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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, May 13, 1911, Image 6

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" Win -da .,..d I;. .1 liu .r f'
l.iriiimi. f...' ill ..in. 1. 1
' tin Han IsUii rf.nitii. rii
nil therm l.v .hkv T)i
tii mini in tw.. ii'.ii's ur
'y 'hi ..d k'o;ii
'i I r'
r i f .d
r nn
title dl (lie lie.) i-.iilill-.lieil (,1-iM'liil l lt ImiiiiIKIiik Hix-lis lii llm
lIH'l'illi III II illilll, lit'lillli), KlfitUllc cilldltlll.
MctiinitulUi xitii in iiiii; ,, x in. nun no
Mclchulllll-,' -iihl III I1HIH Kill!, 11(10 11(1
V n limulU, Hi I (Mill .. .. s:., mill mi
Mclcllnllilt-c sold III IIUII ... ... . JI'JT.OIIO 00
Will luvohi now uhoiit Ml 1,11111)00
McrcliiiuilMiii; liu. colli rlli uli'il lutnoh In UK' city iivcut
Utovvtli nml iIihmiih.
I III- llw f 11111 llllllt l JJIIMV lll Unite Hlll'MI ,'Hcll Mlerei'll-
luit vein-. 'htUe tin llii top lii vnm own uilvitnccmont Initiate
VMM' IIVWI l"lllllll', Im'uIii KhIii . IimiI. mound III ve-l IiiIi', vw how
lllit' J 1 1 -1 lii !iiimI, liiri iir .mull
( IU propel I v for Mile Id uhlniiiU ni' low liiniK '"ttJiui's Utr
iini liirniklictl in Tfint nriil-li-l Mirlj liunl-lie,! timnm Hi km In.
I mi ii ni'fciMlnti'il. oh
Fleming Realty and
Investment Co.
2ml. Floor SternBmlding. PHONE 542
Formal Exercises unci Histori-,
cal Pageants to Celebrate!
the Opening: of
Breathing Spots.
Itiion. V ,M . Mny 13- Formal ex
c n- nml hlHiorlunl iniKiiniilx will
hr iirl of till oxeroUoH of till opening
of tlx nlty park next Krldy, Mny 19.
Inv Itutloii wore coin ii iiiinilior of
ipidlii rH nml other vlalloia of note,
who Mill Iir present on Hint Klilii oc
i.imoii. It is it Ian expected that tlio
public wliool all lid roil will Kike A
crv prominent ji.'irt In the dtillim
t n ccrmoulot. HobIiIth the fornuil
park opontiiK. a Simla l" trnll marker
w,t: In- placed with iiiiroprlti' per-
iii'iny in thu northern und of the bin
ti ic Sitntu Ke trnll crnniilutt the park
ii Mni'h Jul nml Icucmlnry bin
t.irv will lie fonnootcil wllli thlu at
tractive iiirt of tin nlternoon' pro
crnin, tin' prnixinl park Hltc occupy
inu a purt uf what wan formerly tlio
Willow Sprint,- much, n hlatnrlc atop.
pliiu plain Mr tlio mirly IrulletH bo
fore tlio ilnyn of Clifton hoitBi'. It
in planned to liovo otic of tlin nblot-t
nml neat Informoil npcnkorn of Xw
Mxlro here on thut liny to tuvlfvv
iif I'VuntK thut look p!iip mar thl
t i I If Hpol (lurlllK tll 'GO mill '70s
'I'm ilti) wilt i,. ii until otTfiNtun for
It . t nil evury one of h'i rltlrcna l
'iriliully Invited to participate in tlio
d i m plmiHiirc.
I)c clothe don't niiilu do iiiiin. Inn
jo ilc Hiinii n policeman' nnlforni il'i
cm iv a icni of liiMuoneo In an urfcti
inont -WiipIiIiikIoii Star
Real Facts In Retard To F. R.
Huffman's Illness. Relief Oi
Uined ly Curing His
Stomacli Ailments.
Waynefivillc.NrcT-Mr. I . I?. Huffman,
of this city, says : "I suffered dreadfully
with what I thought was heart trouble,
and tried various medicines iti vain.
After other remedies had failed, Thcd
ford's Black-Draught restored me to
health. I would not feel safe without
mack-Draught in the house. ( consider
it wortlt its weight n fold.
