHUre. I'leltw accept 111)
tliankH for lour kindiiccs.
I Hincoroly join you ill the hope that
the next leitlslaluro will tin wiiiietliiiiu'
for the militia. ConHiiierable elllhliHi
iiHiu on tho Mibj.H't wan geiiorattsl at
the Albutiiorijue fair which should U
utiured, if HiHHihle, lieforo it dies out
Inferring to our con oi wit ion alatut
the detail of no olllcer to give mililHr)
instruction at the nglit'iiltural college al j
LtH CrtlCfs, I will etate that I have 111
vited the inteutiou of tin authorities to
tin pMpriet) of ttiiikiug the delail, mnl
woultl now Htlk'gt'Hl that the authorities
nt tho college iniike an upplit'iitnui 011
tin Hitbject to the itovernor- ettt i
forth iih favorabl) as posciblo the mc'ila
of the uiHtllutiou ami that his excel
lone) furwnr.1 the mine, w ith a hti.ii.g
indorsement, to thn wi.r department. A
great man) colh-ueH throutthout tin
country have such uislruclorH, anil I
W' liUI like to mm New Mexico so favor
1 am soon to net out 1 1 iusMS.t the mili
tia of Arizona, presumably at their
hollies, ami I only how that the relit
tioiiH to ta ehtabllchetl tt ill Ut a iiU-hh
Hiit iih those, foruiisl in your territory. In
fact, from Ihn governor down to the
youngest private I received nothing but
kiminesH and coiirltHt, ami I deHire
through )ou, to oxpreiH my appreciation
of the polltclletH shown inn,
A HuKRtnx Horlrtj'.
From the Troy (I'a ) Kogister ll seouin
that the huggiiu; critn is on mid it so
ciety has been organized, the proceeds
of ench hug to go to the poor of that city.
Koad tin following clipping:
"Several of our young Indies have
formed it hugging society for tho
nmumunout of thn young men
duriiot thu long winter ovomngH 111
general, the proceeds lo go to the nor.
For increasing the societyVt funds thn
prices for a straight up mid down hug
ure, under sixteen years, IM cents, ouch
hug of two minutes duration, from IT to
'11 )eatH, T.i cents; hcIhhiI inarms l.'i
ttiuVs; another iiiiiu'h wife, t. widows nc
nording to liMiks, -M routs to C2, old
maids, lb re cents or two for n ntckle
and no hunt on time. Mounters are not
charged and editors pay 111 advertising."
TI.'.h is rtcogni7.etl in some purls uf the
civih'ed world itHiin essential winter paa
time, hut it ih know n as a (Msutive cvrtmu
ty tlmt a number of Alliu.ueriUP IiIikhIs
practice the crne in the very heat of
summer. In any event, a bug of a pretty
young lady whether it is rotitrnctetl 111
tht. winter or Hummer m mi exceedingly
delicious and convenient undertaking,
ntul iim we huvu poor even in this pron
eriius new city it is HUggosttsl Hint a so
ciety be foriueil, the prtH-'eeds from which
would be very acceptable to three pinch
nil by winter's cold. Tiik Cit n under
stands that the Jolly Ten Bocinl club, lit
ernlly Mnkiug, Is nou est, they having
given up their hall wheru ninny 11 night
of bliesful happiness took place, nml it
woultl ho it step in tho proper direction
for tho promoters of thn Jolly Ten to Ih
thn llrst to nrgiiiiie the aUive soci'ty,
The total varuiiigs of the Denver A
K10 (Iruude lailroail for Hit month of
Spteinler are tySiv'i.KW, a detirense from
Hit earnings of litut ysar for the raiuo
perual of f.'m,UTli. '1 he total earnings far
the year urt l'J,T.'t7;i7l, 11 docrcuo from
last year of 610H.1T0.
Tut Itio (Irsudo It almost dr at V.
l.i the opinion of many xopn all poll-1
t cisns are yullly.
Ahijoma will mlopt her constitution on
thn llrst of December.
Ak- tHMl.NArinM is h bad way to fettle
hind trouble in this territory.
Wutr is Tom I'strnii uouik to with 1
his ileniiKTHtln paer at Santa Fe? 1
AinuNA now clfnuiii "C.i u) Hipiila'.iiin,
anil is In 11 ptosperou iiinilitinu.
Jnr.. )iim in the I'lieblo I'rows iiiMels
that Ireland neeU a itreat Irishman.
N.w M mii and Arizona are in every
wn) illa!tl!cil and etttitloil til ntHtelniil
Till" cit) will Kivn tlll,(liO In he llfet j
new line of tailri ml Hint rencluMt the
cit) limit-
Till prrrnilcnl Iihh hp;iinteil ex (tut
erni r (.'he) l,e) of Now llhllipehiro ocrt
tar) of war
Tin. Ilunut'ial i-tranilintt of Siillnan in
Auntrnha ih a hiith cnmpliuioul to the
H.iile of thai coiinU) .
