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N- 51
Hew the Annexation Sentiment Tins
Bn Gradually Supplants by
l - rt . ..... I
a Greater Ambition.
Tnty rears ago, says Cy 'Warmer-'
la Lwlle'e Monthly, 20 per cent, of tho
people f Canada would have welcomed
bum i mi .oxation of the dominion to the
uixii. states. Ten years ficn nnlv Inn
Mr cant P a. : .
w one ever mention, ih-.'v..,,..,' .
Twenty years ago only a few dream-
re dreamed of the republic of Oannrta
Ten year later ten per cent, of ttta
Poople were in favor of It, and to-dai
out of every 100 Canadians would
welcome the news that Canada bail
HMl Off ho il.i n,..
Ka 1 . . . . . . .
.-". moh moorB uer t:
wfmwtimb ana nad blossomed nm
as a nation.
The relations between the -poop), of
tho United States and the poop's of
-u.uS win grow more frlondlv and
kasant as the years go by, because of
fhA Orhnloaala - ...
, , rwayping or citizens now
going on. Millions of Cans.diars have
gone to tho states, and in the next dec
ade ftttltons of Americans will have
eroeeed In j Canada. We shall like ttch
other bott- r as we see each other more
for we North Americans are the r.co
J1 all of us.
One of the Best Exercisea Looking to
. Thia Bad as Practiced
In Japan.
' It Is very necessary to possess stiftl
eteat development of the muscles of tho
leg, -writes H. Irving Hancock, in Bt.
Nicholas. One of the best exercises
looking to this end la accomplished as
follows: Stand erect, with feet ipreu
apart and arms hanging limply at C
aides. Bond downward to a squatt.'- ;
position, allowing the hands to touch
the floor, If possible. The squattli:j
position should be one In which the
atudent aa nearly as possible sits upon
the heels, but head and trim!; should
be erect or needy so. When this por
tion has boon taken, bring the arn.s
up horizontally forward, clasping the
.hands for a moment only. Next throw
the arms as far "backward as possible,
and r.s nearly horizontal an you can,
performing this last -ovemen't slowly.
Now slowly resume the hand-clasp,
and. Keeling the- hands In this po!ttno,
return iT.idunlly to a standing position,
Tlire of these exercises are enough for
the beifrnni.r. and in Japan the veteran
Jiu-jitsu rarely performs more than ten
tof them.
'The Chinese Now Sell Their Ancestral
Qrayea to Railway Makers
for Ten Shillings.
I Atvee'tral graves prove ono of the
most sfirious obstacles ln railway mak.
itw In China, and whenever possible ihe
tnffineara. have avoided them. Boma
times, t-ays tho Soglneartlif Magaalna,
worbitant prices are ilumandad for L. 'j
Mtnoval of an uncestor'n remains, but
tarough thu iafittwca of Chinese Inter
ested :n ibe rad way homethlng. like uni
form -y has been arrived at, and the av
erage price for a trave la taels four
(ebon' ten shillings).
Ti g Shui" riresenU another obfta
cle. : ba UteraJ ira elation of the term
la "v. Ind, water," but It la best explained
aa n tystem of g .omancy which rules
the ! .l!y action of the Chinese as a race
frou. .he setlin;? of a date for amarriage
oraf'.i'ieral to the lex ation of aclty. The
alte of eery ci:y, town or village haa
been fixed by r ximancai s after consult
ing ti e oracle.:; each community haa lis
guardian dragon or some such hypo
thetical monster, and woe buldt iho
Individual who proposes to cut It ln
two with tunnel or railway track.
