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Albuquerque evening herald. [volume] (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 1911-1914, May 09, 1911, Image 1

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tkiiii'm: citikn.
vm an. no. r,n.
i:vt:irj iint.i.i
vol.. i. No. .-i.-,,
Madcro Dcclnres That Battle Was Started In Endeavoring
To Extricate Two Hundred Brave Soldiers Front Perilous
Position After They Had Been Fired Upon by Federals;
Big Cuartel Has Been Taken and Diaz Men Arc Barri
caded in Old Church Which is Slowly Being Battered
Away by Scorching Fire From Garibaldi's Little Band;
Mexicans Form Front Ranks Among Fighting Forces
and American Soldiers of Fortune Support Them; Bul
lets Rain in El Paso and
Crowds Several Blocks Buck From the Line; Unless the
Church is Taken By Dark. Night of Terror Will Reign
in Border City; Refugees Flock to United States.
III) . Illrnlim HrrMliI . V. I.mxr.l Mlrrl
HI 1'iino. 'IV. , Mil) !t - A xolientl
ciiKiiKuiucut between revnliitlonurv
rorci's urn fcilernlH in Junior. Ih riiK
lug todu) Tin- entire rebel ai my
bloke ('11111(1 ilurliii; I In- nlclit ttllll thl
iiioiiiIiik were NM'imiiliiK Into town.
I'rlvnlus Kuill (iareiu inn) t'asmdv
or (lit- American I;kIom wltli tlic Hi
Hiiricciu.H, who oinne to 101 I'iiho i MM
nioriiltiK to k" lood. Hinted Unit ah
ic.uly Ilftecti Aiii'.'-lriniH wore killed
mill tin- lii.siirreeto liisi would ii nu
ll lily reach a bundled mui fifty kill
I'd and wounded The leiluniU' Iom.i
Is tiioio tliuii double tlirit
CuKsldy Kiiiil (Juiicrnl Vllliiroul IiiiiI
arrived roiu OJInnsn with rettifoiee
uii'iiiri mui two plecoH of artillery
I'niHpcctH of llob.'l kiiccohh me de
pendent upon tho nhlllty of tin Ion
orals to iihc thi-li twelve inuiiiliip
Kiitm in i lie town
CiMii'inl M micro a. Iinltted twin)
In- hud kIvi'ii loiis.'iii to ii cnrrnl
at t tic lv. lnil declined the fcdcralH hut
opened fire ami tin men who woio
icpnitctl ii rcniltinc iiKiiltiKt hint
hml puiHiied tho foili'riil.i ot tliuir own
accord an. could not tcllnqulBh tholr
.Mailiiui Hit Id he inuilii elfort to nr
tiYfiv"nn tuintStlro hint nlKht. W
fulled berntme of the prow ihe at
inch ulreiidy hiltl made All Hie lend
cis had boon ilctlliK on MiiiUmo'k or-!
(icncntl Niivnrro would have con
cnlod to tin ni'tniriilco f the ruboi
hud nvuctintt (I Ih town. Inn the rebel
chief hy that time had lun order
for nn ultiick .irlmnrllv to rclnlonn
i wo luitnlifid biiuc follow who hail
forced t hut r wn Into .liiarcr. doHpllo
federal IliMichcH and bnrrlendoH
lliillct have ix-cii pourtiu: into HI
I'iiho and Aincil'-mi 'I'roopH arc keep
Itm HlnhtHcci three blocks away
from the river
An AHfoohiiod I'rcttH em respondem
letuini'il fiom the Inturlor of .Itiiirn
at li' n o'elin I, and lepoitcl that ilie
M'IioIh al'C lowl llllllll pOHHOHHlOll
of tin town. 'I'he fcduniU nr.' keep
In:: up a eoiitlniiotiK flic from the
church In the center of the town,
hut ti om no othci iiolnl The In
HuriiMion nr coiiccnlltiK tholr
whoreiibotitH b) wlihholdiin; tln'lr
lire mid are HkulMtiK behind 1ioiih
Iii n kimIiiuI advance toward Die fed
eral Htroiiuliohl.
Colonel ( 1 m i It nt Id i Iiiih Klt"i order
in tin- IntiurriiciiiM In hi coiuniatid to
lirlnv the Held artillery into the
Hlrccts irepai(i'ur to Hlndllm; the
ell in ell Colonel (iiirlhnldl Haiti tluit
of the AiuurlnciiM in hi cotiipauy.
only one. a mini named Clark hail
ticeii killed hut that Captain l.lnili.
felt. Ills chief officer, was unhurt. A.
