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fax. (--7-".
Leading Brands Wines,
Uquor and Cigars
stjinnr brook
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In the Beautiful
Do you want to own a bob ia on
of the moat beentiful tad fertile Val
laya ia tba Bockieaf Do yon want to
iaveet ia good land while it ia cheap
aad participate ia the profits that el
waya follow the development of a new
eeetioa of the country Than juet
address u a postal for information, or
call aad aee ua.
We have investigated the poaeibili
tiaa of aloieou Valloy folly We did
not place oor oiouey there blindly but
we realize the great posaibilttiu latent
la that Valley. When good laud wit i
sufficient oioiiture ie cut into email
tracta aod farmed, it rnereaae In valve
rapidly, aa the farmer ia the man who
demuéstrate te the world what a new
couatry will prodaoe. We are celling
our land! te Moreno Valley ia email
tract to farmer and to people we x
pert ta have It fanned. Now te the
time te parcho and participate in the
progi. ae we aspect to eel I it rapidly.
When ieople begaa to farm ia the
Moreno Valley
Oreely dietrtet of Colorado, land they
were considered worthier, oow they
ell far Í250 to g4U0 per aure for pota
to land. Whyf pimply because it has
been cut into small tracts and develop
ed. Moreno Valley baa provea that it
will grow aa good potatoes aa the dree
ley district aadur proper tillage aad
eare. If it grew only fctb as much,
eon aider how valuable your land will
be. The price of tend ie gauged by
what it produce.
We are presen tiny to you aa oppor
tunity to mako a valuable investment
for yourself, or a good home for year
family at a smelt outlay. The men who
besitateo and aaver acts will always
be wage earner.
It will cost you aotbiug to investí
We are starting theae lands at gEO
per acre.
We will sail you the land on monthly
payment or annuel payments from ua
to Ave yeara at U per ceut on deferred
Land Company
Editor Somewhat Mixed.
A Rhuofcumohae editor, who was tall of
hard cider, got a sate bid sod a marriage
1 mtaore eaye aw oavnam Tne wmKfmm
ran as follows: "William Smith, the
only sop of Mr. aad Mrs Jewish Smith,
waa disposed of at public suction to Lucy
Anderson, on my farm one mile east of
here, in the presence of 70 guests, includ
ing the following to-wit: Two malee, is
head of cattle. Rev. Jackson tied the
nuptial knot.averaging 2250 pounds on the
hoof tba home of this charming bride waa
tastefully decorated with sowash clam
spsde. one sulky rake, one feed grinder.
one set of double harnees, nearly new, and
j list before the cermony was pronounced
Mendelesoohn's inspiring wedding march
waa given by one milch cow to be fresh
next April, carrying a bunch of Powers in
her hand aad loosing charming in a gown
made of light springwaftn. three boxes
of apples, three racks of hsy. one grind
stone, mousline de sote, trimmed with about
too bushels of spuds.
"The bridegroom is well known aad a
popular young man, and has always stood
well among society circles of 1 Berkshire
hogs, while the bride is an sccomplisned
and talented school teacher ol splendid
drove ol Poland Chinas pedigrees if de
sired. "Among the beautiful presents were two
sets of silver knives and forks, spring har
row, ooe wheelbarrow, ocart and other
snides too numerous to mention. The
bridal couple lett yesterday oa an exten
ded trip. Terms- Twelve months' time
to responsible parlies, otherwise spot
cash. Will be nerved at tre -.table. After
this, Mr and Mrs. Smith will go to house
; keeping in a coxy little home at the cor
I nor ol Mail and Dr. R. I-. Cranby, auc
Talking Too Huch.
He talked too much when he went to
woo, and the maiden turned him down;
she wrung her hands and she cried out
"Shoo1" and she wore a gloomy frown.
I or girls are human, as all men know
wherever the girls may roam: they don't
like alocas whose jawbones go and clack
till the cows come home. He talaed too
much whan he went to work, and speedily
be was fired; the merchant said: "You're
the blamedes' clerkl You make all my
patrons tired. For folks don't come to a
merchant's store for bargains in noise and
wind; so chase yourself from my humble
door and let all your talk be tinned '' He
talked too much on the village street, and
his thoughts were always stale; he wiled
too mach where the sages meet, and he
talked too much in jail. He talked to the
chimney sweep, be talked, talked all the
livelong day. and talked when he was
asleep. And now on the poorhouse path
he wends, and lingers for me and you; for
we'll never put up assy grass, my friends,
if talking is all we do. Walt Mason.
Young Sargent Killed.
Talbot Sargent, an unmarried young
man who has been working on the ranch
of W. H, Smith 00 Johnson's Mess, was
found last evening between 5 and 6 o'clock
lying upon the ground near the Smith cab
in in an unconscious condition. A doctor
was immediately summoned from the
city and everything done to revive the in
jured man bnt to 00 effect, death occur
lag at 1 1 o'clock this morning. All evi
dence points to the fact that the young
man was thrown from a horse upon his
head sometime during Saturday evening
and that he had laid out on the prairie all
night and all next day until Sunday even
ing whan he was accidentally discovered
bv .omaon going m the Smith cabin.
The exposure to the freezing night air.
combined with the shock from the wound
on the skull, was such as to make all ef
forts of medical skill futile. Katon Range
The Matter With
The Range
The disease ol the Raton Daily Ksnge
has sot yat beau diagnosed, but tbe symp
toms seem to be across between elophanli
asts and St. Vitus dance, afflictions which
are very apt to harass infant journals, but
which sedoni prove latal. New Mexican.