Nw litiihliuits are fpruiitliik' up in all
parts of the cit) A htnlditiit a day in a
low estimate for till" uioiith
N there any roii.no why there t-hotild
tint he reteral llllloM of Hew Mile It l(
built in thin fit) thin winterT
l'lir. mp.r al I'ltcs A Iim is hoiuit re
I movitl to Domiiik', where it will be 10
ttrisl b) IIvIhIiiI A (inllowa),
lln.S. A I. MlllilllSilN IH in tt e th i ll
of the lltjlit in (Ihio.antl ih tlniiiy Hpleini tl
' wink for the re pub nun cnuno
Tin countifH nf Hi" Ural judicial fii-i-trict
hIioiiIiI combilni fnrt'i'H atitl ho tl 11
diftrict fair at San 1 11 Fe next full
Till I'.Vtnl nnvtHpM-trH lleetTlUI in
Howell's Aiiienciin NoWKpuper Piroctor)
for 'M are priiilotl in T.l.VJ place.
( . MKMMCNl 11)11) U Itetlor Ihllll
richoH but I ho avornito tuxliwill roncli for
tilth) lucie and chnlico coiitelilint'lit
Ai.ni gt'i mji k Iihh led nlT in etert pub
he fiiliTpriif hoiicHciid to the termor)
The record ih unb'oken for ion )onrH.
Ir ih cliiitk'fd that the nettHp ix'rH of
California are trtin' to iiitimulnto tin-
supremo court of that etate in a certain
in iik'ilatuot the exIeiiHiou of
, roinls into Now Mexico The work till
liHhtell the hlllhlllitt of lieoili .1 lllto.i of
j rond.
j 1 1 ih reported thai l'lcH ilent HnrriMiii
favors the itilmiHHion of New Mexico, and
I will say ho in htH forthcoming itiinual
j Tiiof'.tMi' nf j h Kir hhi, lo are starving
j in Uuhhiii, t el ll is iiniiounceil Unit that
, coiinlrv hiiH 'JiHi.U'M"1 IH'UIiiIh nf wheat
I for t xnirt.
I Wit 1 1 '1 the matter with Iis Vtvae?
. I'tt.i of the oldest ami I til 1 11 liusinesH
I'.ruiH in that ciiy hate f tiloil ttithui tin
. last two IIIOIltllH
Tin. tax let t 111 HtK'orro coii'it) ouIhiiIo
of the citt of Socorro ih I'iOl on the f Hi
' valuation In the City Ihn taxes will be
I &I0H on the flu).
Tin. I'crrtlh'H Coal mnl Iron
1 ih a stroiut one, menlnll) ami lluiinciallt )
j ai d will ilomui'liiodovoliiplho resourc.s
of Sniita I'o county.
Cot-. I'iiim i: and wife will speml a
month at his old homo on Iong IhIiiiuI.
He has winked hnrtl for the torritor)
mnl Iiiih . arn.'tl a reel.
Tin. county ihould now purchase, tho
hriiltti at llerualillo, and thus make fret
briilgeH ut every town aluhg the Ihn
'iiiinde in the oountt.
K KitviMinr on earth hut liolg ;i c,n
volition somewhere thin full. The rem-1
lutltius ailopted would encircle the globe
if Htrung together on 11 tiring.
Tile, total llnlnbteilnesH of Sun Miguel
county iu ;iTT.T'A"ii rash ir treneurv, fl'2,.
I'.m.'l.'. The county Iiiih buildings,
bridges, etc., valued ut SIT'.'.VJV).
Tin. new count) bridges will U built
in 11 few inoiitliH. 1'ho Uianl of tstmu.is.
sinners s.e the neceseity for the bridges,
mill will push their building.
Tiik Knighls of Labor announce that
you can drink Anheuser Hutch leer
hereafter, if you ttunt to do so. The
Knights have raieed their Uiycolt.
Tiu.iil. aro -,:H.'i cnlnreil men ut present
holiliug 1 lllcefl at Waihingtoti, and yet
Home of the colored xoplo complain that
their race is mil properly reprenetited.
Tiik. particular attention of a pup r at
Liih Yogas is citll.vl to the fact thai Hon,
T. M. ratterson.of Denver, says that Al
buiUeriiit ih (he chief commercial city
of Now Mexico.
To true, 'tiH pit), but Attorney (ien
end Ihtrllett is a tteak legal brother.