AndeiHOli ail,) K lloeloeii ' 'ho
American IckIoii In the Uuiihalill
cnmnimiil Iiiih liceii ?niiiilol. Tho
coirenK)idelit kiiw iiiiI sl wounded
In the ItiHiirrceto IIikh
The (IkIiI. Hilti allei noon In coll
ided alioiit the old chinch, where tho
feileialtt liuve ii.ipnrenily concent rnt
ed their fotcen mid the niHiirrectoi
ituiler (inrllmlill, are. pourlm; In ti
fuidtl fire Itoni tlielf tlllex
The foderulH lire Kiithered not only
In the church hut about a huxc kkh
tank T'1ukihiIi iiu, telephone wlrcH
have lieiin Hovered and are lti Iiik In
the nl reel h liuiiijieilnt; the Holdlerx in
Iheli flKhtllC. The Mexican, thl.t
nl tei noun, are flllluu the 1 1 out rniiUi
and leadliiK the riKhilui; Thev urn
followed eloMelj hi the Anierlcaii
The old church, which linn been
fortilled by bii-;H of muni on the roof
and hy lotip Index cut throuuli tho
wiiIIh for Hie Urf- of riflemen, Is
plainly kIiowIiik the effeclH of tho
bombaidliuitit from (let insiirrciio
i; ii u h. It id nut known how badly tho
IniuittcH of the church me uufleilii
from the lint fire which Ih helm;
pouiT, In tinoii them.
At 1:1, o'clock, (here wiih rtdallve
ly little nhnnp In Die positloiiH of
the two foreuii and uiiledH the idiureh
Ih talion before ulKlilfiill, a battle In
the dark will lH'nlv follow
Tho day Iiuk been one of horror !u
IiIi'ihv. .'(! ivati- tf.(Aeert have
hoiikIh the ,u elect Ion of the Aineib
can uldi'.
Kor fear of kllllUK their own men,
who lire geuttiireil nil over .liuiron,
the luHiiiToctox UiIk iifteruooii ceiirteil
flrhm their field piece None of
the rebel officer have been hit thu'
far A IiIk e.vplimlon near the .liuirez
chiucli wax heard thin niornliii, u
blunt lime before noon It wax up
pnrently near the hem of Cmniiiereto
streot und Ih believed to have been
a fcdcrul mine though It may hnv?
Troops Are Busy Keeping
been unlet. i bj ui.- ilynaiiilte IiiiuiIih
which the liiHiiireetoH are uhIii el
Iccilvel) In their iiHsaultH on the
CoiirleiH who rotiiriii'tl to ,lntlero'
beadiliiiiiiei report that the Iiihiii
reetoH have already captured the l)trt
(mil (el ami that the fcderalH mi 111 au
holdiiit; i lie Hiuiill etiariel and the old
Some of tli futlerulH are mild to
be retreatlni; In the direct Ion of the
nice 1 1 nek on the outHklttH of tiio
town. The fcieriiln In the chinch
are tlilu aplrlledly.
The feaiure oi the flKhtliiK this
nitirtiliiK. were tiuiueron HklrmUhCb
at Hhort dlHtiiuco raime alotiK thu
outHklttH of the clt) This wan thu
opening of a reul nHHiiull on the city.
At o'clock, fillll liimirnentK weu,
neeu to break Into the open and bold
lv dash up Coiiniierela Hlreet. tho
main thoioithruru or the clt Somo
of the federals have retlied towards
a hilly portion of .Inure, due houth
f i om the river front where tnuj uro
iiiaUIn a iitand
The firing can he plainly heard n
HI I'.ixo mid iiloii;; the Hue the bul
let have been lulling III,,- hull ai
Hox ctirH llii(( up In the railway
frelKhi yaplH to pioieet the UeiKlit
office ami railroad IiiiIIiIIiikh. are
coM-red with ip(ictator IttillelH air
dropplni: everywhere but no dauiiij?e
Iiiih been ilmie to the yaitlx Slieci.-.-pollen.
Hpeclal walehineii ami n de
tail from the Klierlff'K office, are en
deavoriiiK to curb ih. ciowtl The
tebel have been hIk IIiiik .Iiiiiicz
fiom the cant and we'
Colonel Htcevei of the Knurl h
I nlinl HlaloH cavali v iiiinoiiuceil
at I o'clock thai he would penult tho
iimiHporlatlou of woiintlul from
.luarer iiciosh ilie Inidii-, in Amen
can mill, piovidetl ,Mecnn coumil
here coiiKeuted.
