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j vp n VTT cotuMBt, iwfflo
II Mil Hill I'lWI I
MTTTtfST FVn ttflflt
tan slam mu r
Centered' on Hughes and Mahoney, but Hughes WAe
Up" in Time to SBde In; RcmaHutWe Tribute to Greaf-
weod Creates Enthusiasm in Columbus and Elsewhetf.
itAe ptsssajeteil hy l) GaMrief, an
WtMICi WM WM potted M tfc
hww(mm lam
The utrmwfcla fur the eflfcea thjl
.wer.eterfc mhI in 11m Ant aad third
Am Twnitoiloner, wero Hot one.
Thft-twfMWtta hi the 8rl district
, wm strain! te the Me! point
mi while (Wo Courier might bo
.temeil t novlalo in things polltlcM
ftd Ifwkpendent In opinion, wo do
fc wwMfer abroad wRh Mtr'ean to th
red mI by cet or Intuition
mm cue Mid edt lhl ahoutd
ho atet to all Inatead of to tlio
- few. For Instance: J. A. Mahoney
tpwncti with j, w. mm and
their Interest noiwlihtlandlntf
were noi mhwkm.
; , H wm whispered bjrlrio u4er
, trouwJ way, and be hi ktekMeu
r mannerism, that Waboney bold
90 dewn to defeat beCaUee him two
year eo a crowd or Mexican re
aurfachig Ike railroad here wero
forced (o pay thrlr poll lax, or road
la; and wero shooed up Doming
way and voted to thn disaster of
promwing candidate and to tho
dlsguit of htllhllllc here and here
about, and by Inuendo and Insinu
ation It mi denoted lliat tlio conn.
ly' money comptetcd a magnificent
road to tho Mahoqcy mine to (lie
viurHoc- ana if
whore httw tty ktwa liHmle. Aj
to im truth i mtm mm oilier
ateteffttftU, the Courier hM IU
doubt, but (he prpoe ef the taJc-
hearer wm KcepMt, am J.
A. Mahoney, otio of , tho pioneer
defeat for a pltrv fSSok year dr.!
rife. J
Candidate Lottie wm not a party i
(o tho "cofwfcdracy and tho Cour
ier absolves him. but thorn word
other who, while they might need
dilution, do not merit one.
Anyway, it wm politlea. But Hit
Itourler would havomuch preferred
Dcmln had acted, Instead or Cm
lumbm. If action was necessary.
Of ttjo Muches-Tyler contat. It
mny bo said Dial II looked easy nn
tlio fsco of It. lluglioi was slated
for defeat, but ho lasted well, can
vassed welt and his friend, and be
had them here Ifl Columbus, work
ed well, and ta doing o pulled
diwn a lot of croeaed wires, the
skeins of which time alone will un
tangle. As to Kerry and Lennox oil I
that waa a centlrman'a affair, n sort
of tea parly contest that started on
tlio day tho votes were counted,
Ilul what of Jimmy Illicn, now or
probably. Commissioner IlbraT
well, llbea Is a man who runs
much to legs and brain, and of Birth
ho Is minus, Ho ran once before
and it took tho biggest man In, Luna
county to make him lake the cuulit
mere wm nnv
cowHrfetlon farther H waa skyward
of 23. He wueil niucli lit t-we
He mado n bouso to house
Shook hands with the (M
bhuekled llio Vouhk wive
tlio chin, klsseti tlie babiea mm rsjk
crackajack and smllca and fwfcfre
votes liehmd him. On vtimmpMj
Ihey wero all there. 13a of tm In
Columbus aliino. And fthea waft't
fontet Columbus. He i iwt"efriht
caliber, not Hlica. ,. ,
Of the other nen-oifofte6 twl-
dates, lilllu may be said. They
were all no clean that their owa kin
wouldn't opiKtso them. They Keith-
er di'manned voles, nor pttMf
footcd for litem. They got what
they deserved.