1 1 in ileciHiotis do not embrace common
seiise, which la now and then necessnr)
in legal opiiiions
Ir there m lo bst a war with Chili, New
Mexico wautH to Im in it. Our fellows
could uwenr at the Cmlenos in their own
language mnl itr'ke terror all along the
Andean inoiiutainH
Dl.l.ii.Ali: Johki'II will iiiIiihIuco it bill
111 cougifhH fur the ailmisiou of New
Moi ien at tho coining and if it
is prnnrl) puihetl this territory will be
come a state 111 1K(I
Ni.w Mexico buy hunilrctls of car
loads of poUtis-s frmn IViloriulu every
year. It is a loss untl a tliFgrare to the
territory not to grow enough iMtatoee to
supply home consumption.
WvoMiNi., which has wutuan lUfTrnge,
has pnssetl 11 law taxing bschelors over
!V) yenrs of age tl hi year. Thnuiiuuls
of bachelors are hustling around to got
married nnd .ave their .
Tut. manufacture of potato tlnrch but
begun in southern California, and bids
fair to become it largo and important in
dustry. Next season there will Ut nu
xntrous fortune in operation.
It is refuted tliut for some time past
experiments have been iu progress in
ltoiutt with n new remedy for tuberculo
sis, The remedy it known im chloro
phtnd. It is a highly volatile liquid and
is adiulnislerml by Inhalation. Tho ro
suits are snlil to In hlulil) n.tlnfnclor),
1 he fever yirhllnu quickly and the sucoiu
pttti)lnit distrt esiiirf rouith rspidlv dlsap-penrinn.
Tun otitliwit silver cont.iiiinn will!
HHSelllllle .11 F.I Fine, Tex iih, oil the I .'I It
of December. It tt 1 I Ih culled to order
at II a in This ina-i iiieetiriit of iiiiners
will continue throiMinuit the t.Mh. It'lh
ami I Ti Ii .
Nn court crtn U ho'd in teteral of tho
tMiintioH in this territory on account of
I ck of funds. Th domocratlo tnomhers
of the latit legislature are responsilile for
the state of thinKs, refuiinK' to make the
neeeiwry appropriati'ns
li Ih a pleasure to retrt that County
iSi'liixil Suprinteiiiletit linen has his
' nlllco 111 llrnl clneM condition. All the
tie ihIh of HchtHil wt.rk lire carefully
looked after, Mnl the Hi Ikhi'.h of the coil 11
t) aro nil hoimt wi II niniii'iti tl.
Til1'' people of AlbuiUtrtiie will do all
in their (enter to mil in hlillilllit! the line
of railioad fiom Sunt I'o via (Vrnlloe
nml San I'edro to Albuiiletip.le No
otlnr railroad in t!io lornlurj woultl pa)
to iaoII on lite lliVoHttuelit.
U'lll.MlVMl .111) (iiillld HIiiM'feH Hiiro is
II lot of oiiNtern pairs that talk Iheiu
n'hi-M roil in the fact iiUtul what il be
c'liue of '.Im cmintr) if he kIioii tl die.
, One man more or lew ttmi't n'op the
ttlicolHiif thin ) letmhlic one miiiiite.
, lilt, world's sliH'k of co!i 1 1 ttrolv 'hit
1 fiiHier thnn ttn Hipuliition nn'reiiHcH And
'lit olilnri.'i'.l nee nf iiiihIitii ballUlU., fit-
1 I itloe Uiliko It I oshiI. o to traliH ict the
1 ttnililV IniN noe4 with Its tliltll olio
tenth tho K'tilil it W011I1I rotllire without
Till: AlbUi)tlerilli ClllI.N Iihh enteietl
upon ita llflli tour nf iiM'ftilnotK, and do
nervi a 11 I tin HiiivotH which it Iihh u'lolietl,
I'm. I'll I.I..N ih mnl 1 I w it) h hint U-eii a
tvitle-nw .ke paper, mnl has thine much
'o i.tlt iiin't' tho intoreHt- i f Alliiiiiitnpiie,
lltTi a 1II0 count), ami tin torritor) ueu
oral). Mat lie, Hliatltnt never row Ichh,
Snvor I'll) Knterprieo.
hii v. eon 01 in.. 1t1iAi1111.il Kimpiom .h.av.irHcm, lespitrcdby their slatoHiuen
M " 1 ' ,"' M,0,, " t"t,,,,f 1"'1"' I from intoinal war, preparations aro ox
that her death isay U oxiiected at .11.) i.t.d in .liploinatic attempiH to drive
tun.'. In thai event it ih feared on the L ,.r , lM, ,, ,,, ,.ril,,.r ,)f ,
irtlaii.ls that poll Ileal troiiblen may fol ,f,.m)M eruptini. certain lo follow when
lo. The llattui an iHlan.ls are nott 1 .....i, l...,m t,.,u ,.
chiell) iiiiHirtnut been 11 ho of what Auier
li'itii capiti.l and oiiterproo hate iiccom
plixotl there, ami the l at Hung tor the
kiiiL'tliini wuliiil Ihi tin 1 1 i 1 r . I . i 1 m.. lit iIim!
I'mli'.l Stub .