.MKMCA.N I'I'lll.lC o;
xi it ijkt Tin: m:n
.M.-sIco city. ,Ma it Tli. ((n.-rti-iiiont
Is kept iitlvtKed of tin- prouri-sx
of ul full on the border tin- Mex
ican ,'itllNlll at i;i I'aoo. I. ill tile pllli
lle. Incklllk- detiill or Mi,- velil ot
-Mtt-riii and hint nlKlit at .InareK.
Ih in tin- durk.
I'l'i'Mlilcui Dlav; and In ,iiiiuet till
itu rnliiK awaited the reult oi' a enn
feleliie lietwt.i a I epl CM-litntl . of
Helium! .S'avarro. riniimauilluu th
federal troop at Juarez, and a rcpr.
HCIltlttlve of Mliilero. T!le ki riltllellt
Ih tillable to Kiap tile exact ltuutl(!
between tile oppiiHlMK ciililluillKlerH
but III (be fttlelilll ,rri,( It Wat. Mild
tltat the admliilNiriitloii wiih hllll ,lli-
pt'hctl to IInIi'II to I ciimhiii ii l'er
HeiitatloiiH frmii AI micro
Oflicial illHpulollcM -lil t tlltit III!
tlkllt'N flk'llt wiih prectpltali d b tho
act of three rebel, win, tired on tile
federal oiitpoHtH. The iuciik'c iiiIiIh
that tlie camialllcH on the Anierlcaii
fide rcHtlltcil from the rebel fife
'I'he liiHUbordlmttliiii ,,f Mudi i,,'
men lu created (llirot hi tli, eifl
ciuy of a peace pact xhtmld u,-b re
Hlllt from the pOlble : 'Hillliplloii of
in KotlatloilH. At the fori-lun offl. c It
IH A retiarded a probable tbat Mil
del,,' coiniHcl will prevail tu tin- end
tblil further I'ollforeiu-e will be held.
It l believed the iIio'h ilcclop
in, lit" will hhou up where Madero Iiiih
bit tli, onrldeiiue of 111 army
Ibrmub In (allure to uniri the tin
niitlioi i,',l attauk on .Inure. et, .
1 1 1 . There Ih a urowitiK belief that
the rebel leader 1 IonImi; 111, head.
SyiiipatliletH with the revolution de
clare that they would not be urprletl
If be were repudiated and another
leader iianietl, tliouub tln-v oonfuHH
that 11 would be a bard tank to find
a Hiiltable mieeefcnr,
Nev i ouipllcalltiiiH over Die klllltiK
of Aiiierlcati on the bonier arc ex
pected thoiiKli Mr. WIIhoii. the Amer
ican aiiibuHMinlor, had lecelveil no In
Ntrtictloii on the nubjeut from hi o--einmeni
thl iiiuriilmt-
rn:u sii viti' I'Hiiriixii
San Dieuo, Cab, Ma '.i. Tin Jiiaiia.
ill Lower allforiilii, wiih captured by
the iiiHiirrectoH at r, o'clock thl niorii-
Inn niter a hIioii. hiiwikc llulil. Many
are dead ami wounded on both lde.
Culled Slule troop refllHC In allow
nnyoiie to eriiH the line. A niiiiiII
part of federal tlll hold Hie Mux
li.iitl ellototUH ll(ille. ItebelH have ot
lire to a uiimbei of ImiIMIiik lu thu
C'outiiiii d on I'iihc J Column ':.)
Axcir.vr ciintcii ix .m isi:. wiiiiir Tin: ri:m i:is nwi: roitTirii:i Tin.nt
I'lMXc .t.xiilt.iis ai.om. t in: itoiir ami t t ri is; i.niimioi,i:.s TMitnn.ii
w i,i rim n mitii rim:.
Court Makes That Ruling,
However, Without Prejud
ice and With Leave to Re
new it at Any Time; Dis
trict Attorney Opposed.
Ill) i:rnlnu llrrnlil . I'. I.rii-ril Mir.-1
1.,, AtlKi'lex, Cat , .Mil) !. I lie ap
plication of J ilin J McXiimara lr
the ttxliik' of bail ell the , liiilUe ot
(lyillitllltlllK WIIH dlHlilloWed to(la) b)
Hllpellof .lu dec llordwell without
prejudice and with leave to renew It
at an) time.
The court linked tor hukkcnIIoiik u
to the fl.NllIK of the ball lllld Allot lie)
llui rlinaii aiiHwen il that tho defend
ant had the rlclii to ilmnamt that thu
hmoinil he mimed.