7reooing Does Not End'But Only Sus-
ponds the Lives of the Tiny
'A naturalist once, after experlmento
In fieeilng Insects and finding ihai
laooe that had not laid their eggs nor
oompleted their natural term of life al
ways, revived, finally cut off the head
of a Ej and quickly rubjected the bodv
to a low torn par tore. To all appear-
ncB. says m, ixicnoias, it Oied.asnny i
decapMatud lly would have iionosoonr
or la er; but upon bringing It to the '
warmth, the body, much io his snrpritc,
revived and resumed itu struggles, untl j
It finally died from the effects of th.
knife. This shows to what extent tin- i
oold acts on Insect tissues They arc
olmply coagulnted. and life does not
cease, but Is Only suspended; for when
tbis eoa&ulailon ends, the vital energies
resume their normal conditions. If. j
however, an Insect has nearly completed I
Its natural term of life. It will be Ullkd
by freeing; it would continue to live
for a short time under favorable condl
tlous in any temperature. The life ot
moat adult Inaocto is at best exceeding-
o I eon Jton4!(fla Ml hetr., leg rep-
ntitlves r Hfdgri-:
Y.n are hereby noting that I, the
i 'derfnM, and the otlier partner of
'! claims herein mention, have ex-
'cn',ti cne hWWajS dollars during tbe
r,ir 1003 fn )'t"or ftDl Improvuieut
"Pon p;'ch we of tb following elalms,
at . in tha lied Kiver Mining Dis-
, ,i- i n IKr. jswino , . ," i ,..,., rr i
" " ' ' - '" rn-
' " ' d ,n th lowtlno Bertlfl.Ht.p
' ' ir,,rcord'i ln the mining records
' "f ,tlH nn'y of Taos and Territory of
"aittoj The Independent min-
l JaotatflB is recorded on November
IKJ loBoolci7, st Page HS, sid
ill lira bavin befin locate,! An.n.t on
" "
Ibl.: the tags! Tender mining lode
iv .inn, recorded October IB, 1886 In Book
17, at Ptge 103, said claim having bee;.
I Mated Aagpst 4, 189(1; the Kosa Linda
lining lode claim, recorded August 15
ls&7- ,n Kt W. at 12, said claim
i dvi.'ig been located June 2, 18b7. Ssld
. m not were expended during thasald
r for the purpise of holding said
claims under the provisions of section
2:3 M, revised statutes of the United
,;! tti i and ascendents thereto. And if
-vltiitn nlnty days after the service of
V r by publication, you fail or
. I .- :o contribute your portion ot
' 'IfMOdataire as co-owner, together
i i. cuohtof the publlcatiou of this
ti ice, vour Interest In tbis lone claim
.i baoome the? property of the nnder
iftH i, your co--wiie-.
Pl F.TKO Dm. Do-811.
I' ir . Public itlon orit 2i Wl)4.
. ., , i I,
-'v B nfldlDI bta beirs, legal rop-
h. MUtllVes 0( u"aig.iK
T. : jr.- haraby npt.fled that I, the
lorlfia;'d, and the other partner of
ltd claim herein mention, have ex-
i dad one hundred dollars during too
J on re 1903' ln labor Biid ImproYemoot
apoa tbe Vlrgiuia Lode mining olalm,
fit.iated Id the .Cibreeto Mlotng
D..itriot, ln the dimly of TaoB aud
lenttory of New Mezioe, anfl more
fully described In tbe location omtiOaato
viucb is recorded In the mmlng records
' the connty of Taos and Territory of
frW Mexico, on September 12, 1900, In
Buok J2 an Pace US, said claim having
i.e . j located August 20th l00. Bald
was axpendoa our! aatd -
ar, ror the purpose of hotdliw
the purpose Of haMinooMst
claim undur toe provialons of siwtloa
Dai, revised stututee of the United
States. nuieuduQtfBts thuretq. Aud If
i'.bin niuty days after tha aecvtna of
Ibis noilM by .publication, yon tailor
rejfaae to coutrlbutu your pottiou of
'in-h expenditure as co-4iwuer,togetber
' tiie cost of tbe publication of this
It,; vour interest in tbis lade olatm
will I iw etaa tbe property ( the anrior-
ci ibhr, your co-owner. 1
1'list 1'ublioaUon May 26, 1904.
Dr. King's
mf Bte&pvery
Wi .1j and
60c & $1.00
Frrs Trial.
:'. Oure for all
i-osfjTOR orrioa,
'or l And Euvolipss Kor
Uuiliug gaiuplei.
II V. Missouri Av.
Kansas Citi, Mutaouai.
en "O i
.3:av&r, Chemist and
. Metailurffist.
'7l Champa Street,
Official Directory.
