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lteMriut aEcekljj Citizen
VOL r MK 1
Iir Ui axes' Ti tut
Denver, I'n ', N. '.'I. The trod i f
I) Thatcher Craves fur tin tnunlcr t f
Mr Joseph A Ilur nuoy, t'iwl,,iu he
WHS COtllllli lit ll! I.ll IM'I, intllUlcllCCH !ll
o.irin t-t t ilii. Thoie will Im twenty
tlvn wittf-ns fur Him tt.tte, nf ulii'h
number twelve hi.voltiti hrniigl t from
Various slinls 111 Now Lllgihlld. 'I'll.' ill'
futlllllllt plcl.lll Hot gUlIt) . ll IM lltlllcr
UkhI llmi tint iri'ctitiiin cud bus ben
worked up by tho I'niUi'rtiiii ttfticv
ami tlmt nn extraordinary ulimii of fir
eumsluiitial evidence will bo forged by
tho state, The trihl w ill occupy i-i ni)
I nllril XXiiiUmcu I'asr
Trenton, N, J., Niiv.VI.--A ease which
i of luteroit to momhitis nf tin Ancient
Order of tho I'nittsl Workmen ihmugh
out the country, in being argued tu-diiy
beforo the cotirl nf chancery. Hitherto
the ntaton nf Now Jetsoy, Dclcwuro,
Maryland uud Virginia, huvo j.uitlv
formed huh grand 1 juriulu 1 1
Th untuilrhip uf tlm order in New
Jersey however ih larger tliim tlm1. of
the other threu stales combined, itlnl n
little while ago, tin Jersey ttculeciihsl t
have u grand lodge ofthcirown. All
the arrangement to Huh end had boon
made when Pest (irmiil Muster Work
men,J. A. Van ml, stopped hi iiinl to
cured ii tetnp.irury injunction ftiun t .
oourt of chancer), rostrun.it g the fur
inution of a grand lodge of New Jtiscv,
od tho ground tlm V the ciiisotit nf Kid
other sluice to the present grand lodge
jurisdiction, win llrst necessary Tins
declaration in trux reed 1 v tln members
iu this stub, mi argument ih being tnul
to-day on tlm iUmtioii whether tin. li'in
porary injunction should ho made per
oinnent, or ahould ho iiIIiim ihI to expire.
Tho qurtitluti i of interest to tlit nnli.r
everwhere, Ir'ciiiiso it will establish u
leaI precedent regarding the right of
any aluto which forms a portion of a
grand hsdge jurisdiction, t got up n
grand lodge on iti own ticroiiut. nml
without tlic uniifoiit of the utl.iT HtittcH
iuiidu iu juriit'lictliin.
Due llnlluu Count
PhilRilelphln, I'.i., Nov. 'Jl. From nil
Ittlinn coun. mid thi litisliund of a
young Anion iM n liHirivn, tu n pauper in
male of the I'tillmlf Ijitnn u:iiihIuuw.
This ia the lram.foriiiutioii that Iiiih cunif
over the Count ill Moiitercolt witlnii
tarolvo montlm. In thai period tlm count
bft furaitheU plenty of niHteruil for mtj
MtioDBl itorim to the pro. 1 1 ih wife
wa Mine Virginlik Knox, a 1'itti-liiirg
heirrtu, who et'curtsl a ihvuro from him
aome time ngo, nflcr having It ml him iir
reatrtl auvernl timeH for tliio.ttH ami vio
lence. After the honde had lntii mitidiT
ed, the count tuuk down to oucli a low
financial ebb tlmt ho n udiuitti'd to
the nlma-houax, uml on one or two i ecu
aiuna trna cotniuittrd to the houoo uf i-or
rectlon for brenutiea of the peace, 'the
ordinary routine work of the tilunlio ie,
howover, la not to the rount'M liUuik'.
and he recuntly entertvl a formal protibt,
Betting forth that ho wua of a ileliuule
andaenallivo nature, that menial uorU
wm good enough fur peutanta, but a:
together out of the line of what might
bo expected from gentlemen, nnd Unit he
did not propose to lower bin dignity by
breaking atone, waaluug tloora, or per
forming any of the other duties t i which
paupers urn uaaigned. Iuatead of eittnu'
iu aoleniu colii'lftve on thia protect, the
authorities incontinutitly tlirunt the
count into a cell rent' r veil for inaubordi
natei, and kept him on btead and water
OUtlt hta exowauo dignity Im I aome
what abated. Iteceutly an invefligalion
Into hia aonity ftiia made, but '.he plin
ciana declared him to bo compiia mentiii),
aii J L put buck to wort.
A WUe Judge.
New York, Nov. i'i -A diKpntch from
Ijndouan)a: There wrm an extraordi
nary acene to day In Worship street po
lice court, the lending police court of the
motropoll. A woman moving in good
aoolety, mul who in of very delicitte
health, "ul her hualmnd for turning
her mid her baby out of door. The de
fenae win that the liUHbiinil had found
letter, indicnting tlmt the wife had
been iollmnto with n lieuteuaut in the
army, and who ia iittu lied to the medi
cal ataff corpH. Ttie lietitenunt, upon
being put on the atnud, voluntarily ml
milted, amid gronnt mid hiwiew from mi
immenae nudience, Hint he had been
criminally iulimnle with the woman.
After he hail left the witneabox, Judge
Duihby ordered that hie evidence be
Blricken out nnd scored hint in terrible
language, Hiid the judge, "Wbutever
disgrace may uttuch to paramoure, nnd
howover low they tuny aink, there in oue
depth of ignomy which even they tmuiil
ly avoid, nnd that ia coming I k' fore a
court and awraring In public that they
have been the recipient of the wifo'a
favors. Thia wna the loweat drptlj of
degrodalion, and one from which moet
meu would ahrink, but when a niiin line
ahown bltraelf a acoundrel, hia evidenre
required the uloneat icrutiny. lie had
come to the oonoliuion that there wna
nothing which bore out tne infnmoua
teatimony that the lieutenant hud given,
and oonM)uently he would reject the
whole evidence of the tnenn reckleeH
coundrol." The lieutenant wna mobbed
od the judge loudly cheered when
they left the court.
