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Albuquerque evening herald. (Albuquerque, N.M.) 1911-1914, June 26, 1911, Image 1

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VOL. 2t, NO. fid.
VOL. I. NO. Ml.
ni hup mr
liLKIMb Ant
Famous Cunningham Group j
Grabbed By Morgan-Gug
genheim Interests Taken
Awny By Interior Dept.
" lility n tin- Himin train with Attoiniv-
Hard Fight IS Won, He Say, I Clarence H. Harrow. became the ecu
Rut Thv is Miwli Yit to' i,i"'i today in the ilynnrnlt-
Be Done to Keep Shipping'
Facilities Free.
lit; HiiiiImk llt-mlil .. I l.racnl Wlrrl
WiiHhlngtnli. .Illlio W. 'I'ltti Minom-.
i imiiluglium AIhhI.uii coal liiml cIiiIiiih
IllOllgtl which It llllt bi-l'll alleged
tint th,' .Morgan-Huggi'iiliclm ntl
iHiu had .iliniiu-.l to ittnl their vas;
Jim-ruBls In A-lunkn and i control one
oi th.' .iidhi suluitlilc coal llclilh iti
'he world, svon Milii-, Ikuiills illKallou
c.l Ii ihe ib1 puriiuetil in nr til' i lor
Socmutr) or tlio iiiii rlor i'lulim
miviiiK njipiowd tin- iiep.tituieut' ilc
lainn an liiindcil down 0 I'icil I Jen
licit, cniiiiiilhhloii. r of the I( tut oHlee,
I Im Inn door U bollce.l to haw liccn
cloned to the Cunningham clnlnianiH
Theli attorney have threatened tin
appeal to the t'nliiil Hlnt.'H hiipicnie
coiiit, Inn filch an appeal ca;i In
bancl only on hoiuc point o law In
miIvimI and not on the tltulliigH or fact
an announced bs the depart nt.il
The Cunningham claims have lieen
In the imlilic c.v tor more than two
cat k. 'I'll c - In ought iiliont the Hal-lingor-l'invhot
InveHtlKtitloti lv con
grew and the dlHinlxxnt I mm the pub
lie ncrvlc oi Chlif I'oinnter Clifford
i'ltichot, I.oiiIm It. ClavlH, a chief ol
lit II dh : If in 1 1 l:in1 olllci ntu!
vcntl initio) otllclnl" Mntli Messrs
I'lnchoi and OIavIh wne lisinbt.M'il
(or liiHubmdliintlnn incident to their
nltntTrt nn totlttrr Rccrctmy Unlllng-
I I whom they claimed wan favorably
illMiDiicil toward the clnlim.
In antiouncliii; ih d'cMon nl' 'he
i!einritni'iti todav, Secretary I-'Uher,
who Miocoi'iloil Mr Ihtlllnger, declar
ed that now coal land Iiiwh are need
ed in Alrifdta if that teitliory H lo he
il'ielo'icd ptulierty
.Vow Ynrlt. .tune L'fi I'erhiipr. no
body In (liu ooiintn wt" belter pleas
nl with tlie final dUpoHltlon of tho
Cunnliutliatu cI.iIiiih iliati (JlfTord I'in
chot, whose own fortunes had pivoted
upon ihcni no erltlenllv
"The cancollation of Mic clalniH,"
1k Hill.! he.ru toila. "la moof. ivi)ii hy
the admlulMlrnlon Hnelf, that the light r
made iiunlnst it to prevent coal :non
opolj In Alaska wan not onlv hiicccbb
fill hut nitci'DHary and rluht Thin
victory ItMiirfiK ho cancellatlnn of
inultliiidcr. of oliet friiuduk'iil clnlnm
In AI'ihU'ii
"Our flfthl, however, Ih no yot fully
wen. Ii la noHillile tfiat a neorct or
dur of Inst October, liv which l'teHt
iieiit Taft opened' th- harbor front of
f'nturollcx Day. Hie natural outlet for
he coal. In aciiilnltinn uv nicclnl In
tel twin, may rcnult in a coal monopoly
thionuli inonoiiolv of n.i.iBporlatlon.
.Voss that tlio claim.! me cancelleil.
i he on'' lintieratlve need for Alawha,
' an l oncHt coal land law. o Kitiimr
ihrt eo-il 'n l iitiiedlnlc devolomuent
undo I'fpe rotn the .overnment "
Three Severely Injured Also
In Destructive Blaze Which
Causes Property Loss of
$100,000; Body Recovered.
Ills lltt-NlUK llrn.HI . I'. I.rmnl Wlrrl
I'm r.laiul. ure , .him sil.--i li lor
Dasld S'lmpbil!. of t I I'e.il.mil Hro
di iinrifiieni w.i liiftanit.' kllb I ioi
.!.! and tliri'e otuer lllellli-n f. i clsed
Ilijiii'l.'H III Ii lilae (it the plant of tho
Villon Oil fliuiipuiiy on lb" itiM Hide
wlilcli rofjiilrcil the efforts or the en
III. iep;l. luiellt lo t-ubdite.
The b)W it iiMllllliteil el llDO.OIltt.