Ono name wo will mention with
iiiimlnRlnl frcllnns mf prido, ot
because he is ono of the Iwo .c-
dldates CPlumbut had on the IkMt,
but because of bis lalo crIkac
Into (he race bo mado such ephffwHl
sneetl an (o lead the licketJMiW
U (Ireenwood Is a man who eace
slnrtvd, moves with raplillly. He
received (lie highest voto of any
Then (here was D, J. Chadliorn,
our own "Ituck;" If he ever had an
enemy It Is not recorded. D, T,
lake everything as It come along,
and to uo omo one else's oiprou
slon, "Ho never ruffles a hair. Ho
will probably eel in the swivel chair
ni board sessions ana ilo some uir.
talitm himself.
Follow Inif Is tho tabulated vote:
r I
..LMtWaUve totted iMaIm a jaL, I Xj ,
.fL: PJ.I!flWKF - 3i AIIO- fl' III
County Clerk
? AT 1). Tyler
" P. A. Hughe
County Treasurer
W. J. Ilcrry,,
James Jf. Lennox ......
County AMCSsor ,
J. T. Hunter i... 118
8upcrlnlcndcnl or Schoots-
Jfo Will Ilell . W
County Commissioner First DIsL
r J. A'-iihoiiev- . 01
,.. 70 .41 ; 01
- 85 '51 70
03 ISO. 73
7 DO W
72 , 101
I5 37
3S) 663
03 10 30
00 00 82
S8 ISI 4 II 49 070.
28 110 4 12 ' 34 010
John U Lords...
38 v
f8 t
County Commissioner 8ec. DIsU
D. J. Cliatlborn 01
County Commissioner-Third DisU
J. V. Phillip 80-
James A. Hliea 71'
l'robale Judge
II. M. Orova 110
I)ltrlcl Attorney
Forrest Fielder .. 1 13
321 78
00 ' 01
72 I00 88 8 35
27 I57
'8 M
20 I30
28 I43
8' 41
44 (Ml
02-t.HW W
39 '0 28 118 4 13 40 050
Total voto cast., 2S1
Mew They Tak M.
Sam T. Clark t am ncrvv resting
on the end or a crowbar, as it wcra,
and will be on or near aforesaid
end Tor sometime to come. How
ever, I will not forget Columbus
and tho good friend mado there
while tho "cruel war" was on, I
thank you.
Tal Hunter ColunHius dono juil
Ann. Thank my friend for inc.
J, A. Mahoney (Just beforo result
wa known) Win or loso, I am
gratefu for the opportunity to meet
tho go people of Luna county.
173 105 157 155 13 4"l 0
V. yr.,Berry Tlial bunch of
yours In'Cplumbua did all and more
than I expected. Grateful I am for
their bounllfulvvolr, end morn to
the point I never torgel.
I'lerco Hughes They made a
fight on me, but Columbus sure
camo to tho rescue.
James A. Hliea It wasn't a "23"
void Ibis time. I'll novcr forget
Columbus, becauso ilia city gave
mo tlio largest voto of any candi
date wlllt an opponent 130 votes
think of IL
Joe, Wltla Bell Thoso Columbus
men are iusl grand; wern't they
37 200' U 13 60 050
nleo to mot
John L. Iiflls Tho Courier
hksn'l heard from John L. yet. hut
It is presumed ho will have some
thing lii say. Ho ought to, comid
erlng tho oto he received.
Jimmy Lennox Berry is my
friend, ft was all fair and I have
no complaint I fared belter than
others, tiowover.
l'reelnfl Captain While Wo hai
a 200 vote. Growing some.
Uuck Chadbourn Every Ihlng is
fair in love and war. Tho rcjult
suited mo.
lmtt fat Hktitt "
CAHNATKW8 DOZ. , I,75 1 CUT FERNS, 50 vr
ROSES, DOZ . . , .JJ.50 J rpTTED,fERN3, A j ,1.00 vt
p. O. BOX 02 DEMINO. N. M.
