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Red River Prospector
Never Is an automobile so dangerous
r when John Barleycorn Is acting as
A New York millionaire has eloped
with a waitress. But if she can't cook,
what's the use?
Now Is the time to buy real estate
on Wall street. You can get an entire
Bquare Inch of it for $4.
A Pennsylvania church pays its rent
with a June rose. It's lucky the rent
day doesn't fall In February.
A Montana man has ii.vented a
vlneless potato. Now let some genius
get busy and Invent a doglesg sausage.
Naples is inclined to be disconsolate
because a scientist has predicxed that
the volcano will go out of business be
fore long.
Desiring to know whch nation is
his truest friend, the sultan of Moroc
co will see which responds quickest
to a toach.
Have patience with the new gradu
ate. After bumping against the world
for a few weeks he will discover his
In order to be on the safe side May
or Weaver of Philadelphia should hire
a trustworthy understudy to keep
watch at night.
It is announced that the postal defi
cit this year will be about $15,000,000.
The authors must be getting fewer
manuscripts back.
One hundred automobiles were de
stroyed by fire in New York a day or
two ago, but you will not be able to
notice any difference.
Having had so many other casual
ties In actual experience it was no
novelty at all for the battleship Texas
to be sunk "theoretically."
According to a Russian in Ijondon,
Admiral Rojestvensky's name is pro
nounced with the accent on the sec
ond syllable. Can you manage it?
Preparations are being made to ex
terminate the mosquitoes, but the odds
are that the news isn't causing a boom
In mosquito life insurance circles.
Twelve of America's famous men
wrote to an Iowa schoolboy 'hat "the
secret of success is real hard work,"
and eleven of the twelve were law
yers! King Alfonso made friends while he
was in London, but there is no au
thority for the assertion that King
Edward now familiarly calls him
A preacher has been asked to re
sign his pulpit because he uses an
automobile. The dispatches do not
say whether he Inherited his money or
married It.
A New York man was fined $20 the
other day for catching a trout that was
less thwi six inches long. But the
judge ought to have seen the one
that got away!
There are many forms of misfortune
in this world, but none quite so pecu
liar as that of the Chicago man who
brought suit for an injunction to keep
his wife from talking.
Mr. Bonaparte of Baltimore says he
has no use for the man who tries to
live on his grandfather's reputation.
Still, It's quite a distinction sometimes
to have had a granduncle.
A chair once owned by President
Washington has been sold to the
Mount Vernon association for $7,500,
but a seat in New York's stock ex
change costs a good deal more.
"Choose a freckled girl for a wife,"
says Dr. Osier. "Freckled girls are
invariably more amiable." And they
never get old enough to be chloro
formed, the doctor might have said.
A New York man has asked the po
lice to help him find his IC year-old
niece, who is missing from her home,
and as she is six feet tall, the police
feel that they have some prospect of
A Yonkers. N. Y., alderman wants
$25,000 damages because he was ac
cused of soliciting a bribe. An alder
man who is courageous enough to car
ry his case into court ought to have
the money.
Down In Massachusetts a man of 35
Is engaged to be married to a woman
who is 84 years old. We shall refrain
from congratulating him until we hear
that, he has eluded the lady's great
grandchildren. A fashion writer declares that In her
belief the hoopskirt will not succeed
In getting a foothold in this country.
Well, we should hope the dear girls
will be able to keep their little feet
from getting tangled up In the mech
anism. .
Possibly the time will come when
the man who habitually borrows his
neighbor's lawn mower will send over
bis 12-year-old boy some day to Bay:
"Father wants to know If you will
please lend him your automobile for
this afternoon."
More Than Sixty Thousand in New
York City Underfed. Agitation for
Public Lunch for School Children.
New York City Is wrought up, or
should be, over the varlouB Investiga
tions being made as to the underfeed
ing of children. Robert Hunter esti
mates that there are from 60,000 to 70,
000 school children In that city who
suffer from want of food.
This was regarded as an extrava
gant estimate at first, and even yet no
entirely reliable Investigation has been
made, but such as has been attempted
more than bears out Mr. Hunter's
claim. John Spargo, for the Independ
ent, has been making careful Inquiries
and securing Investigation from teach
ers, hospital workers and others In a
position to know the real situation.
