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6djjjMttti fMftittfi
PvtdUnd JS'vmt rHrfay" '
t.t'AWwhed KteVan YrS (tW)
kWwhed BssVi
.tfrsg w(l.....WM. Jp!
' AWMnftmJUlm
Ub rh-trt Pan, wr
CtSJStMtfd SSM Sjtld (MM MUwt,
HMNtOl WtttMNtt tSttu eresty,
. twr
ai lite poeserlks fi
New Sieike, as second
It teems sirattsK lbt a small
taurine makes a net Income of J780
per month. Mil yet ho tin been or
rerUw a half Interest le anyone
that would lake over a handsome
mil income from a nico business.
It I to litrd Ihetfl day to spend
fT66 per month that he want some-
one to mare hk lot.
Me hwi stopped working nights
now, at tho my am growing long-Mv-Detnlng
Free Pit.
The above "new Item or scur
rilous screed 'H round tucked
down in the corner of a mm of Hm
Ikming tlrtphic. Itie Cowter edi
tor doe not tense It, to he candid.
The wording of It the Bagllsh of
It sound like the effusion of
primary grade pupil or the muU
If rings of a "nut." In retard to
tolling a half Interest in the Cour
ier, this ha been done. In act, a
gentleman in Columbus purchased
the aforesaid half h4ret two
month after the present editor waa
enwonaed in tho ewrvet chair and
aa evidence of the prosperity of the
Courier It waa a DeMhtg man, to bi
exact, Eugene Austin ot the Head
light, who also IhotifM to welt of
a half Interest in the Courier that
he offered a bonus a, proRl on the
invettmenl of 13,060 for a half in
terest and was refused, much to the
disappointment and chagrin of Mr.
Austin. Hut the gentleman who
wisely Invested In the Courier
thought well of his investment and
atill thinks so and w lake pleasure
In introducing this gentleman, al
though lie need no Introduction
U L. Ilurkhead, postmaater of Co
lumbus. Hut to return to the above
clipping, It is the ambition of the
Columbus Courier to, in the near
future, 8ELL more Courier in
Denting than the Free Preea is now
giving away.
a rout mayor plain
Ejection day wilt toon be here
and R H our duty aa ctttsmse of Co
lumbus to caai uur vote fw myor
wiaely, fer Muck is at
hsw had two years of
ate twa yean) of ecotwtwy H sw,
y adsulnUtrtdten. Our iinst
imosJrm )pm tyvw )p?tt oh Mm Wt4Hiiil,
for Columbus' beat lulerests attd by
hk Uet awl friendship mil tug ttte
fltrers and men thai have been
aiasJoncd here ai vario limes, he
secured many nsvtmtasws for awr
town, I know frsMtt reRssbte aasweea
thai K wm M Mt hrevsjM. the
avisrtktt corps 'kstek hero about a
year ato. (Tki they coutd not get
proper location after they got here
waa not his fault. Mayor Blair
own considerable profterty hero
aHd while he walnrally wants to get
as many "good things" for Colum
bua a possible that will eftha-Heo
Ilia value of his properly, in dobw
so he also ificreaea the value of
your and niy property. There Is
no gelling awayw from that reel, as
It is a matter of dollars and cents
to us. Mayor Blair own enough
real estate that he doc not have lo
promise to build "castles in the air"
to bid for our votes. But thai bo
has tact and ue it is Ms greatest
asset for that trail goes a long ways
in a town that Is principally de
pending for Its prosperity on our
soldier rrienos. we nave hid
blessed peace in our community
and wn are on tho beil of terms
with all those who arc stationed
As to the controversy about our
waterworks system, I quote the re
marks made by an expert civil en
gineer who was here a few weeks
ago: i
"Your water supply shows the
best of managemunt of your city
administration, but lo have a larger
town, to Induco people lo come
hero and build smd Improve this
place, a larger un-todale water
system is absolutely necessary.'
