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Will Be Openei) August 25 By
Wolfe Stock Company.
From the Ratoa Range. .
The new $40,000 theatre at Dawson,
now. approaching completion, will be
opened Sunday evening, August 25,
by the Wolfe Stock company. The
house, which has been fully described
in these columns, will be under the
management of E. R. Byers, who has
been connected with the Dime, mov
ing picture show since its opening
in this city. It is a compliment to
any theatrical organization to open
a new house, which fact is doubtless
appreciated by Mr. Wolfe.
Where to Stop in Raton.
Palace Hotel opposite Santa Fe de
pot. Rooms 50 cents and $1. 'it
Chicago & St. Louis
) On Rale daily until Sept. 30,
'07. Return limit Oct. 81, '07
. Colorado Points Denver
and return, $10.75; Colo
rado Springs and return,
$7.80; Puebloand return,
On sale daily until Sept. 30.
Return limit, Oct. 31, 1907. Ap
ply to Ticket Agent, Raton, A.,
T. & S. F. depot, for further in
formation. 6. V.FISHER - AGENT
Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe Ry.
General Black
smithing, Wag
on and Carriage
Repairing Neat
ly ExecutedNew
Rigs Built to Or
der. Horseshoe
ing, Plow Work
N. M.
H ay ward
General Merchandise
Fine Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
First St
N. M.
Wagon and Carriage Works.
Buggies and Spring Wagons
built to order. Horseshoeing
and General Blucksmithing.
Cimarron, : New Mexico
" Contractors and Builders.
Adobe, Stone, Iron, Tin and Wood
work. Grading, Teams by Day or
Weet. Terms Reasonable. Esti
mates on Application.
Contractors and Builders,
4, Stone, Brick and Adobe,
Estimates on application.
Curious Phenomenon to Be Seen Only
? . . In That Land. -
Perhaps It is the sun,1 and not the
moon, that Is made ot green cheese.
The appearance ot a green light at
sunset, like mány : other phenomena
supposed' to have only recently at
tracted . attention," was noticed ; and
commented upon by the ancient Egyp
tian, and more particularly BO because
in the clear air of Egypt the tints of
sunset are peculiarly distinct.
As the sun there descends nearer
and nearer the horizon, and is lm
mensély enlarged and flaming, it sud
denly becomes, for an Instant, a bril
liantly green color and Immediately a
series of green rays suffuses the sky
in many directions, well nigh to the
zenith. The same phenomenon ap
pears at sunrise, but to a smaller ex
tent. Sometimes, just as the last part
of the sun's disk vanishes, its color
changes from green to blue, and so
also after it had disappeared the sky
near the horizon often is green, while
toward the zenith It is blue.
This was alluded to in Egyptian
writings. Day was the emblem of life,
and night that of death, and the noc
turnal sun, being identified with
Osiris, thus rendered Osiris king of
the dead. The setting sun was green,
therefore Osiris, as the - nocturnal
deity, of the dead, was painted green.
The splendid coffins of the high priests
of Ammon frequently depict the, green
sun and the funeral deities are all col
ored green.
There are innumerable instances in
the Egyptian relics of representations
relative to death being colored green.
The practice undoubtedly arose from
the green tints of sunrise and sunset.
The green sun disk Is referred to 5,000
years ago in Egypt. This is the earliest
known human record of an astronomi
cal phenomenon.
Protection for French Wives.
In France no woman may work
more than ten hours a day, but a wom
an of Marseilles, the mother of seven
children and the assistant of her hus
band in his vineyard, complained to
the magistrate that her husband com
pelled her to work from 18 to 20
hours a day. The magistrate ruled
that the joint earnings or production
of husband and wife are, under law,
not wages, but something for the com
mon good of a family. Yet the state
does not contemplate that 'where a
wlte both rears a family and aids in
her husband's affairs she shall have
less protection both as to her income
and strength than an employe. As a
matter of reason she should have
more protection. Without having spe
cified support of the law for his ruling,
he held that the wife cannot be com
pelled to work more than ten hours a
day, and that she must have a full
Sunday of rest. The husband appealed
the case, but the decision of the Mar
seilles magistrate was sustained.
The Chameleon Goshawk.
