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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, March 30, 1911, Image 5

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Representative Underwood
Says Tariff on Wool and
Woolens Will Surely Be
Hppi lal to Hvi niitu' Herald.
U IinIiIiihIiiii. .Mutch an. .M i III )t t H
of tlir waa nnil menu cimtmllicc of
lln' Iioiiri. or ii'iniHi'iiintlvi'M an- not
that w intern wool growing Intel cala
mi' pii-patlng to inarch npnn WiihIi
Innion in tiirco whftt the tariff ittea
Hon i'oiinliliii(l.
Wht,. lmvi no attthnrlty to any
that wool siowm will not he given a
hi'inlnu. ' anhl fhtilrimin rndnrivond.
' it la inv opinion that the might Jiiat
ii" well make an uwniull upon tllbrul
tar n upon tin- hniiM. We liliuu now
all the niKiiiiiiiiii that will he ad
vanced iiunlll.Mt the levlaliin of Sclic'l
tlle 'K',' hut there la tin MUoMloli ahout
wiuit the Iiimimc will tin. We will make
our ii'vMuii anil etirt II to the m-nate
ami whether It Koen any futther ic
malni to he hern."
Tin comment maile h Mr. I 'inlet
uonil teflerlH the itltllllile or the en
tile iiiiijtit liy or the way anil iniunm
iimmlltee mill the lemli'iH of the IteW
I ii'iiim nun hoitHi'.
Acttni; ax a eommlttei on commit
(cm the momhet-N of the wiiyn anil
iniallH eomnilttee luive practUally
i "inpleted their lutiom. There Iuin
Pi. ii ,i meat ileal ul npeeulatloll alioul
the . huh innuNlilpt) nml the m'ticrul
linpiiHxlou In thnt In Kcncrnl the
M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 lllle hllM Ill'i'M follovcll, hut
lid Hie ItAt.M ptepureil are all Nllhject
to ihanite at the liemocratlc i-nncim
to tie held next SHtiinluy. there will
he no official nnnouuci-meitt uuule of
the propiHieil orHaulntton In nilvaip-e
or that time. l'ollily It will he the
luilmneiit of the cnuciid that all nl the
iimmltteeM mIioiiIiI nut he oifjMiilMl
iinim illuteb mill thin fact la nu nihil
it.'ii.il riayon wli the viim ami
tn I'lt iih . .iiimiltti'i in try I iik to keei
,iet th nunll ol IIm Inhotfi.
N'o ii' lion Iimk lii'i'ii taken i the
P.i'pnlilli an nilimilty coifrornliiR com
inittceM. The ItcpiihllcniiK will have
i.iii'-ililnl of th- tuiMnheinhlp of -ach
. . t ii in 1 1 1 mul it In pinhahle that
m.ist of the Importnnt pin fen will he
filleil li men Mho me now the iHllk
HIK llli mliel'H It l llt(el. tlmt n place
on appropi lutlonn will In given to Mr.
t'minon, who wu chnlrman ot that
' oUllllittee pilot In IiIh i-Ii valloll to
the NpeliUeiMhlp.
When lifiiiiii iutli' lenilem heard that
tluie wnn niiivenii'til mi the purl of
Niiniiipni i:epubllciti in make Mr
I'annou the mluuilt)' lnndr of tho
lioone. It WUN AMUinPtl tlmt Hp wolltd
i.i Riven the ror.rn In the lMiiment
1'i.iini ih oci-upltid lt I'liump Clatk.
wlio In to be doUt'
'I'hamp. I don't ivaui that room of
MiiiiK, ' mii Id I'nclr Joe, when hi- h anl
.i thiN plan. "U'lij, it In right up
.ikhIiiM the tcphnv and I'd how- rheu
maticn In all m JoIiiih in lua than a
eek "
The room In nupntlnn ndjnlnp the
icfrlKcititlui; plant at the capital ami
Ih damp at t linen Ari'iiiigoiileiilw then
weir uuule l the ni'inocint.M to pro
vide a loom for Mr. I'nnnon on thi
inn I n floor convenient to the chamber.
Thl action wiim Intended uh h cniirtei
to the man who Iiiik hceti In cniiirol
ol the Iioiih-' teliiH for ao Ioiir, mnl thn
uetiiin would have Ihoii taki-n whether
.Mr. i 'allium watt elected mtnurlty lend
er in not. Immediately, hnuevcr. tho
autl-i'minou Krpulillennn were amuK
ed nml mm it loolm an If the minority
letideinlllp will he illnpnucil of uiih
arte r a flu hi
.Mr Cannon ha told a number
lil frlemlH that he duiH nut want the
leaileinhip l' the iniiiotlt). ' I've had
in) Hint;." he wild. I'dIckm uriicd i
ntumlpattern It In not hulleved lie Will
he ii cnmllillite In the cW'lll 'ie
Hhoilld not he elected it In llkel lli.it (
the enllti-wl will he lietweell Mailll "f
IIIIiioIm mid Weekn of .Mukkii-Ihih. n
Until would he iiute of larue foli I
IllKH sholltil the) heroine llwil camll- .