Campbell ltd a mn.ill hiiiiiiiI of fire
in. ui lulu the bhulng ssiuehoui-e to
plan the lta.it UKiiliiMt the fltiiui).
The men wete groping tin if wuy
Ihrouitlt tin building v. Inn i lieus-j
expliolnn i.ictirrcil. Two of them
were burluil hack Ibtoimh Hie door
nmi ramphpll w. h not hvcu tiKiiln.
IIIh body wiH recovered when the
flamea bad been osrrcnine.
AniHtcrdum, Netluiibiniln, .lime l'li,-..
Two llioiiminil dock IiiiiuIh Hlrucl; to
dav in ympnlby wllb l ho milking
t-t'iuncn. Work .eu.-nul at H iblpi of
lite eight Urgent limit.
RS mm IS
miTniirn ninnnvi
miwitu uludcu
er detectives
Wife of One of Alleged Dyna
miter! leaches Los Angeles
and May Testify for Defense
in McNamara Trials.
(Bf t'.vrmtmm Urmia A. I. t.r -) Wlrel
Im Angcli.M, fal., luuo liir-l'iuler
I tin; protection of ami cloudy watched
i hj tlio dctoctlvcn (if the agency which
j liiifcd thi iirroHt of her hiixhnml, and
tlii' .McNiifiuiiu lnoihcrH. Airs. Orllo
McMatilgal. wlui arrived here i-cHler-
n,,,,, IirH..finiun mm deicuHo unwi
claim tis a inHiiohh the wonian, who in
aid to know niohl o' the HccretH ol
the aileron gigantic eonnplrncs, whicli
cost the Ions nl' millions of dollai'M o;
I'tr.peii) and moil- ihan a fcore 'if
mcx, and while aiparentlv hy pretei
ellci HIIO llllh t 111 IMS .i tier lot Willi llu
llefl'llHl', till' ileicciheK otuploscd lis
the iiroHecntlon tida ulilalneii Hin
MMsloti of her tiiinl.. 'I'liey xatd ihm
coiitalneil eliletice ol vaine III I In
ciihc iiKalnxt her hiMiitind. )ho I" al
'.escil to liavs' confc'.Hed, and tiKiiln.-i
Joli a and ,lnni.n .McNa.nata, the in'
t UM'il pilnclpalH m the (do, wlio ap
mulct ultutyen chniU' H of initulei A
in an il ii.'Vi'tiled only Hie elothinx h'ic
had urouuht weii 101 herxelt and her
I no clillilren.
Up lo tlie tlnu ol her arrival yen
leidiiv the .iro.iecntliiti Iiuh .nnliitaln
ed that ,lrn. .McMiiiiIkiiI would tcntll.v
on hchall or ilie htatc lint who nIic
iijipearcd !n the cltv accoinpanlcil by
Mr. 'I'liciiniic .Mfttitin.', wife ol an ol
tidal of the Iron workers' union In
tHilnno, he went tu apartm-'iitH pr
pared lov her li Allorifv llarilnian
of the delcimi.'.
The apparent nimet ol the piosecn
tlou'H platm cnitned liy tlio attitude ot
Mih. McMunlinil nave rUe lo .tiinoii
that Mc.Miiulcal liliiibclf would rcpml
hue .the QfmfH(on ho Iw nlluiy'il to
have iniid and tiiKo hi ehancert wIMi
the McNamarnn.
It vvut iiIho icporloil that he would
he defeniliil hv nlttotiioyH who repro
Hint tho .McNiwnara tnoiheiH. Attor
ney narrow declined i,o atllnn thin.
ihii he aliio refimed to deny It
The rumor thai McMnnlual had ap
parently cliatifti-'d front hepm cireulnl.
Inn folio winr. i he vlnlt of Mm Ma
Mimical to hei huiihand In III' jail
'mnirdlatcly titter her tin Ix al
'Goat" Goes On
When the
Thrown Wide
a Rampage
Throttle is
Open; Stop
ped By Coal Yards.
