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Red River prospector. (Red River, Taos County, N.M.) 1900-190?, July 27, 1905, Image 1

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NO 5o
Mint'ral Survv N- . WW,
Unltm states l.an.1 oil . RtirM ,
Nil Mrxlr , stall- Jjt'l, .llkiB.'
DAM m nun tiivK, runt in i ii
mit . of the Act o( Coi Ki'"' "fiWOffd May j
lo. 1H"2, R. I.. fooler an W l. K'ictiner, I
postoflloe address ll .lit "H
Couuty, New Mexico, hnvi' in id' ipi icn- I
Hon for a i nttnt for lio i ir itt on the I
TenBnsee Lode, hrini 1 n"" silver,
tb smile bein(fil37 fei-t in- eriy huiI
feet winterly frotnitbe .
Qt and
tunnel thereon, and beinK .', t. of the
Mem-iliis Uronp of itnlDlatr l i litis, wttb
orfacp ground 3oo fee' In wi llh, Ituate
to the Key.itone , mining ,li .. I in Taos
County In the Territory of Na taj reo,
d daeortlieti by the utile i ij i hit and by
the littwM nle in the ,lllc0 of tb,.
JtMrtattt of the B.otn K land d,. jLA
,he Tarritory of N -w Mexjc , follows: I
UsKlnnlng at Cor. No. I. I
the-W ACor. of tha local n. .
en in 1 with
rtm las. souare. 4 ft. long, ' 2..,ius. In tbe
ground, -.eribed 1-1215; whence A spruce
llJ bb. dism. bears S. 7u E. ; (. .list.; and
.A apruce 8 Iob. rllaui. bet tiM, I'm ' K. 5 ft,
'diet., each blazed and acribc I ' -,il.'i U. T.
XI. g. L. M. No. S, Red lllvcr Miniug Die
briat, Taoa County, New M.io.previous
Jy daecrlbad, beara ii! ,1 W.. ft.
-dlat. Tnmce N.'J f K. ,V . Ij Ji' K.'Uoo.oo
fret to'or. No. J). 1 ii-.u.: 'I with NW.
A-'or nf location, a spruccost.lo ins. square,
.a ft. hlM eat Wine, iu tiie g'Oiibd, tflrlbed
:1 -115: whence A sprutw,!'. l .t i. boars
a, (J K ,.M ft. dint,, an ; A mm.ih;o l? ins.
diaut. bears S, 64' B..T.J " ! Ott'blaai
.ad and ecrlbed a-1215 R.
'XhMO 8. HT l"' K- Vo. Ii'- ii V. l.loo.oo
ilaetToCir. N . , lldtUUCsU alii' Ue BE
eor.ot the lo:ui.lon, A P0i..hjrjr stoue j
:34x2osJ m- 1 BW'W'ti
obi.eled 8-1215; wbence pr-Co 16 in. ,
.dlam. bears t4. 47 K. At.- . dUt ; and j
BorucelT , .main. i.u.0;... i ....... ,
ft. diBt.;aacUbli .1 en-.. ay"
T ThinceS.2 ' V. . Va.l i I . . it.J.oo iu"
Jnterteot Una 2 3 of Kaitl nil .lod, of
this anrvay, 8i. 78 ft. S. 5 W. ci(.
Ho. 3, preylouely desorlbiil,;' iu.no .feot To
or. Ho. id. .l leaictl with iLj 8E. Cor. of
ha location. A porpUyty itoue 24x21.J4
ins. setil2 in tbe groai.wl. c wiedi- 1218
wheaoo A sp uceiM In-, d'.u,;,' liesrsN.BS"
go' H- 16 ft- dial.-.aud A spn.ee ..'.'i ins. diam.
ibeariS. 78o' W. IS it. o,i . taob blazed
at.d wribed 4-1113 H T.