illlteK. iew iomatoix have been in in.- city j Property in Snndia Mountains
OUIIIlK IIM IHPt with. r-'Mur iniir MK"
It wiin minouureil thm no effort wuiild
lie made to Ink. up the Uestlou ot
fllllUR vai anep.h on i.tiimlt t i-n until
after the colli t-uillK "I coHKI'i-M ill
extra M-fNlon on April I All of I he
talk that Iiiik been heard ha been uf
mi eutlixlj Iniortnal imtiiie. hut it in
dlcaleii that there will be a a inline
attempt id U'Ktllitrn mill ptoRreaalve
Itepllhliouun to "net toRether " The
pioniotlntiM to vupiitit i liiiiriiiuiiHhlp
under the nciilni li rule will give the
pioieaHlvia u Rood allow, and It fit
likely alao Hint pluivn wiil he rIvpii
to thin ruction on unna ut the iiupoii
nut ,'niiiiiiltt' oh. miii 1 1 uh finance, ap
propriatlouH mul Juillctur.i .
"I'm afri.i.l that woman i inclined
to he aelllxll ami hiipi i-cIIIiiuh "
"Vi." replied Mih, f'nyeiiiip "Wliut
remei lieaicn iit'iKt itttnictiv,, to her
In the belief that n lot of p.-opl,. h ie
do, Htfl i at- f'o will he ileiih-ii ,nl
mlttmicc w.ndiniRton Star.
Women who uw Motltcr'o Frlnnd are itavetl
io common with ovpcct.it.t mothers. It in a ponctratltiK oil that thoroughly itibn-
cit overv miniclo. nmvo anil tendon involved at such hno:i. and thUH promotes
physical comfort. It aids nature by expanding tho tkin ami tisauea and per-
fectly prepares tho ny.ttom for tha
romltiK of baby. Mothcr'n rrlnul
insures a (julck and natural recovery
for every woman who uses It. It is
for iiale nt drug stores. Wrlto for
free book for oxpoctnnt nothcni.
Atlanta, Uiu
Water Users' Associations
Hold All-Day Session in El
Paso and Adopt a Definite
Ml Punt, Tex . Mnrelt ."Ift U u
lutiil , liift nl Mi. hoard nf gover
nor r lln ICIepluint llutlo Wilier na
H.(iniinii nml tlii' 151 I 'nan Wittm
I'acra' iixvn-latlon, held valcnlny In
tlu will! mom of lln Sheldon lintel,
which wi.k (in all tiny "Paaliin. tin-
phut wliii-n Ima boim under ennaldpru.
Hin i tin' board nf gnvprimra of the
two naaoclatlun for tho dcvclnptnent
mill tithiMiiiiin of tin' power In 'mi
ii, ..-in. ii win. i i...
' -
ll ''! porntlon to lii. farmed hv
union nf the ,inil owners under (!i
t naaociiitlona, wna rnlncled,
Tin- I'M it miliar cnnahlcrutlnn em
bodied the i ntiatriictlnn of nit olce
lite railway from it point ubnve l,a
Cruci a Itinroii had bt.fii miKBJitett
to mapita, Tenia, which rtulinnrt wna
I" In- 1 m II t mid operated y thtB mi'ii.
lionet corporation in be forinwl out of
the wulpr uaera eotnprlalnu Hip two
oaaoftatlntiM niftier the Itlo (Irnmln
project. 'I'in. plan hImi Involved tin
fit. -mailing of ch-ctrle power for llghl
IIIR. heutlng mill dmncuttp plirto.
ami foi ucucrul nap.
Tli im-ctltiR win, nruHtilycd with
till- PlCPlioll Of . 1. ,,f AU
Crinc. problem of Hi,. Ulepbnnt
Hull. Water I'hit' uaaoplutlnu. iih
Phalnnnn. mul Cuhh. of ih- 121
1'nao Wnter fnern" asooclHtlnu i upc- I
I'Ptart I he llie. tlnc A iineiied hv
I'lllill IIIHII Hull, who PMiluilled Dial i
llir put pom- ivon to rnuatdpi In mint
acaainn the tchtuHie plait or orguutMi-
lion which lniil liirfh under .-.m! it
eration ti the two tttHii Ih aupurntcly
for tin i Mint two week. lii tnictl
that the Hemital entieenaii- of opinion
of tlir Imiiril of uovcrnor of hi aaao-
iii i inn hi it h iiim meeting wan Unit
tlii' plan wan fcnalhlc and aliould lr-.-.in
1 1. 1 1 inn nlung tin. jjkiutuI linn In-
ill'Uli.il, provided tin- nwiicrallip of I
the power naaixMiitPm ei.uld he mi
.u.i in H iiim ii cfiiiiu not ue i .nu ,
of ih.. hiindn or th water unern
Mr Holt then pllml upon It. K.
Iluraen or thin ptt, who ntiited thp
plan outlined ubftW'.