All KUeTfur I.Ur.
Philadelphia, Nov, 2.V-Vhen ( ieorge
W. Childa Droiol, aon of Anthony J.
Drexel, the banker, nud heir of (Seorge
W, Child, tho eminent pbll&ulropiut,
mid Inn bride, Mice Mar) Ir.ck, 'o wh"m
lie wiih iiiarriiil hint week, ri turn frmu
the.r wfdiliii ti ur, the gr'itii will nut
Ii ie u 'Uimeillntoly I'uii.ilieiit'o In liiintle
f t a lieli',i-d tin) ui.l tin, I ii Int.. Ii
Hiring uiitmli- i f thii diKir uf an elegant
m.'iiiHiiiii at 'llnrt nintli and 1ocui-l
utr.i'lc, a gift from the father of the
gru in, mid which, w. th it furninliiiig,
fcprcM'litrt an e pel.ililiire nf eightV
lli iUfiiiiil ilullare. In aililitmi li tlin
the will tii.d their I'llpboardH docked
with table linen, tea M-rviceB of gold ami
Hlier, nher ice creiilii ilmhef, tllleeliH,
IiowIh an other aitielea, and the walla
hung with tiiftgmtlcctit eiigrnviiign and
ciiiitingH, all pteenla from friemlH uf
the family . TheM pri'M'iitH repreM'iit an
iulditiiit.nl expenditure of oer one linn
drtil tl.nuniml ilnltrirf, nnd are exchisue
"f a leu llioticiind dollar diamond neck
luce and bracelet, which wan the gift of
M r ( iisirge W. I'IiiIiIh.
X lilppeil nml llrnnitril
Little It.K'k., Ark , Nov 'J.'i Several
wee Im ago a federal pnn mer mimed
Abraham Diiux, eonllned 'ii the Atknn
huh peiiiteutlary, coniplmned In the fed
eral niltlioriticH that he had been untiier
cifully whipped and branded with a hot
iron iu the prcM'tiiv of the prixon olllcerH,
ami that Mich treatment uf primmcm
wiih uf almoit daily occurrence An in
ventigation reveale I Iiih ntatement tube
true. VcHlcrduy fnited Stitert depily
niuimoiiIm mid a guard uf eleven men de
hvi red an order to the autboritleH de
noit.dii g th it the turn over the thirty
nine federal prtcuntrH cunllned in the
Hlate priKiiu. The order w iih obeyeil mid
the marHhalH I It with their priMinerw
fur ColiimbiiH, ( 1 1 .
The llrlf InIi I'.vncnntril.
New H url:, Nov . 'J.',. Thin is the mini
ernur) uf evaeuatiun ilny, mid a good
iinny of the old fiiiiulieH w ill liei'p up the
lime honortd ciiHtoin of giving private
iIiiiiiih ur partieH in celebration of the
event. the coliiiiinl d'ltuetf lire Itleo
holiiiiig a reunion in celebration uf the
llnmtel h .Tlnnnluii.
t'h.cigu, Nov. 'JT.-With an all day
1 hanlugiviug julhlic ition, one of the
uiiwt tii.iginlli.viit rcHidcntYN in the
coumry, outride pohHibly of tliLHu in
Ne.v Vnrk, wan formally ocupied yen
terdii). It ih a verilalile pahuv, and it
wi.l be the future home of Mr. K Man
del, head nf the tmmciiHi dry goodn
tirm of Maudrl llioe. Ii m liR-utcd on
Michigan lloulovnrd nud Thirty-fourth
Htrect and Iiiih been in courte of con
Htriictiou for nearly two jearn. Aung
it- prili 'ipul features ih iui iinmont-c
bill room, which mcluden a co'iipli l.-l)
titled htage, a ci inplele burlier hhup, a
iiiuhic riMim, which ih divided by Mexi
can on) x coluiiiiiH from a coiiHervatory,
and oue of the tihctit private librancH in
the country. On the tloor vt the draw
ing room ih a large rug, woven m one
piece, and the cot uf which alone as
upwatdri of ten IhoUMiml dollara. The
llour of the hirgu lecepti.ih hall ih of
Italian marble iiiomiic, and cue of ite
atlriic'.iv featured ih an old Mcorirh
llreplace Tiie dining room wulla are
liniHhed in tapestry of allium! fabulous
value. The buthrooma are white mar
ble und onyx, the main one having an
uuyx wuiiiHoliug live feel in I ?ight, nnd
abvivii tlm a frencoing of pond lily de
Hikl). 1'iiere are htud) rouiiiH for the
youthful uieinliorti of the family, whilo
the iipitrlinm.N r-H'red for gueste
w.iiild nlmoHl compare with the di-ecrip-tuitiH
that have been handed down of
portion of tho interior of Solomon'
Morlit'N Knlr.
I'liii'ago. Nov. 'J7. A Hpt'cial meeting
of tt.o board of director of the World'ii
I'wir l being held Huh murniiiK' to com
plete the prrpHMUunu for the campaign
Iwfoio congri-H-i m aid of the llvi million
dollar loiiti. The diteuturH are in favor
of presenting their cIiiiiuh to emigre
eurl) in the evasion, and a movement
will be Hindi) on Washington by tho be
ginning of next week. I'Iij cjmmitteo
on legislation of the tintionul commitee
ill cooperate iu the effort to secure the
loan. So fur the receipts from opular
HUbecriptiou have reachml uboul three
and oue-hidf million of dollnre, while ex
Initae have It-eini third of that bum.
