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Some Important Cases Disposed
During the Second Week.
Tlir (irand Jury Conclude its Lalxtrft nml
Ik DltK'hnrgxd by Judge Fall.
The grand jury, after having been in
session for nine days, concluded its labors
last Saturday afternoon and submitted
its final report which was as follows:
To the Honorable A. B. Fall, associate
justice of the supreme court of the ter
ritory of New Mexico, and judge of the
third judicial court thereof, sitting
within and for the county of Grant, at
the Novenilier term of 1894.
The grand jury having completed the
business before them, respectfully sub
mit their final report:
We have, to the best of our ability,
made such disposition of the business
that came lefore us as best conformed
to the interests of the public. We called
for the clerk of the district court, and
1 looks iK'longing to his ollice, with the
view of investigating his record, and
that of his predecessors, but on account of
illness of the deputy, and the urgent use
of the books by the Court, were unable
to proceed further, but would recom
mend that the attention of the next
grand jury le especially called to the
matter, and also recommend that civil
suits le entered against all ollicials and
ex-otlicials, or their bondsmen, for all
sums due and unaccounted for.
We recommend that if the insane
woman referred to by jail committee
cannot lie removed to the insane asylum,
she In; furnished by the eoiuity with a
female attendant, her only attendants at
present being male prisoners. Having
no further business before us we respect
fully ak to lie discharged.
H. II. Kiniinit, Foreman.
sheriff's office.
We, your committee appointed to ex
amine the sheriff's and collector's ollice,
state as follows: Considering the short
time given us to report, we could not go
through the books of the ollice, but from
statements drawn from them we find
that the sheriff has made prompt and
correct settlements with the county
treasurer and the lxniks are kept in good
style. Following is the account of the
year 18ÍKÍ :
Tot.nl license, general, í 3,343 50
Total license, nunibllnK, ft. 500 00
Total license, wholesale liquor. 400 00
Total lines. 207 50
Total tuxes 1SST. 8 3
Total taxes 1888, 104
Total taxes 1KH. 27 SO
Total Uixes lStKI. .. 227 30
Total taxes lHtll. 71(1 75
Total (axes 18112, 14,4114 5
Total taxes 18113, 10,1180!
Total, MUÍlOflO
Paid county treasurer,
Paid territorial treasurer,
Paid commission and exchange,
Delinquent taxes from 1887 to 181(1,
General license,
Gambling license,
Wholesale liquor license,
Taxes 18IIS,
Taxes 183,
$23,380 27
16,555 40
2,555 23
ti,4o no
737 31
1U7 75
5,500 00
400 00
2117 50
8,088 84
8,258 10
$3,43 50
Paid treasurer, $23,380 27
We recommend that the tax books of
1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891 and 1892 be
balanced and put in shajie that the de
linquent taxes can be collected.
We would also recommend thatabook
similar to a ledger lie added to the
sheriff a ollice. which would serve as a
check to the other books, and furnish
balance sheets at anv time with less
lalxir. Respectfully,
Aaron Schutz,
. C. A. Dl.MMICK,
A. Martin, Committee.
We, the committee appointed to ex
amine the books and accounts of the
treasurer's office of Grant county, N. M
respectfully submit the following state
ment and reoort: 9
AVe find the Iwoks and accounts to be
kept in a systematic and correct style
and the money, $:5,2:0.74, in a safe de
posit vault of the Silver City National
Bank, of Silver City, N. M. The bal
ance, $5,074.34, on deposit in said bank.
Aaron Sciiutz,
E. C. Ru n,
C. A. Di.mmick, Committee.
Statement for term ending November
17, 1894, of John W. Fleming, treasurer
of Grant county:
Gash on hand September an, 1804, ÍI5.17K 4
Hecelved of A. 11. Laird and oilier
ources (154 34
School district 2, precinct 3, 50 84
School district 3, precinct 3, 107 40
School district 1, precinct 4, 78 00
School district 2, precinct 4, 35 10
School district 1, precinct 5, 34 2
School district 1, precinct 0, 221 50
School district 1, precinct 7, 80 77
School district 2, precinct 7, 8 H
School district 1, precinct 8, 5 05
School district 1, precinct tt, 144 30
School district 1, precinct 10, 118 71
School district 1, precinct 11, 7114 Ofl
School district 1, precinct 12, 4 15
School district 2, precinct 13, 1)1 08
School (I Istrlct 1, precl net 13, 13 44
School district 1, precinct 14, 32 50
ScIkxiI district 1, precinct 1ft, 32 53
School district 1, precinct 10, 8 8
School district 1, precinct 18, 21 70
ScIuxm district 1, precinct 111, 17 80
School district 2, precinct 1, 52 00
School district 1, prcclnc 1 20, (13 88
School district 1, precinct 31, 44 52
School district 2, precinct 21. 33 15
School district 1, precinct 33. 117 01
School district 2, precinct 23, 28 40
School district 3, precinct 23. 112 05
School district 1, precinct 24, 310
School district 1, precinct 35, 28 09
. ?8,30.r 08
Warrants cancelled, school.
Warrants cancelled, current exp'se,
Warrants cancelled, int. on bonds.
Warrants cancelled, county court,
Warrants cancelled, Illegal fund,
Warrants cancelled, road.
Cash on hand.
315,833 32
i 3.204 57
33 2
3,840 00
235 30
101 08
8,305 08
!?15,833 32
Balance on treasurer s liooks Nov. 17,
Current expenso fund, $ 10141
Interest on bonds of county, 154 48
General school fund, 255 31
Illegal fund. 1.134 8
County court fund, 3,5111 84
Itoad fund, 7114 IK)
Precinct school fund No. 3, 37 50
School district 1, precinct 1 140
School district 2, precinct 1, 31 21
School district 3, precinct 1. 10(1 15
Sehool dlst rlct 1. precinct 2, 505 83
We, your committee appointed to ex
amine the books of the probate clerk
and ex-officio recorder of Grant county,
report as follows:
Owing to the limited time at our dis
losal we could only give the same super
ficial examination. We examined the
probate records, county commissioners'
record, warrant stubs and account books,
journal and ledger, license books, Iwiid
records and otlicial bond record. We
find the books neatly and properly kept,
and bills and receipts filed in order.
The Ixmd record of the 1889 issue,
through no fault' of the present county
clerk, is very incomplete and we recom
mend that the record lie filled out from
the bonds.
The late election cost the county
$1,395.70 for registration, judges and
clerks of election and bringing in of bal
lot Ihjxos.
The total amount of current expense
account allowed but unpaid since Octo
ber 13th, 18911, is $20,148.97.
Total amount of bonded indebtedness
Total debt $2:18,240.97.
The fire proof vault of this ollice
should be improved or enlarged.
We find that some of the liondsmcn of
county ollicials have left the county but
lielieve the remaining bondsmen are suf
ficient. Respectfully submitted,
Gko. II. Utter,
F. D. Michael,
Jui.uts Roscii.
silver city water works.
We, the committee ordered by tho
foreman of the grand jury to inspect the
Silver City Water Works, find the well
and pump house in fine condition, but
the water in the reservoir we found to lie
I very foul, and we recommend that pipes

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