Ho states that newcomers always
Inquire first Into tho water supply
question before coming to another
place to settle, because It it the
most important factor. Next to
that Is the sewage question, 'front a
sanitary standpoint We tiope to
have our town be able to Iwasl of
an up-iomaie sewerage system also
some of these- day.
Abovo an, "lion t change horses
wnno crossing u stream."
MttALL talk.
Mrs. FlorU Willi Will entertain
al bridge Balui-day afUrtsOott. "!J
(napeeUsr, wUi raaiya Afrit t.
-Onsd Mtmm atsi Oisvissv
Wyt4 htt wssfk tn Desnii
a a Rodger wcrKsisssssl tsvs
Th4 Ladtca' AM WtH kaM
day meessst ai tit saaktusiss
Mrs,, A. I Taylor nt WtdsviM
April 7.
KSjrlSHI ! Tssyssa.
tH Ckieasw tiflstsHsis.
fetM won his wife sm sawv wSS ljg
Nsaisi fw assise Uassv. . 7IB
Tho sugar shortage has fdeced
randy on trial before tho bar -of
public opinion. Candy Is accused
of being the thief thai baa robbed
tho national sugar barrel.
Candy Is charged with having
heen responsible lor the sugar
Housewives say that tho reason
they cannot buy all the sugar Ihey
need is because the canity munu
fociurers use such a large quantity
thai none is left for household
iWhat arc th facta? What does
the evidence disclose?
The publlo Is prone to arrive at
quick conclusions without first
carefully considering the fads.
The public assumes that the
candy manufacturers use an enor
mous amount of sugsr and that
most candy Is mado entirely from
Nothing could be further from
tho truth
The fads am that while sugar is
the chief baslo raw material used
by candy manufacturers, there aro
many other kinds of.raw materials
usni in largo quantities, sucn as
chocolate, molasses, fruits, nuts,
corn syrup, starch and various
other food products.
Candy being composed of theso
various kinds of raw materials, is
very high in rood value,
The craving ior "something
sweet is nature s call for carbon
ilrates, which supply fuel for (he
human engine and which is most
acceptably supplied In the form of
The sugar shortage U, no doubt.
due primarily to Increased house
hold usage and not to .Increased
majrn by candy manufacturers.
The candy Industry occupies on
important place In industrial :tf.
fairs and employs 366.M0 seonle,
IWbco prohibition went Into effect
it has become an essential food
necessity, but ll Is fttHI classed as a
luxury and charged with peelal ex
cise tax which consumers must pay.
roe cmxhhuos emmmm.
This week (he Columbus Courier
moved biio and pow occupies cm
of Uio tarsesi buildings ht Colum
bus. II waa known as the Nord-
MSHta More properly, but Is owned
tw Mrs. Susan Moore of the Del
Norte, SI Paso, and was leased to
Frank NerdbsMM or Darning. The
Courier lias assumed Mr, Wordfeaut'
,i least, whlek wstt ex4e Sst..MsM.
Ysmi bullish nt iliiitsslnl 3ssS) sisysare
4a)4si fit Jsetr isgaes AdsJUtoiial
isMspsaettt, astsi new hm aee beiM
ftwstftMl and R J the tatettHen ef
last ttttitaf'inral. to keep tip with
Mufttneas Men h foWllrs.
It Is a mighty good sign of tho
ate when a man like James U
(Ireenwsod, presides! of the 9iaie
hsaK' or coMinsiua, wtH allow Ma
nasne to be put" on the ballot as a
candidate for the legislature.
If every county In the stale would
duplicate Luna county's example in
me selection or legislative llmixr.
wo would have a law-making body
worth whilev-Edltor W. T, Holt in
the Lordtburg Liberal.
The Man From HarhlU Said
"If I lived In Columbus and had
paid taxes In 1010 and had the re
ceipt In my pocket I would get un
early in ine morning and voto for
the waterworks bond Issue, and
then I would spend the rest of tho
day working for voles for it
thank you."