Guilty on both counts, but Iba New Max
kltoul4 learn su spell thaea big words bo
ioce sriatiqg them. A a Enlarged bead I
1 1 not so bad as when swelling gets into
' tba pedals, thereby causing slow and labor
I sous locomotion evident in lis gait of the
I New Mas. St. Vitus daaca means energy
of movement and we ve got it drilled down
1 to dance to a system aad make a few oth
ers dance, too. Do not worry about our
youth. Just watch our "movements" while
i we grow. Haton Range
Advertising Churches
Tbia i the era of publicity. That ad
vertising pays in tbe church aa in sacular
affairs, is sat forth in a Cambridge, Mass.,
dispatch to tba New York World, as ' fol
lows; The Kav. Dr. Christian t. Keisoer, pas
tor of Grace Methodist church. New York,
advocated tbe employment f advertising
by liuicbes, at tbe annual New England
conference of tbe Methodist church, held
bare today.
"Advertise your church in the news
papers ail heap in touch with newspaper
man." be said.
"Or. Keisner gave illustrations of bow
he advertised hi church services on bill
boards, ia newspapers, in street cars aad
by moans of circulars.
I " 'It is a groat miatak.' be continued.
1 lor clergy men to kaep aloof from oowepa-
, paraxon aad rafean to bo inimwio. 0.
I Why. everybody read th newspapers, and
I if you want to got your interests before the
public, you must advertise ia this import
i ant agency. They will always treat you ;
' fairly if you give there reason (or doing so.
Why, 1 never could get a congregation
I z
1 z
I !
1 sand them weakly every item of news
in my church and then they can pick oat
what they want to publish. Yod must aee
business methods in the churchee today.
sr basis ram will always
A wide awske church will do
the same.
"Advertise your church and yon compel
the people to come in If I had money I
would put a display ad in the paper every
week, and tell the people what I was try
ing to dn tar religion in my neighborhood
A Little Quiet.
Is it just "a little quiet" in your
town now? Is business just a
"trifle slowi" II it is, the thing
for you to do is not to sit down
and wait for times to get better;
go to work instead. I) you can't
sell more canned goods, spring
bonnets and hardware than you
dfrJ last year, don't go around tell
ing everybody. Emulate the pa
per in your community and look on
the bright side. Advertise what
you have on hand that is season
able. Aid anything in the line of
a public enterprise that is before
your community. Talk optimis
tically to your friends and neigh
bors and help stiffen their desire
to do things and improve your
home town, Cities, towns and
communities directly reflect the
kind of people who go to make
them up. If things are not com
ing just right, get out and work a
little harder. If you have a com
mercial club or a board ol trade,
be a member; don't just pay your
dues and leave the balance to the
others. Attend the meetings and
help your friends, your competí
tors and your enemies, if you have
any, boost the town and its enter
prises. The agricultural and livestock
season is all right; the outlook is
excellent in all lines, on a general
If things are going wrong in any
particular town, look, to the cause
of a committee 'to set it right.
These are vital days in New
Mexico. The future is assured
and those cities, towns and com
munities that wide-awake citizens
god business men are goinir to ad
vance tbe most and prosper are
the places that have live men, who
are not afraid to look the devel in
the face and deal with him accord
ingly. Very few communities just grow
because they cannot help it. A
few big cities just bappned hut
most of them were made. What
is true of metropolis is true ol the
village. If you dont always want
to live in a village, don't move to a
city; build one.
Putting water on tbe land ig what
reclaims the desert; putting the
energy and enterprise into a com
munity is what makes the city.
It things a "little quiet' start
something. Albuquerque Herald.
All trespassing in the W. 8. Pasture
in Colfax county, whether for the pur
pose of hunting, flsxiag, pulling wild
fruit, or cutting fit wood, or for any
! purpose whatsoever, without leave, is
strletljr prohibited, and all trespassers
I will be prosecuted tu tbe full eateat ol
I the law.
(rtijjued) WILLIAM FRKNCH,
for W 8. Laud Cattle Co.
Kl traspasar ilaatro del pasteo del W.
&. en el Cemladu de Colfax cou la ml"
Je eaaa, penu, reeoger fruta ilvatce
eortar madera seca o pata ruaiesqtiie
otro In sin permiso, se prohibe estriet
monte y aquellos que at tiuapaaai eu s
run prraeeutados al llano de la ley.
(Firmado' WILLIAM t'BKNCH,
Por la Cuuipania de Beee del W
Colfax County.
New Mexico.
The Man Who
Ufe Them.
While they last we offer our entire stock of
Ladies Tailored Suits
or Trimmed Hats
at absolute cost.
We also have a fine line of
Hart Schaf f ner and Marx Suits
for men that we are offering at greatly re
duced prices
Call and be convinced.
Crocker Mercantile Co.
Fully modern, rates $2.50 a day, special
rates to regular boarders, close
to business center
First Class Service Guaranteed
With scissors sharp and razors keen,
I lather you well and shave you clean.
My shop is neat and mv water hot,
And you will always and "Old Fat" 00 the spot
Courteous Attention Given Customers
37 acre, all under fence, been cultivated three years.
acres of alfalfa, lays fine for irrigation, mala part of house-
10x30, story and one-half high, with u 12S34, making 6
bouse, barn 16x26. Pilca $80 par aera.
Fire, Accident. Plate Glass
Your Choice!
Koehler Domestic
Lump Coal, per ton
Preston Fancy Nut tíjC fifí
Coal, per ton yO.XJxJ
We guarantee the Preston Coal to
be the "Best in the Whole World"
i Cimarron Lumber Company
in the
I newspapers on my sida.
, mr New York church did 1 not get the

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