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We Have Just Received a Car of
Fort Smith Wag
Which we have had made es
pecially with a view to the re
auirements of this country.
Where experience has shown
other wagons to be weak we
have had these strengthend,
and that without increasing the
There is no better wagon
made than the Fort Smith, and
we guarantee them absolutely
in every respect.
Cimarron, N. M.
PHONE 86 O. COOK. Proprietor
" Katered M eecoad ! natter ay
tember 3, 1910, at too post olBre at
'mint mu, N. M., under tfc Act of
March S, lo7."
PANT. mo.. PabUakar
JA. Mo VST, Editor-Manager.
CITY orricnua.
Mayor, W. B. HiekniBD,
Clora, T. 11. Alpera,
1 leJenc Whitney,
C. K Ban,
John Livingston,
Nareiae Martinoa.
" i
1 church .pirn. bank and emporium Tha
trouble iv perhaos. thai New Manico rliil
not hare lair warning ihat Mich a rlitin
I gniehed parsonage aa Mr Stat house was
I about to launch liimMill mm uur aatoniah-
e1 iniclKi. No band mal him at tha cta
I tinn. and hi scope nf inpoction being
: limited bv the rlnaty pane of a I'nllmat.
wimlow. with no guttle to how him the
flight, it is alter all not surprising that he
missed a few things
To be quite frank, we aie saying all this
limply lo lie able to send a markad copy
back tn Mi. Stackhouse and the newnpap
I er of probably extended Hrrclation in
which he published broadcast to the pro
, vincial easterners hi remarkably bilious
statement as to New Meiico. It is quita
i likely that such nightmares as that of Mr.
Slackhonse might have a deterrent eflert
on some nf the more intelligent natives of
tha ('atsxi)ls who have found out that there
on by other who "toil not, neither do they
spin," and it ain't always tha man who
stay at home yaar in and year out, and
keep hi nose to the grindstone constantly
who really enjoys that kind of a life, may
be doing it because soma sponge is taking
a vacation at hi expense.
It ain't always the candidate who makes
the Inaxieet professions of fidelity who
makes the best official and it ain't always I
the man with the ultra sanctimonious look
that leads the model Christian life and it
ain't always the fart that tha man J who
slaps you the hardest on the been and ha
the airiest way of borrowing a dollar that
pay it haca the quickest.
It ain't always the husband who call
hi wife "Oaar" while in company who is
the kindest in private nd it aiirt alway the
map who lets his wile run hi business
provides for her the bet living ll ain't
always the case that the wile who nag at
That Grouch
William R. Starkhoue of that dear
Utica, N. V,. recently returned to his
home city with about as dark a picture of
the territory of New Mexico as one could
plant. After careful consideration of the
two column of grief republished in the
Morning Journal from the I'tica "HeraH
l)ipatch" yesterday we must admit Ihat
the latp liante who depicted the intern.. I
regions had nothing at all on Mr Stack
house. All Mr Stackhouse saw was a
"vast dead world" of unutterable desola
tion, with no vegetation ave greaaewood
and age brush, the lormer ol whirh, he
understood, hail some commercial value,
the root being good lor luel. Mr. Stack
houe found the high altitude ' decidedly
unpleasant." he had to wait hall an hour
(while the waiter bodes! his eggs; the In
dian village remindeil him of poultry
houses: the Utica man was disappointed
is such a placa as New Mexico and have ' her husband gel har jus' deserts, for he
been seeking further information with per-1 mav be willing to put up with it for the
haps a view oi coming out and seeing for sake ol peace, and it ain't very of
themselves. Tha bureau of immigration ten that the husband who allows his wife
has been doing more oi less advertising relations to camp on him really enjoys hav
1 of New Mexico's resources in New Vorx I ina the earning nf his labor ta Ken away
state in an attempt tn educate the be
nighted inhabitants of that hidebound tac
tion and there will undoubtedly be a seri
ous conflict between these ai'vertimments
and that of Mr. Stackhouse
As to the eggs that took hall an hour to
boil we do not blamaany New Mexico egg
Ihat would refuse lo boil for such a rnn
tirmed and hopeless grouch Albupuerque
Who it Ain't
''It ain't the man who i the most wil-.
ling In sit up late and hold your hand, but
the man who is willing lo get up early and
go tn wnrk tn earn you a living, who will
make you the best hushant." says an edito- I
rial writer in one of the current magatines.