Tiiikk. are a greal man) children of
lilt world tt ho are just now hmkilu with
Him. uitereHt upon tho tel gioilH reUl
Iioiih ol Hi-rviililn within a uuiuUr of
chnrcheu. It ih to la hoped that when
the trials nr. over wo hIiiiII hate a c. oarer
lileit nf what hort'H) ie. To enine these
dolioininntli'liiil outlireaks mem lo be
new ailjiiHtmeiils winch lake place fiom
tiuio to 1 imt. Whatever tho rulings or
the iIocihioiih are, a wider hberl), greater;
tolerance nnd lir mtler Cliris'ian charity
is 1 In result, and thai ih gin!.
; Tiik St.corro and Las Cructw papem
' are besailiiig the lack of energy 1.111I en.
terprise in thoso ti wus. l'ht ltopuhhran
of Las Cruets, says: "VYo had lioptHl that
atteiiilance on the territorial fair and the
Hittht of growing, thriving Albuiiierqun
would impress those of our spls who
were thfe, wilh the great necewiity of
sotiie such elTorl at homo. So far noth
ing Iiuh resulted from our visit to our en
terprising neighUir. We have lumrd
many bewmlmg our lack of rores; but
i hnve nut yet Uhti en happy na to learn
1 of nny ofTnrts to nmeliorato our unsutis
factory lot."
(Ink of thu life convicts in the territor
ial penitentiary t'lihlislics u touching ap
peal fur clemency and thn shortening of
Iiih lerrihle sentence. His name ih John
11. O'llrien, and ho wan sent up from Han
Miguel county four yearn ngoformur
tier. IlecluiuiH the deed wiih done in
Holt defence, nnd asks n cotnroutatiou of
wntenro to lit o yearH imprirounisnt, U
nig conllnetl to the hospital by rheuma
tism. Warden Chaves teetilles to thn
giHul conduct of the prisoner, and statist
that his health is seiiously injured, ll
woultl appear thai the man is a lit sub
ject for clemency.
The .st Innsl llmttr
It nt'W- now certain thn' the Maroon
hue-. bull club of this c ')' will leave here
next Satintlay morning for Kl l'sao, ar
riving iheit at 'J:'2tl o'clock p. m, tired
after 11 lung truvel, w ill nptwir on the
grounds 11 few minute later in a match
wilh the llrowns. Tho papers of that
city have llnally got over their mad
Hell and oci'usoiiiilly Heak of AlbiiiUer
quo and her champion ball club in fair
let iim. Here is 11 clipping from the pen
of (ieorgn Spook of thn Tribune:
The Albuquerque. Maroons will crone.
l,i,l. ullli II... l.'l Pn.,1 llr., ........ ITl 1.
mid lHth of the pre-ent mouth. Oood
games c .it bit expected, for the Maroons
are 11 lino team, while the lirow nu w'lll
have 110 thes on them when the bill it) in
Anil from the Herald the following
liot'ce is lukon.
Manager McCreight, of the Albiiquer
que Mansiiis, has requested that the ball
names with his club lut p-tstpinod until
Snl unlit)' and Sunday, the 17 nnd lHth.
'l'ht request wits granted, and thn ques
tion of Ihn championship of the South
west will soon Ihi aatisfactorilly
AbTiii: Citu.h stated in a previous
issue several of our BMrtingly Inclined
prople, thoan who delight in Interesting
bno hall matches between two crack
clubs contemplate the idea of accom
psnying tho Mhmoiib to Kl l'ao, but no
ipecial railroatl rntrsliave yet been nn
' 1K,, u pre-umt,, however,
,i,0UHh Manager Jones of the Kl Pa.o
Drowns has not notified the local mana
gor, that thu Suuln Fe company will give
onu fare for the return trip.
Four new water tnnks were received
this week at Han Mnrcinl. The small
tanks are to lie exchanged for larger
ones, so that the run can be made from
Han Marcinl to Hugle without taking
water at Iava,
I I'itikburif, l'a., (Kt, III. Attlinoon
lnt of thn fourth lis) session of the lie
' lernstlonal I'rlHin Conurcei n reptiri was
1 pretenteil by the ntnntlinit coniniltle on
I Folic, 11 ml which consist of , V. Wc
eUunhry, chief of miicm uf (,'IiIciiko,
Clnirlis i: I'otinii, ex Miorluto.ndfnt of
the house of correction of ihicin;o, Meu
jsnun Murph), of .lereey (,'ii), and Jo
, eeph (lolilen, nf Charleston, H. C. The
I roHiit hntiiiit Uf n refoirrd In thenppro-
pflato committee, the cotiitreia rreolvotl
lleelf lulu a committee of tint whole, fur
the purpose of llHlenill(t to 11:1 iliteroslln
paar Ii) Capt. ,1. W. Pjih, ooiiiiimndaut
of tin t 11 1 1 I SI nt 1 military pilwiin
l-'ort Ix'aventtiiith, Kitn-io, i.poii "Criiro
ntul Criiii'iiaU 111 the Americnii Aimy "
The e'iiker III the opoulnit Hind "It
nut) up4sr miomiilous that thorn Hhouhl
I'o pit Holitetl to the Nat HI III I'riHoli lis
em iiitinii wlnn.e chief mill ih the improve
ment nf moid) III Ih ponieful nsHcts,
II miijrft whii'ii perlniiiH to military af
fni'H In )nml tho ortliiiar) him 1 hi of this
cnlik'H'ie, )et there bus U'tn nilliUllll)
nt'. l.tlili.1 )nm inn ltlii,H 11 repri H.'titiittvn
if 1 1 1 1 brunch nf your 1 1 llipltheliH'Ve
It tin- ehouhl hpiM'ii- anomalous, it
u nt ei 1 to lo Htint out tho more iihnor
mill plionoinotiiin exhibited h) this threat
era of civiIixhIhiii, tho uitio'.oelith ceti
lory .