I'lrnnril Vllli ,lliuinr riiir.
Harry W. Liu-a and Holwrl lllnck re
turned from the meeting uf the Muhhiiiu
gruud lolge at AlbinUeriue lint I'ri
iiii). 'lht-y tpeitk in ttie hlghetl terma
of their reception in that city and the
work of the commercial club to which m
much of the ptokpent) of the "I)uke
City" ia ptoperly attributable. Mr. Iiii
cuh wiui apiolnteil grnml worthy mar
nhul of the grand lodge of .Miihour. Sil
ver City Sentinel,
"How dear to the heart m the jcllow
backed pumpkin, when orchaidH are bur
rcuof htutring for pun. when peiichfi
and apple have both Ihhii a failure, and
burr io of no kind have greeted the eyta.
How foully we turn to the fruit of the
cornfield, the fruit that our children nro
taught to deapiae tne old yellow pump
kin, the mud-covered pumpkin, the big
bellied pumpkin that iiiokm uch good
My wife wua ho badly iilllirted with
rhctimatiiim na to Im unable to move in
bed without nraiatauce. Our druggist,
Mr. hsddnmua, reconnneudrd Chumber
Iuiii'h l'ulu Halm, which greatly relieved
tier. We Iimtd uaednix Ixittlea at various
tune, uud would not bo without It at
hum). -Jus. Coleman, Iwell. Neb. Fifty
, ceut l-ottlea for sale by T 11, llurgces
I &. Hon, Druggist.
KM 1,1111 11 M'.WH
The Santa I'e enipiojca were paid , if
The llMtherbuu I "f I, i.-miiotixe l'ire
men will give a ImIi nt Chuiliil Huh ieii
Conductor llerry came in yetteNbiy af
ternoou from the went with a tram of
empty Pullman courhe.
I.C. Hubbard, a piiwengrr brikeman
on the north run. Iiiih itnt the eiiiploy of
the rohd and gone eiud.
I'd ward lleruiaiin, lately of t'oe.iy enun
ty, lud., ih the mw hiu'it man at the rail
road ft nt ion at Springer.
The L'liion Pacitit', Santa I'd ami Ibo
( iramle roaiU are lighting over freight
t-lnpini'iitH out of t'olorailn,
('. I'. Holton, w hMii'elitlv ri'Mgned lux
p'wiiiiiu as chum agetit for the Atlantic
A P.icitli', Iiiih gone eiiht on Iuimiimtk
Section I'oreman McMahau, whohiiH
ben in tho employ ol the Atlnhti" A I'.o
citii' for a long time, ih on the tuck list
The WuIiiihIi earniligH for the eeutnl
Week III Nnveuiber hImiw a liiltiilcotnc III
creiihe of J'J'l.'.V'H, thetot'il eariiingH being
Judge W. ( Hnr.ledine, law routiKellor
for tho Atlantic X Pacitlc, ih in lrer:rott.
An inn, where ho ih Hhowing cotirteHieH
to ( iov. Irviu.
i ieorge Meyern, yard Hwitt'hmnn at I ih
Vegan, where the wt alher IH excecHlVely
cold, ban quit, ami ill vint Iiih mother
in New Orlemif.
The l'liion Pacillc hi.H olTeied a reward
of $l,ui for the arrent uf the miscreant
wiui removed a rad mid cuumiI the
wrec'.- of the fanl Denver p.'upeiiger Irani
at ilulehburg, Col.
alami'H C Tlioiupsiii), a director of the
Sedalia First National bank, Ii.ih heoii up
poiutml asHn-tant treasurer uf the Mi
uiiiri, KanoiiH A TextiN, with heailiiiur
tern nt Sedalia, Mo.
ii. C. Ilnverlick, a train cullei tor on
tlm "lbg V railroad, Inn been arreted
charged with embezzlement. ther,
acetified also of embezzling tickets and
fun Ih of the company, will be arrcHlcil.
Tho merctiaiita and ebippern of Cbica
go nave organized an ittsociatiou for the
purKise of protection from "Ioshkh and
overchargeti in tranHpurtatiou rate and
to etcure favorable ratt-H from railroada
ami common cnrrietn"
The much tulkel of reHigtiHtmn of ( let:
ernl Superintendent Duncnn, of the
l'liion Pacillc road, Iiiih at hint been con
tinned, and ih to take rifecl December 1.
and hi place ih to be tilled by W A.
Deuel, who in at present diu-inn super
in'.endent of the Ibo (irande at Puetil i.
A. D. ThurHtou, grand chief of the r
tier of Itailroiid Telegraphers, ban re
Higned Iiih p 'Hition on mccoiiuI of ill
health. He u Hiicceeiled by D. (I Ham
Hey, of St. DouiH, heretofore nsMHtnntl
grand chief telegrapher. Mr. ThurHlon
bus been apKiinteit editor of the Kail '
roud Telegraiher, the ulllcial organ of the
It in understood tlmt the Nnt'onnl
Truntiporl.it ion iihHociation w ill at once
apply to the InterHtate Commerce coin-'
miOHion for an order compelling Hie rail
roads to adopt a uniform bill of lading
that will be jtnit and fair to the shippers.
In cnsethecommu.Hiou fail h act prompt-,
ly, congretH will be importuned to enact
n law to that end. The uniform lull uf
lulling adopted by the railroad about n
year ago, wiih altogether in favor uf the 1
roads nnd alleging t h 1st the slnpH'rs re 1
(used to accept it.
iir.trr m ;.it,
One of the Industrie mot dcecmng
of the attention uf the ieople of New,
Mexico, and one that would admit uf al-'
mimt unlimited development, ih the man
ufactuie of beet niigar. KxteiiHive plnnta
for the mauufneture of eugar from beet
huvii recently been put up in Nebraska,
I'tah and Cabformii, and are all being
unrated with great success. At the ex
tensive work ut Norfolk, Nebraska,
about It'll long nf beet a duy ate now
lieing converted into eugar, the output
being neurly W.IKXI pouiulH of granulated
augur every twenty -four hours.
