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The Columbus courier. [volume] (Columbus, Luna County, N.M.) 1911-1920, September 01, 1911, Image 9

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This Paper is Yours
I f you have liny s.icial
nows, If , vmi know of imy
new development goiugnu
in tliis portion of the vnl
h'.v, if there i.s a wedding
in your fnniily. if yon
have a friend or relative
visiting you, if you go
elsewhere on n visit or
business, or, if a new ba
by ciMiii's to your house,
send us thi' news ami we
will gladly publish it.
Train Service Carrying U. S. Mail
Nil. .. west ImiiiiiiI t. .".' a. in
N. il. fiiKt ImiiiiiiI I'J.'ei i.m
I'. li. Mmshi.i-.v. M.
it 10 Cisco made a trip to Kl
Paso this week.
Dave Haker is visiting liis par
nts at Hermanns this week.
A. I. Hoy returned from his
ranrh in Mexico, Wednesday.
A. .1. Kvuns and F. H. Ilinkle
of Doming, were C'oluiiihiis visit
ors Sunday.
TA Yl K. Iiead carpenter ami
Chin polisher oftlee at .Columbus
barber shop.
W. L. Miller is erecting a bus
iness house west of Mr. Moody's
present location.
The finishing touches are being
applied to the new post office
building this week.
Dr. Marhee of Doming was in
Columbus last Sunday consult
ing with Dr. Unhurt.
The warehouse being erected
by Sam Ravel is now almost
ready for the rooting.
Charlev Husband has been act
ing as assistant chief at the (Join
restaurant this week.
I,. D. Kearney and daughter.
Miss Catherine. came in from
Morenei. Arizona. Saturday.
Mrs. K. A. Teed of Dodge City
Kansas, is visiting with Mrs. l,o
Harrnn in the (lap country.
F. M . Cossitt has opened real
estate offices in the Dot son build
ing, opposite Moodv's store.
Foit Sai.K: Th rou h b red
Khode Island Red oookoruls.
Mrs. M. Cossitt
The Cot'ttiKit this week turned
out a tine lot of job work for F.
M. Cossitt, the new real estate
Now that the opening f school
Is near at nand, inlluenee ought
to lie brought to bear with the
county commissioners for the
construction of n bridge across
the ditch in front of tho school
house. She ditch at this place is
Ml nun It'eiiieiit miller tlii heml,
for sliiti-. iliMrirt. futility mill town
ship, me ivinriil to In- puiil In nil
iirnre: rou roi NTV riiiiiMv.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for tlieoflice of County
Clerk of Luna county, subjict to
the action ol the Democratic pri
mary. Thoroughly en m pe t e it
and experienced.
Sa.m T. Ci..itK.
nut ihstwicv attounky.
I hereby announce myself a
candidate for the nomination for
District Attorney for the Sixth
Judicial District, compo, ed of
(Slant and Lima counties, subject
to the will of the Democratic par
ty, expressed either in district
convention or primary, and
pledge the peoule a clean and
energetic enforcement of law, if
nominated and elected.
very deep, ami having steep
banks causes gucat inconvenience
in getting across.
Mrs. Winnie D. Carson enter
tained Wednesday evening with
dancing, in honor of Mrs.. I. W.
Hlair and daughter, Miss Roulah.
Those present were ..! r.and Mrs.
Vern Moor. Mr. and Mrs. L. .1.
Peach, Mesdames .1. W. Hlair.
.1. F. White, C. W. Keenuiu.
Misses Kva and Zelda Opdyko.
Clara Pencil, Messrs. Cecil Me
Auley. Wayne Hawkins. .1. Ham
ilton Cox. Clair Mooie, Floyd K.
Hlair and C. H. Kccuum.
How about a lecture course for
Co I ii in b u s this winter? Tho
form kk is in receiptor a very
tine proMisition from the Moun
taineer Chautauqua Co.. that
certainly be a credit to this place.
The price is very reasonable, the
talent s of high grade, and tin
benefit derived from the series
would lie incalculable.