ham: mam; killing
Louis HcUbcrg, back from a va
cation and rel euro In Pocos vol
ley, rvporU K. C. Kitlfiln liaving
closwl a deal whereby he cleaned
up $70,000 and retains oil lease
valued at f 00,000. Columbus friendi
of Mr. and Air. Knlfllu aro offering
-Mr. Leo IIIkks of thla cllylc
visiting her mother in Kl I'mo, who
win in ino neur luiuro move i
- W. F-Jlurnhy or tho Western
Union will aoon ntlend a nioellns
of manager of the company at Al
Iiinil llelllierg is around lown
th mum r. looklfig for a Jinx,
Several day ago ho upral'ocd hi
back and had to have an oil x-ray
token down In Texas. "Veitenlay
WO. ti
In order to keep ttw pfttMJMl pot
somwhre near a httosrarM (
peraltiM awl U prevent It fnM
44fts aelHy ceH rtadMav (be
UiM h KetUiag awfily twri tM
Courier (hie week decMH (o "start"
something, d knowht thai bolli
candidates for tho UMMkleM hut
honorablo (ltte of "Mayor or Colum
bus" should bo lull to oyer How In
6f what they think of Colwnbu and
what they have or will outline for
this faat-growlatj city, tho Courier
editor beaded 4or Mayor Blair' nf
flce first, m H I loea-tcd Bearer thaa
the Hotel Clark .building drug store.
Mayor HhXr vs In, and srfter
evading the Question of whether the
editor wanted to drive over and look
at soma c bole a corner In College
Height, he csme down to our Hue
of Ulk and In a general way he
maaVj the statement that there will
bo a tremendous amount of work
required or tho incoming village
Major (Hrtllttca Future.
Tho auesllon of the telllnir of the
bonds to the best advantage, the let-
ling or the contract for the con
struction of the waterworks ami
sewerage systems, all will necesil
taln a great deal of correspondence
and negotiations with bonding com
panies and contractor, The selec
tion or a site for tho water plant
Will have lo be made and all tho
City affair will occupy a greavdral
of tlmo and will require a large
amount of consideration from Urn
board of trustee.
It will be necessary to have
largo number or called meetings
and It will tako tho tlmo or all the
member of tho board, during ellli
er (he day or night, and every can
didate for village trustee should lie
prepared lo give any amount of liU
time, cither day or night, to the
carrying on or tho village work.
The aymor sail he baun I mlimil
meeting of thn board since he
went Into office, excepting tho frw
limes when he had been out w
iwn; that ono night ho was sick
and notablo to go lo hi office and
a quorum or the board met -at hl
liouf Willi IllBI.
Fined far NM-AHrmhutce.
He a(d that any man who has
loo much business to attend tho
meeting of the board should not
ccpl lho,o4ce, ami, if,, for any
reisen, ' Ihi tree shook! htftu
too much business al any time to
attend the meeting, Iho whole board
should enter into a' gentlemen's
agreement lo pay from It to 5 for
corn meeting ue iau to aiienn,
either ilny or night.
Tho mayor said rurtber that he
believe these trustee should also
lio pledged to work on any commit
tee nn which they may bo appointed
and that any of (hose who haven't
telephone should pledge them
selves lo Initall samp, to they can
lie reached on short notice.
oho tlmo also ha come when il
I necessary In nnmtcr Iho house
and put up elreel signs. Thi is
one tt the next thing that shouh
do uone ny mo viuago warn.
Street I.lahU; Street Sign.
Moro street lights aro needed: in
fart tho hoard of trustees hove live
light ordered now and will Install
llicm a soon a they come.
Pconlo should bo cncouraccd lo
build aldewalk in the business part
or town, and in some case, where
tho walk aro most needed. If they
aro not put in voluntarily, the
board should order them In and see
lhal they aro built.
Tlio village ordinances should be
rovUcd and put In book form, to do
which wilt require the advice and
assistance or a competent ottornoy.
Tho mayor dwelt on minor de
tail ol more or lees Importance
anil then subsided.
Seeing that there was nothing
startling In regard to C. W. Power
lo be had from Mr. Ulalr, the Cour
Icr editor trekked through the
sandstorm to the Clark Hotel drug
store. There wo found tho amiable
drtnrglsl entirely too busy lo talk
IHiiitic. wo called mm "Mayor
Power." but II had no cffccl;
couldn't even get a slew-eyed slant
from mm.
We fingered the "Veo-You" post
cards for nwhllo and finally he took
notice, maybe becauso postcards
(lout Improve with fingering, and
beckoning (o a waltres wo sat down
and talked politic, the needs of Co
lumbus and tho future of the ellv.
