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A Newspaper Published In the Interest of Otero County.
Number 19.
cy Groceries.
ries iathe Southwest.
Est flour,
nn the World, and
:akfast Food
d and 2oa to 2o6 South Oregon Streets
New Mexico Will Rival Arizona.
Montana and Michigan as a
Copper Producing State.
Cterc County Shows Greater Progression
Than Any Other Portion of
the Territory.
r ü
K ftirn;
or a large one, a single
ing, our Heater always
rdeji'ee'of kat. 'It is
different fuels.
for cold c atMr if
In Mm. next ten yearn Now Mexico
will achieve muro tliun il has achieved
Ut tie lust, three hundred years. It now
stands where Colorado stood ill 1875.
j'hi year has witnessed an awakening
and Mu. responsibilities of statehood
in.st soon be granted.
New Mexico, fourth In area and old
er' among the coinmoiiwealtlis of the
United States, has many million acres
of government land practically free to
Ml tiers, and awaiting the touch of wa
ll". Thousands of ucres have been set
a-.do the past year for homesteads and
ranges, and the area of land under Irri
g,' Ion has increased from 300,000 to
H "'.000 acres
There has been a great Increase in
p pulation during the last twelve months
mostly by immigration.
rhe territory now has between 300,000
lud 400,00.) inhabitants, perhaps, sutll
( ill to entitle it to two congressmen
when It Is admitted as a state. The
growth of Albuquerque, Las Vegas,
I'oswell, Silver City, Baton, Alamogordo
and others has been rapid. They have
increased from lOO to more than 1.000
lier cen I In population since 1800. The
Ljto Grande, Pecos and San Juan valleys
are rapidly settling up. In 1880 New
Mexico ban only one town with 51)00 or
more Inhabitants It. now has two cities
with 13,000 inhabitants, Las Vegas and
snipmeni mis yiar irom lis mines a
nanover quarries ol good molding
stone and marble were openod at Ala
mogordo, Las Cruces and elsewhere. A
dozen new reining camps must be cred
ited to 1800, and In at least a doien old
camps mining operations were resumed.
Not the least of New Mexico's wealth
Is Its sheep, of which S,00O,O0o are on
its ranges. During the year 18,000,000
pounds of wool were sold, adding 2.000-
000 to the wealth of the territory. The
profit In sheep ratting has been so great
that at least a million sheep will be add
ed to the Mocks. Wool scouring estab
lishments have been built at Las Vegas,
Carlsbad and Albuquerque and will be
built at other places.
Over 3.000.000 hed (,j cattle have
boen sold and stock raising continues
the most profitable industry. Mucli at
tention Is being urtld to goat raising, es
pecially to the line Angora breed, and!
the goat industry Is second only to sheep.
Horticulture and agriculture attract
ed many new settlers. The horticultur
al fair al Santa F'. this year again
proved that New Mexico fruit Is super
ior to California fruit, and that better
vegatobles can be raised on Irrigated
lands than when irrigation is not pract
iced. The best sugar beets in the
world can be raised in the Santa Fe, Rio
tirando and San Juan valleys. Negotia
tions have been opened for the ostali-
I nil 11 IIS.
Superintendent Welles Makes His
Report to the Territorial In
spector of Mines.
fast as the progrese of development
renders It necessary.
A townslte has been laid ont by the
company; In the vicinity of the mln.s
and bouses are being erected for the
miners. Alieady thirty-two houses and
fifty shacks have been built which are
now occupied.
i r
Kcr through the ft lde of
Alhuouerqnfs and live with 5000 or mon
Inhabitants. Santa Fe, Raton, Silver City 'iía
(Las Cruces and Ros well. New towns. s'l
illke Alamogordo, with 2100 people, have I gallon to lie constructed, if congress
, sprung up. Las Vegas has voted to should makeajiprijprlatíotí for that pur
; build its own water works; Raton and pose. TheJirrTtory expects to have a
llshment of beet sugar factories at La
Vegaa, Santa Ke. and Farnilngton. The
1 1 factory at Carlsbad began this win-
ter"s campaign with prospects of a great
er production toan ever before
experiments have been made in tobac
co culture, and New Mexico will take a
place as ft tobacco producer. Alfalfa is
the staple crop, and usually large.