Allli'lllf the lllil.t deep seltetl font It'
tlnliH nf enlightened UO'll hitVe btell the
iteHiiniiti.it'H I Im t tivihzatiou nets i h a
plot. 1 t .nte nf war, thai a tl tnintitton of
tin. pr il'itbi.tl) nf war retlucrH tin lii'Oe
Ml) for larit't militar) f,irion, that tho
limitation of tho military oiioritles of nit
tioiiH v :il -t iiitiro t mo hiitl opportunity
f r tin 1 llltit l.tin.. nf tlioalU of aaco
tit h k'l oil fur the amolioriitioti nf I ho inn
ti" t i! mnl e-t 11 1 11 1 wtlf.itni f (he ooplo.
III . ulitiuteiiiii'ii nf llit'ic c'riehod ll
liiHi.'lis, the i It hii th ouile of thi con
turv 1 f cit ilint'on Httnehttvt tlveofthn
mort mlt ui'i'i'il i itii7oi iKitvoriiiif Hnropt
holiln k 111 aimed prepamt nli twelve mil
Ini h of hliliinu heiiis tletiilt'il to the do
s'rilfllon of eitrli oilier unit ulnil mii
The w hoi. of civiiiz.sl Kuropo Htatitls
upo'i li tiii 1 rater of impending war of
Mll , ,,.Hirucliveii.i-H iih Hie world never
.dreamt .1 nf 111 !: most barluiroiiH ngee,
li nl 1 It h in llioclnellig voHraof tho cell'
tur) inn-t 1111t.il fur ila prtsligious strides
in all tho arlH ntul ecieiicen suited for the
iitiioli'irntion of the liuiumi race, hul per
vrrio'l lor tho most part lo the Iiumh of
human tlcMruction Not only are the
lives of the human race doomed to such
execrable end., out the urcittor lutrl of
their hii1hIiii"c, their intellect and facul
ties mo sri i-rlfil In tint sani.t abuses, to
the n.vcllll'Ui of Htli'h tl tut 1 11 1 licit I llllple-
"eiita nf dentil as dynamite, melinite,
smokeless Hiw.ler mid lioifeless powder,
high 11 a er nml 1 lipid tiring guns cupa
bl. of more overw lielmmg Nlnughter than
the brains of our ancestors could con
ceit o of. Kven railways, those peaceful
harbingers of nu'rensed social mleroourso
nml frieiully interoommunicalinu, are
chietly tlitert.sl to the rapid Irunnport of
arme.l hosts to buttle, ami arolhuught of
principally an lines of attack or of retreat
antl nf communication with mihtiiry
baeea of supply,
America, I thank (lot), though n pro-
totunoniil wiltlier, stnntlH to-day the sole !
great f mb'em of the aim of true civiliza
tion, whiuti ih 1 re 11 ie, a great and good ex
emplar to people who nrn groveling un
der the mighty loud of warlike preparn
lion, of a great nation devoting 1 tn en
ergies antl boiintllesH resources to the
aria of peace antl good will.
Atuericn, who, with her exuberant pop
illation of sturdy manhood and incom
parable resources, is capable, if fully pre
pared, of mooting nil Kuropo iu armed
conllict, stands facing the millions of
armed men and mighty navies with her
iiiHiguihYiiiil army of il.lXXI rjen and a
navy to be built.
Hut is this grout unlion utiroly satin
tied to Ihi utturly helpless uhiiuld tin
nvoidnbie wur meniico her borders?
The great preparation going on in
Kuiopo is thu supreme effort of decades
of military training, which training iu
now more atmolutely requisite to military
ronittetenre than ever lieforo under the
mnrvrlotis development of the modern
urt of war.