II Is a good thing for the nubllo
that this is a semi-arid country as
there is less mud-silmting In a po
litical sense. Candidates and their
friends canj. find mud. .11 requires
waier ror good mud.
tff you make an X in tho party
circle of tho official ballot you vole
siratgtii nckei. uut ir you make
i X for any other candidata am:
have marked tho circle also your
vote win he thrown out.
It Is Impossible to mart: your bal
lot in tho circle and vote for candi
dales on another ticket Your bat
lot will be discard!.
Tho big Idea: Vole for the
waterworks bond Issue.
weuL&vr mm a single
cspy of tin: coumer
Ban Francisco. Cal. Mar. 3. 20.
The Columbus Courier, Columbus,
flew Meaieor
EdllorI wish lo notify yon of
my new address to my copy of the
Courier" won I go astray. I don I
want to mist a single copy, at it's
like gelling a letter from home.
Rest wishes. M. C. STERN.
Music Director, Vocational School,
Letlcrman General Hospital, Pres
idio or Han rrancitco, cat.
Larraseto Not Seeling OMrei
If there I any discord on ac
count of the- present Incumbent of
the exeeutivo chair, put him aside,'
aid the governor In his address,
T have never tsfied for office In
my life and am not doing so now.
If I am In the way, for nod's sako
get, together and name r. man who
can bo 1cted. I am willing lu step
down anti out It it will promote
party harmony and success,"'
Ram Fein, ileiegalo? to the Rc
pueiwin tu .convention at Bants
Fa has returned to Columbus. Mr,
Fein reports the delegates to the
national convention were instructed
(tag. sssamptte the asewth ef Co-j to voto. for MsJ. Oen. Leonard Wood
tassl tkssy smM ssyl.
-TM hi. lite tftshsstsa ti
tliai It t tte4 ol y your voit,
nur neHAtbor' vole, wttieti k
seeded lo ihh to boM mste wtr.
T. Yesjer, maettUiIsi est t4w
Paso HentM, fem Sunday hi (3.
hMnbus and SMMeMattV tore tttvst
and erected the Courier's typcsttji
ling maenmc
Mrs, IV I. Johntson of El Pa.
who has been visiting her Childress,
Mrs. Fred Weldenbcck and W W.
Hutchinson, for several weeks, hats
returned to tier Rome.
Lieutenant James, U. 8. A
companleit by numerous teWier.
wltneHes and prisoners, wtll ge la
nanta I e to attend the session ot
the federal court early in the week,
You cannot voto on the water
works bond Issuo unices you pttt!
taxes during the year 19-19. It mattes)
no dtircrenco WHAT year you
for, but your receipt must read
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Robinson m
Chicago, III, aro visiting Mrs. Kale
O. Payne. Mr. Hotilnson will re
turn to Chicago this wcekv but Mrs,
Ilobinton will remain a few weeks
-Mrs. W, J. Walker, who
been visiting In Columbus for Ute
past yaa-r, left Wednesday for Jpaas)
points on, an Indefinite visit 'How
much the will invest In Texas m
fields will depend upon the tempera
ture of the on fever.
-a a Fielder, a brother of
James 8. Fielder, Deming attorney,
and years Ago a resident of Silver
City, died the past week al Venire,
Cal, The deceased was probata
Judgo of Grant county several
Jack Drccn. probably the best
known officer in Luna county, will
resign his county and dly position
April 4 and will be immediately ap-
liomted to the force of'customs in
spectors lit the employ pf the U. S.
Kuvvromciii aim siuonc in uoium
1.00 RhtM. Jack Hrccn and P.
W. Holtman will leave early In Use
week for Santa Fe on govcrnmewi
business perta-l-ivmg stmstly lo vtosa-
lions m l
boetlsfgh'Hf. ,Tkyy waM-bo away
during clccllch assd tsinswateswHI
lose voies tnercoy.
Tho Junior member of the
Doming Graphic, his wife and threo
children, motored lo Columbus Sun
day in tbclr new tclf-startlng Ford,
Mr, Ilarnsay is one of the best print
ers In this section of New Mexico,
and the Graphic reflects his ability
Mrs. ilarnsay was delighicd with tho
trip and they motored homo much
impressed with Columbus and this
sldo of the mountains.