Aftil HOIIIe HPIIeial diar-IIMliin. '.. I
' old utincHed thr plun. nml -itatcil
that It wan not tin- buniiipim of the
water imetn' nwoplHtlim to think about
i tic Uevplopiuciit of any power, hut to
put their efpiirtn xuIpK- to Hie liirnlnli-
Iiik or uilppnt wnte for tin pin pnae I
f ii'iiRMlliiR the html unite i ih, Itlo
iSrniuli' project.
7. T. While ol 111 1'nno Niijipurted I
Hit- ponitlon uf Mr. Cubb. but Pellx
Martinet! of thl city itbuixreed m.intl"t' 'Hct . on.lil. i.ible iHOUomleH tint '
einph.iii. uliy with both th eutl. .
men Hi brllffVi d flip people of HI
I'ano wpic nroir-MMrtvp "louah to
'he Immcnii' belli 111 to nil th,.
li. opl,, ..f (Ilia Miction tlmt could it
derlV d from the diVpnpmi-lll ot the
alma advunced In the pr-ipoi.lt Ion '
men heforp the ntPPtlllK. alld Willie
not minitniainii the m n ii. n rend, r.-.i ,
lj ilii. reclBuimiou a rvli .-. Mr Mm-,
titip propeedml to review the hlntor.
of the project ami to p., ml .nit ihu
lap bet iitilia had ii. ,-n ..litain, d .
when the cfTtiitc uf the mivi-rnmcnt
lii.il '.H'eii seconded hy the i k ,i
fortn of the Incut peopl,
At this point n .-n nil m.-lce in-Mit-d
l'pi'ybnrty wnuinl n talk, and1
ottl .ltli illillciilty wtta orih-r n-atoi-id.
When order wu Hn.itl, n .stored,
a .evolution prevntlpd pndoriilna Hi,
hill h rmwoil by Hi. re --in h..nbiih of
iiiiki-ivm uuthnrttDK Hh- aeet'. to i-y,
nllii the couaaut ,r the Wat-r 1'iwr' t
iiMHiirialion, lo mak, l,..i,- lor p- I
i'.. I not . v.-ei , Iiiik tirtv ,ir of th
p.n-1 r .i poivet jit'.v l. ui i an Ii III' J
0 ' t Inr .! i-'.-i. i. ... ( ili. .,!)
,il.' .' th.
f .l I... All... ....
" .-. 1
u-iiiwfi I . f i. inur liRrniii-
1fp11 QllAUMtlfV VoVlf P'kirm.
able Indications.
"l'u Dirt" Iiiih been hi ruck lit
chutika In the Ui l.ttz nun.', locfltwl
In the Mundli. ii'.iiniiliitiia u..nif. I wan.
i-llv. mllea north -nat or AllmrtUPt -!
iue. Tin l.u l.tix propertloa ore
owiipiI hy Alhuitieniui people, thp
dHtrlcl linMiiR bean uxtenalvply px
plolled hj It. liuppi mul hi unco.
chid m Ai'coiiIIiir tn the rep, u t
brnuithi In f.oin the mliiea, u mood
body of lead jiild wilier ore wua en
.,,ni,i..i,.i v. ill, ,.inm liidlciitioii id u,
aplcndld deep vein uf lllc antttu otoa ,,r 3.'i".00 ihiuiiiIn uf cupper
fill llier duwn The hnard of dime-; u'"' l' innlninlnml per month at a to
lota of the l.ll 1.117. project held a ' ,"' e" ,,f !l 11 I'milld. At tha
meeiiiiK' y.wt .rdny and a. raimeineiitn 1 l-nni'tit time Hi iv la hclUR eNp. mlcl
Will be made Immeillateli to do work
on cien ii Int-R, i
lieluj; done.
bralc 1 llll II Ih lloW
, .lure eitutl to at leaat 1 pent pel- pound
Tor tlio r.iotlior In tho ltomo to oa',,,, the production in devciopinu' new
utrotiK and well, ahlo to tlovoto ltor , , ,,.,. wr,t ,. cost
time nml Btrcngtli to tho roaring of , (. ( tt t ! . onia per fiuuml will tiieaii
clilliltcn, is ono of 111'o'H Kruatest tn.it a liberal allow iiiice Is lining
blcnainga. Often tho boarintj of mad r,n an v i- ml 1 1 in . at the mines
children Injures the rnothcr'a health, th.n t- spent In wm-lc thnt la tint In
If sho litifi not prepared Iter syntctn ' ni m.ii io tin- iu..inteuanco of uo
In ailvrtnco for the Important event. r m r-
much of tl.o tllacomfort ami Htttloring
i noi rniiiuiii
Postmaster General Has a
Scheme to Reduce Cost of
Hauling Periodicals. Effec
tive July 1.
Speclnl to Kt ill nc ih n, ,.
Wimhlnuton, Match so. .MitRUXliii
ami other bulk perlmlleiiiH nfter July
1 next will he trannpiiiti-il h thi
pontofflre ilipiiitmeut in crlmi'iN 111
fnnl ftelKllt.