In truth, Htern discipline and jierfect
training have tiecome intl'spfliiashle to
meet such foes ns modern armies must
encoiinler. Citizen soldiery could only
afford easy ftsjd f.ir thn matchless wesp
oils and tin shed discipline of the present
KuroiMtmi forces
Aie we then, na a grout tiktion, willing
to Ih utterly at the mercy of nny Kuro-
jiean power wincii nuty sHk pretext lo
attack no? If not willing to lie absolute
ly defenseless we mutt bethink ourselves
to have nt least 11 comwilont nucleus for
a war force, nnd at present our defento
tlepentl ttion the well trained hut poor
ly nrnied regular force of 'J5,(X)0 men, anil
therefore every American la virtually
concerned in thin scant militar) array
little as he may have thought of it ex
istence or have known of its condition.
If thn powerful nation is content lode
pond Ukiii so inenger an army for tie-
feliikt in war, at least its elllcioucy 111 list
he leyond er adventure anil this uf-
Ucienry Ilea chiefly in ita disoipiiue, and
discipline in armies tlepnda largely up
on the certainty, promplneoniintl method
of t'liiiKliment of crimen and mlsde-
I apt. Fojhv continuttd and referred to
I vrioi,,x clas-e. of crime- with which
the army has to deal, inclnding ordinary
antl civil crimen and purely military
crimes, nud Indicated tho punishment
which la meted out upon each class of
offenders. In hit perornlion ho aid:
"I have recently advocated reform in
thetxj methods of administering juatios
to minor offenders following Iho aimllor
nttempta by this body to Introduce re
form in the method 1 of puniahmsnt id
)siU anil look-up, anil It In hoped that
the war departmrnt In cont'iiustlnn of
iU priwont prottriNMlVA riolloy will take
up this nerded leforin In duo time.
Tho last sesion of ooitres paiseil
messiirrs which will ratly aid In I in
proving the sstem of punlshmiint in
the atmy by tliinif limitations lo tho
code of puiiislnitout, in ilelluinit limits
to the trials for dtsertlun and lu rs
tabhihlutt itsutninary court to d iattny
with thn uiiiiecfeenry tedium nnd UKeleis ,
forninlltivs of courts martial in ciuh of , woru inl'i'-, "o pmys uio moan .III.
lesser ntTencor i'uuiolllons oil tho piano or
..... . ,, . , ,, ortfnn with as much easo as m tralo4
I nvltiK Ihus lm,eerfectly sketrl.e.1 (he . , lcU ,ou,j. Tho Anl xmtt h,
)tom of M.iial admiuislration Hi the ,riH.iea .ttontlon to his groat nMuril
AtiiiTiiMii nriny and Us crimen nml tnlont was when ho wa nbottt thrf
criminale, and linviutt poinled out freely years of si;t and shortly after hU
Hi iinH'rfoclioni, it should be added In 1 parents hml purchased an nntan. Hit
jUHli.vbi that army that its punitory 1 mother. iimiii entering tho roore on
system is ii-t inferior to that of an)!d"' "urPrU'Hl "l wlni( tho youth.
..11.... m...... 11. I.. t . 1 ... iul inuslclnii standing at tho orifna
ZZ Z ".I'"," .. V,.
r,.v, ... ,,. .., n.i, 11 r.rriiriih tlta'
riplinn, ami with the mtioiulmeutH Into
v innile, proiuisoi to answer admirable
Its pUrHHMH.
1'rogrenM is Hie o.tler of the day In the
army, ami though it hIiiI fails 111 certain
of tho best Munl feat urea ad fixated by
prison roformers audi as the linleler
mliutto sentence, which u applicable in
military law iih clee where, the fuel that
Ihe bnrriers of ultra coiiMrviitiim huvo
biou thrown doftti in ho many instances
gives promo, that thosn iiiih rf.ftiotiB
will U reitohed in the future.
Closlnc KirrrUm,
I'hilailelphin.Ocl. l.'i. 'there mix little
r Him tu spnre In the Academy of Music
this morning when the Hecot.tl and tlnal
ila)H soHsiou of the Humane Freedom
league wan cnlhd to order. F.xercisen
were tienel with n brief religioiiB ser
vioo. including a prayer by Hov (loorge
Dnuii lloiiriliunn The miirinug bsshoii
wits ilevoleil to the ilist'ii-siou uf wn)s
ntul meaiiu by which the objects of the
newly forintsl league tilighl Ijo exp.Mitletl
throiighuiit every Htatn and territory of
tht union. Tho seHsions of the cougroos
will flos.i this evening with a banquet at
the Continental hotel, and at which Hon,
Chauhoey M. Depew will ilullt tr the ora
Itr.l Ilru'n Jttlillre.