Small irrigating systems were estab-
ii . i i j i . .
uaueu uuring me year and immense irri
gation Work8 Will be built OH the Mim
bres, in Grant county around Albuquer
que anil at Socorro, where the Rio
Grande is to be dammed and artesian
wells are in be sunk. Carlsbad, Andrews,
Las Cruces and other places have begun
to look for artesian water, while the ar
tesian wells at Roswell have been doubl
ed in number. The Elephant Unite
dam in the Rio (raudo, will be built, if
present litigation terminates favorably.
The United States has experts at work
to establish reservoirs and build ditches
for the Indians in the territory. Invest-
ons have been made and reservoir
fee ted for a federal system of in
A Review of the Work That Had Been
Accomplished Up to July 1899
Later Developments.
tares! d
íá Pelts.
oilier cities are building new school
houses: sewer s stems have been or are
being constructed in the leading cities
bridges aro being bailL stj:eetsrlBe
Ing lit by electJdlJnd thousands of
modern homes have been built in cities
muí towns diiiing the vear.
e last two years, both In
e Phllipincs, New Mexico
ts done Its full share, only a lew
onths ago Maximiliano Luna, a Mcxi-
an of the Mexicans, gave up his life
for his country. In proportion to Its
population, Xew Mexico furnished more
volunteers for service in Cuba and the
Philippines than any other common
wealth in the union. The reunion of
Rough Riders at Las Vegas this year
was a remarkable event.
The number of health seekers who
came to the territory during the year is
estimated at 3,000 tr 4.000. The United
Statins government, after Investigation,
this year established a national sanitar
ium for consumptive soldiers and sailors
at Fort Stanton, in Lincoln county, and
al io one at Fort Bayard in Grant "coun
ty. The mineral resources, however, have
received the greatest development in
180!i. There is not a single county with
out a mineral district. There are
eight 1 six mineral districts in the terri
tory. The development of mining
camps: like that of Uland has boon pho-
iiomlnab. .The cocbita district tripled
fyífoópílatíon and will triple It again
i'i'Miln the next, twelve months. New
lililí? are going up by the score In the
gold jarnos 0 "land, Ellzauotbtown,
Dolores, llrtlsboro and in other camps.
Albuquerque will have a smelter next
ear. The smelter at Cprrilos will be
tarted in the spring, A new smelter is
j be built near Alamogordo. The
nielter at Silver City is working day
Snlght, while i eduction works, cy.
Ide mills noil amalgamating mms can
handle the ore produced, for tüou
ds of tons were shipped to the smel-
at Denver, Pueblo, El Paso, Juarez,
Louis and elsewhere, toe gold
and placers in the Jarlllas are ol
years development, anu promise
r i,. mi. i
weal 111 (or tue mime, me piac-
the Chama, at Hlllsboro, on the
j, and elsewhere continue to pro-
id arrangement wero made
,r to recover the gold carried by
Grande along its course, i bos.
A. Edison is having a plant built near
Dolores, In southern Santa Fe county.
'Hittstotake from Mother EarthSLOOO,
OOn',000 in gold. Copper has added its
millions. The Santa Rita coppor mines
aione brought 1,200,000 this year, Dy
their sale to Standard Oil magnates.
Hanover, essentially a copper and iron
camp, doubled Itspnpnlatlon this year,
lu the Organ and San Andres mount
ains new copper camps have sprung in
to existence. In Rio Arriba, Taos, Grant,
Lincoln. Hero, Iferoallllo, Santa Fe and
other counties copper prospecta and
copper mlues have multiplied. Next
vear New Mexico will be in keen rival
ry with Arizona, Montana- and Michi
gan for the leadership ol copper pro
ducing states.