I'lixtniaster (lenetal lilt. u.u i
ileveloplni! ax iapldl ax MMinlbli plaiiH
Which he decided lipnu hint llMetnhiif
""" r,, fiilKhl In the irnnmmi
tntlon of IllliL-iialiii-n uliun ..-..,. i .....
I IIIH 111 Ill-Oil Ill'i'M U'llK...
ina to
i ue Bovernineiit in tiiinapiirtati.iii
haieH may he effected.
"The plans I huve decliled upon,''
bald Air. Hitchcock HiIh nveiiltiK. Mn
tint propoMed uh ii Holutlon t)r tin.
pcmllllB ciilllrowrny over the mumenl
ed Iticteav or the xei-otul 'IliMM limil
rnt'K on the advertlMlnc Kectiotin ul
niaua.Hi-'K. hut they pinhahlv will tend
to IiiIiih nl. nut ii Milutlon or thnt nm-n-tlon
the mote eaullj."
The iuuiltc iiulul weltthinu of the
miilln in the third contract miction ol
the l oiintry. comprinltiK Ohio. Indiana,
llllnoln. MIchlKali. WIncoiimIii. Minn
ynlii. Iowa nml MIkm.iiiI, in uim in
priKlin. Hy direction of the poM-
innnter Kemral xiven In nccordanie
with hi piHim for iransipoitlnK peri
odical mull hi fnnt frelKht, the
welehla of moiitliU niul-ieiiil.iiw.Mil.lv
P-rioillcul mall mutter urlninatlllu In
IlilB.- tiuhllnhlna r..nli.iu nr.. Ii..liu.
tnkell mid k. l.l Ki-nanite ti'oin the
weimitn or oilier iuiiIIm. The grant
pUhhlll eeiitern urn IhiNtini, .SpilllK-
Held. .Muw! , New York. I'hllailiilphla
nml I'hieaito.
I'rom ,lul 1, next, pcrloillcnln thnt
can in- timinpoi ted In carload loin hy
tnnt HclKht thniuith the nePtlon
wellii'd. without dlmidvunttiRe In de
tlvci'j. will he canted In thlH mnuiiet
nml paid for at ficbjht mien.
iJIntrilnitiua termlnala have been
i-Mliihllnhi d In Itimloti. N'ew Vorh. l'hll-
iMi.'iiiiin, . niciiKii, i.iiina, iiuuiuu
.t. I -Mill
riiroiiRh j
nil.. . i ii.-i . ill. I i.ri.iiKii .
...... s. ....
llll (!- I hill .-nil tie HhiiiIImiI In in il.uiil .
lotn will he nr-ut tlirollKh the ni'lKhlnu
m-ctlon li MelHlit, mid nuch aihlilloli-
al iIIhIi lliiillon an in iicci'nmw heiori
Hie mattet In delivered to otinr roll-
wa pontorrice lima Will he done at ",,,',v ," u'"' "'""' llevmdd'.'s r,ivir
the i. rmlunln. ArrniiHPinnnlK will he ' 1 "a"1 "n the wallN Iiiiiik inanv
mmle with tin- puhllshuri for a finer
M'lwiiitlon lu the publtahlnt; otflcea
"lid lor nn earlier mulltiiK of their
niatti-i no thnt the aloun niethodM oi
trminpui tntlon may tint affect the i.
nlurlts m pi i.in.tniw or lu delivery
We ipc. t, -..lid .Mr llllclu-ock,
nl lu the actual mat of trnnaportu- j
hm the mutter, hut nli In the ;
rpii-fft,,,,vx poatotn.. -i pn in tin-mcc 1
il- n Unit i ti
in; v ,-i j; n ,i ii no
.li e U i Hilll ll and
1 Mil ill I i'. ;m-
. l','l I'll, i I.I ill
a- tni ..Hi, i
; I""" "'ll
'i 1 . lu
ul '-
After Deductinu' All Opcrat
inn Expenses. Final Profit
Approximated $560,000 for
Year Ending Dec. 31, 1910.
lti-.it, , Arm. M.u'i ,',u I'UuieH
"'Iv UH. .1 i.ul.h. .nilii at,, thill 111,'
i i ' inanen pf.p. ti i.i MtHI pull
'"u ui'inii out or th,. tiioiiml al ih
"I "lip , Vet'.
I tin jpor eitiluil Depiiinhi-r 31.
' i " ih. leport
f the On ("ana-
i -i 1 1 hIi.mv that th,. cainpnii) ' pro.
ii lant ycui iniiiilintoil tu 16.771.
'i Ii.iiiIiiIh ill rut. i, i.t- I K1 y,l
. .., , :.,L '.''I
"..' - .. ff.i.ri- aou nnt iiiincea 01
Ut, 1. 1 rrili. littdf ll.tllK.Hi. .c n a. .........
!..,.i.K in:, i f...,. ,.ii,h.... i-'i !
-' 1-,1, J.v.t.l,.. -I,. I
i...iiii,Im of copper, 1,181
ounce or".
-iii.r ..ml .0(1.1 nunc.. of Rohl a ton. i.
ii ini3 cms for n. vpiii- ..
