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County CTeirk,
1 ',5 1 0'imy
,ui, -mat wnoiT
fata t. B. Malr fat Wi Caa.
MTA kMtkeltM fw'tbc
Politics, feeaWyi moro ttian
wrro, It l hot Irrtemt In ilia
,wrorlly"coel KIm wasted, Me)i
j Idi having 4iti lis Mt and bolh
candidal afreflGy are talMfed
lhat (hero is wAbmt mora to bo
done or mIH hnifcerlsig Individual
' Mtfor'J. R. Mk to absolutely
confident ho will bo re-elected. Mo
.liai had personal assurances from
?o many cKisen who were against
Ulilm iwayear ago Ma are wiin mm
fjww that he- and hi friend are
Konfldcnl that l U all over but tho
3 Myttr Mlr Mrs no ha mado a
icIpm empins Km had nothing In
tUylimlml" Qs W. Vower except
IUmTho "dees Hi believe Mr. i'ow
ferweki.lke earo of I4ta office,
Jof mayor ir elected."
5 Bat atow Want Change,
art Wi' Powers ) the eltlsenshlp
fnf Columbus want and nCcds a
fchange. Ho five tho mayor credit
fcfor tho lowiMlte and aaya that u
enough, .lie docs not intimate what
'conditions he would chango, If any,
but,-pointing to hii own record of
48 month m a remarkably succo-
ffut bwUw jmui in Columbus, rr
imarVa lhat llicro na been many
fcomplalnta and now that Columbus
l atepplng rapidly Into tho city
"data ho belleyo (hat condition
.warrant a "biume" aummutn
"The'-varloui csndWates for tho
t moving a
. I mimmL mm! ao far M the
ICewta- knows there Ma been n
Vmd w& hot personal criticism.
iTn Wi a aanisr of a beard of
ftrw as a hMr. a-i .we .H (a
euecaaatul rM tUte man, and ant
om tanw enawa.
& H. MeAuley bwitk Clllaen
UeMt alto, Mr, MeAtttey baa twvif!
Mtst vffie and bit atrength XI
um navi M yottnc tn year,
.1 . f 11.. .l...pl 1 nllnn MM.lAf. fnnfpAIl
iimi-uu tttiu n, rrvuci ikkbuu utm. ...... v. v......-- k ,
Motion by Trulco Evan and oe. Banla Fo-lload to frljolf caiwi
oniledt)yTracythatB.A.Hcinrlcira to Ito greatly Improved. ,
rlnatlon a policeman bo accept- Santa Ko-lllhopa lodge !
nl Mnllnn rArrlnt. Thn vnln! tSO.000 In ImDroVtmmU.
A. J. Kvana ...i Yea Lordatmrg to hlp purest fluor.
Wm. Klein ... . ..Yea par; frclghl ralo reduced.
If, 0. Tracy . . Yr norma mino gcia coniraci lor
Tho following bill wa presented: 10.000 ton nmngaiicso ore.
S. A. Hclnrlch, crvtcc a poll"" rfe0 VBllcy '"B engine io iw
man for March . Inilnlled at pumping piani.
Mnllnn liv Tnili Kvana and aec. Iloswell l'lflVclKlit student r'
nmliwl hv Triuv ItiitL I tin fthovft hill I railed nL tractor school here.
ha allowed and a warrant' lued for Las Crucca to exhibit film of Xu
Ihn anmo Mnllnn pnrrlMl. TIU I II a Val cy llirOURIWUl UIO CMl,
vota: Silver Clly tireat iniereu m n-
A. J. Evan . Yea ilium strike in wnilo mgnai mi
Wm Kloln Mrlrl
II. 0. Tracy Yea Warren manganese piani geiung
Oeorife I. Chin application for out 10.000 tons souuieasi or Lwn-
IMillion was read and referred, ining.
There bemg no lupner business,
the truteis adjourned.
J. 1U BIIIL Mayor.
fcDWIN 0. DEAN, Clork.
iiiuurU 1 itHlll-n WltKHlt cam-'
incnullnn. U. M H RXKlor wormy 01
"iiin MMhltlona of any cHlxcn.