Some of the facts disclosed are appall
ing, yet he Insists that the same con
ditions exist in all other large centers.
The inquiries by teachers are rarely
made In such a way that the full truth
can be secured. Children are sensitive
and the shame of poverty is great even
in the young. Only the most tactful
can elicit anything like the complete
situation, while some teachers can se
cure no Information whatever. Yet
even with the Inadequate data sup
plied by such Inquiries the reports
showed seventeen per cent, of the chil
dren to have been underfed. In one
class of forty-three children present no
less than thirteen had had no break
fast while twelve had had very little.
Miss Wheeler of the Babies' Hospital
gives underfeeding as the major cause
of all ailments treated in the hospital.
Some of this Is Improper feeding, due
sometimes to ignorance, more often to
the inability to purchase milk and
wholesome food. A classification of
'the cases entered in the Babies' Hos
pital In a single day sixteen In num
ber gives eight cases due to absolute
underfeeding, five to improper feeding
and only three In which these causes
did not appear as primary factors.
At one large dispensary where they
treated more than 4,000 children last
year, I was told that quite fifty per
cent, of all the cases were due, wholly
or In part, to underfeeding or Improper
feeding. Taking only the absolutely
underfed, the registrar told me that
thirty-three and one-third per cent
would be a conservative estimate.
Fifty per cent, underfed was the esti
mate of the superintendent of another
of the large dispensaries.
Apart from the underfeeding di
rectly due to poverty, the neglect of
children by mothers who must go from
home to work Is an important cause.
Children are often given a few pennies
by such mothers for their lunch and
they have no idea of spending them
wisely for anything nourishing.
The result of such impoverishment
of the system as comes from all forms
of poor nutrition Is Intellectual and
moral as well as physical. Teachers
of special classes tor defectives find it
utterly impossible to maive any pro
gress until the children are fed, and
habitual underfeeding In Infants and
children leads to defective mentality.
The moraj result is also serious.
This is a form of "race suicide" more
serious than a decreased birth rate. It
is not strange that there is an agita
tion for public provision of lunch for
school children. At least that much
should be done to protect society from
the evils of an ill-developed, badly
nourished citizenship.
Mr. Spargo sugests that it is time
to prevent a Btarving-out process as
a method of having the fittest survive.
"jo make as many as possible fit to
survive is the better basis for civilized
statesmanship." Denver News.
American Museum Robbed.
Thieves are reported to have been
systematically at work for months
among exhibits in the American Mu
seum of Natural History in New York.
Specimens of gold ores of the great
Bement collection, presented to the In
stitution by J. Pierpont Morgan, valued
at $3,000, have been stolen and In their
place cheaper ones substituted. Ar
tistically gilded lumps of coal and
stones are said to have been left in
place of the loot. A Siberian collection
of implements and garments has been
deprived of some of Its best examples
and many valuable specimens are miss
ing from the butterfly cases. The theft
took place adjoining the alcove in
which is a collection of American gems
valued at $200,000, also given to the
museum by Mr. Morgan.
Extraordinary precautions are now
toeing taken by the museum officials to
protect the exhibits, many of which
have been overhauled and re-arranged
so that they may be better guarded.
Every housekeeper should know
that If they will buy Defiance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will save not only time, because It
never sticks to the iron, but because
each package contains 16 oz. one full
pound while all other Cold Water
Starches are put up in -pound pack
ages, and the price Is the same, 10
cents. Then again because Defiance
Starch Is free from all Injurious chem
icals. If your grocer tries to sell you
a 12-oz. package it Is because he has
a stock on hand which he wishes to
dispose of before be puts in Defiance.
He knows that Defiance Starch has
printed on every package In large let
ters and figures "16 ozs." Demand De
fiance and save much time and mouey
and the annoyance of the Iron stick
ing. Defiance never sticks.
Smart Pastor "My congregation Is
made up mostly of fools. Parishioner
"Ah, that explains It." Smart Pas
tor "Explains what?" Parlshlover
"Your habit of addressing them as
'beloved brethren.' "
Those Who Have Tried It
will use no other. Defiance Cold Wa
ter Starch has no equal In Quantity
or Quality 16 oz. for 10 cent. Other
brands contain only 12 oa.