(MprWal Trlrarmn i:tlair Mrmlil)
I'lovls, N. Al.. June i'i!. Santa
Huglneer K AndeMon was badly
hurt and (. .1 Allkeal, his flreinaii, ,
yliHtuliii'd Ii-hhci- luJiirlcH in a H'-nt-u-1
1, inn I acclili ut stlili'h occurred In the
r'antii l-,f yutiln here at I o'clock Sun
day morning I'be night ksvIU-Ii en-
gliie bad been stunting In tin- ssewt'
end uf the yiirdH. cleaning HO the , ,-CM,B rrM . .. l.m.cU Wire)
trackH. The engine had ilellvereil a i i.omloii. .lutie '.'ii - Another whip-
Htrlng of cum and th iRlmcr n-iplug Hhllse svan launched today. Th"
elveil a "bauk up wluiiul. Indicating I union ssiuki M on the docks ai l.lvct -that
the trunk smih eleai Three of pool geueiall' oliesed tho onlcr to.
the earn recelills Hssltehnl had fulled j Htrlke against ill'' IOIts-Hl. llllllH ill I
to m t mi the hiding pnperl. how -. the shipping lederatlmi 1
ever, and the 'until" hit inn- of Hum Th hlilii.diig luterchlH at Hull j
'Ulircl. Tile i-liu ill tile ellKllle SSIIK
deuiollHli.il ami tbe throttle throssti
wide oiell. The eimitie tall svlld,
leu llu-; down the uril.- at a terrific
rati It en tdictl Into u hiiIiik of coal
tan''. AlldelHiill. the ellullieer, being
iadis Hi-nlilei In the nilN'-up nmi I'i re.
man Mikeal being bmlb brulHed and
buttered AlllletHOII still he taken to
the ItoHpltal in Topcka as iiilckl a
lie Ik able to Maud the trip. Mlkeal'l
InJiirleK an not ho h-Hoiih it it 1 1 b
.ss'lll be Heated here. The accident
svuh one ut tbe ni.'Hi peculiar In th.
I'xpuriitice ol many railroad mv
ll; DlltlOllll.K lll'IINS t'l
tn f'.vrnliiii lUmM A. I. I.i-inl Wlrr)
ItitutoveiHcli-AlueniU i), I'ruxHla,
June if; The illrlHl.ile balloon Car
res al V, while umlerKolug repaliK to
day, c iiiglit fl 'u find wuh iloitroyed
No one wuh Injured, The I'aiHCval
V receiiily hr.d Ikoii malting panicn
Kor trlpn out of llerlln.
I.oh AicieloH, Ctil, .lnmi 20. .Inn
lice. M. T. Allen of lb.' Ciillfornlii rniirl
of appculii and hcviui other pJiHoiu;
wurti Injiirttl lihU)' In a coIIIhIoii be
iwenn two Kiiburbun eavA. .hint lev
Allen miHialncd n broUcn leg and It
In believed IiIh k whh fractured,
nr nnrurn rnn
'Justice Wright Hears Report
of Three Attorneys Who In
vestigated and Re-ncws Ac
tion Against Leaders.
IHy r.ral llrmlil . . l,rm,, u,
WiiHhlliHlon, .tun, 2ii. - .niMtlce Dull'
lei T. WVIkIiI. or tlie iIhi h i Hiipienie
mint, today IhhiiciI a i ulr nsaiiiM
Hamiicl (louipeiH, fuim MoiiIhoii
mid .lolin .Mitchell, the la ,,., leader.,
icipilrlni; lliein lo ahow c-ikihc oh ,iuh
17 whv they nlionld not n Imlncl
Uiillty of contempt or conn : hi ac
Hon followed the filing of lie -. miu
of the Ktjeclal coniinltteii of iiKiiuicm
apiuiluteil by .liiHilce Wrlut m In
iulre Into tiie mutter of coiiteini'
.iioceeiliiiftH In tlu llucliH SIom ali i
ItiiiiKu hoyeoli caie
The I'nlied Slale tmprenie rmiit
leieuily ncl u.ilile ail HeuleiiceH hen
toforn InipoHed h.. .liiMtleo Wrlishl.'
The riiipreiue court held that the con
tempt on which .liiHilce Wrluht foiiu
erly piiH..ul wan a civil ultimo ami
icjuliiM the llucliH Stove and Itaime
1 companx
The Hitiucme eoutt. however, uavc
to the dli rli t court a rtulit to re
open the case In the even that any
contempt o' the conn HkcK or IM or
deis. Hhoiild lie loiinil
lllilMllucIl a h the Kiove complins
ami the American Federation of l.a
i or had adjiirtied I helt dllfc rcuc.08 It
.an not HiippoHcd that the mattci
would In purxtioil tiirtlmr. hut ih"
diiv fiillowiuu tlie nrrlHlon .liiHtlce
I Wlixlll llipolutei a cominlttee ol
three lasverx to liiuulrr- Into all the
circiriiHtanceM of tin- vtw and to do
HMiuitie isheihei in not there lpul
Cecil a contempt of conn Ittuilf. ThU
i committee coiiHlsied of .1 .1. Daillnj!'
ion. Daitf"! Ilaveiiport ami ,lame M
Mr (iompeiH nui'Htlouud Hie tali
iiohh ( ' an ltuitlrv lis thou- men lu
ucniitch a- ih v all had been nssnciui
d if i"in " I fo ' - conipuuv
itKal.iRt II fede.ailon
Important Meeting Tomorrow
1 Night; Every Member
Should Decide Right Now to
Attend; Directors Meet.
l'ollulen fur the com.HK twelve
iiinnthH win Im outlined and ppfvot
ed for iiil'tiitlou al a me'-tnik; of the
, I'ontmerclal club to lie le id tomor
row evening. A mectlnn "f tlie Imaril
of directors Is tu be belli llll.t i Veiling
tor tbe I'lUiNlderatlou m minus mat
lera. Tb meetlm; tu"i rr nlKtit
'will be tin
Stern, the
will privldi
. il
h Simon
, - j
I . .
