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and reservoir of said place be thoroughly
cleaned. R. H. Speed.
Ed. Dimmick,
Jehus Caij.es.
county jail.
Your committee has examined the jail
and would report in point of cleanliness
that the jail is in good condition. We
found nineteen prisoners confined, two
of whom are insane. One of the insane
is a woman and one a Chinaman. The
insane woman has been examined by
Doctors Williams and Gilbert and has
leen found to lie pregnant, in about the
seventh month, and we recommend her
removal to an asylum.
Respectfully submitted,
Rout. Herrington,
Hokace Hooker,
Geo. V. Yates, Committee.
We, your committee appointed to ex
amine into and report the condition of
the hospitals of this city, beg leave to
submit the following report :
We find everything in so far as our in
vestigation went at the Sisters' hospital
and the Grant county charity hospital,
in first-class condition. The places are
neat and clean and every care is appar
ently shown the patients. We found no
complaints whatever.
We attach hereto and make a part of
this our report, statements that were
rendered to us by the secretary of the
Grant county charity hospital and the
sister superior of the Sisters' hospital.
Respectfully submitted,
J.VO. T. Odl.BSHY,
A. Martin,
IftcNKv Milker, Committee.
Statement Grant county charity hos
pital, May 1, 1894, to November 1, 1894.
Territory, MUI 87
Salo of $750 bonds, m
1'tiy patients, J57,
Cash In bunk, 40 (j,
Warrants drawn on treasurer but un
paid for lack of funds, i.yiuo
$.01 SI
Washing, 5i or,
Groceries, jjjuoo
Fruit and vegetables, MHO
Moat, HilUli
Stationery, h oo
Drugs and medical npplla nces, 22(1 55
Hardware gr,
Mutter i if
Bread 57 0
Oil 13 50
Linen, blankets, etc., 71 1
Disinfectants, 400
Furniture, loH :iu
t'lilcken feed 07
Insurance for year ending July 1, 18115, 00 00
Matron, 450 00
Male nurse, 150 00
I'ald Indebtedness as sliown by former
report a0 81
$2,013 53
Alwe report shows that the hospital
owed Nov. 1, $150 with cash on hand
$49.89. There was due the hospital from
the territor on aceounty of the 44th fis
cal year on account sufficient to pay this
debt and leave a surplus in the treasury.
The exact amount which the hospital
will receive cannot be determined as it
depends upon the collection of delin
quent taxes. Mus. O. S. Warren,
Mrs. W. C. Pokterfield,
Patients treated from May 1, 1894 to
November 1, 1894.
Number of piitlonts. 33
Number days treatment, 1,0110
Nunilier died, 4
Number discharged, 111
Numbed in hospital, 10
Number treated, - 15
Number days treatment, 140
Numlierdlod. 0
Numlier discharged 15
Number tu hospital. 0
Number births. 2
Total number patients, 48
Total number days treatment, l,2W
Total births 3
Mrs O. S. Warren, President; Mrs
L. P. Miller, 'Vice-president; Mrs. Geo.
W. Bailey, Treasurer; Mrs. W. C.
Porterlield, Secretary; Mrs, C. C.
Shoemaker, Mrs.H. II. Betts;Mrs. Max
Schutz, Mrs. E. Cosgrove, Mrs. Thos.
Foster, Directors.
bistres' hospital.
The semi-annual statement of Lt. Jos
eph's hospital account from April 1,
1894 to November 1, 1394.
Receipts, 51.878
Expenditures, 1,872 80
('ash on hand Nov. 1, 5U2
charity patients.
Number of Patients treated 57
Number of days treated, II7B
Nuiulier of patients died 3
Number of patients discharged, . 50
Number In hospital, 4
pay patients.
Nuinlier of patients treated HI
Number of days treated, 33o
Nunila-r of patients died, 1
Number of patients discharged, 17
NumlM-r In hospital, 1
Total number of patients treated, 70
Total nuinlier of (lays treated, 1,3011
Total number of (lent lis. 4
At the close of the reading of the
report, Judge Fall made a" few
pertinent remarks and thanked the
grand jury for its effective work during
the session. It was then discharged.
Most of the time of the court last week
was taken up with the trial of cases
from Sierra county. The attachment
case of Ridenour, Baker & Co. vs. C. J.
Price was concluded on Monday ad
versely to the plaintiffs and on Tuesday
the Armijo murder case was taken up.
This case has been tried twice before.
The first trial resulted in the disagree
ment of the jury. On the second trial
of the case the defendant was convicted
of murder in the first degree and an ap
peal was taken to the supreme court of
the territory and a new trial ordered.
The trial here last week resulted in the
acquittal of the defendant.
The case of Ridenour, Baker & Co. vs.
C. J. Price, an action in assumpsit to re
cover on a note given by the defendant
and Robert Hopper in 1888 to the plaint
iffs, occupied less time than the attach
ment case tried a few days before. The
judge instructed the jury to find judg
ment for the plaintiffs in the amount
sued for.
The case of the territory vs. D. M.
Potter for burglary was one of the most
interesting cases yet tried at this term.
The defendant was charged with break
ing into J. J. McEwen's store and taking
therefrom two hams and $1.50 in money
in August, 189.'!. The evidence against
Potter was circumstantial on the part of
the territory, while Potter proved by his
wife and daughter that he was at home
at the time the robbery was committed.
The jury found the defendant not guilty.
Another case of importance was that
of Fritter against the Western Union
Telegraph company. This case was
brought to recover damages from the
telegraph company for failure to prompt
ly deliver a message to the plaintiff con
cerning a lottery drawing, on account of
which it was alleged that the plaintiff
was damaged in the sum of $:i,750. The
jury found for the plaintiff and assessed
the damage at 25 cents.
On Monday the case of Colby vs.
White, on appeal from the justice's
court of this precinct came up. The
plaintiff claimed damages in the sum of
$70.50 to a horse, buggy and harness,
alleged to have been wrongfully taken
and used by the defendant in whose pos
session the horse, buggy and harness
were damaged to the amount claimed.
The case was decided in favor of the de
fendant, who claimed that the property
was rightfully in his possession by vir
tue of a contract bet ween the parties and
that the damage did not result from any
carelessness or negligence on his part.
and lmy your Dry (oods, Crockery,
Tinware, Glassware and Notions
Wo sell lower than any other house In the

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