There are lot! of things that a man
would not want half so t If he
thought there was uny chance of get
ting them.
Sermori Moved the Stones.
This curious tale of the Venerable
Bede Is told In the medieval "Oolden
Legend": One day, when he was old
and blind, the deslrn to preach came
upon him. An attendant led him to
a spot where he faced a heap of
stones, and Bede. believing that a hu
man audience was before him, deliv
ered an eloquent sermon. At the end,
It Is gravely recorded, the stones cried
"Amen!" no doubt to save Bede's
Against the Newest Methods.
The greatest boons that medicine
has ever conferred upon humanity
have been met at first with the most
violent opposition, amounting in some
cases almost to persecution. When
Pare Introduced the ligature he was
greeted with a perfect storm of ridi
cule and abuse, and finally, in self-de;
fense had to show that the Idea was
not strictly original, but might be
traced In the writings of Hippocrates.
Dahomy Sweet Potato.
A new variety of sweet potato hav
ing great economic value has been ac
climated in the experimental gardens
of Bordeaux. It Is a native of Da
homy and very prolific. The leaves
of the paint can be used as a sul
stltute for spinach, and the tubers,
containing a higher percentage of su
gar than beets, are fine flavored and
make exceptionally good food for live
Pearls In Clam Shells.
About one mussel in a thousand
yields a pearl worth $100. The aver
age pearl Is worth about $6. But the
dally finds runs from $2 to $20. Al
though a farmer many never find a
valuable pearl In bis clam bed, he
may find enough common ones to
yield him a comfortable sum aside
from the money received for the
American Turn Verelns.
The first turner societies in the
United States were founded in Phila
delphia and Cincinnati, in 1848, and
shortly after the New York Turnvereln
had Its start In Hoboken, says Ralph
D. Paine, In Outing. Two years later
ten societies were flourishing, and
these were formed into a national
turner union.
Hardest Animal to Handle.
The elephant is the most treacher
ous, moody, changeable animal in a
menagerie. They are twice as dan
gerous as tigers, lions, or bears. The
men who handle the big cats In nelr
cages are forced to watch closely wnd
carefully while they are in the cages
with thorn, but that lasts only a eori
Parsees Bar Converts.
In recent years several wealthy ."
sees have married European wives
and brought them into the Parsee fold.
Now the Parsees have decided that
they will admit no more converts.
Even the children of the Parsees mar
ried to Christian mates will not be
recognized as Parsees.
Different Now.
The years seemed very long to me,
and life was but a bore; all sights
were tiresome to see, and I had the
blues galore. All jokes were ancient
here below, good songs were never
sung; but that, alas! was years ago
when I was very young.
Both Sides of the Door.
I do not like the city door
Which leads to endless scurry,
With "Push" and "Pull" on either side,
Twin Imps of breathless hurry.
Ah, no; give mn a country gate
With creaking leisure laden.
Upon one side an ardent swain.
On t'other side a maiden.
Go to Aid Lepers.
Three sisters of charity sailed from
Vancouver, B. C, by the steamship
Empress of India recently to spend
their lives In the leper colony at Ku
mamtu, Japan, where there are 400
Heat and Cold in Arabia.
Arabia has the reputation of being
one of the hottest and unhealthlest
regions on the globe, but all northern
Arabia has a winter season, with cold
rains and occasional frosts.
No One Claims the Prize.
Unawarded for a long time, and
therefore still on the list of the Lom
bardy Institute, Is the special prize
by Commeno for the dlsDovery of hy
drophobia poison.
Drummers and Funny Stories.
There are 600,000 traveling men in
the United States. This meanB, says
the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, an out
put of 1,800,000 new funny stories
each month.
Removing Nicotine from Tobacco.
Poisonous nicotine In tobacco is re
moved by Bteeplng the leaves in a
solution of tannic acid. This is the
method adopted by a Oerman chemist.
Moving-Day Superstition.
A family must never move except
In the light or increase of the moon.
This will secure prosperity sad In
crease of possessions.
Wasted Pity.
It is foolish to pity any man, no
matter how poor his home may be,
if he Is glad to go to it at uight.