We also want to add ihat there ara a lot
ol other men, and other things, who Hhould
also be enumerated among the list of those
rTrTTT """iriiTT"l""T"l"I" T TTTTTTTX TTr T r T .
We carry a full Hue of
Coffins, Caskets and
Funeral Supplies
J, C. Horrison, Licensed Lmbalmer and Fu
neral Director, Telephone or wire
because "wherever we passed we aroused . ,n
no excitement." He saw little water, nev- ' ,h K'T wb" 'y to be seen
er applied externally and internally only j on the down town streets just about meal
a a "chaser." The only use that New I "me- r s"1 wo mmner nave i
Mexico might lie. according to this weep- a" the tun of getting breakfast, or the girl.
km prophet from N yawlc would be to caU 1 wh. in H the fact that her mother
hardened sinners to repentance by giving ring old made over clothes, is always
them an arthly viewof Hades. dressed up in "classy style, or the girl
who spends two-thirds of her lime al the
phone talking lo some equally silly boy
who is going to make the best wife.
It aln I the man wh
from him in that manner, he may do it un
der piotesi, you Know.
It ain't always the town which has the
best natural resources that succeeds, for '
the people of the town is not progressive
the town i soon noted for the great degree
ol its ain'tness, it ain't alway the ciliten
who talks the loudest for improvement
that dnnate the most monev to be used in
improving the rily and ain't alway the
man who shed the most ympathetic tears
whose pocket bleed too, when a genuine
case of distress is located.
It ain't the loudest shouter in church
who is always the best church worker and
it ajb'l always Iba woman who peddles the
most gossip whohas the best private char
acter and it ain't always the man who brags
on his honesty who can lie most trusted
and it aiot a whole darn lot ol russ word
which lend the most beauty to conversa
tion ami it ain't always the loudest prayer
which gels answered brat.
I When it comes to trying to enumerate
i the "ain'ts" there is a vast field ol labor,
j we all fall abort in at least a lew particulars
1 Durangn Herald.
It Pays to Advertise in The Cimarron News
Well, ara are sorry lor Mr. Stackhouse
Perhaps if he had drank more water and
had less need of chasers he tuM have
seen something of the beauties ami riches
of New Mexico; her vast forests, her snow-
rapped peaks, her
streams, her great
bloom-ng orchards, her bright, attractive,
modern cities, her big factories, her great
herd of cattle and sheep and horse, her
hundreds of miles of irrigation canals, her
immense grating areas, her automobiles
and street cars and handsome buildings,
her deep mines, yearly producing millions
in metale and coal. Had he not been so
chagrined because the Indian heeded not
his august arrival he mfght have seen
some of our healthful school buildings, our
wear the latest cut
ol trousers and who parts his hair in the
loaning mountain I middle, or the hoy who hang around the
green valleys, har I saloon, or the young man who spends the
most money for rand, or the youth who
lays around home and lives oft ol his par
ens, that is a sure bet in Ihe lottery ol
It ain't always the fart that the man
who wears old wrinkled clothe when he
goes lo his work is so lar behind the limes !
and regardless of his appearance, it may !
be that he would like tn look neal and .
earns moni) enough in keep himalf so if
it were nol lor tha fact that he is iaspsed
The two-cent passenger rale in Okla
homa uas declared rnnriscHiory and was
held invalid by a decision of the United
Stales circuit court of appeirlsat St. I.nuis.
The unanimous opinion nf the court re
strain the members nf the corporation
commission nf Oklahoma and the attorney
general of that state from enforcing the
provisions nf the Oklahnma constitution
ordering the maximum passenger tare of
two cents a mile and reducing freight
rates on interstate transit. The opinion,
which was written by Presiding Jiulgn
Sanborn, declares that the evidence shows
that the reductions would not allnw a fair
return on investment, anil declares thai
Ihe provision in the constitution of Okla
homa, giving the commission mwer to fix
the rales is in conflict with the constitu
tion ol the I'niled States. State Democrat.
Large Sanitary Rooms
Hot and Cold Water
Open Day and Night
Bar and Barber Shop in Building
Notary Public, Real Estate, Rentals and Insurance
If yu an; interested in Cimarron Property, or farm
lamls, call or write nit'.
Why deprive yourself tha
pleasure of having a beautiful
Piano In your bom whan you
can buy a Bteinway. A. B.