The establishment of those factories
in portions of tlm wist which nro adapt
ed to tho cultivation of the Hugar Iseet
will i.o doubt bring great prosperity to
the country in which they are conduct d
They give employment to tlioUKai ilH of
fnrmora and farm hand in tho rinsing
of Uiets, tunny of whom this sensoti are
deriving a net prolit of 10 an acio
'I hose fnctonoii alfo employ a great iiuni-ta-r
of working ooplc, and they are ma
tenuity nnsisting in the development of
loculitio in which agriculture Iiiih not
la-en n paying industry for several year
A gentleman who has boon figuring
out the Hiignr problem utiitoa Hint "the ,
present annuul consuming capacity of
tho I'mti'd States for sugar and molasses
must Ut in the neighborhood of '.!,. O.ttX)
tonr. The consumption is largely stun-'
ulated by the recent romoxal of heavy
dutlee, except on the sugar of countries'
which will not reciprocate, and from
present ippruraucoa we hIiiiII hnve no'
dillluulty In getting along without them.
And wo are now in a futr way to produce
ere long a Urge part of the quantity
needed for ourselves. The stimulus to
action is u strung one. At four cent per j
pound thaw 'AM 0,0X1 ton nro worth
llOO,UOU,(XK),or half the value of tho aver
age whrnt crop of the United States, in
tho hand of the farmer, while the profit
offered in tho cultivation of the boot Is
far greater I bun that poatiblo in the comi
of any t.f the ceroid. It is Hide to if ti
mate thul u 't far from a tiiuuHand fee
turn h of the i apin it) of the one al Nor
wnllt Won d ho riillired to ni pl the
i'o:.Mimit i of sugar ami uiohscH in
the 1,'hlti I S iiIoh ten ye.iif I ei c- '1 Inn
wutit I fun. nil ilo meaiiH i f siipKirt tu a
mi. lion uf uhu'.iitiiiiiH, i. ml mid priH,i
tioi.ati'lx ti ii. e iicmt'ii.l tor cot s iinptiun
of tl.e oilier i Iuhm h III the cuntl) . This
Is pledii t I on the Hilpptikit 'on that n
few yearH in the future the Cmted Statrn
will !) pri du.'ing Hiigar iih iuiousyiia
(briiiunj an. I I'lunie. It timy tnke
Iwelit) eius to reiiih thul slli,'i of t-HL-chimin'
iibtiuibiin e. but thorn it. tin rex
Mill why it tl.ould lint U rfgmded li a
plirt of our mulilfest deftOI) "
And in th h connection it is intending
In iciiicmU'r llni' no disttict on the mi,-tun-lit
or clHewhere in the worn, lor
thlit ti, alter ih better luhiploil to the
hUcci'Hsful piuso.-'utiou of th h induilry
than the valleys of New Mexico, w'jire
I lie peculiar atlaplalnbt) of the so l to
this crop gie a greuler x leld of OeelH to
the U'Tc, and the Hrpetuul hunshiue
during the growing H'lin.n g ih to the
product II higher pel cent uf hiccll.ll ll.n
than can Ih obtau sl i.ii) where i Ue in
the uiuiitry.
Our ThaukHgiviiig ih .i rtci,batiy
Aiiiern'iin fchlivul. and inseparably as
nociiiteil with November. In fuel, tnier
ic i ih the utily nation that celebrati h mi
annual nut al Tliankngi mg. Vet it
wan net until some thirty years ago that
h pro. -1:11111. 1 1. in uf President Lincoln it
Oeeaine a general pubbo olisef funce !
'i'ii.u .i... i . i i i .i.. i
. ii .-. iu, , iiiinri ,,-ii (in I'll r l
as lii'JI li) 1 ' mouth and .xlahsacliusett
Hay cntiiiii.M in tn.'tiiory of the landing
of the pilgritim, nnd it wn obwrviil af
terw ir, I .j New I'.ngland genorall). The
old iMiigresH recognized '1 hmikfgix ing
holtibiy during (lie revolution. Wiish
ingti'it nppoiiiteil a ilny nf Tliatikpgiviug
to ei'lebrate the adoption of the consti
tution, 'Hid the church uf which ho wn
a member, designated some day in No
vember for the ubservnnco. Madison
proclnimed such a ilny iu celebration of
the treaty of ( iheiil at the clone of tho
war of So. Hut it was only in lHsZt
that the n sidct.t of the I'lilted StuteH
inaiiguruted a p4rpotual oationnl
riiiiuk-gixuig ami tixxi the hist I Iiuih
day in November es the day This ap
s.i'itnient was fn'lowoil by the procia
initt i m uf the governors of I lie several
sluice, und thus ll has hi come an estub-li-iod
Anieiieiiti festival, paituking of
I ut a religious iiii'l a social characlr
p'oh-'r.uig in tl.e 'iititle of its nljHorvutik'o
the t r.t lit.o iuty New Knglanil foature
of p' aver and turkey.
Hi fit i: vi i: coi i it.
A sti.teuieut of mme interest regard
ing the business nf the Supreme Court,
and purlieu. nrl) nf the buineH of tlm
I'niled Siati h in that coin t. for I to lust
twelve years Iiiih been prepared, from
w Inch it apN'iirH that the Urgent num
1st of government cusoh over dlsvomtl
uf at line term prior to the last was Si'.
Ill lS'xl, wheieis at the lust term I HO
guveruiiieiit iis-s wore dispo-M-d of.