- To ba defeated for tho ofClco doe
'not lewcn tuWlft. eleem of any
icandldale. 0ncially a defeat must
ne attributed to a lack or prepare
inn anil nrannlsallon. also a lack
of publicity a well a a platform
minus. ... ,
. Tlio Courier nrefora a candldalo
ivim uvi inmetlilnsr. who has
plalformj ono who outlines the
dla needs and aaya "I Und for
ihi or mai ami 11 1 am circivu
' will ,ln MiVnnil til."
. This old board ail want your voice
Jfor reflection. Ttiey liclleve, and
they have a right Hi Ih-IIovc, that
Uholr famlllarlly with tho clla
fiH.ln.. mid fsoeclally a they,
'with Mayor lllalr, made It possiblo
for tho city to have a new water
works yslcm. mat utoy siioum. on
, or mem, no reiuniin '"'"i""'1
itho work they navn sianeti.
Up to tho Vatemi W BecWe.
In this particular ejection thcro
nrn nine candldaUs for tho Iward
and four vacancies. Tho now can.
dldalea ore to bo lauded for seeking
hnnnra. and the Courier Is with
them as far o tho ambitious effort
li concerned, but the Courier is pro-
aumed to lw neutral as far as pos
siblo and It is up to tho volcralo
decide tho merits of this or that
candidate. , .
Tho Courier Is for tho successful
hninnii mm nvprv time against an
unknown or less successful man
and the reason should bo apparent
lliiLv, emMI IB fltlCCESflFUI.
3,u uki vniiA'iinN-PHOKESSlON
Suii'runiiT nilPSTIOrf THAT UK
rVOlJ?IIT T.V AlJhl).
1- Juit to bo elected to the board
L.111 11.. n vnwitKBE.
1, t,o of trustees, all
sffour of thorn, are successful reiy
rescnUtlvtt business inen. W Ih
' ntuniihL in tho conduct or ma
.ii.' .a-.lr ihnv have tread.
k.i.nMiniitci loo far. Hut
a rule, and to twisl a 'lo taymif,
pwo like them for Ihe cnemle they
u. UunlclnM
I TkkVcmn. nd conduct- the
t nni.-HT niiinmonuo ivmim
Tim Clark well north nf Colum-
bus Is bow feet Into the earth
and the drilling la proceeding with
BoM bie aoecd. Homing w-
uual m the way of formation
kavn hcea Mteounlcrcd. Tliero
b lnwi of easlns on the tracX and
I jaaaarsiltw satyaHiwater Bhsrtr . U-
farmington hlp4 M kismaV
Vacorro misH te
: aU
rsaw avffli
V0L ,XI. COLUMBUS, MM WtmjL Km tlMO. ... , 0' 4
Hoilotng bMn m at Car)bd
ilk qMamr million vmg ro-
FruM rowt pf Htm vaMty r
hMl Ihai t haI uaU kL ta. IMS.
ful bmlmw mm. asmhr. awrer uiy w aan
bM a u. uauikiuu ferece.
Jel toum C E. aVHirauk. atil coumy gets wo smj
maepetwm oanntoae. - jne ugur 1 . .
er wanted to say aesaMhhur In kta women 01 wur county 10
favor, hut when mimUonml Mr. primaries. ?$f
Ikvurgeok aid: "oh. that's all! Tuciimcari to havq down to
right: overybody m Ceiumbus I park mm. V
kHw me. Thtk yw, M the uuran-urtiiing icr 011
mt." Maybe so. but. smblleily, wen,
wlftbM uuWklty. alwais shows re-1 JCIovIa has big percentage
.nil. ijLn..u il.m inuU 1.. nn I lioma nwnera.
long-'felt waMta to All. l)rdtburg oil rig prepare Wjjeltfiany shipping large quantities fluor
AM j, n. Cox. Ho is aflollier In- uwn i.ouu ieoi. T lf'"r
denendenl. Well. Mr. Cox Is what Eastern capitalist Uko leasotw)
nex or zu rooms. u
WW.IA4, MRKTrW! W llcraaillld county to sow iarga
THE VMXAfi. TMJaTKKS acreage or wucai. 4pk
uiovn 10 maKo enori 10 bcv oh
rru. mm. ..1 .r vm... Ptv...l..a I Iliinlitii.nil hlnliwav.
met In special session with Mayor" High winds play havoo wltM 01
J. h. ul&lr nrnlrflM ami Trustees derricks near Carlibad,
A. J. Evan, Wm. Klein, II. 0. Tracy Itcna former to p:ant 1.000 acre
(Hi t Over iM aectloM of Do Baca land
tfllcu 011 In week under new lea.
tng om.
