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Twenty-Eight Million
Acres Released by
Presidential Orders.
Washington, March 12. In a letter
to Secretary Garfield today President
Roosevelt has directed the modifica
tion of the orders issued under his
. direction last year withdrawing cer
tain lands from coal entry. Con
formably to the president's directions
about 28,000,000 acres of coal lands
will be immediately opened to entry,
with other lands to be opened as rap
idly as the geological survey can
make the proper examinations. The
president's letter to the secretary,
dated today, is as follows:
"In view of the reports made by
the geological survey on the charac
ter and quality of lands covered by
the orders dated July 26, October 10,
13 and 15, 1906, withdrawing certain
lands from coal entry, and issued un
der my direction, you are directed to
modify these orders in the following
particulars: All land now reported
by the geological survey to contain
no usable coal shall be immediately
released, also, -
"All lands which contain workable
beds of coal and concerning which
the geological survey has sufficient
information available to enable you
to properly classify such lands and
promulgate rules and regulations for
making entry.
"Hereafter other lands shall be
similarly opened to entry as rapidly
as the geological survey can make
proper examination thereof and re
port to you.
"I am advised that under this or
der about twenty-eight million acres
of coal land will immediately be
opened to entry."
"Wanted! an Incompetent Girl"
New Haven, Conn., Murck H,
"Wanted! Wanted! A thoroughly in
competent girl witb a good appetite
and willing to learn housework. No
objection to her being out all night if
she will keep awake days. Tbe mis
tress will do most of the work."
This advertisement in a Hartford
paper brought hundreds of answers
from every corner of the state. Letters
have come in an avalanche and been
turned over to the woman who inserted
the "ad."
One applicant wrote: "Dear Mad
am I reed your ad. in the paper I
think it is lovely for you to want a
lady like meself. I'll come at once
P S. I don't eat much but me 12
children do Many blessings on ye
kind lady. Me for yours if your bus
band is good looking."
"I'm sure you must be a died,"
writes another; ''no woman would be
so considerate of the poor working
girls. Have a fine appetite. May I en
tertain friends in the parlor and play
the piano? . I would like to take les
ions." Still another is willing to consider
offer, but asks for the price to be paid
and if she can have a latch key.
He that speaks much will be much
General Cameron
at Albuquerque
Gen. Hugh Cameron reached Albu
querque Sunday and called upon his
old friend and compatriot, Edmund
G. Ross, and the meeting is described
as follows in the Albuquerque Even
ing Citizen:
"It was in the breakfast room oi
the Ross home that the meeting took
place. Mr. Ross had been told oí
Gen. Cameron's arrival and arose
early to meet him. Tired and worn
out with travel,, the general was a
little late in awakening. They inn
with each grasping the other by b"tii
hands, and for several moments they
stood face to face and embraced. The
general was glad to see the senator,
and the senator was glad to see the
general. All day they talked over
things that occurred during the try
ing early days of Kansas. The ec
centric man, who makes his home in
a hut and walks most every plate he
goes, told Senator Ross that the peo
ple of Kansas, those of them living.
Republicans and Democrats, were
sorry for their mistake in condemn
ing the action of Mr. Ross when lie
voted against the impeachment of
President Andrew Johnson. They
Colored Citizens Celebrate
. Early this Morning and
a Murder Almost
Krom the Raton Range.
. With a handle of a broken bread
knife in one hand and a palm-wide
gash in the other, George Harvey,
colored, an employe at the Mslntosh
restaurant, ran into Marshal Howe on
North First street early Saturday
morning. Harvey had been in trouble.
He was also intoxicated.
Harvey, wko had jagged up during
the night, left the restaurant where
lie is employed, very early this morn
ing, with a bread knife in his baud,
and went to the Spurlock restaurant,
1 14 North First Btreet, apparently to
pay off a grudge or two. He met
were sorry that they burned him in I William
effigy, and saw the error of their way
and the wisdom of his, and from a
sadly worn handbag the hermit pro
duced a bundle of letters from prom
inent Kansans testifying to the peni
tence of the Sunflower state and the
righteousness of his pilgrimage.
"Speaking of the incident of . Rosa
voting for Johnson, the hermit sa:d:
'Ross was repeatedly warned by vari-
Grigman, colored, who
, !ai'ds there, and made a few thrusts
I at him with the bread knife, which
i was about a foot .lung. Grigman
I made his get-away without injury,
; however, and Harvey turned his at
tention to Henry De GrohT, who was
I in bed under cover. The covers
I pioved too thick for the bread knife
mis Knns.-ins not to vote acauiM 11
impeachment. Dan Anthony sent him i to penetrate, and after a few vicious
a telegram stating that if he voted
11 Johnson's favor he would be for
ever damned politically in K;ms:is.