It cured my indigestion, and by this
means I was restored to health. I can
not express my Kratitude for its benefits."
Good health depends on the condition
uf your digestion. Poor digestion and
lood health do not go together.
Tl-edford's niack-Draught will
thoroughly cleanse and set in order yout
digestive system.
It has done this for others, during the
past 70 years, and is today the most ,
popular vegetable liver :cmedy on the
market. Try it 1
Insist on Thcoiord's. Price 25c. '
Irrigation Engineers and Contractors
j; IKi ini sot It ..Inn ou in-ill It? What will hem f jour crop, ulicu the ihei (K iliy HiU hiiiiiinei,1 o
j - iiiii mm unices.
Don Nestor Arnwjo Leaves
Tidy Sum for Improvement
of Las Cruecs Parish, ,is
Rumor; Bank Increases.
I.hb i'rtuH, M, May 1,1 It
i iiiii. m il that tlx will or Dun .Vic
tor ArnitJo, wlid'li wiih llliil lor pro-hni-
Thunuhiy murium- loft tlio tmin
of olKhl limiilriiil iIdIIuik for Hit Cotli.
ollc clinicli. Tlirii- liiinilrml dollar,
nru to lc nii'ii for Ui linprovvinvnt
of tint clinicli, anil tin. other llv
liniKlicd for tlio cIhiitIi Krolinda.
It Ih wild that tin mnjor part of
tho NtlltO wiih loft to MlHIt .locphlriA
Arinljif, .Mr. Ud .mmi Mini N'oator
Armljo, .lr , all Kiundi lnldrcn of th
Tlio Ilmt Htnto iiiink -f I..ih Crnrot
Ioin llli'il impurw to In. rc;iH iim iap.
tnl Mtoi'h from fjto.iioo to J50.000.
TIiIh Ih n inv limiklnt; tn.it It titlon lor
I.iih Criiro, liuvliiK lic"ii 'irK.inl7.uit
lnm month hy lny Spirry. Coloml
W A l-'IemliiK Jlinen. lluuli Swift
nml IIukIi riorcy. A inoilcrn two.
tor jirlc luillillm- Ih holni; rrout-
nil h thin hank on thi- conn r of .Main
J mill nrlKt vim m A tin- m w
. InilMiiiK will not hi iMinipleU'd fur f o
nioiitlm, tlw hnnk will nroupy the oif.
1'roMiiun & Wnlknr hnlhlliiR tmpor
tiril. lllBh-armli' niiirhh twiuicm
huvt- lorn n-rciv.'rt from tin oant mid
will ho ItiKtnlMd In the now hillhllnn
a noon nf it I cmnploti'il.
A new pnhllc chooI hnllillni; has
I JiimI Iihoii conii1otfd at liona Ana at
h rout of SSlflli Thort Ih hut one
tcnehi i (it proHpni, ion when xehool
"p. iik n. vl full the huril expects to
niploy two
T.i .f , . M. 't.i Territorial
UiiKlii'.r .Mill, t Ion. n failed Into
tin wiIIm i.. Mill, ,i dispute hunt tho
wal. r MHlilf ..r fNnniri who lako
water from tin- ImIIi- dit.h near Vlr
It l.i
Water im.., Cor irrlKatlon Is iiIIok
id to have lieen m rllp,l foi yearn
ly lew purauiiM im , lultnud a ma
Jorltv or tli wiiUfi riKhtM mid iiminl
K did an (hoy pl.ii.d. (in the or
rival of repent n. oiiier, how over,
hir. ho heen tr.u' :. over the old
order of tlilniw. i in. Joan Omnuz
had oeen unliii' the water rliht on thu
ljittr ditch on uiii., territorial laud,
tun im thla loud H'ni iili.mt to ho Hold,
In- dlhiiiwed or Him wnt r rluht to a
new eoiin'r.
AnothiT who elulin.d to nlntady
hold hair the rlKhl on the Uitlr. con
tl'Hlci.l the lrMIIHir to t tin iioweoninr.
mid trhd in , vory way to provont tlu
uewi oroer troin onlng the wntor. Tho
J.rltortal eiiKlmwr wiih milled In rind
In pruinptU nplmlil the noweonier,
wli.i Mhowed that he had put'. Iia d
tli' 'witer rllit
n ,M( n. the fnil.il St.itm ni.ill,
wli.'li for liial Aeiiv Ii.ih lie.n
) .. uuht to ..n! .11 ,. VI M?la fVr-
Foundry and Machine Works I
Special Attention Given to Repair
II ' . Ml kll'IA thai tlir
'he l ..vor wiih, .-iicapi-r tliim yon .ran ut it
fl..l. till .lit' ll.'H"
Hi ..n iiIhv pumn wator at n puylna rale on tin
p.. ...