"The pioxeeiilliili Ih tlllllffel'ellt aH
to the flxlnn or the bull," wtil HI-
I riot Attorney l-'rederlrks. "The ad-
IUIhhIiiII to ball I what We object to.
The flxim; of ball applleii to cliarse.
tin ndmltltliK to bull to Individual.
If the xiiirt make any order. It mU-lit
a well be one perinlttliiK the defend
ant to k,i on bl own reeoKiii'niice "
After Huine lirKlllllellt .ItlllKe Iti.rd-
well dlmillowed tile appllcnllon. add-
liik- tbat he did do without prejudice
and that It could la- renewed bit.r
Mr MeNainaiii wan not lu emiri
YWihIiIiikIou. .Mu 'He Amen
can I'eilerallon of Labor ii'bn IhhiiimI
an aipcal for fund u Hie tleiciiMt
of the McNainat'a biothe In Jail at
l.o A uncle for ilMiamit.liiK Tln
ex.eutlvi coit.icll oi tin- federation
will reeelw- the fund and ,iiirlbuie
tliein If necc.-.-"!)!) . it I HM'i-d Hie
ciihck will lie take.i to the hi!he.i
court o' tie- coun'i
.eal. in .till Itooin " Ill-el (I In
I'llel Thill .Men I'liiler ( loud ie
lielilnu: lu-iile Infoi'iiiallou in. to
Winn I- (iolnn on in Tliete,
(ll i:rnliitt lit-nilil . I'. I. en .(,! Ulii-i
I'oliiiiiini, i. .M.i '' .-one 'on
Oil till' lllHlde ill' tin Kllllul Jllli roiitll
U I, ..In, villi.' h....r..H I. ,1,1 ih, uranil
jury in tin iiiciiKtion "i the IckIh-
lallve lulberi and xtremnniM effurlH
lire helm; iiiinle b the iioeeutiiilf
littorne'. olflce to loeuti the bilk.
It Ih HiippoHi'd that the men ua
to be tryiui; to halt fin ther liuiulry
Into lelln;ue eorriiptton are boliiK
Inforiiieil of developllli III before thu
ktiiiiiI Jul) I'rn, ,','itlnc In the In-
VCHtlKlltlllll Wel'e halted todll) to
await tin airlial of four vltllce
reel tit h iiboellai-il
I'lr-t .S"lou of Telllli I oniciilioll
Open Todll) in llan Uliillu, lc
Ullllli; I're-ideul l.ce Hdlei- l
die. (H) lUriilnu llrrnlil . V. l.rn.eil Vlrel
IliiirUbum. I'a . Mid ! - I he flrwt
HCKHlon of ilie tenth eoiiveutloii or
the llrotherhood or Hallroad Train
men opened toda I'reHlileni W 0.
Leo of Cleveland deliv-'ied the open
ItiK udilieHH to more than "no dolo
piltii reiieHetiiln lodaci In the
Pnltcil Stateo. ''lunula iiutl Mexico.
llillilwllk Iti xdlltloil Is iloplc fol'
Coiliplele liiicMiuiillou of Anierl
caii llelllllin; 'oniN!ii),
WiiHhluutoii. May !i. --The Inoitie to
day fornially iidopled the llaidwlclt
iciioluiloii for mi liiviuiilKUllon of the
Aiueiiciiii SuKitr IteflnliiK coinpany
and other hiikiii' conceriiH.
Joint Resolution However,
Will Probably Be Delayed
in Coining Up As Other Mat
ters Have Been Given Pre
lll i:rnlim llrrnlil V I'. I.rii.-,l Wlrei
VtiHliltiKtoli. Miw V - Stalohood
for i'i'v Mexico nun Arizona hold tho
attention of the tmimo todit) lie
port were received from roniinlitee
on reHolutloiiH of iiupilry and thu
mib-commlttue on torrlloile which
met curh In I In day mid nppnncd
the ub-coiiiiiilt'( ( ropurt recom
uioiidiiiK HtiitehoiMl for both terrt
lorloM afli'i the hIiiiII have voted on
curtain coiiHtltiiiioiial atiKiuilnuini.i.
rlzonu Ik iiHked to resubmit I lie n
call provlMloti ot 1t8 eoimtilutioti,
vol Int; on an aiiiondiuent wbleli
ellinluutiH tin jiidiolnry. New Mex
ico In mtked n oto ui mi amend
ment UlllktllK I'- (!()!!! Ittil Ion lltOI'"
eiiHlly miii'iuliibb- The joint luf-olu
Hon lepori v) i.. ClialriiKin Flood if
the committee ou terrltorlim will bu
called up laiei in the week.