I UlUOll Workers Oil the DOCKS'
In England Quit and Are
Followed By Those in Am
sterdam and Other Ports.
Onole, (ii.iiigemouth and Clyde ioii.u' ;
llieiiuelves in it Hl.ulliir plight, 'he
nilon men n iuMlng to handle gni'n t
Irom Iideiaiion Hhii! i
King Names Infante Don
i Carlos to Deliver Royal
Speech of Welcome to Visit
1 ing Clergymen and Laymen.
(Mr UtrnlBir Hrralil A. I', l-rnartl Wirt)
.Madrid. -In ih- Jti - Spain officially
wolconied llu- twcnty-tu'cuml Intcr
mitloual l-iucharlHiic Coiikichh ycsler
lay, K tg Alfoino delegating Infante
tlon Oarlo, who made n Mpeech of
prootlng. The church of sr.n Fran
cIhoo, In which the irut"edlnH are
being held, sv.im lllled with prelati'H,
prlMtn ami lay iIcIckiMch from all na-llon.
Following Theatre Party, Shei
Sent Note to Hen wood
Warning Him Not to Come
Near Hotel.
All Evidence is Being Admit
ted and Society Woman Is
Promptly Summoned to
Take Witness Stand Again.
ill) lUrnlim llrrnlil
li'iisei. .tune '.'!
Hi ii -timuny of At'
k'-i- ii Hi- trtJil "
. I'. I. .-. I Irr)
VI I U IK J Kill 11
.I'.hn YV Sirlu
Kraii); lliiridd
llenuci.iil for the .miiilor of tSeorit"
i: i 'up, limit wen- iu ,isti ilussu to
jiit ii Hlctel mh.iii.) Kllimt
iHiii He- trlfil i" remiiiied, when
II' ssitlidri-sv lilt oltji i timid tu III, lu
i H'mIiii tluu of tOMlinous, leiullnc in
-hm threutri nHiu-i lli-nssixwl hy
mIni-i I.. Von 1'iuii preslmiw to
Ih' fli'MitlUK, Mr SprlliKft- wan
iiinni'illnlely simuiioii.-'l in -ipiirnr In
"an nmi n!to ss'lt! tnke thi- -tniiil
tln iifi 'i'iiiiuit to iiitt(y ecineernlim
. ,nn "-, dloim h)ie Ii "I Willi Von I'hul
ii. i I ii v n lug Hunts. i, l.
Mi Ulllell giive ','8iii Im
wtliili-iiMlllK M "I'Ji ettmii., wlllcll
nl.ji . i ,.n, hail tun n Mtirituttu tl .iy
.iikIk' Whllfnril. t . it lo- ileMreil t,
Mi s t,n- (li-feiiilHUt rv iiiiniluiilly
" JiiHlIfy hlH mil.
William W. Itopx. ileputy cornnnr
tolil tlil morning u finding imn
iiluitiiKi iibn of 11,-mviKiil in Von
1 Ml 111 pueketK ill't'l tilt- lulti-r llilll
im ii Hhnt. TIh'xi- photogriiiUH, It
Iiik lii-iii Htated, 'l- given Min
springer lliinsviiul, 8'cure, in the
Sirillgi I nput tllltlll) by Von I'liul
anil torn is htm. Iluiiwoud then took
bi Ktaud and told of a bo party at
ih. Oi ile urn the iiltornoon of .May
i ii das b.'furi the Hlioutlug. ihu
l:iri. iiii'lndlng Mm. SpiltiKer and
Vun I'hul. After tho Jdiosv, be mild
on I'.iul fullosvcd Mrx. SprlnuiM' lo
tier room at Hie llnnvn l'nlace hotel.
a Hi 1 her lulu the hall nmi pluppcd
her. Mr. Springer at once Hunt fur
lleuv.oiid, told ilni Hhc had lieeu
xtruek hv Von I'liul t-nd b. ggtd blin
not tu attempt tu recover from Vun
J'lml her letloi'H, svllicb lleiisvood
bail premlci'il to do.