H. s. Kod.iy DHegatgM Goagitiw.
M. A. Otero OfifatlUaT.
J. W. Uaynold Seeretnr)
A. L. Morrison Internal Revenue Col.
M O. Llewellyn" Surveyor Ooaaaal.
W. U. (aiildera (J. 3. District. Attoaey
C M. Poraker V. 8. Marshal.
M.U. Otero KUrgisterLand OtBoe.
Kred Muiler lieeel ver L,aod Office.
K L Burtlett S .licitor Ottaeral.
J. II. Vaughn Treaaur.
J. F. Clbave Bup't Public Instruction .
W. U. arent Auditor.
John R. McPle Distrlc Judfe.
E. C Abbott Mktr tot Alton-?.-
TA08 OOCN : T.
Hljinb Hi.tnero j
At;x. (iumbmf l if tnigldanllaloil
Mauuel t liaoon )
Ramon Sanehea Treasurrer.
Tumoti M. y Oonaales Rnaorder
Antonio B. I'rujillo SUp't of Bohool.
Lncss D.juilnguea Probate Judge.
Adolfo H ui?.l - i. ifsseaaor
raastin Trujlllo Sheriff,
There it but Mttlv douljt but
what B. S. Rodey will aucceod
iiimselt'' ae delegate roit.. New
Jerry SimpaoB, SMCkless 6late
m.iu of iiiuiaM but Ulttly of Rqi,
well want? tho Democratic nomi-
.(inn , ...
from Now Mexico.
Both of tho leading parties have
nominated good men but remember
when the rotes sr.. conn ted ItrSil.
- - - -.'
show that the successful candidates I
are Jioosevelt and Fairbatrks. The
people in general are well oatialied
nith Teddy.
V. J. Bryan haa announced his
jjlan for the capture of the Demo
cratic organization in 190. Hit
prwrsui uHWHuei ovaio uwuersiiio
r n y j
of railroads, government owner-;
ship of telegraphs, an income tax;
r 0 r
and the election of federal judges I
President Kooskvelt.
by the people. The money gRPf-L h,T,DK ham elf)Bwhare
Hon, he declares is for the present ' aak bim to repeat. He does all
in abeyance. Bx, 'B amid striotly Zuni en?iron-
- ment and without the slightest nso
We expended for war purposes of apparatus covered tables, assist
in tho year 100i), oVH8,699.5U0, as taota or parapharuu'iH of any kind.
against Great BrittlO l slU,600,-
000, a difference of ouly S'JC.OOO.OOO
tu our favor
Kir navy we spent
$82,618,03-1 as against Great Brit-
ain'a flO'l.l'io.OOO, a dillorenco iu 1
onr favor of a little more than
'.J0,000,0'X). Onr total was 1
is")l,237,551 as against Groat
Britain's total of 328,000.000.
A great battle Las buen going
on in Manchuria for a number of
days and the latest account is to
theetfect that if the Jans win, that
the Ktisatuus will auo for peace;
and from the latest die patches from
the sent of war, the Jujis Hro slow
ly but surely forcing their etiimies
from each stronghold. Tha Kits-
liau empire doe not look M form-
tkbhs a aim did ayeur ao I
k&m fnmi For foh
Their Myatic Ceremoniala Amonjf
Tha Cliff D.vellra at tbo
World's Fair at St.
Looia, (J. 8. A.
The leas eivilliaod people-, the
mora material are the wants which
they implore their doilies to sup
ply. Rain, rain, rain on the parch
ed fields of Mokiland li the for-off
Painted Desert erf tho ColoraJo- in
Arrizona in, at this time of the yr
the supplication that is wafted
heavenward by tha Moki an1 ytu
ni priest chsaoata.aal of the ancient,
now tota-lly extinct Cliff DwellerH
The Snake Dance, really the Rain
Dance of the miracle-working Zn
ni priests and medicine men has
become ftmous throihout the
Mesa-Land of Unknown West. This
8nake Dance, in all its native wiz
ardy is being repeated several
times daily Sundays alono execpted
at the ClifT Dwellers Concession at
the World's only greatest Fair In
St. Louis. Twenty lithe-limbed
medicine mon, twenty forbidding-'
ly caparisoned priests, an entire'
Indian orchestra of ton ton bnaten
and a full choir of Zuni incanta
tion chanters No such sponic, vo
cal or instrumental invnalitiirw
slnetly native and aboriginal, ha
avor before hesn seen at any,
World's Fair or public exhibition
of any kind. Tha Cliff Dweller
Concession was ih first organiza
tion at 8t Louis to grasp lh p'B
ibilitiea of the theatrical aa well as
th educational side of each a dis
play and, their theatre Moki id the
mirlsk of their tmmlsonve and cons-pleti-
exhibit lig daily aud uihtl
throDgod by ihoiisHiidH of tofersMt'
ed ami diverted spectators inchul
i itig all sqrts of OOOdiHoU of men.