One of tho prettiest arrangvd
entertainments of tho Eoslorlido
was given as a compliment to Mrs,
W. C. Franklin, bride of W.
Franklin, cashier of (he First Na
liomtl Hank, by Mrs. Wilson Kit
gore at her homo on Taft street
Wednesday afternoon from 3 lo 0.
The guests after several hours
spent showing their craft al ncodlo-
work and discussing topics of tho
dny, were served with an elegant
four-course luncheon. Hie nlalo
cards and favor were all suggestive
of Easier. Covers were laid for six.
Tlioso Invited to meet Mrs. Frank
lin were Mesdemcs Kfmbal -Blew-
art J. J. Clark, J. II. Cox, Io ftlggt,
wiiuam King and A. uucsi.
Miss nuby Webli. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Carl lloppo and wif,
was married al tho Melhodisl car-
sonage In uemlng Monday evening
lo Mr. Nolan of Columbus, Tho
happy couple departed Wednesday
evening on uieir honeymoon to
IMlnl In Indiana. Last Friday af,
ternoon they wero given a "shower
at tho Hoppa residence by Mrs. N
Yarbough, Mr. George Peters, Mrs,
W. L. Moody sua Mrs. B. K. Sisco,
As guests there were Mesdsvme A
J. Evans, Lee Rbms, Mr. Anderson,
Mrs. W. C. Franklin. A. Frderlck
son. Floyd White. Edwin Dean. J,
A. Moore, Hogers, Btaccy, Will King,
Miss Irene and Huih vann and Mrs,
Gunman and Mrs. Weld.
course silver smd linen predomi
nated in Ihe iti (is.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Weld had
Ihe surprise of their llveVTuosday
night when they returned homo
after an automobile trip. On enter
ing the liouso they found tho Go.
lumbus Bute Hank employes and
Mr. and Mr. J. L. Norwood, Mrs.
Dent ftutli Poff and J. Harlh In full
possession, They had not only
taken possession of the parlor, but
"the kitchen as well, and overyono
sal down to wetl-ladea tablr. This
successful surarise party was In
honor of Mrs, Weld's birthday. The
reporter tried every conecivalile
way to tm& out bow many candles
there were, or how many marts
ehlno cherries decorated tho birth,
day cake, ovon wed as to how
many slaps on the back, but It was
IduuvmUiIk Ia Axu) cuiL Mr. Wi!(I'a
I ago for pubHeailsn.
(Something hw m (M&m,
and praised at the mptt tmwuom
rK)i5itoncas ever told.
The first CARLOAD hat been re-rmlv-A
Kv th Ucal atfencv and will
rv4uiKlv hf. an sale at toon at thiv
advertiicment uppeari. Exeito wl
be told try the bottle, in caie lots and,
will be s
Wettem Front
Sm Jun Social Ckb -Jok
DaJtoM two jbH
Spread alc Pool-Hall
Stnti E:3Tt" liAiisisf f If.-M.
Sergeant and Mrs, II, II, Goudo
celebrated their Ilflecnlh wedding
anniversary at their residence Fri
day, March 20. Thoso preH-nt wpro
Sergeant swd Mrs. E. P. Allen, Ser
geant and Mrs. B. B. Brooks. MIm
Cragir, Mrs. Davis," Mrrlkuer,
Sergeant and Mrs. W, W. Robinson,
Sergeant and Mrs. W. Blcward, Mrs.
SaiMbcrry, Sergeant and Mrs. War
jren. Sergeant and Mrs. Phelps, Ser.
fleanl Hranioni, Sergeant Green,
Wand leader; Sergeant Winston, Mr.
Peters. Toatttpasier, sergeant
Urocn. Hostess, Mrs. Talkncft, a
toast to tho brtdet n loast lo our
wives, Sergeant W. W. Ilobinton. a
toast to our husbands, Mrs. W. W.