.lr. Siirliige,' told llcnwooil that
Von I'htii wax 'ili'dpi'i-ute" -i 1 1 I that
i- hud u Id h Intended to kill Ho n-
sooil. The uxt day, oopnl illnc to
lleiiss ooil. Mm. Sjultmcr smimglod
ill uuslnu.il uole to lllin begging
1 1 1 ii i ' for iJiiilV iiakc" nut to come to
the hotel that be hud had an awful
hcene wit. i V-n I'hul. srhu hud again
initti'ued to kill llonwood.
llinssooil iald bo bouglii it revol-'
ver thai afternon M n ver owncii
a testdvor in my life hefore," ic
..ddi'd. AIM. .lolin W. fiprlitgor rollowcil
llenuooil on th" Httind anil testified
to threats auaimt llonwoud made by
V'i'i i'hul. rtli.- nl."o teHtlfleil tint Von
1' ml had .stniek her hi Hie mciilng
: fori- the fiiouting nlfray and that
br had Mnc
I-IIIK. -'
' lii h- aetH
She ritxo -I
'I'l II ffilii
I tr ami i.
r Hi n.S".
' her ir -
1; her twice oil 'ir- vliiUH
1 lind told Hoiiv ..nl of
m i that Von Ph i' bad
i '! apurtm. it - her-
i:iUll two uliolo " ipllH
ii. I haii torn i'i up
Carlos Herrera Stabs Himself
In Region of Heart Behind
Locked Door In Room At
A ileHperat'- attempt to connnll am
i Id. ssiin inaib bv I'm Ion Horrent it
San Igiuiclo at I o'clock thin lift- I
li'ioil. s li II lierri'lii, svli.i U u I'liuch
i r. locked lilumell' In i room ut
ItiinchoH de MriHcii. thro.' tnllex ueromt
th in., tiraiuie from AlhU'iiicripK,
and Htabiied lilmsili In the i.glou 'r
the heart ll.-ireiu arrived al Itan
cbuH dc AtriH.o Miortly hefor- noon
today. He took a room In a liollH"
there. When he fulled to a'.-ar fur
dinner -hi ins cHtigutlon wuh made,
Hit. door to IiIh room beltm found
locked It sviih broken down and Her
rera s.i-- lotllld on the floor m pool
of blood A moHHcugcr sviih iii-ratch-nl
to llmtiieriUii and Dr. i: ihiiiiii
left immi'illatcly for Ihe nceiu H Ih
Mild lliireru Ih desperately s .. iiideil
and tbi chnni.'cH for IiIh recosii' ale
Might Vo motive Ih known t u- the
deed Herrera lt married and ns a
laniil and had no troiiblcH of rl
iiiih nature iih far iih sverii knovs i It
m h.iuI he ami IiIh family are wei to
do people ami hIiiiiiI well at San I ur-nano
Successor to Fibre and Manila '
Association Forms One of
Links in New Governmenl
Anti-Combine Fight.
Ml)- I'wiilnu Ili-mlit
s. I
'. I.eiiki'il I re I
M. I'lillel
lusv iirnwe
AtlOi'lli's it n-
N'esv YoiU. .luiie ifi
lormuhlied illKU't' Ml
vlHlllll Of till Slli'llli.lll
I'lillcd Hmten OlMrlei
Wine. .mii ri'ii'.riiiril tod
i he federal tiatid hly ststilii' "
KiiHiein Mo Hoard dun," nlle: . i
be Hie Hiiecejinoi id fit- "III--'1 I
ITuet and Mntilla tiaRiHlintlHi
III the luillnlilie.UU IUk nr! le
II'.'SV efl(W ijl novTfrtlUN'IH ii . iiiikI
piOhCCIItlollr. till' ir08lr'0!l,1 rn-"t-
uud agent '.it iiapoi hoanl iiuniui,.
tit Tim cm poi nt Inn ami co- im. .. ,
Hhlpf, Included In m lUWUbei-nli' of
the Kiistoni Mux lloartl cluu. no
barged '.villi 'un hii nllew l cii ii
iinatliiii in emrnlui ol t-u! men
lug i.i ut -i- mid tifhl. , UMiix
, Me -
W hen pica of guilty ssele eiri n-.t n
tlie ihlri v-nlin ptiiei- lioai' eiepora-
Horn Included In the tneii i xltif ot
the I'lhei itod .Maullii cm pm nilon ami
linen iiguiv:ailiig ISK.non ss i, im
luiM'd and piiui. It wuti tliuujiu Hum
(hi- piipei board trust had ii put
out of hmdiH for good.
The government allege, im, ser.
that cet lulu paper board mai.. aav
Ing made a iou. J5,tni0,i"iu n, in eon,
blmitiou Hul.Hiauiially tor . .1 ihe
"UiiHterii H" lioanl club-' Tn .Ik
trlct nttoriies lmmedlalM io n. action
agaltiHt rli. heeoiMl comhliiH'iuii ami
an inilletini n" svun rctuuiel todav.