The strange part of attendance it:
fouii-1 in the t;rosnc at. ell time
'of Indians from tho Unitesl
, Government apd other exhibits,
dawn thither by the fatuo and
uu u- . i
wonderful Shnngopavi, ehtef of tbe
Moki medicine roea but greater
than that a nocronancer. miracle-
. a
wwinni nun Bieiui in n u 1 1 J
pot for-
mer abaolntely the best among the
North American Indians yet
brought within tho cquflnes of oiv
ilizaiton. The ordinary mounte
bank is abashed at the skill and
dexterity of this boo of tho Mesu
whoso keen eyes have a-fascination
all their own. All the passes,
palmings, and other exhibitions 0!
lii'Urrll-ln? urhilll frllrt lha.lr.. m A
thu books are full are known to tbis
strauge ,man who inrontg as ho
geB aloog tke neatest tricks !
. .; ,. . , ..
r mua uuPares
atantl all thn wbieli thu ruf
But the Cliff Dweller exhibit has
otbor groat features, It is first and
1 .4 ... I 1 I I .
luremoMi au siuu oli ch avnimr.
T. 1- .11 .u.
10 TT V WOOl Of t U mil IIS LJCil in UJ41 llllHn
,tlon of its projector, to afford
World's Fair visitors the follest
opportunity to stndy tbo manners.
..... .
eu,tu," trlbal relations of the
earth s Htrangeat people to what is
today the United States. Those
rr i ti , r . , .. , ,
.uui, Mokis and Pueblo direct do-
seeudanis of the famous, now ox
tiuct Cliff Dweller of tho Unknown
West have since time immemorial
beou a poacaful people. Slaughter
of or bv the whites is not iu their
records. They have lived an is
solated existence cultivating tho
arts of peaoo, rather than war and
thay are today the bett oxponants
of the Sue old adagu: Peace hath
her victorias no less reuowned thau
war". Their wava are centl ami
the elements so mixed in thorn that
Nature might rtfj up aud say to
mi the world: Theao are mn, Nat
urally wiih a people tho' aboriginal
B0 constituted, the care of woman
and cttildrea is of hrcl inaportabM.
It io- amiming to watch the Zuni
children, only yesterday on the
Ueaa and today in the metropolis
of the Mississippi Valley, rtispor'
themselves with til the ease ami
unconcern of their native state.
The. toothers hao iafiuite patienc
with their little ones, the young
stern are strong, supple, aiile and
sweetvoiced. Fear is not in tbetn.
They trust their elders and are
La'cst Mining Legal Mih
Mlninif Rfpnrtpr.
How Compensation May Be l)e.
terminar'. Where Other Claims Are
Included: In au action for fervioen
rendered, where the owner of Iwoj
'nininir claims agreed to pav '
-k-. - t i vi '
mother party for his Harriet ou ;
half of the proeeede of the r.! of
Ibatwo olalntB, but in She Bnlo ol
tuwao c anns wun otrier c'sims Ihel
interests were nut separately valued
evidence is admissible to show
that thy were treated in anch shle
as beinu1 of eirn 1 valne per acre,
and Out (he priee was baaed on
'he total acreage; and where It is
imjjOSi-iWe to detr-l mi n K.V...
proportion should be credited to
. , ' ' 1
.ue cinirns out or which such party
VHhtoby pnid, then h.i wonUl be
td.itled In receive one hxH of the
mtire proceeds of sale. (Tluff vk
Tsrdwiok (Cblo.), 75 Pac. Hep.