ThanaaH.hT 19' W. V.,'ji 1' K. H.l
feet Iatenect line 2-H it Metnoulh loue of
this survey, 820.28 ft., S v WW. from
Cor. Ha.. 8, previously d.nuibid. jlSoo.oo
ntaattCor. Nu.il. tbe pUc uf beginning;
anntalaing l.-.fcSl acrfs Xi-ln-ive of tba
Mamauth lode ( lau urvo. O'ue iisinei
.ot adjoiniag and caflictiot: c((iiiua as
bown by the plat ai me su vey is tbe
MamoBtb lode of this survey' on l.!:t) E-aod
H ; aad father.
Notioala Hereby iU.ved, Tim., pursuance
of bo said Aot af Congress i poroved May
!Vo. 17, K. Po' l"1 uJ VV u- .ron8r
whose poit-otHce address la ilaion. ,'.'jll'ax
Coaaty, Haw Mexico, hve lusd . applica
tion lor a patent tor 1482 lim r fet ou the
Masaautb Lode, learUig gubl and silver,
. thesaiue beiug 4 faat MrUi-.stn l nd
1484 fest eouthnesUrly fivi H e discovery
. tnanal tbaraou, and being a part of tbe
'.Utmpbii Group of nuiiiing c anus, with
aurtaaa ground floo feat o i '.UM1. '8'W 'e
in tba Kaystoue mining dk 'rict in Taoa
.Oomity to the Trrltr, vt Hf0 iuejticc(,
and daacribad by the tdtical plat and by
tbe field notes ou die in -t. u otl'-e ( tbe
.Hegialer af the Rinta Ko lend tlatrii't in
vtha Tarritory of New M - u f dlov -.flCRVCY
NO. 1215, MaaiUC lii IjOPK
Bag inning at Cor. Mu.d, J.Uuiiaal with
tka BW. Co', of the hiunvuu, A.purpbyny
toaa 21x12x7 lr. set 12 i .s in B grauud,
.oblnlad 1-1213; wbeti-o A -pruoa 2 lus
dlam. bear- N. Ii;!' -' K. Uf. "tV u1 A
aeruee U in . diam. biui N.-35 M
rltf. sa hlrazidaud mribeu l-li,'o H T-
v. I. U M. No. 8, Red U. v . i Miuiug Ula
tric. I'aoa Couuty, New M c , previous
ly d.ieribed, bears N. Hi '37' rt. 2J08.6 ft.
dial. Theuce H.tl 1' . Ve.. ) 4' (K.
,Joo.o tea'. Toi''or. Nt,. 2. 1 .ouitcaj with
the HW. car. of the b.ta iu A graulte
ataaa 34x2 jxU ink. t.J2 iur .a the ground,
'kitalad 2-1215; whei ca a spru.'e 8 ins,
.druea. bears 8 18' .V 228 ft. 'Ii1.-. ud A
.spraee lo in. dlam. hears . U 8o' W-. 85
rl.dilt.,aaob blazed and ai rio.u 1215 B Xt
Tbeooe N. W 29' K. V.. 13 ' b,. 1482 feel
nr. No. 3. Identical wi h "' WR, Cor.
,f lbs lmaiiou. Apoiphy ! aled.-121o. with a couioal muuud of atoo
.las. set It iua.iu tbe gr..m d,cb..eled 3-1V3; & tt. baaa, i ', tt. blgb alongside. Thlacor
arheaoe A tpruee 12 in UUtUv l.eara M. 45 j ,lar a uu Hua-1 -.2 of survey Nq. ill,, Cora
ft.dis ..aud A s. ,uu 8 ins diam. 1 (Jlaaou lode, 5S9J.3U ft. s. 3D3 i8' E. from
bears a 1-' -1' ft. dm... eu. Ii blaxed aud j (jor. K0. 3, previously described,
eribtd t-l'llo B T. Th ma n. 12 9' W. va. jl85 2' E. 255.18
Tbece ri-.Hr 18'.E, Va. 13 1' R. O00.00 ft JnUrsect line 2 8 of Bur. No.. 1147
feet To Cor. No.'a. tl leuti. l sfll'l 'he lo- ,c'ora Gibson lode, aud line 41 of Coia
atlan. A porpbyry rotaa. 8411(1 1 Gibsou No.. 2 lod , of this survey, 133.22 ft
ill Ina. lo tbe giouuo; cni-eieu e-saiei 1
wbanae A spruce 17 im . do iu. bears .