Tlie federal uion 'cutni. It l b iiiueil,
svill In tie. n ol conviction, unci Jail
euteuce iih t,ell af t In Impo-iilon
ot heavs llliert
Wnphliixtiiii. June L'li. chll a.itl
truxt Hull imaliiHi the I'eilodleal rub
IIpIicih' iiHsoclallon. coin ni nl' e ilb
the niBM'nc tiUBt, will be hied In 'I
1 lilted Siiitcn court at New oi
some i line tomorrow ncconliiu to
plans of 'In dcpar'tueni ot hinder
Court. Listens to Reasons
and Auainst Issuance
Order Connected With Red
light Removal.
ArgmiiciitH wen heard tills iiioiu
Ing .tint thin nlieinoon In the cnxc of
Kittle Kit t ft . vetKU.-. the ClL' of Al
niinucnpio, l.i svhich ihe ,ilailltllT hUh
an injunction icHirainiir; the elf' nii.l
Its otllclaU r.oiu interfering with hor
liHuieiis or per. on. W. ('. Ileaeock
in coiiiihcI tor the Killer womiiil, OIy
A i loities II. .1. CoIIIiik reptotiutitliiK
tbe luunlcliMillty The enso ly an out
growth of t''e dei Inlon of tlm eltv
council in aiiolUa Hie rmlllglit illHtrlct
on ,liil t li I- not likely that the
arguiii'iiiiH sslll he couplettid hefori
Jtirticr I' Sued.
Suit sviih Hied tn ihe lhrmillllo
county dim i lei comt lodny bv Antonio
.1. Diinin. for the lemvcts of $t.0DI)
ilamaueH from .lone I-' itmiioro. Jul
Hei of the peace rot urecinei IS
Diiiiip allegeti that the jiiBtlce svron
fulls lom.uitted him in live dnv in
jail fir route tint of court fj!iil Hun he
wa clinrged hs Kmnero ss'lth Ijo orlan
or i oni'iifeilneHo ModuMtn C. Ortiz l
attoiiies 'or Ihe plaUitlll.
coinplHltii svas filed bv C H. ,lp.
Carles or Santa ! agaiimi nenito
W HurgeHH of Kocorio unking for
Jliiu alleged in he di.f on a prmuln
koi v nolo, vvlili eoHiH and lnler.i ot
ft 'in
Tin- eoiin was engaged thin uftei
I'ooii in uihlim tiMttmouy n ilm claim
..f Jolni Mordv mtntmii ihe Swunllka
lieep eoaipany. tlie i'lliilll ntorlgaJe
eii.' In hlcli M.Hfin In Htiiitibt to ln
MarrliKi lleeunus wore erunii 'i l
'i. tif'ibatc conrl to. lav rn ellli I, Hi
ul. of Denver and .lose ili I,. lone
, - ' -ilm. li f)IUc I-: Wnbei
c'" i inn' Hsoinlim and Kalnh K
I ' 1 , if I iinmlc soinlng
ilicrleuii l.capiie.
i . lain) iumtpo If d
Kl. I
.Vow Vorlt .
National I eaim
N'ew Vork"Xlfro'okh tpNcil.
fblliidelnhln 1 1
lloslon " '.
Hoot Amendment Now Deingj
Considered Bv Ballot, It is
Believed Will Show Temper
of Members On Measure. i
Ml) Hli nliiu lli rnl.l . f. I.rn.r.l Iri l
UiiMiiioii. .Imie 2d Chiilriiiiui
liiiiwe nf th" finance commit ie to
uinrtnw will al the Kiumie to IK a
day to vole on the leelnroctts bill and
tn num.' accurate dava tot s'oich on
the turuims free 11ml and ool IiIIIk
Though lavorable action U unllkcls.
It will tent ill" nemire-n ten"er and
tirolmbl) pavu tlio was roi lunger ill
HiiH. of the muiat".
The riinndliin rrt'inroelly bill sviih
itil.en up In the neiiuie today svlthlti
ten inlnine.i lifter tile eBloii eon
iciii'tl. the Hoot a ucmlmciit being the
Mieclal Hiibjecl of coiiHlderatlon.
Semitoi 'I'hointou of t.oitltdinm de
nounced i In- niitiiMiii'' on tho ground
Hint It illvcrimluateii, iialiist the an
i Iculliiral element
Admlltlug the proimhtlll.s of tin de
leat or the Itoot pioslnioii lutur in the
day Mr. Tlioinion hi 111 advocated II
lie hii Id t e did mil svant ('nuiida to
4it the advanlage that would h. ulv.-u
lis the wood pulp IUOVIhIoii a- Il
Senator C'-trl. of Wvonilng alno ad
'. ocaled Hie Itooi ii'iieudmeni Hating
ilia) tf the bill sviih to hecouu a law
he wanied It to be iih goo I an iiohI
hie lie i haraeteri.cil that amend
metii an the mil thing tlun svould
niaUe Ihe nieaHiire reelproenl Mr.
Clink added Hint lie wa- attallisi the
whole agiei-nieiit sviih C inula
Leader of Utali Church Dc
clares That He Can Add But
Little to the Sugar Investi
gation; Has Rheumatism.