If They Stick the Petitions of the
7apaoese Worshiper WU1 Bo
One of tho most curious phases of
?7 i5 Jf - tho
iw "-o io eonKo is located an idol
about which centers one of tho most
'oulla wtwaMjM in the world. Upon
tne 9urtac of Uie statue are seen little
pieces of what appears to be dried paper.
If 'ou stand by the idol for awhile and
fcr a 7orahpeT to com a,0"e. you
I 11 wnat ,ne" b"s of paper are.
The devotee halts in front of the : ....
LUon oriooins a prayer on a bit of pa
per. The wad be thin chws up into a
Dan and hurls at the ifort. 1 it hits the
face and stlclcs pe. prayer Is sure to 1
answered, ant! .the pious pilgrim foes
away happy. ,ir the bull Sticks to some
portion of the body tbe omen I? rot
quite so propitious nni if it fi.l! to the
s1""1"1 tnere !s absolutely no hope.
buc'i a moue. ir prayer l even mor
curious than -the praying wheels of the
Buddhista, who-sct the wheel revolving
and riftl off prn.vrs by, machinery. As
John -L. Storfiiird. .the lecturer, says:
"Ono sees, of course, numberless strange
rites coniircteil with ieli'jori in travel-
Iehi t the world, bat Japan is the only
land I have ever visited where deides
.aerv as targets for maaticat-u prayers.
Russian TTaval Actions.
Russia can point to only two oc
casions ln modern history when her
shlpe were In action. One was the de
Btruttlqu .of the Turkish squadron at
Sinope. vtfien the number of vesselj
was .-h m. taonga the latter ware
r ready mferlor In size and armamen?.
The other occasion was in the Crimeau
war, when tbe Black sea fleet did Rus
sia excellent service, but hardly of the
l.i.,.l , c, 1 . 1 1 . r ,1 ........... . , , .1 I
ubu.hi unmonuou LUD cuius or
an imperial navy, when she sank her
. . . . , . .
, the entrance to Sebas to pol
f '""J0?1
At a recent examination of young
men in England, three of the answers
to the question. "What is thu Monroe
doctrine?" were: "The religion of
America taught by Dr Monroe on the
transmigration of souls." 'The doc-
trine that people may be married sev
eral times." "One that has to do with
vaccination and smallpox; it was
brought out by Prof. Monroe."
The Death Penalty,
A liMU shl.. ...,; u.
. " " -7 7""' nuiii-'
in death. Thus a mere BOraclti in-
aignific.liit rut or pony boils have
i.ui.l ib. ,1 ,,k .. " . .
pa,d the daath penalty. It wn-
to have Btlcklin's Ar-iica Salve av-
er bandy. Ij the biat calve oo
rl. ....1 -ill . a . ii
earth and will prevent fatality,
when Uurtis. Sorea, Uloera and
Piles threaten. Onlr 2Hc at F C i
-. . 7 1 - Y- . '
Russian Writer Foretold Dtsaatera
That Recently Befell Hie Coun
try's llavy at Port Arthur. (
One of the roost remarkable instance
of political prophecy that have come
to light in recent years Is reported by
Dr E. J. Dillon. A Russian named Lev
ltoff published recently at Hurt Arthur
a pamphlet urging that tho Russians
do everything possible to gain time and
that they withdraw the fleet aa an In
cumbaranca and depend upon their nu
merical superiority on land. With groat
clearness he pointed not tho perils of
meeting Japan on tbe sea.
"The Yellow Bosporus" (the Strait
ca? Corea) "is a trap Into which tho
Japs, at England's instigation are try
ing to entice us. So long aa we steer
clear of a sea fight," he continues, "the
command of the sea and tbe Anglo
Japanese alliance are not worth a
sucked eK. if we resolve to keep out
of an engagement on water and if we
are further prepared to do without our
fleet, not only by refusing to increase
it but by getting rid of it wholly and
.1lhfltlt rnjuirvo (linn Ihn T a n ,.,
trine Asia for Asiatics, becomes mean-
n18"" and we nTe a free field oo
wK1ch to continue our work of culture
tn that part of the glo5e-..
Vodka, the Muscovite Flrew
Nearly Three-Quo rti
Pure Alcohol.