More Delay Likely
I ,i'i'liil 'I'l'lrm inn lu I'.ti'iiliiu IIitiiIiII
WltfllllllRlon M ,i St. It Ih likely
now. t licit the t ' "n will not tuke lie
Hon on Hie . w M(lco-Arloiin
loint leHolut ion 'fore the end of thu
priMtunt week oi i bo firm of next
week. It Ih .ii 1 In tho hoime, that
the tnirit Inve1 million ruHoluiloii mid
the report of ' committee on pat
Iouiikc for lb. - ilKltlllzuHoli of tho
btiiiM'. will i" -1 von coiiileratioii
abend or l.i I
Valloual Lcii'-uc.
i: it I'
ll I
. C 1
Cini Innnti
Now York
Hi'xikl) a
v i : .1
I t 1
s i
I t i
o 8 :
Aiiiitl'ienii l.eiimic.
It II li
.'.11 I
.17 1
( le el, in, I
New ,,rk
lift roll
. I -to
former Ite.lileiil of New .Mexico
(clt .lob in IIoiihi or ItcpreM'nlu-tlie-;
Wa- l.anil (Mllre SH'clnl
(ll ISiriilim HiTiilil A, ('. I.riitt-il Wlrrl
WaHbliiKlen Mav l. -y It l.iliii
hoii. win. mi- Hpeclal an, nt no- the
I ' 111 I ill .stale land oflli'e with head
(liiiirterx iii Saiitu l'(, N M diiriuu
the ve.il- I mi i and I'.MJS. w u today
appoint, 'I iiltaiit to tin- i In, i ,1,'i'k
of tin Iioiihi oi I' preentillli,
!i. 'Hints llrrnlil A, I. I,rn.-,l lrrl
Haltlinoie Mil. May !i. The twen
tieth annual meeting nl' the Ki iicral
tioclitv oi 'be DauuhturH of the Hio
lilt I o it in pun here today and will u
1 1 it ui nil1 'I I'rlilii)
Veteran Railway Man and
Head of Santa Fe System
Probably Will Arrive in the
City Tomorrow from Los
I'rorid, ut Itlpl ) of tlie 5'titita Ko I
Kiillwii) )!iiemii lit axpeatOil In ilin.
city tomorrow I ruin the I'nplllc eomt,
where in Iiuk been puiiilliiL the win
ter. Seve.-nl othr i'ttllriid ollIelnlH
Will eollKt'eKalf III the lllty dliflllK' thu
Uli) Tliree private cliiu will be oc
cupied hy the rnllpmd lllilll.
After vUlthm in the city, I'riHiiknt
Itlpley will probably arcopl llivltu
tloii to visit the Kli'p:mnt llulte dam
ite. and th' s.iiiia Klla Iron work(
.,( i, i',. v "litliniinn oil hi oiiwuril
joiirin '
lie .Make- .speech III l'iHT Itl'iilicli
CilllliiU on lioiel iiicui to I'l-oleel
I. lie-. I .cum itli t of .scii'.ltixi'iii'.
of Melinu.
(II) IIm-iiImu llrrnlil A. I. I.rll-i-.l M Irrl
V.ibl,iKl,,n. .May !i (,'hnrncterll
ItiK tin kllllliK ot AniiTloulln In i;i
I 'ii hi i ami Douulii at) "ntiirdereri'.'
Hrmuor hi "in- of Mlwiourl. totluy made
a Mceomi i'fii'h of pro i et uniiln(
the inacilvlty of the Knlted Suite In
the protectlOU of tin olthwiiM alonK the
Mevlellll llln-ltrr lie HptnHlloil to lint
coin mill ,H on fot elun r!nJloni to
tuK,- up bin lenolutlon far tltt pint, -lion
nf Aiiierleun.
Senator fc"ne drcUrwl that tin
I lilted MUiUh HhouUI it ttuuveiiieil
more rnr the wrlfMrc of lu own peo
ple than fur the Mcindtlventit. "i tin
III) Ciriiliiu llrrnlil X, I. I, .-ii. r,l Ulrrl
MilwauiM'i. , - sia : Kmiiui
Ni'lon and m., .i (iiii wen .,n,,t
and inuiuil kille i ,,(u .insepb I n
KOI wa sern.iiMli woii.nled ill a u-
hoii lu n el todin ,i t'ltarl. h
Yntice. a tiillonarv engineer of Itu
cine, who tliuu killed IiIiiikcI'
illintrel between I'lium and Yniieo
ovor the N dnon kIi I caui ,1 the
hoot iiitf
Chief . I',. I , . .. MiIImii in n-l
e, Ipt ut a I,. I. kim ill It, on Ui. pulicr
Mltll" illec ..I , it .,1 1,,, m, I,-.