Over 1,000,000 ton of coal W min
ed during the year. An Immense foal
Held was opened in tho Capitán moun
tains, and win supply Texas with coal
next year. Large coal measures have
1 boon discovered in various sections,
1 while the visible coal .supply in the
mines at Cerrillos, Oallup, Raton, Car
I tliage, White Oaks, Moreno, Lumberton,
i Aztec and Farmlugton show no dlmlno-
troleum has been discovered
an and Lincoln counties, but
power of the Standard Oil
been shattered these dlscover-
be of no value to the territory.
eds of gypsum, and
i opened. The turquolso
uta Fe Urant and Otero
been acquired by the tor-
mt axd are to produce the tur-
ply of the world. Lead and
llig proaoceu in iiicr:nin
and even silver enjoyen a
toward the end of the year,
thaustible deposits of iron
nt. Lincoln. Santa Fe and
nties. ana t0 voiorstio fiiei
ompany greatly Increased its
large reservoir fund of Its own throu
the sale of territorial lands,
.-'wo big lumber mills were built at
Alamogordo. and in every county lum
ber mills are working day and" night.
At the present rate of consumption,
the. lumber supply will last another 100
years, and by that time the young tim
ber growing'on the mountains and the
mesas will have matured. The estab
lishment of fores reserves worked
hardship to many old settlers and re
tarded the growth of several counties,
but it is conceded that they are of great
ultimate benefit. A movement is on
foot to make government parks of dis
tricts where cliff dwellings and prehist
oric ruins have been explored this year
for the lirsttimein a systematic manner.
Tiie improvement in the finances of
the territory is remarkable. Where
there wero debts' before, there are now
$130.000 in the territorial treasury,
drawing 3 per cent interest, while $300,
ooo win ue auueu w.itnin ine next rew
months from the sale and leasing of
school lands and other sources. Terri
torial, county and city bonds this year
brought premiums. Not a singlo bank
or large business failure has taken p'ace
since 1808. Capital is pouring Into the
territory from Colorado and other states.
Attendance in the public schools In
creased 30 per cent and the territorial
institutions are crowded with pupils. In
18'.i0 the percent of illiteracy in New
Mexico was forty five, today it is less
than twenty, and in a "few years
will have disappeared. In 1890 80 per
cent, of the population spoke Spanish
only, and today 86 per cent speak not
only English but Spanish also. Out of
ooo pupils attending the Santa Fe public
schools, 400 are children of Spanish
speaking parents.
llosptltals exist In all of the larger
towns, charitable instiutions, schools
and churches are multiplying, and wo
men's boards of trade are doing much
toward establishing free libraries and
public parks.
The United States government Is
abandoning Its military posts, Fort Win
gate being the only military station in
the territory.
Otero county, capital Alamogordo. is
a now county this year, and McKinley
county, with Gallup as capital, will next
year bo the twentieth county of the ter
ritory. The now capitel "building at
Santa Fe Is nearlng completion. It Is a
beautiful building of classic design.
During the year several hundred miles
of new railroad were built. The princi
pal linos constructed worh the El -Peso
& .Northeastern, the railroad to Han
over and tho wonderful mountain
road up the Sacramento mountains.
Next year promises to beat ail records
in railroad construction. A railroad
from Liberal Kan., to Albuquerque
S(;enis assured. Kallroad connection be-
twonu Hanta re ;iud White Oaks, as
well as botweon goeorro and Alamogordo
Is con torn plated. Charters have been
granted for a railroad ilnn ffom Magda
lena to Chloride, and for a line from Do
ming to the Pacific coast, in Mexico.
A railroad is also proposed from Lords
burg, up the (ilia valley, to (allup, and
from there to Salt Lake City. Railroads
will probably bo built. Into the C-otshita
district, into tho organ mountains and
to the Ortu grant, while railroad
from Las Vegas to Mora and Taos Is one
of the certainties of next year. Tho
narrow guago from Santa Fe to Alamo,
sa Is to be replaced with standard
guage tracks. Railroad shops have
boen established at Roswell and .Alamo
gordo, an the shops at Albuquerque
and Raton have been enlarged.
Unjust freight rate d scrimtriatiou has
retarded the establishment of manufac
turing enterprise.
Thermal and mineral springs, big and
small game andfisb, and always cUonvt.i,
Are among tho attractions to health and
pleasure saekars,
When In El Paso If yon want a good
drink of agod whiskey or "Morning's Morn
ing" be sure and oalkon Ed and Gas, man
agen Bunny South 8oon, formerly of the
Majestic, Mixed chinks a specialty,
A copy of the annual report -of the
mine inspector for the territory of New
Mexico for the fiscal year ending June
3', 1800 has been received by this office
and among others Is fouud "the follow
ing upon the Capitán coal mines which
arc becoming so well known for both
the quality' and quantity- of coal pro
duced The report is made by Superin
tendent Welles in reply to a letter from
Mine Inspector Fleming and covers the
work that had been completed up to
July 1800.