V?. J7.9 11. diaU, and a 1 uce d4 ina.
.diai. 1 . b- are N.J6 W. .J41.5 t ... dist. each
biased and aorlbed 4-l21 d I ' his Cor.
la on line 23 of 0MsIh k of ur"
y, 215.58 ft. S. 68 29' VV. flUKi Cor. Mtw4,
praTlously describeo.
Tba in H.5K- 29' VV. V7l . II .2' E. along
Hbb2 8 ol Cuinsiuck lode -1 ''Ji suavey
1280.17 fool Cor. Ho. 2 of C IUn IoUb of
ah surr y, prfVtuutty u Tioed. Hi2
feat To cm. H' ,l,ib pi of , f I eaiuuiug;
aontuiiM i, .41.1 at res not Xilu.ivt. of Iba
v. .. i lode uf this aui v. j .
Tba 8s ma of aJjoinii.g ,.n i 001 d cttug
tli. oi ,. u i.on-n by tb. .... . .. vey la,-
In conflict on the N. by the Tnneasee lode
of thin eurvev, and Joined hy tbe, orastook
lodu of this survey op Its aontb -easterly
boundary: and father,
Notice.! Hereby Uiven, That in puru
ance of said Act. of I 'on-tress approved May
,10, 1872, H. Ii. Poolt-r ami W . I). Keratiner,
whose p ist-n(llcp iddrH Ih Katon, C ilfav
County, New M-xico. have made applica
tion fur patent for ."mo linear feet on the
V iqo Block Lode, hearing goM and silver,
the same being 7 feet northeasterly and
14-.. teet southwesterly from the discovery
cut and i I thereou. and being a part
of tbe Memphis Croup of mining -1 n i i is,
with. surface ground 6 HO feet in wdth m
or less a - shown by the plat, situate. 1n,the
Keystone mining district, in raos. County,
In thn I..rrl,..rc V ,. , 1. . ,. .In.
scribed by the offloial plat anil bj thu .field
i nnlb, ,n Hlo In lha nHUa nf .1, t . . t
Ju h ,
of Nsw wloo telkrWW-
ulTnvw Hn.nns nrMLiwnnv T
lteginiitng nt.C'ir. No. 1. ldeu'ical with
the JWCo ,pf the locition.vid Ct,r.No.l of
tbe tioeba l ie of thix ui,vey, previously
(lescribed, wblch I also chist l 1-1213 f.ir
claim, whence V. H. 1,. M., No. 8, Ked Riv.
er Mtuing Ulsti;ict,Taos,County, New Mex
ico, previously described, hears fc. H .' V w.
airi tt Aiat 'ri. ........ v i 1 aai w r. .q
e'. 6oV.4 feet vo l or. rfn. t. "l.lentinal with
the Nv7. Cor. of the location, a porphvry
ttone 2xllxS sat i inr in tbe grouud.cbls.
eled 2-12'i: whence A hpru.ee 1U ms. dinm
heaat N. HC" lv, '41 ft. dist., and A spruce
16 inn . diary, beirs N, l' W. 10 ft. dint.,
each blaged and scribed 2-12,15 1 T.
Thence N. 5 iW' E. Va. 4' H. 15ut,To
feet 1'o.Ocr. No, :; Identical with tbe Nl'.
Cor. of toe location, A porphyry stone
4,vlGx7 ins. set 19, in- in the ground, cbis-
I eled !1 ,1216; wheuce A sprue. 13 im.
diam. biari N.iW- W. 2i ft. dist..; a. d A
I iprui:e5 Ins. dinm boar.t ,s. 33 ;io K. 49
I ft. dli'ehcn blaze'l aod scribed 3-1JI J 1! t.