Sviln liosa Ommany formed
Willi t!fO0,OW capital to drill for oil
near here.
Hllver Clljfc-Socorro county
tsurcd thorough twl ! Its oil s-
simiiiic. '
Iirdhurg Humphrey
ou' would term a mixer; ho 1 pop. lJ'UW ni no, 2
lar. Wo i a pioneer. Carlabail Crawford hotel get )
L linn, uitioixj Armuu nsauniea
management (if Tans Valley New
ami Ij llcviala.
1a Madera work on new rail
road to lumber camp on Yallccitos
creek under way.
Iloswell Will drill (0 well on
10.000 acres In lllo Arriba county;
buildings erected; ftvo carloads of
maciilnery for Hoeorro coumy.
Banta Fe The commercial mica
industry which Is Just opened up In
New Mexico promises to bo ono nf
most extensive of lis kind in tlio
United Males.
Iloswell Mldconllnenl Company
of Kanias City has 100,000 acres
under lease In New Mexico and will
Jpcnd IIA0O.OW in effort to pro
duce nil in iiiu iaiv.
Tucumcari With spudding in
of two new well recently at Ernies
and Dripping Springs, five deep
teal wells are under way in Wtiay
county and llvo rnoro Just nutsldo
of tho county.
llalchtta-MUIn llatcheL Mining
company rapidly making headway.
Caimi Is growing and ore being
produced every day. Working
forre will be Increased assuring
considerably larger output.
East Us Vegia. N. M. April I.
Pre4ilWtieiiM have a slrong argu.
met in wtaat occurred to tome
vasrtweaainn ad mleguMed fl-sli 111
Ike we CMIIms. Deputy Uniteil
iN4m MarstMl Fred Dldo of
8nt Fe, a half hour previously
had dumped. Into the Oallina tho
contents of 10 barrel and kepi of
so-called cider confiscated by the
government Tlio flsh, which, ap
tironrlately to the even I a which
nubsptiucnily followed, were of tho
"sucker type, gradually drank in
the mlituro that floated down the
Oalllnas and" perfumed (he air for
n distance of two blocks, i lie mix
ture: was made un -of walr. nmu
and 0 per cent alcohol cider. It
was not long until the flsh began
to show sign of animation. They
frisked all about tho shallow pools,
I I shortly lherfler ihry iwgaii
to stow drowsy. A small boy came
along with a basket and picked Iho
fish out of the pools by their tails.
He got twenty-five. This sounds like
a (Ish story, which, Indeed, it Is.
but it is true, as Marshal Delgado
is willing to swear. Here I the big
question in connection with I lie af
fair: If 0 kt cent, mixed with n
wholo river filled with water nnd
mud. will gel (he Roals of 41 hunch
nf flsh, whose chief occupation In
life Is drinking, what effect woiiiu
have undiluted upon n man, who.
no mailer what his iiiirni, mun
stop drinking occasionally to eat or
breathe The elder was rnnfliraled
from tbr warehouse nf n. K. Mr-
(Julre. Most of It belonged (n n
firm in Nashville, Tenn.
in m:v micxico
IpbMp atrkthr to business and his I
hope aro high. Many visitor aro
at me wen uauy aim me siock m
Imnir. I
The valley oil wmpany nas no
news to report, negotiations wuui
iirivata narl es looking to UIO Com-
nletlon of the well aro still On and
new good ncwa may b cxpeclod
any uay.