Wonder when the city water
works is going to receive that
coat of paint it has been needing
for some 111110? A little paint
works wonders. Try it, .1. ,
and see if we are not correct.
Miss Cornelia H. Otis left last
Monday for a several months'
visit in New York with relatives
and friends. The journey will be
made by water from Galveston
Miss Mae Anderson ond broth
or, .I.S. Anderson, went to Kl
Paso last Tuesday, whore Miss
Anderson is employed as teacher
in the public schools.
Mr. Pulton of Chihuahau, Mex.
was here this week looking over
the well drilling prnositim,, and
will return soon with a drilling
nut tit .
.lack Kyle, mounted customs
inspector of this place, has re
turned from an extended visit to
friends and relatives near Austin,
L. .1. Peach lias oMned up a
carpenter shop in the building
just oast of tho Fix-it shop. M '
Peach is a chilled mechanic.
Ice Cream
Drugs, Patent Medicines, NoVeltics
Toilet Articles, Soda Water
Pure Fruit Syrups, Elite
Ice Cream, Nuts
Ice Cream So
das and Sun
daes, Etc.
Quality Goods
v 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
.1. W. Hlair has boon applying
the paint brush 'o some of his
residences this week. .1. W. says
"any old color so it's red."
.I.Moore, cousin of Clair and
Vern Moore, is here to establish
his residence on his homestead,
one-half mile south of liwn.
.larrel Hubbard wont to Ml
Paso the latter part of last week
for a visit with brother and sis
tors there.
More than ."i.O(X) acres of gov
M'ninent land was entered at the
Columbus land office during the
month of August.
Fred Pennington is treating
his residence property to a coat
of paint, which certainly im
proves the appearance.
FOR SALE. Relinquishments
and deeded land in shallow water
belt, about half way between Co
lumbus and Doming. Depth to
watoi" feet, and 'J to '2.' feet of
water bearing sand and gravel in
first stratum. Inquire of Dr.
Hay. 10-lt
C.reen grass belli' cut all 'round
R. .1. Comptou and S. R. Hunt
are digging a well at the school
house and expect to have it com
pleted before the ocning of the
school term.
S. A. Hirchticld of Doming has
been a Sunnyside visitor with
his brother, also the Heaths, the
past week.
Tho fencing being done by. I.
(I. Dyer on his claim between
Charon and Dot son makes a con
tinuous lino of fence for live
miles, counting that about to bo
done by Mr. Coleman, who has
taken up the old Ash claim. W.
.J. Tripp is also fencing Ids
at Fair Prices
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
homestead. Sunnyside'.s pas
tures are all well worth fencing.
We got our notes in on Tluir.s-
ida.v last week-. This has been
usually early enough to insure
1 their appearance, but we didn't
j count on matrimony interfering.
' Funny what a difference, eh?
Why, that editor got the paper
out a day ahead of the usual time,
which, of course, cut out the
Sunnyside notes. We wouldn't
I ave been surprised to have hud
no paper at all last week but a
day ahead ! If the new combina
tion works like this right along,
we ranchers will sure have to get
up before breakfast. Hearty
congratulations from us all, Mr.
Kditor and wife.
M. P. Ct'Sliea and wife left for
l Kl Paso last Sunday to spend u
I few days
1 Sunnyside visitors Sunday in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. Moody, Mr.
ami Mrs. Thomas and Mrs.
! Richie and daughters.
: Cordell & Dixon are cutting
hay for i. F. Campton.
II P. Hansen has returned
from Tucson.
L D. Kearney;
(Jnsoline Kngines
Repaired ar.d adjusted.
Pumps and windmills
If .miii arc not yottinj.' full
iimvtu' from your 1'iiKino. us
lav too much' tfiiMilliic mil
itiul si'i mi'. All work j,'iinr
iiiilfril. Ktijjini' koIiI mi pay
aii'iits rnviM'liijr one .u'tir.
Columbus Hotel or
J, W. lHair's Office

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