Philadelphia, Oct. 111. This in the i-rc
ontl tin) of the celebration of jub.lt of
tho Order of IUd Men. The chief tiliserv
mice will take place to-night at the Aca
demy of Music, whore a sHcial service
will be held 111 honor of the enrollment
in the ranks of the order of one hundred
nud ton thousand wombem 1'rositlent
Hnrrisou, who had been invited lo speak
liefore the gathering, hon Usn compllisl
to send his regrets, but the state will lie
represented by (Sov Pnttison, aud the
city by Mayor Hluarl.
IMNlrlrl Conrt.
Court tuel nt 10 o'clock this morning,
Jutlgo Loo presiding.
In t)iHcni.tof Junu 0. Armijo vs. Hsr
barn ChitvoH do Armijo, et. al., chancery
(or partition. N. C. Collier asks to with
draw m guardian ad litutu. Orauted,
nnd O. W, Johnson appointed.
Coiled S. ales cases were then called.
The grnnd jury coc- into court ami
returns four trus bills.
The case of the United States vs.
Fliai M. Day for the larceny of baled
buy nt Fort Wmgate, the defendant
plead not guilty. II. S ltmley appoint
ed lo defend, untl cnuad set for aeooo
United States vs. Thomas Sounders,
chnrge.l with the Urcs.uy of mill
tary property from Fort Wiugnto, tho de
fendant arraigned, pleads not guilty. II,
M. Itodey upiHiinteil to defend, and cause
st l for aeoond Friday.
'I'Uo nilultery cote of Filomens Ak-
daca was nil for third Tuesday.
The case uf tho Uctl-d .Stales vs. A.
M. Swan, chargetl with embewlomunt of
tuonuy order funJa, waa called. The de
fendanl arraigned, plead not guilty, and
case now on trial.
Adjourned uutil '1 o'clock p. m.
A Stile Trnrk.
Tut. Cn 17.1-1 in an editorial publiahod
previous to the late te.ritorinl fair, sgi
tated the linportntioe of building u mile
track nnd securing better nnd larger fair
grounds. In commenting upon the sub
ject tho Field und Fsrm, Denver, ha the
The Albuquerque fair association is
agituling the) subject of necuriug larger
and ti tor arranged fair ground, with
11 111110 irscu. it would then bo prac
licublo to huvo all sorts uf races, like
hiMMt contests, sprinting mutches and the
like, inside the horse racing court, tliu
avoiding Iho vexaliuua delay which
marred some of the events in the late
fair. There would also be vory much
more room In the amphitheater, and a
lamer viow or the course. Lmrger and
more numerous stables would be built,
und conveniences ixxtsible for Iho com
fort nf horsemen. There aro many horse
men who would be glad to winter choir
stock in New Mexico and if the proper
arrangements am made, ana a good track
kept 111 condition (or exercise throuuh
out tho year, Albuquerque would Iw the
winter home or many or me Myers.
TlMtely I'elatrr.
The Knterprite desire to give a poin
ter to tht. executive eomiuli tee of the fsir,
which it hoMs w ill be taken in the kindly
spirit which it is intended: Do not tie
vote ho much monoy to homo racing, and
give the miner, farmer, horticulturist,
and stock grower n better show. Another
thing, mineral premiums shuuld lie
awarded for counties, nml nut for the
teiritory at large. Silver City Hater
prise. The Territorial ITIhoh.
The present management of tho terri
torial prison is satisfactory to tho poo.
pie; it is economical, honest, ami ellloient,
Col. J. Frank CUsves at eaperintendeut
and Col. IWrgmnn ss assistant superin
tendent are doing their full duty under
tho law as offloer in a very commendable
manner. The Institution co.ta the peo
ple lose than ever before. -New Mexican.
The S.vn Msrcisl Reporter saye Con
ductor Cochran it improving hi lay-off
by preserving fruit In Albuquerque,
Jay Gould says no is tired. Tin u
about what is the matter a lib clock
holder of the Missouri Pacific
A riTO-Tsse-OIJ risnltt sf Dsmlll A
tpla Unh AtlSftllnn.
One of tho most remarkable vm
of muilcal nroooclt)' over known U
Kontucky Ii that of little NValter J,
Hltnpnon. tho flv(vyriirold ion of
C, .slmpion. superintendent of tsi
incolinnlcnl department of the iut
deaf nnd tluinh asylum, loentoil u
Danville, says tho ( hlrnno llnrali
"o Is n musical prodlffy In nil that th,
,r"ngU.MH.d.l with on. fool anl
Axccutl'ig, ru well as his baby flni'tn
would permit, 01111 of the familiar re
ligious hymns which iho herself hn)
beuu playing. Tho Httlo follow wi
encouraged and madu rapid progrei
Shortly nfter tho dlscovrry, a loot
pianist happened to ho al Mr. Hlinju
son's hoimo nnd tho child's playlnf
struck her as being so remarkable, tint
ho o IT it rod to Initrunt It tn all tb
branches, but the paronls wouU
not content, preferring to wall
until Walter wai more matured. At
the teacher's advice, however, the;
exenangtu tne organ (or a new pinuo,
and thn new Instrument seems to suit
the youngster much better than ttii
other. Another remarkable tlitr.f
tboul the boy is hlo memory for tutiri
tto goci to church with his parents,
hears a hymn entirely new to hlnxani
with a few hours' practice reproducm
It upou his pinna Ho enjoys his l.
ont very much and In never happier
than when perched upon s. piano stool
and playing soma of the bright, catrhy
alrs that he hoars on the itroets. 1 1 Is
iiirroundlngi alio conduce to his ipcixl.