In a civil null tried before Judgn
Edwin Mechem in the Orant county
district court, the past week, nay
Grayson, well known in Columbn
and Luna county, was given a Judg.
menl against Metn ana fcvans mr
A500. Tlio defendanls gave noiico
of on appeal to tno amo supreme
court. Grayson ucd for $13,000,
elnlnilnu this sum as a commission
for services allegou 10 nave uccn
reiuiered In connection with the
purchaao by Means and Evans of the I
Red Hlver callio ana rancnes, 111
Bocorro county. The hearing of Iho
suit occupied several oays.
meets a uukk heath
BTHEYE Hw, rlier1 Jefereftt. and even'tfiough '
tkey'r Ww-Mricl kkay're1 uiraaMaHy (htnUc and
,aiaaU-. - ? . t - . ... j .
We Kv aM a et' many to On koawrea alraut ,
town mm! Kws yet f hear caaiptaiwt about them.
Congolevmi CoM Alt-Rugs are fast aupplanling ail
u otliar typts of raBium-priceti ru now on tha nuutet.
j They're waaliabie. water-proof, and posIUvely sanitary,
j Lie flat without fastening.
I eomef thevery isiap i
Lj I HMW90D 1
Some llmo ago tho Courier pub
lished In full the report of I lie
auditor sent here by the Taxpay
eri Association of Now Mexico.
The report as published at that
lime was a news lie in. ana was noi
printed for political effect. Neither
is this Item. The report was a
statement of fact nnd figures and
tiroved that I lls 1 tile rlly was one
or tho motl economically managcti
munlcipalillea In the slate. The re
port showed the cily treasurer hnd
several thousand more dollars on
deposit than when IIik presriil ail
ministration look cnarge, Th re.
portwas.a credit to ixmimbai ami
Jame Leo Walker, aged 70 year,
and formerly 01 Virginia, w" I u j m.-i tw m.umit at
stricken wiih cerrcbal hemhorrago u, JTinJ
early Tuesday morning i me noma
of bis son, raul 1. wauer, ana oieu
short lime allerworu.
I n. r.rneea. N. M- Anrll 1-A
ir. Walker baa resided In Colum- large parly of El I'aspaus viitl.Ml
bus for the nasi four moiilh. Ho tho Hot Spring ai rori ueiuen am
c'Bvr four children, l.uia waiacr, i-aiomu.
ML 1'lcasanU Texas; Mrs, . I inveslleullon or the powlhlllUos of
"bawl Naples. Texas; Paul I. Wal- locating largo health resort, a
km- of this city and W. a Walker, these place. Tho local chamber of
1.1..1. t-.ll. p.... erimini.rce has JusS coinplcleit a
Z ihe iArtOEST end most heavllK
....... I..JU ..... ..n.n...l In lit H llln'KV nl IH11I1 IUUCCS UV illW 1.
E. BIsco Funeral Home and from quest of the Interested parties. The
ir. i.. vi n.. li will nrh,ir nrn nn Iho east sldo of the
bo Interred bcWo thai of his wife nio Ornnde and close to tho rail-
In Evergreen cemetery. roao.
11m nresent board Of trustee lil.lMI,. II, vfTmnn nf r.n'.timbus. Will
riniui lt liu linen rumored around I n...,.iv u-n in tho emnlny of
Columbus lhat tliey Uajl forced cap nmi g,m Bnd Tlio lhtsaar,
varloufpposlng candldalu '".Jial lit" hospllal In Doming Wednes-
plat-en on uto uuixcns- ucani. .
canUIUaW CUiming ney iiu uui,
announc5nickeLSne lacta
jirntfndidaleSSiilIng their
wrllten amlouncemets. wllh tho vil
the MIWE8T department sloro
lit ColumbU. .nniTRT nil
, TRACY own tho LAltOEBT oil
' .i.h... t., ivilumhilS.
"S1''.. , inrf leading tho
'Vkm' Tlckt for trustee, U
lagn clerk apccWcally dialed they
Were running on a cllUcns' ticket.
Thl may eaciiy tw auouaniiaieu
by calling at Hie clerk' offlco,
The Courier this week 1 a day
i,.t, in nniiiiratlon owing to moving
Hie office and equipment. In the
future the Courier will bo Isswd
on Taurways.
i'Carriowi. N. M. March 30. lllcar-
do Ooiuales. 10 year old. eon of
Siblno Goniales, of White Oaks,
Jiroko his arm Salunlay morning
yjillo cranking ins laincra roni
car. inn ixiy was uruuxui. m
Padeu hospital where tho injured
arm was given surgical altenllon.