' - - - -, - . i .---ii -
innat. d at tU cenu ,., unUn,l ami 1
" - . ...
i itllM! llfl lull imlu nl' I lit naiiu .jii."" III thi
putiixi, imikllii; tin- total coal II l'l
''ilia par pound.
Tin- operating profit In i-atlmntod
rit Jl.aeo.OOil which, utter diMltiPtltiR
jano.iiiin for connli uellon. will lonva
a final proiit i aiipi-oMtuiiteh fiif.a,-
Cou-inirilnii nt inliiv mul Hineltcis
Will be eouipl-tll dill IIIU lllla Uinttlll
mnl it la I'MH-ctt-d tlmt after the llit
or April i-xpelldlllll, will I u mi
ipvi-ulliiK ImmlH and Hint with hut one
poiici-niratnr nut of the two operutltiR,
and four mil uf , lulu bloat Iiii iiiicch
1 I ei ci uerainriea, a p oiluctlull
" """ i money inr uev
incut at the mines ami thla will ho
ciintltiiicd. The company hna a verv
latRe tcrtitoo ami It la expected for
a hum Hut'- in mn I ti t ti iti an cxpotuIN
i or tno nct aaunm noraca in mn my
rail phnno No. 3. W. U. Trlmhle, 113
N. and ft.
iptii.rtunllv in like cVeryoiio ole."
' In wh it way?''
"lw 'V- . 1 1 1 v I 1 1 n lo cull .in the man
n ho n alreiidy MllccesMi'ul. " ICniiHas
( . ,li.iiiiiil
I Amher Cane nml Sorghum aeed,
I 2.B0 per hundred. E. W. Fat.
Fabulous Prices Arc Being
Paid in Rentals for Fa
mous Residences Because of
Coming Coronation.
London, Mnich II" - Huw-t.il Amer
lent ii illiiinalrca ha nl .-.i.iy luxe, I
i l . ml hotiKCH nr dpiu li.u-ntfi in
li.li l.K liotolf. fOr the oroilii I in tm
Kim The price the) nr.. coni ac.InK
to if ludlpiite thir. ii proil iv Mn
anclul harvoMt Will In rrflpml ft mil
vlaltur from sHrnim lh- .Mlnnttr.
.M.n. Wlllhwn II- I.eedif. Mr t'ol
ii r I'.iltnnr nml Mm riplen rioelnt,
AniPitciin whlnwM poMUMiiiiit vnm,
wi-nlt.i, win he amoiiK tin- Important
h.i.ox of the ycur. ISuch ot ttttui
tins i line tlnie or .itimhir Piitor-i-itiie.i
ii roynl pcrHotuiKe .cither tltn
nu. iIR Udwttrd or Umpmor Will
iam whetl ytlOlltlllR III Houtheln aeb
Mm 1,.1-dn Iiiih leaaed Mm. (teoraja
iv .pp.. 1 1. .KiiiHd In nroM-iior atrept.
Mi- J. .1. Ajjtnr in non. oh at a
new I.iiiiiIuii house, ,is in i ucruiNincy
"I i; I'oi tlllHU T5tlHte 1 to tei'ltllllHtsi
aon Unly Cunliid. rimirl) Mattil
Umk. ..f Xpw YuVk, h.. ohtuineil the
priMit.- reddendo of the piluu. mlii.
late .it jo ChVetidMi Sitiare for the
neiiaon ThlH Iioumi! In always Kfeatly
i",-t..i ihciiiiko of the -.pleiiilld rP
ceptioii i.tonin, old iiihIi.irhiu Htnlr
cne nml hhIIh painted bv .Sir .Inhn
T.ioruhlll two uotltllili-a nRo.
While iti l. union npecinl tppfp
m nialli . ,,r the United si.n.n at tlm
eoroiintliiii John llnyn lliimtuoll.l will
occupy llir Iioiiko ut I stiiittoii mret,
the old I'lccndllly liutne of the lata
Ifuronean ItunlDtt fntiltn. whore Hih
preanii ,111.1.11 rrc(Ucutl mnyml uh a
child, the huromiHM liavltiR hnnn a
piraoiial rrleinl or her mother, thr
late l)ii,'ln K of Took
lleidea a marveloun coiiectlnn nf
t.'iieen nne nml early itiorulBu all
vi r. tin hoiian uniitulm n vaat iitaii
iitj of virv valiinhh ehina If Mr.
"l"nin"n'' 'aose. to i-ntertnln on a
ime np will lie ..lite to cover
til,. hllRe .hllller ttltde Mll'.l -"III Xtllll It
ailver, or he pan mnke um of a n.-i-
v,v of (-old ith iiri-nkeia nml roIi
'"'inlnlte workinmiNhlp. In the
1",lu""' ,n'' ru " painter
'1,n' precloui "Wln. d Vi
frnni Y.iiiinii. mIiowIiik tin womleriul
Mold work of the (irn-kn with the
ehlHi-l iw,i thoitMiind yenri hro, ilrnt
fullu Phukeapeiiri!, Heahurii pictures
" "'"oil ail.! Iho MlllRlaVe picture of
1 P"tnled ill the wn ,( Ms death
" ll'ippner, nr. -a few id the other
r"Annra of wIiIbIi Mr Hummnnd
be ina twuporury Kiiardlnn. It
. iPrM.rtiN.1 ihm he will pay jio.nnn
a .-. fo,- Hi,, ot th,. hoiiKe am!