KHklllK tl'l' llltlll'lllll'lll .11 IVtflll'l
the r- or, I in .lbuiUeniiie ,i c -Cttilil,
gnu. o,i,- 1 tin. iiimihIiiiI ol thin
eiiy und imt'il an a eonlldeiu-,- mull
mold iii-n-k 'iprrutor and mII-i-oiiuiI
i t ,,,u
Ii iili in- rec)l(1 that onin iIm.vh
.IM" tin liewM dlMtWU'llM ntlliouniril
I,. uileM ot I'MilllgSn In Lotl AtlKMlua
,,n iiMig, of nrllliic uuld brick In
th.t .it. t. enMnrti vtelioi'D, 'und a
h i ',1 i tnldrlwu'H liBOtlc vnrer
iii tii .it), rroiit the itnip He wit
iu.nl. ai imlioi of the otty until he witi
1 1. . I i in. iiordnrii Ii)- a ilrter
niineii tiHilmui i i.nuiilttee and Klvmi
to utulerxtHiui tli.ii Iii room hi Albu
iiii i-(iu '.miv 1 1 1 i iieHiittble tkun hU
Hoobt), wmm pr tiled in tha llrruld.
In thu III. nn Mm . tin- ,-lllrf uf pullue
d I.Uf, AllltelrK el tieell ml!llWrmi
to KOt eontplei' ii,.t"nUfin nn to
UlllldtlUlill'H HI .it-,' , mid NHwIllU
the IIiiiiiIiI'm Mtorx , " wu liiimu
illlitely Hiillt to Chu t M. Mllltili ktllV
for the ildlntlH ,,f hi- r if I In thl
'hlf .Me.Mlllan Ih Inn) no In
formation in iokuiiI to Uadi'Bii
Wliatevnr Ih known about nim tiilt
its will bo placed at the dlp ul ol
n. Loh AnuelrH poll, e
i 1 1 1 i
Officers Along Border Are
Clamoring for Modification
of Strict Instructions But
Get Only More Severe Re
III, I : roliiu llrrnlil I. I'. I.rn-ol
e-liiiMtou. Ma) '
III ':- , IT"I t" t" I III l '
4 i ' nit lit Iiiwh ami in-' Hie
i i I.I I'iiho the in . e,'
4 kei'pniK iih ItlllCll IIH tOHMb'e
I' II 4
, x.'lie of lire."
I' lnt. net'oll "en, o
in Ij) (ieiiurill Wood. I'li'e'
i ibr nriny to i
-' r. . olIllliaildtliR tl. Ait
4 i tu',,p at HI I'a-"'
I -
IIm , iiliinet ileoted iniiHt lf Ha
i in i., Die Mexican Hltiiatiou todny.
. a- uf the lttlallon at .1 tin re wiih
.'nutted lu he iilariiiinu mil the pie
i I, iii ami the cabinet lil! !ioied I'M
in lopmeut which will .irliiK about
I" .11 e
Thin the Amerlciin eoiniiiiinderH on
nn border hull become runlets ami
..pprhvnitvp und were ilclrou of
inking morn nulloal nlepn to prevont
tin kllllliK ifr Anierleaii on h"lr .wn
h',i; wan Indicated to, lav by llnlr
Mpplii-atlon fir mud tiled ord -ri. Illl
all huoIi roiniOHt have broimlit re-in-wt(l
Instruct Iiiiih to preerve trlet
inulrnllty: to keep the I'nlteil . Stale
N'ddl.'iH out of Mexico ami to endea
vor to move I'lllled Slate civilian
to plnec of nfet).
(ine Intere.HiltiK bit of Information
laid before lb cabinet today won ti
talenietit of the HtrellKth of tlie f'-l-
eral and rettel fin-ren lu Mexico. Thin
Htateinrnl Hhnwn thnt thuru-are 3,
106 men In the frdrrnl army and 2!t,
i: men lu the insurmoto uriny. Tln
ntntement vw ewfltpllrtl rrom ottlclal
and illl'illlclill MtilirceH.