Thucc 8. M" W E. Vs. 13 2' E. 7.40 feet
Cor. N, . 2, of the Bomaittta lode of this
prBvloll,,v ascribed. Theuc along
Unt ... of th HonM.tol;. ,,,. n. tht.
vey. (!U7.4o feel rr. .for. Hi .4. .idenllcul
with the ttlt.iCor. of the location, wttbCor,
Nq. .1 of tbe Homestake lode, (Jor. No. 2 of
Cora Gibson No. 2 lode, and Cor. No. 4 of
SUeba Jode all of this purvey, previaualy
deacrlbed, which,! alio cbiael 4-12.15 for
,Tbeuce 8..i lo' W Va.JS' 8' E, Along
line ; ! ol Klieba lode, of this survey.
15oo.oo feet To or. No.l. tbe place of be
ginning, coutainiag I9.M acres. .The nauie
of adjoining and coullictiug claims, as
shown by the plat of survey are, adjoin
ing op N. by Mani'iutb lude of this survey ;
l". by Hoiuettak lode of this survey, and
bt. by Sbebt lode of this srrvey; no others
kuowo. There are no coull lets. And futber
Notice , Is Hereby Given, That in pursu
ance of the said Act of .Congress approved
May ,!0, .'872. R. L,. Pooler and W. U.
iKershner. whose i c. address ie f. u
on, ( jlfa, .County, ,'ew Mexico, have
made application rf or a patent for Id39.l0
liuear feet pu the Sheba Lode, bearing
gold and silver, the same being 382 feet
NortbeasUly amrio7.1o feet sopth- wester
ly from the discovery tunnel tbereen, and
being a part uf the Mtipphls Cropip uf
(niuing olaims, wiUi surfaca ground 6oo
feet iu width more or less as sbonu by the
otlicial plat, situate in the Keystone min
ing dUtriol, m Taos.i.'ounty, in .the Terri
tory p New Mexico, and described, by the
Official p' lt and i y tbe Held notes ou ill e
iu tbe office of the (Agister of the Mania
Fe land district, in i he Territory of New
Mexico, as follows:-.
H'-g i at Cot. No. 1. ..Identical with
the ,V Uor . of the auieaded looatlou. A
puiV'i y stone 20x24x12 int. set 13 in- in
the gio.ind, chiseled 1-1215: whence A
apsuce 14 ins. diam. bears N. 73 E 9.8 fr.
dist anil A spruce 18 lus. diam. bears N
54" W. J5 tt d.si., each blsaad and scribed
IVttl B T. U. B. L,. M. h .3, Red River
Miuiug Di. trio;, Taos County, New Mesioo,
previoaily descrlbtd, bears -r. 84"' W.
2211 ft. dlat.
i hence M. 12 9' E. Va. iy- 49' E. .281.4
TO Cor. No. 2. Meulital with tbe MW. Cor
of tbe amended location. A porpbyry
tone 24x22x14 Ina, aet i ins. in tbe ground,
chiseled 2-1213; wbencu A 'spruce 10 ins
tlUiu. bears N. 3nJ R. 7 .ft. dist. and A
apruce 18 ins. diam. bears -. id 30' K. 17
ft, diat., each blazed and ecrihed 2-1U5 B t
ibenoe N. 71 1' K. Va. 13 E. 1421) to
Cor.. N. 3. Induntioai with the MJE. Cor. of
the amended locaiioi... A grautic atone
24x18x8 in,, eat .12 lus. iu the ground, obis.
m.Trr jp. Of tJOf. fOf 01 roriner aad Cor.
I NQ. 1 of latter, previously described. I'll...
I feet to Cor. No. .4. Ideutinal with tbe N. U.
Cur. of tba am inded locatlou, witb Cor.
No.jl. Cora Gibsou No. 2 lode and Cur. No
1 of Hoai'satake lode, nolo of tbfs survsy.
pravl'iusly doacrlbed ; wblubl also cbisei
1-1215, fur tbia chuu.