'AM. I - 11' .Mj MiT US kIvu you j-'jiiio llmirm
Hint ai'i .iHonisli yon'
'it eiuineti are not an experlnietit. They have
H" i 111. lent fiTr vmiii.
ii. fuinifii ihe
. - ut . I'.iiiniiio.,
ui. h- i e -.I -..in i.iikh a i) ii rutin rrom onr vmiuar)
ami ni'lo'ru ti'df tn tift-hx.
Woi-Ux and OHicc,
Transcontinental Railroad is
in the Van of Progress and
Keeps Its Equipment Up-to-Date;
Some Innovations.
I In Smu'.i Ki iiillriiiul h e. hi
Ho win o! piimri'HH an Im hIiowii l. i,
eoiiKiaui (ndiivoi in ninlntaln tin , n
tin' trnru-rontlnontMl nyteni in tin.
lilKlu-xt piwnlhlf Htnte of oincli.t'
Onh ti8tonln it whu annoiinctil in
lllexe ciillltlitlH that the heniltlt.il Al
Vllnido hotel hoiiIiI lie entile., mh
ruiod Thin Ib onh nnothi'i e.iui.
of the n,itoilatc way In whuli t..
Hmi I a -e in.iiiiiKi'K IU affuliH
l r limtaneo tho Sniitii li wa- oti
ol t lit vnry llrwl In the inovetneti lo
l!ilaeo tin tnlomnph wiih tin leh
pliinii' rot train depute hint;, an. I it
Iiiih takon the lend In Im development
and exteiicioii
Tlio ni w n(oni of dtpatciln4 Ih
iltlfckd) safter ami mine ai.ura'e
tlllltl tin leltimiipll. lieHldcH linMn :
tin' additional advantaKo of no .
(inlrlnj; an ouraloi with evier'
knowli-ilie ol tln ,Morne L'odi to nmKi
Its Horvlco avnlltililo In an I'linrKi'in
.So the iiHf of the tolophono In tall
i oikIh Iiiih In the piiHt him oral Mitr
boon r;iiltll) extendlm;
The H ii ii t ii IV now Iiiih In opera' Ion
over ;:.ii(Ki m lies of telephone Hues fo,
diHpatclilpi;. and when tin pie-'-n-phiriH
of the olllelaln mo IIiiIhIkmI a uoi
nilh'M more will he In operation UM en
the plans ato completed then will he
IIOIII Iv flit V- (dll'lllts mill omro limn
!Ulil lelepliune HtalloiiH iiiKinlled nluiu
the ilium, and e.t"nmonH are expecid
lo 140 on
Aiiotltei Inuovatlou that ih, San'a
I'e Ilium will he mnonir the Hint In
adopt will he the inalnletinuci of i nr.,
which will he exilimlvidy for women
TIiIh will piovi a (renl ronveiiSeni".
rot the wonimi traveler In Hioko iIiijh
l ho Italilt of women Iravollni untie
t'otupanleil ami unesrotteil Ik heroin
llIC IllOte Had HUH. enm lion, nml Ho.
.Suntn IV Ih iiinoin: the llrst in meet
the I oilUIIld of mieh nnHHnliL-orw In
providing iieeoiumoilntlotiK where wo
men naHHIIIIUOI'H will he llllln In Inn.. I
alone with more free. loin thai, lr ilw.v
wero forced to oeeup. the Haiue iiiih
with mult.