It- flirnUhluaa ilUrlllK "le lx WeekN
ot its .ii 'Upnii,.).
A erli lu Mb, rnl peer h refnapil
in Aniprlcnn'H "-ftor of jsn.oon for
U f hla re-mlPllPe .ItirliiK lltu
am,, nix wok Another American
- oirpt.il ms.aiia for the tcnntipj of
i lioime In Hill utrpct ilurlnK Ma,
.I.IIH- and .lilts . but the uwner reluacs
'.. take ln ilmn tinn.oun.
Urilllunt coionatlun ctitcrtnlnntenii
t. 1,,-lim plniin.il ror Dorcheatpr
ii'iiim- t v iimii mtooil that arnniiR
th, Hie Im thei, . f th,. American am
'..i-iador mid Mi Whltelaw Itel l will
';,7 "7rtl " H"M
:. ' ,
Hniuinii tiiousuui Men in in-.
snnlcil Mllllla Praised lor
'I hell- iilunliiry Sei ili-c,
The llt-KJilifx. l Mllltlu of the I'nltoJ
sti lew in pr,iba.,i. one of tin. bent ex
nmpl of pm-c p.itrlutlNtn lu time of
pea.,, to be round III any oceidcittnl
nation nf tndu. write ciuirltH II.
' Mn an kit I., ik.. i.
."" numner in itic
" Hi 'lllHl.l .lIURnKIIIC.
That tlmre oyer ii hutnlred
thouanuii men 'io, hisvlns no In.
nllnr than thnt ooinlnc rrom
ttielr dully ore uiuttliniN. Iiii..iik ..v.
Jnth ntury occutiiitlonn.
. . aboubl iliul ..ml .I..1...I.. .1... i ......
'"" "on- iiu-j
. "' l,,',"','"""' "r '"'Uf. Ill order
'" l";"imreil t def.iiiii their cuuu-
..... ... j, .
... .,
" "r ' " Very Rtat.
ry cxionnlve deaett
of bi-pciIj cuiHUf i Inllem, for. in thH
liiatunc , iii..n. i.uv luilucomeuta ,iro
wholly IncltltiK. m faot, In their pin, -a
(tin ohattiPlca or no mean illillciilty
nu. I uuienuiittif.
Thnt men b I voluntarily ent(.r
the lit 1 1 It In of Hi. ii (inuutry h pot !
mnrkMble. n..it tn.y nhnuid do ao
voliintiiril, Willi, .n( tuiy Hpeclal nd
vwntnitea ae.-i aii, ihiirofriitn, la re
tnnrkuhle. bin tlmt thny, eapeotnlly
nillccra. ahould .1.. In tlm furc of pun-
ItlVe auchil ltlll.i,,rlHinH. Illinncilll coat
and no small allotment of lime la
VP i-VPiptton.il anil In worthy of the
Very hlRheat -. . , 1 1 ill .Ml il (I t loll and ,.n-
Sin-h tltiaalftah ivIiik can lint. Uf
lleve. be duplicated In nny oreldcutal
nation mul It is iiu,tie,stlmuihly iiiinal
t lute thai th. . i no other nation
iihuae ponplc w aid hIiiiw micIi In
difference mid nllOPO IVel'llllli'llt
wiiiihl full in itlmoat all ways to di
rect mul iiilllm i, the very' Kroatcat
Stent audi valuable aprt, or who
would allow it t . i cumin ciikciI cramp
ml, and alnh -iiliHRlInt,' In the
mihliim nf an ainl'iaaled, ileilclcnt ami
nil hut ivuri. 1 1. nyxt in.
The verv i. t.t firn.Ml la due the
tnlllllii pet noun, i . iiipiiclnllv the olll
cein and iiim-, cnuilbfluned oillccra,
for the vcr a lmlfahle roHitlta they
iipciiiiipll.h, n u hicnuai) of, hut In
"pit nf. the "i-Mii under which they
arc w'url.'liiR l'"i the premmt y
tent naalM oni In the very allcht
oat di-iircc in in. attainment uf the
ruhI illsclplm ind war (iillclciny.
"Or. Tlioin.'ii' Mlectrli! n Ih Hip
best rtnni'ili f.ir that ofton fmni dl.
iiiaa Ptoiip. ll.i hppti tiRml with
auiipeMH In our family fur elKht yeara."
M I'm. M. I., Wliliaci-o, Uurtulu, X. V.
Copper Picked From the Sur
face of Thirty-seven Claims
at Cochran, Arizona, by
Joseph Cone.