There was a higher lulio of dis-isions in i
favor uf tin- government at tho'
last term than at any piecetluig
one. The tot.,1 ii ii in tier uf caies ,
dispiked nf h) the court last year wn
the highest for anv term on reror I, be- '
llig 017 cusef, wli i oil the huhest num-
her di-ipos. ll uf at any piecedl g term
wan I Ti I. in P-M Of tl.e numbor deciJed I
at the lllst teliu about .'10 hT cent Were
cases in which the government xxnsu
hta ri r, to i,oi;a.
The oipii s' ii.iu statue of lienerul Johu
t i ii . ...i. i i
n, w'-.m i iu isneu, ami arrautiemeuva
nro luting oi mp'i ted for lis erection in
Iowa circle, Washington. In every line
uf the statue character ih strongly mark
ed. The general is rep-eseiiti tl in riding
to the front when he look coiiiinund after
the full of Mcl'lierson. lis has just
ruciietl the front ninl uu expression f
llrtnnesw is upon Ins fioo Tlm hoise he
bi-4'li checked anil ih pawing the ground.
In the gcncral'ii hfl hund the rein are
held li-osoly nud in the righl, w hich hnnga
freely at Iiih side, lie holds Iiih hat, just
ss he liss lakeii it from his head by the
crown He pays no attention to hi
horse, which he siti hrinlv , iih if uncoil
hciouh of Ihestoed. and his fare i turned
toward stiiilelhii'g in the illstunce. In
the expression of the luce and in the at
titude there ih immense power, and the
grace which coiui h of unstudied pose of
action, Iogan's character can Ui lead In
the bronzti
iiiNTiMit itm:i nr. ai.
With the p.issii.g of 1S!I1 there have
gone over to the silent majority tunny of
llin emiuent or cotispicuous onoi of the
earth The list include llancroft, Is
ing nnd Kuiglake, the historinn. Pur
neb, llidmaceda, lloulntiger, ex President
(Irevv, ex Vice Piesi.lent Hamlin, Sir
Johu McDonald, S '('rotary Winilom nud
William Horry Smith, in politic. Iiwell
and Wincholl, in general literature;
Iawrcnco llarrett, MuneWilt nnd Kiiimu
Ablsjlt, on the stsgej Hhormaii, Von
Moltko, Joeph B. Johiutuu, the soldiers;
(ieorge Jones, the inlitor, and Kalauaun,
Karl 1, of Wurtemberg, Prince Jerome
Nnpoleonand theAmrorof Afghanistan,
kings and '.ho like.
Pivii'i.r. are rendy to ue cruel and bru
tal It there ii any money in it. It is re
ported that the plains nf Tulare, Cal.,
nro coverrd with bald-headed rabbit,
parties having scalped the poor creature
iu order to obtain the bounty and then
turned them loose to replenish the earth
that the scalp supply may not tail,
:iitoiiiai, m i i;h
Till tnbaciM tr si
bus bit'on olT more
than it cm chew
Noll.. rdsi.ir r acli New Mourn
Tho. ts s s.i il, r to Ixiilisnn ponp.e.
Tin repub.ioiii nutioiial ci nveiitlon
will lie helil at Minneupoii', ,lut (i T
Sniisi w h h I he iron is hot Adver
tio your ChrtHluiai goods In this jupc.
Tin in is Iiiisiiich. for only one ilei.io
cralic p,iHr in this city. Which wid it
Is this heautiful world all men shuuld
I st thankful fur life, health mid pnm
1 1 is suhl there are several cindi'atc
for delegate tu . migri ss in southern New
LiMtii.s county reKirts ICD children
enroll, s in the public schools, there
are teachers employed.
l'lll. extinct volcanoes tu Now Mexico
are t ailed colonels. They are so named
because they are nlwu)s dry.
lr Anmm votes in favor of stutehissl
next Tn.-s.lii), I hut territory may be
made a slate by tho next congress
Hi.aini.'h wnrbko preparations have
had the desired etTcct. ( lull has iUit
talking about sending Pat Bgau home.
Tin: I'.I Pnri Imnrd uf health has iuar
atitmed tigittnst San I'bzano, which will
exist until snirtll poi in that city is orad
Till. Pueblo Indians should not 1st al
lowed 'citizenship. There are already
tisi mnuy purchasable voters in New
Tlir. Las Vrgaa sheet, whose editor is
under arrest for choking Iiih ngod mother,
ieBk of the "execrable daily pnpeis" in
Tin. (?ity of New York doe not
nmount to much any more in American
atTnirs. The west i coming to the front
in everything.
Sr. Ijouis ha n statesman tmtned
Slupsky, and Chicago own one called
Joblotaky. A remarkable stand olT in
Tiu.nkmiIX im. day was getierully ob
serxnl tu this city. The weuther n
usual whs warm, the sun shone bright,
mid the holiday wns enjoyed by all.
Tin: holiday trade in this city prom
ts) a to bo immense. The enterprising
dealer are receiving larger stock and
letting the fact bo known in Tin: Cm
zr.s. Tu kiii is a constant demand tu the
bus. no h world for competent nnd rob
able men lA'arn to do something well,
and stick to it, and your huccohh ia
Tin. iinliCrttioi.s nre that the smelter
enterprise wt.l materialize in a few
weeks. ThoH-i interested assert that the
capital is tMiing secured for the enter
prise. Siiit.i.i.i.viiN in Ireland have a bid of
ft don contributions to the heme rule
(mum', During the lust month only 12
have been contributed in the I'nited
I'ut.iiK ih no trouble in llrszil. Only
a provinco is in arm nghiual the govern,
uieiit, with 'Jo,' M well-aruutd men in the
Held. No trouble at all only a little
Koiii Ma in v will not Utabundonei,
nnd itgi.in the baml will play on tho his
toric plnzu and (.11 will Ui serene nud
nulling at the torriloriul cupitul. This
i us a should bo.
Tin: trnde of (treat llntniu is contin
ually decreasing, and that of America is
continually increasing. Do fnst traders
think this is In spite of the McKlliley
bill and reciprocity.