Hut the IiIk tallioiul Ik not without
ItH IrnnbloH. Tho leHiilt of the milt
Hied In I.oh AiiKeles iiKtiliiHt the San
ta Fe railway lor tiO nlleieil viola
llonn of the law provldlnj; Hint rail
routlH h It it 1 1 not work their omptnyeM
for more than If! cotiHeentlve hour..
will he waleheil with ireat InteroHt
The tut It wan hroiiKht Hiroiiult
I MeCorinlck fnlled StutoH illstrhi
atlonie.v, and eliar;es that all the ul
iCKed vIolailoiiH of the law oeem ei
hetwoon .Needles and llnrtviovv I'or
each one ol' the lio eiiHOH the iovem
iili'iit hcoUh In rerovet ."0o, niakltu
a total or $''0,00(1
The net Ion with hrounht at the re
(U0Nt of the. ItiteiHKite eoiiinierei eo:n
iuIhmIoii. upon the HimseKilou ,( the
ntloriiev Koiiernl. and IIItnitrateH the
ilelerinluailtin or the overninent that
tho tlMionr law shall he ohoyoil The
title ol Hie net under which the suit
in entered, approved h eoiiBienH on
.March I, Itio", Ih An net to promote
thu Kiifoiv of ciiploycH and iraveloi'H
upon inllroadH h limltliiK the horns
of Horvlce in Hie employes theieoii '
Tho aliened uffeiiHOM wero commit
ted hotvvocn NcikIIch mid HaiMtow in
January, I!H1, acconliiik' In 'he com
plaint. Tho einploveH Involved me
couduotoi-B, hraliemen, eiiHieetH and
lirotuoti, oliiluiod lo lnive been einplov.
on 11! illffci 1'iit iraliiHi in thu time.
There mo (id of lliein.
About a your uko tho lltHt ease or
the kind wiih tried nu-iiliiHt the San'a
IV In the I.oh Anolon federal court
ami iiMiiltod In u Judmnout of jnm
atilnst tho (Miinpany The defeudo
wuk "oxtemiatliiK elieiiuiHtmiceH
"It h inovided Him allow mice mIiiiII
ho iiiiide for eteini!iHn: olrctiin
HtuiHUfH." hald DlHtrlct Attorney Me
Cormlck ln hoiiio cmut. It may ho
iiecoUHiuy for uillroail to work Kh
oiu.iloyeH more tlinii If. cutiDurtitlve
"In rimi'h of wreckH, m onieriioncleH
of other MikIh, there m lli he Mime
OVCU80 for workliiK overtime I
Know o! tin such extonuatlni! elremn.
tsliince in ihi iiieMont ciikcb
Machinists I
i rilil.. nil i nifinii. -tL-111 imititi V
pump, pipe, omdni and mim.ii.M 1
oirdom, Sicutu Holler, i;iikIih.,
Alliiiieriiie, ew .McaIiu.
Aiouijuernne, ew .icaIiu. X
It Opens Tuesday, May 16, at our New Quarters
313-315 West Central Avenue
Everything useful for the home slightly damaged from our recent fire will be offered FOR GASH, prac
tically at your own prices. We simply must dispose of these goods in order to make room for our new
stocks. f
Something Here That Every Household Needs
The list includes all kinds of Parlor, Dining Room, Library, Bed Room and Kitchen Furniture; Floor
Coverings, from the cheapest grades of Matting and Ingrain Carpet to fine Wilton Rugs; Linoleum from
the cheapest Prints to the best Inlaid: Brass and Iron Beds; Children's Beds; Mattresses; Trunks: Ranges
and Cooking Utensils; Dishes and Hand Painted China: Glassware. Bowls and Pitchers, Combinets, Table
Oilcloth, Hammocks, Etc.
Out of Town Business Solicited and Carefully
and Conscientiously Handled
The Futrelle Furniture Gx
313-315 West
ur.w fM I IT IKM KIT
T mil.0.0 THIS THHM
rari I.0.0, N. .M Ma- 13 -The
Kriind .nir. tnndc n final report to
.lUdKe IM wind 11. Wright after helm'
in hihsIiiii nine daH l-Vrty-Mx true
hills were returned mid I- no hills.
Tlli Jnr WllM thuil dUelliil-Ked.
.Inee tho approval ot the Jl.'i.noo
I... Mil Klvetl hy the Lite '.111 peolde to
earr the ens,. In the .'Hum! atmt eon
irovemy to the Hltpreine court. Con
tractor l?un llcohtel and ArrhltotJt
(lit. i (loiil. have left hhiI villi not ro
tm n till the (si. ic l ftnully illnpnwid
or i
Tlie court doehet Im oxceptlonally
hi.av at thlK term, then IioIiik n
Inrxe iimnher of hoth ertiiilniil and
ilvll eiiH-f, and thure Id plenty of
money In the eouft fund the si!slon
will verv tlKel centlnue for three
The ('avmiaiiuli-l'uhinie.ver uicheii
tra will pla.v tm the Kastern Slur
diiiice rollowln heir concert on tho
iMllti' of Tues.l.iy. .Mav li!