Ill) l.si-nlllg Mcrlll.l . I'. I.ni.-il ttlri-l
..-I..I.K.-.H, .lull '. I lie l'ir
ot lie M I.ilullli. -it Mi- ' '.lllf"l lll.l
tun nut i'"-t HUgai hi' p Hi .-.'lb
i : it- .Vio-rl''iiii Sngur iti-iiulng uui-
Ituiiy, the Hii-t alien nuMr tni"t. A
mill bifioi the hOllHu Himar enimtl-
i.... niiliis' lis- .lnmi I). SureeHelx "f
Sun I'mnHfuu.
AH SiireckvlM ruhrem no d the
VVsltern Sllgm- lleflntllg euniliMlls .It
Calirnrnli.. h eat m sliyitt eni-rprlHc
unit tin- SpreekeU Sttgur c"niniii a
1)1-1 I Htlftar pllUll. llu W'HH 'o 111' lis
eiinileeti'i! ssitli III.- ;jiruck I- 1'lnla-
(telnhlii Sitaur nbnit. ho,i i.i tin
Anierlcnii Sugiu lt'-fli,llrtg "iiipuiiy
In ihe iilmtl".
Kxii.-Ptlng tin .iiM'CHrilce i .lonepli
Smith, prentdeilt uf t It M-irinoti
'Inircli and h' ml or (lie I'tuh-lilali'i
SiiM.ir .'iiniMiui, a large uiliulivi of
iv. oi, n sser, iits. ut ut to.l.i) s hear-
iiih. All tinitsi. iiuwtvi ss.i noi
. Kite. I iih h HlUlliMb Ulld it ss.im NlMleU
HWl lie il.ll'l SV Oil 111 it "I Rive all
ihh i.tiHi"iij uflttt t"iri'o ow. Irtii
dent Minim utfTlreit i "t) i.nl went
dii'. il i" sifiati't Mncitb bout to
W Ii'h mi- at.
k. d ..liolher in- hud H partii -utin
,i .iH.ia for ma wuhlug to . im
to WimnWiatt.ii, ,Mr Ntntth cpHd
tl.al IiIh "Illy U n!ri lind tict-.-ti to
(1 VOl.l a I'Mkg MlMt IIPHollie JiKlfll. V
tnbi) ui't' i lna from '-sere rti. iiiini
lUiij, nitlrin In '' It tuiii 't' eouhl uild
little ui MHttiiiti i" He nllghi' dni' ni
oi Lie HHWUjJftte.
ah. MaiMii und ifxii'v Vii.i... .."
. 'nip. nil. id bjr Saimlur Sm "' n.i. li
ed th.. ,-4imiuliix rtint .in u
fun uii.iii rt-mUm. I'coin th- ri . l
Hi. i "om ti llattneu mi.-n- . u
for i tinw to Air. riirm-k Ii' vi.imu-
Hon. TH li the I'liinititlli e M-lliulj
Hi MuriFi'-ll leH.Jer, illlijeel to tMlll
uild In ie 1 1 ri it. Wit. i llilll well) IIIOisI
l th.- .HlillfllOe.
I'l- uli-lll .lollll U. Sfe. li. Ik, oi t It
w.-fi- ii sugar Itefiuuia company -f
liilil'ii lilu told the ho IIH. all KM I ll'll-l
lie tiK.itiiiK I'onimllt' toiiii) this I
i l Ui.ilis in I 'JlH n-lUeifd into hii
he. ' "10' ll svMh the i'Mlfii-ii;ii and
II. mull in Sugnr eumimu.s .'IohIok
ilossn tin lull, i f miBBi' inl.irv and
ke. p'lu tl "HI "t He an. iigui im.r
i'i fur i.in-i- j aiH.
Thin la oiii' ui lh. litigation in
Hi. kM' rimtrnt' hill in th Hitair
IS. trum cum'. Air. Si '.kei- aiil "inn-
I iet iKiirad him Hi. i rn n. i . ti-.n wuh
I lelilluily logal.
The Onltfirula-llaaailiiii "tupaiiy.
W. 1 lie fit hi, hail l0t ahotlt i i.iili.nOu the
ytnv before.
I "They hud heiu eiitt ug I'l'le.H and
l"Hl aiHilu) until this Wlllll.-ll ti get
.Mr glireeHeln nm".Hl with other
l et uitlir wltiii-HCcH tliat removal of
t Hie iigur tariff wuiiid ruin th- ie ot
3 I "UK . i tndiiMt-y.
n i l i nf in
BftLLU I lb
I Tickets for Proposed Amend-
incuts and State Officers
Arc to Be One and Sa;ie,
Voters Mark Them in Booth.
Smith Has Not Completed His
Task and Measure Was Not
Taken Up By Upper Branch
At Session Today.