Aeeoiilllltr to olllcial ,lpal'lir
public )) the white IliMIM' tills llflor-
tt. on. nix AinrlvMinH were klllrd lu
th. imhilnif at l-3t I'aH,. iiiHtenil of live,
two of iIumh kllliMl. nei-tirdlnit to Col
on' I Klevrr, beliiK on forbidden
nc.it int.
A Htatumeiit lued today by the
Mexican riubiiHS'y (leelare thnt tran
iinllltty continues In the lty r Mex
ico and Hint Krmtt mirprle i evpre.
eil thrrr iih rumor to the contrary.
Th.. ntRtntiiit In prt twyH
"All the portB, all the eltle. all Im
portant town mui enters are under
the control of the Boveriiiueiil The
rebel have only Hucureil "onir point
or ox Hri'oiulary Importance.
in view of thl fact It I Well to
caution the public uKaltint any alarm
Unit tnlKht lie cauoeil li tl,'e lill
tiit,iii.'iii which can otil h- attrlo
tiled i" in illee or iKintr.itici on th"
put .,f ri,,M, (lnij ruru'H'i Mnh vild
r. i". i-
City Council Has Committee
Making Detailed Report on
What Shape Apparatus and
Wntcr Supply Are in.
VI, . i a, ,1, P.liu l. . ( l.o k of tint
Hlamlliitt "io. ii on i. i.i lion
rppolnli'd l, tl,. it .iiio n li. ac
tively I'l.lil, up no nil,'. I' r of lire
PI'oti'Cllon fur the et In mJilllO
lion wit. i sireei i 'otnnii"ioi. .Mar
tin Thtrney Mini .'irc chirr Klein, an
''XlniimtUe re mi rt ! bcliiii prepareil
up,, it ihr eontlltluii ci tin city for
III 'JMKhtlllK ,111(1 the Writer Ulipply,
Hlnl Ulioii the lUUi eoiltulnrd III till
leport, iii'll'ili wilt noon lir taken to
inpro,. Hlr proti-etlon eolliUllon In
the clly
M.vyor KIM. r HHiluuini'iil It iih hi
pelic) imidy, to' fai'r the mm . inriit
for heller prntpt'tloll. "The ,'oin
inlil,,', ' lie mi lit thin Hrieriiooa. ".ut.
be, III e..iu-li', lit h IHiiiIh of fire
llubiliiK uppwinttiH. evrtytlihiK from a
inolot l ruck 1" u dlfferenl lyp. ol
water pluyw on ih riruiei. A It ton
inn., he Plkell U Ihr council at no in e
iur date looking toward the put
i'Iimn,. f more iiptnauH Thut will
depend upon wttMl lllllclufloll w
reiicheil Hboul l endlllon "
(I I'! TboiiKiH. reprenriitlnK u Dri
ver eompall). in ill the citv ,-onfor-llli;
with nu-niber or the i-ouiiell. He
Iiiih for mile Htcaiii III, einciue. und
H einlenvoriiitf to how tllr advlmlbll
ity of ailopllii thin xyHtem lu , I tut -qi;eriUc
I mo i finsldorBllnii ot welitht
Ii till colltlrctlnll l the Ur of the
plptw fur water uppl where It l
liytlird to iittaclt b(Hi would have
to hi iociurd lo l lliehe In illaill- '
tri No purrhiiHCH will be made, ut
hi j-i-Hont 1 1 rii- from bin linn. I
He Will Visit Stronghold of
Insurgents in Kansas and
Make His Opening Speech at
Hutchinson in September.
IM'relnl I rrrainitrnrr In Ihr llrrnlil!
.iNblimtoli. Ma) 11 It Ih how I, f
nut, K Known that Prenldeiit Tart will
la b hi campamn for rciioininu
(ton when he iiiake hi wenterii trip
In September Ml plan of the ad
mlnlHtratlou force are helm; made
to that end ami everywhere the pre
blent noe he will find that the mem
burn of hi pitrty wilt be on hand in
force to hIiow their loyalty.
Three months ano the preliletit an
iiouiiceil that lie had accepted an In
vitation in visit (he Kiiiihiih Stale fair
at lliiti bliiHoii. Thl .'cmed Mniph
elioiiKb in llHclf. but hIih-ii then ho
ban told at b'tiHt a dozen reprerfenta
tlviw and Hi'imliir from Mate throuuli
which hi train will pa. that It will
Klve him pi, '11111',' to lie their Kllet
ell I'uilte.
