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She afile."
Published evory Wednesday Morning by
Entered nt the postónico at Silver Olty,
N. M for transmission through tho malls at
second class rates.
Office on Yankle Street between Texas and
Arizona Streets.
Advertising Kates on Application.
Subscription Ruten, Postage Prepaid:
Ono year - - - - 52.00
Six months - - - . j.oo
Three months ,ío
Silver .G6
Lead 2.95
The Enterprise seems to bo inclined
to pooh, pooh the idea that it will injure
tliia town and county to lie advertised
as a ronim unity of repudiators and in
this it displays about tho same degree of
foresight that it usually displays in mat
ters of public interest.
Ono of the lirst fruits of such a course
will fall right in our midst and that in a
very short time. But little over two
months ago the legislature of this terri
tory voted $10,000 in bonds for the com
pletion of the normal school building in
this city. In order to get the money to
complete this building, which now is in
an unfinished stale, it will be necessary
to sell the bonds voled by the legislature
in aid of one of the most worthy of terri
torial institutions, and it is needless to
remind any one who has the slightest
knowledge of transactions of this kind
that if this town and county get the rep
utation of being in favor of repudiation,
the negotiation of these bonds will be an
impossibility. It may be that the En
terprise would like to see the normal
school crippled and, indeed, the course
of that paper for thr past few months
would indicate that such is the fact if it
may be presumed that tho editor is
aware of the result such a course as has
been pursued by that paper will inevit
ably bring about.
The establishment of a normal school
here was effected only after years of
effort and it is exceedingly questionable
if it is good policy for one of the papers
of this city to advocate and insist upon
a course which will result in making the
bonds voted by tho legislature absolute
ly worthless. It may also be remarked
in passing that the normal school is not
the only institution in the territory
which will suffer on this account.
Bonds were voted by the legislature for
the restoration of the capítol at Santa
Fe, for additional buildings at the agri
cultural college, for the insane asylum
and the normal school at Las Vegas and
all of these bonds will be equally af
fected. To say nothing of the honesty of the
course which is proposed by the Enter
prise, it is contrary to the best interests
qf the people of Silver City, Grant coun
ty and the territory of New Mexico.
There is nothing to bo gained by the
course and there is everything, includ
ing honor, to lose. We do not believe
that any considerable portion of the re
sidents of this city are in favor of adopt
ing the course which has been mapped
out by the Enterprise. However fool
ish it may have been to issue the bonds
in aid of the construction of the railroad,
we believe that the residents of this
town and county are not so short-sighted
aa to repel the investment of capital
in New Mexico. Wo believe that the
people are in favor of education, of ad
vancement and the development of the
country and people who are in favor of
these things are not in favor of destroy
ing the credit of the territory by advo
cating repudiation.
there is hardly a probability that any of
the democratic state conventions in any
of the states in the west and south will
favor the gold standard. Silver men
have every reason to believe that the in
dications are very much in favor of tho
democratic national convention next
year coming out squarely in favor of sil
ver. The fight is being made just where
it ought to be and that is within the
ranks of the democratic party. Should
such a stand be taken it is certain that
there would lie some democratic votes
lost in the east, but this loss would be
more than made iip in the west and
south and it is by mo means certain that
Pennsylvania would not give a good
majority to a free coinage man on the
democratic ticket. The voters of the
country are beginning to think on the
silver question and if they will do some
sound thinking there can be but one result.
It is now conceded that the silver men
will gain an easy victory in the coming
Illinois democratic convention. The
gold men have looked into the situation
enough to see that they will be hopeless
ly beaten and now they are going to let
it go by default. John M. Palmer, cor
poration counsel of Chicago, who is a
8tronggold man, said last week: "The I
sentiment in favor of the free and unlim
ited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to
1 without international conference . or
agreement, seems to have taken com
plete possession of the democracy of Ill
inois outside of Cook county. I confer
red with men of all shades of opinion
upon the subject, with republicans as
well as democrats. I talked with repub
licans, because sometimes lookers on see
more of the game than tho players. I
met old friends with whom I could talk
confidentially and got tho impression
that while there Is a very strong and re
spectable sentiment throughout the
state in opposition to this currency
theory, yet the opponents of 16 to 1 are
without organization, and apparently
without any ambition to succeed, and
are singuarly ailent.whilo the silver men
are vigorous, active and aggressive. It
seems to me utterly impossible that the
opionont8 of 16 to 1 silver, should they
take part in the June convention, could
make any serious impression. The con
vention will unquestionably declare in
favor of 16 to 1 without conference with
any nation. We, who oppose that view,
although there, are some differences of
opinion among us, will, as a rule, take
no part in the convention, nlthough
in some counties delegations will be
sent composed of leading men to repre
sent both views wholly irrespectivo of
the sentiment in the particular locality."
The moral effect of tho action of tho
Illinois democrats will be great and
Eastehn beef eaters are complaining
about the high price of beef and are
wondering why they have to pay so
much a pound for it. Tho reason is
very plain. For a number of years
cattlemen in the west have been doing a
losing business. Many became dis
couraged and for tho past three or four
years cattlemen have been shipping
their stock cattle east and going out of
the business. The result is that tho
ranges have lieen stripied of cattle and
now the supply is not nearly equal to
the demand. High prices for cattle are
likely to continuo for tho nxet three or
four years, or until tho ranges become
stocked again.
It ia surprising to see the politicians
falling over one another to get to the
front on the silver question. Not a day
passes that some prominent politician
does not announce publicly that he is of
the opinion that the ono thing needed
by this country is the free and unlimited
coinage of silver. These recent converts
are likely to be more demonstrative than
the men who have been advocating the
free and unlimited coinage of silver for
years. Converts will bo made by tho
tens of thousands between now and the
commencement of the . presidential
campaign next year.
Sihi.ky is coming west again in a few
days. Since he made his silver Bpeeches
in Denver all of the people of the west
have been anxious to hear him. Tho
people of the country aro getting to
admire him and the masses will de
mand his nomination for tho presiden
cy next year.
Tim Albuquerque Democrat has shown
a marked improvement in every depart
ment since tho change in ownership.
The paper is now a credit to the territory.

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