Vodka is the popular Russian drink.
It is to the Muscovite what firewater
used to be to the aboriginal Indian. It
provides him with courage whsn all
else falls and he will fight to the death
for it. Thoro are eight vodka distll-
i'f" "fW F2t f Hartln' th
tecnter of Russian industrial and eotn-
mercial development ln Manchuria, and
the lnhabllants drink vast quantities
of the product. Forty-six thousiuid
men are In Harbin. At least 40,000
drink vodka. The daily consumption
is 3.000 gallons, or ab'iut three-fii'tbs of
a pint ench. That would make for ev
ery man about 'five good drams noth
ing at all but fur the fact that vodka
is about 143 i.roof; that is, ln each 100
gallon there are 72 gallons of pure
alcohol. Vodka is as strong as schll
vowitz, three drinks of which will
knock a man silly. For comparison,
most of the American whisky sold over
the bar is from 90 to 93 proof.
End of Differ Fight.
"Two physicians had a long ami
stubborn fight with an aLcess on
my right lung" writes . I .F. Hngl o
of DnPont, Ga. "and gave mo up,
Eferybody thonght iv time bad
come. As a last resort I Iried Dr.
King's New Discovery f'J Con
sumption. The benefit I received
was striking and I was on my feut
in a tew days. Now I've entirely
regained my health." It pompiers
all Catighs, Colds and Throat and
long troubles. Guaranteed bv V.
C. 8tevns. Price 50o and a?1.0O
Notice It hereby given, tint, hy vfrture of
an execution Ittued out at the Terri ory of
tb District Court of tb- First Jnnii ial Dis
trict of the Territory of Siw Koxiae- in
sod for the County of I -, upon judx
meot rsnderrd In naid Oost on November
7, IMS, io an action therein pending, num
bsred 6.")7, wbereln A. It.Manbv, A'nigree,
was plulctiff aud Benigno Arcbul.ta wee
defendant, and wl ieb said judKinviit was
rendered egainst laid defeodant acd in fa
vor of said plaintiff tor th mini of Three
Hundred end Thirty Dollars aid Fifty -it g
teats,, witb interest thereon from date T
judgmeot at ths rate of six nar ornt par
annum aod Btgbl Dolluri and Kl;biv
Cents, tbe coats of said salt, WOlOk sole
execution le i mini to the uiider
tlgDed, sbartirof aald County of Taos, I
have levied upon tbe following dmorih d
.1-.,-.- .v.. , . -1 .1 . r j
iit,..tn.. 1 . a , ... ..,.1 . '
.ihv , 'VS
l ouulv . Territory of New Mr liv.. Ii nuitn.l
' sod descrllwd M follow, to Will Parorl No.
: I : Boondfil on tbe eaet aud eoutb by lb
1 public road, on tbe watt by tan la ol 8am
uel Esqulbel aod on tba uoi tb by an allay
reiiaratiog said tract from tha laud ot U
iiaclo autiatevao; Traot So. '1; bound ..l
on the north by lsnd ot Wn.. L McCiure,
on the east by land of ('ruiSnnlniavau.
Ibe south by tb ecrqula du Loa ttancbri,
nd oo tb wait by a puhlio road ii:adlng
from "laoito o Kam : i Now. tberror
to tatlafy aald jedguiiiel,tu'ri"t n d coata,
j if tbis sale, ( will offer Inr aala aud sa'l ti
lb bigbeat bidder for caab in hand, tor
awawiaoo iwo-mi.-u. or i. appr.i.el
value thereof, at tb- front do-.r of the
Court Houas, ia the Town of Taoa. Qipotf
I f r"0'' Territory o!Nw Mexloo. betwaae
'ibibnuraof nine o'olook in the morni. a
Bd , WM of tll0 ,un M 8alul(lm
J'sgnatn. A. D. 104, all the r'ght. nil
vd 'nlrt ol said attendant in and to
aic above daaorlbad ral aatate, with alt
,u b.r.dlt..n.ut. and ,w,,ilM
'brauto beioaging.
feaatto Trujlllo, steriff.
r II -t fl:ll i
i Ava, I
Li i' ii

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