' But Mr. Power referred to hh
nd.'ln the Cqurler-'for Information
und commenced talking aliout his
new hotel. And while both wero
.Important subject, wo preferred
tho hotel end of it, figuring it was
big news for Columbus, und yon
will Und out all about it in another
duty aW tor the
Bawd TrwHm of Mm Viil4tt P
GoMniMM, 1, i. ft. Kteir, fror o
fr im irtw m into
eto hereto te wh
ite ( ke that om Tey, tho sixth
mf (H Aft, mm, htt ww m nein
i muBklfHd election ta the manner
preaerlhed hy law.
Tho purpose tor wmcm ucu
election la to he held I the elec
tion of jmunlelui! oMcer, the offi
cers la he voted for ate a mayor
and four villaait trustee.
Tho name or tho camrkMie ror
each of said above named office,
a (tin same are on fllo In Iho office
of the villftje cterk, and their re
spective post office addressee aro a
Fooled With GasioUnet Mtirnrd.
' Severn! boyj fooling around
gasoline lank tin the west ido of
town received the shock of their
young live when one or them ox
perlmentcd with Iho busines end
heavy con-wheel rinsed down on or a match. Cecil Heard. un of
bis left hand, hm-sled A beay ring! widow, was frmhtfully burned on
du lit finger and brpLo a knuckle.) the faeo and bead, lie is now under
Dr, PlflUorlentleiKjed. 'W. Horn care.
rmaMumm or njarnow.
CohmanM, K. March M, If.
In amwsnee with tm term m
For Mayor,
Columbus, N. M.
For Village TruMce.
Columbus, N. M.
Columbus, N. M.
.Columbus, N. M.
II. O. TltACY,
Columbus, N. M.
For Vjllagc Tnulcc,
a e. nounaEois,
Columbus, N. M.
Columbu. N. M.
For Mayor,
CoTumbus, N. M.
For Village Tnulees,
, -Columbu, N. M,
v Columbut, N. M.
Columbus? N. M,
The place al which' nld election
shall bo livid. U, the. effteeiftf Wie
FdxworlA-DeaWr Lbmkef ChJ
pany on East Broadway,- In said til
lage. The polls shall open at O
o'clock in tho forenoon and remain
continuously open until 0 o'clock In
tun afternoon, at which t me thev
snail uo ciosod.
Tho name of the duly appointed
juugiu oi ino election are a rot
Judges J. A. Moore. Sam Fidn.
w. it. ragn.
Clerks-R O. Dean. II. W. E -
Hallots to be delivered by Hie
village clerk lo J. A. Moore, election
J. II. HLAItl. Mayor.
Hmrsday was tho last day pro
prcltve candidate for Hie board or
truster could "announce," and
their "cards" appear In tho Courlor
in another roiumn. LHtio need be
said about tlie present board and
the same may lie aald or tho new
candidate, as tho Courier is not In
a position to tpcak of their Individ
ual merit or demerit authorita
tively. A a whole, tho nlno candl
dale do, or ought lo, represent the
best citizenship In Columbus. They
are all entitled to the consideration
ol tho rater. Tho defeat of Ave it
C. E, Hourgeols and John II. Cox
are running Independent,
Captain .MCAWoy. Ernst r.ngen
dor! and Lewis Havel on Iho Cili
sens' ticket.
A. J. Evans, A. Frederlckson,
Win. Klein. II. O. Tracy on the Mu
nlclpa' ticket
nfMPT WltlfDII
New svtsaketissi VIM jsjc KeTeteal oo
WeM llHiMwiy aMt Dfmhtti
rnartMrTaMsTT tsc sas
M. I. Mamtt, Mwtei ARhttoat,
atltt! a 1W aaajiaasaat MfkijU
far OeenfMHwy Before
Msfoy tvw Klevt Ff ts Ise
In addition to his manifold duttts
a druggist and candidate for may
or of Columbus, C, W. Power out
lined to the Couiier ytsterday hi
plan for a modern, up-lo-dato ho
tel for Columbu.
Work wftl commence a noon a
tho detail are worked out.