I know no bird which passes through
so many changes of plumage and color
of eyes as the goshawk. A young one
which I have mounted is about the
size of a small hen and la covered
with white down; his eyes are palo
blue. I colored the eyes exactly from
life. When fully grown, the flrsi plum
age is dark brown above, and the
eyes are pale yellow. No one would
be likely to suspect this being a
goshawk who had seen only adult
birds. Later it changes to the dark
slaty blue of the adult, and the eye,
after passing through all the interme
diate changes in color from stray
yellow, orange yellow and pink, finally
assumes the deep rich red of the
adult. I know no other hawk (adds
Manly Hardy, writing in Forest and
Stream) so handsome as the gos
hawk. Satisfied.
Every man shall receive his own
reward, according to his own labor.
Not according to his talents and op
portunities, but to the use made of
them; not to the harvest that is
reaped, but to the seed sown; not ac
cording to his gifts, not according to
the worldly applause he may have
won, but according to his labor. This
meets the case of every disciple, as
well the poorest as the richest, as
well the obscurist as the greatest, as
well the servant with one talent as
the servant with five. Only be faith
ful to your trust, and when the labor
of the day Is over, and you go up
to the great harvest home, you will
be "satisfied." L. Boardman.
A New Zealand City.
Here is what Is done in Christ
church, New Zealand, a city of 65,000.
It has one large park ot 650 acres and
a number of other smaller ones of
from two to ten acres. Its garbage
is destroyed in 'a municipal burning
f.lant, and the . energy generated is
utilized ta produce' electric light and
power. Its sewer is pumped Into a
disposal establishment located on
Bandy plains about four miles outside
the city, and, passing through aseptic
and deodorizing tanks, it is scattered
over the unproductive surrounding
Boil, which it converts into valuable
and productive land.
Italy Ahead of England.
"What strikes me as peculiar," said
the globe trotter, "Is the fact that In
nearly all the small Italian towns you
see so many sewing machines, up-to-date
American ones, too. You see
them in every little hovel tn Naples,
on the road to Pompeii and else
where; but In London they are us
ing either the little foolish machines
you turn with one hand and try to
guide with the other, or stitching by
hand." -
The. New Indian, -
A new, serleaj pi Indian,, portraits Is
ineeded. The "noble f red man," of
jFenlmpre Cooper and of Catlin, the
fierce figure in war-paint and leathers.
Post his fomantic interest when he was
confined to a Reservation and fed on
rations.. Now the '"stallrfed reserva,;
jtioa dweller has been, supplanted, in
turn by the new man, Indian only in
blod and traditions, who is stepping
up to take his place in the life of the
vest The pictures that are to repre
sent the new Indians will include a
short-haired, dark-faced man, dressed
In black slouch hat, dingy white cot
ton shirt, blue overalls, and hobnailed
Bhoes. He may be a Kiowa farmer
who gathered 600 bushels of corn
from 20 acres of cultivated land last
year, or one of the 391 Pine Ridge In
dians who put up 6,700 tons of hay to
carry their stock through the winter.
Or he may be Plenty Buffalo, who has
worked with team and scraper on the
Huntley Irrigation project in Montana
tor six months; or Bert Fredericks,
the Hopi night foreman on the tunnel
at the Znnl dam In Arizona, The pic
tures will also depict the Indian
woman as mistress of a prairie cabin,
feeding the chickens or carrying food
to the calves and pigs. They will in
clude a group of children, dressed very
like white children, trotting off to day
school at eight o'clock with their noon
lunches In packages under their arms.
A big canvas to hang beside the old
painting of the war dance, Bays
Everybody's, will show 2,000 Sioux at
tending a convocation of the Episcopal
church at White Swan, S. D., and Hs
tenlng to addresses from Bishop Hare,
br from their own clergyman, Amos
Ross, a full-blood.
When the immigrant officials at
pills Island learned that Charles Pa
Bernini, late of Italy and now an
aspirant for future citizenship in the
United States, was 90 years of age
they hesitated about admitting him
because of a possibility of his coming
pn the public for support. They be
gan to look for his visible asset, says
the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In the'
first place, he was strong and vigor
pus. In the second place, he carried
fi goodly sura of money concealed
about his person. In the third, he had
eight sons and four daughters, all
earning good Incomes In this country.
Also 35 grandchildren, a number of
whom are in business, supporting
themselves and their children. Also
pine great-grandchildren, who are
Siso candidates for future citizenship.