Women in Swiss Universities.
Women form nearly one-fifth of the
students at Swiss universities.
Baby Born Every Five Minutes.
A recent press dispatch from New
York City says: Births In this city
at the rate of one ever five minutes are
recorded by the health department for
the past week, during which period 2,
011 were reported, It was announced
at the department that the birth rate
of New York has risen to about 31 per
1,000, and Is higher than any other city
In the United States.
Five or six yearB ago, when there
was so much talk about race salclde,
the birth rate here was only 26 per
1,000. Last year the rate wan 30 per
1,000. The prospect Is now that In
1906 It will be 32.
Long In Building.
At Troyes, In France, last month,
was solemnly dedicated a church
which has taken sixteen centuries to
build, for It was begun In the third
century and was completed but re
cently. This Is St. Urban's church,
built by order of Pope Urbanus IV., on
the site of the house in which he was
Only the foundation!! were laid dur
ing Pope Urbanus' lifetime and though
the building has long been consecrated,
the last remaining stones were laid
this year. The church Is a gem of
Gothic architecture.
Proved Beyond a Doubt.
Middlesex, N. Y., July 3.--(SpecIal)
That Rheumatism can be cured has
been proved beyond a doubt by Mrs.
Betsey A. Clawson, well known here.
That Mrs. Clawson had Rheumatism
and had It bad, all her acquaintances
know. They also know she Is now
cured. Dodd's Kidney Pills did It.
Mrs. Clawson tells the story of her
cure as follows:
"I was an Invalid for most five years
caused by Inflammatory Rheumatism,
helpiess two-thirds of the time. The
first year I could not do as much as a
baby could do, then I rallied a little
bit and then a relapse. Then a year
ago the gout Bet In my hands and feet.
I suffered untold agony and In Au
gust, 1903, when my husband died I
could not ride to the grave.
"I 6nly took two boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills and In two weeks I could
wait on myself and saw my own wood.
I dug my own potatoes and gathered
my own garden last fall. Dodd's Kid
nely Pills cured me."
Rheumatism Is caused by uric acid
in the blood. Dodd's Kidney Pills put
the Kidneys In shape to take all the
uric acid out of the blood.
Drum Is Drummed Out.
M. Maurice Berteaux. the minister
of war, intends to suppress drums In
the French army. The decision meets I
the Eiipport of such eminent military
authorities a3 General Faure-Blbuet,
former military governor of Paris, who
says drummers are useless in battle,
since they carry only revolvers,
whereas buglers are armed with rifles,
which they can use in a fray. He adds
that the drum, In modern armies, is an
anachronism and should be abolished.
In spite of the sentimental pang its
disappearance may cause, it is inter
esting lo recall how much the late
General Boulanger's popularity arose
from his re-establishing the use of the
drum, which a preceding minister of
war had abolished.
Heroine to Be Educated.
An Ashevllle, North Carolina, dis
patch says that for saving the lives of
a score of passengers and preventing a
wreck by flagging a train with her re1
petticoat, Nannie Gibson, eleven years
old, a bare-footed mountain gift, has
received a reward from the Southern
railway, and it is just what Nannie had
said that she wanted most, an educa
tion. She has received a letter from the
company, agreeing to give her a col
lege education and to see that she is
well provided for.
1 Nannie lives In a little mountaaln hht
with her father and mother In the
Black mountains. A big slide occurred
on the mountain while she was at home
alone. She ran down the railroad track,
waving her red petticoat. A heavy
train was stopped by her ten feet from
where the mountain had caved in. Be
low was an abyss several thousand
Ifeet deep.
Things Happen.
From the home of the famous "Keyta
nel Keeyartah of Cartersville," away
down South, comes an enthusiastic let
ter about Postum:
"I was in very delicate health, suf
fering from Indigestion and a nervous
trouble so severe that I could hardly
sleep. The doctor ordered me to dis
continue the use of the old kind of
coffee, which was like poison to me,
producing such extreme disturbance
that I could not control myself. But
such was my love for it that I could
not get my own consent to give it up
for some lime, and continued to suffer,
till my father one day brought home a
package of Postum Food Coffee.