Ing much of hi time at tho piano. I lis
homo Is situated within the oncloturs
of tho doaf and dumb Initltue, and
Walter's playmates arc only the Uttlt
victims of an unkind nature. Walter
oayi they "can't talk wlf their mou!."
and that ho prefer playing his plant
to playing with his afflicted neighbor".
Hit is wonderfully bright Intellectual,
ly, and Is a very handiomo child, bar
Ing almost a clastlcal faoo, surraount4
by dark brown locks. Ills sparkling
bluo eyes light up hit striking face,
and hii robimt frnmo and general
healthy appearand lndlcatn the mak
ing of a strong man. His only pet It
a beuutlfully marked shepherd do;
that he rnlli Quls." He and Quiz"
aro almost Inseparable, and when hit
matter Is playing the dng soenn to en
joy tho muilo aa much If not mora
than Walter.
Omen, nnd Culnrldeness.
"Do I IhiIIovd In omens?" said t
resident of Detroit. "Well 1 don't
know. I cortnlnly bollovo In colncl
d.tnc.'s. An iicqimlntnncoof mlno who
was Interested in getting up n statu
lo it famous man citmo to my hnuto to
look ul it picture nnd n planter bust I
hitpHiiied to have. After ho hnd gout
I plfkod up tho hook I hnd been rend
ing and hml nearly finished. You can
tielievo 1 was nstonlshed when I cam
to Its eloilng words. 'What It fame?
A wretched picture and n vorse bust"
Uroncliltls, colds, coughs, asthma,
nud even consumption, In tht early
ntiiRo. ylt'ld to Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral. Singem, adorn, miction
eers, public njM'nkors, clergymen,
tcichrrn. lecturers., and all who are
liable to disorder of tho vocal orgniin.
find a Hiiro remedy in thin wonderful
nml well-known preparation. As
an emergency medicine, in eases of
rrotiti. whooniiiL' cough, etc.. it
should lie in every hoimehold.
"Two yean ago I tuKerrd severely (rem
an attack ul line throat
And Bronchitis
It teenieil at If I cttul.t not lurtlve, alt the
u ual rentettlei provtnx ol no avail. At latt
I tlmuiM ol Aytr't Ctirrry 1'rctoral, ainl
alter taklns two bottles ot thli mrtllelne I
wu rrttored to health." Chat, llamblnl.
Hrallh't lUncb, Htiuoma Co., Cal,
'There It nothlnj tietter for eoiiftu titan
Ayer't Cherry IVetoral. 1 ue no other pre.
paratlon."-Annie H, Untie r, I'rovltlenrr, It. I.
W. II. draft & Co., llruKcttt. Carton,
tows, certify that all throat ana lung trou
tiles are tpeetlly
Cured By Using
Ayer'a Cherry 1'relorat. It leads all allien
" In January, IM3, 1 wat taken tlown wlik
meailet and trarlet fever, and exposing no
tell too toon, caught a mere cold wlikn
settled on my tungt. I wu forced lo uVt
In my bed and wot to III that the docturs
despaired o( my recovery, tuppotlng me
tn be In (pilek consumption. Change et
climate was recommended, hul 1 began to
use Ayer't Cherry Pectoral, and soon (ovnd
relief Alter using several bottles, 1 M
cured, so that I am now as well and rugg"
as ever " - John Dlllandrr, Cranesman ef
(Iteam Hhovel, (I. H. tt H. V. It. It. Co..
Juitlit, Texas.
Cherry Pectoral
racrAam sr
Dr. J. C. AYES & CO,, Lewi, Mm.
Bold by all DmiiUU. Prist Hi tti bottle,!.
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Territory of New ilsilc, tW.iml Judicial thf
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Ut ssitl tU(sntlanl, enter . sir aisrsac hi
ait with tl. clerk nt ssltl court, on or IW n Ut
Mlt irtarn tUr, ll bslns lit Ut ttr of IkeT
rr, A It liVl.of slil etwrt, st tl co irt
lo Ker' atlllonsinti, AlbumtenitM, New Milr.t.
a tlecrs pen molmu lll l iitsn1 there"
ssln .Mt. Cuts, Y. IlDr.
Clerk ami ItesUlsr In ChanrstT
W. II, Wbiti-. Holldtor for Complainant.
IHtlnl (Vrtnlier I, A. I), 1111.
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