Better treatment Is in store for cat
tle in transit on the railroads. The
ong contest In congress last winter
ended, in spite of vigorous opposition
of the humane societies, in an exten
sion, from 28 hours to 36 hours, of the
time during which cattle may be kept
without food and water. But the hu
mane societies determined that the
new law should at least be enforced.
The old one had not. So vigorously
has the department of agriculture
pushed its work that convictions
against the railroads have been se
cured at the rate of 20 a day. Of 400
cases already sent to the department
of justice, only four have been lost,
and the maximum penalty of $500 has
been exacted In every case.
A Cleveland scientist announces,
with the air of making a great discov
ery, that there Is an advantage In be
ing tall because the tall mun's head is
higher above the germs of the street.
This is neither a new nor an original
Idea, says Indianapolis Star. Long
ago when "fever'n ager" was prevalent
In the valley of the classic Wabash
the extreme tallness of the natives of
the region was accounted for as being
a provision of nature to lift their
breathing apparatus safely above the
miasmatic emanations of the soil.
J. Petehek, of Ausslg, Bohemia, one
of the great captains of industry of his
country, with a party of friends, is
touring the United States. He is at
present in Washington. Though but
little oven 40 years of age, he owns
more than one-half of the coal mines
of the Austro-Hungarlan empire, the
total output of which Is 45,000,000 tons
a year, and Is many times a million
aire. Astronomical science has recently
modified Its opinion regarding the
distance of the stm, and now places
that useful orb at 92,843,000 miles,
with a possible error of some 60,000
miles, plus or minus. During the
present spring it seems a fair guess
that the doubtful 50,000 are probably
When the scientists have demon
strated to their entire satisfaction that
mice, kittens and rabbits have souls,
they might set about settling the long
disputed question whether the human
animal possesses such a thing.
When a young woman to whom a
man gave his seat in a crowded New
York street car said "thank you" he
fell in a fit The probability la that
he will never repeat the rash act
t.. ,
It is calculated that a rat can be
boarded a J ear for 50 cents, but at
that most rata live on free luncbea
.1 . t . f 4 n v J 4 1
v" ':" "- " Liberal,' Indeed.
"It don't pay to remember, every,
thing you" read," grhmbled Sandy
Pikes, as he wrapped his shins around
the brake-wheel. " ;
"SpeaHlngf from experience, pard?"
asked U s chum of the fast freight.
"Yp'i bet oíd pal. I seen an item In
de paper! da.t said peopU with, big ears
were always ' generous, so when 1
stopped at de wayside" cottage and
found de lady had large ears I told
her I knew she was generous."
"Great hobos! And did she give you
"Yep, she gave me a piece of her
mind. Den she said her husband had
big ears' also."
"Dat's de limit. And did he give
you anything?"1
"Sure! Ho turned out to be a judge
and gave me 30 days."
Battle with Ferocious Rati.
In a battle with rats, Abraham
Hunsberger, ot this place, killed 28
which had atacked him,' while as many
more escaped. When the fight began
he struck at one huge gray rat with
the hoe; the animal squealed, and in
an instant the loft was full of rats,
which attacked Hunsberger, grabbing
at his legs and tearing his trousers
with their sharp teeth, others jumping
on his back and snapping at him.
Hunsberger dropped the hoe, fright
ened, and endeavored to get out of the
loft through a trap door. The door
had "caught," and, finding he- could
not get It open, he again grabbed the
hoe, and, with part ot the handle as a
weapon, fought the Infuriated little
animals. Lansdale (Pa.) Dispatch to
Philadelphia Record.
Macaroni Wheat.
The quantity of durum or macaroni
wheat exported from Atlantic and
Gulf ports from July 1, 1906, to March
15, 1907, was 14,358,671 bushels, or
nearly twice as much as in the same
period of 1905-'06. Most of It is
bought by the countries along the
Mediterranean sea, but shipments to
3reat Britain, Havre, Antwerp, Rotter
dam, Hamburg and Bremen constitute
an important part of the total about
Dne-third. Italy Is the chief buyer
(6,208,095 bushels) followed by France
(2,803,518 bushels) and Germany (1,
107,116 bushels).
A Telephone Rebuke.