Somi.iiouv has stolen the Texas Ellen
land l.iw from the archives of the secre
tory of state It wns cheaper to do thia
than to call the legislature together to
adopt a repealing act.
Tavvi.vnt II vl. i.' h attempt to control
tln election of ssakttr uml the organiza
tion of the hotlso of representatives Is
not viewed with unalloyed satisfaction
by the democracy of the nation.
N.xr Tuesduy the seople of Arizona
will volenti the adoption or rijectiouot
the proponed state constitution. The
vote will be light und no doubt the pro
HMtion will receive a majority.
How many wrona In life do you meet
with who in a business transaction wnn1.
the odd cent, nnd yet if you demand the
sumo of them, cull you nunouB, Hi
u poor rule that won't work ImUi waya.
Caixiiino (Iaiizv's revolution ha
s.oppt d over into Tezui, and thirty live
soldiers of -tho regular army, O," hnve
been sent out to suppress that part of it
tliut ha apreud urroe tho Itio (Sraude.
l-'uililliA oratigi are axdling at ll.lfi a
box, wholesalo, in New York, nnd retail
. .t o- . .1. . vi i?i .1,1.
ing ut i. cent a doen.
orango ciop tin wumui is o.tuhb.lntil at
:i,(XR),(l b 'Xtt. The FiorulH fruit is said
to Im Uttitiug the Mi ibUrriineiiii ornngei
out of the uiarke'..
It is welcome news tliut Mexico ia
ready ami willing to enter into n reel
procity treaty with the Cuited State.
The only article for which they desire
free entry into our ports are cotfeo uud
hide-. The p'ebttnt oisir(( of those
amount annually to W.OOO.OOO.
I'ot.nicvi. ixmve ntions begun to come
west in IKV'i, when the democrats noun
listed lluchanuu for tho presidency.
Since that time the republican or dem
ocrat have mot in Chicago soven tunes,
' in Cincinnati tour time and in St. Louis
tC' Ciiiciig.i Iiiih tiomiuiite.l live
prem. oil's mi. 1 1 l ilicili'i ,ti two. Tlm
last euiivont nn hi Id m Ni w Vnrk wa
in Iht'.H, w I i fi Mr. Se) ii, our waiiioiii
nati d i . Mm id in. .C-,
Km mi n. It rri tl hi.i I 'I re. e ut..
.'e.nl Maty Aid .'-nil H h. let iroiilcht
Htsith limps I aggard mi the t ige, ami
olil.ln.t (ill, imiii diet. I' left lull, ii
trateil,.' ilipirtcil g'.orv of fio Amen
c ui i tuge
Tlll.lil ih no re.lriill W hj , btintti fi.e
lory wouhi hoi be a paying iiivestmcr.t
ill this city llroum corn is a mire crop
, III tins valley, ami i, fa-tort could dis
iN.se of all the brooms it o iiild tliiiko nt
gtssl prices,
I'm ill. ale twelve prominent oatnli
dates for I'll Hod Slates seimtor from the
prt'in-id state nf Now Molten Six of
tho numbor are iopiililieuii, -ind the
other deiius'rats. Iv-verul of the ninth
dates live in Aloiniioriue
Tin triple of th" I'nitnl State nro
so wealthy and .rot-i-rniH fiat they
Hil l time and lllelUIH to fltt'Old cotlVeli
1 tioiis in every purl of the country to
1 pus resolutions agtntiiit llniiiieinl griov
ti'ice and ilrink cliampagiie with each
Tin. attention of temperance reform
ers is called to the fact that the Ulitlty
of spirits produced uml ilesMiteil in dm
lillery warehouseH in the past v. ar, ac
cording tn the resirt of the enmtuiMnurj
er of internal revenue, exceeded that of
the year before by l!,l.sO,,V gnlloliH
Nn more Ktiglt-htlli'tl live to tell the
sturv nf Waterloo Lord All'.'iiiiirle,
(leiit-r.i! Whiehcutit at il Culutiol Hewitt,
the throe survivors who celeorated
the se.enty tlf tli iiuiiiversiirv nf the bat
tie in June, lY.MI, are m w ,!iad, and the
famouH Wnterhsi lull at the HiiiihIi war
otllcti has InH'U closed
Tin: more law a country Iiiih the Ichh
they are oIh') ed Tins is ox nlenced, for
iiiiitanco, in Spam and Kussia, which two
countries have probably the most vol.
uminou laws ni Btirupe, and they are
least respected mid obeyed; whereas, on
tho contrary, Sw it-erland has the Inst
Inw-t and they are ueist respected.
Tin: Pueblo PrHs ih ros o.'tfullv in
formed that the newf papers of New
Mexico do not jump on anyone until
that individual proves by hisiictions that
he ih lower thmi any of tne brute crc'i
turn. The editor at Las Vegas who in
under i. r rest for Is-ating and choking Iiih
mother deserves no sympathy from anv
Tiiiuii. m little that is new, own in
slang. In the Diary of Thomas Mooie,
dated June 'Jl, 'JI, the poet writes that
he had been asked Intake tho editor
ship of the Kdinbnrgh Review One uf
the proprietors hud tuition to the other:
"Misire IS out of all sight the best llilitl
we could have." All others wore illito
out of s'ght.
Tin. Pueblo, t.'.iloruilo. Press says
"The p-sitolllce lepartinont Inn mined
unorder for the stahliHlimeiit of the
free delivery system iu Alhil.iiet.iie.
New Mexico. The fuel ih llidlHpllt.ilile
that this ambttloiiH New Mexico town
Iiiih been steadily and healthily growing
for ten tearH past, and it is a furller
fact also that this growth ih largely due
to tint ndmirable public spirit of the
K'uple jf AlbU'UeriUe thelnschcH."