Tbance S. 58 4 ' w. Na . 13 3' K. lof 0 feet
TO Cer. NO. 1, tbe piaceul' teginomg, cou
tnlning 1M.685 aor.s, exclusive of survey
Nu. 1147, and C ra Gibson -o. 2 lode of
tbla survey. Tbe uauie ot ad)oiuluj aud
eoufllutiug olaiius as shown by tba ottlolei
plat o survey are as follows: Tbia ulaiin is
joined N.by Coeneetook loda of Ibis survey ,
I B. by Cora Giba.n K. : loda of tola sur
rey, and survey Si. 1147, Cora Gllnn
lode, wnh both of which It Is in conflict;
H. by Meptnn lode, uni.rveyed, Elingreen,
et al., claimants. No others known, and
Nntic a Herebi- (liven. That In rur.n.
snce of th A'-t of i : i g g approvrd May
10. 1S72, R. L. Poder n id vV, D. Ker.her,
whose piMt-i tUce address is Kston, Colfax
Couniy. New Mexico, ave made applicn
tion for a patint f .r iSoo linear .test on
tbe Cora Oib'on Mn. i lode, bearing gold
and silver, the sasno being 110 feet nouth
weiterly and a;ls t et north-easterly
from the dlsnovcry tunnel there.
onnd being a y irt of the Memphis Uronp,
nf mining datum, with surfa-'e gtttund
J05.I feet in width situate in the Kcy-
stot.i' Minint' DiBnict, in Tbok (loiinty,
Territory of 4V,ew Rlniioo.aDd described
by the offl.-ial plat nd hy thf field notes
on lile In theolhce ,-if the -Hegister of
tbe Santa JrV.ilttd district, in the Ter
ritory of New M' xico, as follows:
KO. 1! ' ODE'
Heirinninp at Cor, No. 1. Identical with
the $W Cur of thn lni:at,on and ('nr.
No. 2 of survey No. .III7, Cora (iibson
lode. pnrohyry g oue 10x20x12 Ins
! al,ove fround, chii-tt'ed 2-J.U;
a Bpruce 20 Im, dinm. b-)art N. 4 B.
J,,! ft. diAt., and A ipraoa d! ins. diam,
bearN.S,! 30. B. 10 ft. dist., eaoh
blazed aud sciitnu 11 T. l:. S. Ij.
M. JNio. 8, Had IJIver Mining district
Taos County. New Mexico, which is a
pqiM post ,11 ins square extending 10,
ft. above grniiud, lirnily Bet. 8iirouDd;;d
by a mound of itouet, and scribed I'. S,
L, M No. a b-ars . 77 4 W. !5l ft
cii.st. 1 alBO ( In 11, tjtune 1 1215, for
this claim
Thence N. 8 f?' vB; A'a. W V K.
H78 4ti ifeet To C o No.e. Identical with
the NVV. Cor of 'he location, a gr iti
ite stone 2lii3xll !n; Mt 12 ins. m the
hround. chiseleil X l-).i vibenco A
spruce 4a in9 Uiain. bejrs N. 50 ;S0 K
70 ft. dikt,, ind A sprnse 11 ins, dim
.bears S.l'i X)1 W. 38 ft. dist. oacli
bla.ed aud 8crib;d 2 1215 15 T,
Thence N.,79' 5' E.'Va..l3' 3' E. 1C00
ftetflo Cor. No. 3, Td80t!c:il with the
NJS.,Cor, uf Hie ! Ciilon. .A porphyry
Btone 24x18x11". ins. Het -j 2 ins. in the
ground, ciiistled (J-12K.; whence A spruce
111 ins. diam. hears N . BO 30' E. 25 ft.
dist., and A apruce 8 Ins. diam. bears
S.;:) 15' K. 14.S ft., each blazad and
scribed kUlilo ii T. Tneo.ce S. 8 47'
W. Va. 13 B. 3,7 i.H feet To C'jr.
No. 4. Identical uli the Sb. Col of
the location, ntnl ( ir. No, 3 of Sur. No.
