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The Columbus courier. (Columbus, Luna County, N.M.) 1911-1920, September 29, 1911, Image 8

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Her Impulsive
'Wry All' didn't you go out to
lunch today'"
"N'o. I d.dn't " The stenographer
tpil not look ti front I hr ciuifetn.g
ami wl at's more there'll he nr. r-tf
for me noons, r.lehts or Sundays
' arnllne. uttttt ihefo table mats are
done "
"I wasn't aware tlmt yon were in
ny Immediate need of table tuat."
jttrnu the bookkeeper, "isn't this
rather Midden?"
"They amn't for mo, worse lurk
Wren I nooij household goods I'll lot
yon a'l know never fear These ui'ta
arn for another and the arc long
overdue." Tito stenographer laughed
bitterly "Heboid tn mo a vh tlni of
the hablf of promising In haste to re
pnnt w, on repontence in entirely use
less "What
'I mean that I'm one of those un
fortunate impulsive persons who are
alwava jcrtil(nnl h(I recklessly of
fering o do things for people Ob
sprvo these nuts There whs really
no reason hv I should undertake the
niannfai tore of eighteen dollies six of
each of the throe slip yon know
for a Kron like Mrs t'onvlnp but
when slie fo'd hip that Mr for wine
had bought her n beautiful malogiuiy
dining table I at once said without
considering the matter at all. automat
ically ou kno that 1 would mnke
her a set of mat for It Site took m
up with a Jump ami roped I'd do the
ptnonpplp initern It's the most tlttll
cult stitch I know
"Now l)p r probably wondering
when I'm pvor koIiir o get them done
Th truth Is that I've only Just been
able to begin them for I've been
spending every spare minute for t e
last month on the border of Fren- h
knots that in a moment of aberration
I premised to embroider on tierlmdc
Lane's whit marquisette dross She
nought It read made and she thought
it looked too pi iln. so. of course I
suggeted Utp French dots and wIipu
ehe ald that she dt'ln't know how to
make tliPin I volunteered to do them
for her
'For four long ueeks Hose knots
bae haunted tne Ker.v evening that
I'vo wMiel to rrad or piny catd I've
brcn obllRPd to gtlrk to the dot, and
the worst of It Is tht my offor to do
them was made so muulh tb?t (ier
tnide has no renllratlfii of whi n
ItprrnleBn tank the wore I wou'dn't
feel o sorry for my-rlf ns I do If I
thought I were ropotvlnR proper rrndlt
for my labors
'It's the same way with ihee doll
IPS. Mrs j orwlne thinks that tHratis
I said In a llht 8nd Br way t nt I'd
mak them they're a mete amusement
or pastime for tne hid you over
know sitrh a koobp as t niu to ol
myself into doln thlttRs anil to U,u
myself for If I'm oh nf those who
Jump In bere angels fear to frond"
Tbp Itookkepjior InuKbed and Alice.
fontinuinK to rrorhet violently con
tinued "You otiRht to b tluinkful you
haven't the habit It get one Into
all sorts of entanRloments A few
wpiks ago I met Mime suburbnti
friends on the true! They appeared
so pleaded o se- me that before I
realty nought what I was dri'ng I
asked them to omo in ton some day
and have lutirh wtth me and I piom
tsud to let them know verv booh Just
what day to otne That him boon
for which I can neither nfford the.
time nor the mnney and which wasn't
In the least ailed for has hunt! on
my net U like o millstone The thought
oi It has ftirrlcd and deposed mo
over sltue The reni mums tomor
row and then aftor ihtise mats are
lone I'm fhroMKb I ghnli i,qi mor,
age my time mutiey ami Inilustrv
nr more Hear my vow'"
Vi s I hear il " This other vnn
woman n'siueed an Mt'rtisltiB air "Hut
lat sltoiit my efsay for the Voting
U'omrn's toagite that 1 wanted you to
(P for me Ibis week?"
Oh our efsny certainly I'll type
write that for you dear ! can do it
after heur .lust as well as not "
t'srollne '! tlrllvelv
tut flat's different." protested
Alice cul'tll "Tyidng for you Is
Hide different from "
Ves of course It's different khldo
i:piytlilng Is dlflVrent but wu Von
re Jurt tln same dear roi kless prom
iser ns ever despite your hard heart
d. strong minded tesoltltloit Hut
anyway ou ?n't type my essay for
I've nlreadt hired It done"
"Yon mean thing' You know I
should have loved to do If for you"
"Talk about hopi'Iess cases."
laughed farollup
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Not Too Much.
Two colored boys were talk'ng on
he street corner when a funeral pro
esslnn went by ,
Who's dald' asked one of them.
Why aln' yon heerd? Mose Smlf.
no s dntd '
Mobp Smlf! s 'e dald? WVti d V
Yistldily. 'bnul two 'clock."
