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heritage Tlio natural resources of our
country should make It 0110 of universal
prosperity and happiness. There Is no rea
son for suffering and want. Its causes are
purely artificial. By the selfishness of man
the good gifts of 1'rovldenco turn to ashes In
our hands. I lio food is taken from the
mouths of the weak and the defenseless.
No judgment from on high has been visit
ed upon this people; neither war. nor famine.
nor pestilence has been suffered to aflllct us.
Yet In the midst of physical health the na
tion Is sick. In the midst of wealth there Is
poverty, and In a land of plenty there Is suf
fering and starvation. God grant us all the
will and the wisdom to seek the causes of
these things, and having found them to apply
the remedy."
the congressional action on the silver ques
tion as can ho suggested, excopt that the lat
ter Is much moro disastrous and far-reueh-lng
In Its consequences, because It has
enhanced the value, not of a simple commod
ity like wheat, but of gold standard money,
which Is the legal measure of value of every
thing else.
"Gold and silver have been the two money
metals from the beginning of civilization.
Now, suppose a certain syndicate, having In
various ways obtained control of most of the
gold In tlio world, should be able to In Hue nee
congress to demonetize silver. The result Is
obvious. Gold, the only money metal left,
Increases In value as the burden of the pecu
niary business of the world, previously di
vided, falls upon it alone, and silver Its
great use destroyed rapidly falls.
"Then, when the owners of sliver ask that
the legislation which caused this condition
shall be repealed and the natural use of sil
ver restored, so that It may recover Its
proper value, they are met with the cry that
this Is a monstrous and unjust proposition,
because everyone can see that sliver is worth
only BO cents an ounce, as it Is actually sell
ing for that In the market.
"And when the great body of the people
who are compelled to pay double value for
money, because It Is now confined to gold,
arise and demand that their ancient right to
coin and use silver bo restored, they are told
that gold Is the only honest money, and that
no one wants silver or 'cheap money' except
selfish silver miners.
"What does free coinage mean' It means
the system which was established at the
foundation of our government, which provUl
ed that everyone having gold or silver could
take It to the mint and have it melted and
stamped as coin. If there were limitations as
to the amount or place of origin, there would
constantly lie contentions, and we should
have two classes of sliver, entirely different1
in value, coined and uncoined.
"The whole principle underlying the stable
and unvarying value of the precious metals
as measures of commercial exchange, re
quires an absolutely free and unlimited coin
age at a fixed ratio.
"The need of tlio hour Is such an awaken
ing of interest in tills question In the east as
will cause Inquiry and Investigation and in
dependence of thought. We are one nation,
. our Interests are Identical ; that which affects
one section affects all; and In this matter the
conditions are practically the same, east and
west, north and south. The ideas studiously
Inculcated In the east that this is a western
matterand one In which the sliver producing
states are principally Interested, Is utterly
deceptive, as 1 have endeavored to show.
The fanner of New York or Ohio is interested
precisely as Is Ills brother In Iowa or Kansas.
The man who owes a mortgage in Massachu
setts feels the Increasing pressure of the
obligation as strongly as Ills fellow debtor of
Missouri or Dakota. The Increasing number
of foreclosures, the lengthened list of sales
for unpaid taxes, the armies of the underpaid
and unemployed, tell the same story every
where. "On theory It was easy tosay what the re
sults of demonetization must be; actual ex
perience Is showing what they are. A steady
decrease In all property values and a steady
Increase In the burden of all fixed charges,
can bring hut one result. The cry of the suf
fering goes up to heaven. The most despair
ing and the most touching of their prayers
are never heard on earth, for they como from
those who suffer in silence. The aggregate of
human misery caused by this grinding of the
tipier and the nether millstones Is a thing to
make angels weep. We live in tlio most fav
ored of all lands. God has given us a goodly
The Ivttiihoe Smelter.
The grading is now being done for the
new smelter to be put up at Ivanhoe. It
is expected Unit the plant will be ready
for operation by the first of March next,
The lumber and machinery have lieen
ordered and construction will be pushed
as rapidly as possible. When completed
the smelter will have a daily capacity of
75 tons of ore. It is lielieved that the
mines in the vicinity of the smelter will
tie able to keep it in ore which will pay
well to smelt.
The work is being done under the di
rection of S. G. P.retherton who is thor- j
oughly acquainted with the mineral re
sources of the country in the vicinity of
Ivanhoe. After the completion of the
smelter there will be a large number of
of men employed at the smelter and in
the mines getting out ore. Ivanhoe bids
fair to be a very busy camp next spring.
There is some talk of starting up the
smelter at the Flagler works below town.
Parties are now figuring on the proposi
tion and appear to be confident that the
smelter will be in operation soon. It is
proposed to get ore trotn Lone mountain,
Hald mountain and Pinos Altos.
The territorial legislature will convene
on the last day of this month at Santa
A New Car Coupler.
Lon Munson- has just sent off the pa
pers to secure a patent on an automatic
car coupler. He has been at work on
the invention for more than a year and
believes that he has the best automatic
car coupler yet devised.
His coupler possesses an advantage
over other devices for the automatic
coupling of cars in that it works as well
on a curve as on straight track. It is
strong and comparatively simple,though
other couplers havelieen patented which
are considerably simpler than the one
which Mr. Munson has invented.
It seems remarkable that, although
railroad men have been looking for a
strong, serviceable and simple automatic
car coupler for years, among the thou
sands of couplers patented there is not
one which combines all the points de
sired by the master car builders of the
country. A princely fortune awaits the
man who shall solve the problem and
Mr. Munson is confident that he has in
vented the coupler which will meet all
the requirements. As soon as letters
patent shall have been granted, be will
endeavor to get his invention before the
railroad men of the country.
Mogollón is to have a bakery. Up to
this time the residents of that camp
have done their baking in stoves and
ranges, but now there is a baker's oven
in process of construction and the new
bakery will soon . be in full blast.
Charles Brakebill is the proprietor.
James Corbin is making some improve
ments on his place lietween Main and
Billiard streets. lie has just completed
a modest little dwelling and is getting
his garden in shaiie for next summer's
watermelon crop.
The vote of the territory at the last
election will be canvassed by the secre
tary of the territory tomorrow.
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