"On April 1 of the current year the
J company started the Salado Camp, and
on April t began work on No. 1 slope
on the Akers or lower seam of coal. The
size of tiie timbers in this slope are in
clear 8 feet cap, I! feet 2 inches legs on
a '.'-inch hatter, giving 6 feet clear of
tie, with 10 feet at bottom. (Jauge o'
track is 30 inches. The average section
of seam so far is four-feet BJ inches of
which 7 inches is lire clay slate, leaving
3 feel H', inches of coal. The slope
has beon driven a distance of 345 feel
from the apex, of which 22 feet Is open
cut and 140 feet double timber.
"The average pitch of seam is 14 de
gress, aii air snail 10 ov 13 feet was
sunk down 33 feet to coal, at a dlstnnci
of 15) feet from t he mouth of the slope,
and lias been connected with the slopi
air ways by ,i larger air passage. The
tnree-entrv system is the one m use.
the left-hand air way having a large air
bridge to connect it with the one on
the right. which runs up to Mm
air shaft. At present a small furnace
is In use at the bottom of the shaft, and
furnishes abunda nt air at ail times. A
fan is on the ground ready for use when
occasion may require.
"The coal Is onthe coking variety
shows the following analysis:
Violntilo matter.
Fixed carbon.
"This was from
the whole height i
100. CO i
a sample taken from
if the seam.
"The latter part of June the company
started a pair of 10 by 10 inch friction
hoists, which are doing very satisfact
ory work, and will be amply siillicient
for sinking purposes. The company
has no other outside improvements but
a small carpenter and blacksmith shop.
with the exception of a pipe lino of 3
and 2 inch pipe, which brings a supply
of water from springs In the Carracita
canon, at a point 1 '4 miles above the
mine. At present the company is work
ing 17 men, including a foreman and
night-shift boss, In this slope, and has
been driving on double shift from the
"On June 1 the company started slope
No. 2 on the Avers or upper seam and
distant about 3,000 feet from No. 1 slope.
The company expect to bring the coal
from this mine to the tipple at No. 1
slope by means of a tramroad and small
locomotive. No. 2 slope is now down
140 feet from tho apex, of which 02 feet
is double timbered and the balance open
cut, on a pitch of 14 degrees. Seam of
coal at face shows 5 feet 7 inches, with 5
feet of fine coal. Sinking is carried on
at tiiis slope with a whim. In the near
future sinking will be done with a hoist
ing engine and boiler.
"The analysis, from a completo section
of the vein, shows the following results:
Water 1.278
Volatile matter 38.225
Fixed carbon 47.100
Ash 13.400
Fight Near Anltman, Where fiainbolt
Was Reported Shot.
Frank Cay ser and Ed Durand with
two others tecently escaped from the
Roswell jail They were Imprisoned In
a steel cage on the second story and cut
their way through the floor with a saw
made of a tin cup. They dropped
through into the cag below and forced
the bottom of the door open with a lad
der ana supped out.
One went back and when Fred Ilig
gins asked him why be- returned, he
said his hands were cold.
One of the prisoners was supplied
witli a horse bv a friend in Roswell. The
two others stole mouuts.
Illggins followed as far as Tularosa
alone and there inlisted the services of
special deputies Tom Tucker and Lou
li'ainbolt who was shot was Higgin's
brother-in-law and came from Roswell.
Roberts was ordered to go to Las Cru
ces aud request Sheriff Oarrett and de
puties to eut fugitives off from the Mex
ican border.
After anight spent at Earlham depu
ties Roberts aud Cravens returned to
Las Cruces, where they found orders to
return to the east, as the fugitives were
then In their rear and were known to
have been fed at Alamogerdo. From
Alamogordo the desperados turned
north, passed through Tularosa in the
rear of 1 heir pursuers and are said to
have crossed the Santa Fe I!. R. near
Altaian. IS miles south of Kngle, and
wio overtaken on -the plains, a few
miles west of Altman, where the en
counter is saW to have taken place in
Which Rainbolt was shot and badly
wounded. El Paso 1 aily Vta.