Tin. senate of .Netr York, uh the re
turn now stand, it compos il of sixteen
republicans, fourteen ilomocrats and one
ir,dt'.enilent. There is a vacanc) tn be
tilhsl, cnilsod by the death of Senator
Di'iine. Deniocratii' manipuhiturs have
Immiii making desperate efforts to steal
the senate from the repuH.cunH by ills
putiiig the election of repiililicans, but
the alarm was given in tune and t Im re
publicans will doubtless retain their ud
A KHIM writer has well said that
farming on irrigated l.iml moans pl.tciug
farming as a business, on the buns of
manufacturing. It is not subjecting the
work of lint K. iikou to the cliNlice nf rum
at that particular time that moans a dif
ference of from 'ii lo'.'i per cent i f the
yield, for with Iiih hand on the heidgato
of hit chiihI, the farmer may control the
cro a almost to the extent that the in
giiicor, with his hand on the thruttle
vnlvtss of his t ngine. regulateii the move,
met, Is of the machinery uf the factory.
B-'rrr Coinage
the resolution at the Denver congress
which was adopted almost tinnmmously,
rend a follow :
"Wo declare tbnl crrttllcate of got
eminent backet) dollar for dollar by gold
or silver, silver com on deposit in the
trosHtiry of tho Untied States, .s a sound
currency and has boon approved by the
people; Unit the I'irst National Mining
congress is iiiislierably in favor of the
priticiplts of bimetallism, that gold anil
sliver, uot one to the exclusion nf the
other, are the mote) uirli.lt of the con
stitution; thul gold and silver should
by lu. huvci,al nghbr, iim-h and mom
iiuf isw s.niiti i, iiiih run iieiiiiiinm ui
thootitigriti of tho I'tuleil .Stutiw, the en-
Kctrmint of Isws by which s.lver shall he
coined frtsi in ail iiiihih upoi l; uoh
.No lletlrr Hrunr.
Take lh Urill oil nf lend und wool
unit New Mexico's merchants would
think the "seven lean kine" IiniI struck
tin oountry, their business would be so
slim, and yet Home of thto (rllow will
tnlk I'rtsa trndo and voledemocrnuy. So
curro Chieftain.
"Aren't you ever going to grow old like
tho net uf us;" Hiked a man of mi ac
quaintance he hadn't seen for some tune.
"Well, not so long ih I can purify m
blood with Aysr's Sursspantla," wiih tho
apt reply. Thia man knew what ho wus
talking uboul
Tie l ll-- tWi
y v. n i- xal families
in l .hi . pi
Till ! Ill-- HI. t . I.,.
in He .N'.'llli. il. M ,i, .
il-ut lint gypsies
Th" . i.in. , English, tiennnll
an-1 I'lt'tli h t fis-t
liitiitig Ism then- -rv btiili in Hm Pn).
ietl Mates siil i hint hex
t loeiig" has '.'.ojs nnU-H of stlii't?, fmn
I line, as inntiy a Now iifk
Tl." weight . f $ I.IHHt.lKHI.Ilim ia npml b
thai f 1 1 .I'd. Aim eii an tneli
til' the lvxi'iity..xen loyal rnlliilio nf
r.ne"' ivv". Tiuttls nn- llifltiatl
Th- in tun! Ii iitflh of tin- next M Clutf
tioiliel is t.iyrt reel ll ciwt 1,1i,(nK),
'I he lltsil an iniilttiil ii Ut,. MilH Xv'lVH
a he, aisl tin Iiinl lwf wnn the devil.
Til.- i el. .lis shi.Ws tlielf XI I'll l,(HJ(I,(M)ll
ll headisl -.ple ii, th,. t'liltli! Stall's.
Iii ll, ,ii) thus- eais, a!t,ihK),i00 has
li-li i Xfii,. .ii ,i,,,tiV dltlitmge J.
P'tli t g-.t it- l.mi.e fi, t,, fn, 'mt
'tlei-s in L n.loi, .hank thelsnior, nlsnit
The latk'est t-Mllxvat dej.it in the XVurld
iin Itiiuotigh:ii, litiglniiil ii -vitro
! V ell Hi l
I'll I'ltVI, " nil pnlt of Nie of tholl
own it'ioioit U'f.i-,. they nn fmir yonrs of
Atiit eighi i.ilhoti pitNosuf titnil tnstlnr
an'.bsleil.iil.sl by stnl . lork in till
"utiltj yi-atty
Tie- hitgest lihiaiy lit the xxurld IS the
ln,-i i;il ..f Pnils. vvhielt ei'litnin uxortf,
iNst.ism v i ,.
it.i!- i-,t, ii village ,it Peru, in Hit- highest
''hill I plrtee III ll.e,., 1 10,03,1
leet als'Ve I'll- Sell
The I'iiiIisI states is the hrst tmiinti in
the vv, .ild's Insloty to have thns- eltien nf
.vii t.iiiit.mHi i ti, i,
Iii lti thciv vveii' ilnttj live iixinsla-
-'if "f 'It- i i ipliit'es ill . xislence. 'Ilioll'
life ll.'VV tieUtl.X llllv.- I,lltis
Tin-sen-xv iii the loiirth jewel wheel of
ii wiih Ii i- s. small thai a Imlv's thimble
W ... le.ld I.INHI.IHKI of tie-in
U hen I,. ii,. ,S'asiistn xisitiil l-'ei heiTH
the Itolhsi I, lids gaxe a bti-nkf.tsl in his
h"ti"f Ih l "I vvlu. Ii tllW.thH),
lliitidiiils ,.f iish an-still alive In the
h'Xal aipi.it intii iu M, I'eti'ltttiui'g that
Wefe plai ts) tllel-e noT ttl.Hl I M ) fait
The sit 'mstotlii system ti'i-eiitly -
t.il bshisl , ti en ii sleiiuiefs In l'llln'
NIX'- live hoills in the tune nf delivery nf
The x "iing inui. .!' oei, nis is ti,,t wlmlly
a pf-bn l . I' this age Mlehtii-I Aiigeln
linishi'd his givntost paiulmg when he was
but th.ily veil i,. ,k.,.