A. E. Evans of the l ord agency
in ttiis eitv. in commenting on tho
abovo, said thai In a short time
such aceldcnl will be rare. "You
know,, J om selling cir-a;ariing
Fords now,"
AuTtmixmr. w.ows lip;
f . , ruun B .ltvl VWMIV1-:
Claytnn, NV-W; April t Tho an
lomohlljsioiiglng to Jlud Einpson
dav V.!:'ve In I'hlladelphlnlwjsr completely destroyed by flre
iSvo been notified; "rt;!l,t" w'r.jtast Weiinesday nigiu causeu ny
known niMijnu iiuhuhi, aim ivy
ular as a rlcrfc. For tho last sit
months ho lis been falling and hi
death was not onexpecled.
- Forget politics and lio at Iho
Chamber of Cpmmerec meeting on
Wednesday evening, April 7
"It ntII ao tirraiMC it cxeel mu'
-8eo nexl week's ad. explaining
wltal Mil 0.
exnloainn while aasolino was belt
pumped into the car. Tho thrno
cjilldrcn of Mi". Empson were stand.
iiir nearny wnen iho n siw-nn
ond the wind 4cattcreil tho gn.
Una over tlielr clothing. Two o
"tliem cscaned wllh slight burns and
one, O small poy, was uumy nurui-u
uboul tho head. Mr. Kmnann re.
cclyr.u a Hevero burn nn bis hand.
While tearing the burning clothes
from bi children.
jitkkrs ttwaniwm "u rlsMrsrr;
Rotti FH wa n FWiMe.
m VmitMmii Mare TraWd FaHh.
fuWjr ami n heewnHSrrakleg
VavkA H Expected! Card Frewnt
rd by AHiletle Officer Whlir,
WHh Wreatlmg Hirnwn In, l
One of the Mr F.vrr; 21th Hand
Will Kr There; Mhrr Ne.
Columbus and Camp Furlnug am
covered with placard annoiinrlnc
(fixing and wrestling at (lie areui
In Camp Furlong Katurday after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Athletic Officer While offers a
bill which even If the contestant
in the main event aro mil world
beaters, at least ono of them. Kid
Swonsou, k nl prrscnl the Idol if
the 2llh. Ho has lieen ruining fa.l
and his last lime mil, when he
trimmed Rabbit lingers, has hooxlrd
his ame until (here Is nothing in III"
riimp or Columbus good rtiotigli and
If hn ge the decision over Haw
kins he is there for Iho big crowds
and Hie big money. They will go
15 round ami weigh in at tXI
;w .mils.
In Iho setnl-llnal Fighting Field
and Ilattllng Mciiimt will nune lo
getlier for six munds and these two
birds might to have tho fans on
their feel all the lime
Ilallllug llalley was to gn nn m
Hie curtain raiser, but he has had a
bad hand which be received In tho
Calloway bout last Saturday and a
dark horso will tie etibstttulcd. Tlul
good little botcr. Joe White of Com
pany (). will lake on the unknown.
Lieutenant wniic snowa ins -versa-Hilly
by putting on as an added-at-trarllun
two good wrestlers. A.
Ilntmes. Iinler champion of iiiv
pnuy I) and King Haxler. the I'ekln
i-hnmpion. Admisslnn prices w,.l l'
the usual II and ?.
Hlllsboro. April I Del Oro hotel
company has just been organized to
build a S30.000 Hotel. Tile leaders
In tho movement aro Charles A. An
derson, A. Wolfont, I C Ulliam.
C. Hammel, John A. e. iee
Nations, John A. Dialngrr. I). M.
Miller. T. II. Ilyrne and W. I).
Slense. An nrchllect will lie em
ployed at once to draw plans and
necltleallons. 'lucre is simng
need for a hotel at this llmo when
development Is becoming so gen
eral In Blcrra county. The pro-
ims.sl new road across (he litaek
Range will also nut lllllslioro ot the
transcontinental route and bring
many tourists through this section.
