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The Columbus courier. (Columbus, Luna County, N.M.) 1911-1920, December 22, 1911, Image 4

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jEssii Mnciiiii.L, Editor
Unlfmi hi tlw IHwhiAkf nt t 'uliiittltti, N. Jl., tor Tmn
ntUolnu tltm-mli tin- Mail am HiHiMlMitR Mnil Matter
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SntPMftttlttitt Itlti-:
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. i ' .ill,' I' 1. 'i'ltr;ut I ii ,i tin
i Mm i't Is If ttwtlttn
t i-HUiny tltnt nn! lni in n ti m i nnfi Hi(i
ttlMl ll in Ml ill lul llltot In- IIIHlknl H all llil V titl,MI'Ht .
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I'ln- M.I MMI s ' ' lilMi i ttn .liiMM Mr In llu
l ! I Mill . N s .4 i I'll Imiii MiMihrl fiMittliii
l viiK li I 1 ' ' I'M I Iii flu lii M'llt lllll.
The Christ.
Nineteen hundred yens ago in a far east
cm city a birthery was heard. It came from a
manger and from the lips ol the Son of Uod.
The loveliest being, the most unselfish being, the
most tender heat ted being the world has ever
knovn began his cirtbly caret nt that time.
He who woidd not last? lood for himself until
he hnd fed the 5.000 on Ualille's hillside, l ie
who would not took a single fish on the bank
of Gcnncsaret to feed his own hunger, until he
hnd told his deseiples how to fill their nets with
the denizens of the briny deep.
With so much sorrow of his own. that he
might hnve shed tears all his lifetime: yet. he
could not sec t funeral pass without breaking it
up and restoring the dead young mnn to hia
mother. Everywhctc he went the sunlight beam
cd into the once blinded eyes, music fell upon
the once deaf ears, speech took hold ol the dumb
tongues, and the lame were made to leap with
joy. And one day when the wing of God's
wtuth shut out the sunlight from the world he
gave his life a ransom for the human race. Not
lying upon a finely upholstered couch; not rest
ing his head on a soft, downy pillow; but hang
ing to a wooden cross on Calvary's rugged hill,
with a bleeding brow, a broken heart and side
pierced with a Roman spear he gave his life for
all mankind.
Moses might lead his people from Egyptian
bondnge; Paul, in great concern for his kinsmen,
might ask to be acurscd for their sakes; Shulzar
might give hia lifofor all the Austrians and Mel
vine Cos forgo his earthly aspirations that the
"Dark Continent" be brought to Light; but it
look the Christ to bring the sorld back to God.
He was the Divine Hero. His love for human
souls was incomparable.
Tell us ye seas, that drenched him with your
surf; tell us ye mountains, that trembled at his
presence: tell us ye multitudes, that heard his
matchless leaching; toil us ye deseiples, that saw
him sweating great drops of blood in the gnrden
of agony Oh icll us, was there ever anyone
who had this passion for human souls like the
And aye! aye! responds the universe. The
flowers breath it: The stars chant it: The re
deemed acknowledge it: The saints in glory
rise from their thrones to shout it aloud EciT.
Dios! Eccn Dios!
Tinv tots, cradled in love and beauty, turn
in their sleep and smile as they dream of the
; "I3abc of Bethlehem." Lads and lasses, grow
strong and true as they think of the "Hoy of
Nazareth." Young men and women, become
noble and upright as they think of the great teach
er the "Man of Galilee." Fathers and Moth
ers, take new courage and push harder the battle
of life as they think of their captain, "Prince
Immanuel." The aged, rest from their labors
as they think of the "Man of Sorrows" who has
been their comfort through life, bearing all their
gliefs. Today, the world bows its head and lifts
its heart to the throne of dchovah in thanksgiv
ing for the Christ.
The telephone is not only a useful invention
for the carrying on of business, but in a new
country especially, it is a great convenience to
ward keeping the women folks contented. Not
eery woman living on a homestead in this val
ley has the time or conveyance at hand to pay
a call to her neighbor when desired, besides that
neighbor may live a few miles away how nice
to take down the receiver and have a few min
utes dial. You wives, get after your husbands
about building a mutual telephone line through
lb. valle;.
Louis M. Carl
CiOil Engineer-SurOcyor
Lands I.eOclcil for t rripation
Columbus, N. M,
" Fix-It Shop
All Kinds of Repairing
Harness, Sinn's, Pistols
(inns. 'I'm ami (Jninitc
Waiv Sewing Machines
( 'leaned and adjusted
Ciiiiriinti'pil Klk and Oak
l lMIIi ll soli- It il 1 1 1 i- in stock.
' W. C. MILLER, Prop. 4
Livery & Feed Stable
Nfn' Hias
Good Teams
Prompt Sert)iee
Prices Reasonable
Also. Dray & Transfer
J. F. WHITE, Prop.
The latest government rcpost showt- that in
stead of a good crop of cereals, there will be a
shortage of over one billion bushels. Stock feed
will hi very scarce an I e muequently high, and
when high priced feed i . I :1 to stock the meat
must and will be high. Perhaps pork will be
sold ovjr the ribSon counter this winter.
Fred Sherman
Special attention (iOen
to business before the
U. S. Lantl Office.
Deminu - .Vi-h' feivo
In the stage coach days a man could often
succeed in an undertaking Iw giving just one lit
tle corner of his brain to the work, but in this
day of strenuous competition a fellow must de
vote his entire mental plant to the work in or
der to achieve a moderate degree of success in
any undertaking.
Tin- sailor cannot control the winds of the
high seas, but he can control the rudder of his
ship. The same is true when applied to a busi
ness career.
" Pa, what's a pretzel?" ,
" A cracker with the cramps, my son. Now
go to bed."
The old fashioned tangelfoot fly paper is being
superceded by the Aeroplane Journal and the
Aviator's Gazette.
When some people speak the world is forcibly
reminded of the great value of silence.
Most convicts are fond of jewelry, especially
a watch and chain.
Experience is a costly thing to buy but it sells
In a battle for business, dollars are the bullets.
The successful public oflleial is not thin skinned. 1
It you leant our House I
! Columbus N. M.
i Work DoncQwckly.prtce Htttiottabtt I
" """ 'rfiniiiw m mmuii4
J. L. Walker
di:m.i:h in
Texas Cedar Posts
Columbus. - N.
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U 1 1 L L J C?
V. f KJ KJ L.
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