"I had the new food drink carefully
prepared according to directions, and
gave it a fair trial. It proved to have
a rich flavor and made a healthy,
wholesome and delightful drink. To
my taste the addition of cream great
ly improves it.
"My health began to Improve as
8ooir as the drug effect of the old cof
fee was removed and the Postum Cof
fee had time to make its influence felt.
My nervous troubles were speedily re
lieved and the sleep which the old cof
fee drove from my pillow always came
to soothe and strengthen mo after I
had drunk Postum in a very short
time I began to sleep better than 1
had for years before. I have now used
Postum Coffee for several years and
like it better and find it more benefi
cial than when I first began. It is an
unspeakable joy to be relieved of the
old distress and sickness." Nnmo
given by Postum Company, Battle
Creek, Mich.
There's a reason.
Read the little book, "The Road to
Wellvllle," in each pkg.
Offers Aid to Convicts.
A man writing from a London lodging-house
Is sending letters to defend
ants whose names and addresses ap
pear in the newspapers, offering to
supply them with "wrinkles" on pris
on life that will add to their comfort
while Incarcerated one especially
by which they "will be able to obtain
an Improvement In ihe official die
tary," all he asks In return Is cast-off
clothing or boots, an', "railway fare
paid in advance."
Meaning of Prison Sentences.
Lord Justice Mathew of England,
speaking nt a meeting of the Catho
lic Prisoners' Aid Society, said that
when he first became a Judge he ask
ed a certain prison governor what It
really meant to a man to be sent to
convict prison. The reply was:
"Five years do not hurt him much,
especially If he Is a young man. But
seven years means utter ruin lo him.
He very rarely recovers from that."
Coal Fields of Spitsbergen.
The coal fields of Spitzbergen, after
experimental mining in previous sea
slons, have been found of sufficient
value to Justify more extensive opera
tions. An expedition has been fitted
out at Sheffield. England, in which
also some Norwegian capital is Invest
ed. About seventy men are engaged.
It Is the Intention to erect eleven large
buildings to be used for lodgings,
sheds for machinery, etc.
Lelpslc Books and Music.
In the city of Lelpslc, the headquar
ters of the German book publishing
trade, there are 2,916 firms filling or
ders, and Its book publishers' exchange
has 3,240 members. LelpBlc has not
only one of the most celebrated uni
versities In Germany, but as a city is
renowned for Its music schools and
concerts. Many Americans of both
sexes are now studying at Lelpslc.
Weak Bear Pain Best.
Dr. J. P. Lockart Mummery, the
famous British surgeon, says it is
often extremely difficult to estimate
the condition of a patient with regard
to his power of standing a severe op
eration. Often a weakly looking in
dividual, who looks as If he would not
stand a severe operation well, stands
It quite well, and vice versa.
Swordsmanship in England.
Swordsmanship In one or other of
Its forms is making marked progress
In England. New salles d'armes are
being opened and fresh clubs formed
year by year in London and the prov
inces and international matches have
been arranged in which the English
teams have at least borne themselves
Tending to Foot Gear.
To keep shoes between seasons it Is
best to wash off the blackening and
rub vaseline or neatsfoot oil Into the
leather until it feels very soft. Theu
rub on the oil and put the shoes on
"shoe trees" or else stuff the toes with
paper. Cover them separately with
tissue paper and pack away.
Grease the Nails.
Not long ago I saw a person trying
to drive a nail through a piece of sea
soned oak an Inch and a half thick.
This was impossible until I suggested
he grease the nail. It was then driven
easily and without bending. National
Lost Confidence in Him.
An Irish gardener, being discovored
thieving, was thus admonished by his
employer (also an Irishman) : "Pat, ye
dirty thief, yez can take a week's no
tice and go now, for I wouldn't thrust
yez with an empty sack full of straw!"
Ink Spots on Mahogany.
Ink spots on mahogany may be re
moved by being touched with a feath
er dipped in oil and vitriol diluted
with twice its quantity of water. The
spot should be well and quickly
Bird Is True to Duty.
Letters are dropped two or three
times a day on to a wren which is sit
ting on her eggs in the letter box of
Mr. D. Baker, an English draper, but
the bird keeps Its place.
Japanese Chopsticks.