I.lttln by little till Itlnerar) Iiiih
been extended Alreud.v the prenl
deiit Illl made tentative cIlKUKemelltH
to Hpeak at a deeit place, All till,
combined wllb pointed Intimation
from the president htiiiHolf, indicate
that the real buttle iiKulunt the Inmir
k'l'iil for a reuomlnatioti. iih welt iih
the campalmi for the hocoiuI term,
will liciiln when the weHtnrii trip Ih
It) that time, it Ih confidently ex
pected and devoutly hoped by the He
publican leader, that the etxra hch
hIoii of culture will have tidjoilrncd.
The fate of the iiiliulnlHtratlou'H reci
procity policy will have been fixed
mid porlutpM (he prcHldeut'H tariff
board proKram will, too, have been
acted upon.
At any rate the Hue between the lu
ifiirKciitH unit the tcKUlur in the lie
publican rank will luive been drawn.
Time ellollKll will llllMi panned for
Tuft to have Uurnml sylletbur or not
to ev t oppiiHition ror the nomina
tion in III own parly. There are Just
now plenty of petnouH who know, or
Hit) they do, that either UiKollctte or
I 'iniililltis ulll lake the field for tile
prcHldi'iic) on u purely prouresHiw
There HeeniH little hope eVell umnlli;
the moHt determined lnurKent that
they can control the next llepttbllcan
CiillVelltluil. It Ih a (Uetlon, there
fore, whether or not they expect to
(tike their ('haute on u third party
platform. It Ih the expectation of the
prexlilent ami 111 advler that the
liiHiirttcutH will have hIiowii tlu'lr liaiitl
eoniplelely b) September, ami that
Mr. Tall will be lu position to make
bin apiieal with or without tholr Mtip-
Then, loo, the activity of the Denio-
cruth i a in I Ida t e fot the nomination
Ih six ell iih one of tile reilHOIIH wh)
the prcHhlelll bit dcoldeil to take the
field 111 September. TIllH upplle eHpi
chilly to the Krowlnir Hetitiiiicut
throughout the country lu favor or
the nomination of Wood row WIIhoii.
governor of New Jeritey.
There ih no fiicxlltiti but that Tuft
look upon WIIhoii iih the HtroiiKCft.
poitite man whom Ilie Uoinocntt
''HiM nomlutile 'if he Hluiiihl con
tinue to crow In public etecin a In
lot hIiici he drove throiiKh hl re
form proKrain In the New Jitmc) leis-i-iature
the Itepuliliqun evpect to
nn! him duuKcroUNly fornildabte.
It I- , ommoii kiiowluthte III WiihIi
niKtoii that the administration hit,
never rewarded the Harmon boom
,'Honn r. iiiixt to Hrjan. tlx
U). I toe weaheHt man the l)enn
cr.ii- could put forward, and tie
vMiuld JoMitihly wnluoiiie hi untitle. i
tion next year. I'Vlend of llniin . i
mi) on the other hand, that thin r
ferlltlK on the part of till) Iteptlli'i
'ti n- would reHtilt In llarninn' eb
Another thliiK w hich ha in I ;,i. I
the prcHltlent In iiiiiiiIiik hi r,..(.i, .
tlon ciiiMpatKii for Soptemher i Un
file I that by then the Denim rati
luitlhc will have made It rrronl. Till
Will then be HiibJtK't to the wide!
comment and outc of thin comment
will , otin- from the pruvblent an head
of hi own party.
Soon alter Ihr r remit election
hhowed Unit tne DiiiuouratH would
control the pi'mulil hollhii the dtHCUH
loit of the Itepublleiin imrty'ri polli
unit leuiciattve proKram huKun. At
firm it wan thoiiKht thnt till iirouram
coiihl not be acted upon until tin
i "i; ii in r HKHMion of utoiKreHH next lie
eember However, the vxtlii hckhIoii
'iime on ami the Democratic oppor
tunity Iiiih eoini e(lit lilontll earlh'
Di'inocriitic tariff reform idea
economy plan ami eainpiilmi hi beiiii
will all hae been spreail before the
eolllltr) before the ploldellt HturH
wont oil 111 UoiiiIiik trll. He will nut
urullv take Home of tin wind out of
the oppoHltlou purl)' nail if there H
uii) point of attack open to him.
li thU wiiHtcrn trli, thenfori. tin
pirHldeiitliil eauipuhtn will have -joine
belore the people mote than nU
nioiitli abend of time. It will bculn
ijioi-k tliuu ii year biiforo the election
ami more Until riitliY, mouth hoforo
the national eonvi'iitjon"" meet.
The fact ih, pnr.sltlciitliil eauipnlKiil
(Coniinurd on laae Two Column 3 )

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