Man l'oiic-HUiileiit )
The Kienlng Herald )
It. Him II, l'o-l lllilg. )
U aHhiiu'tou. .tun., ii'..-- Tin- nepar-
it. lime '.iiillot for voting mi am no-
ueiilrt lo III.' Ness .Mexico i-.-iihi .tn -Hon
Ih iillmtliateil l) the leii.nl .if
ii M-nntif eouinilttee on turritoro
sshli.h Ih hrluc pii'ivured hy Air
rimll.i Hi- did nut report the l'loud
.H. dill lull to the Hl'liate lllllilj IIH It
Ih undi'iHtuod lie linn not flnlHln il
u ntlm; the forniul repiu t on tb"
llli:in e. Delegate AmlriiW" Mill
tli.-i.- ssoiild In, no I) I toll III tin or"
eedinuH III bin oiillliou. Air. Smith
uild cot be found thin aliernooit
I'll, eoinmltti-, In uNueiiliSe hi hh! m
Si'tiirilus hit. I planned to Hiitmilt Hie
I'cM'luti'in ami the report imlas
tint It Ih nndi'M.'doit the mattci could
It'll llufe been given .1 heurlUK In till
i uate today ,iecuue of prior mea-i-
iir' oat of which wan the rn-ip-roclty
lull anri Hie Hoot ntneiiilmcnt
tn rein.
The iimoiitlttK'nlH tirntiOM'il tn tlie
toinmiltie rnport, stltiHtlt'Mc fo the
llu. Iiallnf t latlHe, lit-" I t. ul by the
hoiHn eommlttoi' at tiie rcoueit of
. A JoncH iiuil other Vess .Mexico
Deinoi uitH, the tollowlug: "And only
one ballot to i-nt'h eleolor at Hie tiiui
he offers to vote nt nald election '
tu another piaee, vhe senate com
mittee provide.. Hint hut one hitllot
shall In- iiHrd for both the proposed
unii udmelttH and HtiH.e officer-. 'f
t.n. ofrieerH are to bo voted for. that
Hi. 1 1,-ctor hIiiiII mark bis ball"! im
th.' iimendm.'iit or imeudnieiUM
ami tliat if he fulls to ho mark .iih
llllt"!. then IiIh vote J-llu II trnt 1"
euil.lteil, t-ltlte. for 01' llglllllHt HlC
niuemlmcjit. It Ih fun her provided
that each --lector Hhall he gls.n the
liulloi, i. nit In-'uhnll rutitru the th.ut
to Hi.- election judge Hid It -hall lul
ilruin-i into th ballot hov it. tlort
H.-iit from her. tit it th. resolution
In I.i ii. r ported sslth the H-'iarat'
hltillot l.lio'i is 1 1 ' r ire iilimltltelV
ri on' .ic .
Valuable Timber On Wootor.
Estate Being Destroyed By
Fire; Campers Are Accused
. of Starting Bla".e.
tll.s lU.-niiiu lli-iniil , f. l.t-not-il SSI re I
.Tilnldnil. Colo June 'Jd Tsso im
died uieii aie ioiIii) utiagod in luh'
inn a imei tin on Kntmi iiiuumaiu
IHlei it mllon miiitll of U'i ". ! m .
out biMt night niel UitH deu n.S..! m,
SHluiilile tlmhei. 'llu Die U .. it.
to hue boon Hinucd t- (auiiu i - i id
C'll. ,1. A. OlS'eahs ,SM-B Of l.i. Aim:
en 'imil(U, llifit U i In.; mmaei(. t,m
'Hi' yd ti nit ii wnul ffit Hulr appie
Tiff) Wooion .--nate ssiia orlglnnll
Jjnt m oifi t oi UieU Woo t nti. a jdo
'iioui ti liirtiti". Mcmtii and liidtnu Ugh'
et and ilu mm who built tlie II'
permanent iimiI through the Ifiu.ui
pnw Dli. Woo. o.i lis.-il loi- mail'
oai u em the foot ot Katon mottn
tain and at om- time hi- cumged toll
ami Uent a hotel on thin Hide of th
pan lib old ho ne, built of log am.
adobe. I Hiill n lamlmarl; mmr tin
rlht ot svnv ; tlie Raiua I'e rallwav
in Collax counts Tlie estate is eon
Idercit one ut tlie moHt valiinM'
IraciH In that Heeilmt and much of it
Ih hettvlls ilmh.'ted wlih iuerchan'
iible nine
M . i.fvi: M,V
in: LOST ON s
III) Csriiluu lli-rnlil .. I. l.mnr.l Wlrri
llelHUIKf.HH. Kitlblllil. June -'t'.
-The SwedlHli-KlniilHh mail 0
Hteamer Hot- I. wih JtW Stock-
helm e.xcui IoiiIhIh ilu uimrd. wan
wrecked off Kurpc Inland 111 tlie
(niter Skcrrlt-H tuda.s
It Ih not known here svhother
there was u Ins of life

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