Ttntit two 'dock? Wha's mattan
f tmr
'V.l toh much watvlimlllnn. dev
ay "
Toh much watc.hmlllon? O'way'
t nin' no slch ting's toh much watch
nllllon Oeb wa'n't nuf." Udles
iome Journal.
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Novelties, Toilet Articles
Candies, Cigars, Tobacco
Quality Goods at Fair Prices
4 4 4 4 4' 4" l 4 I 4 4 ! 4 4- 4 ! 4 l l4
She Collects t'e Money.
tKies your husband ever get he
'nd wlih his alimony?"
"Not he I have threatened to go
uack to him instantly If he does."
Au3IT bltv. rrtovUri STiL
Nrw Recipe Recomrrerded to House
wile Who Vould Make a
Hit With the Folks.
t'ut up rat Hi. ush ami pu In fr.
now put on the lol'nwmB .piif Silt
and pepper a pinch of caeiine in
whole chill peppers eight or ten whn-e
tpp era the same amount of elencs
and allspice three nr lour lne'
icivg. then a fl h rut unmn iip
oi tour clme ot girlie cm line .uul
alotii two or hrpp Ice ol ietii.i
Then cover with d rlaie' wti.e
a In cool p'ace tor two da Halt
an hour te'ore rooking take out nil
flip piece pMi in a Biral'er and et
s'raln Vow put on a frMrg pan m
hlch yon have p'ced n gwi-l net
" pc of hiitipr or b"W hu'e- and rn't
srd. lei rpi trohipg hot 'lii pet m
'".r rsllli and 'et frv on ImhIi s"I-
Then how all In b Hew i an and kreo
n frvlng mull rll In fried Take nr
'rvlng pan and put In more huii ami
nrd then tike a lien ping wraiden a
die ol their and brown H nlceb put
'n a line cm onion, when p-env near'v
hroun ci ok n few minute longer
'Hm n fake the wine and spice- M'ti
be onions and girlie the ralbli
oaked In. and make the gnu u e
nil 'bat has dr-ilncd from Hie t Miner
I phi nninli add a lltHe wafer then
(iniir mt- tl0 rahlti In Hie 'ew pan
nr.! lei stand an hour and 11 hull or
ipfl' tender When done pour on a hot
'fer He 1 1 hern I Wlfh g'Pie as it
l le'iulred to make slew gond
Rhubarb Marmalade.
1'iel IU. pillllllll. lit III l,.t, mid cut
in um ini b pieces Put In a ptoscit
tng kPttl', ndd sl puuuilH in sugar
iovpi and let t-tiiud over nlglit in
I he morning lulng to a hut lug puint
and let tmli minutes, tlton add one
pound ol tig-, chopped vorj line, and
thf grntid rind and juice of three
Irtnona Stir until well mtxmi. ngnln
brli.g tn the hnllltig point, and let
simmer nu-e hours Turn Into mar
malndn jars or Jelly tumblers arid
t fa l
Real Estate
J. W. Blair j
I. dim. Manai;i k ff die I imi
site Cmnpan)
f Three years a resident of the Mimlnrs Valley.
Thoroughly acquainted w i t li the country. j I can
satisfactorily locate yon on
I have the latest plats from the U. S. Land Ollice.
j Have a nice list of Deeded ami Non Patented land.
J Prices Reasonable. J A line selection of Town
Lots, f Best Locations, tj Can oiler Special In
dtieements on Business Propositions. Write or
call on me at the oflL-c of the I ownsite Company,
(j Information gladly gien.
J. W. Blair
Machinist and Engineer
Gasoline Engines Repaired and Adjusted. Pumps nntl
Windmills repaired.
II hii nir tmi "i Mint.' full iimi i M mil viii' I'ligine. n'iii
iii'ii-li vifi'liin . call ami ir nit- All unrk nai-anii ' 1 11
lilies sulil mi ineots i'ovi rinif mir M-ar
Cnhimbut Hotel or J. W. l lair's Otlh t
.r.T oivi i i " " "
TAYUHMiiwI nii-iMMiiiT untli FOR SALE, lit- im i n i - 10
Inn jmiIIsIum .iHiffiii t'uUunliii,! pj () Wv P wnt it: tlir'
nUxs Mortality Uargo.
The Inlant mnrta'liy m London la
M ocr 1 .000 births a year.
lini'totM' shop.
Wantkm (Jih Uionsitnd miIi
MiTlptious tu Ua' L'u i.rMiii'H
wi-lls. 4HH piiiiipiiiu ,npd,"n!
jhm' inimiu; rh'h soil; i'Vt 1 ' "
imrtiiMilui's wrlu S. P I
t'liluiiilitih, N. M. l;i U

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