The Churches
Itayinunil 11 follifrt, inluWer:
StMlllej .Seder. ..rrpilll.!T. Tile ervluul
lor siitida) iiioii.niK unil evnulriK will
be of lutereiit lo tho pllhlle and u
uordtnl Invitati.-ii Ih oMetuliitl lo
tttwe who ri-Kularly altond as well
im to thoxe who iiuty ho In the etiy
over t-undnj
Tli me mink' kci-iuoii will einpliu.i
l.o (hi v til in of tfie home and -JH-lioelally
tin- nioilier In It. Uelng nil
appropriate m hihiii for the national
.Mot lierx' day. Tliehomu as nuiii'i
enrliest lindltuiion, tho one m-oitt fan
tor iiuderlylni ill proKroj-H, and tho
only renl hope ir u notilo future will
ho the kooci-ii; tilvlelotiH of Ho- Her
limn. The eveUIIIK M'l'inoil will dwell lip
on the pailiN ..f life and lay euipliKitK
upon the nr. -ii nvud of uareful and
even jirnyerfn! ho.jsliit; of tin- way
one Ih o tpi for Ufo.
1. The eh. i.. of ijatlin. 2. Th
tither Man In Votir IMlh. 3. Thu
1'ath and th. I'r.jhioiii
Thoi..- dlv IN...H. ni tho tioriuou ouiht.
t he of in:, r. to all utipoulally the
yoniiK vvht. if today ohooltiK the
vviih for tin- tutiii'i)
All are '-Hiiiid of Intora-ttlnti for
I'idlow hik ,n I,,, the order of Hpuc
inl uiuHii t..i tin. day:
tn-Kon I'niude "To Spring". . ,tirle
AnUnnr "l..ii -4hntl V1 .- Awny
All T- a rn i-'ioli;
t.'nill'tUltU. 1
Diferti.i "M i..dy In A l-'lat"
. . , Sh-ili.y
Hoi.. Mi i mI, My .athr. While
I Str.iv mnh .Mai-Kiuel l'ranklln
poHiiude 'Mm. n in p" Oadinan
Orioiu I'relmii "CWiVollo". . . . SUiih
Anlhein 'Turn Thy Kace From My
S'uf Sullivan
nil. rt.irj "Antiphon" llath-te
l'..-.tlinle "ii ih. Kite" tiny
(iold unil llroiidivny t.'lmrrli or t'lul.t
Illlile M 1 11,1 . l f, n, m; lllili nllllr
nfrnion. "Tie l'..tiauallon of I'n.ien,"
II no a in i:enlnK M'rinon, "The
(Inn f M-.Ui rhood," S;00 p. m
llcriiiuu P. AMUmuih, iiiIhIhiui.
''lirNtlan Science.
W.minii s .in, hnllillnir, Went Oold
avenue nml s..mii Sewntli ulreet.
ServleeM at 11 i... ., ,t).( Huhjeet: "Mor
tals a ii.i imnii.rMiri." Sunday nrlinol
' " i" ti'xtlmonlnl inreUnir
Wedii iuy ic ,. ni. Uyudlnif room
Central Avenue
Op. I d.n! i X' PI
m ii t.iv from '1 to
l p. ni It . 'in n st- rn huildlim,
South Kourtti and W t central .we
(Jliurcli .oilce.
Noilh Kourtli utrtx'l fiogMil hall,
110-,' .Vvrth I'ourth utrvot. Siindny
M'liool, tcti n m.. KOiasl inMtlng.
7:15 p. ni "TlitM la no (Mrrerwuo"
Hi the mibjoet of a ko-ik-I talk te h
iven by W. C ltnl at the erOlllny
muotlng All are Atlcoii'ie.
.lotlirrn Uiy will Ik- uorvud In
the lUipUxt dmidny school .