In spite of all these warnings Ross
obeyed his conscience and helped
save the Republican party from , 111
everlasting disgrace. In return he
was villified, maligned and ostracized
by the men who should have hon
ored him or his act. Whatever mo
tives Ross had in voting the way he
did certainly were not influenced by
money, as his subsequent life Ikis
shown.' "
Dawson Sports to Have a Mill
Arrangements have been compli tt il
for a prize fight at Dawson, Monday,
March 18th, 1907, between Kid Mallei
of Dawson and Jimmey Jaivcy of
Trinidad, Colo.
The fighters are signed to light
tweuty rounds at 13t pounds ringnide,
for a side bet of $1"000 and gale re
ceipts. Figbt promoter Halvotsen pie
dicts that it will be the fastest go -ver
pulled off in Dawson nnd says the
bouse will be a record breaker.
A bunch of the Trinidad iports will
accompany their man to Dawson and
expect to take the money home. Jar
vey will will arrive in Dawson next
Saturday evening from Trinidad whre
thrusts the kuife brose off near the
handle. De Oro ft then got out his
razor, which he had in bed with him.
ready for use, and slashed at his as
sailant, striking the palm of his hand
and cutting to the bom;. To be
nlusbed up with his native weapon
was too much for Harvey, and he ran
from tbe building, encountering
Marshal Howe, who is usually on the
.-pot when wanted. Howe arrested De
Uroff at once, and the colored popula
lion all turned out .at Justice Bayue's
rourt at ten o'clock to hear the par
Maxwell City
he has been doing his training. There
will be three good preliminaries
1, is
u ml
A brand new rooming house
restaurant property in Cimarroi
paying $000 per year rent now
can be bought for $4,500 cash,
vest your savings and make 20
cent interest on your money from the
start besides getting the benefit f
the increase in the price of real estate.
The company's object in selling is to
put the money into other buildings
for .the accommodation of i.ew comers
who are arriving in town every day.
For further particulars address Cim
arron Lumber company.
He that has patience can have
he will.
D. N. Jackson went to Kaion on
Mrs. T. B. Simmons has been
the sick list for a few days.
Wm. Van Bruggen is at J'asanionte
this week, looking after business in
terests there.
Miss Nellie Rogers is better, beiu
able to sit up a short while at a time
F. F. Faling came down from Crow
Creek Sunday after Mrs. Faling
ft hose school closed here last Friday
A. P. Whiteley and wife spent last
j Thursday on the Vermejo with Mr.
; and Mrs. E. A. Ltttrell.
A daughter was liorn on the loth
j lust, to Mr. and Mrs. John BraiiRma
1 at their ranch home west of here,
i The many friends here. of Mr. and
I Mrs. E. A. Troutman are sorry to
i larn that their only son, V aldo, is
I seriously ill with pneumonia at their
j home in Cimarron.
! Jake Mitchell has gone to Taos to
j take over a load of drummers who do
1 a thriving business w;th the mer-
I chants of that place. Jake drives a
good team and makes tbe round trip
1 in five days.
! Henry Fruth, of Beloit, Wis., ar
S rived here Wednesday night ncharg
j ufa shipment of fifty-three head of
. hogs (pure bred Berkshires) for the
(Hidden ranch. Mr. Fruth expects to
t remain on the ranch .
4) ' Manuel Valdez has just returned
4 i from Mora, whf re he went a week ago
A residence or business
house in Cimarron to rent
or sell, and make 20 per
cent on an investment of
from $1.000 to $5,000.
There are twenty appli
cants to rent every build
ing that is erected. For
particulars, address ' .
Improvement Co.,
Cimarron, N. M.
A. T. Mclntyre, president of the
Deep Tunnel Mining and Milling
company of Klizabetlitown, is col
lecting ore to place in cabinets to be
placed in the depots at Raton. The
following letter to the Prospector ex
plains the matter quite fully:
Klizabethtown, N. M.,
February 14, 1007.
Red River Prospector,
Red River, X. M.
Dear Sir: I am collecting mineral
specimens from Klizabcthtown and
Red River, to be placed in cabinets,
one at Santa l'e depot and one at the
St. Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific
depot in Raton, to advertise the Red
River and Klizabethtown mining dis
tricts. If the miners of Red River
will donate specimens, labeled, show
ing what property they are from, they
will he placed in the cabinet just as
they are labeled. Please bring or
send them to A. T. Mclntyre, and
leave at the postoffice in Klizabeth
town. Hoping the people will see
the good of this and respond quickly,
f am yours truly,
Any ore left at the News and Press
ollieo in Cimarron, or handed to
Arthur O'Sullivnn, will be forwarded
to Mr. Mclntyre.
J. R. Charette & Bro.
General Merchandise
Our Motto; "Live and Let Live"
Men's fine ribbed underwear, good warm goo 1s, the kind
usually (sold for $1.25 a suit, will go the rest of the season at
S!00 guides in cowboys' and miners' boots, the best wearers
and good styles, we Hie selling for
Always the Leaders in
Pre-Inventory Reduc
tion Sale Now On
Cohn Brothers
011 account of his brother, who was
the victim of a serious accident witb a
team, in which be got a broken leg.