Tlii'i-e an' twenty -thn-i- widows and
hulghlets ,. liexoliltloliury Hildieif xvlm
still draw 'tisioiis, llioitL-h' the last mule
siii'vtvoi ilusl long au-o.
liieut lliilain I, ns a ,.iik,',r sen coast line
Iiuni anv othei nation m l'.nin., tJ.T," r
liol,-, with Italy seeotiil, 'J.7IJ miles.
Itussi.i tiin.l- tlniil and I'ninee foiitth.
(,iio'i ii ii tot ia i- said to rule a realm
lllhllli lllg :tIT,00ll,IHNI sulijei ts. '1'his is a
gn-aler liuinliel of sipe than ever befnti'
s.ll uu,' I the shadiivv of I'lie tllliuie.
I If the .'Oil.lMHI.IHNI pel sous who Well'
cal t'lisl last X ear on steam Vessels, but
sixty -live Men- kilhsl This shows thul
this In, Mils. I ttaxe! is the safest ill the
A line leti uu h ispuiloiial teesc,iH- in
I.UVV ll liee litliV etnilj at Appli'lull, Wis.,
was made elilnely ,y the et,o,tl pupils
iii the ho.l ,,f luei huniial aits at Nash-
Villi, Tetni
AU'iit the join sii w.,l,.t, hi'cU were
bsi "IiIiiiiiisI and leallier heels vvciv usisl
uisiean III l,s, tne hm. ,, inoi-i.'i'o
leiitln-i was intti'lii, is nit,, ,j nn hy i;,eii
i II,','.
111 Its Illllti.West si lise Klllnj - lucllllb'S
only ;I.."i"o.o;iii Mitan- miles, and in its wid
est sense, w ith the I'oJar islaudr and the
south slojs. of tic ('iiurasus, I.Oll'J.IHHI
s,pi,n' null s
A philological slali-ti, lull ealeillates that
III the year ''" there will In' ,700,INHI.(HHI
ssipi-whii s'.-tk llnghsh, and that the
other I)uii,h'uu laukruugi's will U- sikcu
by oi, ,,is I,INSI,1 1 I p.siple.
Tie-sun gives lino, nni times us uiiieh
hghl lis the full III, -.11 ; 7, IKK I, IN XI, I Mill titlll'S
iis tnul li us the brightest star in the sky,
llll'l lll'i.lNNI.IkMI tunes us Uilll'll as the l olll-
Inn, tl stars of the heavens.
Tide a i' six tunnel n in the vvui Id w hi, h
huxe a length exeeeiling '.'I.INHI feet: St.
liothaltl. Mount 'i lil-, I,mic, Si'Xi'l'tl,
, hisliittgs and Suits. St. lintliatxl, the
longest is s,sp. SuWf ,. shut tost, is
J 1. 1 JO feet
Tin- eminent lliitish autiputliiiii. Sir
I 'hut li s ( il'-s,', Ue. ' that liutileiniis
tuiiis exist iii Southern (iti'i'iiland, which
an- evidently trios of Norsemen who
dwelt there ii'litlltles l-fts t'uluinhllH
disi oeris this loiintry .
Mulie tolfsts ate tolllld m Mil loll-, putts
of the wot Id Iii many ruses lliev Hie
liiiit, iel l,y H.iue s'i uharity of tfie at
in, here and uu- found standing Just as
they were wh Ii'lhed with gis'ii fnllago
lie .iini, Is ., years ago.
Kveiy deisl which is I or, in ii I in J'cw
,,k muslin exeetllisl III dliphcate. Tho
ii tnul dust, uliii h i given in f,,r iTioitl,
is U,nii, uiio a ls,k and ietaiins In the
t il oi, This is ,i heck against fnr
gi-iy and I, Im kiiciihtig,
The hi'lniiu heiilt is six inches in h ugth,
font itn ties iii di.iuietri and Is-ats an uver-
a,, f "o I lines a iionute, 1,'JlMI times all
bout. Iisi.simi tu,.,.. a il.iy and Il.iWI.T'.MI
litiirs a yeal So iu a life of Ml years the
he.llt Ih iiIs ;ihI,ihKI,ihs timrs.
The Knghsh spaili'W was milt .ii is in
I" the I'iiiIisI states in lss;. jCw lierav
ages llni ly -M-v en states and six territories
"tnprisilig an unn nf Hs.ljssl s-pi,i,'
miles, and iii I 'aiiuda lie is f.iiiillinr over
IlKI.ISMI s-pillte miles " l,'ll it"l.
If a dtvisiiiii o the teal estate uf the
globe was untile ouch one would only have
a small lot Some one has tigiihtl it out
thai taking Ih" whole hind suifacenf the
the glols- nit,, riiiioiilrrutioii Iheie is, uu tin
averuge, twenty -two and "tie-half anvs to
I'll, h I SOU
The i-.-t of the tunnel umlei' IheTll.Ulies,
aU.ut four miles Is-luvv the Uiudnti bridge.
i to I 1 1, m:,.", I us I it is in ls I, '.'ml feet
in length and twenty six feet in diaiuett'l',
with the i low li "tily eight feet lsnw the
l' I of the I'lVel ill Its lees'st pillt.
Moating island in Siulanga indi
whuli is iils.vit a iinle m length, tie-it'
Jnei.s-.iiv ille, Vt lovers alsuil ono.tlilrd
"I the siiif.e e and is als'Ul two fis-t lit
thiikiiess ll Is-nrs i nnilf! I ics, and it
drills lis -in !..' p.nt of lie' lnl tuaiiother
tv.'ci'iting I" the iiix' ti"ii of the w iud.

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