Phoenix. Aria.. March Sa - With a
anuill aa.'k filled with ttntnplp of rich
Kohl and cupper nt-i, which hi- pick
ed up ft, on the aurfnt-p of thirty
aeveti cl.i.ma, mul with u funtaattc but
tine atory "j a (Uasovory ol placer
Kohl mmle thrmtgh tin- Undine of n
nuaact m t chiclteit'a ornw, .loaepli
t'ope retu.iicU ypatcnlpy nftPiiloon
from a ahort vtalt to foolimn, u ata
Hon beyond Florence mi the I'honnlx
.M ICaalein.
Mi. ''po want to roclirnn to look
over tin- property of ft ml Wllaon and
Mini,- that,. Mr. W'lUon told him of
placer roI.I in u little urroya,. only m
humlrml yuul from her home. It la
her belli f thnt Hip aanrta of the at
loya can-)' a fortmn in c-oarai gold
ami Mr. Cope co no iciiann to doubt
tln.t thla W true. No t, si with a dry
washei or other mnehlli, for the ex
traction or told ban been made, how
ever. The Wllaoitt. have been llvltlK three
mllea nnithweat of I'ueltntn about live
yearn. At Ural U'llaon hatl only llvu
dainiK, hut he hud ttrmliiHtly cv
tended hla lioldltiHa until now hp hi.
Ihil tj -aeveti. Coppn ore Im been
louml iiii the aurfucc of ewiy urn-, lie
ha dunp Utile except to perform Ilia
annual uhaofeaiuoiit work, .tut ul into
pine- he hiu driven a mum I clhty
feet into tin. aide or a hill. The tun
nel la nuw in aolbl aulphhlp ore. An
Iron capplliK. eighty fpet whip. nv.
tenda neroNN aavptt nf tin Wllaon
cliiinia. Thla la an nxenllciit ItiilUn
tlon of ohl valttea nml It I by no
mcana unlikely that poppor will ho
found beneath. The copper Ic.Iro la
leci wiiii nun run tap entire
length of the thlrty-MPveti ehilma.
Tona of iMying oip nir lying right on
the aurlacc Mr. Cope remained ut
the piuppity only one day ..ml could
not make it thorougu liiapictlon of all
t'ac clnlma, but fi II in th- HIV ,il Nt-ViMI
he Innkpil ai moat uloael) he took
a.tmple of ore '.hat apuircutl ran
na IiIkIi aa in m-r cent copper They
alt,., ahow am. II apecka Of gold. I'l.-cka
of uil phi. le ate all lliniii(;li the rock.
All th,. aatnplpa ahow atitua uf wnttli
liitK and leaching Thw hwiclied va!
ma me preclplinl.-d hi-Inw. .Mr Cop,.
saj'K that i tic- de poult looks like any
IlllllK hut a mere blanket.
"Thin waa no mm-h good ore ly
ing around l map that wain't par
llcular which 1 took, .ic aahl. ".Vavcr
le fore ilul I an. Ii I -uifaee allow-Ink'-
There lan't th xiuhtet dnitht
Hint Wllaon baa on,' r the big iiititaaa
of .iliiiiii. lie lia h, . a hauglnii
it thi t'p, doing hla aan Hameiii work
ypar by ycur. hoping th..t b, eotthl
aell It tn auute one, A f. w dn - anu lit
With III I'lint'lllx mill I ll'lfipelled t, ace
aoit'i-' of hla on-, of cuurae I I iin-
lilt. I all i mul no i hope to ,1" S'liue-
iliuiR with the pniprro
If you want n atyllah harm ami
mingy, aco W. Ifc Trimble, 113 X. Hid
HI. I'liOtie No. I,
Sells-Floto Circus
Huniuu beltiua are the otii.i living
i-ritaulaniH on tin- lace nf the caith
that look after their alck lonirndea.
Saline i una aa very clow In most
tiiiiiHa, moat of the niiliuata knuw
huw to piui, mt tlietr young and keep
tin mai'lveu In rood mul hou.4tng. but
tin ali-impui tiuil aurgeon, phvsicimt
ami boNpillll are entirely wunllng.
Sui'h dotueaili- nnlmulu aa the
htirae. cow, dug utt-l cat ate. ut iiiura,
iluetiireil like hiitiMit beltiua, but thla
la onlj li.'i'iuiM,. the) me lu our liutttc
dlute cute; hut the ailing wundeier ul'
the woodlnttd li Iff I aevprel) alolu .
Van mBlit pcrhnpa iniHglne that
lliiiuic milKOa up tor tnia di riclele y
by mi ri-n mi rdi Uf; her cieatuna nKalnat
lltn-H,, for we hnriily evpr anc'i
n thing, ror IliHlnnie, ua u nick nib
hit. Hut thlH Ih a mlatakp. Thoua.tmla
of aiilniaJa p.irlMh nnuuHll.i ftom ium-l-cteil
dlhot dura, nml the reaaon uhi
we hardly over afe nu ailing luaat
lii a in the fuel that It doea mn mi.,
It, 'If until It la dead.