"Some one ought to publish a book
m telephone etiquette," said the so
ilety matron at a recent dinner, "for
most people seem to be totally devoid
) manners over the 'phone. I have
iound a way, however, to punish those
who think it is your fault when cen
tral gives them the wrong number.
Whenever they get angry and become
Jiscourteous, I simply Inform them
that they have got 'The Morgue.' The
Uttlo catch of their breath as they
beg central to give them the right
num!:er Is as good as music to me."
Horses for Servian Royalty.
To the long list of valuable animals
ahlch have passed as gifts from one
monarch to another must now bo add
ed two of the finest horses owned by
the sultan. These have been chosen
as presents to King Peter and the
Crown Prince George of Servia. Every
precaution Is being taken to insure
the safe transport of the animals.
Elaborate preparations are being
made for their care, and one of the
sultan's officers will superintend the
four grooms in charge of their deliv
ery to King Peter's stables.
A Water Clock.
One of the most curious clocks In
the world Is said to be that which tells
the time to the Inhabitants of a little
American backwoods, town. The ma
chinery, which is nothing but a face,
hands and lever. Is connected with a
geyser which shoots out an immense
column of hot water every 38 seconds.
This spouting never varies to the tenth
of a second. Every time the water
apouts up it strikes the lever and
moves the hands forward 38 seconds.
Women at Johns Hopkins.
Johns Hopkins university will hence
forth admit women as students and
after the same manner that the Ger
man universities adopted. Each pro
Jessor may admit women to his classes
f he chooses and the Baltimore paperr
are confident the professors are ready
to welcome women students. This
change of attitude is said to be the
work of President Ira Remscn.
From the Odor.
Gunner How do you like that cigar,
)ld man? You see, my wife bought me
1 box the other day. I think It is
called the "Samson."
Guyer Whew!
Gunnei- What's the trouble? I
guess it is called the Samson because
it is so strong.
Guyer Hm! I thought perhaps It
had Samson's hair in It
May Be Used Again.
Among the most valued possessions
in Antrim castle, where the beautiful
Vls-countess Massereene and Ferrard
is the chatelaine, are the mace and
the speaker's chair of the old Irrah
house of commons, which may come
into use again if the British liberal
government carries through It)
scheme to give Ireland her own pan
liament again.
A Terrible Indictment
' The modern girl Is a sphinx; a hp
brld kind of creature who dislikes chll
dren, talks an Incomprehensible lan
guage, mostly composed of slang
terms picked up goodness knows
how and where, and look upon femin
ine, graces as to use bet own "ele
gant" tejra "tomtay rot' Corre.
ponden writing in the Throne.' '
t. ;..'.?, i ;. -GO TO THE ; :
Sporting Goods,
Soda. Fountain Soon.
r rv
timdrron uriig ana Maiionery to.
S. P. OFFICER, Manager.
BICKMORE'S GALL CURE, arrant atlsfacto
Cure for Galls, Wounds, and Sores opon animals
::! e.4.ee4.i
Ira Duckworth.
The Oxford Hotel, Bar and Gafe !
Wholesale Dealers in
General Agents
Fine Baths and Rooms
in connection.
Electric Lights aud Fur
1 nuco Heat.
I FineWines,Lquors and Cigars
Í Everything Strictly First-Class.
Wonder Trading Co.
Fancy Groceries and Fruits,
Meat send Vegetable Market,
Ice Cream, Tobaccos,
Confectionery and Lunch
The Lobby Saloon
....Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Billiard....
Room in Connection.
Short Order Cafe Open Day and Night
o Capital Paid Up - - $30.000
C. N. Blackweli., President S. Floebsiieim, Vice-President
D. J. Dkvine, Cashier
O W OiLtEspiB M. M. Salazar R. E. Alldbbdob
Successors to Littrcll & Livingston. ?
! fine Wines, Liquors, Cigars, etc. !
' : '
Rootná 6. and 7, Roth Blook
Drugs'and Sundries, t
Toilet Articles. ?
Cigars and Candies, $
1 r a ji r i
VVm. M. Marling.
MARLiNO, Proprietors.
Malt Liquors,
St. Louis, ABC Beer
European Plan !
EE bcllG
BRACKET!", Props.
Jl 8. MEYER, . : ' : ' ' : '
! Rooms and Róth Block., Rate-jj
4- Q tt if
; ) '.

Cimarrón N, M.

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