Pithy Paragraphs Detailing the
Most Important Happenings
at the Nation's OapiEi,
Interior Department Will Henceforth Re
fuse to Loan Indians For Exhibition
To Patent Fruit Varieties,
Sulphur 645
"The company is working.6 men and a
foreman in this slope, besides 25 men
employed lu various capacities outside.
"Mr. Hills, the geologist of thColora
do Fuel and Iron Company, who exam
ined the property, constructed a coke
oven of adobe brick and coked some of
the coal from the Akers seam, which
gave the following analysis:
Water 1.4o
Volatile matter 3.020
Fixed carbon. 70.850
Ash 17.825
Sulphur .011
"You ask for the valuation of our im
provements, but, as I said above, the
company has little as yet which could
properly come uudor that hoad. The
cost of "the operation so far has been
about $16,000, which includes a supply
of tools sufficient to last sometime, and
also machinery which Is not yet upon
tiie ground, The company proposes to
erect a washer and a block of coke ov
ens as soon as practically can be done.
In addition to this operation the comp
any ba a 70O-I001 proving slope down
on the upper seam, at a point 3 miles
below Malagra Hill, but did not find
enough coal to warrant operation.
"When we get get a map of 'Our- work
ings complete, shall take pleasure In
sending you a copy.
"Yours, very truly,
"N'KW MKXtOn Fi ki. Company,
T. L, W'ku.eb, Supt."
Since the abovo report was made by
Superintendent. Welles, the. railroad
has boen completed to the mines and
oal I being shipped from there at the
rate or auoui, twenty nve can per
and tho force of men employed by
Laborers Being Rushed into the Salado
Ojal Fields Country.
The El Faso and Northeastern rail-':
road people are going after that coal in
earnest. Harry Alexander, assistant
freight agent, recently came from Illi
nois with twenty laborers, and today lie
w ent out on the T. & P. bound for West
Virginia. It is reported that in the
mining regions of that state many men
are idle. These will be offered induce
ments to come here.
C. B. Eddy, president of the road, has
spent this week at Capitán, and Supt,
Miller went east only yesterday for the
purchase of the new machinery.
A total of fifty new coal cars has been
received, and with thirteen sent up this
morning makes 63 now in use. They
will all be loaded at the mines at once
and sent down, Out due care will oe ex
ercised to see that they do not get away
from El Paso where nearly all the coal
will be delivered. El 1'aso Herald.
Wells on the East Slope of the Sacramen
tes Are Producers.
Quite a number of wells are being
sunk along the Eagle, a dry creek bed
west of l'enasco. About ten miles up
J. W. Turknett has a line well KiO feet
deep with 82 feet of water and a wind
mill lurntsned ov 1 racy .v, Mcbwan is
now being erected by Lee Cook. Then
about eight miles further up the draw
Will Turk has found abundance of wa
ter at 25o feet and is having a wind
mill erected, liud Wilson who moved
out eight miles west of Peñasco on a
draw leading into the Peñasco also has
a line well with a twelve foot wheel
and a good reservoir. The grass around
the wells is exceptionally One. It is
the general opinion that water can be
found all over that section of the coun
try so far as to make excellent sheep
and cattle range where heretofore cat
tle couldouly gra.e In the wet season.
Eddv Current.
Sjjecial Corn-xpoitdrnc to The Nbws.
Wahim.notok, D. C, Jan. 1, luOO.
Inspector General RreckenrlHo
his last annual report to Major General
Miles, nukes an argument in favor of
the organization of a carrier pigeon ser
vice m the Army. Tho Navy has ex
perimented successfully with uiireons
President McKinlev has a WAV of tin.
ing small things that endears him to
the public. Christmas dav hA nrHi
a beautiful wreath sent to the home of
the late Oeoree Marshall, th l 111 il iiit'i n
who served about the White House for
seven years.
It has been decided by the United
States Commission to tho Paris Exposi
tion to establish a corn kitchen, for the
purpose of showing the Europeans the
many food uses to which corn meal and
corn products can be put. There will
be a number of gas ranges where the
process of preparation will be shown
A remarkable craft, that has created
world-wide interest In naval circles Is
now lying at the Washington navy
yard. It is the Holland Submarine
Torpedo boat, and will be given a mile
inai on me roiomac. It resembles
great porpoise with a blunt
dorsal tin, and Is an Intricate
machinery inside.
mass of
Til- v.. r . .