Clayton. N. M- March WV-Jnko
Troesch. a ranchman n;ar hero re
ceived a load of shot as his portion
of an argument oer a line fence
last week. Troesch went to the
home of II. 11. Ilusby with a club
nnd started nn argument over the
fence between Ihe two farms. Ilus-
by entered the house and took down
hi shot Klin and as Trooscli start
od to run Ilusby fired, thu entire
load entering Ihe illeelng man'
hips. Troesch was brought lo the
Hope hospital anil Jlusliy nl nnre
gave himself up lo Sheriff KtitUm.
and 1 awaiting a hearing at the
county Jail,
Webb Noland.
Married, al the home, of Rev W
E. Foulks, Monday afternoon al
O'clock. Miss Ruby Webb lo George
Noland, liol It of iMlummts, v
The nanny counle will leave In
lew uay lor txcmucKy to niaao
their home. Demlng Graphic.
CoiMtoti Liberty Hotxt of thn
eeoml nnil.lhlrd tanica ahoiihl bo
exehwigMt for' permanent bondy.
Wo shall tie nlad lo iieriorm nils
K-inlie for yon without rharae. and
Miggfflt ou brlna In your ImmiiIn at
oner. mLUMHUH I A lis bainh.
om:rce will wh.m
1 The ftsual gel logclher night for
thn Columbus Cliamlier of Com-
merce U pext Wednesday cvenihg.
Marriage License.
I Edna Hell 32. and Leon Kent,
both of Columbus.
ii.wiien have amv HR.W
VpNitbatL Haydcjv middleweight
champlon.nf'tbo'burrtervSHid Krank
Fuwxer, the two elovrrrst cxiiOiv
rnt of Ihe glove gaum. or Iheir
weights in the southwest, battled
ten furious round lo a draw last
faurday afternoon at Hie Columbus
Athletic Club.
Almo'l an equal m cleverness tho
two exchanged punches cleverly
during the rnllro distance, the coil'
lest helng iniersperseu ny nriiiiani
shifting, accurate countering and
splendid footwork. Ilayden excelled
In speed and his superior footwork
lunches during me coniesi. nn
ei blow, a short rlfiht hook (n thn
jaw and eye. started n small flow
of blood from Fowier'a cheek lis
Ihe (If Hi round, but lie evened up
mailers by heavier punching, win
f his blows in th elghlli round
laggrring his opponent.
Promoter 0. 11. Johnson, wun
handled the contest, staled Natur
day oHernoon lhat lie Intended In
rematch the hoys wilhln-5i next
month for a return meeting over
the llflren round route. Hueh a con-
lest would undoubtedly prove ono
f the biggest nlli-acllous id Uio
year and would c:iie uie question
of supremacy between the two
clever men.
Hrluns HIiomk Uav
F. Tlrfga. the ciassy yotilh from
E company, was (nn much fur llabo
Caliell. t'abell KKikeil like a winner
ot the slart and im shulild have
won ppparenlly If he could have
lauded any or mi ict-ruie wauopi.
Ilrigg. afler III recovery rioni an
accidental blow, bad It'll"'" mea
sure anil ldelepped and ducked
like Kid Rosa until lie Had catieii
ilslJinit Die nlr. Urines has a left
jah and height nnd reach and from
now on should lw nitlK-aiaiiie.
I'nunotcr Johnson has sltnied up
Hani Hilling WrU'.U mid Hoek
riones lur Monday night, April 12
This will be tho oral night Unlit
in a long lime 'and, best of all, thcro
will bo a live-man battle royal, A
every one know Ull will bo a
scream and alone worth th prlcu
of admission.
Hilly Rrcttrr After Wright
In a letter lo I'romoler Johnson
or 1ho Goluhlbna Athletic Club, Hilly
rtrewf saya. "I Will nwk'' IW
pounds al 3 o'clock for Hardhitting
Wright any lime, and 1 can trim
your Oilumbu man w lime, wiy
place, if you caiugeL WrlaW l
sign, let mo Kbw. IVt h toH
shops' now, but will b m bltc
shape Uie day or night of lb? ftajat.
I'll lie tit a a fiddle."
Hilly Ihrwer la tho rkmmltm
welterwclRht ot Tea, hsrllns; nam
Fort Worth,

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