Chase, Everett, Kurtxnuun,
Starch, Hubert M. Copio, Mat
other good manes from as on
our easy payment plan. Coma
ni and let ua explain out Easy
Payment Plan.
v4 AF
or THE
Cimarron lley.
The Soulhe&tern Pmr of
Colfax Lounty.NewMexioo.
TIM ilghlanii af this vaat aran, aerara with timbar, aiaa, sorucs and Or Mad it la estimated that it will tans twenty
yean to cut it out with ail tha war king fore that caa be placad on it. Tha forttle valleys around Giaurroa produra
in ahnodtatri ouaaf beets, all If a, wheat, o sis, borlo?, rye and fruiU aad vsaatablos acclimated to the tomporpto aoao.
Than la a vast area of oslaeril ado ronrtalalag coal, goad, tUvor, copper, load aad Iroa.
Colfax county is taa richest cotu y la the United States in point of natural fssourooa coataiaiaf 1000 square aulas
of oaal land, 1000 sa. tiara pj0a H 'bar land, 1,150,000 aereo of (raalna land. SOflOOO aeree of farauac land wltotwo
aero foot of or all able flood er for each acra. 100,000 acras of mineral land soatainlaf laid, stiver, tapper, load
aad trap.
All farmlaa loads aad mlaoroi lands aad most of taa coal. Urn ser aad craaiaa lacas oro ta the datar rea Val y
Following is a communication from M. M. CHASE, of Cimarron
which should be convincing proof that the Cimarron country is the
apple region of the southwest. Mr. Chase is now gathering a
thirty to forty car load 1910 crop:
Cimarron, N. M., March 16, 1010.
Mexico Bureau of Immigration,
The results of fruit growing in Colfax, county out of an experience of nearly forty
years, have demonstrated beyond any question that this is as good a fruit country as any of the
famous fruit growing districts of Colorado or the northwest, and that it has some advantages
over any of them. The late frosts after the fruit is in blossom, are not so frequent nor of such
long duration as in Colorado, thus lessening the cost of smudging and decreasing the percent
age of failures. Those insects and parasites which make fruit growing so uncertain and ex
pensive in many localities do not exist here and so far, spraying has nut been necessary.
Our fruits arc of exceptionally fine flavor and have splendid keeping qualities, the ap
ples particularly are well colored, thin skinned, crisp and juicy. The crops are as certain aa
in any locality where fruit of the highest quality is grown. In most ol the orchards of the
county there have been but few failures from any cause, and in my orchard but one failure in
thirty three years. The trees grow very rapidly under irrigation in this rich soil and come
into bearing early. The older trees have remarkably smooth, clear bark and continue to pro
duce abundant fruit of highest quality.
Altitude, climatic conditions and soil all seem perfectly adapted to fruit growing. Do
not understand me as saying that perfect crops can be grown without labor and attention. The
orchard land should be thoroughly plowed and irrigated at proper intervals. The trees should
be pruned at the right time and in the right way. After the fruit is gathered the ground should
be given a good plowing leaving it rough. It then should be irrigated and laid by for the win
ter. By this means the ground will freeze to a greater depth thus retarding the early budding
in the spring. The life of an apple tree in this locality depends largely upon the use of pruning
tools. Iet the orchardist properly prune his trees, removing each year the old branches which
have done their work and allowing new shoots to take their place and it will prolong the pro
ductive life to the tree for years.
I moved to this country in 1866, and started fruit growing in a small way on my present
ranch three miles north of Cimarron, in 1872, when I set out a small orchard of apples, pears,
plums, cherries and berries. I have added to it from time to time until I now have an orchard
of 65 acres. The orchard began bearing in 1875 76, and I have had but one complete failure
of a crop from that time to this. Prior to 1907 I had no loss worth mentioning from any cause.
It has never been necessary for me to spray or use any preventive against insects. I can say
that I have never found what is known as a wormy apple in my orchard. In my judgment
there is no better paying crop to be grown in Colfax county than the fruit which I have men
tioned, provided the fruit growers will give his land and his trees careful attention. I will say
further that apples, pears, plums, cherries and the small fruits will do as well here as in any
other place in the Rocky Mountain region.
Yours very truly,
M. M. CHASE, Cimarron, N. M.
For further information about apples or any of the other many resources of the Cimni
ron country write

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