Mrs, W. H. Yonce, and family cf
tire children, arrived here Thursday
from Appleton City, Mo. They are
I the guests of her daughter, Mrs. Ed
Sproull. Mrs. Yonce has sold her
Missouri farm and expects to locate
' John Bell, foreman for Remslierg
A Co. on their Ute Creek ranch,, was
here Friday to receive and brand 105
steers (yearlings, twos and threes)
that had been bought friiin different
parties around here. He took them
to the ranch where some of them
must be dehorned before turning
them on their Merino vaHey pastures.
Dixie. I
Died at Wagon Mound.
J D. McGrath, county surveyor of
Mora county and a resident of Roy,
died of pneumonia 011 March 14, at
the home of his mother in Wiuron
Mound. Mr. M'.'Qrath was under
$2,000 Ixjnd to answer to the grand
jury on the charge of cattle stealing
on a warrant sworn out bv C E
Hartley, of Springer. He oleuded
not guilty, and his home paper, the
Roy American, sustained him, feeling
he would be cleared of the charge.
Best heavy drill
the 75c grade
you to wear em
without bins, Heavy drill bib overalls, worth
we want $1.25, wearesellinif uer
pair at 75c
Our line of gro-eries is well selected, and tbe prices are lowerthan
many towns farther east. In canned goods and fancy groceries
our line is unexcelled. Fresh ranch eggs, at low prices. Topeka
Creamery Butter at .!!5c per pound Our warehouse is full of
feed, hay and grain, and the prices are very low.
J, R. Charette & Bro.
Cimarron, New Mexico
& Cafe
Raton -
New Mexico
"Ned" Shirley Not a "Girl."
Colorado Springs, March 9. "Ned"
Shirley, the pretty 10-year-old girl
arrested here several days ago on a
charge of theft, and another of wear
ing boy's clothes in public, Still re
fuses to chaiiKe her costume for fem
inine attire. She spends her time in
her cell at the county jail reading
hilíh class literature and smoking cig
arettes. J he preliminary hearing has
been deferred until stu b time as other
1 lit-ft s alleged to have been, commit
ted in New Mexico towns can be in
vestigated and checked up. Two sad
dles which have been recovered from
the gang of which it is said the boy
girl was a member are claimed in
Las Vegas, N.' M.t and a reward of
$5 has been offered for their recov
ery and the conviction of the thief.
Sanchez 1$ Confirmed.
Santa Fe, X. M., March i.v The
governor has nominated and the
council this morning confirmed Al
iado M. Sanchez, of Las Cruces, X.
M., to be assistant superintendent of
public instruction i.!lcr l'rof. J. K.
Must Have a Seat.
Every passenger must lie provided
with a seat in Mexico. The federa
government has passed a law to tbe
effect that no one may lie ad mil ted
after a coach is full,
Lend lium.y and lose friends.
Kverybody bids me good morrow.
Marly to bed aud early to rise
Makes a man healthy, wealthy ami
v. ise.
The Lobby Saloon
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Billiard
Room In Connection
Short Order Cafe Open Day and Night
Wells farg Express
Train No. 1
S.:KI p.m.
4.-JA p.m.
4.3.1 p.m.
5.1X1 p.m.
5.31 p.m.
5.4.' p m,
5V p in.
Ú ii p.m.
Di-til, Cm
fM Mil
RATO ..Arrive
8 l'KI&sTOtf i iMVro
ILmviw KOKHI.KR JI'NCTWN... Arrivt
ArrlVí KoKHLKR ..Arrlen
Learm 1 " j Arrl.cK
;lvwi CKUKOfiOHO Arrlvj
Arclire- . CI.M .KHON Imtm
Train No.
li.W p.m.
tí H p.m
II 30. in.
II. flu t.nt.
lOJi a.m.
1 10.1 Km.
4.', a.m.
t.'i in.
t CVmneeU with Kl faro A Hotitwextrm Ky. train Vil, nrrlvlnt In iaMin,
J Cumíenla with Kl i'o A NuntliveKlerr Ky, Train Ni. 131, leavirg llawMjo
Hinge for van Houten meeu train, at Premuit, N. M,
Effective Nov. 4th. 1906
Train West Bound
No. 3 .
No. 7.
. . -2 A0 a. in
. . 10.00 a. in
. . . 1 :25 p. oi
No 9 3:00 p. m
!f 1 No. 8..
it filial So 4
vl 17
East Bou mi
.. 5: ;i. m
. 8:10 a di
..4 35 p.m
,. 6:15 p.m
R. C. Larimore, Atfent

N'.M., alt 10 p.m.
, K. H.. al luaA a.m.
W. A.OOHMAN.Gen. P.... Airt.
Katon. New Medro

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