Sunily itioioins, tsvo biimlny school
will eelebmt. .Motllerw' day, hOKluntUB
itt ti:l. The f.dlowlnK proKniin will
lake place.
llocltntton ton the undtiy feliool
Iohmuii i . . Amy I'tiMiinore Mini Other
U.iltillli.U VI leu V'uuKulon
K i ltutl..ii Cecil Coll'
ICeeittloll Kale I'M W'Urllt
llecliiitlon itulph Milter
in-eltivtion I ercy Thouin.1
All IlintherK of Hi,- Sunday miliool
an i UK ed to he prenvnt. All othor
of Ho- church and i..ihti. nation att
cordially Invltnil. ,v ri.i.-r In inoni
r of the dny will be given thoso
thut attend.
fiiM .VI. IC. Chin eh.
Corner l.awl avenue anil Third
strnut; tMuie. Ojccur il kiiiiui. pamor.
Sutlilay lIuMiKnuted ax .Mutiiu,' day.
The pimior will otimrve the day with
a i.mrnliiK Aoriuon ut 1 1 on wonion.
Tho oholr will huve uiuslo appro
pi late to the day. Hvciiliit; Morvii o
s I' m I'antor will xpenk on
"MaiKiiln CoiiniT IteiiRiori." ,undn
wiliool, ii.i;, n in , I) A. I'orterllelii.
WUperlnteluk-ni. Junior Ichkuo. !! 00
p. in., MIh IMItli T. Mivnn, deacon.
niiHH Mlpni lilt tide lit. Upw orth leaBilu,
7 p. in. Howard l.ivlm-Htoii, lunder
l'uhllt- la Invited.
Si. I'niir.- KimlMi l.iitliermi.
St. I'aulV KukIIMi l.ollieran hurth,
corner Worn Silver avenue mi. I sixth
ftreet. Itev. W. S. tJheiiiollr.er. Iiliii-
lor Kuunlar MiirVleeH iIiii-Iiil- tin .ln
o follows. Sunday nehool at a I.
mruion at II, theuie. "Service, 1 when
mi outline of the work of ilig Hnod
at Denver will iiIko he Klven. In
nine lion In the cateehlin ut C'hrlx
llui i::id. avi.i hi 0 ,10, sullject. "The
I'litverwil Duty of MalHiiK I'teilKeH,-'
IV 'il At ihe eVeiiliiK proaulilni'
hour Hvv VVllllmn Theodore KiiIiho
of Atuhlhoit, Kan., field meretary of
Midland coltuuu. will preaoh on Ho
inuriH li I, tiiume, "A I.IvIiik Saerl-
flee.'' Kvu'lii)dy Weleome.
lllulilunil MetlioilUt Inn i ll smiili,
::ih South Arno. Samuel r. aiiimui.
pimtor. ServieeM eonductcl hy the
piiHtor at II a. in and S p. m Moth
era" day will he olmervcd m tin. n
o'clock hunt. The xtihjucl will hu,
"(iillHtliiti VVomatihood. There will
he mmic speiiul iiiuhIc h the choir al
the inornlnir ntice The topic lor
Ihe cvenltiK hour Im. "Arc Vou u
Tenipter, or I o You Help titlii.ru to
(H-eni-im Their T. ini'tali.iUH " S'jn
day p. in... I ut HI', u. in. Ilobi rt tloh
day. KUperliitendenl. Senior eiiue at
7 p. ill All the 111. tlllii TK are mcd
lo he preMont ni Ihe inorulni; nervlce,
nt the pnhtor Iiiih conie Itnportant
thing to my. A cordial Invltntlon to
Thr ltnpllft church, comer uf ljt"id
Venue o ml llitmliny. Jeiwe .1 itttti
ingynn. poutoi. urdi of iwrvlcii:
Monilii' Orin voluutar)', doaol
oy, liivocntlou, acrlplure Immmi,
hymn No. 210. aniiiuiiieineut, morn
liiK olfeiitiK. nuthetii. jrMM?r hymn
No IK I. Hrnioti bj the pantor. atiii
Jict. The ComilllliK I'ower of
Truth;" tovlo hy Mhw I'lckard. bmio
diction. IfiveuliiK Hymn No. 3. h,nin No
'.S, invocation, ferlplure Iomoii, hymn
No. I on. iiniiountoiiiunti). evniilm of
fprlng, aiithoin, prayer, nolo l.y Mlttx
I'rntt. xiirmoii hy the pantor. kiiUJoqI,
"The Model i'ruyvnt." hmn No. IIS,
Iii-t I'roh.vleilan.
l'lrnt t'resdiytorlmi ehui-.-h. eornor
I'lfih nireot and Silver uveiine. Himh
A. Cooiier. patilor. Wervleex at II n.
in. and p. in. MoruiiiK theoie. "A
Mother'H llellxlon Hnndi-il Down"
M Huh' h eliotilH choir under the dl
rovtloii of Mr. C. J. Andrevv-H
I'rolude. 'Medllltllon' KMn
Olfertory. "Ilorcouai" . . . neinnii'e
KvenliiK. "Conimiinliin" ..Hotlnto
Anthem, "ii. Kor a ciumm WnlH
Wiih (loif Koitcr
c.lioru.s Choir.