IH7, Cora UlMon Ip4-i which is a por
pbyry stwner' lslijd.0 ina. above ground,
chiseled 3-1 H7. A spruce 3 ins. diam.
bears N.40" if!, 3 f. dist , and A spruce
12 lus. diam. baarj .S. f'J B.-.V.S ft. dtat..
each bla.ed an 1 scribed UH; B T. 1
also chisel tbe stone 4-12,ld, for this
claim. Thence s. jH f VV. Va. IS' 8'
B. Along line 2 -.1 of Survey No. U47,
C'ora GibBon lode. 1500 feet To Cor.
No. I, the place of beginning; contain
ing 12.37 aciec not excluding in con
llict with the Sheb.i lode of lliis Burvey
The name of adj lining and conflict
ing claims as slmvu by the otuial plat
of survey ure ai follows: Tnls claim is
joined M, by I ! nn ,i ,u- lode of this
survey; S. by Sur No. HIT, Cora (iibson
lode, aud VV. by im $ lena IpJe of this
survey with which it BunfUct. No oth
er iB kdown, except is fallows, Note,--Hy
connection wiin a private survey of
tbe "daugre de C.iristu" Crant, at given
iu a cuniuQiinic-itnm ref-rring to the
survey ot the" .vleiuolns 'lode, Hur. No.
liltd. will show a u i.illici between the
grant aud this claim. No coiners were
established 111 this pnruou of the urigi
oal survey of the grunt, and hence no
conflict can be sn.iwu, The eonfUct
hereiu referred to im noted from a pri
vate survey of iris grant hue, and made
by tbe grant owner. And fulher
Notice It. Ustreby (iiveu, Tbat in pur
suanca of iii Act ot 0 KlgfttaV approv.
edMttao,487, it. L. I' .oler and ,Vy.
I). Kershner, wbuse post-oitiae address
is Kttou,, Cjifax OuUUtfi New Mexicc,
have made applicur.,ou tor a patent tor
1500 linear teet on tn 1 Itom-istake l..,ilc
bearing gold anu MlVeT, the same being
178 feet soulb-wealeriy aud ," -.' feet
oorlh-eaaterly from ute discovery tun
n 1 1 in 1 e.u in 1 biting a part of tbe
Memphis Uroup ot uiniiug claims, with
surace gro ind COO feel in width, situ
ate in the Kayattsia M Hung JJietriut
in Taos.l'ouiitv, in the 'lrriiory ol.New
Mexu-o, and aescrided by the otlicial
plat and by the Held notes ou tile iu tbe
uiliue of the Jiegittier uf the (Santa Fe
land district, iu ttu r:; 11 lory of New
Mezica, a. ,..m v -SUUVEV
Beginning at dr. No. 1. Identical
with tbe b)W, Uur, of tba location and
Cor. No, 2 of CufK(iltl40u No. 2 of this
survey, previously described; whluh I
alsc chisel 1-1215, lor mm claim, whuuftt
U.SJ- L. M. N . . lied Hiver Mining
pistriot, Taos Couniy. No Mexico
previously described, bears i, 7I' 87' W
37O8 ft . dist.
Thence N. 14' It'-W. Va. ,13 Z -B.
fWO, feof'Tn Cor. No. 2. Identical with
tho NW. Cor. of the location. A granite
stone 811x20x0 ins. 13 ina, In the ground,
chiseled 2-1315; whenoe A antuce 15
ins. diam. bears N. 2 80' W. 87 ft.
dlat., and A spruce .10 ins. in diam.
beara & 89 K. B 48.5 ft. dist., each
blazed and described. 2-1215 H x.
Thencp H. 70 . K. Va. 13" 2' E.
1500 feet To Cor.Vo.a.ldentlcal with the
NE. Cor. of tno location. A porphyry
fHi 2xl-xS ins. ft is iDi. in the
gronnu, chiseled 3-1U15, where
spruce 10 ins. diam. bears -N. 19' W.
13 ft. dist. and A sprncp 13 ins. diam.
bears N. 82 V. is ft., diBt. each blazed
and scribed 3 1215 H T.