.... ..... "'in I'lueii, maoc pu
""""J il statement showing that
there are 200.000 storm soft la ' the
island of Parto Rfco dependent upon
chant,-, who roust contluue to look to
.wner. .-a lor means of subsistence
the banana crop ripens, anon
Starting anew.
Another year: A new beginning.
We greet you at this season, wishing you
greatest benefit from tho year to come.
If your name has not been on our roll of
friends wo want to put It there now. If
you have granted us your patronage in
the past we want to hold your friend
ship by giving you increased values.
Here Is our offering:
More men
wo otner sna
have boen opone
coil. New machi
and every facility
the eoal to the surf
bo Qomet -
. 1 -Mh - . r
en iucreasd
112 put In the
be opened a
Stetson Eats
Wool Fleeced Underwear
President Suspenders
Negligee Shirts
Outing Flannel
Ladies' Underwear
Ladies Underwear, all wool
wool black hoae
m 50 cents to $5.00 pr
and look at t hem.
1 1
1 1
$4, 58 each.
.50 "
.35 each.
2.25 Suit.
1.25 Laca
.75 "
.12 1-2
, .SOPaiA
tons of food Is needed to stop starvation
The death rate Is fearful.
The war department is going to send
four or five hundred soldiers to Alaska
early in the spring. They are intended
for service in the Cape Nome district
It is estimated that there will be a large
influx of fortune hunters on ftccnnnl. ,,f
i the attractive siafemonts whlcjre" ES"
ing made regarding the! prospects there.
1'he duty of the troops will be to pre
serve order.
A new departue in the policy of the
interior department is emphasized by
unequivocal refusals which have met
all recent requests for loans of Indians
for exibltion purposes, and Secretary
Hitchcock and Mr. Jones, Commission
er of Indian affairs, have determined to
stop the abuse of the privileges and
have so stated In a number of coinmun- I
cations lately.
The-Vice President's room in tho Cap
ital is a model In Inxurimr -appointment
In its sumptnousness it excells Senator
Thurston's Turkish room, and that is
saying a good deal. Of course, there is
no secret about its raaa-ninefin tnr ti,
door of tho room Is always open and the
veriest straggler into the Capful can
get a glimpse of its artistic decoration
The admission of Oklahoma to state
hood will be strenouslv urged during
this congress. The territory has an nr.
ea equal to that of Vermont, New Hamp
shire, Massachusetts, . Rhode Island,
New Jersey and Delaware; combined'
There are 700 churches, 1,000 Sunday
schools, and 150 newspapers, it has a
wneai area greater than that of the
British Isles.
The Post Office Departatont has re-
parcd circulars inviting proposals for
carrying the mails next summár from
both San Francisco and Seattle to St. J
Michaels and all points along Mo- Yukon
river, as far as Dawson City Canada; far
Nome, Alaska, where the 'rush of wild is
expected next spring, and for additional
service to offices on the Alaskan south
ern coast.
Through its cha
Boynton, the Chick
hooga National Mi! Park jjpt'
slon has made its auiiuai 1
secretary of war. The document Is of
the healthfulness of the park, based on
the experience gained during the Spanish-American
war. It is said that the
military use to which the park was put
bas not resulted in permanent damage.
Consul Oeneral Lincoln, WrlíingNIrom
Antwerp, to the state department re
ports Messrs. Shroder Vdon
tobatco dealers of Antwerp, write
for the names 01 exporters of Wis
sin tobacco. They say thoy are espf
tally interested in this kind of tobact
and can find ready sales for it. Th
would like to establish connections wt
one or more "American houses.
Among the legislation that will I
asked of congress Is a measure of aoi
sort for tho protection of nursery
and horticulturists, who produce' n
varieties of fruits, grains, and flow,
which are of benefit to the race. Whet
er legislation shall allow a patent,
trade mark, ora copyright, on a spec
fruit production brought about by gra
lug or otherwise, has not been decidí
Like aif Illumined missal of old w
tin' memorial which the Hawaiian pi
sb Clothing Co
snneij uouim
tnas at Bt

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