Japanese chopsticks are delivered to
tlie guest in a decorated envelope. The
two sticks, already shaped, from one
tong-shape piece of wood, are broke
upart by the guest.
Homing Pigeon Is Cremated.
Into the funnel of a steamer at the
mouth of the Mersey flew a homing
pigeon, and from its calcined remains
was taken a metal band marked, "H
P. 1901, 622."
Word from Br'er Williams.
"I wants richeB," said Brother Wil
liams, "but not de kind dat takes
wings en ever'tbing else dey kin lay
iley hands on." Atlanta Constitution.
The Best He Had.
"Is this the best claret, Murphy?"
asked the Irishman of his butler. "It
is not, sorr," was the answer, "but it's
the best ye've got."
The Thoughtless Rain.
Little drops of water
Showering far and wide.
Alwuys spoil the temper
Of the gentlest bride.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Population of Greenland.
Greenland now has nearly 12,000 Inhabitants.
For Preserving:, Purilyingr
and Beautifying the Skin,
Scalp, Hair, and Hands.
Cutleora Soap comtihiM delicate medicinal and amol
llcnt propertlta derived from Putfcura, the areat Skta
Cur, with tha ptireat of claaaalng Irfredienft mud the
mit refreshing of (In wer odor. Two Soap In one at om
price naroa.jr.a Mcdlrlual and TulUt Rop for ttc
f utter Drug at Chem. Corp., Role Prope., Boston.
mr Mailed Free, "All About the Skin, Scalp, and Hair.'
Denver Directory
A $40 Saddle for
$25 co.d.
For a priori time
only we offer this
.I.!'. steel horn,
double cinches, wool
lined 28-lneh skirts
26-inch stirrup leath
ers, steel leather-covered
stirrups, war
ranted in every re
spect. Bind equal to
saddles sold for $40
everywhere. Catalog
The Fred Mueller
1413-1419 Larimer 8t.,
Denver. Colorado.
STOVE REPAIRS ot every known mak
w 1 w w f stove, furnace or ranee. Geo. A.
1'u l ten, 1331 '.awrence. Denver. Phone 72i.
Rl iPafCUITUC' and wagon makers' supplies,
OLAUnOffll I lid whoiesaTe and retail Moore
Hardware at Iron Co.. 16tb tt Vfr'azee. Denver.
Mstal skylights, stamped steel ceilings, pip
ing and slate, tile and metal roofs, tttc
K'07 llh St.. Denver. L'o'.o Write tor ratios.
Asa your dealer fo' them. 1 ak no other.
I in in mum Um. Citmp Furniture, Klnare.
1021 Lawrence St.. Denver. Colorado.
European plan, SI. fttl and upward.
i .' !'! da i hotel In the West. Jknoerlein plan.
Oxford Hotel
Penver. One block from Union Depot.
Ireproof. C. H. MOItSl
Nntmoaa A retail. t7inil7 AxpaUioeSU Denver
ASSAY OFFICE nd laboratory
Established In Colorado, 1866. Samples by mail or
express will receive prompt and careful attention
Gold & Silver Bullion ZX-!tt2&'gS!"
Concentration Tests 100 ,&uY,c0v7I.!0,fc
. It 36-11 JH Lawrence St.. DiDfir, Colo...
Gold ...$ 11 Gold and Silver ....flOO
Lead ... -71 Gold. Silver, Copper.. 1.S0
Placer Gold. Retorts and Rich Dies Hotirhi.
060EN ASSAY CO., ""XW"
1747 i.mwi "' Ht , Denver, Polo. . GO I floe, GOLD
H.i 0. Keports on pecltuet.s ree i wt ct bj mail be
fore nooii sent out tame day. Mailing ecve ope
and full price list sent on reipieet.
ATBOluTeTTur;. Send for our new premium
list. The Gejraerlte soao Ufa:. Co., Denver.
Tlt3 Colorado Saddlery Co.
V holesala Manufacturer of Harness and
add lee of every style. Ask your dealer for
ur goods, jf ue does not keep them we will
put you In touch with one who does.
i me mis
Ifoa ,1 I M
Hat c
ouKh Byrup
to ifme. Bold lr Arunirl.u

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