Thence 8. 14 Si' E. Va. -IB' E. 600
feet fn Cor. No. 4, Identical with the
S-E. Cor, of the location, and Cor. No.
8 of Cora Gibson No. 2 lode of this sur
vey previously described, which I also
chisel 4 1215, lor this claim.
Thenoe fe. 79 5 W. Va. 13" E. Alfng
line 23 of Cora Gibson No. 2 lode, 1500
feet To Cor. No. 1, the nlace of begin
ning, containing 20,022 acres. The
names of adjoining and conll'ctine
claims as ibown bv the olllcial plat of
survey ire as follows: This claim is
joined 8. bv Cora .fiihsnn No. u lode
and V , by 0 -restock lude both of this
survey. No others nre-kno-vn. There
ie no couuicis. rN xviy connnec -
tion with a private survey of the "Win
m de Chrlstn" iranf ..i.n is,.nn
munloatlon referring to Stir. No. 1I4H,
"Memphis" Irnle, will show a conflict
between the giant and this lode.
No corners were established in this
portion of the original purvey of the
granij and hence no conflict oan be
shown, 'ihe conflict herein referred to
Is noted f,rom a private survey of the
grfint iine, made by the grant owners.
Register Land Orti e
Santa Fe, New Mexico,
Elrst'uhUc ilion &mm 15. 1SK 5.
"Will Pritchet! is in Twining
S. M. Ialktte is working tjie
BSMSOTept on the Koggy.
George MaUlette is working the
assessment on the Mineral King.
.Simon Katts and family are
visited ,in Elizabethtown this
Attorney Willani McKean re
turns to h,is home at Taos, to
A. I). Waw-k spent a few days'ariA5 the armored cruisers Califor
the past week a the Highland I opth Teune8See ftIld
Chief property in Mm gulch. Waahh
Many strangers were w town cruisers 8t. Paul, ililwaukee.
-the past fow das, some oji .pleas- j
.ure btnt and others .ou mining! United States Senator Mitchell,
and legal business. j of Oregon, has been sentenced to
Fresh Candy aud Nuts at Uncle l)ay ot 0,10 H'ontand dollar
Steve's,. and six month in jil for using
I the influence of his office to defraud
Forced cr, Ithegove.nment. The saying that
B. F. Jjeek, DfjOoDOOrd, I y. saya: 8 J
"For 20 years I $a$m WXi,r of the t.ansgroseor is
with a bo re on my uprwr lip, soihard1 ie surely true in this case.
! painful, sometimes,, that I eonlil
i uot eat. After vabiky trviiiLf every
! , . ,
j tlutiij else, 1 cured it with BoekHa a
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i cute ami wounds. At ff jtX Sieveiw,
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vork and metbodp. Mailed I
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of any responsible house
offlcal Directory.
W H, Andrews .pelegateto (nigress
M. A.. Otero Governor
!. W. liaynold Secretary
H. V. iBra4shar Iniernsl Revenue 1 ...
M. O.iLlewellyu purveyor Genernl. I
George V. I'ritchard A ttJ General.
CM.ForajUer .U. S. Marsh 1
M. R. Otero Register Land Ortl.ie I
Fred Miller Receiver Land Olllce.
W.U. U Llewellyn U.S. District A f.'y
Hiram iladly Jaup 1 1'ublic.iustruct.ion.
J II. V aughn Tr-asvjre
W. G. Sargent Auditor
(Jhaa V SafTord Traveling Auditor
Page B. Wtero Game and Fish Warden
A-A. Keen -Commissioner of 1'ubiic
H . O. Rursum Superinte.udunt of
W. J. Mills
John K. McFle
E. C. Abbott
A. M. Bergere
Chief Justice Supreme
District Judge.
District Attorney.