M. P. Parrctt of Kansas CHr.
noted expert hotel architect wa
In Columbu Wednesday, the wk'nt
or Mr. Power and wife, and hi
submitted views and drawing of
Iwo different hotel building, and
within a few days, after estimate
for material are compiled, Mr. Pow
er will decide whether lo build a
Iwn-ttnry structure 61 8 room or
three-story building or 75 room.
Either ono will bo a credit to Co
lumbu, said Mr. Power, "I am In
clined toward Hie three-story plan
and ir it can be Mini within the
sum which ha been decided upon
lo Iki expended M8.000 work will
be started a soon a possible and
rushed lo completion, a il I my
Intention to have II under cover be
fore the July rains."
Plan so far agreed upon are for
store underneath the hotel proper,
including a largo lobby, bariier
shop and lurklsh bath. Tlie prin-
Ipal corner will lie rearrvetf for
drug store.
Tho new hotel will be built on ono
of tho belt and meet favorably to
rn ted sitra ht Columbus, nnolt
H roadway ass) . Pouring rood, art
properly owned py Mr. fewer.
it I planned to nuke a aoM
street and Ml In the army. r
ditch; the bnlWln.tk-u will tmo
in inre mtrvm. mmiuqu ,
Mr. Power h tmrtldent of
sueccs of hi venture and Mm .At
tune of Columbus, Tho hotel wll
bo leed. Mr. Power having no In
tention of running II htnwelf.
Mr. Power further stated lhal
all materials, a far a posnlbte,
rrom Whatever lumber is used, to
the hardware, will bo purchased
of local merchant.
It wlU bo brcauw it cirri no."
See next week' ad. explaining
what sell o.
John II. Cox announces In the
Courier (hi week that he Is a can
dldale for membership on the
Imnrjl of village Irtuleea of Colum
bus, John H. Cox i well and fa
vorably known In (hi city ami un
doubledly be ha many friends who
will support him. The Courier
wlihe htm well. In fact, tho Cour
ler would like in see every am
bilious man elected (o tho board
and regret that there are only four
cat ror atiout nlno candidate,
Tlio moro Iho merrier and lb,
water i line.
Geno Wright who Is the Mar
cabaret entertainer al llonry Da
vis' San Juan Social Club. I out
with a new song which ho will put
m-er nexl week, Tho Bpread-E,-le
Pool Hall management wrote the
wnrdi and ficno has sot it to Jing
giln music.
Following figure show tho dally
receipt of Hie Bemardl Carn!v(
company In Columbu. Tho re
ceipt Include paid admilpn l
the various shows and tho com
pany' iiereentagn from eorxe-
ions. 'Iliee conccIon.i, whew
not owned outright by tho HenMcdt
people, were permitted lo operate,
generally nn a 20-80 per cent bask,
Thi statement, a copy of which
was furnished the Courier, wa ulsu
given to tlie internal revenue hc
pnrtmetit of the U. 8. government
and presumably I absolutely cor
rect: '
Monday, March IC JOiiMI
Tuesday. March ifl !U,72
Wednesday, March 17 SiftlG
Thurdy. March 18
Friday. March 10 - IM.I3
Saturday, March 20 M,t4
Total gro recclpl II.73HJ8)
8eeretT MeKetssy's Ma,
Mar 20, b ol tfroH reflefptJ)H,!f
Mar. 20, 50 or proM on fc4d
romcn , jo.r
Mar. 20, 23 conreMion si
30.each MM
Mar. 20, Balance to M4 Htek
contract ol w 8uaraUc, 13.79
Mar. 20, Our share (p tiekel
laker .f 0
Mar. Zi. ColumliU LhtM fi
Mar. rj. W. Y. Mayhin, for
cleaning street . 16m
Mar. 24, Village of Celumlm. )0OM
Mr. 31, Cnh on haod - &cm
Tolo I . ...,iWUI9
The wlimh lteVt In m mM
rontet wa No. 3M awi mw MA
by ArlliuButtolitl, lo be
connected, witv the ''MeVrff-
K7 W l4-frU '
oecretary wiutuptw usjemwv
nm wwt fW; H1B
I) c.

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