Hvi-n eHterpllhirH huve their llliiifca
I'M. The Hml It Jusil ua triiillileautue
ua wc do to Kal thrnUBh pioioiiK'd
und wi'olhir. Thoy do not lotitiMct
piieumuiilii or iiUiitnii7.ii. It la true but
In wet aeuauua they gpt low i.M-r and
ilyiointci). I'in- flrat nyniptuma ..i t..
rover lu ii cati-t pillar Im a , liuuu, la
hla complexion.
If he la ii Kiei-n i-utnrplllar hla ln.ni
tlful eiuanihl coat ttirua u lckl mI
low. Ilo luin hla nppytlu-. hla ro mil.
plump hotly Kin flat and fin bin S i
he i too wank to pJnK n, H n.tK
tle.' perch.
Nature him Klvon Iiim m matin, t to
keep out or the drgit and w.t. and
UllU-a he haa beU leaK-llud b. II pa.-in-III
,'lii.inioloniat ami lHkm Into div
iiiil,ira. he ,l,'a.
lu Hip caac or iH'utleg, deuih will
OCUI where the allghti-al ilo$li)l'lllK
would put thins alrutglit. A coleup
terlal unci picked up a iltitnlili-ilor
Iic-tle on ii country mini In a diiug
The big blue lMMti hail been ill, ., li
ed with ruin, than dual hud pm-t-nl
over It- -pi'rhii Iroiu a motor ai
anil'iidhercil, win. Hip reault that the
etiaittll'e wua dying nl auffie atiioi Ttu
Onluupteilat linsetl it in u n. iKhtiul -
iiir hio ami in jo inlnutea n riew
nwny ,iilli well.
Thia oltpti hnppptta with h. i ich.
und thei do not appear to think of
hiintlug for wnt nr. The anwc . n iittire
la fii'iiiciitl killed hy h na.Mima para
alio which cnllecu In tlattat- cluati i m
around tin juinia of the Iukh- juat
uMiitly wtipii thn ImhuIc enti't ri t at
thuin. ,
A pin point will ratpovc t'.i
liktKita. hut thpre la iioUiIiik in u.,
turn to anpph Hie reinedj. uii.i Hi.
ciiaitui,, iIiium md tbiiit: ot oalux nmi'
ot tltuina.
A lurther ami very ipmlnl ilh-.-ril.
Ik a a peel i a of Itubaclllt.i s.hh
bentlcn Iohc their aciite of Iwlum, .md
are cimataiitlv luinhllng uvu mi tin it
ugeka. If they do thia on a aumotii.
flat anrfnec Hn ure ao form-d iti.it
tin y can m vor atiuggl,. un-i mi to
their Irua anuill, nml the diic r aull
Ih aim vntloti.
ItanalN nml Idrila arc luihlp to en
mii'tpiliin, ptiPtiiiioulH, diaii iop, i .
Hliuulei-a, dlplllherla, licni t ilia, aae
nml anventl other wall known dUni
ilii. Ciiuaiimpiiitn in Mat, or na
turn lit nut common, not la pn.a
monlu. hut m-mialaiiiilly a rahbii baa
! 1 1 found alttlnj; oil Lal tic Ita burrow,
alniiilng from head tu mil nml kuhp
lug for hronlh.
H linn uuntu out, funeylns lln.it U
nu nir in the hutniw. itttt the trntt
Ide n piieumoiila. A ptiHNliiK liutnan
helng might anve it if h utlil catch
II; hut. uf cunt.-, the aim lied crentltrn
would Kcranthlc nwu to the hush and
dtp In Hidltude. Tin it obvluua.
perhatMi, of all cnc of tiecleet, whetij
a little uttetillou Would iIkI mm -
tera. la when nulmala put lhatr llmha
out of Joint, or liniak thutn, or hmat
A little huimih aurumy lu the wood
land would bring about liuppy reituv
erlpH Hut, aa nature doc nut ut
IpiiiI lo attch mutter, many a mldilt.
fnv. phenannt, motiao or hum lontn Hi
life over what iuiiouk ua Im nmanled
aa tin- moat Irlfllnw acclilciit.--l.iiit-don
W. ek ISml.
I'luiti-r Seed I i,i Hie otiiui'
Murninu t;lor.i Aincrlcaii nml
"miii-I William.
1 1 1 ii I i nit.
Mailuulilltuili mn and lluarr.
Moiii niiK in Ide.
l yiii"s Vim-.
Xh'-'-uni. '
I'clnula. .
llarliclias lliitlun. ,
linni I'loucr. r
0lll- I It'll 1 1 (
alui thini 'I'lill,
Nalui iliiiu HiiuiT.
I 'our ( 'i locl.i.
Wild ('uciiiiiliec Vine,
Silencer Succt I'ca",
'I'all ,(-uf'ct I'cus
t'uplil ticci lcn.,
Ihiiulii'il- ol' Mirlctici uf i'l, in f
und 'cyclalil, Seed in ." cent packeta.
Cataloiio mailed to anj aililro-i.
i:. w. ini-:.
We Stand on Merit
in soliciting your orders for
Loose Leaf Devices, Speoial
Made Account Books, Rubber
Stamps, and General Office
Wc feel we can convince you
on a trial order.
Liiligow Mfg. Stationery Co
Phont 924

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