D strict Clerk
lle.. Gusdo
Manuel Chacon
Jose A. Lopez
Jose M. Medla,n
Enrique Gonzales
DtnhlS sni is
8 ip't of 8 ;h J tl
Probate Judge
j Mamle (,arcift
I ,
1 n"W ivea
I Silviano Luchto
The railroad new-i is tl!l
for lifl River,
Now, is tho time to get a foothold
I the J-ted Hiver Mining District.
The explosion of the Bnoqing.
ton is xie .of the .most appalling
disaster since .the blowing tip of
tim 'Maine. Over 'fifty if dead, and
us many more wound), and iialf
that matt) missing. The report is
j that the vessel was known to be
unfit for ocean service and Presi
dent Iioosarelt ha? demanded a
thorough investigation.
.In the next twelve month the
folllowitig vessels will be aiided to
the Amer.icpti navy: the great bat
tleships Connecticut, Nebraska,
Vermont, Yirgiuia, Georgia, New
Jersey. .Rhode Island and Lonisi-
Senator Mitchell had up to this
' , , .. . , , , ..
trouble the respect of not only the
I Pe0Ple of V. Ieoile
of the whole mttion but today,
' what a change, ac old man of over
seventy and a ciin:inal.
Secretary Bonaparte has formal-
M9 "oiuced that he will ccept vf
: no liastes while SUiiur his urliciai
; no pastes while tilling his uti
position us eecretarv of the na,v.
Thn eecreUry is a very aniaUdroj
! in lilt burke! but ltd la kniftlrina in
the right direction und muy induce
others to follow. The public offi-
I OUt! who rides on pusses is guilty
1 of nothing less than bribetaking
I and should be dealt witb as one
j who takes money from a corpora
tion. Hat on Gazette.
Amt'ier Riilnad U
Niirtliffli Net Mexico
Jt ii rppurto'j that a savoy-n
i,artv.is iu tho .field, to snrvey a
line from Tercio, Colorado, to Tn
oumcari, N. AI., for the Ux:k
Inland peiplfl. From this distance
it looks a if the Iljck. Ioland and
the C3olorado Southern are working
Washington Letter.
The latest turn of foreign com
plications looking to the embroil,
ing of the United States in for
eign politics is tbe anouncement
that representatives of Norway
are now in this oountiy putting
out feelers as to whether the Unit
ed Sfates will recognize the new
gpvernipent if appealed to. Pos
sibly the Norwegian representa
tives think that the United State
government was easy enough in
the case of Panama and Washing
ton is a o;ooa. place to begin rec
ocnitinn pperations, They have
just now struck a had time lo ne
gotiate with Washington. The
President is away for the summer
and the uew Secretary of State
who had to be sworn in within
thirty davs after appointment,
came tp yVashingion this week
just lopg enought to submit to
the ordeal and then fi agai-i to
the nprtji. Jt.is prohoble that he
NotWgioc .iQpiesentatives will
be asked tonsil again when, the
EOV' inmeut is Jc , nagctl,
ilust 110. tiiere afi i good many
tilings demanding government tt
tcntio.; in spite of the absence ol
tbe President. The Peace Envo
are on their way to Portsmout
Assistant Seeretary of State Pierce
i.s there now helping to matte
ready for them Thev will bz
dined separately as the guests of
this country and latet President
Roosevelt will entertain them to,
gelher, ht. bein the only offir r
of the government competent, to
issue ,' iicii an invitation to repre
sentatives of the belligerents, be
fore the peace pact is signed. How
the peace conference will come
out is a matter of pure speculation
so far, hut competent judges think
that the President will accomp
lished the biggest undertaking of
his life if he secures a harmonious,
There is talk of reorganizing
the sanitary administration of the
Canal Zone and General Leonard
Wood, close friend of the Presi
dent and on' time surgeon in the
army, is mentioned as the man to
clean up the Uthtnuth. It is un
deniable that Wood made a good
record in Unba and it is possible
that he would do an equally good
job if given the chance at Panama.
At the same time such an appoint
or, en t .won Id reopen the scandal
caused iu the army by wids trans,
fer from the staff to the fline and
uis promotion over the heads of
equally competent men much
older in the servsce.
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