ICvoiiIiik mithem. "The Hndlmit
Morn Huh 1'nnxeil Avvn.v".
)rianli-t MInh Hi in I Kiiivvortln
Sumlii) n uii.il. ti l' C'liiHtian l;n
deavor 7 topic. Tin I'mvi ral Duly
Of MalilllK I'ledHlH, IV ii I (I.ul
The Modern Wash-day
Time was when The Wash was a weekly
nightmare, wash-day dinner a by-word.
The New Perfection Oil Cook-stove has
changed all that. Once the wash-boiler is
on the stove, it leaves you free to attend to
the dinner or any other work.
You can move a New Perfection where you please and
Ught it in a moment. It requires no attention after thai.
A single gallon of oil lasts aM three burners seven hours or
more. No coal or wood ( carry ; no fire to feed ; no soot
nor ashes. It keeps a kileken or laundry cool and clean.
It cooks to perfection, with the least trouble and expense.
MJa Mill. I. 2 aaJ 1 bumcrt. Willi
Phone 376
hy Hu i'.oeut
. .1010,11(1 '
M. .lollll
St .loliii clinili, corn, i i I'uuiUi
street and Weat SHvot- .iv.iin., Auh
ilonaon W It. VV'm run. r. it..i rei
donee. filO V,vU TI)eiiiK ..VKlim
Fourth Smiihi) nftr l-Utiile, Hon
oouununliiii ut 7 a. in. Mutulu'. cliM.t
'J ib. Mornlnj; M'rvtce and i-emioi.
11 ii. ni.. theiiie. 'The Pllth Cf.tn
inaiidinoiit. 'Honor Thy Itiihr an. I
Vhy Mothor' 'Tlioi Whom Hum
Hrilh JulniMl TuK.ither tyt Vn llun
1'ui AhiiiuIoi
'Mndce Hervi'
I'moa-iKlonal hymn.
Allelulln. Unit
. J. W "(Blltott
J lloMfipon
lo JostiN
Te lnium .
II. .VMtlel,
Joblltl Slmlt ItMHtl'
Offettory twlo. "Fear Not Ve,
lurael" im. i,
Mr. IttlWHrtf I. llrndfoid.
P.ocomIihihI hymn. "On om flfav
ItoJoleliiK" . . 1' II riMVcriH.i
Ifiveiilmr .ei-vlce nnd.jternion at V I
tliouie. "The Unity ol th. Jtuuui.
I-'niiilly .Mugji
"nulile Me. Qh 'I'hou Hr.'iil J -hovnh"
I" H Hunted, lie .ii
"lorm . . luirnh,
MnmiUICAt ... . Kfltl
Nunc I )im tt h .... j 'iim-l.
Abide With Ale IV II AI'Oil.
iJtfertory iluoi. "The Lord I M
Shepherd" . .
Mm. li. If llrnilt. r.I .tn.i Mj
W. Huy Urtoii
Ileirfwliinnl. "Savtur, At-iiiii i .Thy
l.hiir Nmmj" it i ltnphjti
The St. Johu'e o.lil1 tiittl .iljr h-
illex or the piirhrii nr' renu.-meil t .
meet In the Kiilld hall W. .In. tit
3 o i link
Kor tho beat auddlo horaea In the nir
call phone No. 3. W. 1.. Trimble, 111
N. 2 ml 8t.
t, luiquon" klu MWil thimn-.i
Ho.Witly ttaKxl lhrulioiii Ih
J' ud J.Uiirtf anft t m b v hh nr
withum Mat lo. nl.kh ufcllfd with
illqu ltl lt tt, f Ic
VWi etwhr , r wiiitlur il.
Kriiiitc CKtuwr la ike urtiril tftney
Ctrtie-wUl Oil CeMeaay

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