Ilobtnsan; a loaal to the bachelors,
Mrs. 8. It. llrooks; a toast to tho
maids. Sergeant Winston. An elab
orate menu was served. An abund
ance '' beautiful presents wero re
ceived by tho bride, who willies to
tluuik all for their remembrance.
Columbus Theater.
Gloria Hope, one of tho most ap-
pcaUngly beautiful actresses ot tho
screen, has a .prominent part in
Tho Third Woman," tho llobert-
sdo-Vole superior picture which
wl-H bo shown at tho Columbus
theater Saturday, April 3. Bite has
tho )tart of the duughler of a plains-
insssiwHu laves a young society man
who later discovers that ho Is part
ly an Indian, The pair bocoma
lovers in tho east beforo the man
makes bis alarming discovery. Ho
I hen oec to a Pueblo village where
m joins ma wuiaiu io wnom no
feets'lhal he belongs mora than he
does to tho whites. The girl and
her father come seeking him. Ho
wis! not allow hlnwolf to be found
lis: to tho glrf, realiaing' that love
may In some cases completely over
como racial barriers.
-jjiunfrna Shadows.'
H. H. Warner In "Haunting
Shadows," ihe Hoberteon-Colo su
Dertor picture, which will bo seen
at the Columbus theater on Mon
day, April t, has tho part of a
young man who forfeits (as ho
thkks) bis wholo Inheritanco to
fellow tho girl ho loves. Shut up
for a year In an American easlto,
modeled after o picturesque British
building, he leaves it to co to tho
hams nf a girl ho loves, thereby
violating the terms of the will ff
his grandfather. This is but one of
the many dramatic situations which
arise in this picture, which was
mado at tho Jcsso D. Hampton
studios. As John Glcnarm, central
character in tho picture. Mr, War
ner ha a role fulfy as thi-llllng as
Ihe-inther recent ones ho has played
la. Rebwttonolo picture. A co-
paWo east it tern in support.
" "A mttrli m Time."
Another hkr Broadway stngo sue
im ia brouuht to tho screen by
Vllagraph In "A Btllcli In lime."
llui Gladys Leslla picture, which
There are more thsn 3,000,000 Ford cars m ,
dally service throughout the world, and fully
eighty per cent of these are Ford Touring Cars.
There are many reasons for this, not the least of
which is the simplicity in the design of the car,
to cosy to understand; likewise It is easy to
operate; and mighty inexpensive compared to
other mttor cars. On the farm, in the city, for
business and for family pleasure, it is the car of
the people, and the demand is increasing every
day. Let us have your order promptly if you
wantone. rxr i TOf nana rin
frs4a4tts tsfrtfr0sfr'Ss)-fr4'dllOO
DitrrniBUTONf for columbui. n. m.
HuOiim ms I In mi i$Q M4tt UU cashed tsw JsWff.
You can ft It at 1k Ctumtu Gfi. CsMt UttM sF
SUfTUKS ami tKMaswfss, GhH m tAstf sW y '''
tcr on Wednesday, April 7, Irene
Fenwlck msdo a hit in tho role of
Phoebe-Ann and tho lltlln Vila
graph star with "tho million dollar
smile" Is no less appealing. Ralph
Ineo directed this picture, the
scenes of which aro laid In historic
Washington square, In New York
rlly, and in the nupnorllrig east are
Eugene Slrong, William Walton,
Cecil Chichester, Earl Barton, Cha.
Stevenson, Julia Swayne Gordon
and Ague Ayres,
wKI o sew? in tho Columbus hta- rrvke for
MlTKT- .
(kjufton Liberty Memla m Use
sermid and third lawea sstonW be
esehamjed for wermtntat kawtk;
Wo abM be 4ad to twtm Nsts
6fl".C?tl r
In Dr. Marshall's Former (MSea,
Phone 48
Lsv Yattr fetter fetr-
a rmm can
K yew FMI taWVsifl

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